ENTRY #55.5, 3:16pm

Gotta give a shout to
Snack Master Sam. He dropped the news chips today and the Sweet Maui Onion are SO hot. I mean... they are really good, thanks, Sam.

ENTRY #55, 9:27am

Almost forgot about these guys : Good site, AND they were the first to host Mel Bend's Wrench Pilot comics. Speaking of which, check upcoming Lakai catalogs for the comic's unheralded return.

ENTRY #54.5, 4:00pm

Whoa. What in the name of Crail is happening in that box to the left?

ENTRY #54, 9:21am

Maybe this is older news, but it was new to me. From
Lewman, via Hawk's website:

On Thursday, Nov. 20, (just four days after the end of the 31-city 2003 Boom Boom HuckJam tour) Tony took the worst slam of his life while filming for MTV's new show Wildboyz, a spinoff of Jackass. Wearing a chimpanzee costume, he tried to zip through the full loop at Bob Burnquist's house, but fell from the top of the loop, headfirst. He ended up with a concussion, a lacerated face and a hairline fracture in his pelvic bone. Doctors say he'll recover fully, but he won't be able to skate for four to six weeks, minimum.
This photo was taken the next day. Ouch.

Here's a funny email I got today. It shall remain annonymous for obvious reasons...

"I have reached out to my usual Skateboarding contacts, but I thought you or **** may be able to suggest other sources, especially since I need VINTAGE skateboarding (1970's-80's) and I need a very specific shot (see below). Any suggestions would be great. Feel free to forward this to anyone you think might be able to help. I am keeping the client confidential at this time.
A shot of an alley oop linair (circa 1970's-80's). Am I spelling it correctly? We need to see the EXACT stunt that is described as alley oop linair (shown above). RAMP or SWIMMING POOL, would prefer that it is NOT a formal competition.
Talent: I also need to be able to identify and clear the talent (or let me know if you have a release).
This would be for a worldwide television commercial and I need to see footage AS SOON AS POSSIBLE."

Yeah, I'll get right on that... we really need another worldwide TV commercial of a skateboard stunt rider doing an alley oop linair to sell... whatever it is they are selling. What was it the Minutemen said? "Let the products sell themselves." Yeah, that was it. BTW can any of you name the skater in the clip and the real name of the move?

Todays skate link:
Eina Skate Company, Spain

ENTRY #53.5, 9:17pm


ENTRY #53, 9:17pm

Couple good letters regarding Tits and vaginas. Check 'em.

Another unpaid, independent Tapper,
Captain Smitty, has sent us his fan photos. This time it's Lakai in AZ from a couple weeks back. Come one Smitty, let's work on getting this stuff to the editorial office in a timely manner.

ENTRY #52, 2:21pm

I'm behind today. Stayed up late trying to sync up skating footage to my favorite CDs. Ever tried that? Don't bother, you'll just get tired.

Blair Knutson. No reason, just thought is was a good name. Anyone out there named Blair Knutson?

Finally got our copy of
THUG. Turns out our own Rick Howard was holding a box load of them under his desk. So, I guess we can forget the boycott idea. I'm kinda bummed in a way, that seemed like it would be exciting. Oh well. Review next week.

To the guy who sent me the
voodoo doll of myself... ah, thanks.

Remember the
Crail Forum? If you do, you're an OG.

Places to visit tonight:
Post 22
Skatepark of Tampa

Bed. Goodnight.

ENTRY #51, 9:05am

Things to check out:

Spike's railslide in the new Skateboarder. You heard right. And the rest of the Hot Chocolate Tour article is good too. ... ten new parks added.

Site Design Group
. Do your research before you and your crew build a park. Go here. Also, check the "Skateparks" links on Link Tap.

The Lounge. I'm voting the Shampoo Lounge takes the scrolling window that the Daily Poll is in at this time. Anyone else? Write Clive and let him know what you think.

Andrew Pommier's exhibit at 55DSL.

The clouds. No, not a band, or an art show, just clouds. Damn, does everything have to be marketed, merchandized, iconized, designed, distrbuted and sold? Go out and see nature. Remember nature?

