ENTRY #843, 2:44pm

Tony... no, no. Say it ain't so, Tony!

Girl alumnus, Michael Blabac has a beautiful new book of his photographic work out; "Blabac Photo, 20 Years of Definitive Skateboarding." There's a nice Girl, Chocolate section in there. Really good stuff, Mike, really good.

Could Rickoo be next to go the way of the cafe?

ENTRY #842, 4:05pm

Sometimes I start a post and I don't have anything to write about. Like today...

ENTRY #841, 11:34pm

New Jenkins, McFet, Pendleton and Leon tees over at Threadless. The "Select" collection.

Saw this link over at Skate Daily a few days back. Cool scroll... Skate Curiosidade.

Wondering what Art Dump alum, Johannes Gamble is up to lately? Stepping up his directing/FX antics to the next level, that's what. Armchair Racer.

Kanights gives away a couple skate photog secrets on Vimeo.

Digging Jeff King's Flatbar Bike.


ENTRY #840, 1:31pm


Vanloadah. Summer Tour, 1996.

ENTRY #839, 4:09pm


Young and... not so cosmopolitan. Cheeks and Carroll.

ENTRY #838, 12:39pm


Young, cosmopolitan, Koston.

ENTRY #837, 10:07am


Young, pimpled, Gav.

Greg Gutfeld

ENTRY #836, 3:09pm


Jean-Michell and Coach Larry. Way ahead of their time.

ENTRY #835, 3:10pm

Buncha skateboarding film related links;

Being Ed Templeton

Nick Jenson on The Scrum Tilly Lush

Zeke and Luther

The Skateboard Film Festival

ENTRY #834, 2:43pm

Click on the t-shirt below to see what the label says.

Congratulations, Eric! Maybe you'll get to work with another alum, Michael Leon? Hope so, I'd love to see what you guys come up with... and hey, convince the Nike suits to buy a cloud on Crailtap when your shoe hits.

ENTRY #833, 12:06pm

I've gone and done it. Seriously, I'm completely fascinated... and a little disgusted with myself at the same time.

Please Fuel, MTV, Spike TV, bring us a follow-him-around "reality" show.

Damn I feel dirty.

ENTRY #832, 4:30pm

Oh, Jereme... please seek outside counsil.

ENTRY #831, 5:01pm

Hey Ringaling, I didn't want to go to London anyway.

So there...

ENTRY #830, 1:59pm

Well, The Mez, monthly, weekly or daily shouldn't be a problem. For hourly, see my Twitterings.

And another thing, the name's Carl Sanger, the column itself is Sanger Sings. Anyway, I'm thinking of changing the name of this thing... which one do you like?

[ ] Sanger Says

[ ] Super Sanger

[ ] Carl's Sanger

[ ] Cody

Hey Spike, I won't be coming to London either... I wasn't invited.

ENTRY #829, 9:13am


ENTRY #828, 3:07pm

Hey Ringer, forgive my ignorance, but what in the hell are those tattoo's under his arms? Flames? I guess it's cool he's so comfortable with his pits.

ENTRY #827, 2:45pm

Finally... I can stop bringing a piss bottle to the theatre. RunPee.com

ENTRY #827, 4:14pm

Clint Walker is the Roger of the Month... and Roger's pawning the boy off to a "real" skateboard company. Genius marketing, Roger.

Ringer, careful what you wish for. I heard Sam say something about moving the vending machine upstairs — right over your office.

ENTRY #826, 10:47am

Though he has yet to plug us (meaning Crailtap, of course, not just me, Carl F. Sanger — though it certainly wouldn't hurt my feelings if he did mention me) as a small influence, Spike's new scroll is pretty cool. We Love You So. We love you too, Jonzey.

ENTRY #825, 12:41pm

So The Mez tells me if I don't help him post on Twitter, he's going to start cutting all my boards in half. I gave in, but I did ask Hersh to give me this special link logo. Thanks, Hersh.

I think he did it as a sort of homage — he knows that's the only place I read.

ENTRY #824, 10:33am

Listen up. We've all had an occasion or two to wince while watching an average pedestrian (or maybe not so average one) step on a skateboard. Get a video camera out and a YouTube account, because it's doom waiting to happen.

With that said, you really aren't going to see any "laymen" using a skateboard to get to work with, am I right? If you see a guy gliding to work on a board, it's a pretty sure bet he's a skater, meaning; he probably understands this next paragraph perfectly and would never commit the crime I am about to show you.

The skateboard is a REALLY simple machine. Essentially, it's barely changed in half a century. It doesn't need to change... it's practically perfect. When you have to, you step off, grab it and walk. Holding it is simple. Strapping it to a pack is basic. It's so practical, really... so WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU WANT TO FOLD ONE IN HALF and make it completely worthless?

And if one fold isn't enough...

Or, hell, why not break it into three pieces...

Design students, tinkerers, weirdos... go back to messing with robots and rockets. Leave the skateboard to us.

ENTRY #823, 2:38pm

Dear Chic,

I think you're cute and all, but I've fallen for Keyboard Cat.


ENTRY #822, 4:16pm


ENTRY #821, 4:16pm

...not too sure...

ENTRY #820, 4:17pm

...about that...

ENTRY #819, 4:17pm


ENTRY #818, 12:51pm

The complex and ubiquitous world of the bro shake. Don't let your Bro Shake become a bro mess.

