ENTRY #205, 9:39am

Last day of the month. Duh.

Happiness #51. We should hire this kid.

"Hell bent for leather." Where did that phrase come from?

ENTRY #204, 9:13am

Author, Sean Cliver threw a big shin-dig (where the hell did that word come from?) at the Skate Lab in Simi (i.e. middle of nowhere). Everyone from Hosoi to Grosso was there partaking in the fun. Apparently none of the artists featured in "Disposable" where able to make it... too cool, or suffering from some sort of social anxiety disorders? Your call. Anyhow, you can now get the book — which is getting great reviews — online at these stores, and probably more by now. When do we get our very own copy to review, Cliver?
Skatepark of Tampa

I guess the
Art Dump guys have gotten over their anxiety problems from last weekend, as they're out in Burbank finishing a mural during open hours at the new Active. Apparently they couldn't get it completed before the shop opened. Kooks.

Ty, where's that reciprocal link back to Crail from
Skate Fairy? Where's the love?

Happiness back tomorrow.

ENTRY #203, 8:36am

The birthday question threw a bunch of you off. But I did find out that these people were born today:

Mickey Mouse
Owen Wilson
Bastien Salabanzi

...among others, I'm sure. But I was referring to the matriarch of
Girl and the creative soul behind Ruby Republic, Megan Baltimore.

We love you!

ENTRY #202, 9:58am

Hot Chocolate makes the top 10.

The Art Dump thing at the new Active in Burbank is almost done. Well, it better be done before Saturday because that's when they're opening shop.

Ruby Republic opens it's online doors officially tomorrow morning. It's online now, but Ruby's journal goes live tomorrow. Check out the Ruby store to get
Brad Staba's Ruby decks — the new one comes with a real mustache.

Special birthday tomorrow. Can anyone tell me whose it is?

ENTRY #201, 8:42am

"Former pro skater Keith "Huf" Hufnagel brings street cred to his sneaker shop." Former? Check it out.

We got an email from Italy this morning. This is damn cool...

"hi guys, i'm lorenzo fonda from italy. this is just to let you know of something we're doing on the 27th of november, maybe someone of you is around and can join us.. basically is just A LOT of skaters from all over italy just gathering in Bologna and skate all around the city searching for spots. no organizers, no commercial purpose, just for the sake of it, something like you did in new york for hot chocolate video! bologna is also the spot of the newly made biggest concrete skatepark of italy, maybe you heard about it (they will make a stop for the bowlriders cup). well, just check the flyer, greetings from italy!
Lorenzo Fonda

ENTRY #200, 10:38am

I heard Hawk didn't do too well on that celeb poker challenge deal. But you know what? He gave the San Pedro Skatepark assiociation a bunch of money anyway, so he's good with me. Thanks, Mr. Hawk.

In other
Bones Brigade news, Cab tells us the Milpitas Vans park is closing down. Last session is Nov 13th. That's this Saturday. Pad up, drive over and pay homage. Well, maybe pad up after you get there. You know Cab will be there. R.I.P.P.

Art Dump is doing an in-store at the new Burbank Active this afternoon. All I gotta say is — WALLRIDE 9? Rock stars...

ENTRY #199, 9:51am

Caught Tony Hawk on Celebrity Poker last night. Maybe this is old news... was that a re-run? I didn't watch long enough to see if he won money, but I'll give him props for naming the Tony Hawk Foundation as his "charity." What was up with that shirt, Tony?

Villa Villa Cola got a facelift... whoa, wait, maybe that's not a nice way to put it. It's fresh, check it out.

Have you looked in the Crail Store lately?

ENTRY #198.5, 4:23pm

Quick! Some dude is skating the Volcom bowl!

ENTRY #198, 10:26pm

Damn, I think the Ringer broke some sort of record for posting before 10am. Good job Ring-a-ling... for making the rest of us look lazy.

Anyone catch
P-Rod on Fuel?

WOW. Thanks, Johan

Can I recommend a movie in the column? The newest
Dawn of the Dead ranks a 5 star. Excellent zombie multiple-head-splatter-against-a-bus scene. Funny shit.
Ving Raimes rules.

While I'm at it, big thumbs up for
The Incredibles — as if it needs my recommend.

Andy Mueller, has some new things brewing over at the Quiet Life. Always nice. The Camera Club looks cool.

ENTRY #197.5, 4:15pm

Almost forgot this; P-Rod is profiled on Fuel TV this weekend. Check it out on Sunday, 10pm Eastern and Pacific times as part of "Stacked Sunday." I heard there's mention on Crailtap on that there broadcast... let me know, because I don't get Fuel TV at my house.

ENTRY #197, 10:33am

Ever play your computer at chess? I wouldn't... but if I did I'd probably get beaten 8 times in a row.

Bob K formerly of Crailtap fame? Well, he lives in Canada now where he peacefully pursues art and has just gotten a book published; "Beach Glass." Check it out this afternoon at Antisocial if you happen to be in Vancouver. If not, just hold on, it'll be available all over very soon.

Me? I'm still waiting for
THUG 2 for my GameCube. Sam's already kicking ass on his Playstation, I may not be able to catch up. Anyone have a copy to trade for an X-Box version?

Aaron's threatening a new 5s later today... J-Dubbs? Alva? Lucero? Maybe Rickk?

ENTRY #196, 7:19pm

I slept in this morning and most of the afternoon. I was sick. So sick. I don't need to explain it to you, do I?

We lost again. Time to move on...

Here's a list of my favorite covers (original band in parenthesis). Send me yours and we'll make a big list.

Satisfaction (Rolling Stones)

American Woman (Guess Who)
Butthole Surfers

Mr. Grieves (Pixies)
TV on the Radio

Shook Me All Night Long (AC/DC)
Arab Strap

Somewhere (Westside Story)
Tom Waits

This is one of the greatest inventions of all time :
Limewire. Find all the songs I mentioned above and judge for yourself.

Who cares? I'm just passing time. Not much skateboarding to do when you're sick. Though I did watch
Hot Chocolate again. How perfect are Kenny Anderson's nollies? Damn.

ENTRY #195, 3:38pm

I voted. No, I did not adhere the stupid sticker to my shirt. But I did want to punch the Navy guy who tried to put it there.

Happiness is back. So is skateboarding sucks dot com. Can I head a hallelujah!

New Crail Gallery entry as well.

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