ENTRY #382, 2:35pm

Dude, I had to find out by press release that Mike York and Daniel Castillo now ride for Grind King? Shit. We really are the worst skate news site.

Apparently, McGill really does use all four rails in his day-to0day skating.

Remember, send your jpegs in for the Tappers' Frontpage — all this week, people. If it's successful, maybe we'll extent it.

Random Skate Dot Com.

Guided By Voices t-shirt archive.

And finally, a halloween URL from Tapper, Russdog, "Sady, I know people from most of these groups."

ENTRY #381, 9:25am

My question is, why does McGill have to run two full sets of rails on his board?

In case you didn't know already, here's the History of Skateboarding in a nutshell. The author's father built him this, ah, halfpipe, from some set of seemingly arcane plans found in a time capsule somewhere. Check the list of dudes who've tried to drop in...

Raining? Try this for a few.

Revert magazine.

Friend of the Tap and Girl graphics man, Mark Penxa, sent this jpeg with the caption, "I love skateboarding so much, I wish it would die."

ENTRY #380.5, 10:27am

Oh, Andy Mac... sigh. Would it be so hard to do things in an industry positive way? (borrowed from Skatedaily)

ENTRY #380, 8:42am

Look, our daily photo account is about empty — at least until the regular contributors (you know who you are) come back in with more images. So, I was thinking, next week should be Tappers Frontpage Week. Yeah. Send in your front page images and we'll put up a new one (or more) every morning for a week. Send 'em in now, we start on Monday. Send them here.

Tap operative Super Lew found this accounting of karma as seen through the eyes of a flash animator.

Some new things over at Check the magazine section for starters...

"You alright Dude?" Couple slam links from Tapper, Julie Saxton. 1 is funny, 2... harsh. 1 & 2.

BTW, Thrasher is turning 25 in December. Congrats for the longevity and thanks for the memories, boys. Here's a quick overview of their press release;

"Bespectacled editor Jake Phelps, who worked his way up from the Thrasher warehouse to become editor-in-chief, has become one of the most recognizable, revered, and controversial figures in skateboarding."

"Over the years skateboarding has oscillated from trend to outcast sport and back again to the height of pop culture. Pretenders have come and gone, but Thrasher has weathered the storms by remaining true to the same ethos that informed its founding: live to skate, skate or die."

"Twenty-five years of skating, being first, finding the best spots, getting yelled at by angry mothers, losing friends, losing money, getting the photo, trash talking, fighting, rockin’ and rollin’, and generally destroying every surface fit to skate and even more that weren’t fit to skate."

In case you haven't seen Tommy Guerrero's site yet, check it out.

ENTRY #379, 9:16am

Fourstar crew is out and about in LA today. Let me know if you run across them.

A short piece on the LA Supreme. Girl Chocolate? What brand is that?

ENTRY #378.5, 10:28am

"I met my last three girlfriends at the skate park."


ENTRY #378, 9:36am

Expect tales of debauchery and mayhem in the other columns today. Not here. This is the civilized scroll.

Lots of good bands playing at the old Waters Club in San Pedro coming up (11/4). "So?" you say, "this is a skate site." Well hang on, all proceeds go to the San Pedro Skatepark Association and the Channel Street park under the bridge. I know you've at least seen this park. Thrasher cover, DVS vid (Daewon loves the place)... if you're not into the show deal, come to the park on Saturday (11/5) for a great skate sesh, and lots of cheap stuff for sale.

ENTRY #377, 2:15pm

Can't think of anything today. I just keep looking out my window. Longingly.

Here's a live webcam of a computer room at Florida State University,Conradi Hall, Room 217 (log on at night, I'll bet some wild shit goes on in there). Hmmm, I wonder how hard it would be to get one of those students to log onto Crailtap — you could, theoritically, zoom in and read this column from the webcam!

That's a stupid idea.

ENTRY #376.5, 2:09pm

Quick note from Larson;

"Regarding the current Featured Email: Wouldn't it be a Hair-i-Copter? Man I'm good."

ENTRY #376, 10:09am

Do you think Jodie Foster still skates goofy? How cool would that be if she still skated and showed up at pools with Carabeth? Like, "Damn the movies — I gotta go do a tailblock or two." Her personal assistant sits in the car making calls while Jodie rips.

I know... long shot.

