ENTRY #164, 1:11pm

No one book is going to document the movement that is skateboarding... which is a good thing. It means we will get a bunch of different books documenting a variety of opinions and viewpoints on our beloved activity.
Sean Cliver, long time skater and board graphic illustrator who started out with Powell Peralta many years ago, has compiled one such book, "Disposable, A History of Skateboard Art." The book itself will be available in November, but you can probably get an advance copy at the launch party which takes place at the ASR show in San Diego on Saturday, September 11th in one of the convention rooms. If you see Cliver, give him a pat on the back for this one, he worked hard.

Coming up this weekend is the opening for former Foustar designer,
Kevin Lyons, entitled, "It's Only Business: Words That Define Me." This Friday, September 3rd, at the 4x4 Gallery in Los Angeles. You can also check another former Fourstar designer, Michael Leon's website, Commonwealth Stacks for a cool little Quicktime and more info. As for current Fourstar designer, Rob Abeyta, he's celebrating his new office and working on pieces for the upcoming Art Dump Australia shows, "What Logo?"

Did you get all that? No? Well...

Happiness #45. Unknown cruiser.

ENTRY #163.5, 4:33pm

OK, what is this crap about
Lakai getting clobbered in a poll over at the Active site? That's bullshit, CRAILSTERS UNITE!

ENTRY #163, 1:57pm

Have you seen the judging debacles taking place in the
Olympics? Good thing we don't judge in skateboarding.

What? We do? Oh.

Globe shoes is putting on, Wild Card, a series of contests across the states, the winners of which will be in the finals in L.A.— the winners of which will travel to Australia for the big finale. Check the details in this PDF document from Globe.

Casting call for tough guys. Be glad this (quicktime 1.2megs) isn't you. From Larson through
Jeff at Atticus.

Cairo Foster FIVES down in the corner over there...

"I'm actually kind of upset that I've never been mentioned on Crailtap."
—Amber Graves

Happiness back on Monday after a really great weekend. I love you guys.

ENTRY #162.5, 3:26pm


ENTRY #162, 1:46pm

I missed the tour van this morning. Someone in my neighborhood had a jackhammer going at 6am, so I thought I'd just show up at work. Thank God, huh? The world may have stopped rotating...

DC Cool Hunter,
Jon Buscemi (yes, he's the little brother of actor/director, Steve Buscemi), sent this in from his top secret Cool Informant in Paris, France. Yeah right.

Larson finally has the Agents collab poster in over at agentsoftheareadotcom. Mark Penxa and the Lardog threw down for this one. $15 is a mighty low price to pay for a good thing.

Turns out there will be a commemorative, limited edition board issued for the upcoming
Art Dump show, "What Logo?" The shows (there are two scheduled) will take place in late Sept, early Oct in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia. Watch for a few of the limited works to show up in the Crail Store sometime soon. We will drop more info on "What Logo?" as we get it.

On the subject of art, there is a positive review of the traveling
Beautiful Losers show over at Art Forum site. This has to be some sort of breakthrough for Skart... ugh, I hate that word.

ENTRY #161, 2:09pm

From the tone of the emails and phone calls we are getting from the KOTR tour members, it sounds like we're behind in the points fight for first. But wait, doesn't Rickoo have a birthday coming up? 100 extra points, right?

About my Thursday Apartment Tour tomorrow; I wasn't kidding.

Larson keeps sending me phone photos. I think he's hinting at wanting his own column. Here's one he shot of Sick Nick.

ENTRY #160, 4:14pm

I was just thinking it's pretty funny the way we make inanimate objects into human-like characters. Like dancing mufflers, or talking oven mitts.

OK, the Ringer 500 logos are flowing in now. Remember, get yours in before this Friday for a chance at a Ringer box.

Randomers are MIA again. It's rough on tour, man, I feel for you guys... I'm going on my own little tour this Thursday — from my bed to the bathroom, then the refrigerator, then back to the bed.

Shit, I was just going to type something else down and I've forgotten what it was...

ENTRY #159, 4:38pm

Come on with the
Ringer 500 Logos... pickins' is thin so far, that makes the odds of winning a box of crap from her office pretty good. (See the post #158 below)

Ever checked out
NegativeB? You should.

