ENTRY #502, 12:51pm

Haslam's Beard is going well. I've advertised in all the right places for a bass player, guitarist, drummer and singer. Me? I'm the Band Blogger.

Next time you're in St. Petersburg, Russia, look this place up...

ENTRY #501, 9:57am

I've decided I'm starting a band called Haslam's Beard.

ENTRY #500, 2:28pm

The dog thing has gotten way out of control. Sherm actually brought his k9 into the office so The Mez could shoot a nice photo of him.

Got a CD in the mail today. Th' Haint from Brooklyn. No info, really, just 4 cool songs from 3 dudes. Sorta like a cross between the Birthday Party, X and Calexico with some whiskey thrown all over it. Thank you to whomever sent it. I dig. Send more info please.

Stop sending me emails asking what the song from that particular DVD was. They go right into that little Mac garbage can — the digital round file.

Yes, it says Caballero. Yes, you do recognize the "graphic," and, no, that's not Cab's back...

ENTRY #499, 2:52pm

"Diachronistic backside smith..."?

Even sunny Marseille has its rainy days.

Pavement Trout.

ENTRY #498, 1:33pm

Add this guy to the ever-growing list of street pirates...

ENTRY #497, 1:18pm

You might recognize this weeks Daily Poster, Roger Bridges — if you've been around for too damn long. Roger was one of the OG Foundation cats and an art director for Poweredge magazine, among many other skateboard related things. He's got some good ones lined up, stay tuned.

Most of you are probably too young to get away with this (and I certainly would not condone it for anyone under 21, of course), but maybe consider it as a father's day present. The Beer Belly. Won't really work too well if your pops already has a real one.

ENTRY #496, 3:10pm

Marginal Way.

The SPSA benefit film festival is coming up at the Warner Grand in Pedro...

ENTRY #495, 12:57pm

You are correct, Mez. Rosenberg's clip of the Carroll Bros is cool, though... what was going on with Greg's hair?

Secret Canadian transitions.

Love N Skate.

Get Rad Skate.

Have Board.

I saw Chris Miller skate the original Combi Pool... I'm not bragging, just lucky.

ENTRY #494, 8:55am

Shit. Meza threw down another great post yesterday. What the hell am I doing?

Tapper, Nic Couillard, suggested we buy this vehicle and set up mobil Tap headquarters in it. Imagine me, Meza and Ringer driving around in this thing with the Skate Fairy showing up on occassion. The never ending story indeed. Check the plates on that thing... no stone left unturned.

ENTRY #493, 1:08pm

That's a big F'ing bike.

The Don't Do It Army.

ENTRY #492, 9:39am

Man... Randoms was pretty damn good yesterday. Nice variety. Decent humor. Some skating. My column sucked.

ENTRY #491, 3:06pm

Another Mr. Roger's Neighborhood. Yes, he owns it.

ENTRY #490, 1:11pm

Crazy jock weekend, eh?

The Tony Hawk Foundation has given out another $150,000 in grants to communities of skaters in need. Cheyenne, Wyoming is on the top of the current list with a check cut to them for $25,000 — get that thing built before Thanksgiving, my friends, I'll be there...

Next time any of you see Tony Hawk, instead of asking him for an autograph, his board, a tee, stickers, etc... pat the guy on the back and say thank you. Seriously.

ENTRY #489, 10:19am

I'll go ahead and say Rudy's dog, Patches, is ruling so far. I like Simon, but he just looks to freaked out in that photo... maybe submit a better shot, Lu.

"Apparently there are two Oaklands, one in California and one in Michigan. Can you guess where this one is?" — Lewman

ENTRY #488, 11:42am

Lewman emailed to remind us not to miss this lunatic Mike Metzger, on TV LIVE TONIGHT.

I was going to remind you about the SPSPA fundraiser film fest because Beardo keeps bugging me about it, but it's still two weeks off! What the hell, Harris?

I caught a glimpse of next weeks daily photos and, oh my, there's a doozy in the batch.

ENTRY #487, 3:01pm

Another meeting outside my office. Production. They are whispering and giggling. I'm uncomfortable — gotta pee, but don't want to walk past them.

"...that tool of the Devil, the skateboard."

ENTRY #486, 8:37am

So Koston rides for Lakai now, eh? Guess so. You'd think, since I was on his softball team, I'd know these things, but noooo.

How wierd would it be to have Larry Flynt hand you an "Employee of the Month" plaque? Ask Tyler Adair next time you see him.

Big sales meeting outside my office today...

Pros; 1) I get to hear stuff like, "The dealers all thought those shirts were gay," and "The presales on that were weak." 2) Free munchies and lunch.

Cons; 1) Tradeshow atmosphere. 2) I get to hear stuff like, "The dealers all thought those shirts were gay," and "The presales on that were weak." 3) Sneaking around everyone to get to the bathroom. 4) A sales rep bumping into me as I exit the bathroom, then exclaiming, "Damn, Sanger, you gotta lay off the carne asada, bro!"

ENTRY #485, 2:47pm

If you still can't reach Lakai.com, try Puzzle or Skateboarder, they seem to have the scoop.