ENTRY #375, 11:16am

Apparently, Create It, Skate It, went out of business, so don't be sending any money over there. Thanks for the info, Wikan.

The Keep-A-Breast show opens at the Lab101 this weekend. Hmm, I noticed a couple Dumper's breast molds were "coming soon." Lazy bums.

To everyone whom I owe packages to — they will go out this week. I'm a lazy bum.

Seems Transworld is making another staff change... first Carleton Curtis and now, Randy Laybourne, as their new art director. I hope some of his drawings make it into the mag.

ENTRY #374, 2:20pm

I'm glad skateboarding doesn't have umpires.

Check out the sites;
Official New York
Atiba Jefferson
Create It, Skate It

ENTRY #373, 9:57am

A 9th Street Bomb first turn video clip. Larson dug this one up over at Roughneck Hardware.

The Girl website has been updated with all the newest product.

Beer Looter Dude.

ENTRY #372, 3:43pm


...either way, Spinal Tap wins.

Some places to waste time tonight (if you're not watching the Angels);
Dan's World - probably the oldest skate site out there.
Switch Magazine.
Skate Colorado.
RJK (a quicktime).

ENTRY #371.5, 1:31pm

Most ads suck. Admit it. They either suck because they just plain miss, or they are boring as hell — skateboarding or otherwise. Here's my favorite non-suck skate ad of this month; Gerwer Baby. Who drew that? So good.

ENTRY #371, 12:18pm

Ice Mag out of Spain.

Basquiat is rolling over in his grave. Maybe. The beginning of the end for the pop-shoe-fetish? I hope so.

ENTRY #370, 2:33pm

I need to revive Dude Looks (and acts) Like Dude. Just this once.

ENTRY #369.5, 11:09am

For some reason, I was hoping for all slams on this clip.

ENTRY #369, 8:35am

Once again my attempt at skateboard journalism turned pathetic. I was informed this morning that Carlton's name is actually spelled CarlEton. Damnit.

Apparently, this clip was up on another skate site, but it's damn funny... ah, I mean, very offensive, sweety.

ENTRY #369, 10:38am

Carlton Curtis is the new editor at Transworld Skateboarding.

How's that for straight up skateboarding news?

ENTRY #368, 10:32am

Just kidding about the internet. We love it.

Sal left Plan B? Am I late on this one? Skateboard Rumors, can you confirm this? Another rumor around here last week was that one of us Tappers was a mole for you guys. Not true.... is it?

ENTRY #367, 1:20pm

Lest we forget... The Internet is Shit

ENTRY #366, 2:29pm

Did he really say that? Yes, he did. The wonderfully virtuous William Bennett.

Now, Bush would never propose such a preposterous thing. He cares about black people — young, black or brown.

But enough politics... this is way more important.

ENTRY #365, 8:40am


ENTRY #364, 2:52pm

#97 is up. Third one from today now wins the boxloada. They gotta be good, blitchies. Don't ask what "good" that means — this is Crailtap, people.

Remember XTC? They're good.

The Girl Art Dump finally has a site up. Let your friends know — especially the ones who own or run museums and galleries in exotic foreign lands..

We were just reminded by a Tapper, that Dumper & Lakaister, Andy Mueller, had this short film bio made a few years back and it's still hosted by the good folks at Coudal. More on Mueller; his company, The Quiet Life, is also releasing a book this weekend, come to the party.

Larson hooked me (us) up with this cool interview; Mark Mothersbaugh at The Believer.

I want to be Amy Sedaris's boyfriend.

I can't read or speak French, but this magazine is just great. CHILL!

ENTRY #363, 1:57pm

These two could be essentials for living;
Bullshit Deflectors
What Should I Read Next?

Some skate sites for the week;
Skim the Fat
The Legendary Jaks

...and finally, the head-shake site of the week;
National Extreme Sports League

ENTRY #362, 9:51am

Yes, those are porcelain (click on image for enlargement). No, they are not the new Royals. They were made by artist, Pier Stockholm. Beautiful. I want some for my bathroom.

Great resource and community site for filmers and photographers... of skating, that is. Skateperception.

Ghost town here today. I guess Gav is much more popular than I imagined. Had I known, I might be at his wedding myself. Congrats, Tim and Kelly.

ENTRY #361, 3:16pm

Skate clicks by Roman Chavez.

The Found Footage Festival. Larson dug this one up. Click on "Preview."

Our bros, Sakebomb.

