ENTRY #438, 2:38pm

Gawdamed rats on the roof! Meza, did you get a picture?

ENTRY #437, 11:27am

We have three winners for the "guess the hartail rider" contest. It only too about 30 minutes after the post went up for these three to get t-shirts. The contest was an easy one, I know. About 90% of you got it correct...


... the other 10% where all over the map with their answers, the funniest guess being Stevie Williams. Anyhow, these three won (in this order); Justin Vial, Jason Rippard and Ian Schulman. No Canadians! What's up GWN?!

Shirts are in the mail, boys. BTW, the photo of Max came from the Flyin' Dutchman's blog.

ENTRY #436, 3:48pm

And the winner Crailtap Crossword Contest #3 is;

Cynthia Tobias of Texas! She gets the big box of crap mailed to her next week. Congrats, Cynthia, you may be our first stateside winner of anything Crailtap — the Canadians usually have a lock-down on taking contests. For those of you who are curious, you can download a PDF of the answers, right here. Thanks everybody.

Can you name this hardtail rider? First 3 correct guesses get Crailtap tees (send your size and address).

Check this site out to get some behind the scenes photos of Harvey Spannos, the Corey Adams film starring Crankers that just won at the X-Dance festival.

The Faces of Skateboarding.
Strange Notes.
Head Templeton.

ENTRY #435, 9:35am

Wow. Marco, apparently your comments (entry #434) sparked up a few folks. Haven't gotten this much email in a while. Sampling;

"If [McCrank] wanted to be full on punk he'd go skate for DGK or somethin', not Zero." —Cooper

"First, I'd like to start out by apologizing on behalf of all Canadians for this little twat's comments, he obviously doesn't know shit. Second, let me assure you that you'll be hard pressed to find anyone else in the world who feels the same ignorant way about this very out-of-the-blue topic. Third, I may live a few provinces away, but if I ever find this kid I'm kicking his ass just for being such a tool." —Heather

Enough of that. Here are some images sent by Tapper, Bill Sargeant that help solidify the theory that there are former (or current) skaters employed by cutting edge architectural firms.

Did we already mention that Joe Brook has a new website?

Highly dramatic Ollie footage. I'm diggin' Joe Jackson's stee.

Wooden Toys.

We'll be randomly picking the crossword winner some time this morning. I'll post the name this afternoon.

ENTRY #434, 9:12am

Lots of crosswords in. You've all got until the end of the day tomorrow to get them here and possibly win that box of crap from Jenkins. Scroll down for details...

Got this email from a disillusioned, ah, kid, I guess. I thought it was funny, so I'll share;

"Rick McCrank should leave Girl and find a punkier sponsor. Girl proper is a hip-hop team, while McCrank's a total punk who doesn't fit in with the rest of the Girl team!! It's been a while that I wanted McCrank and Koston to go separate ways, but it's only now that I find out why: McCrank's a total punk while Koston's got hip-hop traits. See how McCrank organizes his AntiSocial store: he goes against the usual type of shop, showing undeniably how punk he is!! So if he's this punk, then he should NOT have such hip-hoppers as Biebel and Carroll as his teammates! Come on, move him over to Zero and Fallen!!!"
—Marco Melanson (total punk and McCrank fan), New Brunswick, Canada

Hmmm, I guess we could be "punkier." I'll have a talk with McCrank and let him know... maybe call Jamie Thomas and tell him. While I'm at it, I'm not too sure Koston knows he has hip-hop traits either, I'll inform him as well. Thanks for the advice, Marco.

Here's another email from someone seeking the past;

"These are 2 Friends (Matt Hubert & Bill Waldman) that I have not seen in a long time. Can U help me?"

A little random, Badger, but can anyone out there lend a hand? Never know.

Fisheye mods for hardcore filmers only.

Mr. Crowchild sent this in. Can't stop the brainiacs out there. Nice tune.

ENTRY #433, 4:54pm

Holy shit.