ENTRY #484, 1:46pm

Superlewman has this idea for all you unlucky sorts who haven't been able to pull up the bandwidth-crowded Lakai site;

"For those who can't get the Lakai site to load here's an imaginary preview of what might be there:

Flash intro: Leprechauns shooting rainbow laserbeams out of their eyeballs. The pot of gold catches on fire and dribbles gold fame juice all over a pair of shoes.

The shoes (MJ 4's) animate nicely, dance a little jig on the bridge and then moonwalk out of frame leaving gold sparkly dust in their wake.

This dust forms a golden tornado which hurls out letters and characters in various fonts. They letters form curse words, skate slang, and rap lyrics as they swirl through the air.

A video director/storm chaser in an SUV (looks like a Oldsmobile Bravada) swerves around trying to film the flying letters while standing up out of the sun roof of the vehicle.

The funnel cloud begins spitting angry tentacles comprised of shoelaces. They lash violently, shredding nearby farmland, a trailer park, a truck stop, and an outlet mall.

The storm chasing vid director gets a panicked look on his face and pulls the camera back inside the car (we see his hand pass in front of the lens--this footy's a keeper).

The funnel cloud rises up and becomes the shape of a giant shoe.

The shoe stamps down on the car again and again.

Something like that.

Try again later, skater."

Thanks, Lew, you took the words right out of my mouth.

ENTRY #483, 11:14am

Hmmm... something's going on over at the Lakai site tonight.

ENTRY #482, 8:54am

Seems the "Some of My Best Friends are Skateboarders" show went off pretty well and garnered the Wilmington Skate Project some much needed money to continue. Dune even showed with a crew from Fuel TV.

And the work continues in Pedro. The San Pedro Skatepark Association is having a FUNraiser film night at the Warner Grand in San Pedro — one of the oldest remaining theaters in LA. May 27th. I'll post a reminder down the road. The SPSA has also been showing skate vids at night on one of the large freeway support walls at the park. Pretty cool deal.

Aaron Kyro.

ENTRY #481, 10:44am

"Undercurrent; Skating the Aftermath."

ENTRY #480, 8:56am

Some kuckle-head over at the Art Dump let their site go down... it should be back up today.


What has become of this column? Is it some sort of anthropological examination of over-exposed human behavior? Time to go back and read Marshal McLuhan... maybe leave this space to skateboarding.

ENTRY #479, 8:55am

"And like, this bird was like, dead. I mean, like, birds are dying!" I tried writing a few comments about this, but, like, they were way too mean...

Go skateboarding. Please. All of you... save yourselves, get away from this computer right now.

ENTRY #478, 1:45pm

"God Almighty, the ruler of heaven and earth and every God-damned thing inbetween..."

ENTRY #477, 10:34am

Could be re-named "Mr. Roger's Neighborhood" soon.

We got a request for a link this morning from a new shop in Belfast, Ireland, Pointseven5ive. Not too sure where they got that bootleg OG logo, though... come one, guys, just ask, we'll send the real deal over to you. Good luck with the shop, boys.

ENTRY #476, 9:49am

Meza, I caught Gavin at Quizno's yesterday. He was eating a fairly healthy lunch. No photo documentation, you'll just have to take my word for it.

Lucky bastard. Lewman claims "Cars are attracted to people wearing yellow."

ENTRY #475, 4:32pm

Look, I don't know Oggy, but he's somehow made me a better person. Ruler. Thanks for the link, Penxa.

ENTRY #474, 10:15am

Lupe Fiasco.

Live in Italy? Headed to Italy for summer break? You need this... Skatemap.

The Rise and The Fall (of the harbor area).

ENTRY #473, 9:56am

Contest! Help Carnahan Figure Out How To Get His Upstairs Neighbor to Stop Jogging at Night. When Jeremy approached the man, he claimed it was his cat. "Yeah, well, apparently his cat weighs 300 pounds and washes dishes at 2am" retorted the angry and sleepless JC.

If you can figure out a creative way to make the guy (or/and his cat) stop the racket, we'll send you some Crailtap and possibly Royal stuff. Send your entries here.

Coupla "Holy Crap" links from Super Lewman...
Urban Combat Skateboard
Listen for the Snap (from TWS)

ENTRY #472, 3:34pm

Well, I thought I had friends over at Supra Distribution, but I guess Ringer and The Mez pulled rank.

Ringer and The Mez... sounds like an early '80s car chase movie.

You are correct, I still don't have any content.

ENTRY #471, 10:58am

So I was gone a while? So what. I am sorry that the photo of a buck-toothed JJ was starting to scare people off.

The Ruby Republic site looks good, seen it yet?

Hold on... I'm searching for content.

ENTRY #470, 3:02pm

Jason Jesse returns to Santa Cruz.
Photo Devillier.

ENTRY #469, 11:37am

Enough of the cynical world view... let's get back to the more serious shit, shall we. Like this (mp3).

ENTRY #468, 10:56am

"Who should be the next country to invade?" Let's ask the dudes who wrote the song from the previous post. Maybe France? Yeah, France, because "there seems to be some friction between France and the United States."

