ENTRY #69, 7:13am

The eve of the eve. Here's a little Quicktime X-Mas treat for you... CEMENT LOOP, Wow.

Happy end of 2003, skaters. Stay positive and flow like water.

ENTRY #68.5, 4:38pm

WAIT, WAIT... we ARE happy!

ENTRY #68, 2:20pm

I was holding out on the column in hopes of including Happiness #6... but no happiness to be had today.

There are a couple folks walking around here half dead from the flu. I'm keeping my door closed and eating garlic.
Sam, Megan, Greg, go home and sleep.

The art guys are all grumpy and shit. Deadlines seem to do that to them. Lighten up you sissies, at least your not working the streets.

Get your shopping done yet? Man, I hate that part of this holiday — feeding the machine... what if I don't want to give presents at Christmas, but maybe just randomly on March 3rd, or August 17th?

People would probably think I was an asshole. Wait. People already do! F the holidays.

I'm kidding, people. I will now proceed to spread good cheer...

International Sales Chief, Dave Fiffer is having a birthday on Sunday... I won't be here, so I'll say "Happy Birthday Fiffer" right now and hope he reads it sometime before then. God knows, I don't walk around the office and actually talk to people, or I would tell him in person... wait, wait, did I just mention God? Pretty much means I need to celebrate his birthday too, huh? Happy Birthday, Jesus!

Now get back to work, it's only 3pm.

ENTRY #67, 9:57am

Happiness #5
is nice and tweaked.

There's a really cool little skate/art mag out of Texas called "
Almost Famous" which seems to get better with every issue. Problem is, I have no idea where you can get it and I couldn't find any contact info in the recent issue. If anyone knows, let me know.

ENTRY #66, 9:31am

Happiness #4
brings a tear to my eye.

For today:
Bulldog Skateboards

The Ringer is pissed at me. Check her column later today (just to the left over there) to see just how much. Or, maybe she'll take the high road?

There a DVD out with a profile on the
Girl Skateboard Company. It's from and it's called "LA Creators DVD." There are interviews with Rick Howard, Mike Carroll and the two Andys, Mueller and Jenkins. Unfortunately, it's available in Japan only. Wait, wait, maybe we can get some to sell in the Crailshop?

ENTRY #65, 3:50pm

Damn, I am slacking. This column is starting to be as boring as Ring Ring Ring or the Randoms.

Tee hee.

And to you Ringer stalkers out there, NO I WILL NOT FORWARD YOUR EMAILS. If she wants to hear from you, she'll post her own address. I'm not too sure you'd want her wrath directed at you anyway... or maybe you do, you sick puppies.

Larson brings
Happiness #3. Check that lapper out. Techgnar.

Did I read somewhere that
Zorlac is on the rise again? Better be with Pushead involved behind the pen. I'm probably mistaken as I may be the laziest journalist alive. Speaking of Zorlac, Thrasher printed something real funny about the Godoy Twins once, it went something like this; "Two skaters, one brain." Funny. Then, I think someone at Thrasher got punched... but, again, I could be wrong.

Today's World Wide Web site check;
Gringo Skateboards

ENTRY #64, 10:12am

Payday. I made it another two weeks without getting the boot.

Larson has
Happiness #2 for you.

ENTRY #63, 11:02am

OK, it is now two days later... I will try again.

Tony Larson has started the "Happiness" series again. Let's see how long he can keep it going, I know there are an abundance of grin-inducing images out there. Thanks, Lardog :

Happiness #1

Porous Walker, has a new web project. Check out Maybe Magazine. Crailbro, Bobby K is featured in this issue.

Speaking of Kronbauer, he's managed to become the sole online source for the
Ruby Republic clothing line (until January when the Ruby online store drops). Check out Crownfarmer for a pretty good selection of Ruby items. Only 13 days until Christmas and I know some of you have girlfriends.

If any of you sent me letters in the past week asking to be linked up, send them again. Some jackass erased all my emails when I wasn't looking.

ENTRY #62, 8:59am

I'm just sitting here wondering what to write for this thing. Nothing is coming to me. Absolutely nothing but this paragraph about nothing.

My apologies. I'll try again later.

ENTRY #61, 9:24am

In case you didn't know about the Skatestopper Revolution, check out the guy who started it. Thanks to Skateboardingsucks for the link.

Marty McCloud busts out a rarely seen rainbow boardslide... otherwise known as the gay-slide.

Visits of the day:
Skaters Inc.
Vegan Skate Shoes

ENTRY #60, 11:51am

Monday mornings don't make me feel much like singing.

So who DID get
Thrasher's SOTY? I've been hearing a few different things...

ENTRY #59.5, 2:12pm

ROR of the day : this one came in the shape of a mass emailing. Now I can easily be Bam any time of the year — not just Halloween! While watching Bam's show! Holy shit I LOVE skateboarding! Everyday is halloween!

ENTRY #59, 12:50pm

All you freaks out there sweating about Tito's disappearance, can relax. I just saw him. He's bushy, and has apparently been busy making these...

... and yes, he dropped the Shampoo Lounge a bit early (?). He may be planning another hiatus.

Andy Mueller seen walking Scott's dog, Blue, yesterday. And today he's with Megan's little "dog," Chick. I'm bringing in my cat, Sprinkles, tomorrow.

A look inside Lego HQ from the mysterious Employee X:

Hah. I work for Lego (on a contract basis just for the Christmas season) and know all about every goddamn product. We even had training on it... so imagine my hysteric chuckle when I heard these words during a meeting; "You know, skateboarding is in with the kids right now." I'm not even joking here, he said "in" and "right now."

But did you know that one famous guy from Brazil now has a Lego figure as well?

In one of the magazines that get sent out to the "kids" is a sequence of the plastic-pro (with beard and glasses and all) doing a loop... you can actually cut it out and flick it so it's like a movie [flip-book animation —ed note].

This can only be topped by making Zorlac Lego decks... what are the odds?
—Employee X

Thank you, Mr. X. And regarding those Lego Zorlac boards — do you know something we don't?

ENTRY #58, 10:42am

Gleaned from the Fecal Face. Lego goes skateboarding.

I like that word, "gleaned."

Plugging one of our own;
Jenkins has started up the Diurnal (daily) Drawings again over on Bend. Round Tres in full effect. He wants you all to contribute. One request, though, "No unicorns, please."

Lots of letters asking about
Tito. People are worried.

Skate site of the week:
Platinum Seagulls

ENTRY #57, 9:59am

The other side of Salman Agah over on TWSkateboarding. Read about Skaterade.

I'm looking at all the new board graphics the
Art Dump are working on for the Spring '04 Chocolate and Girl lines. Nice. Too bad you can't see them until January when Wallride #7 drops... maybe I'll post a peek some time soon. I just need to sneak one or two off the preview board...

Friendster is still evil.

I think I might post a contest this week. No unicorns or bling bling, just some good old-fashioned kind of thing.

ENTRY #56, 8:41am

Starting with a clean slate this December 1st. Hope all you American's had good things to be thankful for over this past weekend... and everyone one else too, for that matter. Are there any truly global holidays?

Skated a crappy park in the suburbs of Sacramento. But everyone was having fun... so could it have been that crappy? There was actually a kid skating who did not know the name
Eric Koston. I guess the world is bigger than I thought.

Tits, where are you, man?

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