Rob Welsh Top 5

Top 5 pairs of pants
1. The infamous Wu-Tang jeans. I bought the last two pair from Ross in, I think, '96. I loved those pants
2. Black Elwood jeans, which were a Tommy Hilfiger bite. I brought in a pair I altered by cutting off all the ridiculous and loud advertisements Tommy H seems to like putting on their clothes and asked Sal if he could recreate them in black. I actually have two pairs left in my closet
3. Ben Davis! What more needs to be said. Other than you'll need to buy them three sizes to big so you can get some real movement
4. 5.11 Tactical series. These are new with me, but I'm pretty stoked on them. Some Rambo type dude designed these pants because they're like eight different places to hide things. My favorite pocket is the one for all four-handgun clips. Sick!
5. Dickies. Hesh/hip-hop. Why pigeon hole yourself? Go for it

Top 5 New England skaters
1. Zered Bassett
2. Dan Drehobl
3. Robbie Gangemi
4. Jim Grecco
5. PJ ladd
6. Jamie Hodgdon/Joey Pepper

Top 5 SF skaters
1. Henry Sanchez
2. Mike Carroll
3. Julian Stranger
4. Brad Johnson
5. Dennis Businitz

Top 5 Arizona Skaters
1. Randy Colvin
2. Nick Trapasso
3. Jimmy Moore
4. Colby Carter
5. Dave Smith

Top 5 videos
1. Shackle Me Not
2. Video Days
3. Questionable
4. Tim and Henry's Pack of Lies
5. Mouse

Top 5 things about picking up smoking in junior high
1. Of all my friends I was the first to blow smoke rings, pretty cool at the
age of 14
2. Vending machines!
3. Pepe Corcette, this guy worked at a corner store down the street from my house, and sold me Eagle Full Flavors for, I think a buck nineteen a pack. I remember one time he asked me when I was going to start buying beer. I was 13
4. Dan Drehoble smoked, and he ripped
5. I did then, and do now, think smoking's cool. So what!

Top 5 things about quitting smoking
1. Money I'm saving. Believe you me, if Newport came knocking at my door, there's no way I could refuse
2. My monthly car payment is less than my monthly habit
3. No one likes a quitter, so me getting along with anyone was out of the question. Sorry everyone
4. My clothes don't smell. So I've been told. Not like I can smell anything anymore. That's what two packs a day will do to ya
5. I might live a little longer.

Top 5 Za Pizza employees
1. Ben Rathschmidt
2. Jose Vega
3. Steve Webber
4. Brad Johnson
5. Mark Jones

Top 5 things about once skating for Sal Barbier
1. Sal can play just about any Steve Vai solo on the guitar while doing the mid air splits
2. Sal's unusually good at Dig Dug. His secret to success is to excavate a lot of dirt
3. He will go the distance when it comes to a Halloween costume. Even though he was the same dude for like five straight years. Hessian dude with moccasin boots
4. Sal and the team had this really good thing going on, I don't know if you heard of it. It was called Aesthetics skateboards, and totally pulled the plug on it to go to this other place that wasn't as good

Top 5 ridiculous things you've heard Clyde say
1. "Nig rim." A black pilgrim
2. "You can't kick a field goal to win." while playing John Madden Football
3. "Fozzy Barrett" our team manager for Aesthetics, in a weird way looked like Fozzy The Bear from the Muppets. Clyde let him have it. non stop
4. "No! I'm the other Kareem Campbell" when kids would ask for his autograph in predominantly white towns
5. "Let me borrow five bucks until tonight." I think Clyde owes me and Kevin at least a grand, and I don't even care, because he's one of my favorites. Miss ya Clyde!

Top 5 SF lurkers
1. Spando Calrissian. This dude would show up with a cooler of beer and spandex, and hand beers out to kids, like it were candy. Yeah I know what your thinking, dude handing out beer, what's wrong with that. Well, this pedophile would only use the beer as a tool, a tool to get the kids over to talk dirty to them. I swear your gonna see that dude on Dateline. What I would give to cuff that dude upside the head!
2. Banana Man. This guy would just show up at random skatespots and suck on a banana like it were a cock. Creepy son of a bitch!
3. There's this lady that lurks in the Sunset, and just screams. I have know idea what her deal is other than she's been sitting on the corner of 19th and Lincoln for the past 12 years yelling her ass off
4. Smooth Smurf. Every once in while this dude would crawl out from under the woodwork and steal some European kid's camera. They call him Smurf because he had a blue sweatshirt

Top 5 things about chowder
1. Thin layer of butter on the top
2. Real New Englanders dig it creamy over thickness
3. Fish chowder and clam chowder, very similar
4. Captain Newwicks South Portland Maine, wicked good chowdah!
5. Faneuil Hall bread bowl

Top 5 roommates at the 19th Ave. Apt in SF
1. Brad Johnson
2. Jason Wussler
3. Henry Sanchez
4. John Igei
5.Andy Honen and Pepe Martinez

Top 5 mini-ramp skaters
1. Sal Barbier
2. Mike Carroll
3. Dennis Busenits
4. Barker Barrett
5. Daewon Song

Top five Baseball Playoff Superstitions
1. The Curse of the Reverse Sweep, 2004- on going
2. The Curse of the Goat/Steve Bartman 1908- ouch
3. If don't drink a 30 pack of beer my team might not win
4. If I don't high five at least four and a half strangers at the bar, Ramirez could strike out.
5. Curse of the Bambino 1918-2004, we all know that story