ENTRY #795, 1:26pm

Sam and Diana Smyth come real close to having a Christmas baby. Diana gave birth to Sunny Jack (coolest kid name I've heard in a long time) on December 23rd!

Former Crailtap employee, Bob Kronbauer and his wife Katie had their little bundle too! Arlo! Another great name.

Congratulations to all four parents and their new riders of Earth.

ENTRY #794, 10:59am

OK, so I freaked out a little just before the holidays. So what? Who hasn't curled up into a fetal position and cried for a week? My doctor tells me that, in the new year, I should give the internets one more chance. So I'll see you in 2009.

BTW, a little bird here told me that dude with the brillo-pad hair in post #793 is actually a powerful psychic, who's been visited by — among many other dignitaries — the eldest Carroll brother, Greg. Maybe I need to see the guy.

ENTRY #793, 11:32am

It's been my goal for some time not to let Ringer get double the amount of posts that I have. If I keep up the blistering pace I've been keeping, she'll double me up and bowl me over fairly quickly.

Ringer : 1472
Me : 793 (x 2 is 1586)

Too close. But I'm at a lose... nothing is interesting to me these days. The internets is highly overrated.

So help me. Help me find my lost muse and keep this lowlyest of Crailtap columns going. Please... only you can save Sanger Sings at this point.

ENTRY #792, 3:29pm

Someone secretly started a Crailtap Flickr page without our consent. Only 4 members? Hmm. I say, hit it up. Post away bretheren. Bring down a full Crailtap assault of images.

ENTRY #791, 12:14pm

He's not sponsored, he's not even on the flow team. In fact, he's on the NO team, which means we forcibly take his Lakais from him whenever we see him. Apparently we're moving a little slow on the NO team policy...

Bird's gonna be stoked.

ENTRY #790, 11:28am

This clip is a little hard to watch (and listen to), but hey, the dude has left his namesake imprinted on skateboarding.

Tapper, Thomas Lane, won this morning's trivia contest (see entry #789) by getting me the correct answer at 10:55am. Joey Huges may have come in 2nd at 11:06, but the way he phrased his answer ruled;

"I'm going with a more athletic Tim Gavin."

Correct. A much more athletic Tim Gavin it is — in one of the first Girl ads..

ENTRY #789, 9:23am

Who is this young buck? First one to guess correctly wins! Link to the answer later this afternoon. Go.

ENTRY #788, 11:42am

Hey the Flip boys are on the road and Todd Bratrud is snapping pics and helping create juvenille delinquents. Kidding, he's only snapping pics. Right Todd?

On the subject of snapping pics and skateboarding, check out the interview with OG, J. Grant Brittain.

Wait... Kool Keith and Tom Waits together? Thank NASA (Sam Spiegel and Ze Gonzales) for hooking that one up. More to come.

ENTRY #787, 11:19am

Happy Birthday, Ringer. Crailtap would suffer great pains without your daily dose of stick-it-to-the-man. It might even falter and fail and fall flat on it's face. One of the many reasons we love you... that and your cookies.

ENTRY #786, 1:03pm

Max Schaaf and 4Q Conditioning have teamed with Vans and released this new set of sneaks. The shoes come in low or high, the packaging is awesome and each box even comes with a pair of grips for your ride. Good classic stuff Max.

ENTRY #785, 8:46am

I was just informed that there's a Sick Boys mini-site up now... two trailers/teasers available to watch.

ENTRY #784, 9:28am

I'm not doing anything until the Sick Boys DVD hits. Bring it.

ENTRY #783, 3:05pm

He did it. Change did happen... let's keep it going. Today is a good day.

And congratulations to Kenny Anderson and his wife, Kristin. They just added twins to their family!

This link is for Crankers and Rickoo... or, the Art Dump. May you never run out of board graphic ideas.

ENTRY #782, 3:55pm

And that's it, I'm not saying anymore about any election. May the best train win.

ENTRY #781, 11:12am

Wow, it's a real zoo here today. Cash will be given out at lunch today for the best costume. Watch for photo evidence in Meza's Randoms later. In the meantime, check this Halloween experience from a few years back...

I have no idea what this website is about, but it looks and sounds pretty damn creepy. Turn up your volume.

ENTRY #780, 11:05am

Gotta be questioning Amazon's judgement a little here... Call me crazy, but I think I might be buying my books and mp3s somewhere else.

Wait, sorry, let me get back to hunting down skate links. Can't wait for November 5th...

See you tomorrow.

ENTRY #779, 1:55pm

According to Nebraska local and Skate Mag editor, Kevin Wilkins, the dude with the sick backside boneless on "Go For It!" zine (see yesterday's post) is fellow Nebraskan, Rob Bjorkland. I wonder what Rob's up to these days? Could this be the same Rob they are talking about over at Old Man Army?

