ENTRY #120, 8:43am

Yesterday someone asked me if I thought skateboarding was mainstream. I couldn't answer honestly. I really don't know. Then, today on the way to the Crail HQ, I saw a bus bench ad for Vans featuring a learing Tony Trujillo with horns pointed to the heavens. Right here, in Torrance.

I guess that's a point on the side of mainstream.

But then I saw a kid getting a ticket for skating across the street. Could that be a point for the "other team?" Just thinking and typing.

The San Pedro Skatepark Association just received non-profit status. That means you can donate money and write it off. Wink, wink. And construction continues at Channel Street, aka Pedroside.

Happiness #30. Reese Simpson.

ENTRY #119.5, 1:53pm

Just got an email from a friend of "The Trout" (check entry #119). Apparently, Trout used to slide those crails all the way to fakie until he rung his bell once to often.
Ah, skateboarding.

ENTRY #119, 9:25am

Happiness #29. The Trout.

ENTRY #118, 8:21am

Donald Rumsfeld had a great idea recently... ban all digital cameras, digital video recorders and cell phones cameras from the battle zones in Iraq. That outta take the problem away, straight up. Good thinking, Rummy.

I thought of something funny on the way to Tha Tap this morning...
Arnold Schwarzenegger is the governor of California. Then I check his website and I was RIGHT. "What is best in lafe? Arnold has the answer..."

In skateboarding news... ah, see the Randoms later today. Aaron? Take it away.

Just thought of a couple/three things;

1) Here's a link to a couple
FREE Girl gif banners if anyone feels like posting them (Just grab and drag to your desktop) on their site, or just watching the pretty colors flicker for a while.

2) Breaking news; if you click over to
the Quiet Life, you'll notice some updates and new tees. Please people, support a quiet life.

3) The
Crail Shop has some new items — a few different sets of Filmore wheels and some Fourstar items. Take a visit.

ENTRY #117, 9:20am

If you happen to be in Santa Monica tomorrow night and have an itch to see some art, there are two Dumpers showing together at theLAB 101.
Tony Larson and Rob Abeyta are both involved along with AD alumnus, Michael Leon and skart curator/artist, Rich Jacobs. Streetwise - 3. All good. Here are the details.

BUT, if you are LA-impaired, and happen to live in the Minneapolis area, you might check this out tomorrow night : an all nighter lock-in at the
3rd Lair Skatepark.

Another happening this weekend. If you are at all interested in the roots of LA punk, you'll want to check this one out.
Mike Watt and George Hurley are getting together again to play ALL MINUTEMEN SONGS in their hometown of San Pedro in what was once The Waters club. You heard right. Check out Watt's hootpage for details. Long live D. Boone.

ENTRY #116, 9:09am

Happiness #28. Rodga Harvey.

I believe Tha Tap has plugged this book, "
Life and Limb: Skateboarders Write From the Deepend," (from Soft Skull Press) a few times already, but it's finally hitting, so here it is again. Check the party/reading/music this weekend, Saturday, May 22nd at the Bowery Poetry Club in Manhattan, NYC (7pm at 308 Bowery, 212-614-0505). Jocko Weyland and Ed Templeton will be reading, along with a few others. Dirty on Purpose will play musical set of dirty tunes. The party hits the road after that with readings all over the country. Check it.

ENTRY #115, 9:25am

If you're driving around on any L.A. County freeways today, keep your eyes open for a tall Canadian in a bright orange jumpsuit.

Happiness #27. Hawkman!

And while on the topic of the original Bones Brigade... check out what
Cab was doing last weekend in Hangtown.

ENTRY #114, 3:03pm

I'm back. Some notes I found in my mailbox this morning:

SNACK NEWS! Sorry, to anyone who experienced problems with the machine over the past two days. I'd like you all to know, my technicians and I have located the trouble and taken care of it. Now please, GET SNACKY!
—Sam Smyth

POSTAGE MACHINE! Hello everyone,
I would like to let all of you know that the usage of the Postage machine in the main office is not FREE! If you want to use it for your personal/ personal businesses you are going to have to pay for it every single time. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation,
—Greg Carroll

THE FOLLOWING STORY WAS SENT TO YOU BY LEW! Man in petroleum jelly jam after failing to slide by police!

