ENTRY #319, 4:34pm

Still too much noise. Maybe tomorrow. My apologies.

ENTRY #318, 2:15pm

Good job on Keepin' it Real, Smyth. Made me feel like I was living with them... that's good writing, my man. But not a good idea — I mean, me living with them.

I'm going to stop now. Too much noise in the air.

ENTRY #317, 1:31pm

What's this I hear about a certain hardware manufacturer reneging on his custom Dunks give-away deal? Doesn't want to send the winner a $1000 (eBay approximation) pair of shoes now?

List of mags that came in my mailbox today; The Skateboard Mag #17, Monster Children #8, Concrete Powder #77, Document #50, Chill #5, Sugar 66, Thrasher #279. Yesterday? Skateboarder, Slap and Expose #7...holy shit, that's a lotta paper, ink, glue and staples... FOR JUST TWO DAYS.

ENTRY #316.5, 4:51pm

"All the Nike employees responsible for the creation of the tour flyer are fans of both Minor Threat and Dischord Records and have nothing but respect for both."

But it's pretty obvious they didn't and don't understand the ideology. A sad commentary on numerous levels.

ENTRY #316, 3:37pm

So I'm skating at 223rd this morning and a dude walks by and says, "Man! Do they have insurance for you at this place? You're a little old, ain't ya?!" I skate off and into the bowl. I love locking the back truck up on a grind. F cement parks. And F you too, commentating passerby mother fucker.

There. I feel better now.

Except for my old hip.

ENTRY #315, 1:08pm

Seen Daewon's part in Skate More yet? Busenitz? Good shit.

Remember, kids, safety is of the utmost importance.

The Skateboard Show is playing some Minor Threat to protest Nike's unauthorized co-opting of the punk/DIY icons imagery and logo.

Two guys skateboarding is lucky to have... Treece and Barbee.

Gotta go, I'm gonna be late to my Krumping lesson.

ENTRY #314.5, 10:42am

I little bird sent us this pre-press article (pdf file) about Danny Way's Great Wall of China jump.

ENTRY #314, 9:09am

Sorry for the lack of updates yesterday afternoon. You can blame Atiba and Koston for hogging the Crail bandwidth with a Girl ad sequence yesterday. And you'll have to wait a couple months to see the ad.

Getting more reports of mishaps with the law during the Go Skate Day activities. What did we expect?

I have no idea who Mark Cuban is. Paul? Megan? Google?

Hey Nike... good one. Look. Links from

ENTRY #313.5, 1:55pm

City kicks skateboarders off the streets. City builds safe haven for skateboarders to skateboard in/on. City kicks kids out of safe haven and beats a few down in the process. What was it NWA said back in the day? Globe and Dwindle got the black boot up the ass for attempting a good deed on Go Skateboarding Day (8meg quicktime).

After two hours, one cop in Philly simply sat her ass on a grindable ledge (feet in a planter, I might add) and ate an apple veeeeery slowly, to discourage the throngs of skaters at Love Park. Wild in the Streets.

ENTRY #313, 11:03am

Brian Lotti... Where can we find out more about First and Hope? Write me.

Check out the "trick" of the week over at Caught in the Crossfire.

Don't email me about details on Diamond Nick's contest. Email Nick himself.

This may represent a small ripple of what may become a titlewave of Dog Town Revival Merchandising (DTRM), or, as I like to call it, coat tailing. Watch yourselves. Thanks to Tapper, Nick Wilton, for the link.

ENTRY #312, 9:04am

Yesterday ruled. Except for the plum on my left hip.

Supposedly, you can win
Panasonic gear at this site. Some sort of scavenger hunt deal. Pretty cool site, though some of the skate footage is suspect... And somehow they posted a page of Girl Fam shots. Smyth, you moonlighting?

Rickk makes it into the Wikipedia.

> Automodown.
> Skate99.
> The HotCrew are the SoleTech "Art Dump", I believe. And GSD is somehow involved, so it's got instant cred with me.
> Sean Malto.

ENTRY #311, 10:54am

Longest day of the year today. Which is good. More time to skate.

Hey, Andy Jenkins, oldest Dumper, wants to say happy anniversary to his lovely wife, Kelley. Jenks, you know she doesn't read Sanger Sings, but hey... anything for you, bud. Wink.

Friend of Crail, Don Pendleton, long time Alien art man, has parted ways with the Workshop. According to Don it is a mutually positive parting and all is well. Don, we wish you the best with all future endeavors... you're a true talent.

ENTRY #310, 9:58am

I been thinking. With McDonald's making skateboards and Tony Hawk endorsing the same said fast food restaurant, doesn't that create a conflict of interest for Hawk? Or maybe there's more we don't know about? Naaaaa... I gotta stop thinking.

