ENTRY #194, 10:37am

Halloween festivities at the Crail HQ today. Cash prize for the best carved pumpkin.
Don't tell anyone, but I made mine into a remote control helicopter and I'm going to crash it into the lunch truck. Dude wouldn't give me credit yesterday.

The Channel Street park, under the bridge in Pedro, got set-up by the Tony Hawk Society for the Ethical Treatment of Skateboarders (or, the THSFTETOS) yesterday... the boys got a nice sized check to finish up the square pool and add a street course out in the sun for the grommies. Trouble is, co-founder and former
Foundation rider, Beardo, is now working as a longshoreman at the harbor not more than half a mile away... will he forsake his skate roots and leave the park in limbo? Time will tell.

That last paragraph read like
Stecyk's Trash section in Thrasher. Does Stecyk still write that? Speaking of Thrasher, I checked the King of the Road issue at lunch yesterday and read one of the funniest nicknames ever — see if you can find it in there.

ENTRY #193, 10:19am

Just waiting for the lunch wagon to show up. I noticed the other day that some of the guys here have credit at the truck. Maybe I need to start that today, seeing as I'm cashed out.

The guys in the bottle look suspiciously like a
Neil Blender drawing...

One more way to enjoy and glorify ourselves! We're the best! iPod Photo!

ENTRY #192, 11:46am

The Crail server was down for 24 hours. Blame the terrorists.

Double sided tape is pretty damn cool.

Coming up soon on November 6th is the South Shore Distribution
Texas Skate Jam for the Make-a-Wish Foundation. Here's some info from over at Some of the Girl and Chocolate family will be there skating and helping out Make-a-Wish.

Head over to the Crail Store (or drag your mom over there) to check the almost free shorts. Also, check out the Andy Jenkins limited edition Frontside Air print... going quick.

ENTRY #191, 9:20am

Tonight former
Jackass (some may dispute that) and now Wildboy, Chris Pontius, is having a "bachlorette" party in Hollywood. You may very well be hearing about it on the news tomorrow morning.

I didn't make it to the Blinger on Saturday. Got stuck in a mud puddle. Depth perception is way off with this eye patch.
Sam tells me Toy Machine's Billy Marks won the best trick deal... so he got a bling pack. What did he get? I don't kow, wheels, tires, grills, bass box thumpers, diamonds and pearls, I guess.

Watched a couple Sponsor Me tapes on Friday with some of the boys. Yikes. Give up now. Kidding, kidding... we all skate for fun, right? I must admit, though, the talent pool is deep these days. Completely annoymous dudes pulling every type of trick out of their hats — smooth and clean. Cool to see, but frightening as well. Skill levels amongst the unknown are scary high these days.

ENTRY #190, 4:00pm

Today is the 22nd of October and you know what that means... yesterday was the 21st. I didn't post on the 21st. Didn't have anything to say.

What's up with the
5s going nuts around here?

See you at the Blingfest tomorrow. I'm the one with the eye-patch. Don't ask.

ENTRY #189, 11:57am

I just heard there was a
Chocolate contest over on the the Skate Mag website. This is the first I've heard of it, so I'm going to click over to check it. You should to.

Looks pretty good.

ENTRY #188, 10:11am

Hmm. Been getting a lot of emails scolding us for not being "responsible" or "humanitarian" enough. That we waste this public forum with our own "petty little worries and tribulations." One of those same emails asked us not to be "so fucking American." Another one called us an "LA Laker's circle jerk."

Now I'm found. I've been self-actualized... I had no idea I was an exsistential ranter.

Thank you dear readers.

Man, I love salty chips. I've already had a bag of them... oh shit, there I go again. I have to remember to be more responsible and humanitarian and less American — to and stop cirlce jerking! Phew. I'm going to go return that money to the ATM machine now.

ENTRY #187, 2:51pm

Payday! The last time I went to the ATM at my bank I noticed the screen was promting me as to whether or not I wanted to make another transaction. I hadn't even put my card it yet. I looked around... noone. I could've just touched, "Back to My Acount" and teased a little extra money out of there...

Who says I didn't?

I hate that Modest Mouse song that got all huge. The bummer is that they play it on Top 40 radio, National Public Radio, indy radio and web radio. Everyone loves it, but for me it's like a drip on my forehead that I can't stop.

Singing (yes, SINGing) Political Satire. Scary stuff.

