ENTRY #766, 9:27am

This culture we reside in — one which spreads like fungus day by day — is painful to watch at times. Lots of self-congratulatory, mutual admiring and generally narcissistic humans who now have the internet at their disposal.

I'm not above it myself. I'm not claiming any superiority — I'm drowning in it too. It gets pretty gross at times, the way people act, react and respond in the relatively few hours we have in this place — on this place.

This morning I did my web browsing for news and a piece of the silliness or two I could post, when I ran across an announcement of Johnny Romano's passing. I saw the picture of this little kid there, and the news that he had died in the hospital yesterday and I couldn't hold back the tears. It's not fair. It's not fair how he was treated by this life and how it ended for him. An innocent.

I'm not a religious person, I don't go to church, I don't have a "God." My beliefs are scattered throughout a handful of ideologies and my notions of spirituality are pliable — I don't see definitives and I think they only lead to negative energy, which breeds violence and hatred... the root that feeds it being narcissism itself.

Take some time today and turn off your car, television, radio, Blackberry, iPhone, blog, YouTube, Facebook computer and think of someone besides yourself. Do something nice for them. It can be simple. Then don't forget to do this every day... don't let it be a single act — make it part of your routine.

RIP Johnny and Van and all the others who have passed and been forgotten about. I pledge to do my best to honor your memories by being a better person.

ENTRY #765, 8:35am

Wait... what?

ENTRY #764, 10:58am

What the fuck is going on in Salt Lake City? Take some time to help the brothers in SLC out... no need for "Regulation 21" to spread from there. Thanks for the link, BK.

ENTRY #763, 11:27am

My new favorite website;

Best site name ever.

ENTRY #762, 4:25pm

Aw man... I farted in my office just before the payroll lady came in to drop off my paycheck. PLEASE don't deduct that from my next one.

Can't believe my timing.

ENTRY #761, 1:25pm

Here's the "Wh-wh-whaaaaaat?" link of the week.

Wow. No time for The Mez AND Ringer last Friday. Guess I won.

Wait... Jeremy did update the Crailshop with the Girl/Chocolate DVD boxset.

ENTRY #760, 11:38am

On the parody tip, I got this link from Bird... it's not really a parody, it's more of a, ah, borrowy. Something about the fixy bike scene makes me nervous. Maybe it's that guys cut-off jeans...


Getting a little more serious, just wanted to let you know Geoff and Yong-Ki are doing some pretty cool stuff over at Solitary Arts.

ENTRY #759, 9:12am

I don't understand French (I do, however, dig Cliché) but this parody is awesome. It's called T'as Craqué and I guess it's part of some video contest? Again, I don't speak or read French.

ENTRY #758, 8:52am

Boards, Beards, Balls and Blue Suits. Wow. Thanks for the link, Lew.

ENTRY #757, 8:20am

ENTRY #756, 9:13am

Nice Mall Grab Chris Brown.

ENTRY #755, 9:29am

Got this heads up from Skatedaily; Sarah Palin, John McCain's running mate (potential VP of the USA... think about that) is not down with skateboarding.

Palin Supported Penalties for Using Skateboards on Public or Private Property in Wasilla (Alaska). “Beginning Oct. 15 — after the expected opening of the $233,000 Wasilla Skate Park — skaters will be breaking the law if they use their skateboards, in-line skates, bicycles, scooters (or any other recreational, non-motorized wheeled device) on public or private property where signs are posted forbidding their use.

"...first-time violators of the ordinance is a written warning and the skate device may be confiscated for 10 calendar days. For a second offense, a $50 fine shall be paid and the skate device may be confiscated for 30 calendar days. A third-time offender will have to pay a $100 fine and will lose his or her skate device permanently.”

Thanks for the heads up, BK.

ENTRY #754, 1:22pm

Mez, no fair Mike Mo and the boys getting footy DESTROYING the JUNIOR Executive ramp. It's humiliating. See clip...

