ENTRY #659, 1:31pm

No skateboarding on the strand.

ENTRY #658, 8:59am

I'm just going to have to post this without comment. If I didn't I'd have to write a paper...

"Buyer pays $84,000 for skateboarding video"

Here's a detail shot of the piece. Meza, Ty, you guys might just be in the wrong branch of skart videography.

ENTRY #657, 2:11pm

I'm sure you've heard of Chopper (Choppah) Read... right? No? It's time you met him and his new venture.

ENTRY #656, 10:33am

"Just ride the barrel and get PITTED! SO PITTED!"
Dude, is this for real?

Antihero blog... anti blog?

I'm waiting for this one... iPhone 2.0.

ENTRY #655, 3:48pm


ENTRY #654, 1:59pm

Carroll sick? Smyth's eye smashed? Tough Guy MIA? A handicap? HA! The Carrolls win anyway. 10-8 in 9 innings.

ENTRY #653, 11:35am

Another Rattray Epicly Later'd
up at VBS. Stu Graham is amazing.

Chocolate website had been updated. Jesus added. Let's see if we can't get Girl to update soon...

ENTRY #652, 9:42am

John Rattray likes Tom Waits, I like John Rattray. New Epicly Later'd.

ENTRY #651, 8:19am

This Sunday...

The grudge match continues.

Oh, and I got one of these for Rick's office as soon as I saw it. I thought it might get him psyched for these last few weeks of Flare filming.

ENTRY #650, 11:34am

Girl's Art Dump (once called — possibly more appropriately — the Art Dumb by a French magazine) seems to have hit it big in Australia. They guest edited an edition of Monster Children magazine and the free DVD that comes with it... which happens to feature films from Spike, Ty and the Mez, along with pieces on the Dump boys. Girl will be distributing a limited amount of these things in the US, so ask around.

ENTRY #649, 10:26am

Whaaa...? From Dump alumnus, Rob Abeyta.


ENTRY #648, 4:38pm

TNFBC? Come on RInger... it might work if you get some actual readers in there. Excuse me? You want who to join? Me? Oh, come on now... I'm a busy man. Full time work, full time sleep, feeding the cats, eating... OK, I'll do it.

ENTRY #647, 11:11am

These days skateboarding culture is infused into the everyday life of most Americans — and they don't even know it. Pretty cool. Thanks for the link, Bendall.

ENTRY #646, 10:10am

One more thing today... I just found out long-time Art Dumper & Royal artist, Jeremy Carnahan, has a website. Trying to keep it a secret Carnahan? I had to find out on an Art Dump blog by Lardog. Nice work, Carnahan.

ENTRY #645, 9:51am

Koston's looking for you.

Steve Rodriguez was my high school art teacher. Well, not this Steve Rodriguez. While you're over at VBS, check out the new edition of David Choe's Thumbs Up as well.

ENTRY #644, 10:46am

Remember 101? Remember when Gabriel Rodriguez rode for 101? Check it out.

Another fresh O'Conner segment up on Epicly Later'd at VBS. And check Patrick O'Dell's OG Epicly Later'd site when you get some time.

ENTRY #643, 12:08pm

Tim O'Conner is a funny wrecker... "They went in, landed every trick and won the demo!" Epicly Later'd has a new one on VBS.

ENTRY #642, 9:53am

"T-Bird says I'm on TV, T-Bird says on on TV!" Someone slap the kid with the crazy Chocolate cap.

ENTRY #641, 2:15pm

Tomorrow is...

How do you feel about skateboarding in the Olympics?

ENTRY #640, 9:01am

Those Aussies have some strange ideas about skatepark design. Bondi Beach in Sydney.

ENTRY #639, 9:38am

Well, well, well... congratulations, boys!

ENTRY #638, 3:20pm

"The information provided on this website is current as of February 2007. Although it is true to the best of our knowledge, we bear no responsibility for negative effects resulting from the use or misuse of this information." —Skateboard Historian

EurOK is Caught in the Crossfire.

ENTRY #637, 8:45am

More "We're OK, EurOK" video footage over at Tacky World.

ENTRY #636, 12:05pm

While some of the boys cruise around Europe, touring, skating, filming, etc., there are some still stateside holding it down. Check out what Cheeks, Daniel, Roberts and Kenny have been up to... nice little bit of pocket chance for these guys. Great idea for a contest.

ENTRY #635, 3:17pm

Man... we thought we had it bad. Check out these "anti-sit" devices.