Translation; "Costa Rica's top city officials started the year disclosing their newest effort in reaching the city's youth. el cubo calls it 'a monument to ignorance.'" From El Cubo.

ENTRY #432, 2:45pm

Think they didn't use a skateboard for some of these shots?

ENTRY #431, 1:20pm

A few things that made me laugh and/or feel good today;

Clyde Singleton's "10 Pros With Under 10 Tricks" in the new Skateboard Mag.

Dan Wolfe's "Closure." I know I'm late with this one, but it made my lunch hour today.

Bam Margera's ex, Jen Rivell, selling all his shit on eBay. Brilliant.

Owen Nieder's tribute site to Del Mar Skate Ranch.

Stuntwood; the Birth, Life and Death of a Skateboard.

ENTRY #430, 4:22pm

Hey RInger... DITTO.

ENTRY #429, 10:58am

Open house is starting up. I just came back from the bathroom where someone switched out our skate mags for pseudo-cool ones like, Dwell, The New Yorker, Stop Smiling, Vanity Fair and Rolling Stone... weird. But I am learning about home furnishings and lo-brow lit with every sit down trip.

ENTRY #428, 9:38am

Biebel and MJ are up for Best Trick of the Year over at Caughtinthecrossfire. Looks like MJ was leading the last time I checked.

ENTRY #427, 1:56pm

A cute, cuddly little dag named Frankie Peabody? OK, Bob...

ENTRY #426, 12:54pm

In case you didn't get all the news;

• Sam is in Spain with the long-winded Lee (I thought that was supposed to be a "mini" 5s?).
• Rickk and the Lakai boys are in Australia.
• Mettee just got back from China.
• Spike is headed to SF to receive a black eye.
• Meza is here just outside my office.
• My moms just got on a plane to San Antonio.

Jereme Roger has an video interview over there.

Hey Goetz, your crossword made it into the pile to pick from. Good job. We got your zine too — nice work.

Skateboard Advocacy Network.
Trampoline House.

ENTRY #425, 2:35pm

Damn. The potentials for "Featured Email" have just been sucking lately. What do we have to do, offer a prize?

Prize? The boxloaddah Jenkins crap is still up for grabs. Send those completed crossword puzzles in, people. Here's an idea what's in the box right now; a few sample decks, some trucks, drawings, a bunch of CDs, Crailtap Tee, Lakai Jenkins designed Howard shoes, couple Ruby notebooks, some books, posters, pennies, stickers, matches... scroll down for contest details and the download.

ENTRY #424, 10:43am

Visit with a few creative people who happen to have skateboarding in common;

Tony Larson
Andy Mueller
Michael Sieben
Mark Penxa

ENTRY #423, 9:17am

Oops. It has been pointed out that we made a small mistake in the crossword puzzle;

At the intersection of 33 down and 43 across, the letter can either be an "A" or an "O." Either one will be marked as correct.

ENTRY #422, 9:51am

It's here. Crossword #3. Same rules as always; only crosswords that are completely correct will be put into the box for the final, random, draw. Send them in by Jan 25th. Winner gets a box of crap for Jenkins's newly cleaned out office.

Download the PDF here. Good luck... it's a tough one.

You can email your completed forms back to me. Or fax them to 310-783-1940. Or snail mail them to Crail Crossword, 22500 S. Vermont Ave., Torrance CA 90502, USA.

ENTRY #421, 8:52am

My apologies for the lack of anything in this column the last few weeks. Too busy trying to skate in bleek portions of the Rockies. I have a refound respect for all of you dealing with adverse weather and still flying the flag. I had forgotten what it was like, and for that, I am sorry. FTW has a whole new meaning for me now. F The Weather.

No internet connection past couple weeks, so I had plenty of time indoors to blow my nose, read a bunch of books, watch a bunch of shite TV and make a new crossword for Crail (which will post later today — same rules as always).

Happy belated 2006, people.

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