ENTRY #753, 9:25am

I've heard tell from a direct source that a certain idiosyncratic Japanese skater named Gou Miyagi doesn't use grip tape on his board. But for some reason I don't think it'll catch on — despite this proof that says otherwise;

ENTRY #752, 9:41am

The future is now. Honestly, I have no idea what's going on here...

The special shoes are what really threw me. Vans? DCs? Heaven forbid — Lakais?

My apologies for the photo that sat at the top of my post all weekend. I've covered it up so as not to offend.

ENTRY #751, 9:30am

"All of the signs were there — white boy rapper, tattoo'd action sports fan, strong desire to follow the latest trend." —quote from flatbiller.com, the guys who proclaimed Riverside, CA as the "Eye of the Bro Hurricane"

Nailed it. I really didn't want to post that photo but it's just too classic. Thanks to Ping for the link.

ENTRY #750, 10:02am

The DVS Skate & Create entry was pretty damn cool and they've put it all online — including video. Check it.

Went to the Van's skatepark in Orange last night. Got a little freaked out by the Brazilian rollerbladers. Strange gypsy vagabonds with colorful bandanas dancing around to a completely different drummer.

Dude... 10 People with Unbelievable Medical Conditions.

Dude... Part 2; "Be a Music Faun Yourself!"

ENTRY #749, 11:07am

The boys are back from Canada. Rick came into my office and caught me on YouTube. Research, man! When he saw what I was watching he told me to post it...

It's the Far East Skate Network guys, Gou Miyagi and his crew. These guys have such a good vibe — current tech finesse with olden day creative lines and thinking. And some serious flow. Damn if it doesn't make you want to go skate.

ENTRY #748, 9:26am

I lied yesterday. The only traveling I did was too the bathroom to take care of my lunch-time carnitas tacos. My apologies.

Hey, you remember that guy P-Rod who used to skate for Girl? I'd see him around here on occasion back then. Well, I saw him again this morning, but it was on the side of a bus endorsing some cellphone company... I'll try to get a picture for tomorrow.

Hmmm, what else? This looks pretty good.

ENTRY #747, 2:32pm

Also having a travel day. Sorry.

ENTRY #746, 3:26pm

All of skateboarding's ugly beauty is shown in great detail at 120 frames per second. Nice.

Five things I think are going to be popular starting next week...

1) Michael Sieben's Thrasher tattoos. Really.
2) Books on swimming
3) Speedos
4) Teeth color-izing
5) The Internets

Sorry. That's the last time I try a "5s".

This was curious...

ENTRY #745, 11:27am

ENTRY #744, 2:22pm

Gou Miyagi has a new fan here in Torrance. He puts the fun back in... I was thinking he would've had some crazy lines at Sadlands back in the day. Kind of reminds me of a modern day Blender (with all due respect, of course). Watch the last video on the Skate and Annoy link for a peek at Sadlands.

Thanks for the heads up, Hershy.

ENTRY #743, 9:57am

New wall on La Brea...

Hershel photography, animation and sunburnt calves.

ENTRY #742, 9:52am

To the woman in the puke green bug with tinted windows who ran me aside in the parking lot of the Brown Grind this morning; I give you the virtual finger. Take that.

Praise the souls of all past and present skateboarders that skateboarding is not in the Beijing games. You hear how much money they put into this thing? You know how fucked the majority of the population is over there?

In other semit-related news... read someone elses website. I got nothing for you, man.

ENTRY #741, 11:43am

Michael Sieben's imaginings come to life... love that long-armed dude.

ENTRY #740, 1:22pm

What are you doing still sitting around? Get to work.

ENTRY #739, 10:42am

We are not alone on the interweb. Roger is finally here. Welcome Roger.

ENTRY #738, 3:28pm

You know, just yesterday I was wondering if there was an easier way to break my shins and split my skull...

ENTRY #737, 10:47am

Tommy G has an entire issue of Arkitip dedicated to him... along with a 7" record, "How is Your War Doing?" Need to get my hands on this one. Congrats, Tommy.

Also want to mention the Don Pendleton documentary again... got a copy of it (thanks, Bob) and it's well worth searching out.