Check out Koston's favorite websites over at éS. Thanks, Frost.

ENTRY #309.5, 2:39pm

This could be the beginning of the end, people. Better stock up on the real stuff before this is all you can get.

ENTRY #309, 9:00am

Ringer's up early and posting this morning. Not too stoked on your dissing the upper floor here at HQ. I feel like I need to stand up for this place now.

Mueller would never leave Togos trash on the lunch table. He's a Thai food guy. And so what if he listens to Conner Oberst.... he's sensitive. It's 2005 and that's OK.

Look, the Desert Twins are NOT a couple. I mean, not a couple that lives together.... or ah, sleeps together. Come on. They are much more like brothers from different mothers.

And in response to your Top 5 things that level 2 doesn't know about the Upper Deck:
1. Maybe we haven't seen naked female breasts up here recently (or ever), but we do have Ty visit on occasion.

OK, you win on that one.

2. We don't need your snacks, bottom floor. You forget that Snack Master Smyth is up here — he provides the Upper Deck with 1/2 price Cheetos. And we have a full kitchen up here. We've even been known to cook each other lunch. Mez, it's your turn.

3. We're tight with the warehouse and know all about "Reggae Thursdays," and "Slow Dance Mondays."

4. Our extra pocket change goes to the poor, not the California State Government's pockets, via a scam known as Lotto, just so they can spend it on more Skate Stoppers.

5. HA! Our hottest guy is way hotter than your hottest guy! Personality wise.

So there. We challenge you to a contest of some sort. Upper Deck against the Basement. S.K.A.T.E.? Softball, perhaps? Chess?

ENTRY #308, 11:03am

Thank you to all the Tappers who responded to yesterdays questions. My faith in our congregation has been lifted.

The Flaming Lips did do the deal with the cassettes in a parking lot. Or something very similar to what I described yesterday. It was actually called, "The Parking Lot Experiments."

"...a new exploratory phase that saw Wayne Coyne embarking on a series of ambitious synchronic sonic experiments — turning the stereos of a parking-lot full of cars into an orchestra, conducting an "interactive tape deck performance" with an ensemble of 40 boom boxes — that culminated in the bold, quadraphonic "Zaireeka," an ambitious set of four CDs meant to be played simultaneously on four separate CD players (amazingly, Warner Bros. released it)."

"Just Got Paid," turns out to be a ZZ Top song, originally. The version I was thinking of was done by Rapeman, Steve Albini's (remember Big Black?) ill-named Chicago noise outfit. I had actually been thinking of the Circle Jerks from that scene in Repo Man where they play a lounge version of "When the Shit Hits the Fan."

Thanks, Indy Tappers, for reminding me that I am an old dork. And no thanks for leaving me hanging on what to get for lunch on a hot day. I went for a teriaki chicken bowl and got all bloated.

For those of you in on the big debate over what trick McCrankers is doing in his most recent Girl ad, I will tell you it's a.... kickflip. DAMN kid!

All you French skaters and other who happen to be in France in early July. Check this bowl contest. 1,500 Euros up for grabs.

Check out
Ringer's column... she actually posted a LINK. What's going on over there, Ringer?

ENTRY #307, 11:30am

"Just got paid today." Was that a Circle Jerks song?

It's as humid as a dog's mouth here today. My forearms are leaving sweat smears on my desk. Key pad is wet. What's a good food to get for lunch on days like this?

I heard this about the Flaming Lips once; they recorded all the band instruments for a track onto different cassettes. Then, each member took a cassette and put it into his own car stereo. After gathering a group of people in a parking lot and parking the cars in a circle, they proceeded to start up all the stereos at once, each with its own specially recorded cassette. Very John Cage. But to this day, I'm not sure if this is true... anyone know?

Who in the hell am I asking all these questions?

ENTRY #306.5, 2:20pm

PHEW! I guess you can go ahead and send your kids over to Neverland.

ENTRY #306, 10:26am

Art Dumpers seen sessioning the GTF. Well, "sessioning" may be to technical a word for what they were doing. More like pushing and sweating. Floundering? Nutty artists.

Aaron Rose has started production on an upcoming full-length documentary for Beautiful Losers. First the big book, now a movie. Tobin Yelland was seen wielding the camera for the project.

I heard something about a new addition to the Chocolate team. But I probably shouldn't pop the secret here...

The Lakai boys are in Moscow where it's $5 a minute to call home. We may not be getting daily updates, eh Mez?

Ronald is training on a skateboard. Who will stop him?