ENTRY #634, 10:52am

I've been pretty much addicted to the VBS site lately, especially Patrick O-Dell's "Epicly Later'd." If you haven't been over to VBS yet, do yourself a favor... it's better than TV.

Check out the Nieves website for the new book, "Dog and Well" by photographer, Nick Haymes.

ENTRY #633, 8:18am

Thought we wouldn't?

ENTRY #632, 2:12pm

The thing is, you never know. Things are going along just fine and suddenly you're diagnosed with an illness that flattens you out — physically and monetarily. That's Ray Underhill's current situation. Help a fellow skater out.

ENTRY #631, 1:39pm

Larson's posting up EurOK over on the Art Dump's Share The Air bloggy. Don't forget to check the Pompidou Center, Tony. Seriously.

ENTRY #630, 9:45am

My favorite artist has a re-vamped site — Travis Millard.

Monday night in Paris, Street Machine, Art Dump. Be there. Check out the AD's photo blog for updates.

ENTRY #629, 9:38am

Caught this link over at The Skate Mag. Pretty nice vibe, huh? Daewon is something else. Ruler.

The boys all left for Europe this morning. All quiet on the Torrance front.

ENTRY #628, 10:20am

If you're in Europe this month, get a rail pass and follow Girl & Chocolate team members — or the Art Dump — on the "We're OK, EurOK" tour. The Dump will have two shows on the tour; Paris and Amsterdam.

ENTRY #627, 9:56am

Have you met Weng Weng yet? He's got a razor blade hat, a little gat and a rocket pack.

ENTRY #626, 9:50am

Former Girl employee makes good... check out Pat Wilkins in this MLB ad. The guy was built to act. Too bad he's backing the Dodgers... come on, Pat!

ENTRY #625, 12:22pm

The Land of Plenty is always hard at work spreading the good word of skateboarding — and the wood too. They will have some boards up this weekend during the Brewery Art Walk in downtown LA. Support the cause, it's a good one.

ENTRY #624, 3:51pm

"Skater Dude" from Barneys

Bravo Barney!

ENTRY #623, 8:44am

Couple of pretty interesting things I stumbled upon this morning:

Duplicate Guy's part in Mouse and win $1000.

One of The Side Effects of Urethane is euphoria. Hot damn, these fellas are on to something...

ENTRY #622, 12:35pm

Thanks for the nice run, Skate Fartist. Ladies and gentleman, this is Mark Lewman's last Skate Fart. Thanks buddy. Watch for his occasional future contributions in this and the Randoms columns.

Support the independent skateparks, people! S.P.S.A. See you there.

ENTRY #621, 10:10am

First, Second and Fifth!!

From Porous Walker over the weekend;

"You guys think you are cool skater musicmakin types, you aint shit compared to Woody Lane (mp3)." — love, Porous

Someone needs to put their part to this..."not everyone belongs to an organized skateboard team..."

Nice font size, Mez.

ENTRY #620, 2:00pm

BMX flatland hits China hard. Thanks, Hardie.

ENTRY #619, 11:46am

Larson just posted this over on the Art Dump blog. Looks like a good film. Watch the trailer.

ENTRY #618, 8:39am

I woke up to a nice text message from an old friend this morning. Thanks, old friend... you made my day.

Check the front page today... THE FISHBOWL! Lincoln, Nebraska. I skated there before it was plowed. Unbelievably difficult. I also witnessed the ruler skate there — Wilkins. Thanks for that nice memory, Kev.

ENTRY #617, 3:18pm

Have you seen the subscription ad in the new April Thrasher yet? No? Go look for it. Funny as hell. Thanks for maintaining a great sense of humor, Thrasher.

ENTRY #616, 4:05pm

Remember Ken Block? This is pretty sick.

ENTRY #615, 3:20pm

Again, I'll start with a message to Ringer (for the uninitiated, she does the column that is directly to my left; "Ring, Ring, Ring"). That cast-off from the Desert Twins is actually a gift; a rare Desert Bag Flower. Look at it again... it's beautiful, isn't it?

And I have to second The Mez (see, "Randoms," upper left) on his posting of Mike Nelson's movie/song. Cool as hell.

No piggy-back posts tomorrow, I swear.

ENTRY #614, 12:33pm

Ringer, aren't you suspicious at all? The most recent bidder on the Spike bust is a guy named Russell? Could it be the Russell from Spike's office? How many Russel's can there be? Is Spike trying to win his likeness?

ENTRY #613, 8:24am

That's so fake. You could never do an ollie with suspension (thanks the the link, Cam).

While your over at the Tube, you might as well check out Richard Cheese and Lounge Against the Machine.

