ENTRY #87, 10:14am

Another good review of
Hot Chocolate, this one over at Slap dot com by Mark Whiteley. Don't bother reading the comment posts below it, though... well, actually, you should. But be warned, it will either cheer you up with its ridiculousness, or severely depress you knowing there are so many illiterate, angry skate rats out there. Makes me glad Crail doesn't have a bulletin board anymore...

If you don't get too bummed out while you're over at the digital Slap, check out
Gino's interview.

Staci G reminded me of this site by skater, photographer, Mark Waters (creator of the infamous 408 zine from Norcal) ... check out, I'm pretty sure they are appoaching their 10th year online and that's really saying something. Lots of good photos.

Tip of the Day:
Keep your face away from the barbeque when you light it.

ENTRY #86, 3:53pm

Miki V.
from 411 stopped by today to tell us he's moving over to work for the Tony Hawk Foundation and to drop off copies of the 2004 calendar (check their links page online — lots of good old school sites). If you haven't heard of the Tony Hawk Foundation and you are currently embroiled in the bureaucratic red tape of getting a public skatepark built... contact them now. Not only does their site have valuable information you can use in your battle for shreddable, non-bust terrain, but the foundation itself gives away grants (i.e., MONEY) to deserving park planners. Pretty cool deal. Good luck Miki.

So, let me get this straight...
Mystery is the name of the Kiss cover band in the movie "Detroit Rock City" (scroll down and read the fan reviews of the review. Wow)." If you happen to rent the film, look real close, Mystery has a t-shirt logo that looks suspiciously like the Mystery logo that is now rocking skateboarding. Just something Sam told me — go on about your business.

A good review of
Hot Chocolate over at Thrasher. Check it here.

Coupla web time-wasters for you:
Smack Pingu
Calvin pissing
Soft Citizen

Tip of the day:
Do not drive your car into a lake.

ENTRY #85, 9:15am

Ever woke up with a tweaked neck, barely able to move your head? No? Lucky bastard.

I like that big fat guy in that Big Fat Annoying Fiancé show. He's funny.

Someone stole all the good mags out of the "library." Come on... bring them back, you thief! I wasn't done reading about all the hot new things to buy and wear.

Someone ran into my van last night as it sat parked on my street. As if it didn't look enough like a stalker van before the huge bash...

"Dude, are those a brand new air of
Koston 6s that aren't even out yet sitting in your office?" Yes.

Anyone out there have any Advil® they can send me?

ENTRY #84, 8:27am

First thing this morning I get this link from Lewman: what!?

Rickoo is sitting down for a couple days in Lakai, Spain. Ankle roll. And apparently MJ is on fire and already filmed a complete part. Now if Ty would just send over a couple clips...

Apparently, we have a budding actor in our midst at
Girl. He's in this movie, "Knife!" and if you can name him, I'll give you a bag of stickers (Girl employees not allowed to enter the contest, of course). Hey, does that say free Red Stripe?

I'll have a review of the flick for you soon.

I'm learning all kinds of new stuff about cutting edge music in the bathroom since Sam dropped the new
Fader in the magazine rack. It appears no one likes the new Liars record, "They Were Wrong, So We Drowned." Hmm. And. that there is a band called the Unicorns from Canada... Bob, you know about that? I feel cooler already!


ENTRY #83, 10:30am

Bills paid late. Damn.

Snackmaster Smyth put a magazine rack in the bathroom. THANK YOU. I guess he'd had it with Transworld Snowbiz... now we are graced with all sorts of modern pop culture!

You guys ever drink coffee in the late evening then wake up at 3am with all kinds of great ideas, thinking you are a genius, until you really wake up at 8am and realize they were all stupid? Me neither.

F Starbucks.

In world news; still lots of art shows all over the damn place. I guess it never ends now. Perpetual cool art.

Koston was in here yesterday. Yup.

An original
Björk song in Hot Chocolate?

The Skateboard Mag's premiere issue goes to the press in a few days...