Reuben Sutherland. Click on "Here is the Solution." Good chit.

ENTRY #305, 4:29pm

Got your skate camp summer planned out yet? Just remember June 21st is the summer solstis and the first official day of the season AND
Go Skate Day.

Rickk's in the training facility shooting with O'Meally. He's practically grinding on the ceiling. Mez, you getting that for Park Clips?

How cool are those clips of
Mariano in the park? Ye-ah!

Biebs was in here today. You can always hear him before you see him.

ENTRY #304, 8:56am

The reading material in the Crail hq bathroom has taken a dump (so to speak). Have you seen what's become of Spin? Ouch. Who stocks this bathroom anyway?

The grand opening of the Dyrdek Skate Plaza is coming up real quick. You don't want to miss the
Hammers vs Bangers contest on June 11.

On the other side of the coin; the Fourstar & Val Surf 1st Annual Hubba Free Sunday Skateboard Invitational Best Manual Contest. Phew, long title, cool concept. Flatlanding. July 10th at 1pm at Val Surf in Valencia. We'll give you more info as we get it.

On the other side of the US,
SkatePark of Tampa (SPoT) is having a celebration of the end of the school year with a School's Out Jam on June 18th. These guys put on good events, check it out.

And since we're on June, don't forget that June 21st (the summer solstice) is
Go Skate Day.

Damn, that was boring. Maybe tomorrow will be better. See you then.

ENTRY #303, 12:43pm

Oh, shit, I get it now, Meza. Silly me.

Another NorCal contest — but not flatground this time. It's the
1st Annual Hella Hella Norcal Show at Ripon Skatepark. Check the info at

Your sites for the weekend. Not that you should be sitting in front of the computer...
Hit Me
Skate-Site (you guys are missing Life & Limb in your book setion)
Skate & Annoy Sticker Gallery
Bumper Ball
Bruce Campbell

Skateboarding Sucks.

ENTRY #302.5, 2:27pm

Mez, Nick, you've got to be kidding me... someone paid almost a $1000 for a pair of FUCKING SNEAKERS?! Man, I'm really disillusioned. Say it ain't so. The balance has now tipped. Evil is winning.

ENTRY #302, 8:31am

STOP. We have a winner.
Sonja Caudill from Lake Forest (just south of LA). She knew it was...


Some of you guessed Christian Kline, who was a very big part of Poweredge. Close, but Alec was the Managing editor for much of the mag's life. Sonja got it quick, of course, because,

"I knew Ben from skateboarding when I lived in Denver. When I moved to Cali a couple of years ago, I stayed at thier family's house for a couple of months... the Schroeders ROCK!!"

Have fun tomorrow night, Sonja.

ENTRY #301, 12:36pm

Not one bite on the
7th Annual TWS Awards tickets? Wow. I'm surprised. I have 2 for sure — maybe 4. You could bring your whole posse. Here's the deal. First person to answer the following question and has the ability to get to LA this Friday night, will win all the tickets.

Who was the longtime managing editor of Poweredge Magazine during its existence? Hint: his brother was sometimes known as Big Ben.

First dude to answer that in an email to me, wins the ticket — FedExed to their doorstep... IF you can really make it to LA Friday night.

ENTRY #300, 2:05pm

I'm busy on the a new Crailtap project... the Sticker Museum. Hope to have it up at the end of the week, but don't be expecting to log on and find a butt-load of stickers. This is an ongoing project and if you want to send scans of your favorites, feel free.

I've been debating whether I should give my
7th TWS Awards passes away in some sort of contest. What do you think? Will TWS get pissed if some Crail kid shows up and disrupts the entire "red carpet attire" proceedings? Hmmm.

What do you think I should do?

The square bowl at the
Channel Street Park in Pedro is done. Rickk gave it a big thumbs up. I think they have photos posted on their site. Me? I knocked myself Unconscious — metaphorically speaking — and woke up an old man.

ENTRY #299, 9:48am

The peeps are back from Tokyo looking a little worse for wear. Welcome home, boys.

Check out the 3rd Annual Damn Am contest at the 3rd Lair. The top 12 are invited to the big-time — the Tampa Am.

Not sure I understand this site. But you can win a free death lens. Lots of good vids and a blog to keep you occupied. Name This Video.

ENTRY #298, 9:23am

We have a winner, people! Out of the over 70 completed entries we received, only 7 were completely correct (click here for the answers). Those 7 were folded up and put into a box. Brian Mettee (the prize box man) then randomly picked the winner, and it is...

Dave Feldman from Chappaqua, New York.