Have you watched the
Team America clip yet? (See entry #157 below)

Funny thought; Doubles Table Tennis.

Art Dump not only has a problem flushing, but they have had an entire room's worth of physical archives — boards, wheels, slides, posters, boots, space heaters, proofs, trucks, shoe insoles, etc. — sitting outside their offices for over a week now. I'm pretty close to posting a contest in which the ENTIRE load is put into a U-Haul and driven to the winner's house.

A pool full of girls in their bras and panties at Spike's house. Where was I, Huh?

Happy birthday, Staci G!

ENTRY #158, 10:29am

Ringer is rapidly approaching post #500. We're going to have a contest to celebrate. It's an art contest. Send me all your Ringer 500 logo ideas and we'll pick the best one to use on the Ringer column. Maybe even make a tee out of it. What do you win? Why, a box of crap from Ringer's office, of course... she's gone for the weekend, so I'm hand-picking the items myself if I can pick the lock to her door.

Ringer 500 Logo Contest
c/o Carl Sanger
22500 S. Vermont Ave
Torrance, CA 90502

You can email your entry as well. DEADLINE is next Thursday, 8/26.

ENTRY #157, 9:56am

Apparently, our co-founder,
Spike found this link highly entertaining and wanted to share it. So Spike told his people, who then emailed Ringer who, in turn, gave it to me for posting on Tha Tap... Whaddup, Spike? You can't just call me?

Oh yeah, I don't answer the phone.


ENTRY #156, 9:39am

Anyone watching the Olympics? I woke up this morning to horse jumping. Even saw a couple guys get tossed. I noticed some of the obstacles these horses have to jump over are scaled down versions of what are normally much larger objects... like a tiny barn or stables. That must really mess with those horses. One of them really looked as though he had a superiority complex.

Last night we caught the male gymnasts doing the floor exercise. It caused one of my compatriots to exclaim, "those guys would make awesome break dancers."

I like the Olympics. It's an arcane set of human athletic "disciplines" being preserved in a modern world. I just can't imagine skateboarding being a "discipline." Skating is such an integral — though embattled — part of this modern landscape, the same one the Olympics barely seem fit into.

Did I just write that? Sorry, less serious tone tomorrow.

ENTRY #155, 5:07pm

Very funny, Larson... hi-jacking my column. What a card! Next week I'm coming over to fart in your office. A lot.

Something fun to do this weekend. Race!

ENTRY #154, 3:16pm

You guys have to keep this a secret.

Sanger has taken the day off from his Singing duties, so I've hi-jacked his column. Check out Agents of the Area right now to get first dibs on Girl Art Dumper Tony Larson's first limited edition silk screened poster. There's only 100 available, ever. Sometimes, if you sneak up to Sanger's office you can hear him fart. A lot.

Later! Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

ENTRY #153, 10:27am

Happiness #44. Tucker McElroy.

ENTRY #152, 4:16pm

The Ringer is coming up on her 500th post. Maybe I'll throw her a party... if she'll leave the Floridiots alone.

I wonder what Paul Rodriguez is doing right now?

Most asked question of the week, "Did you watch the X-Games?"

Most popular confession of the week, "I watched the X-Games."

Something's brewing over in the OC. Smells like tribal flames.

Since Aaron is waiting until tomorrow to post a few things (and teasing you about it)... I will too. Happiness is back in 24 hours.

ENTRY #151, 9:21am

It has been brought to our attention by several sources this week that some sort of funny business is going on over at one of our favorite sites,
Skateboarding Sucks Dot Com. Anyone know what's up? Clue us in.

Biebel fans who logged onto his 5s yesterday got a direct line to the man himself as his email address was "accidentally" left on the layout. Oops. Careful Mez.

X-Games. Sigh. Wasn't it a couple years back everyone was making fun of it? Now you can't keep those same people out of the after parties. Oh well... you can't beat 'em? Join 'em. Nothing is sacred.

Don't bug me... I know nothing about nothing. I'm just sayin' we all get caught up.


Who wrote a screenplay based on the story of
Geoff Rowley only to be told it was "too British" by MTV? Don't ask me.

