ENTRY #681, 3:00pm

See you all on January 2nd. My resolution is to post way more often... or give it up to Mike Mo. Did I say that?

Happy New Year everyone!

ENTRY #680, 2:16pm

What the... it just keeps getting weirder and weirder.

"90s teenager culture meets the classic French elegance!"

Found a temporary solution to our new paintjob...

ENTRY #679, 8:53am

Crime solved?

"I caught him red-handed tagging and got the photo!!!! I would like to remain anonymous but will take a few copies of Fully Flared. My address is below. I think some of these guys might be linked to this fiasco as well... glad I could help" —Anonymous

MJ... is that you? Marc?! Jeron, Crankers... how could you, man, after all we've been through?

On a different note; here's something I've had funny dreams about. But, honestly, not every dream should become a reality.

Here's another thing that seems like a dream... or a nightmare. $1000 long board anyone? Design Within Reach? That's some kind of misnomer...

ENTRY #678, 12:13pm

I never weigh in on the graffiti as art talk. I mean, if the person making it intends it as art, than it is art. But I draw the line with tagging... especially tagging on a nice clean building that is doing nothing but blending into its surrounding area. Ah, to hell with it, I'm not going to justify my feelings. Some fucker(s) tagged the Girl building on Monday night and I'm pissed. So pissed that Crailtap is offering a substantial reward for the people that did it. I know some of you locals know who it is. Tell us who and we'll take it from there — you take the reward and remain anonymous. ID this;

Click image for details

Email me if you have any info.

ENTRY #677, 8:51am

Fully Fucking Flared. Wow.

ENTRY #676, 9:41pm

Lizard King at Every Man Skateboards. The wallride to reverse pole-jam is pretty damn cool.

ENTRY #675, 8:31pm

Tactical Stuntwood Unit. Steve Nishito may be onto something here.

ENTRY #674, 12:20pm

Yes, that is a schralping brick and cat. And penguin. Kleeman and Mike.

ENTRY #673, 4:23pm

I don't understand one little bit of this "Harvest Blog" thing, but some of the photos are, ah, interesting.

ENTRY #672, 5:00pm

"Breaking down the divide between street, art, commerce and community." Girl Skateboard Co in Creativity Magazine.

ENTRY #671, 2:10pm

Come on, Meza... I know I don't post as often as you or Ringer, but at least give me the coutesy of reading my scroll. I posted that stupid fly glued to the skateboard back in 9/25! A whole two posts ago!

ENTRY #670, 4:41pm

The photo half of the Fabulous Pommier Brothers, Scott, is having a show in Vancouver at The Whip Restaurant & Gallery. Check it out if you're anywhere in the NW.

ENTRY #669, 4:48pm

Forbidden Legos

Survival in the City

Varieties of Unreligious Experience

"I have painful menstruation."

Minor Air

"Skates I'm looking deck you say best boards."

ENTRY #668, 8:39am

All in a day's work, I guess. Ari Marcopolous captures an oddity (or is it?) on video.

That's not safe.

ENTRY #667, 10:53am

What up, OJ?

Updates over at the Royal Skateboard Truck Company Web Thing.

ENTRY #666, 6am


ENTRY #665, 2:45pm

Digging Jason Adam's art. It's on the cover of the new Slap mag (Oct, 07) along with a big article inside.

Word on the information highway is, the new Girl website is almost done.

ENTRY #664, 12:03pm

Go read Michael Burnett's piece on the RVCA Canada Tour in the October issue of Thrasher. He cracks the whole blogger culture on the head. Good one, Burnett.

ENTRY #663, 7:43am

Gav? What's going on here?

ENTRY #662, 10:46am

Tweaker Zine looks pretty good.

Check Andy Howell at Space Junk.

ENTRY #661, 12:35pm

Hmmm... what do you think of this, Bird? Bend?

ENTRY #660, 1:11pm

Do yourself a favor and take the time to download the 80 meg, "We're OK EurOK" quicktime in Featured Feature. The Mez has really outdone himself with this one. Great job, Aaron.



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