Time for some random links. Enjoy your weekend.

Mongo Hands
(even though the 10/24 tattooed head scares the shot out of me)

Salman Agah

Bastard Blues
(guess who?)

ENTRY #778, 2:56pm

I just stumbled up on a nice little '80s zine archive over on Skate & Annoy. Check it. All you old zine-makers, send 'em over, looks like S&A will scan and post the entire thing... in time.

Dump Captian Jenkins Portfolio over on the digital Slap.

ENTRY #777, 11:12am

If you happen to be in San Pedro skating the Channel Street park or 7th Street banks tomorrow afternoon, stick around and head over to Sunken City Skate Shop Afterwards. Ian Mackaye of Minor Threat, Fugazi and Dischord records fame will be there for a special appearance and question/answer session brought to you by Rise and the Fall. Pedro icon, Mike Watt will do the introducitons... get there early.

ENTRY #776, 11:45am

Look man... Crailtap is onto some next level shit here. Snap by Jeff Hamada at Booooom.

Katie Couric didn't give Palin any warning at all with this one... thank you Lords of Apathy for unearthing this gem.

Long time skate artist, Todd Francis, has a nice selection of his work up on the Equal Distribution site. You will, no doubt, recognize more than one of them. Good work, Todd.

ENTRY #775, 10:54am

This guy has shot some of the most iconic skate images of the past 20 years. Check out Grant Brittain's photo site. Looking through his site reminded me to ask, what ever happened to Kien Lieu? Where is he?

Cemporcento Skate from Brazil. I'm pretty sure that translates to "100% skateboarding." Anyway, check the blog for some funny old photos of a couple Girl affiliates.

Whoa... the number of you who clicked "slightly racist" in the Crail Poll is scaring me. What are you guys? McCain/Palin supporters?

ENTRY #774, 10:09am

The Chrome Ball Incident is still rolling along. They just posted a collection of vintage Scott Johnston ads. Scroll down a bit and find the same with Gabriel Rodriguez.

Here's an amazing link Lewman sent over. "Well maybe not next-level amazing, but it is pretty funny and smart." —Lew

Good idea at Podium just up the street from us. maybe we'll ride our bikes up there to schralp the new Skate Facility.

Well, hey... at least Hecox made it in there for Chocolate.

ENTRY #773, 10:42am

Isaac McKay-Randozzi dropped by Crail the other day. I told him his Red Sox hat sucked, but that I liked his Quiet Life/Jenkins co-lab t-shirt. I think we hit it off... here's His Dumb Luck.

Hey, in these tough economic times, it's much easier to decide if you want to license your shit.

ENTRY #772, 10:52am

Here's a shot of Crank over the 1st hump in the Three Pump Dump. Last Friday at the Van's Downtown Showdown. Not a bad photo from Rickk and and his iPhone.

The Butcher, Diego Bucchieri, has a cool site featuring his photography. Check it here.

ENTRY #771, 10:45am

The now famed Channel Street Skatepark is having a fund-raiser show/party in San Pedro with some damn good local bands, on October 17th. Show your support if you enjoy the privilege of skating there. Hell, even if you don't or haven't yet... do it for sake of all independent skateboarding efforts.

Shit, no one asked me to promote the Cloud. I could at least be asked for a mini Top Fives, or asked to be the Guest Frontpage Poster. Damn. I ran your photo and everything, Mez... and do you ever see me in Ring x 3? Didn't think so. This is now, officially, the "Red-headed Stepchild," or maybe the "Leper Colony" of columns of Crail. I'm hurt here, people.

ENTRY #770, 11:21am

I'm voting Republican.

Actually, I want this guy to run on the new technology ticket... with Sarah Palin.

ENTRY #769, 12:11pm

In case you didn't know yet... got this spy photo of Mr. Howard from last Sunday. Click on it for the full story. Thanks, Brayden.

ENTRY #768, 10:16am

This is the type of milestone I'd like to see more of. The new Heber City skatepark in Utah is the 300th skatepark helped by the THF! Thank you Tony Hawk Foundation.

ENTRY #767, 2:45pm

I love getting photos like these because it reminds me what skating is for a large percentage of us. Admit it, only 1% of skaters make to a level where they hit giant gaps, tall rails, roofs, Mega Ramps, can aim their board from great distances and get paid to do so. The rest of us watch in awe and happily toil in obscurity. This is the Mez putting it down for the Every Man on the Beauty and the Beast Tour.

BTW, that vid should be out soon, right? Mez?


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