Wallride 8 is finally done and shipped to the printers. Two weeks 'til it drops. My guess is we won't be seeing the Art Dump for a while... unless we hit the X-Games after parties.

ENTRY #150, 2:37pm

If you even care that I was absent a few days... my apologies. The
Art Dump boys felt they were being put upon by another Wallride deadline so they took me down with them. I've been answering their phone calls and emails, and fetching Venti Drips from that mainstream coffee joint down the street. I had to draw the line at back massages. Freaks.

On the subject of the Art Dump, they have a new member,
Eric Anthony, also known as EA. If you are one of our foreign distributors, you'll now have to talk to Dave "You're the Only One Here" Fifer, or our new man, Reggie Destin (ye-ah, Reg!) formerly ofthe OG Push in Chicago. EA is now busy answering phones and emails, fetching coffee and giving back rubs upatairs...

That's about it. I was gonna post that Sidewalk cover with Rickoo on it, but Aaron beat me to the punch (check Randoms), sooo... laters.

ENTRY #149, 9:34am

You ever have that nagging feeling that you're forgetting something?

3rd Lair is updated. Check it here.

Controversy! Got an email this morning with this photo attached — shot with a cell phone — and signed "from the
OG Annonymous Snapper." Could it be the recently uncovered, Matthew Thuet (see below), isn't the Annonymous Snapper? Are there more than one? The new breed of poucher... should we predict an all cell phone camera skateboarding magazine hitting soon.

Word for today:

I REMEMBER! Happy birthday J. Grant Brittain.

ENTRY #148, 8:31am

Bush (yes, that Bush) crashed on his mountain bike. An endo — straight over the bars. Wow, and l suppose that later that day he got kicked out of Love Park after bailing a K grind...


Mick Jagger turned 63 a couple days ago. Why does that scare me?

Koston, Biebs and BA on the UK site Nice looking site, good luck with the navigation.

While in the UK, check this... the Man is coming down on skaters again. School dress codes gone wild. Link from Diligent Tapper (DT),
Toby Hopper. Thanks, Toby.

The annonymous cell phone photographer is no longer annonymous. Thanks for the pics,
Matthew Thuet. Here's his latest one; Brian Lotti.

ENTRY #147, 10:25am

Lakai flow guy turned 8 a couple days ago. Congrats, Emmet J.

Our secret Crail Store operative has been really busy lately. Check it out, lots of new gear at stupid prices.

Resource site of the day:
Skim The Fat

A poem I got on a piece of spam today:

"We are a grilling nation, northwest and are embrasing the ethnicization of the american grill. We want big flavors of the wig ethnic foods we eat in restaurants off our grills. crosby grilling food requires more thought dorothy and ingrediants of the standard garlic powder glycol and seasoning salt combo. Choose from albanian a mix of spices oils and fresh juices.
We have been adopted into despond the family of God through hailstorm Jesus Christ. My cup shafer runneth over. He careen was't refering to his soul, gaithersburg but to his mind influx. Spiritually minded he was, blanket and his mind cup lux over flowed with the goodness of God."

Isn't that beautiful? Thank you Spammer.

ENTRY #146, 11:18am

Cab's a got a new toy... yikes. It's good to be a skatebord legend.

And, another annonymous cell phone photo. This one feature's
Chocolate Kenny Anderson somewhere in LA.

ENTRY #145, 10:08am

Skateboarder finally found a replacement for The Mez (freshly back from Canada)... it's Brian Peech (Canadian!) from SBC Skateboard mag (Canadian!). Congrats, Brian. Here's a tiny mugshot of Brian that Skateboarder supplied us with.

Another annonymous cell phone photo.

ENTRY #144, 11:16am

Be Happy.

This crail photo was emailed from
Rob Erickson as a possible entry into the Crailtap Gallery (which is a sort of Crailtap Hall of Fame). Rob, I like the shot, but seriously, the angle and those shorts are scaring me, man. Nice tap, though.

Some of the Girl family members hit-up the skate camp at Skate Lab last week. Check their site for the story.

Web destination of the week:

ENTRY #143, 4:49am

Turns out Jim, ah, I mean, Jake didn't buy us. My job is safe (for the time being). In reality they bought Fourstar DISTRIBUTION — whole different company. Nothing to do with us. Spike, Mike, Rickk, you can come back now.

