ENTRY #335, 4:27pm

Led Skynard. Do I win?

ENTRY #334, 11:07am

Check it out... BlogMental has make a few improvements lately.

Wooden Toys Magazine.

I can't remember if I plugged Shiloh's website. Probably, but that's OK. He has one of the best names I've ever run across.

Read books? Check out these two by James Frey; "A Million Little Pieces," and "My Friend Leonard."
Great stuff.

ENTRY #333, 2:15pm

Some of you may not know this, so I'll bring it to light. Because that's what I do.
Check this poll from the Skateboard Mag. That's right, over 46,000 people voted.

Did you notice Ringer's entry yesterday was 699? Tee hee...

That's it. See you Monday. Do something good this weekend.

ENTRY #332, 2:37pm

That post about France from yesterday was total bullshit. I was bored.

This, however, may seem like bullshit, but it appears to be legit; "Skateboarder Branded by Manhole Cover Sues." What? Hell, remember Sergie Ventura's hot fork brand? I'd be stoked to have a mancover keloid. Your scar story alone would rule. Link from Sam Sneed.

Want a free email address that ends with Check it out.

Operation Dreamland.

There's an archive of Tony Larson boards for Girl over at the new Agents site. Good stuff. Be sure to check out the One-Offs section.

Check out Larson's some time collaborator, Mark Penxa. The kid can draw.

ENTRY #331, 11:07am

"What holiday were you all on yesterday that no one posted?" —Jurgen K

Well, Jurgen, I just didn't have time to post... Burnett finally wrote me. It's true. And he invited the Ringer and me for dinner on the river Siene — where we saw Paris from the grandeur of the glass-covered decks of the Bateaux-Mouches!! A dramatic attempt to up his placement on our favoritism lists.

It worked. Burnett rocketed up to #14 on mine — just in front of Ringer!

Jeron Wilson on the premier non-profit news network? Yes.

"...then Jason Lee crazily hoofed it to the flicks, and Mark Anthony killed his chick." Should I laugh or cry. You be the judge. Link from Tapper, Kyle Beachy.

Gotta nap. Jet lagged.

ENTRY #330, 1:19pm

Anonymous Tapper version of Carroll's "Magnum."

The Jersey Shore? What are you thinkin', Mikey? Sent by Tapper, Adam Willer.

Gruggle Footy... does that mean skimming your toe and heel? Or tic-tacing? Kinda cool nonetheless.

Goat popularity on the rise... can be used as currency!

Burnett hasn't written me yet. I'm going home.

ENTRY #329, 12:34pm

Tapper, Dee Bee, wrote in with this little reminder of past Tap-age...

"Wow. Mike Burnett is really flying up the Crailtap charts. He's hotter than 'Eye of the Tiger' in 1982. It looks like he might even be going from Mini Top 5 status to Full On Top 5 status. Yeah Mike! Here is Mike's Mini-Top 5 from August 18, 2004:"


Top 5 things Mike Burnett was surprised to discover on the KOTR with the Girl team:

1. "Just because you’re going low carb doesn’t mean you’re going low fun"
2. "Amateur man-muff grooming, not as uncommon as you might think."
3. "Street style nudity: Finally here!"
4. "If Eric got serious about skating tranny, Tas Pappas and some of those other dudes would be out of a job."
5. "Jokes about Sheffey as a mystery guest—not so funny."

Tapper, Ortho Stevens, also wrote in with his suggestion of a name for Bridgeman's new trick...

"With that Starbucks colorway, and this being the summer of corporate love, why not brand it "the double shot"?"

OK. Good one, Ortho. But I'm still wondering WWMBD? Burnett, why do you never write me?

ENTRY #328.5, 1:25pm

"I would like give my case for Mike Burnett to move up on your favs list. I used to skate with Mike in Boulder before he became famous. He has always been an honest and down to earth person.  They still have a Halloween costume party contest in Boulder due to what Mike started in like... the 1800’s. Mike rules. I think he should at least be 23rd on your list. Thanks for you time." — Marcus Valdez

Burnett, your people are coming out of the woodwork. OK... I'll move you up to 23 just for the emails we've been getting in your support. Skin, you're now 24. Sorry bro.

