ENTRY #350, 11:41am

Well, looks like I'm headed up to Universal Studios to paint a secret ramp with Larson and Jenks. How did I get sucked into this? Tell you next week after I solve our server problems. Have a good holiday, folks.

ENTRY #349, 3:55pm

Happy birthday, Rickk. Maybe someone got you a middle name.

"There's a war outside your window..."

Border town. DIY lives on.

ENTRY #348, 12:40pm

Snoop's new business.

"Let's get rad!"

This made me thirsty.

This is what we have to look forward to as old men (wmv file).

Conan vs. Bear.

Wonka Vision.

Looks like two American skate artists are exhibiting in Europe — Paris and Copenhagen respectively — starting next week. Andy Mueller and Ed Templeton.

ENTRY #347, 11:29am

Lee Charron of Concussion fame and the boys at NHS sent this link for the new Creature feature teaser. Click on the burning, screaming skull, of course. Worth the 16 meg wait.

Couple more Italian skate sites;
Skatemap Italy

In case you haven't already heard what Salman and Metty are up to lately;
Ice Lounge

Tap associate, Mark Lewman has found it. The End.

ENTRY #346, 1:31pm

This is an example of the types of sales emails your local shops are getting these days. I've bolded out my favorite quote...


Hello again,

My name is --- and I am a Sales Associate at WinCraft, Inc. I sent an email to you about a week and a half ago and I was wondering if you had a chance to check out the multi-sport helmets on our website. If you haven't, you really should. They are great ways for skateboarders and bicyclists to sport their favorite team or NASCAR driver. If you'd like I can send you one of our catalogs so you can see a detailed pictures of these great helmets. I would be happy to send you a free sample of one of the helmets if you'd like to see them in person. Please contact me with any questions.

Thank you,

PS The Nascar helmets allows me to race around the skatepark even faster!

Thanks to Josh at Premier for forwarding that one.

A random sampling of skate shots and more from Italy. Teen Trash.

Something is brewing in Downtown Canada. "Serious Balls, Glory and Scaaars... comin' together to hit-cha all at once." —Mr. Dan Bohart (quicktime).

The Candian's have been busy. "First One's Free," from Adam Bialo and Stuart Britton.

ENTRY #345, 11:07am

I'm pretty sure there aren't any NFA members logging onto Tha Tap.

Brit skate clicker, Sam Ashley sent in this nice Dan Cates, backside C-tap to say thanks for the link last week.

Mike McGill back and sponsored by WalMart? This spy shot was taken at the extra-large chain store by Ryan, an old buddy of Tapper, Darin Bendall.

Midwest Melee results up at 3rd Lair. While you're there, check out the Slam of The Week.

ENTRY #344.5, 5:35pm

One last thing before I leave for the weekend;

Califone's, "Heron King Blues."

Good stuff.

ENTRY #344, 3:35pm

I got nothin'. Too burnt. But Aaron is correct, next week will be big at the Tap.

ENTRY #343, 3:59pm

Whoa. You got me with that one.

ENTRY #342, 1:22pm


ENTRY #341, 10:14am

Check out Sam Ashley's photo site. For those of you who don't get the Brit skate mag, Document, this guy is one of the best from the Isles — hell, all of Europe. Good stuff, Sam.

Todd at the Skate Lab in Simi has a Skate Wing in his possession. He's offered to help me learn to fly. Thanks, Todd.

Ben Powell sent me an email explaining the plight of the famed marble heaven skate spot, Stalin Square in Czech. Go here for more details on the situation and to sign an online pettition to help save the place.

I keep hearing talk of a nice park in El Segundo. Let you know Monday.

ENTRY #340, 10:03am

Thank you to Derek "Big Foot" Oblinger for answering my questions from yesterday.


Doesn't seem like it.

Because Mountain Men do it right.


Are you Christian?

TV was always in love with skateboarding. It's Just That no one ever knew it.


Only with a tiny piece of magic and if you flap your arms really hard.

Airplanes fly.

To get a haircut like that, just go to SuperCuts and ask for "The Usual."

Phew. I'm calling Bob & Paul, apologizing to Marc, still pondering life, killing my TV, ordering the Gyro Backpack and Skate Wing, booking a flight and going to Super Cuts. I will be a new man. Thank you, Big Foot.

The other day I also wondered aloud whether there were any skateboard "news" sites. Duh. Bryce has one of the best with SkateDaily.

ENTRY #339, 4:06pm

Did Burnquist survive his fight with the Super Hell Ramp?

Is P-Rod stoked at Plan B?

Why is MJ sporting a mountain man beard?

Are finger and toe nails the evolutionary results to what were at one time cat-like claws?

Is evolution for real?

Is TV still in love with skateboarding? Was it ever?

Does that damn gyroscopic backpack really work for big airs?

What about this piece-ah-shit? Can it help me fly?

I want to fly. Why can't I fly? I should go back to the evolution question, eh? Or just have a beer and go to sleep.

Forget it... man, I don't know shit.

But wait, where can I get a haircut like that?

ENTRY #338, 1:37pm

You're going to have to watch ESPN this weekend to find out who won the Xstreet skate thing. Or maybe go to a real skate "news" site.

Wait... are there any skate "news" sites?

One thing I do know; it's gonna take a shot of cortizone to the ankle for
Danny Way to make the Super Hell Ramp comp. Rumor has it he collided with a pelican whilst 35 feet up in a b/s method air. The man is a machine.

Tapper, Wayne Sayres, from Minneapolis guessed it. We're celebrating Girl's 12 year anniversary today. Happy birthday to us.

A shout out to our PM,
Brian Mettee, for winning the Girl Fam Trivia Contest at lunch. Beat Larson by two questions in a showdown. Now log off and get back to work.

ENTRY #337.5, 10:31am

RIP, the Chappelle Show.

ENTRY #337, 9:25am

I am utterly amazed that noone has gotten the "what is the big anniversary here at Girl this Friday" question yet. I'm surprised at you people...

Fingers crossed for
McCrankers and Frosty on X Street today (it airs tonight and tomorrow night on ESPN. Should be good. Super Ramp is Sunday. Pool Que Jousting is next Monday.

Cool new retro shape coming from Girl this fall. See if you recognize it. Think 9" wide.

Also in the works, a "Zorlac" model for Koston?

ENTRY #336, 11:31am

So Jeremy found this UK Tattoo magazine cover online and recognized the cover model immediately. Do you?

Jeremy, aren't you working on Wallride 10?

Crankers is in town for the big X. But then, you've already checked the Skate Fairy flick, right?

Who can tell me what the big anniversary is here at Girl on Friday? Anyone? Free Crail T to the first person to answer.

Gotta go, Larson needs his teriyaki.

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