ENTRY #612, 10:20am

I didn't want to say anything, because I guess I just didn't believe she would go through with it. Now I'm not so sure, so I gotta speak up... Ringer, you can't give away the bust of Girl's 1/4 founder! That could be concidered sacrilege! I protest!

That thing's a one-of-a-kind life mask! At least get a bronze bust made from it. Or give it to me, I'll mount it on the hood of my car. Damn girl, that's just ill.

Do people still use that word, "ill?"

ENTRY #611, 3:58pm

"Oh my Gawd, he's hauling ass!" Larson sent this link over wih the subject line: "Gigantic Brass Balls... and shocking commentary."

The Monster Children Gallery in Sydney, Australia recently posted photos from the Art Dump show, "Taking Turns," in January.

ENTRY #610, 4:30pm

Dumper Desert Twin Carnahan has posted the digital version of Wallride #13 — it should appear just above the Crailstore column. Thanks Jeremy!

To those of you who've been bugging for hardcopies... be patient.

ENTRY #609, 2:32pm

If you're done checking out the gay bands list (BTW, Elton John is on there twice, you dimwit — does that mean he's twice as gay?) go and have a look at the new Royal site. Carnahan kicked it's ass.

ENTRY #608, 8:57am

Shocking. Can't be real. Can it? This one is awesome:

"Ted Nugent (loincloth)"

ENTRY #607, 11:57am

Ruby has a beautiful new model on the site sporting their newest stuff. If you've got a girlfriend, I highly recommend Ruby if it will help her look like Liesl. Check her, aaaah, I mean Ruby out. Valentines dayis coming up real quick...

This is a park project with some heart put into it. Here's an update on the Uganda Skateboard Union. Brian Lye sent the link and Tom White took the photo below. Keep up the good work, guys.

If you are a dog lover, please check out Eric Anthony's current post at the Art Dump. Maybe one of you can help?

Lots of great entries in the 7XL Dilemma Contest. We'll pick one out by the end of the day tomorrow.

Go and check Skate and Annoy from time to time. And check this great comic right now. Mel Bend would be proud.

ENTRY #606, 1:37pm

The Girl Open House deal went real well yesterday. Instead of traveling to the tradeshows and spending exorbitant amounts of hard-earned cash flow on fees, booths, displays, hotels, gas and other expenses, we had the tradeshow come to us. Genius.

The Girl Park Invitational contest was a success as well, with big ripper, Austin Namba, from United Skateshop taking the overall (thanks for the photo, Wilkins) Part of his prize was a years supply of stuff, including tees and sweatshirts. The problem is, the guy wears size 7XL. No joke — bigger than Biebel's. Any ideas how to accommodate this winner are surely welcome... in fact, we'll send a couple regular sized tees for the dude/chick with the best idea. Email me.

ENTRY #605, 11:09am

I got this flyer in my email today. The event was the 20th. I'm always the last to know. I hope it went well.

ENTRY #604, 1:54pm

Tapper, Ketan Modi sent this one, we'll call it "Arabs Adrift." Watch the whole thing... about 3/4 through it gets GNARLY. Proof that people are stupid in every corner of the planet.

ENTRY #603, 11:12am


Back to Torrance, jackets, beanies and mittens. It's damn cold for Southern California.

Lots of links sent my way in my absence. I shall share a few;

If you are offended by the word "fuck," don't go here.

"Skateboard Sense" at i-mockery.com.

Making a mini ramp with your best bro?

Project Pepsi.

Action Profiles.

Desperately bored in the winter.

The sharetheair photo blog wasn't enough for Smyth...

ENTRY #602, 1:31pm(aus)

Arvedis and I have been working hard. We actually ran into Tony in Bondi last night as well, ask him to tell you about the wallet snatcher with the big breasts.

ENTRY #601, 5:31pm(aus)

Yeah, I stowed away with the Dumpers and made it to Oz. I'll try to post as much as I can, but I found Arvedis and we're off to the pub... check out Share the Air for more detailed stuff — those guys like to waste time blogging.

ENTRY #600, 10:31am

So, on the subject of Daewon's trucks, Shawn Perez has cleared a few things up for us all;

"Yes, he does ride his front truck (his back one is normal) with two metal washers to replace his top bushing. He says it helps it turn better, so if and when you see him, no, his truck is not broken. He just likes them like that."


ENTRY #599, 8:34am

Regular pick-up games have been going down over at Podium. A couple people have told me Rickk has been getting a little physical...

Cliché wins for the first emailed holiday card to Crailtap....

Happy days back at you, our French brethren.