Happiness returns tomorrow. So does The Mez. Canada is breathing a sign of relief after taking on Lakai and Chocolate all in one summer.

ENTRY #142, 9:35am

Termination letter on my desk this morning. Apparently, the new bosses name is
JAKE, not Jim.

No word from Spike, Mike or Rickk.

ENTRY #141, 9:49am

Well, apparently
Girl and all it's babies have been bought by Burton. I just saw Rickk, Mike and Spike driving off in the Escalaide throwing money out the windows. I think they forgot to tell Meg. Gotta go. Need to call Jim Burton to see what I should to be doing... we might be called Jibtap by tomorrow.

ENTRY #140.75, 3:29pm

Got an email from
Ty about a contest over at the Skateboard Mag dotcom... it's a good one — FIX THAT SHIT, HOMIE!

ENTRY #140.5, 3:05pm

My favorite collector,
Bobby Puleo, is having a solo show, "Clues About the Rest of the World," on the West Coast at New Image Art. Highly recommended if you are in the LA area this month.

ENTRY #140, 11:00am

Hanging on for payday.

You might want to click on over to the
Active site and check the current poll... vote for your favorite Girl pro. You'll never guess who's leading.

The current Featured Email from George the Arab has garnered a ton of response. About 98% are "lighten up bro" and here's the other one;

I'm from boston too. I didn't go to the Es game of SKATE, but that's only because I didnt have a ride. George the Arab, thanks for filling me in on John Phat's wussy trick that beat Matt to win. If kids really think thats a legitimate trick to win a big prize, skateboarding has come down to a bunch of cheaters and gay tricks. I can do no complys, but that doesnt mean i would do one of them to knock someone out a big competition like that. If one footers are gonna count, then shouldn't handstands, bonelesses, pogos, and all those 80's tricks count too? If you tried to answer George's complaint with "that's life." That's not right either. I'm not trying to condemn everyone, but skateboarding isn't something to be compared with normal life. sorry if you haven't noticed, but everyone who would give that advice hates skateboarding in the first place. All Im tryin' to say is tha the Arab is right and all my friends think the same way. I would assume everyone besides that kid thinks he sucks and should play skate with the kid who he beat with a switch one footer, winner take all."

Wow. Drew, have you ever played a fun game of SKATE? Is skateboarding any fun for you at all? Or is it just technical drudgery? Here's another opnion from one of your peers, a fellow skater:

"Dear Tap,
I think George the Arab is taking the game of SKATE a bit too seriously. I just started playing recently and found it's a great way to learn new stuff by having the opportunity to just try something you didn't think you could do. It has breathed life into supermarket carpark sessions. It is also a good way of making up for your own inadequacies by beating your friends using the gayest pile of underhanded variations possible.

ENTRY #139, 10:51am

Secret pool being built in Pedro?

Mike Carroll wed? With all the talk of Ty's upcoming nuptuals, Mikey's wedding to millionaire heiress,Tori Spelling, went pretty much unoticed here at Crail. We had to find out from Tapper, Ben Rodriguez (thanks, Ben). Sorry Mike, and congrats.

God bless technology. These days, with a mere telephone, you can capture the act in progress. Use to be you had to bring a photographer and his gear, lights, generator... Unfortunately, this guy forgot to give us his name.

Go here and click on the Quicktime. I'm not sure what to think. Gotta get rid of that skirt, though,
Linsey... I guess that's the female version of flair, eh?

Brad Staba makes the Crail Gallery. Good interview with the man in the new Skateboarder (September, 04).

ENTRY #138, 10:20am

Boulder Dick's Art Show. Art show in Pedro to benefit the ever-exanding (oh so slowly)
Channel Street Skatepark (Pedroside). Andy Harris, Tyler Adair (former Big Bro art director), Ultimate Phil and Michael Burnett are just four you may recognize. Jaguars & Butterflies Gallery in downtown Pedro, Sunday, July 11th.

BTW, here's a shot of recent construction in the Channel Street park... NICE.

Man, I'm just getting bored with music... I'm turning my radio off for a few weeks. Got any good mp3s?

The most recent Crailtap Exposure Pie Chart is in...

Happiness #42. Mike Folmer.