Lots more progress at the Channel Street park in Pedro.

ENTRY #186, 1:55pm

Had a good lunch today to make-up for
KFC® lastnight. A salad from Ralph's® plus some vegetables and protein in the form of Corn Nuts® and a Snickers®. I will live forever.

Rich is claiming he did not receive lacerations playing ping pong yesterday. Hmm. Maybe you're just not trying hard enough Richard.

Jeremy made coffee. I love Jeremy. Sweet boy. Even though he stole the new Slap from the bathroom.

Oh shit, I just remembered,
Charlene wanted me to take her name off the Randoms...

ENTRY #185, 12:56pm

Some gaudy
Volcom van pulled up and took my parking spot during lunch.

Someone put batteries and started up the odor robot in the bathroom up here. It's back to spurting "Mountain Pine" in my ear. Hate that thing. Maybe the Volcom guys pulled that trick.

The ping pong lunch sessions are getting out of hand.
Joe beat up a filing cabinet after getting skunked by Peter and Rich had to go to the hospital with multiple lacerations after getting caught up in the net. Smyth was nowhere to be seen... rusty after Australia, mate?

I can hear skating going on in the park. I need a coffee.

ENTRY #184, 3:08pm

Are there kick programs for Coffee? I'm dying for a venti right now. Damnit.

The new version of
Tony Hawk Underground is about to drop. Crail is still trying to get a copy for our Gamecube (we always go with the underdog)... hint, hint.

Happiness #49. Little Danny Way, back in the day.

ENTRY #183, 1:32pm

Whoa, that jetlag thing threw me to the ground like I was a 4 pound dog. My eyes are still grainy and my mouth tastes like burnt hair.

Someone called and left me a message that
Hecox is on the cover of a Denver newspaper suplement. Of course he is.

Toy Machine vid, "Good & Evil" is debuting at the House of Blues (?) on Oct 22nd. You must see it to know who the so-called "Special Secret Rider" is.

Andy "Flairman" Mueller
is in an artshow, "It's All Around Us"," in LA this Friday, Oct 15th, at Ghetto Gloss.Be there at 7pm.

I'm pretty sure the boys got back from Australia this morning... not a peep out of them yet. Wait a couple of days.

ENTRY #182, 8:56am

Can't sleep.

Good things coming out of Vancouver; the Antisocial, gallery is hosting a Villa Villa Cola artshow on Oct15th, then the next day,they will be hosting "Skateover Not a Makeover" day with clinics at the RDS Skatepark. All girls, all day. Then — it doesn't end there, folks — later that night, at the Emily Carr Theater there will be a showing of "Getting Nowhere Faster" the new Villa Villa Cola vid. A good couple of days in Vancouver before the snow hits. Say hello to Lori D. if you're up there.

Looking forward to this vid.

ENTRY #181, 5:48pm

Somehow, last night at the airport, I found myself in front of a TV watching MTV's "Made." Cain Gayle's job in this thing was to train a girly girl to skate in a month so she could enter a contest. Strange and akward show. But one good thing I could see was the little eye opener the chick had. Booted out of spots, a hipper, dissed by her friends... welcome to the real world. No wait, the Real World isn't really real, right Sammy? It's also just a show... damn I'm confused. Gotta stop watching TV. Better yet, I need to get some sleep.

Yeah, I'm back, what of it? You can stop feeling self-conscious, Jenkins, you little fairy.

ENTRY #180, 12:55pm

Do Public Enemy lyrics just pop into your head every so often? I wish Chuck D would put out recordings again.

Happiness #48. Mark Partain.

Since Sanger's too gone to write this column — his own column — I'm gonna plug my own site. Bend Press is back up and running after some neglect and a few beatings.

While the rest of the Art Dumpers where frolicking in Oz, honorary AD, Evan Hecox was in Zurich, Switzerland having his own successful art show. The guy is highly sought after these days... did I tell you most of his OGs sold before the What Logo? shows even officially started? True.

I'm feeling pretty self-conscious writing this column. That bastard better get back soon.

ENTRY #179, 3:32pm

I put this slideshow together. Just to warn you, it's a quicktime worth about 6.5 megs.

ENTRY #178, 1:47pm
10/04/04 (LA time/date)

CFS still missing, though all the Dumpers have come home.

Happiness #47. The skateboard museum at Hardcore in Oz.