ENTRY #50.5, 2:51pm

Bob Marley finally sent in his Make-A-Wish photos with this note:

"I know the pictures are bad, but I thought I might send them anyways. My retarted friend messed up all the pics of them skating. The only ones that came out good were the ones with me in them."

And THAT, my friends, is journalism, Tapper style.


ENTRY #50, 1:50pm

Happy 50th entry!


I already apologized for Little Hercules in (Entry #48.5). Stop giving me grief about it. Besides, I warned you all by labeling it a "
Realm of the Ridiculous" link, so shut up.

I'm about to say F
Acivision for not adding the Mighty Crailtap to their editorial promo list yet. But I'll wait — I'll give them another week before I call for a boycott on Tony Hawk's Underground. Then, I will only call it off when they send it to me, ahhh, I mean, the Crail Staff (Gamecube, please). Eric? Paul? Can you work with us here...?

No, we are NOT spoiled SOBs. This is strictly job related.

You know how I mentioned
54321 yesterday when we talked about the Skatercross? Well, Skatercross deal with Cab and Agah will be shown on this Wednesday night's show. THEN, get this, the show goes off the air on Friday! DOH!

Have you checked the Mail Tap lately? Some doozies have appeared. Though I have been getting emails lately that DO NOT need to be sent to me. Please be aware, dear Tappers, that there are certain topics you should not write me, Carl F. Sanger, about — they are the areas of some other Crail dweller. Examples:

1) The Lakers of any other basketball team. That is
Ring Ring Ring's business, next door.

2) Soundtracks to any of the
Girl Company videos. Not me... Bob K.

3) The contests that
Clive puts on. I do not know a damn thing about unicorns, nor do I care to.

4) The so-called, "gauntlet." Please refer these to
Rick Raymond.

4) Little Hercules.

On the other hand, complaints, rants, essays, unrequited love and general or specific information on our beloved pastime are ALL welcome. Write here.

Cairo Foster is outside my door with Scooter and his son, I mean, dog, Blue. Lakai shoot anyone? Though MJ and his healing taint are nowhere to be seen...

Link for today:
Stimulus Skateboards

ENTRY #49,5, 2:11pm

Here's a good resource for all you traveling skatepark hounds.
Skatepark Guide Dot Com. Might be a good idea to have a laptop with Airport internet connection on your next couch tour. Times have changed.

Bob Marley brings you this review (?) of the Make-A-Wish skate jam in Houston from this past weekend.

ENTRY #49, 10:04am

I am so sorry about that
Little Hercules link from Friday. The portraits of him with long hair gave me nightmares over the weekend. My sincerest apologies to any of you who had the same reaction.

Clive beat me by THREE damn days on the
Monster Children post. But it is worth mentioning again on this fresh Monday morning, that the new issue of the MC is great. I'm not sure on the details of acquiring it in the good ol' USofA or the grand European Union, but, maybe it says something on their site. Good work on the magazine, mates.

Heard a little tid bit this morning that a
Fourstar video may be in the works. Imagine that... but first, what up with The Chocolate Video? Ty, you alive? Hang in there, buddy.

Make-A-Wish deal in Houston came off great according to Snackmaster Smyth. Paul, Jereme, Justin, Chico and Kenny ripped it up for the Texas Skate Jam charity at Southside Skatepark.

Over the weekend, a group of Nor Cal skaters headed by
Steve Caballero invaded the south with their MX bikes and skateboards on a little thing called the Skater-Cross Tour. It all started at the Perris MX track on Friday where the boys were met buy a group A level MX pros for some roosting (for those in the know, Mike LaRocco, Nick Wey, Sebastein Tortelli and Steve Boniface along with the legendary Roger DeCoster). Then it was on to the Vans park to schralp (not too many of the MXers dared to roll in). Other skate noteables amoungst the group of about 20 or so on the tour included Salman Agah, Jason Ellis, Wade Speyer, Ken Block and our own Andy Jenkins, who met the tour on their Starwest stop. Anyhow, watch for some coverage of it on that cheesy show we all love to hate, 54321 (was that Weeman on there?).

That's it.