Shit, I forgot to tell you about the
Mike Carroll interview over on the CCS site... check it out.

ENTRY #137, 9:43am

Hola. Mexico was great. Super stoked to be home — Torrance is so much more exotic and relaxing and pretty and sleepy than the LaRosa Hotel with an 8 foot kidney pool in the shade. Sigh. Welcome to the working week.

Kenny Anderson footage from our brothers in Yorkshire. Kenny, you are a ruler.

Recently received an email with a viewpoint on Larson's Happiness windows. Read it here. Be sure to read Larson's reply that follows.

Happiness #41. Chuck Langana.

Crail Gallery has been updated with a Crail Wallie from
Mateo Storelli. Nice.

ENTRY #136, 11:12am

By now you've heard about
Pier 7...

An interesting film from Tapper,
Nick Rondeau. Bloody Nose.

Sites to visit today:
Have Board
Skate 215
Hater Skater

ENTRY #135, 1:17pm

I should probably just reprint this press release in its entirety. I will not taint your opinions on this matter by inserting my own little clever quip. I have, however, highlighted phrases and names of interest.

On the matter of the X-Games, there's a good point-counterpoint in the new
Skateboard Mag (#5) by Andy Mac (for) and Dave Carnie (against). Check it.

Happiness #40. Mike Cassidy.

Darin Bendall scanned a few things he found in his clost and posted them for us all. Scans From The '80s.

ENTRY #134, 12:47pm

Really want to learn alleyoop fakies on vert?
McDonald's and The Hawk show us how. You may need to make a few mods to your board and the ramp...

There is now an archive for all of
Larson's Happiness. Front page archive is also in the works...

Don't forget about
Meza's Chris Roberts interview in the flashing cloud below.

ENTRY #133, 9:58am

You know him, you love him, Tap contributor, Skate Mag co-creator, father, racer, drawer, and frequent crail slapper,
Kevin Wilkins, has made the gallery — 13 years later.

Happiness #39. Jason Pilarski.

ENTRY #132, 1:33pm

One of the most under rated and influential forces in skateboarding sent me a pocket-sized biography in the mail yesterday. "This is (not) My Life" by
Garry S. Davis, ex pro skater (Tracker), artist, zinester (Skate Fate), musician (Custom Floor), fashionista (remember the infamous skeleton suit?), designer (TWS) and historian — a true skateboarding renaissance man. Thanks, Garry.

Another addition to the Crailtap Gallery today. This one from
Thrasher, the rag that's probably furthered the crail tap more than any other.

ENTRY #131, 3:37pm

Rollin' Through the Decades. Thanks for the link, Lardog.

ROR: Slam the Fruitbooter.

Happiness #38. Andy Tiller.

ENTRY #130.5, 2:05pm

Shit, no one told us! Does it count if we were already skating?

ENTRY #130, 10:09am

Happy anniversary to
Rick and Megan!

You've seen
Andrew Pommier's work on skateboards and in the mags. Well, now it's on t-shirts, check them out at Holy Water.

Happiness #37. Olliie & Ray.

ENTRY #129.5, 2:49pm

Found another great Crail photo for the Crailtap Gallery. This one is
John Ponts from the current Document Mag out of the UK. Check it here.

Have a good weekend people. Give your dads a knod.

ENTRY #129, 9:39am

Check this out. The chart breaks down where the Crailtap readers/lurkers are residing across this wonderful planet of ours... it ain't no contest, it's just interesting.

Have you checked out
TV on the Radio yet? Do so, it's for your own good.

I'll go on the record and say that our very own
Rob Abeyta had this idea a few years ago...

East coast Tapper,
Greg Barbera, has a pretty crazy story to tell. Stay out of the hospitals, people.

Got this little note from the Style Editor at
Res Mag :

"Hello there. For those of you who will be in LA, our Res Screening for June is next Tuesday, June 22nd at the Egyptian. We have an extra special rooftop after party planned (location to be disclosed at the screening)."

One of those big extreme sports contest things is hitting LA in the next few weeks. Here's big extreme sports contest hero,
the Hawk man hanging with Brian "I'm down with evil" Degan (scroll down), in preparation for the aerial festivities.