ENTRY #328, 11:14am

Maybe you guys can help me out with this one...
"Dear Crailperson, I did a new trick today and need help naming it." —Bridgeman

Hmmm, WWMBD?

Online sign-ups for the Midwest Melee at
3rd Lair start today. Get your game face on.

Skate of Die, a skull-based art project is coming in a week or so. All proceeds go to build a skatepark in Farbault, Minnesota. Lotta nutty skartists involved.

ENTRY #327.5, 3:18pm

You know, I was thinking that if Michael Burnett didn't spend so much time on the road with Meza, he might rank up there on my list of favorite people.... but, alas, Michael, you're at 26 right now. Not bad, really, considering that The Mez is 29th. Skin is ahead of you, though. 23rd.

ENTRY #327, 10:42am

Tapper, Roger Butler sent this in. "I know it might be weird since he's on a Sal Plan B board, but the Jovontae Tee cancels that right out..." Indeed it does. Thanks, Roger.

Thanks, Russ, for the box of Automatic mags. Tappers can check the rag online at Check out the "Just Say No To Shitty Skateparks" article.

ENTRY #326, 11:04am

We have a WINNER. Mueller made it back from Holland just in time to pick a crossword puzzle out of the Chocolate backpack we had stuffed with them. He pulled out this dude:

Ryan Pickens from LA. Congrats, Ryan. Drop us an email to confirm your address and we'll get the boxloada out to you. In case the rest of you want to know, here are the answers (pdf file).

Muells and Evan Hecox were in Holland doing this show here. Good times in Rotterdam — now let's finish Wallride 10.

This is pretty damn funny. Tapper,
Brandon Lindquist re-created the Magic Board sketch from Yeah Right... with clay (3.9meg wmv).

ENTRY #325, 4:53pm

Damn this column sneaks up on me. We're still getting straggler crosswords, so I'm waiting to pick and annouce until Monday. If you're as bad a procrastinator as I am, you now have the weekend to make sure you send one in. Download the crossword PDF here, fill it out, then send it here. Or fax it to 310-783-1940.

ENTRY #324, 4:10pm

Bob K gets a Top 5 before Rudy? Oh my.

Tomorrow is the last day to send in the Crail Crossword. The odds of being picked out of a box of completed crosswords are pretty good. The prize is still a boxloada shit from Mueller's office, but I can't show you right now because he's off gallivanting around Holland in his skart guise with Evan Hecox.

Someone should make a "wheel whitener." Or, at least a urethane that does not yellow. Or, harder black wheels.

Why can't griptape already be laminated on the board when you buy it?

A guest artist is being recruited to do a Koston model for Wallride #10. You'll be stoked.

ENTRY #323, 11:35am

Birthday wishes go out to our little Art Dump princess, Jeremy Carnahan. Happy birthday, blitchy!

What's this I hear about certain skate discussion boards alight with info swapping on the
Crailtap Crossword Contest #2? Hmmm, I may have to call the contest...

ENTRY #322, 11:06am

Crailtap Crossword Contest #2
The success rate on crosswords turned in so far is about 90%. Much better than last time. Keep them coming, this Thursday the 14th is the deadline. Download the crossword PDF here.

Things in Scotland seem to be flourishing. You can really feel the energy in this clip — the 'Livi' 25th Anniversary Jam. Rippers and cripplers for sure.

ENTRY #321, 11:00am

Crailtap Crossword Contest #2
is moving along rather briskly already. Thanks for the response, Tappers. 2 across can be a real name, or nickname — either will work. Download the crossword PDF here.

Tapper, Adam Ianiello, sent this in (2.7meg wmv file). We're not sure of the relevance, but I love the Powerglove... it's so bad.

ENTRY #320, 11:05am

Crailtap Crossword Contest #2
Here she is, people. Fill her out completely and correctly and mail her in by July 14th. We'll put all the correct ones in a bag and randomly pick a winner. Said winner will get a box of crap from Mueller's office... could be anything in there (I'll post a photo later this week). Download the crossword PDF here.

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