May 17, 2004, 6:58PM EDT
BINGHAMTON, N.Y. (AP) _ Roger Chamberlain may have thought he managed to slide by police when he switched motels.

But when he was allegedly found a short while later glimmering from head to toe in petroleum jelly, authorities believed they had their man.

Chamberlain, 44, of McLean, Va., is accused of coating nearly every available surface in his room at the Motel 6 near Binghamton with the unctuous substance.

Then, after checking out, a cleaning crew discovered the gooey mess _ one that included mattresses, bedding, a television set, furniture, carpeting and towels all slathered with petroleum jelly.

Damage to the room and its contents was estimated at more than $1,000, and once police arrived, they found 14 empty petroleum jelly containers and numerous pornographic magazines in the trash can, according to WNBF radio in Binghamton.

A short time later, a sheriff's deputy found Chamberlain in a room at another motel, his body smeared entirely in the greasy stuff, authorities said.

Chamberlain was charged May 9 with felony criminal mischief and ordered held in Broome County Jail. He was released May 11, Corrections Officer Anthony Rando said.

Meanwhile, back at the Motel 6, the manager said Chamberlain's old room remains unusable.

An attempt to reach Chamberlain in Virginia was not immediately successful.

ENTRY #113.5, 3:12pm

Happiness #26. Mr. Esbenshade is a lawyer these days.

ENTRY #113, 9:42am

Don't get pissed. Chill. We switched servers Tuesday night and so we are temporarily crippled over here at Girl. Time to bring back the Crail Phone...

Raymond, Ringer, Tito, you can call in, I guess, and I will type in your posts. Old school style. Stop bugging Rob, he's about to snap.

Whitney Houston is out of rehab and on the Cliché flow team.

That was a part lie. But
Stevie Wonder is really 54 today.

If your browser, server and email are working, check this url for a bunch of good skate sites.

ENTRY #112, 9:19am

Happiness #25. Blaize.

Where does the expression "Man Alive" come from? Just curious.

If you checked the link for
Grant's show on Randoms yesterday and got an ERROR — it's Clive's fault. I fixed it. Go to Grant's show, you bums.

ENTRY #111, 9:07am

Happiness #24. Stephanie Person.

I just heard Bucky Lasek's name on the radio. The narrator had one of those deep booming voices that usually goes with Monster Truck rally commercials... you know which one I'm talking about; MON-DAY (MON-DAY) ... AT THE PAMONA COUNTY FAIRGROUNDS ... BE THERE FOR DEATH DEFYING STUNTWOOD THEATRICS!!!

Something like that.

Skateboarding. Sigh.

Mezavision, where are you?

Thank you for the
Crail Gallery submissions, people. But be aware that there are criteria. Only one, really. It must make you feel good — it must make you feel like turning off the computer and going skating. This one does not meet this criteria... it's not bad, don't get me wrong... it's just not, ah, right. But keep trying.

ENTRY #110, 1:47pm

Happiness #23.
Dave Owen.

This image came from a skater named

"I found this on the Skatestoppers site... I think they are knobbing the wrong parts of the bench... No?"

Good point, Igor, just don't go telling them that. Their ignorance = our advantage.

Stop bugging me about the Daily Poll.
Clive has run away and the taken the instructions on how to post them with him. AND, I'm not sure when he'll be back, so just chill.

ENTRY #109.5, 1:40pm

I've been wanting to do this since we started Crailtap some 17 years ago.
The Crail Gallery. When I opened my mail this morning to the brand new "The Skateboard Mag" I knew it was time. Clint Peterson starts it up with this crail frontside bluntslide (photo Uyeda). Wow.

ENTRY #109, 12:47pm

Cinco De Mayo is a celebration commemorating some battle Ignacio Saragosa won against the French military in Mexico back in the day. Yes, it's true. But to us here at Crail, it means a tabletop of free 4 foot burritos con carne asada. Not a problem. The problem comes later. With the bathrooms.