Link for today:

ENTRY #82, 9:38am

Maybe I'll have more time to write the Sings, seeing as I rolled my ankle trying to teach a 7 year-old slappies. It's OK, though, I hit a few good ones before I went down.

Got an email press release from Apparently, they have reached the 600th documented skatepark on their site. Can you believe that? If you grew up skating in the late '80s, this is a tough one to fathom. Wow.

Speaking of skateparks, I was in Palmdale, California over the weekend and visited their local cement shred zone only to be turned away. Not by the 8 foot prison-style black steel fence that surrounds it (it is indeed a "public" park... supposedly), nor the need for all pads (I have those), but an ID card (my drivers' license did not count) which could only be issued from an office that was — of course — closed over the weekends. "We're so sorry, sir..." So what did we do? We skated around the parking lot with about 10 groms who were also denied. Meanwhile, there was ONE kid inside with a brand new Big 5 skateboard. Wow. Gotta love it. Resting peacefully undisturbed 20 feet from the park was an open b-ball court, 3 baseball fields and what looked to be a super-expensive playground for toddlers — none of them fenced or requiring a special ID. Guess we need to stop whining and hit up one of the other 599 parks...

Happiness #15 is a Quicktime. It's modem killer, but it'll make you grin.

Another email press release came today from Thrasher alumnus,
Bryce Kanights. Skate Daily. Sounds good.

Skatercross deal is going down later this month in Fresno, party capitol of California. More skaters in MX — what is the common factor here? Go there to find out. If you want details, email me @ CFS.

Not too sure if we've plugged these guys before. If not, it's long overdue...

I suppose you want to read something about the stars of skateboarding? Well, I don't have anything today, haven't seen them around.

ENTRY #81, 8:55am

Just got back from a nice drive in a silver Escalaide that's apparently on loan to all the Crail folks. Nice ride. It's good to work at the Crail.

This is a worthy entity...
The Tony Hawk Foundation.

Billion Dollar Brains. Lew breaks out the Youdeas®.

Another worthy entity...
Lee Walton.

Couple things for you today:



ENTRY #80, 9:28am

Did you know there's a drink just for skateboarders? Yup. Skaterade. You drink it after you get all tired and sweaty from rubbing wax on your favorite ledge. Check their site to see the cool artwork Lance Mountain did for the can — you can actually vote for the one you like best.

What's this I hear about
Bob K actually getting hit by a sidewalk and not Friendly Eti? Hmm. Must be the concussion talking.

Happiness #14.

Visits for the day:
Concrete Disciples
Team Pain

ENTRY #79, 11:30am

You know what I did yesterday? Not that you care, but we loaded into my truck and drove around looking for skate spots. And we found a pretty cool one... the parking lot of an old pool we used to skate in the winters. Fresh smooth asphalt. A lower than normal manual pad (for the Ollie impaired such as myself), painted curbs and big fat speed bumps. Go find some new spots, it was fun.

I've been trying to get in contact with
Chuck Treece since I read that interview last week. Any insiders out there know how to reach him?

Lakai boys just took off for Spain this weekend. They left me here again. Fuckers. I guess I'll just have to read Bird's journal. Somehow I'm guessing Spike or maybe Owen Wilson will show up for a day or two, then go back to their lives. Me? I'll be right here.

Happiness #13 from the L Dog.

ENTRY #78, 10:08am

Happiness #12 is actually a link to a Chuck Treece interview. Remember Chuck? One cool dude from the way back who's still moving ahead with a good attitude... thanks for reminding me, Larson. And thanks Chuck, for all the good stuff.

ENTRY #77, 2:19pm

I guess I didn't need to post a 2nd time yesterday... must've had something better to do.

Hey, there's a skateboarding book coming out. It's called
LIFE AND LIMB, Skateboarders Write From the Deep End. Stories. About skating, I'm imagining. May '04. Maybe we'll sell in the Crail store?