The skate graphic book, Disposable, has a website. Check it to monitor when/where it will be for sale.

ENTRY #177, 5:35pm
10/02/04 (oz time/date)

It's me, Jenkins, I'll be posting for CFS a while. You see, Sanger still hasn't shown his face (though there was a new face coming out of a couple Dumper's rooms this morning — I'll save that story for later).

It was one hell of an art show opening in Sydney. All the Asahi you can drink adds up to some rowdy Aussies. But the 7' bouncer had no troubles throwing belligerent souls out into the rain. Yes, rain. It poured for two days here, but has cleared up just in time for the boys to make their Sydney demo. But let's get back to the show... lots of little wooden dolls sold. Including ones from MJ and BA who brought theirs in a shoe box at the last second. And a box from Vancouver with OGs from McCrank and his lady, Michelle, plus a few more from Lori D. — that girl never stops. Nice work, everyone. The trip was a success. I say was because I'm on a plane over the Pacific, headed back to the States. And yes, regular posts again. At least from me — until Sanger (lost in the outback) and the Mez (lost with the team) show.

Before I sign off on the Australian "What Logo?" trip, I need to give a little thanks. First off to Campbell and Chris from Monster Children magazine. These boys know how to treat guests and put on a good show. No dodgy back-alley galleries or Holiday Inns here. A huge thanks to those two and also Adrian (Crampy) and Matt at Girl's Australian distributor, Hardcore...

The only bummer of the entire trip was missing the dedication of AC/DC Blvd. True.

I'll put together a photo gallery for tomorrow. Maybe I'll have news of CFS by then. Late.

ENTRY #175, 7:32am
9/28/04 (oz time/date)

The team sped off to, ah, not sure where for another demo. Oh yeah, Brisbane. The Art Dump is headed to Sydney for the second installment of "What Logo?" The Artery show went well, here are some highlights; the Victoria Bitter (described to me as Australia's Bud) and Coopers was free for the first couple of hours (no one here drink Fosters — that's an American marketing myth). Larson sold an OG to a 13 year-old kid. All of the Hecox OGs sold (that guy's name has got some pull down here). Megan's fur-cloaked OG sold. Mueller and Sprout unloaded at least a half-dozen. The Jenkins "OG Table" was priced way too high... it's coming down for Sydney. Staba's one OG sold. That's all I can think of — do you even care? Here's something more interesting;

Oz tidbit: The Australian red kangaroos can reach 6 feet in height and are known to lean back onto their tails for attacks, thus enabling their sharp-clawed feet to disembowel opponents. Cuddly, huh?

Larson shot a really good Happiness the other day — I'll post it soon. In the meantime, here's a shot from the Melbourne demo at Riverslide Skatepark.

ENTRY #174, 5:45pm
9/26/04 (oz time/date)

Couple hours until the art show at The Artery begins. Here's a quick preview shot — that's Mueller documenting with a real camera. The curator gave us some white wine and I don't think it went too well with the lamb pita I had earlier. Our elevator now reeks like the toilet at a punk club.

Speaking of the bowels, Ringer's really going off on the bodily functions deal. Whoa.

The demo yesterday at PSC was excellent. "Off the Hook." as the kids would say. No one there seemed to know who Devine Calloway was before the thing started, but after it ended everyone knew. The kid goes off and is always smiling. Young and stoked, no doubt.

ENTRY #173, 2:43pm
9/24/04 (oz time/date)

Well, now I know what it's like to lose a day in my life. It's called the INTERNATIONAL DATE LINE. Thursday was non-exsistent for me and the rest of the Crail staff and Girl boys who're out galavanting in Australia. We were robbed of an entire day and the Ringer seems a little pissed. I'll bring you back a fuzzy koala bear and a schnitzel from the Schnitz and Tits.

Randoms coming as soon as I can wrestle it out of the hot dog toting Meza. The boys are skating good — big demo tomorrow.

ENTRY #172, 12:37pm

Holy shit, you guys must be pissed. We had an implossion over here on the main Tap computer... but we're back up and running. Sort of. Consider us all on Australia time for a week or two (or three). We're headed to Melbourne for demos, signings, Art Dump shows and such. How'd I get to go?
Shhh, it's a secret.

