ENTRY #563, 1:09pm

Hey, The Mez, help me interpret that Ringer dream I had. You haven't had that one, have you?

In case you haven't already, I'm recommending you check out Scott Pommier's (yup, bro to Andrew) website. The guy knows how to make pictures...

ENTRY #562, 9:15am

I had a dream that I was frantically shopping for sweatshirts with Ringer. I have no idea, don't ask.

In case you forgot, the Land of Plenty is still doing the good thing.

ENTRY #561, 1:29pm

Mr. Fart, where are you? Come back to us.

This thing (1.9mb quicktime) looks fun as hell to skate... but this particular one is somewhere in Sweden, I believe. I think this link has more info, but again... in Swedish.

Have you been checking out the Art Dump blog lately?

ENTRY #560, 1:22pm

Bird found Lettus Bee crail tapping at ASR last week... but it was, ah, on this guy's arm:

Click on the photo for the full image of Dude with some of the upcoming Lakai Wrench Pilot loot.

ENTRY #559, 9:55am

A moment of silence, please... it's the last day of summer.

"The date when night and day are nearly of the same length and Sun crosses the celestial equator moving southward (in the northern hemisphere). In the southern hemisphere, the autumnal equinox corresponds to the center of the Sun crossing the celestial equator moving northward and occurs on the date of the northern vernal equinox. The autumnal equinox marks the first day of the season of autumn." —scienceworld.com

The 100 Best Skate Photos on Flickr. From The Hot Crew.

ENTRY #558, 9:59am

Who here remembers, or ever knew, who Jeff Koons was? Supreme does. Got this link over at Pommier's.

Read the post below — I forgot to upload it on the 14th.

ENTRY #557, 10:21am

Travis Knapp-Prasek posted a really cool short animated movie over at Skate NC.

ENTRY #556, 11:16am

Guess what, blitchies? The new Girl website is now live.

ENTRY #555, 9:06am

Girl wins! Have Mez (next door) or Sam or the actual Vans Downtown Showdown site tell you about it... I missed the whole thing — emergency Appendectomy — but apparently McCrank, Olson and Dompierre ruled.

ENTRY #554, 9:53am

Got a chance to hear a few stories from the Girl/Chocolate tour. Wow. Maybe it should've been called "Dumbass Meets Dumbass."

ENTRY #553, 9:21am

Tapper, Chad "Chadman" Seidel, was dismayed to find this notice when clicking his way to The Tap during school. Come on, Chad.... thought they wouldn't?
I can understand the profane part — we tend to throw around F-bombs pretty liberally — but tasteless and gross? When did SmartFilter start to critique websites?

ENTRY #552, 12:46pm

I didn't go to New York this weekend... I didn't return from tour. I'm not in Spain. And no, I didn't skate at all. I just sat around and got fatter. You can add me to the list.

ENTRY #551, 10:02am

Hey Staba, I thought you should know that someone left your cut-out in the parking lot near the dumpsters last night. I think they were cleaning up for a big sales meeting and... I guess you had to go. I, for one, was sorry to see it happen...

Happy birthday V.P. Carroll!

ENTRY #550, 4:05pm

So is it a hip PACK, or a hip SACK?

Do you have one of those new-type cell phone deals with the tiny monitor that flips up? It's like a little TV, only you can't really get any broadcast channels on it. But you have to put something on it. Let people know you mean business when it comes to modern technology and pop culture. Show 'em an inside joke, something ironic, or a basic identifier (i.e. logo). Hell, get one of these.

ENTRY #549, 4:40pm

Skater Dater, 1965. (Thanks, Bernie)

"A dread disease which needed only pavement to multiply and proliferate..." The Devil's Toy, 1966.

ENTRY #548, 11:29am

"Freddy Mercury is Punker Than You, Punk!" Poo Poodles released on the Quiet Life.

That red patent leather belt you've been looking for is RIGHT HERE, dummy. The Ruby Republic continues to rock.

ENTRY #547, 10:45am

Like Tha Tap, another interweb site devoted to the further filling of our youth's cultural void. Milk Crate Digest.

Who in their right mind would want to go outside in the skin-frying sun and tainted atmosphere to avoid mentally challenged security types in hopes of pulling the next set before they rip open their palms again? Fuck that... iJOY!!

ENTRY #546, 3:59pm

Happy Birthday Girl Skateboard Company, inc.

ENTRY #545, 2:07pm


ENTRY #544, 1:46pm

I'm going to recommend you don't have the ground beef and bean combo burrito at Monk's down the street...

The Christian Hosoi story is coming.

Skateboarding is global. But there's only one "skatepark" in Uganda... maybe we can all help a little.

I gotta go to the men's room now, excuse me.