ENTRY #817, 12:37pm

It's coming... can't wait, Spike, congratulations are in order.

ENTRY #816, 2:39pm

Sheffey is back.

ENTRY #815, 2:14pm

BA graces the cover of the brand new The Skateboard Mag, Issue 62. Check the steez on that boy! RAD! 1987!

ENTRY #814, 11:40am

"Why should I use Sk8 Shox...?"


ENTRY #813, 1:17pm

You know what's cool about Guy Mariano? There's no denying his influence and skill — there's plenty of evidence and testimonial to prove it. Patrick O'Dell graces us with the first Mariano episode of Epicly Later'd. So rad.

ENTRY #812, 2:31pm

Sculpture? Functioning sculptural architecture. I want to go to there.

Roger Allen's baseplate prints are rad. Check out some of Mr. Allen's other work here.

Tweaker Zine.

ENTRY #811, 10:37pm

Me too.

Listen to Underground Railroad to Candyland.

ENTRY #810, 2:49pm

OK, OK, RInger, I'll post. Jeez. Your eye balls better?

Blue or brown, sorta round... I'm not making a judgement on this, just presenting it. I wonder if anyone has talked to the ad agency involved?

ENTRY #809, 10:26am

Damn. 14 days. Really? Damn. Thanks for the reminder, Ringer... how are your eyeball hives doing?

You know what's cool about skateboarding? There's no season for it. There is no "skateboard season." You don't have an opening day, a mid-season or closing day. It just IS. Every day of the year, it IS.

Oh shit. Ringer, was I not supposed to mention the eye thing?

ENTRY #808, 10:56am

This isn't new, I know... but it's still funny. I guess if you can get a large corp to help fund something that will give people pleasure... go for it.

We have eight scrolls on Crailtap and 3 of them are rarely updated... that means we are only working at 63% of our capabilities.

OK... that sounds about right.

ENTRY #807, 5:04pm

I can only shake my head when I come across this stuff — file under WTF? From Chooch in Michigan.

ENTRY #806, 3:03pm

I was just told by the in-house fact checker, Mettee, that it is indeed our very own Robbie McKinley who designed and built the Asphalt Anthology site. So I guess, essentially, we DID do it.... or, at least our extended family did.


Check out Robbie's portfolio while you're out there.

ENTRY #805, 2:42pm

I thought this was pretty cool as a quick reference, or, how should I say, librarification of, Girl Film's history... at least the skating parts. Not sure who's behind it — it would be pretty smart if we were, but... maybe The Mez knows. Asphalt Anthology.

Librarification... how you like that Ringer? That's my word.

ENTRY #804, 10:02am

It feels great, Ringer, just great. One of my few remaining life goals fulfilled.

Check out some of the spots in this little teaser from Tapper, Gauvry Stephane in France... apparently, Sqy is the name of the place. I Google Earthed it — it's southwest of Paris and there's a train stop for it. Have fun.

ENTRY #803, 1:54pm

It took until February 2nd for anyone to tell me I was still posting with the date 2008. Does anyone read this shit?

ENTRY #802, 11:11am

This is pretty damn cool...

...just not sure what to think about the name. Thanks for the link, Mike at Kicker Films.

Thanks for all the great responses to entry #800 earlier this week. Lots of thoughtful stuff.

"You can't help but feel terrible once you look at the two side by side, it just shows you how truly unfair life really is. Those lucky kids in the first clip get a rad fountain to skate and ramp tramps to cheer them on... the guy in the second clip just has a car... lucky Afgans." —Gregory Pachell

ENTRY #801, 9:33am

Want to know the best thing about owning a $1,600.00 leather skateboard? Check out the trucks... Natalia Brilli is a damn genius. And Ringer certainly isn't going to be stoked about a little lamb giving it's own hide for this thing. (Thanks for the link, Tapper, Ben Naylor)

ENTRY #800, 9:38am

I'm going to start the week off with a study of contrasts. Let's hear your thoughts.

ENTRY #799, 3:08pm

Team Pain has made my dream come true... just need to get that red one shipped to San Pedro... thanks for the tip, Chris.

ENTRY #798, 11:14am

OK, this is what I want to know; when is someone going to DIY one of these wobbly waffer ledges. How fun would that be?

ENTRY #797, 3:09pm

Choose the caption:
1) They should give away t-shirts with these.
2) Sucks being land locked.
3) Duuuuuuude.
4) This is what Rick and Mike were up to yesterday.

I love Hershel. He's good for at least one link a day. Maybe I should hand over this column...


"Gives a whole new meaning to skating marble." —Tapper, Kevin Kelly, Boulevard Skateshop

ENTRY #797, 9:55am

"Perfectly engineered truck, wheel and glass interplay, the 360 table is a grown up Lazy Susan that celebrates that instance of teenage rebellion. Taking seriously the claim that skating is a lifestyle, this piece accommodates and furnishes that life quite well."

Celebrate that instance for only $1,800. Go ahead. Stick it to The Man.

ENTRY #796, 3:01pm

I'm going to go ahead and say what I'm thinking. When don't I? This is fucking ridiculous. How much further could you go with collabs, co-marketed and "limited editions"? Not too much. The only redeeming thing here is that all the money is going to Free Arts NYC.

This thing/art piece, made by an individual (Loren Kulesus), on the other hand, is pretty amazing...

Come on, argue with me about it.


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