ENTRY #467, 9:48am

Yeah right!? Is that the "nanny, nanny, boo, boo" riff? Fuckin' yuck.

ENTRY #466, 1:45pm

Dumper Desert Twin, Jeremy Carnahan, has made some tweaks and additions to the Royal site. He hopes you like it.

ENTRY #465, 11:34am

Some of you out there are realizing I don't have shit to say in my column these days. Thanks for the clips...

Spiderman gone wrong. Or, as Lewman called the clip, "The Sound of One Hand Snapping."

"Pancake Legs", or "Ever Heard of a Spotter?" from Mr. Wikan.

ENTRY #464, 9:32am

Wow, this was one hell of a way to start my day. Thanks a lot, Marcello.

ENTRY #463, 3:05pm

In completely unrelated events I said "What's up?" to both Chico and Mike Mo today.

A Tapper pointed out this piece of scatological furniture... "care instructions; wipe clean with a damp clothe."

Some links;

Go Skateboarding Day
Product Dose
Barely Original
Pit Stop (it's not just for truckers anymore)

POS post today — except for the {Pit Stop link and that was Superlewman's). My apologies.

ENTRY #462, 4:34pm

Hey all you guys and gals out there touring the country, hittin' all the prime spots. I know how it is — no time for roadside urinals... GO, GO, GO. (thanks, Lewman)

Hey all you wanna-be insiders! The Skateboard Industry Dot Com!

You don't know who Graham Coxon is? The Indy Music Industry Dot Com.... kidding, kidding. I feel like such a dick today. Graham's got new tunes. He rules.

ENTRY #461, 9:27am

Two dudes on shitters in one day? Something's wrong.

ENTRY #460, 10:51am

I've known this guy since he was a pip-squeek 12 year-old ripper haunting all the Southbay spots. Righteous dude (can I say that here?). El beardo has a new site. Long live San Pedro!

Blast from the ugly past. "Laser Tag!"

Need a quick mid-day skate session? Maybe contact the Bureau of Workplace Interruptions.

ENTRY #459, 11:22am

“Bomb Drop” – The term that is used for jumping off a structure on a skateboard and freefalling onto a landing. The fall is measured from the point of the take off to point of touch down.

That's from a Danny Way press release that came this morning... the dude is "Bomb Dropping" off the giant neon-covered guitar atop the Hard Rock Casino and Hotel in Las Vegas. The Guinness book folks will be there record it. Damn! Mr. Way is on a whole other level...

ENTRY #458, 11:29am

Went through an old box of tees and found a bunch of old skate shit. Zorlac tees, Roscopp long sleeves and a Bob Schmelzer Madrid dagger logo tee. Anyone remember Bob? Or freestyle skating? Lots more old crap at Skull and Bones.

Imagine a skatepark made from this stuff.

ENTRY #457, 1:50pm

MJ is Caught in the Crossfire.

ENTRY #456, 11:07am

Don't forget, the all new Fourstar website is launching in two days.

ENTRY #455, 4:34pm

The Del Mar Skate Ranch memorial site has made a bunch of additions. The old geezers with photos and film have been coming out of the woodwork. Good job, Owen.

Found this cool section over at Concrete Disciples; Eric Nash's video vault.

ENTRY #454, 3:29pm

So after I post up on kite skating, or boarding, or whatever they call it, Larson tells us he actually saw a guy being pulled by his kite — out of control, mind you — over the beach sand and through the streets of Long Beach. "I completely forgot I saw that."

Typical Crailtap journalism.

ENTRY #453, 4:02pm

Teen's Stolen Legs Returned

ENTRY #452, 9:42am

I couldn't write this stuff. NEXT LEVEL SH*T! You must watch the entire thing. Note to "freeliners" : it looks especially cool when you grab both feet. And the little tinkley sound they make when they fall off is tuff!

Thanks to Tapper, Kirk Dianda, for spying that one. Who says late night surfing can't be fulfilling and inspirational? Here's another...

I thought the song was rather fitting for this new deformity.

ENTRY #451, 11:09am

Caught a couple good things on TV this weekend — one right after the other. Fuel TV had a big thing last year called "The Fuel TV Experiment" where the network gave groups of budding filmmakers money to make short films. You might remember a couple months ago when "Harvey Spannos" (starring Rick McCrank) won the million dollar contest. Anyhow, I finally saw "Harvey Spannos" on Fuel. Excellent. And I also caught "Freedom of Space: Skateboard Culture and the Public Space" by Steve Olpin & Tim Irwin... an incredible piece of work. The high points are the interview clips of the late, Edmund Bacon, Love Park's urban architect, a truly inspiring man.

Check Fuel for the TV schedule and catch these two.

ENTRY #450, 3:11pm

Tampa Pro is coming up.

I considered not posting this site as Barco has just been blown out. But then I read this quote,

"I cannot stress enough, that this is not a themepark, nor a 24-hour-open-disco with ledges and banks."

Skate Barcelona.

Most of you — especially those of you outside the UK — probably don't remember R.a.D magazine. Well, here's a refresher. When We Was Rad. I hope they keep it updated.


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