ENTRY #543, 9:36am

Dear Ringer, who is Swiss Cheese?

Dear Mr. Skate Fairy, I'll have you know, you cost us about a 1/4 million in revenue when you shut down the store over the weekend. It's coming out of your paycheck.

Dear Mr. Fart, it seems there will be another column opening up for you very soon... guess which one?

ENTRY #542, 10:35am

"People I’ve heard from said, ‘man you got stabbed’ but I tell them, you can’t stab a fart." —Superlewman

ENTRY #541, 1:44pm

I guess if you really want to know what's going on during the Dumbass Meets Badass tour, according to some sources, you'll need to be checking one or more of the following links...

Sam Smyth
Eric Koston
Mike Carroll

ENTRY #540, 9:03am

Ever seen that old sci-fi movie, Omega Man? It was an apocolyptic dealio featuring everyone's favorite gun-toting conservative, Charlton Heston. Back when he was a kid. Anyway, I woke up this morning wanting to bomb hills without the worry of cars or people. So the Omega Man scenario would be great — except for the zombie fuckers.

Why are there always zombies and mutants?

Meet the biggest star in the universe.

ENTRY #539, 9:15am

Almost two days and the Skate Fart column has yet to deliver... maybe that lower left column is cursed.

The Fourstar 10th Anniversary serigraphs are in the Crail store now. Check them out — lot of good names and work in there.

The Art Dump had a show in Chicago a couple weeks back. The young dudes at Midwestern Goodness made a little movie about it.

ENTRY #538, 3:52pm

The X Games are over. Some people got medals and money and fame and cars and others did not. Some had fun, others did not.

Check Sanger's Links page for a bunch of new additions.

Platinum Seagulls has a DVD project out. Check it here. It's Tuesday as I write this. The weekend seems 1000 miles away.

American Hardcore.

ENTRY #537, 1:54pm

The X Games are going to be just down the street from our HQ here in Torrance. You'd think we'd all have free passes and be psyched.

Ken Block may be drifting his ralley car past my office window on Friday.

Rickk, Sam, Bird, Tim, Mikey... Just wondering where I rank, Ringer. Top 10?

ENTRY #536, 10:23am

You know you've hit the big time when FSN gives you a "Beyond The Glory" documentary all your own. Hawk.

Only $299!

Pretty cool Huf interview posted on You Tube. Part of the Adicolor campaign.

ENTRY #535, 11:08am

Our good buddy Rip from Japan is in town couch touring. He wanted you all to know about his website.

ENTRY #534, 9:47am

BK tells us Sean Sheffey is back in circulation (7/22 post)... good to hear.

Jovontae Turner on two wheels? Sometimes even one? Apparently so. Fixed gears are all the rage.

ENTRY #533, 1:08pm

I have been corrected... Bush's home state is not Texas, but Connecticut (and I believe the emailer may have even called me a dumbass, not sure). Apparently, you "...have to be born in Texas to claim true status." Well, emailer, 'home state' does not always mean the state you were born in, it can also mean the one you call home and drill up for oil.

Here's a shop in Texas that has no problem selling the Girl Asterisk series. These good folks have not yet succumb to the conservative grip that's squeezing our fine nation. The Skatepark of Austin's Gallery Mailorder.

3rd Lair is hosting their 5th annual Midwest Melee.

ENTRY #532, 10:21am

Hmmm. Texas is Bush's home state isn't it?

ENTRY #531, 10:03am

Superlewman spied this makeshift, anti-skate sign up in Eugene, Oregon.

I'm surprised no one's liberated it yet... wink, wink.

ENTRY #530, 4:20pm

Wondering how to keep my stylo going in the winter months? It's easy... praise the lord, you don't have to think about it anymore, thanks to wikiHOW.

"If you wear tight pants, do not switch to baggy for that time ... generally try to wear a hoodie if you're not going to be out for more than 15 minutes."

The Internet is Shit.

ENTRY #529, 3:33pm

Wow, Jereme does it again. It's funny how board sponsors never get mentioned on these broadcasts — just the shoes and "energy" drinks. Jereme rides for Girl. Koston does too (5th ain't too shabby, Frost).

ENTRY #528, 10:12am

"Time to post this again..." —Rickk

ENTRY #527, 3:34pm

I'm never going to catch Ringer at this pace... sigh. But Wallride is done. Just finished looking at the print proofs a couple minutes ago. BA on the cover, lots of goodies inside.

Carnahan had his birthday today. 7-11. Somehow that seems fitting. We love you Jeremy, stay desert, my friend.

The Fourstar dealio was real cool... if you missed it, check the images Mez cooked up yesterday.