ENTRY #48.5, 12:33pm

Just one
ROR today. Holy crap.
1) Little Hercules

ENTRY #48, 8:28am

Yeah, I'm up early, so? Does that make me less of a party person?

I'm glad to see
A beat out E in the "Dopest Vowel Poll." Even glad Y has passed E. I'm not a big fan of E. Yay A!

Change the poll already, Clive. Fuckin' A.

I can't recall the cussing policy here at Tha Tap. Guess I'll find out later today.

Is it just me or does this feel like the off season for skateboarding?

Rumor has it
Lettus Bee is making an appearance in the next Lakai catalog... if Mr. Bend gets off his ass. He may be a little intimidated by Tito's Skate Art.

Gino Iannucci interview anyone? Sam? Bob? Clive?

ENTRY #47.5, 3:43am

IJust saw a funny photo of Koston posted on the Slap news. Check it here.

ENTRY #47, 9:53am

If you haven't been reading
Tito's column, you should. I'm thinking of giving my scrolling box up to him. By the way, that poll on whether to keep the Shampoo Lounge or not was a sham! Long live Tit! Can I call you, Tit, Tito?

1) Arnold Schwarzenegger
2) Bubblegum Alley
3) Meatshake

I'm bringing in a contest in the next few days, be alert.

Four of the
Oceanside Five just walked in the door, gotta go.

ENTRY #46, 8:51am

Feeling pretty pessimistic today, better to just keep my keyboard shut. Maybe I'll feel better later today.

ENTRY #45.5, 2:17pm

Pretentious Quote of the Day:

"Consider the travel of a skateboarder down a city street, encountering and interacting with obstacles.
The skate is a dance, unique from person to person. The skater reacts to his or her surroundings and creates spontaneous 'tricks' and movements, much like a jazz musician plays through the tune, inventing transitions, adding bits and riffs of his or her own creation. In a unique subject-object engagement, the skate is a conversation with the architecture and urban space of the city. Skaters borrow architectural elements and landmarks from the space that surrounds them, and appropriate these cultural symbols as non-contextual elements of their composition." — Hannah Haines and John Cox

Go here for the whole article.

ENTRY #45, 11:11am

I know you're dying to know, so here's a brief skim off the top of the
Lakai Arizona trip from Dumpian, and Lakai art director, Andy Mueller. Thanks, Mueller.

Marc Johnson sacked a ledge and had to get 5 stiches to his asshole. Literally tore his poopshoot open, has to wear a maxipad for a while. Lots of blood. Bird has some crazy photos of it. Insane. (ed's note: more details of this nasty situation over at Tito's Lounge)

:::: I got kinda drunk with
Carroll and Ty last night and learned how to play dominoes. Carroll won every time.

Spike showed up on Saturday. Lots of smoke bombs went off in van. Police officers are nice when you switch the subject from getting in trouble for skating to asking them were a good local restaurant is.

:::: Nascar and BMX are more popular than skateboarding in Az.

:::: It was fun.

ENTRY #44, 9:25am

The days are just ticking away. We're all getting older, you know — every last one of us. If this worries you, turn off your computer and go outside. NOW.

In my stream-of-conscious "what people I know are doing right now" from last Friday, I was incorrect in my assumption about Girl matriarch and mastermind of Ruby,
Megan Baltimore... it seems she was actually doing something fun — she went and got 4th place in a running race! And I think maybe Spike was in Az with Lakai. Speaking of Lakai, are they going to give Baltimore a running shoe? I should know that, huh? Man, I'm a shit journalist. I gotta get out of this office more often. Or at least talk on the phone.

Nah. Just go to the
Lakai site, Bird keeps the day-to-day news going.

Who went to art shows this weekend? Seems there was an ass-load of them.
Bob K? Give us the skinny.

Here's a really nice site from
Medium Studios, devoted to images from the skate show From The Ground Up. I'm no critic but this stuff looks good and the presentation is top-knotch. No more crammed into a closet and hung salon style thing here. For real. Props to whomever put this thing together... only next time get some Dumpians in there.

ENTRY #43.5, 9:57am

Oceanside 5er,
Grant Brittain, is showing photos at the Volcom Store starting next week. Remember this shot of Mike Smith?