ENTRY #736, 12:21pm

Skateboarding chips? Shit, why not? Rumor is that X-Grindz is looking to buy our Cloud (see above) for a month or two. Bring it X-Grindz... just send a few sample boxes over first.

Hey Smyth, where are you on this one? Thanks for link Hersh.

ENTRY #735, 11:16am

"I want to give them more reasons not to like me." I guess he's Happy Selling Out.

That's 3 or 4 mentions in "Sanger Sings" in the last couple weeks... I may be bordering on obsession. If so, my apologies. Anyone know a therapist?

ENTRY #734, 11:33am

Someone up at High Speed must've bribed or otherwise coerced an intern(s) to do a heck of a lot of scanning. The first 12 issues of Thrasher are now in digital form!

Little Giants has released their documentary DVD on artist, Don Pendleton — you've seen his work, no doubt about it. Good stuff.

ENTRY #733, 4:49pm

Papa Olson and a few other heads you might recognize show up in this trailer for a new skate culture doc; "Sk8face."

ENTRY #732, 10:54am

My semi-professional assistant burnt out his laptop and lost the emails for the "locate the Street Pirate wall" deal we started on 6/11. Our apologies. But this one did come in today from Julien... only one month late — but a smart one. Oh, and check the address. Doh!

ENTRY #731, 10:29am

Thought I forgot again? Ha! Some Skate Site Links On Wednesdays (SSSLOW)! None of these sites are going to win any design awards (look who's talking), but you'll find good humor, photos, science and such...


Heyday Skateboarding


The Physics of Skateboarding

ENTRY #730, 9:53am

Wow. This guy is laughing all he way to the bank. Every day. Is it just me, or is he the male version Jessica Simpson?

Do you think he has one of these? Be sure to read the "Warning." And yeah, I know there's a Chocolate sticker up there. BFD.

ENTRY #729, 2:50pm

Some wise words a 12 year-old sage spilled on me years back (when I was 10); Don't go stickin' firecrackers up a cat's ass.

Always thought that was good advice. Happy Birthday A.

ENTRY #728, 7:17am

Received this cryptic email this morning;

"Ya may have heard of ASBOs (Anti Social Bahaviour Orders)
— they love 'em in the UK.
We haven't got 'em in Ireland yet, but they're probably on the way.
Anyway, I reckon they should install these 'ASBO traps' instead." —JohnBoy

Have no idea what you are talking about, JohnBoy, but the gif you sent is amazing... that wall is cement, isn't it?

ENTRY #727, 2:01pm

Another good reason to choose skateboarding...

ENTRY #726, 12:45pm

My assistant has spent the morning sorting through all the emails from yesterday's solicitation. Upon reading them, something became evident right away; you all think we're stupid. Sending back the photo we posted yesterday as your own photo, will not work. None of you even bothered to change the name of the jpeg! Who's stupid now?

So, no winners. We're still waiting for a legitimate photo. Get me a shot today and I'll throw in a Crail board with the t-shirt.

Of course I have an assistant. Thought I didn't?

ENTRY #725, 9:12am

First person to email me a pic of this wall, gets a free tee. Where is it? You tell me.

ENTRY #724, 3:31pm

First time link donator, Ryan Ward, writes; "I thought this was just terrible and you might find it useful to make fun of."

You did the right thing, Ryan. Thank you. Readers... go ahead and turn your speakers way up, then click it.

ENTRY #723, 10:35am

I'm sure you've seen this... someone probably posted it a long time ago, I just haven't been paying attention. Saw it on Good Problem last week.

ENTRY #722, 10:42pm

Damn it all to hell. They've gone and done it. Someone has revealed all the....

Shit, I just realized I blew right past the SSSLOW post this week. My apologies. Someone remind me next Wednesday.

ENTRY #721, 12:36pm

Men's Fitness: "What's your perspective on fitness for skateboarding?"

"I skate a lot with my shirt off, so working out has always been important to me. I almost have as much fun working out as I do skating. And seeing your body change, and seeing yourself get bigger and more toned and cut, makes a big difference in how you feel about yourself."