Congratulations, Dave, the box of crap is on the way. And to the rest of you, thanks for entering — another crossword is coming up later this week, so be ready.

ENTRY #297, 11:18am

Today's the deadline for the crossword puzzle contest. We will be drawing a winner from all the correctly answered crosswords at about 4:30pm pst. You have until then to send one in for a chance to win this. Download the PDF here. Time's ah tickin'.

ENTRY #296.75, 3:25pm

Well, damn. It appears The Mez posted a Japan video clip with the incorrect audio. Here's the real one, Aaron — Larson fixed it.

ENTRY #296.5, 2:54pm

In case you forgot...
The internet is shit.

ENTRY #296, 1:07pm

Bomb threat at Crail hq yesterday. Couldn't make any posts.

Skaters can't seem to stay out of the news these days. Strategically placed sock puppet.

The Half Hand. Filmers take note.

Heaven help us.

The Danny Way of FMX? This is
almost 300' — that's the length of a football field. Trigger Gumm makes Robbie Knievel look like a pansey.

ENTRY #295, 10:26am

"Vassili vs le Triangle"

Smyth's not the only one shooting over in Japan. Fourstar art man, Rob Abeyta's
Tokyo gallery.

ENTRY #294, 3:50pm

Oh shit, I thought I had posted already today. I guess not.

ENTRY #293, 1:54pm

Some of the unknown skaters in Happiness have been identified thanks to
Tim Metz. # 33 was John Gibson. Thank you, Tim.

You still have all this week to download the Crail Crossword #1 and send it to us. Win Brian's extra shit. Entries are now in the 100s.

Jamiel Nowparvar wins the highly competitive, O.U.T. Championship, at 3rd Lair over the weekend.

Is SKATE andything like O.U.T.?
Koston's got another game of SKATE coming up from éS this year.

Ninja Pirate asks, "Which is more inefficient, 28.8k modems or skateboarding?"

The new Blueprint vid is out. But you knew that. And while we're int he UK, Skatecide has a really nice Flash site.

ENTRY #292.75, 2:18pm

One more post, and I will leave you be for the weekend.

UK Tapper, Jack Murphy, has informed us about an alarming trend in England — "Happy Slapping." Unfortunately, it has nothing to do with slappies.

"Kids find random people in the streets and slap them in the face while recording a video clip on their phone."

Too much Bam Margera in the British kid TV diet? Well, I'm gonna go try it downstairs. Let you know how it went on Monday.

Three indy skate sites sent in links today:
> Common Scene
> Arrow Flame Skatebirds
> Caught in the Crossfire

ENTRY #292.5, 9:53am

This is almost too ludicrous to even mention, but, here goes...

"Baseball caps and hoodies have been banned from a shopping centre in Kent [England] in an attempt to stop anti-social behaviour."

ENTRY #293, 9:17am


Hogwash! Don't make us pull Smyth and Larson back...

ENTRY #292, 12:57pm

Goats, raccoons... what's happening? It is perhaps symbolic of something? Goats graze. Racoons scavenge. Goats are ugly, but virtually harmless. Raccoons are cute, but will eat your fingers off, then jump on your face.
Help me. I'm not smart enough to figure it out.

Two Chocolate ams were in here the other day getting their photos shot for an upcoming ad. Seemed important. And what's this I hear about _______ ____________ joining the team? Cool.

Evan Hecox and Cody Hudson did a one-off limited edition skateboard for their current Art Prostitute magazine art show in Denton, Texas. Looks real nice.

Ringer, I'm holding you personally responsible for the toilet trouble up here. And a quick request — let me know the next time a breast, or breasts, are being exposed around here. Thank you.

ENTRY #291, 10:30am

Goats continue to infiltrate skateboarding.

A bunch of Southern California skateparks broken down for all you SoCal rats. Great resource.

I'm not sure wether this is awesome or just plain 5th-grade-girl-ish. Help me out here.

Did we mention that Girl finally has a new section of product up on their website? No? OK then.

Speaking of Wade Speyer (check the intro page)... he's not too bad on a dirt bike either.

And while on the topic of motocross,
Ryan Clark, MX pro privateer and overall good dude... has this special pair of handmade Lakais for the golf course. The Gav would be proud.

ENTRY #290, 1:19pm

Almost 50 crossword entries so far. Most of them wrong, sorry to say. I'll give you a hint for 3 across;
Sam Smyth is the T.M., not G. Carroll. That should help.

Download the Crail Crossword #1. Send in a new one if you think you blew it on your first. Deadline is May 23rd.

Crazed kooks on two wheels. Bike Kill 2004. Maybe we need a Skate Kill... no, wait, we have the Carbondale Run!

