ENTRY #420, 3:29pm

Some dudes who own the Maritime Hotel in New York sent me a snowglobe with a replica of their building in it. Ahh, thanks?

Brian got Eric in secret Santa. His gift to EA was a donkey that serves cigarettes out his ass. Eric will probably start smoking more now, thanks to Brian.

Another secret Santa gift found its way into the infamous Crail Crapper. We can now putt as we take care of our bowel needs. Cool.

Another day of relative safety involving the stealth board. Freddy rose toes on the nose at 20mph and won the best trick contest in the parking lot.

Happy holla-days, Tappers. Do the right thing. See you next week.

ENTRY #419, 4:20pm

Is she making fun of me?

ENTRY #418, 4:13pm

No one killed on the stealth board yet. But I was scared for Jason for a hot minute.

Watch that Guy mini-ramp Quicktime yet? I am seriously considering giving everything in my pathetic life up to be that fluid and stylish on the stuntwood. I just can't find the right person to help me with the trade. Satan, where you at?

Kidding, people. Just kidding... I'll try prayer first.

ENTRY #417, 4:56pm

Smyth once again delivered with a heart-felt and genuine toast of the year at the holiday party. Puts perspective on the year. Thanks Sam.

And a big thanks to the quadruple threat that had the forethought (if that's what it was) to start this generously-oiled (it was an open bar) machine we call Girl. Mike Carroll, Spike Jonze, Rickk Howard and Megan Baltimore. It has been a privilege and an honour to man this desk for all these years. I'm hoping for a new chair in the gift exchange this Friday.

Lot of dragging asses in here this morning. Coleman helped matters out a bit by supplying caffeine fuel. Thanks Michael... but I notice Rickk isn't here yet. Hmm. Too many dirty martinis?

Mettee informed me that my news from yesterday was incorrect. Podium did NOT give Rickk the stealth board. It was Santa. Well... Podium should've gotten him one.

Regular link contributor, Rob Fields, sent this random scary one in just in case your holiday cheer meter was peaking... whoa.

Some sites for you;
Colt Cannon.
Revert Magazine.
Russian Street Freaks.
The Real Spiderman?
Skate Therapy.

ENTRY #416, 4:45pm

I heard some news today;

Lance Dawes is the new team manager over at Indy.

Mr. Howard got an early X-Mas present. A stealthy and speedy electric board from Podium.

Gavin is Time Magazine's Person of the Year.

Tonight I think I'll have the roast beef and a brandy at the official office party. Not sure if Rickk got his wish for music. I'll let you know tomorrow.

ENTRY #415, 3:41pm

Best day of the month. Pay day. I suppose I should earn it by actually writing a column. I should. Damn. Nothing good to report. No good links, no shite links, no nothing. Maybe I should write about everyone else here at The Tap? OK.

Here's what I can tell people are doing, or what I can guess they are doing...

J. Calloway. He's working — right outside my office.

Mettee. Yelling at some production guy on the phone. I just heard him.

Ringer. Giving the 3 year-old Cliver a tour of the facilities.

Nick. Acting in a movie or two.

Smyth. Doing Meza's job.

Meza. Asleep in the back of a van. Or working on editorial for Wallride.

Rickk. Backseat managing from the road. "Hey Brian, can you call Musso & Franks and see if we can play music."

Art Dump. Grumbling about deadlines. Drinking too much coffee.

River Joe. Trying to convince the warehouse to unionize.

Koston. Not on a Girl Family tour, that's for sure.

Gregulator. Gregulating.

Reggie. Trying on Fourstar samples.

Amber. Listing to Autolux.


I think I'll leave the internal news to Ringer and the Mez.

ENTRY #414, 3:13pm

Damn... now I'm exhausted.

ENTRY #413, 8:54am

"I always thought that it would be cool to skate for a bunch of hot strippers."

Here's another one;

"I felt the event it was a great fusion of both the skateboarding and the adult industry coming together in a decidedly different setting, on a beautiful summer night," said Mann. "I mean, with go-go dancers, and guys doing wild skateboard stunts, what more could you ask for?"

Tapper, Alex Richardson, sent that link... and another one I was dumb enough to click on — gay porn meets skateboarding. Look, I tried cleaning the cache and dumping the cookies, but... our system administrator still looks at me funny.

In an unrelated story, my econo office chair finally blew up sending me to the floor, back first. Rickk, I know you're out there in Houston somewhere, just know that I'm enjoying your deluxe model right now. And notice how much better my posts have gotten? Time for you to ante up, kid — and I'm not sitting on no Meza ball.

ENTRY #412, 2:03pm

The city of Santa Cruz seems to have the right idea about how to build a skatepark... except maybe the wasted space for the "inline park" — whatever that is/means. But if you ask me, their unique public art proposal (pdf) is a damn cool idea. They are accepting ideas for "artwork in any medium that is sufficiently durable [I'm assuming this means skateable, heh, heh], safe and appropriate for this high-use, high-visibility outdoor location," until next February. Get on it creatives. Dumpers? What you got?

Mr. Bob K and a few cohorts have started up a new thing called the Umbrella.

Mueller has a special deal happening for the holidays over at the Quiet Life. I'm surprised Meza hasn't mentioned it since he's on their team and all. I say wax the kid, Mueller.

The Padres!? Come on, Ringer.

ENTRY #411, 2:44pm

Wrench Pilot's Lettus Bee takes another step towards immortality... at least, as long as Jeffrey Herrman is around.

ENTRY #410, 10:04am

Wait, I thought DVS only had a skate, snow, surf, BMX, moto and wake team? Think they'll promo one of these lovely machines out to The Tap?

ENTRY #409, 8:40am

We've been pegged. Time to switch it up.

James Cheetham from Brighton, England, wants to share this promo vid with you all. Cheese on Tape.

Goat burning? Huh?

My first post of December and that's all I have to share?

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