ENTRY #720, 9:32am

Hey, it's post Some Skate Site Links On Wednesdays (SSSLOW)! Wheeee....

Bob Shirt

Chrome Ball Incident

Frozen in Carbonite

Boil The Ocean

And this Flickr collection of past Girl and Chocolate catalogs.

ENTRY #719, 1:21am

This is really funny to me. Watch it 12 times in a row.

Maybe I'm lame.

ENTRY #718, 10:22am

We're off the a super exciting start this week... Koston's golf commercial.

ENTRY #717, 9:03am

Deathbowl to Dogtown I; The Evolution of Skateboarding in New York. I haven't seen it yet, but I can't wait — if the names Jocko Weyland, Nichols and Charnoski are attached, you know it's gonna be something else... How do I get a copy?

ENTRY #716, 3:58pm

The most inspiring thing I've seen on the interaweb in a loooong time. Cheers to Tommy Carroll and Tony Hawk. And Good Problem for the link.

ENTRY #715, 2:28pm

Skate right, clap hands
Skate left
Shake shoulders, roll hands
Skaters position, lean forward
Skate forward, right, then left...

Man, yesterday's post sucked.

ENTRY #714, 3:32pm

This photo of Rickk was taken just a little bit later in the day. Dude has an allergy. From beauty to beast in just 2 days...

ENTRY #713, 3:22pm

Beans rough cut.

ENTRY #712, 1:19pm

Friend of the 'Tap, Paul Hastings, writes and says he's "...getting closer to the end of the internet." Indeed.

ENTRY #711, 3:44pm

Yesterday the Jesus sandles. Today? Proof he doesn't have them attached to his stunt wood. Praise the Lord. And you to, Porous, for the link.

ENTRY #710, 2:33pm

There is more than one thing wrong with these...

THIS, on the other hand, is perfectly acceptable.

ENTRY #709, 9:03am

Whoa. Trip out.

Just got off the phone with human resources over at N**e... nothing for me yet. They aren't sure what I'm qualified for. Ringer?

ENTRY #708, 8:36am

From The Vaults. I don't want to get all caught up in the previous haircuts of staff members, but man... this coif is impressive.

But I digress. The reason I posted about The Mez was that we spotted him over on "A Visual Sound."

I get requests every day to post links for scrubs skaters that write in with URLs to their genius sites. I rarely post them. Because, well, that's a power I have here. But this one was intriguing; The Marshall Reid Hair Restoration Project.

ENTRY #707, 10:47am

It's been a while since I've posted a crailtap in the CHoF, but this one is Hall of Fame material for certain; Chris Haslam by Brian Caissie, from the most current Skateboarder "Photo Issue."

ENTRY #706, 4:06pm

From The Vaults. You know how haircuts look pretty lame after a few years pass? The Crailtap staffers do.

The photo from yesterday was from Porus Walker. Porus, I didn't know you were a twin!?

ENTRY #705, 12:19pm

ENTRY #704, 5:03pm

From The Vaults. If those other two can have recurring features, so can I. An animation of a Koston Crail on the old Girl halfpipe by Jenkins.

ENTRY #703, 2:40pm

Hey kids, Cab has a blog now...

Caught this link on Good Problem. Inspiring story of photographer, Kevin Connolly, who took these shots from a skateboard; "What Are You Looking At?".

ENTRY #702, 11:15am

What do Orange County, Carl's Jr., World Industries and a couple of billionaires have in common? Why, The World's Greatest Skateboard Competition, of course. The ticket price is only $35 + the convenience charge of $5.55... since when is it convenient to pay $40.55 for a seat at a skateboard contest?

ENTRY #701, 4:57pm

Ooooooh, look at all that Fourstar stuff. I gotta make my way down to the warehouse...

Go check out I've Got Pop. These were the people responsible for the cement shoes a couple years back.

ENTRY #700, 1:38pm

Sales was killing it! Warehouse had a ringer. Art Dump surprised. Check the Randoms later, we just had a great lunch over here.

ENTRY #699, 4:15pm

Good interview with The Mez over at Tackyworld. Get inside Fully Flared.

