ENTRY #449, 3:30pm

I'm going to switch sports tonight... meet Jason McElwain. I don't want to hear anyone bitch and moan ever again.

ENTRY #448, 11:28am

Who is this man? And why is he smiling?

(click image to enlarge)

ENTRY #447, 2:56pm

I'm pretty sure that if you grabbed your board right now and headed to one of your favorite spots, someone would be there skating.

Equal Distribution. Thanks for the aluminum California Freeformer, Yong-Ki!

ENTRY #446, 10:47am

Some things various Art Dumpers have been busy doing; Girl vs. Chocolate Summer Tour art, a five foot tall OG, an all new Girl website, schedules for the rest of the year, keeping the bathrooms clean, changing diapers, ogling custom choppers, sketching depictions of the OG holding the Stanley Cup.

Apparently, sleeping is over-rated.

ENTRY #445, 2:46pm

A letter I received this afternoon from a Tapper simply named, "The Oven" :

"Found this site. So much to say, but where to start? Check it out, its a comic goldmine."

I'm speechless. Stunned. I've already got my order in for "The Wizard" with a built-in speedometer. I have my fingers crossed that Megan will approve a link exchange.

ENTRY #444, 10:54am

Skateboard Radio.

Have Board.

Two hardbound skateboard art books available; Sean Cliver's "Disposable" and Andy Howell's "Art, Skateboarding and Life."

ENTRY #443, 9:09am

More Olympics; Curling ROCKS!

ENTRY #442, 8:44am

Been watching the Olympics? Darin Bendall has...

"I caught some of the Olympics last night and there was this one trick called 'the Twister' that dudes were doing in the ski mogul event. I couldn't find a video of it, so I made this little animation so that all the skaters who might have missed the broadcast can enjoy the awesome style and grace of this move. I hope you like it."

ENTRY #441, 10:24am

Found this forgotten in the 8550 printer yesterday. Not sure what direction the Art Dump is taking us, but I think I like it.

I'm calling bullshit on this.

And this one too.

One of the Channel Street Skatepark Founders (and former Foundation skater, I might add), Andy Harris, has loaded up this pictoral history of the Pedro project. Sweet f-ing punk rock DIY concrete master shapers.

ENTRY #440, 3:37pm

I'm seriously falling off.

Chappelle is back in full effect.

Beautiful Losers in Milan.

One of our favorite shuttermen, Mike O'Meally, has a book out with Elk Press. Check it.

Maybe it's just me, but this looked like some sort of X-Games ramp plans.

ENTRY #439, 3:05pm

Maybe I already mentioned the Phoenix Am? Either way, their website looks a lot better than ours.

Catch Koston in that Superbowl commercial?

Guess who's #28 in the Elle Girl top 50?

Tampa Pro is coming up.

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