Here's a nice note my co-employee,
Mr. Mettee, left on the john... Brian, I think Bill was the culprit. I know, he hasn't worked here in over a year, but man, I swear that guys colon was dangerous enough to have lasting effects.

And now, on to

Happiness #22 with Tom Boyle.

ENTRY #108, 8:47am

Here's a bunch of crap for you to check out. Bullshit, you say? Perhaps. Write the guy who put it together and give him a clue. Another good reason these guys should just leave skateboarding alone.

ENTRY #107, 3:18pm

We may be the only skate site to not be posting anything about Slam City. Rickoo, Smyth... where are you guys?

Happiness #21.
Tim Metz.

ENTRY #106, 11:26pm

Happiness #20.
Young Eric Dressen.

Art Prostitute mag is out (#4) with an Art Dump piece in it. Oh glory be! Our boys are growing up!

ENTRY #105, 8:13am

You've seen
Michael Sieben's drawings in the last few issues of Thrasher. To see more, visit Fecal Face, they just posted and interview with Sieben.

Andy Mueller is prowling around NYC this week. If you see him, carefully walk up behind him and say BOO real loud.

I didn't know
Atiba had a website. He does.

I'm sure I've posted this link before, but it's super cool.
The Tylenol Bowl.

Rick Raymond sent me a cryptic email with nothing but his address in it. Send in your column, I know where you live.

15 Second Movie Review:
The only thing good about this one is
Halle Berry running around in a tight white t for most of the film. A piece of crap ghost movie with a shower scene that had the potential of saving it, but fell WAY short. I give it 1 tap out of 5.

ENTRY #104, 10:18am

It's only 10:30 and I'm the last one to post. Well ain't that a bitch. Wait... where the hell are
Tito and Mr. Raymond? YOO-WHOO!!!

A little reminder about the
OI MEETS GIRL TOUR in England this June. Click here for the flyer. Click here to see all the rejected tour names. These were the result of Billion Dollar Brains.

Happiness #19. Brian Beauchene.

Might I recommend a film for you all?
Confessions of a Dangerous Mind. 4.5 taps out of 5.

Link for you today:
Damn Am!

BTW, while on the subject of links, if you have some surfing time on your hands, check the Link Tap.

ENTRY #103, 1:11pm

Note to
Salman . . . m u s t - h a v e - s k a t e r a d e . . . w e - a r e - d r y . . .

R.O.R., or, Realm of the Ridiculous is back with this from Mark Lewman :
Bitch Pills


Ten Foot Boneless?

Big Brother?



Rich Flowerday?

Jim Johnson?

Happiness #18. Nuclear Pepper.

Check this nice silkscreened poster from our bro-dahs
Tony Larson and Mark Penxa. It'll be available for purchase on Agents of the Area in the next few weeks.

ENTRY #102, 2:30pm

I was just having an email tête-à-tête with someone on Friday about expressing positivity in skateboard journalism — particularly, on
Crailtap. I mostly agreed and I believe we should. But, this morning I snapped. All it took was one too many junk emails from this company. Maybe it's time for us — the skateboarder — to write them back underlining the complete lack of necessity in their product. If you are so inclined, please do so.

Happiness #17. A dream? Perhaps.

ENTRY #101, 10:23am

Happiness #16.
Midwest Mat.

ENTRY #100, 2:27pm

Happiness #15.
Lance Mountain.

Hello, calling Jeremy from
Alena. Check the Link Tap...

Rickk and Mikey headed to the Great White North with Lakai. Check the info here.

ENTRY #99, 3:08am

Jason Dill?
(found on Terry Richardson's site)

ENTRY #98, 9:35am

Who needs skateboards anymore? There's PARKOUR!!

Happiness will be back tomorrow. Hear that Larson? Bring it on.

That Scion car is an ugly thing, isn't it?

Did you know we just sent two, massive 5' x 10' banners to
3rd Lair in Golden Valley, Minnesota? You've got to check this place out... officially Girl and Chocolate sponsored. Why can't we have a place like that in Torrance? The Torrance Skatepark is sitting in flux while management battles with the city over some crap.

ENTRY #97, 4:46pm

Any pranks on me tomorrow — Bob and Megan — and I'll blow the roof off this place. Thank you very much.