Max Schaaf rules. Four or two wheels, doesn't matter. His 4Q bike was on display at the Fourstar party.

ENTRY #526, 1:56pm

GSD in Omaha.

ENTRY #525, 4:25pm

Minutemen fans be forewarned; Mike Watt and George Hurley will be jamming with Steve Jones on his radio show tomorrow (click "Listen Live" during Jonesy's Jukebox). Also, check out the documentary, "We Jam Econo" on DVD now... really good stuff.

ENTRY #524, 11:45am

GSD in Minneapolis.

To all you old guys out there — GSD, in this instance, is Go Skate Day, not Garry Street Davis. I know, a cruel joke, my apologies.

ENTRY #523, 1:58pm

GSD in Atlanta.

ENTRY #522, 10:55am

Gonzales and Hecox at Adidas.

ENTRY #521, 11:22am

I just yelled at Jeremy for skating in the warehouse. I told him Go Skate Day was yesterday. He said, "I skated yesterday — but not because of that."

Another Edition of "Bob's Wiener" — I mean Journal — mag is out. Got a whole box of them. Box of Bob's Wieners

Hey, in case you were thinking skateboarders were the first to ride vert... The Wall of Death. Here's another one. Links from the Jockey Journal.

Damn, Aaron, The Randoms wasn't very good yesterday.

ENTRY #520, 3:18pm

Being locked up here all day has made me punchy. I went to write "Chocolate" and I wrote "ChocoDate." This was in the presence of Larson, who immediately noticed my mistake and pointed it out — he's crazy like that with spelling. Anyway, that led to the idea for a contest. CHOCO-DATE. Win a date with one of the Chocolate guys. Right? And Larson chaperones.

Hey, I didn't say it was a good idea.

ENTRY #519, 11:01am

It's sort of a shame, really, that we work at a skateboarding company and we have to work on Go Skate Day. But "work" came before "skateboarding" in that sentence, so... we are here. It's driving some of us stir crazy — Mettee is running around complaining about Smyth overpricing the Twinkies in his machine at .60 cents.

Hope you are all schralping it up and not reading this until the 22nd.

Oh, and Happy Summer, people.

ENTRY #518, 3:21pm

Happy Bloomsday, blitchies. You too, Watt.

ENTRY #517, 2:07pm

In case you never saw the Ramondetta "Crashed Out" series from a few years ago, here it is again. Click on "Skateboards." That Nathan Fox fellar, he sure can draw. Dig it.

ENTRY #516, 12:09pm

This is gonna be good. Get ready for Badass Meets Dumbass.

ENTRY #515, 2:34pm

Meza, you picked a meth head as a winner? Then you gotta know where the prize box is headed.

Go Skate Day (click the banner above) is the same exact day as the Wallride 12 deadline. Perfect.

ENTRY #514, 1:09pm


Those are the top 5 words to never use in an ad.

Sorry, I found that interesting.

ENTRY #513, 1:45pm

Triple backflip to fakie.

ENTRY #512, 10:47am

If I may play journalist for a post; Lakai's Rob Welsh now rides for the venerable Santa Cruz team.

ENTRY #511, 4:14pm

I can't remember who sent this or whether or not I've even posted it or not. DAMN. This is not your father's skateboarding...

ENTRY #510, 3:17pm

Tee hee, Smyth gets his wood wet...

ENTRY #509, 10:53am

Fourstar adds a new one... Brit, Nick Jensen.

There's some new, strange art in the bathroom. Maybe Aaron will post a pic for you.

ENTRY #508, 2:17pm

I forgot to post a link to th' Haint's website last week. Here it is.

ENTRY #507, 1:13pm

Got an email from a guy named, Shawn P.... he claims this photo comes from Haslam himself, and that we can use it for the CD cover if we want...

Last week, Mettee sent me this spy shot of Chris Roberts' beard...

...though impressive, it's just not quite the same, is it?

In other beard news, El Beardo broke his finger skating the Channel Street park.

ENTRY #506, 4:53pm

Say happy birthday to Tod Swank over at the F Super Co. That son of the devil.

ENTRY #505, 4:11pm

So, now Ringer has started her own lame band and is threatening me with legal action for the first Haslam's Beard single, "Cute Dog Contest."

ENTRY #504, 10:41am

Had to fire Ringer. She just wasn't taking Haslam's Beard seriously enough.

ENTRY #503, 9:27am

Found a drummer for Haslam's Beard right here at Crail HQ. Ringer. She already knows the opening of Zero Hour by the Plimsouls, so we're good. Cool... a chick drummer.

Before skateboards, I'm pretty sure the only thing that ever touched handrails — besides hands — was ass. These kids would've been skating had this not been Paris in the 1920s. Nice spot, huh?


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