UPDATE: MARCH 12, 2002

Listen, we updated this chart thing with our most recent mongo findings and we'll update it again after we do a little more investigative research. If this is your first time visiting the Mongo Chart, or if your name is on the Mongo Chart, don't freak out - read the answer to the question "I push mongo. Am I a dummy?" below.

Sanger (who is an admitted piss pedaler) has been getting a grip of letters from all you Tappers out there who seem to care quite a bit about Mongo and all of it's mystery and intrigue. Check out the Mongo Mail here.

Got some info about suspected or confirmed mongo-ers? E-mail Carl or post in the message board thread.


"What is this chart thingy?"
This, friends, is the Totally Way Official Crailtap Mongo Men Chart (TWOCTMMC), and it's our first attempt at gathering the truth and cataloging the names of anyone who is or has been remotely popular within this little bubble world of skateboarding who pushes, or has pushed, mongo footed.

"What is mongo?"
Take a look at the anonymous mongo-er in the above photo and you may put together the pieces of the puzzle that tell you that pushing mongo means that you push with your leading foot, or as some would say, the "wrong foot" as opposed to pushing with your back foot.

"I push mongo. Am I a dummy?"
At the end of the day, pushing with your front foot or back foot, it's all just skateboarding. And it's all supposed to be fun, so if you're having fun with it than don't worry about it.

"What do you want from me?"
We're asking for your help in sending any confirmed or unconfirmed rumors of mongo pushers throughout the ages to Crailstaffer Carl "Mongo" Sanger with MONGO as the subject. We're not offering ten free boards or anything but we promise that when the results come in, we'll update the chart above to reflect our findings.

"Is that it?"
For now, yes, that's it.
Oh, wait... talk about this in the message boards. There's a thread in there that's hot-hot on fire burning.