Finally heard from Lewman. He promises a Skate Fart soon. Man, is that 2nd from the bottom left column cursed, or what? Remember that one guy who used to post there... ah, I forgot his name already. Pepe Larue or something...

So, yesterday we're watching the new Toy Machine moving picture at lunch when somehow Daewon's name comes up, and Jeron swears the guy rides one of his trucks (the back?) with washers inserted instead of bushings. We've got to get the lowdown on this information. DAEWON!? HASLAM?! SOMEONE!? Write us.

And finally, for today, Lettus would like to thank Skate Daily for the love yesterday.

ENTRY #598, 9:51am

The last time I heard from Lewman was on Nov 29th when he sent over this "self portrait"...

And the last time he posted Skate Fart, as you can see, was the day before that. Should we be worried? Lew, you didn't go to that awards show, did you?

ENTRY #597, 9:21am

I almost didn't make it to work this morning. Wasn't feeling too good. I can't quite put my finger on how I felt, but then I remembered I watched some of the Arby's Fuel TV Awards last night. Can you get TV poisoning? What the fuck is going on here? Paris Hilton, Dennis Rodman and Dice Clay?! Fake big tittied DJs pretending to spin records? Ugh. Although, I have to admit, Ms. HIlton referring to the Arby's Restaurant chain as a dude named "Arby" was pretty amazing.

I watched a good 10 minutes of the show before I realized I was mouth breathing. What the fuck do you think was going on backstage? Was Dice Clay asking Scheckler how to Ollie? Paris offering illegal narcotics to Travis Pastrana? A gold lamay dressed wake board pro chatting up Rodman? It's just plain wierd, people. A bizarre cultural phenomenon that could only happen in our time. Something to be proud of, eh?

I'm going to go out on a limb and say it would probably be a good thing for skaters to avoid these "X" (or whatever marketers are calling it thesedays) awards dealios. Or, maybe I should be the one avoided them.

ENTRY #597, 4:45pm

"All Day All Night" is pretty much the perfect name for an Andy Mueller exhibition. The dude never stops.

ENTRY #596, 9:04am

I think this site is German, but it may be Danish. Either way (no disrespect intended to either nationality), check out the sub menu... Kites? Snow kites?

Christian Hosoi & Mark Gonzales art collaborative thing. Gonz weighs a bit more than 135, I guarantee it. 150, maybe 155, is more like it.

A recent email from Tapper, Simón Flores;

"Straight out the slums of Perú, 18 year-old Daniel Suarez. This is not so much a sponsor me part, but more like an existential scream."

ENTRY #595, 4:05pm

That's right, Ringer.

Have a good weekend blitchy blotches.

ENTRY #594, 10:54am

About 9 Tappers sent me this link to the Apple site this morning. Rumor has it Bird was somehow involved in the marketing aspect...

People skateboarding in Southern Europe.

Updates from the Ugandan skate project.

DVS has posted Chico's entire "sponsor me" video.

ENTRY #593, 1:52pm

Happy Birthday, Ringer! Make a good wish.

ENTRY #592, 9:37am

Blog happy. ALL the dudes over at The Skate Mag have 'em. I notice Carnie hasn't posted yet — what's up with that Dave?

Any time you take the word "skate" and mix it with another word, you're asking for trouble...

Meet Skurtinure — made "with quality ingredients, and finished with care." I don't think you'll find any Skurniture in Steve's Weird House.

ENTRY #591, 9:22am

In case you forgot, Tappers, Koston and Smyth both have daily photo blogs over at Share The Air, the Panasonic dealio. They're good too. Inside shit, you know. Well, now the Panapeople have gone and recruited the Girl Art Dump as well.... check out the Art Dump posts on Share The Air from Larson, Jenkins and Mueller. How many different daily blogs can each of these fellas do? I guess you'll need to click in and see. I'm pretty curious myself.

ENTRY #590, 9:21am

Story Time with Flavor Flav!

I see a new extreme sport comin'... iBot-X! What's up with Steven Colbert's ear?

ENTRY #589, 11:08am

For those of you who get baffled by the wide array of tricks skateboarders are capable of, here's a handy crutch for you... the A-Z of Skateboarding Tricks. Baffle no more, just hit the slow-mo button.

ENTRY #588, 2:49pm

Larson just found these three nice little films featuring The Hawk.

ENTRY #587, 2:42pm

Seems some jackass thought it would be OK to appropriate the famous Koston Fandangle photo silhouette. Go ahead and voice your disapproval, Eric did.... only, I can't really repeat it here, on this family friendly site.