Heard of
Carolina Love? Apparently it's a video put out by the dudes over at Post22, Sanger's Site of the Week. Check it.

Ever watch
Nickelodeon? Me neither.

One of the
Art Dumpers has a show, "Ugly Beautiful Fool" opening in Portland, Oregon tomorrow night at Compound. Here's the info. Our own Bob K shot the postcard image and doesn't even know it.

ENTRY #96, 4:43pm

Not much time today, Not much to say either.... later.

ENTRY #95, 10:30am

Today is dedicated to the
Black Keys. Power, energy and soul. The real deal.

Lots of jittery, anxious and nervous people around Crail this week. The ping pong tables seem to be the center of attention, action and jabbering. Wouldn't have anything to do with the 8 cases of
Skaterade Salman dropped off on Tuesday, would it? Only 3 cans left.

Emmet Jenks has been filming for the Lakai video. He wants to give a big shout out to the Gav for flowing. Speaking of Gavin, isn't he a trained bartender?

Strange happenings around Oregon.
Super Lewman reporting. Who's the culprit? Wasn't Bob K was just up there last week...

Art shows and series still happening everywhere. Personally, I like
Mark Appleyard's anti-mongo t-shirt for Volcom (see the current Volcom ads in the mags). It harkens back to the Naseem Koston drawing from way back...

Seems PMS "Yeah Right Green" is real popular in graphic design these days. Hurray for green!

Shit. Newsflash...
Kawasaki had green a long time ago.

Site today:
Document Skateboard Mag

ENTRY #94, 10:05am

Ugh. I don't know about you guys, but I can't stand the crappy revivalist "new wave" music that's hitting. The Postal Service? Come one... get some energy and soul.

Found a really cool skateboarders resource laying about the Crail offices the other day. It's a printed map of all the Southern California skateparks by the
Concrete Disciples. Each park is marked on the map and rated. OK, OK, so it's from 2002... still a good thing to have in the car. Just use your celly to call the #s supplied first. The map's free with any purphase you make in the C.D. store. Oh yeah, it's not really a "map" map, so bring your Thomas Guides if you plan on actually finding any of these places.

From Lewman... the
Intitute for Applied Autonomy and Shining Mud Balls.

Did I already plug
Outlook Skateboards? All hail Ollie Gelfand. We owe that guy.

I went back and watched "
The search For Animal Chin" ('87) and "Public Domain" ('88). I guess only in retrospect can we realize how corny they were... and how influential. Good stuff. Personal favorites: Lance, Tommy, Cab and a very young Ray Barbee. Not too mention the youngsters Danny Way and Colin McKay. A big thanks to Staci G and the good folks over at VAS.

Oh. I did mention
Outlook in my previous entry. So what.

Site for the day:

ENTRY #93, 4:20pm

The time I post up above is when I START the entry. By the time I get it posted, who the hell knows what time it is.

Story has it a few kegs of
Skaterade are on their way to the Crailtap HQ. Wu-Hoo!! Tap that baby and hold me by my ankles!

Lame attempt at frat boy humor.

Did we already tell you that
Hot Chocolate is out? Oh yeah...

Movie of the day: Cool German flick called "
The Experiment." Sorry, no skateboarding. Captioned? Sure it's captioned, you lazy bum.

Oh yeah, the
Tampa Pro...
Check this shot we found on the site. It's one of those moments from a bad Sci-Fi when the bad guy freezes time and you get caught in a potentially embarrassing pose. Well, not you per se, but in this case, our own,
Sam Smyth...

Is it that obvious I don't have anything to say today? Ok, I'm out. one last thing:

Link for today:

ENTRY #92, 9:11am

The new Sugar is out... and here's what's enclosed within its covers:

"Áa fait quelques jours que le magazine est en kisoque, et certains l'ont dÈj‡ reÁu depuis belle lurette... Les vacances nous ont rattrappÈ et il neige sur Paris en cette matinÈe blanche... enfin, un numÈro spÈcial voyages, avec Dubai, Tenerife, Los Angeles, Malaga et Bangkok en Thailand... la tournÈe 2004 des Sucres d'orges, le VS concernant Nike, la sÈquence de JB dans les News, Bad Brains et le Hardcore de Washington DC, la pub Circa ‡ l'envers, l'impression pourrie etles chouettes posters de Florentin et Huf... voil‡, c'est tout pour ce mois-ci, en esperant de vous croiser un des ces quatre...
‡ bientÙt amicalement.
Les Gars de SuGaR."

