ENTRY #408, 9:56am

Remember Johnny Knoxville playing a pick-up b-ball game with a perpetual boner under his sweatpants? Well, Knoxville has nothing on this guy.

Andy Howell has an interesting publishing project coming up in the next week or two — "Art, Skateboarding and Life." Support it.

Ugh. The problem with the advancement we make are the carpetbaggers and snake oil dealers that latch on. From Skate Daily.

Aaaah, this is more like it...
Placed to Ride.

ENTRY #407, 4:39pm

Click around and see if you can figure out what this is... Wood on Waist.

Random project.

Whoa. Bring one of those to Torrance.

ENTRY #406, 11:06am

Ringer, I'm so happy with all the extra emails. Especially the ones on the "choose life" subject. In fact, I'm SO stoked, that I'm contemplating being cloned, just so I can kill myself.

Something else for all you youngsters out there to be thankful for... Gary Glitter is in jail.

MJ, watch your back man, this dude has stalker potential written all over him.

This looks like it has some potential. Tales From the Fish House.

ENTRY #405, 2:28pm

I guess it's my turn to help Rudy with the ramp. See you next week.

ENTRY #404, 3:13pm

Come on Meza, "Behold a Pale Horse" is William Cooper — not even close to Buk. If Alex is lucky, I believe his pops must have some Bukowski laying around the house... I recommend starting with "Ham on Rye."

ENTRY #403, 9:16am

Wallride deadline time again. Dumpers in an anxious mood. But a couple of them have found time to help Friend of the Tap, Greg Shewchuk, with his Land of Plenty project... getting boards to kids who might not otherwise have access to them. Check the LOP show at Brooklyn Projects on 12/11 — skating and art, hand-in-hand for the benefit of us all.

Puzzle (Euro vid magazine)

The Denver Shop

ENTRY #402, 9:55am

I'm not too sure Ty would like this clip, but I think it's kind of sexy... in a creepy sort of way. Creepy sexy?

Art Dumper and Ruby artist, Misato Suzuki has posted a site of her work. Great stuff. And check out who's been buying it.

A lot of you may not have seen this short Spike film starring the legendary Gonz. How They Get There. If you haven't watched the Gonzales outtakes on the new Fourstar vid, Super Champion Funzone, you're missing out.

Kinda old. Sorta dumb. But there's a good line in there about Steve.

ENTRY #401, 2:02pm

Happy birthday, Megan!!

ENTRY #400, 9:08am

I got this link to a Quicktime of a skateboarding dog from Bofus this morning. My initial thought was (of course) "Damn. Even dogs are getting into it." Then I noticed the dog even has his own website (and probably a Friendster account). Ugh. I'm such a cynical ****, was my post initial thought.

Then I actually watched the Quicktime and it made me grin. That damn dog is having more fun skating than most skateboarders. And he's doing it for no other reason than the pure joy of it. Nice. Quick suggestion to Tyson, though; You might want to tighten those trucks a tad. And maybe get a decent filmer.

ENTRY #399, 9:10am

A Tap favorite is under fire... apparently, Kazakhstan, doesn't have much of a sense of humor.

You guys pay too much attention to detail. It scares me.

ENTRY #398, 10:52am

From Superlew;

"Looks like possibly a viral ad for something (vid clip), the moment is just too perfect. But what? Found at Jalopnik."

ENTRY #397, 10:29am

Over heard this in the art department this morning;

Reggie: "Hey, •••••• mag in •••••• doesn't want to run the new Girl ad. They say they want something 'stylish.'"

Jeremy: "Maybe we should just give them another brand?"

Jenkins: "Hmmm. Yeah, if they want stylish, they should get Chocolate."

Ah, the beauty of professional marketing in motion.

ENTRY #396, 4:05pm

All right people... stop sending links to the fainting goats. That shit is old.

ENTRY #395, 11:38am

Please send out your best thoughts to Niles Baltimore who was badly hurt in an accident last week. The guy's been around the family since he was about 4... do you have the Natas 101 graphic with the Captain America kid on it? That's Niles — the same kid who drew one of Rickk's first Girl graphics and worked in the warehouse for years. We're here for you, Niles, hang in there and get well soon.

Transworld is doing a redesign!

This dude's been sending in some great Girl graphics lately. watch for more in Wallride 11 in January. Mark Penxa (pink-sah).

All this talk of goats — pah! Kangaroos are where it's at...

Waaay cooler. Image from Aussie Tapper, Cam.

ENTRY #394, 11:21am

The fashion community is catching on. Saks Fiifth Avenue tie eating goats (photo from Tapper, Simón Flores).

Caught in the Crossfire has done a recent revamp.

Godzilla's got a decent style. And pretty good skate spots too.

I guess if you can't make a living just skating, you can incorporate some other skill into it. For real.

ENTRY #393, 2:15pm


"Here, a family of goats visit a rollerblade farm." Via Campbell at Monster Children.

So gay. But funny. What? Sure, gay can be funny.

Hey you skaters in Las Vegas, it's hard to do grabs or inverts without a thumb.

Winner of the Crailtap Best Book Title of 2005. Here's another book, but the title's not as good — it's good, just not as good; No Comply.

ENTRY #392, 8:54am

The Channel Street skatepark fundraiser in Pedro was a huge success last weekend. Check it out. A killer half bowl with elevating coping and spine will be the next obstacle for them to tackle.... after that? They might just be out of space.

Seattle's got its own DIY park going. Marginal Way.

Wow. Since the Mez asked for "some funnier images" for the front page, we've been getting some scary shit. Here's an example. Now come on, people... can't we find a happy medium here?

ENTRY #391, 11:23am

Agent Tito just sent this link in with a subject line which simply stated, "Whaaaaat?

ENTRY #390, 10:35am

One of the better skatepark sites I've seen in a while. These guys are taking action and spreading their knowledge. Skaters for Public Skateparks. I love this pic from their site. A call to arms;

Zombies aren't just for halloween, people.

ENTRY #389, 10:35am

So... a guy is skating around (yes, he flees on a skateboard) robbing banks in the Valley, and these are the only photos we get to identify the guy?

Well, first off, they look like two different perps to me; from what I can tell, the one on top appears to be new Fourstar art director, Michael Coleman (he has since grown a beard as a diguise) and the bottom one is most definitely, the Mez.

ENTRY #388, 3:38pm

3:38pm and still nothing... maybe tomorrow.

ENTRY #387, 2:36pm

Classic Jason Lee.

ENTRY #386, 2:13pm

Larson found his cock. Well, the little one, anyway.

ENTRY #385, 10:51am

Do any of you remember a graphic Girl did for Koston years ago that was a rooster stqanding akimbo in a cape? We called it "Super Cock." Anyhow, Larson has been searching for the old artwork this week so we can make boxers with the image. Imagine this; Larson in his office typing "Super Cock" into his search engine. Needless to say, he hasn't found what we're looking for.

Peep This.
Have Board.
Not Another Skate Zine.
Union Gas.

ENTRY #384, 4:08pm

Went through my bookmarks and cleaned them out. Found a few links worth checking again. I will share them with you here in no particular order;

Wooden Toy.
Monkey Say.
Forgotten City.

ENTRY #383, 9:53pm

Elk.From our friend, Jocko Weyland.

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