ENTRY #698, 3:42pm

The Cartoon Laws of Physics. Too bad these don't apply to skating.

Sorry, slow day today.

ENTRY #697, 1:10pm

You can bet they have one of these for skateboarders as well. Go Orange County... keep on top of it.

If you thought crailtap.com had the only online crailtap gallery, think again. Go to Concrete Disciples.

ENTRY #696, 1:36pm

Click the cloud, bro. Just click the cloud...

ENTRY #695, 1:39pm

Skate Study House.

ENTRY #694, 4:20pm

Be sure you check out the live webcast of the Globe/Thrasher "Slaughter at the Opera." Starts tonight. The Yanks on Planks will be there.

ENTRY #693, 3:48pm

You don't see this kind of thing happening in skateboarding.

ENTRY #692, 8:03am

ENTRY #691, 3:51pm

Skatebook.tv is live.

The Cardiel series continues at Epicly Later'd... getting behind Fucktards and the Bro Cam.

ENTRY #690, 9:16am

Skaters on the other side of the law? Indeed... in Daytona Beach, Florida. Got the link from the Know Skateboarding Project.

ENTRY #689, 1:43pm

This clip (wmv/1.9MB) just came in an email from Jordan Mitchell who got it from Brian Pompura. The body copy was simply, "If you haven't seen this before, you're gonna shit." ...holy dog shit.

ENTRY #688, 10:32am

The new Ruby Republic website is up and they want to say Happy Valentines day to you all. If you're reading this, and you have a girl, I'm pretty certain she'll dig Ruby if she doesn't already. If you don't have a girlfriend, maybe Ruby can help you get one. No, not as a dating service — think in terms of gifts. But, if you haven't gotten your Valentine something by now, not even Ruby can help you out. Next time, don't leave the lady hanging, dipshit.

ENTRY #687, 8:40am

Check the Thomas Campbell interviews on Hi Shredability. VBS.TV.

And this trailer for "Woven."

ENTRY #686, 9:32am

Back in the late '80s when skating was comatose, there was an actual underground. Curb tricks were the shit. Everyone played in a band. There were no skateparks. No X-Games. No noses to pop off. No curb wax. Zines were made and distributed through the actual post office. For reals. Check out the show, "There is Xerox on the Insides of Your Eyelids" if you're in San Francisco this month (Needles and Pens Gallery). And watch for it to grow and travel over the year.

Thanks for reminding us, Rich.

ENTRY #685, 9:25am

When I got an email with the subject "Thanks For Posting Up Skate and Annoy," I thought it might be from, well, Skate and Annoy. But no, it was from these guys; Sleestak.

Certain things travel down the World Wide Superhighway like crazed rally cars... fast and out of control. Like O'Dell's Cardiel spots at VBS. So, even though you already know about it, I feel I'd be remiss not to mention O'Dell's Cardiel spots at VBS. John is next level shit... infectious enthusiasm.

ENTRY #684, 9:38am

Free Your Spot.


Love Gods Way. Watch out for those evil gay bands... but feel free to listen to the safe bands.

I always like to remind people to visit Skate and Annoy.

Claire Alleaume

ENTRY #683, 4:33pm


Larson's Blog. Dude's been cruising around Asia for his new employer. Claims to be on an "inspiration" mission. OK, Tony.

ENTRY #682, 11:16am

Oops. Said I'd be back yesterday... I'm getting closer and closer to losing this column to Mo. He's already bumped Carroll off over on Share the Air. The VP has been reduced to an archive. You may have also noticed that Larson was replaced on the Dump blog, by the young Eric Anthony. The kids are all right — it's the veterans who should be in fear.

Well, apparently, this kid's not all right...Seen this trailer yet? Paranoid Park, bitch!

Site of the Week: Scratcher Scratcher

Blog of the Week: Teenage Runaway

Interview of the Week: Patrick O'Dell at Mumble

ENTRY #681, 3:00pm

See you all on January 2nd. My resolution is to post way more often... or give it up to Mike Mo. Did I say that?

Happy New Year everyone!



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