Los Angeles and DC Hardcore... cool.

Jenkins passed an email to me this morning from Brazillian artist, photographer, skater, Flavio Samelo. Nice work... here's a link to his site.

Alex Carolino, switch heel in Brazil.
Photo Flavio Samelo.

Here's a note from Girl Family team leader,
Sam Smyth, owner/operator of the now infamous Snack Machine:

"Yeah Right is going to show at the Tiburon Film Festival. The festival starts Friday, and Yeah Right shows Saturday. Tiburon is right by S.F.... If anyone is going to be around, check it out."

Girl website coming? It's in the works.

And speaking of Girl, there are plans being finished up for a UK tour in late May and early June. More details as they come in —
Lewman is working on a tour name as you read this. Did you know this guy works for hats? True.

Site of the moment:

ENTRY #91, 9:46am

Another movie recommendation: "
American Splendor," a unique film which brings to live action the comics of Harvey Pekar.

We have a lot of windows that never change, don't we...

The return of
R.O.R. (Realm of the Ridiculous):
Your Inner Voice
Soft Trucks
Jive Puppet
Fly Guy
Eccentric America

Spain? Where is that?

ENTRY #90, 2:24pm

Here's an even better movie than the one I mentioned a few days ago. Go see "
24 Hour Party People." Thanks to Eric for giving me the lodown on this one.

I walked by Mel Bend's cubicle and he was drawing a frog doing a stalefish. Irony?

No, I haven't heard from anyone in Spain.

There's a big art exhibition happening in Cincinnatl, Ohio.
Beautiful Losers. You might recognize some of the participants.

ENTRY #89.5, 11:22am

Just received notice of another art show, Streetwise, with an upcoming exhibit featuring the likes of two current
Art Dumpers, Rob Abeyta and Tony Larson, plus, alumnus, Mr. Michael Leon. Check the poster right HERE.

ENTRY #89, 10:41am

Antisocial in Vancouver is presenting a pretty cool artshow this weekend at the shop. I know three of the artists and they are damn good. Check them out:

Derrick Hodgson
Scott Pommier
Andrew Pommier

Now, I do not know the other two, but if they are friends of Antisocial, they are friends of ours;
Tullis Rose and Nathan Olokun. Cool names, anyway.
March 5th at Antisocial, 2425 Main Street
Call them at 604-708-5678 for further info.

We're starting a club. The bylaws are not yet ironed out, but we have a name and a t-shirt idea already;
Friends of Crailtap... FOC. The tee? It simply says "I'm a FOCer"

You like? Details to come.

Jamie Heinrich sent me a copy of his film "Knife" today. I'll watch it tonight, Jamie. In the meantime, here's a link for everyone to check. Also, as I recall, no one has yet guessed which Girl employee takes part in the movie...

On the topic of movies... ever seen "
GO?" It's a good one.

ENTRY #88, 3:39pm

Starting with a clean slate today.

Things I can say about the last few days:

Chocolate graphics man, Evan Hecox was here showing his latest offerings.

Rickk called in from Lakai's Spain (they're running the place) and lets just say, we think he was speaking in Spanish.

Bunji Board* has finally hit. Phew, I can stop holding my breath.
*"A modular system designed to allow you to change the configuration of the equipment, depending on the type of skating you'll be doing and enhance your time spent on the board."

Here are three very good art books.

The next time you roll your ankle and vow to quit skating, just remember that this girl is tougher than you and shut the F up.

Bob Hope died.

The Lord of the Rings films are very, very popular.

Jesus is pretty popular too.

The snack machine is out of
Maui Onion chips.

The staff of
Hunting magazine sit around at lunch and talk about the staff of Skateboarder magazine.

The new issue of
The Skateboard Mag came out and I have one. Do you?

Greg Carroll's birthday today. Happy birthday, man

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