This movie looks pretty fucking interesting.

BTW, I stayed here until the bitter end on Friday.

ENTRY #586, 11:06am

I'm already hungry. It's Friday. No one's here. Ringer, Rickoo, Larson, Jeremy. Ghost town. I'm starting to fall ill, I can feel it. If I don't get food and sleep soon, I could miss weeks of work, it's that bad. Cough, cough.

ENTRY #585, 10:24am

Land of Plenty is having a board show in the theme of "Giving Thanks" this Saturday at Brooklyn Projects in LA, 6pm. If you don't know about the LOP, it's a foundation that helps kids without resources get on four wheels, so it's a good thing — go to their site to find out more.

ENTRY #584, 10:42am

Check the new Momentum Wheels site with Andrew pommier drawings all over it.

Shermy has an interview over on Caught in the Crossfire.

ENTRY #583, 11:32am

There are many a skatepark under the Big Sky.

Somewhere in Northern Europe, sometimes in English, always schralping... Melodica.

Lies your mother told you.

ENTRY #582, 8:42am

Larson was out on assigment this weekend and brought back this report;

"The new Girl video isn't going very well."

Personally, I thought Tiffany's line was pretty good.

ENTRY #581, 11:38am

Finally... A place to hide those nude Polaroids of your neighbor.

In case you were wondering what your biker name is... Me? I'm Smokey, and I ride with the Donkey Punchers MC.

ENTRY #580, 9:10am

Part-time teacher, dock-worker, Thrasher correspondent and the mastermind behind the SPSA, Andy Harris, was hitched this past weekend. Congrats Harris... the Crail staff wishes you the best.

ENTRY #579, 8:34am

Mettee reminded me of the "Draw Kenny" contest over at Active. Check it here.

ENTRY #578, 1:57pm

I've commissioned Mr. Unarom to bake me a companion.

Hoon skateboard wheels.

Live today and welcome tomorrow.

ENTRY #577, 1:59pm

Is it just me, or does this just seem... wrong?

ENTRY #576, 10:20am

A little priceless information for this time of year. You can thank me later.

ENTRY #575, 10:50am


Roots II.

ENTRY #574, 1:44pm

Couple things Canadian today;

I don't think I've ever linked Color magazine on this scroll... so let's do that right now. Color Magazine.

One of the Pommier bros, the one that shoots photos, Scott, is having a show of his work, "Glory Days," at a gallery called Goon Pack in Vancouver. Of course, if you bother to read the Color site, you'll have seen this post already. Scott's real good, so go check it out.

And one not Canadian, thought I'm sure Canadians contribute;

The Keep-a-Breast auctions have opened. Two veteran Girl folks have their effort on the block... Jenkins's cast of Staci G is up.

ENTRY #573, 9:32am

In LA on Friday night? Ruby is throwing a party with live sets by Rose Camera and Vitamin Box.

ENTRY #572, 12:30pm

A note from AntiSocial this morning;

Hello Fellow Skateboarders and Others that Share the Respect for the Culture :

We NEED You ! If you are feeling the same way we do about China Creek Skateboard Park (Broadway Bowls ) at Clark and Broadway...

We need you to come out to the public meeting regarding the planned improvements to China Creek (meaning the removal of).

When: Today October 11th @ 7pm
Where: Mount pleasant Neighborhood House, 800 East Broadway Street (at Prince Albert)

Come One Come All
See You There.

I know, I know, it's toninght in Western Canada... but you can send good thoughts, right?

Skateboarding in Indiana on a Wednesday.

Are you an American with a job? Check this.

ENTRY #571, 4:26pm

Heard from the Fart. Claims he's working on a "super post."

ENTRY #570, 2:34pm

Call me Carloni Q. Jingles...

ENTRY #569, 10:20am

Skate Fart seems to be pulling a Skate Fairy... though, Skate Fairy has been pretty regular these past few weeks. Hmmm.

I saw Chet Childress on TV over the weekend ripping the Volcom Neanderthal Brawl. That was cool.

ENTRY #568, 12:32pm

A quick update on Jackass Two from Tapper, Sean Baker.

ENTRY #567, 10:21am

Anyone following the Jackass Two freight train? One theatre wasn't too stoked... but the dough keeps rolling in.

ENTRY #566, 2:52pm

Is this cool, or what?

ENTRY #565, 1:15pm

"Hel'wro..? Cryde...?"
The Chronicles of Piff Huxtable.

ENTRY #564, 10:13am

What ever happened to Wade Crowchild?

Ringer's reaching another milestone... 1000th post logo contest?


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