ENTRY #43, 9:00am

Somebody tell
Jeff Lenoce and his crew to pick up their garbage in the Girl parking lot. Oh, and just so they know, we do have a bathroom inside the building...

Bob K. is on the road to SF again — this time for art, not fashion. Mueller is in Arizona with a few Lakai dudes, including Howard, Carroll, MJ, Garcia and the Beebs. Dumpian, Jenkins, is in Victorville racing MX and missing, not one, but two art openings. Spike is in LA chillin'. Megan probably has another wedding shower to go to. Koston is at home admiring his artwork. Sam should be loading up the vending machine. Carnahan is saving up for a new dirt bike so Eric can have his old one. Brad Staba's first run of Ruby boards has sold out. Girl is considering the release of a soap bar that doubles as curb wax (patent pending). Shea still has his old pop (as in "his shit has POP") in the skatepark. Abeyta subtly dropped the news that he has an art show in Italy next April. Gino Iannucci has finished his exclusive interview with Tha Tap and Chocolate has a hot new prospect in the wings... and millions of you are still skating and not reading this crap. Good job.

ENTRY #42.5, 11:16am

Three more
RORs for you today...
1) How cute!
2) Naked.
3) More naked.

ENTRY #42, 9:39am

I'm starting a new feature.
REALM OF THE RIDICULOUS, or, ROR. Here's the first one, (gleamed from

Skaters Face Charges for Rule Violations

Activision, I still haven't gotten my review copy of THUG yet... Whudup, dogs? Eric, Paul? Anyone? You're leaving me hangin' here.

Art Dumpers (Dumpians, as coined by Mr. Larson) are in a show up in SF this Saturday night. Check them out on the Low Gallery site brought to you by our friends at Fecal Face. If you like beer, keep in mind these guys are sponsored by a beer company (Miller?). You know what that means...

Speaking of art,
Walled City will be open tomorrow night for San Pedro's First Thursday. Another good chance to see the Pedrosideways show and buy a poster, or t-shirt, or, hell, an original piece of SKART! All proceeds go to the San Pedro Skatepark Association, aka, the Dudes Under the Bridge.

ENTRY #41, 9:37am

Here's a note from our own Bob K. on Paul's Nike deal:

"I think if
Nike is signing a five year contract with Paul Rodriguez, that in itself might be doing something for skateboarding. The fact that they think there's 5 years of marketable juice in Paul might make all the other major company grabbers-on (ie: money kooks) not so eager to bail like they've been known to do when skating "crashes" or whatever. I don't know. It almost seems reassuring in a way. Reese Forbes was in an ad with Lance Armstrong on TV not long ago. If Paul was in a Nike ad on TV, I think that would probably be good for "us." But the whole corporate buy-in argument is obviously larger than that. I try not to think too much about it." —Bob

Good points, Bob. Thanks for the input.

Steve Caballero had a picture in RacerX magazine this month. Appears he races pit bikes (and full-size bikes) on motocross tracks. And he's good at it too. Speaking of skate MX crossover, check the Girl McCrank board for sale in this photo (scroll down a bit) of Mike Metzger's new shop that opens this weekend in Perris, California. Thanks for the support, Metz.

ENTRY #40, 11:11am

I, for one, I'm glad Halloween is over.

Fourstar Clothing website has been updated with the current Fall 2003 catalog of items. You should be able to get this stuff from your dealer. If not, bug them to order it, or just take things into your own hands and go online to any of the digital stores listed on the Fourstar site. Gracias.

What's the story with
Outkast? Really, I want to know... is Andre 3000 for real? Also, I found out you do NOT have to shake a Polaroid to get them to develop — urban myth.

You know why you continue to skateboard when you really stick a trick. I did that yesterday. Felt good.

Paul Rodriguez has been added to the lineup. Check it. Also, is it already common knowledge that PR has a shoe coming out with — oh my — Nike? What will Nike, in turn, do for skateboarding?

This board art show happened earlier this summer in Brooklyn, but you can now check out all the art on their website.
Heroes & Villains. I think some of the boards are still for sale you can contact the artists themselves...

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