ENTRY #128.5, 2:36pm

I'm dedicating the rest of the week to
TV on the Radio. Dope.

ENTRY #128, 8:26am

While checking my emails this morning, I saw a subject line that said "Burn the Curbs" and got really bummed. But when I looked again I realized it said "Burn the Carbs" and I feel better now.

Which reminds me : Girl and Chocolate boards are half the carbs of other skateboard manufacturer's decks.

For some reason, I get Mike Carroll's fan mail every so often. Like this one :

"How can Mike Carroll look that hot and skateboard that f-ing good, AT THE SAME TIME? I mean HE'S NOT EVEN TRYING to make it look that way. I can't fathom how this guy does it. Major props to Mike.
—Victoria LeCavalier"

Apparently, Victoria, you haven't seen this bit of news on Mikey. He's not looking like himself there, is he?

Chew Shit Fun, from Tapper, Porous Walker. Is this for real?

Link of the day :
Donald Roller Wilson

Happiness #36. Old Bones

Nike skate team demo at 3rd Lair
this Saturday, June 19th, at 3pm. Our boys BA, Gino, Paul Rodriguez and Richard Mulder will be in the house.

ENTRY #127.5, 1:41pm

Skate site for the weekend. This one's nice, check it out.
Skate Daily.

ENTRY #127, 9:50am

Love Park issue. You've all heard some story or another about how skaters are fighting to use the facility... and how, at the current time, they are banned. Maybe you think this doesn't effect you, but it is a microcosm of what is happening all over the country. An article I read made me realize just how foolish and stubborn city bureaucracies — in Philadelphia's case, Mayor Street (how's that for an ironic name?) and his Managing Director, Phil Goldsmith (who hurt these men?) — can be. Read the article here, I'm wondering if you all will find it as appalling, and/or amusing, as I do.

Happy Tapper and Dumper,
Tony Larson, whose "Day" we featured on June 9th, is interviewed on Noun.

ENTRY #126.5, 1:31pm

Yes, it was a pair of freestylers;
Per Welinder and Bob Schmelzer, people. Tapper, Roy Sarmiento of Rowland Heights, California was the first to guess it at approx 11:15am PST. Contest closed biatches.

Ray Charles.

ENTRY #126, 9:40am

One of my favorite people in the whole world.
Lee Walton.

UXA welcomes
Jason Dill into the fold. Check their site for the full scoop.

Who can name the two skaters who did stunt work in Back To The Future (1985)? The first email I get wins a sticker pack.

ENTRY #125, 11:16am

It is officially
Tony Larson Day here at Tha Tap... at least in my office. Larson is Art Dumper responsible for a majority of the Girl board graphics these days, not to mention the Happiness here on Crail. Also check Lardog's personal site, Agents of the Area. Also, see photos from his recent Street Wise show with Fellow Dumper Rob Abeyta + Michael Leon and Rich Jacobs on the Fecal Face.

Happiness #35. Christian Hosoi!

ENTRY #124, 11:49am

Happiness #34. Jeremy Henderson.

ENTRY #123.5, 10:21am

A fresh url was just delivered to the CFS mailbox by the boys at Don't Mess Wi' Yorkshire in England. Here's a quote I thought was pretty funny in their "news" section: "Biebs didn't really skate but you can't blame him, he's too dope."

Anyhow, pretty good Quicktime clips of
BA, Rickoo, Jereme, Carroll and MJ over at, check them out, just click on "features" in the flower on the lower left.

ENTRY #123, 8:43am

How long has it been since you've wielded a hammer and built something to skate? It's good for the soul. Go forth, cut and pound...

This is really good: Fistfulayen Radio.

Jocko hits the intraweb with ELK.

Happiness #33. Mystery Guest.

ENTRY #122.5, 2:04pm

It's Aaron Meza Day on Tha tap. Aaron himself had no idea... this is partially my fault and partially Big Meza's. June 4th is now officially Mezavision Day!

Here's the Mez ripping the brand new 223rd Street fullpipes (mpeg 192K).

Couple shout outs. Do the kids still say "shout outs"? Anyway, check out these sites:


ENTRY #122, 9:23am

Fugaziness #32.

ENTRY #121, 4:45pm

Happiness #31. Bobcat.

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