It seems every skater I know watched Earl. Tapper reviews are flooding in. Watch for a collection of them to appear on the site tomorrow some time.

ENTRY #360.5, 4:07pm

Just thought of something else... any of you guys check out "Earl" last night? Send me your reviews.

ENTRY #360, 2:49pm

44 Boards. Other than that, I got nothin' for you today. Oh, wait, the extention to Larson's new office is 132. He's earned himself a room with a window — so what if it looks out over a dock of printers and Nick's cubical?

ENTRY #359, 10:20am

Calling all BC stuntwood citizens... Fourstar thingy up at AntiSocial this weekend — "Who Chairs?" Go check out the new line, see the Fourstar Japan DVD and some post-modern chairs painted by Art Dumpers. Should be cool.

ENTRY #358, 9:36am

You know the Ice Lounge? They do a pretty cool thing by spot-lighting a "Skater of the Week."

Larson dug up this link to a gallery of the Dog Town Art Show that happened a couple weekends back. Couple Dumpers in there along with the old masters.

10 more emails left.

ENTRY #357, 9:43am

Don't ask me about the Mez, I have no idea why the Randoms have become a frozen wasteland. May be he thinks the server is still down? And apparently, Ringer has jetted off to New York without telling the staffer who updates the site... that would be me. Ty? New York, maybe? Big secret meeting.

Two good things this weekend. If you're in LA, come to this. If you are near Kansas City, go to that.


Digging a hole to "China." After messing with this one a bit, it seems any holes dug straight through the Earth from North and Central America end up in the Indian Ocean. Hmmm.

ENTRY #356, 1:50pm

Dear Friends and Foes,
I must apologize for the lack of Crailtap updates over the last few days. The barrage of videoclips, slideshows and general digital crap we dispurse, sent our server into a tailspin and eventual crash , morphing it into heap of virtual molten steel. By the time we found out, we were locked out and had to wait for our new, much improved server to begin eating it's way onto the internet.

But, whatever.

As you can see, we're back and gettin' busy. Should be another couple months before we max this new web home...


ENTRY #355, 2:27pm

Did some tradeshow just go down somewhere?

Koston lost. Banned from the Tap.

Can I do that, Mez?

Power is out all over LA. iPod is charged and ready. Shotgun loaded... just in case.

The Girl Art Dump has a show, Pieces of Sheet, coming up this weekend — maybe by candle-light — at the Lab101 gallery in West LA.

ENTRY #354, 12:41pm

Just checking out some link portals this morning and, I don't know, got a little bummed at how often the word "cool" is used. Everything is either cool or not cool. Apparently projecting graffiti on buildings is "cool" and t-shirts with clever designs/sayings are "not cool."

Who knew? Who decided?

Over it. Fuck it. To quote Dinosaur Jr., "Whatever's Cool With Me."

ENTRY #353, 2:41pm

I want to mention a skate mag out of the East, Focus. It's a tough business trying to do skate mag, doing it from Philly is even tougher. But these guys are succeeding and keeping the East alive. Keep up the good stuff, guys.

I'm going for coffee, anyone want some?

ENTRY #352, 12:57pm

Just saw a preview of the Fourstar Champion Fun Zone Japan Tour DVD. Sick.

With the influence of Animal House to aid him, Sam Smyth recalled his days of tag-banging and gave birth to the Terror Totter, the Koston designed obstacle which loomed large on the Van's Crazy Contraption Street Party Summer Jam. What thanks did he get? Couple lousy plugs on Crail Tap.

ENTRY #351.5, 4:14pm

We went from having server issues to email problems... sorry people. we should have it all together by tomorrow.

Want a break down of the Van's Crazy Contraption Street Party Summer Jam results? I'm too lazy to even learn the real name of the deal, so how would I report on it? Go over to a real skateboard site,, they've got it together for you.

Here's a little Quicktime deal on Huf and Frisco.

Skating in Malasia. Thought they didn't?

Nice photos and skateboarding media/references on this French (I think) site by Yoann Cimier, Skate-Site.

Pretty strange seeing billboards for this thing all over LA.

ENTRY #351, 8:22am

Sorry about the stillness on Friday, people. Server was filled to capacity and we had to wait for the provider to grow more space for us. Thanks for the help, Chris.

Hopefully Sam brings in pictures of the Death Machine today. Big hand for Res — he saved the day, graphically speaking.

More later today.

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