ENTRY #171, 12:37pm

Couple of family sites with updates and such. Devine has been added to
Chocolate (plus a bunch of other stuff). The Royal site received a revamp from Master Carnahan — lots of great gifs to check out. AND, the Ruby site is up along with the Ruby Merch Machine (the store, dummy) — lots of cool stuff on there.

Remember Buford T. Pussor?

Didn't Evel Knievel beat up some dude with a bat once? Or am I just helping keep the legend alive?

I'm still pissed I don't get to go with the Art Dump to Australia. I could write about it for Crail, but noooooo. All is not yet lost... I have a plan.

ENTRY #170, 4:20pm

The 500 thing is done. Phew. Congrats Ringer — 1,000 is next.

Remember Sebadoh?

Mel Bend — ah, I mean,
Lakai — got a billboard up there in hollywood above the Brooklyn Projects store. Lettus Bee would like to thank the Lakai folks for their support.

In case you didn't notice, the Girl Art Dump got some props on page 90 (next the the killer "Urban Pipeline" clothing ad) of the new
Transworld (Nov 12). Can you believe it? Maybe there is some love left there. Thanks Mr. Stricker.

Jenkins had this note left on his keyboard this morning. Why didn't you ask me, Rick? Oooh, the life of a pee-on...

ENTRY #169, 10:24am

It's Ringer's 500th post today. You probably figured out the winner if you've checked the index page this morning... it's
Jonas Hauert from, well, I don't know where he's from yet — but he's won a box of crap from Ringer's office.

Coming in 2nd, and receiving a #10 envelope full of stuff is
Skill Cosby with his professionally rendered icon for the Ringer.

And last and least, Honorable Mention goes to
Ross Martel, who claims to actually love the column.

Write in with your addresses, boys, and I'll make sure you get your due.

ENTRY #168, 9:18am

Early post today. It's the open house here at Crail HQ and I need to get this shit done before the hordes pour in.

The dry humping Jereme email posted in the Featured Email window has officially generated more mail than any other email ever uploaded there. The general concensus is "Let the boy have his fun."

That's what I like to hear... tolerance for Nature's Clowns.

Happiness is back. Another unknown.

One of our favorite people, long time skater and artist and surfer and filmer, Thomas Campbell, is having a showing of his new film,
Sprout, in LA. Be at the Egyptian Theatre on Sept 13th to catch the show. If it's anything like Seedling, it'll be well worth the $10 admission. Congrats, T-Moss.

ENTRY #167, 3:22pm

I did it again. I farted in my office just before the cleaning lady came in. Damn it.

I ran into Ron Cameron this past weekend. Remember him (that's Ron on the left with Lakai's junior man, E. Jenkins)? The OG Blockhead artist now lives and skates in Palm Springs.

We're getting real close now. Ringer is on entry #496. That's 4 away from 500. If you haven't sent in a logo, we're still accepting them until next Monday, Sept, 13th. If your Ringer 500 logo wins, you get a box-loada from the Ringer herself. Send them in.

I got an anonymous email for this. Whoa.

It was Jeff Tremaine's birthday last Saturday. Oops. Happy birthday Heffy.

ENTRY #166, 10:53am

Subject: Boardology. I found out the artists' board auction that
The Skateboard Mag is having on September 11th, is not an online deal, but an in-person silent auction. You have to be there to bid on hand-painted boards by the following folks: Wes Humpston, Chris Miller, Pushead (yes, THE Pushead), Jeremy Fish, Matt Irving, Craig Metzger, Dune, Mike Leon, Bob K, Templeton, The Artist Formerly Known as John Lucero and a few Dumpers, Jenkins, Larson and Abeyta. Check the Mag's site for further info. Benefits go to the Tony Hawk Charitable Skateboard Park Organization.

Subject: Kevin Lyons. Don't forget about his show, entitled, "It's Only Business: Words That Define Me" which opens this Friday, September 3rd, at the
4x4 Gallery in Los Angeles.

Califone. Listen to them.

I have a sneaking suspicion that Crail Managing Editor, Aaron Meza did not read this particular column while on the KOTR... Mez, I posted that nun-chuck quicktime last week.

ENTRY #165, 2:43pm

Poo Poodles.
Pure brilliance. They don't know it yet, but Ruby Republic is going to release another 7" of their recordings real soon.

Subject: Boardology. the guys over at The Skateboard Mag are putting on an auction of hand-painted skateboards. All proceeds go to the Tony Hawk Skateboard Society. Info on how to get involved to come...

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