Happiness #11

ENTRY #76, 9:28am

Remember yesterday when I mentioned that NBC was here to do a story on Yeah Right? Of course you do. Well, I watched it. Here's a quote from the anchor after the bit ran; "Wow, can you believe the size of those skateboarding things?"

Oh, and remember how I mentioned the
Hot Chocolate movie was insane? Of course you do. It's playing this Saturday night at Active Ride Shop in San Dimas. Here's the flyer. Worth a road trip to check this baby out. I'm serious.

More later today. I think.

ENTRY #75, 10:56am

Saw Hot Chocolate. Wow. This shit is going to make some waves...

NBC has a crew here at Girl today... something to do with Yeah Right. Look forward to more shinanigans.

Happiness #10.

ENTRY #74, 9:45am

Welcome to the mainstream:
Ms. Peralta. (Hollywood Bitchslap)
Flip and kick tricks (LA Weekley)

Chris Clark from Tacoma, WA is Fourstar For Life.

Ty contest at Tough one, for sure. While you're over there pay homage to Blender.

Happiness #9.

ENTRY #73, 11:05am

Here's a quote for you from the new Transworld Skatebiz mag:

"It [Girl Skateboards] just wasn't a good environment for a person who really wants to be creative."

The uncreative art drones over here at Girl have completed the lackluster new Wallride (#7), Fourstar and Ruby catalogs. Check your shop for copies... or have them call Girl to get them. Wallride may show up in the Crail store soon. Ask Clive about it.

The Hot Chocolate DVD is in the last phase of production. Final edits and music, box art, poster — all that stuff — is winding up. Look for it in February? Clive says the countdown, over there to the left in that scrolly window, is now correct.

I dreamed I could do perfect backside tailslides last night. On anything at any speed. Gotta love dreams.

Thanks to the phantom who switched out the mags in the bathroom. Now my legs tingle, you bastard.

Happiness #8.

ENTRY #72, 3:48pm

The Open House went off pretty well last week... better than a certain tradeshow, from what I've heard. I'm not judging, just saying.

We have two bathrooms at our disposal (probably a bad word choice there) here at Tha Tap. Something strange about them, though. One, the plain one, always has a steady rotation of skate mags with an occasional Street Rod or Source thrown in. The other, however — we'll call it "the fancy one" — has had the same two magazines in it for 6 months. One TWS and one Thrasher. That's it. I've read the shit out of them (again, a bad word choice) and have tried to throw them away, but they always return. I figured the Open House would be a prime time for them to disappear, seeing as there were numerous people in there that day and that mags disappeared from my office... but NO, they're still there. I know, I just sat there.

Just something that's been bugging me, that's all.

New site for today and maybe tomorrow...

ENTRY #71, 3:30pm

Well hidey ho! Someone done woke me from my slumber and asked me to write about trucks. I don't know anything about trucks. I've only ever used two brands... the first because I got them for free from my friend that worked there. Can you guess which company had a truck synonymous with broken base plates? Hint; not Royal.

Larry Flynnt never really cared about skateboarding. Porn has always been his passion. Big Brother mag is gone. RIP. The 2nd mag death in a year.

This is some funny shit sent to be by an honest to goodness Crail reader. Yeah Right!
Rickk, when are you going to do a trick tip on the Barney Rubble grind to fakie?

That article might as well have been on
the Onion with this one...

Girl Art Dumpers,
Rob Abeyta and Tony Larson are featured in the current issue of HOW magazine (Feb '04). In case you are not a graphic artist, it's an art mag full of "trick tips" for those types.

Happiness #7, the first Happiness for 2004, straight from the
Lardog laptop.

Web visits for the next few days:
Adam Neate
The Skatercross IDs
Graffiti Archaeology

Watch for an update the Mail Tap tomorrow...

ENTRY #70, 8:03am

Let's go people... wake up. We've all got resolutions to start implementing. You can wait until at least Valentines day to fuck them up. HAPPY NEW YEAR, FREAKS!

Larson, let's get some Happiness going...

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