ENTRY #289, 2:00pm

Will try to post... I'm a little dizzy from watching all the rail hits in the new
Zero flick... here goes...

What's up with the return of airwalks? Personally, I didn't like them the first time around.

New addition to the Crail Gallery, this one sent by Tapper,
Clint McLean, in Toronto. He also sent this link with a plethora of Mark Bajar's skating antics. Congrats on the recent nuptuals, Mark.

Skateboard radio? Yes. Indeed.

Lots of links at D Skateboarding.

ENTRY #288, 12:01pm

Just a friendly reminder that the
Girl & Choco demo at SkateLab in Simi Valley is tomorrow. There will also be a book signing for Disposable and a vintage skate stuff swap meet to top it off.

If you're not doing anything on Sunday afternoon — and you should be if you have a mom — join the
Captain & Casey Show (of Fuel TV) for a BBQ skate deal...

"Who cares about mother's day, we'll be doing dump trucks in the deep end with Captain on the grill and Casey playing banjo in the background all day Sunday. We'll be cooking/rippin' it up at the backyard facility of Mike Buckley in lovely Van Nuys, California. This may be your only chance ever to see yourself on tv hanging up on a three inch frontside grind. Or just come for the free booze/food... Where? 6742 Murietta Ave., Van Nuys, CA 91401. When? Sunday, May 8th starting at 2 pm.

ENTRY #287, 8:44am

Fairly tough crossword, eh? Well, maybe you thought it wasn't, but about 70% of the ones sent back had an incorrent answer or two.

REMEMBER: if you want to be included in the drawing for the box, all answers must be correct.

If you haven't done the crossword yet, there's still plenty of time and the odds are VERY good at this point that you could win this box of crap from Brian Mettee's office.
Here's the PDF download:

Crail Crossword #1

Our Fourstar brethren will be invading Japan starting next week. Any of you skateboarders in Tokyo or the surrounding areas be aware — Bendall, you reading this? Check the killer poster
Abeyta did for the Super Champion Funzone. Oh, and so you know, The Mez will be over there with them, so watch for Japan Randoms next week.

Mr. Rob Abeyta will be showing some of his personal work in SF at the Fifty24SF Gallery starting May 19th, along with
Mr. Cartoon and Estevan Oriol — check it out if you're anywhere near the Bay Area.

And fellow Art Dumper and Lakai designer,
Andy Mueller, has some new designs up over at The Quiet Life.

Enough plugs, here are some links for today:
> The Forgotten City. Maryland, DC and Virginia represent.
> Cellar. Image of the Day

ENTRY #286, 11:40am

Here it is. Download the Crail Crossword #1 (in PDF format) and complete it — correctly. Once you've finished, send it to us using one of these three methods (be sure your name, address and email are on it) ;

1) Email it back, here.
2) Fax it back; 310-783-1940.
3) Mail it back; Crailtap, c/o Carl Sanger, 22500 S. Vermont Ave., Torrance, CA 90502 USA.

Any of those three methods will work. All correct entries will be put into a sack. On Monday afternoon,
May 23th (Victoria Day for Canadians), we will reach into said sack and randomly pull out a completed crossword — this will be the WINNER.

Here's the prize — a large box of random items from production manager, Brian Mettee's, office.

See you May 23th.

ENTRY #285, 10:59am

Here's the deal for this week. New contest. Tune in tomorrow and download the Crailtap crossword puzzle (pdf). Finish it correctly, send it to us and possibly win that box of stuff from Mettee's office (remember that stuff from that "drawing" contest? Well, the "drawings" were shite and so we never picked a winner). Another chance for random loot. Come back tomorrow for the actual puzzle and a photo of the prize box. Thanks.

ENTRY #284, 10:13am

"Excellent Skater Kid"

"It's about having a fun, jokey style"



Beautiful Decay

Skate or Not

Andrew Pommier

Cory Martinez


ENTRY #283, 1:30pm

I decided at lunch today after watching a couple video parts with the Dumpers, that all good skaters must have some degree of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Which led me down the path of thought that perhaps they shouldn't be called "disorders" when applied to someone who has used the characteristic to their advantage... but, if that were used as the standard of thinking, then perhaps the acronym should be changed to OCA, or Obsessive Compulsive Achiever.

It was at this point that I decided to stop thinking about it and go get some coffee. So, apparently, niether of these Sociological acronyms apply to me.

ENTRY #282, 4:19pm

Damn, it got really late all of a sudden.

Had a salad for lunch and can't stop farting (bummer thing to happen during a two hour meeting). Someone told me that's because of the chemicals sprayed on them to keep them nice and pretty under the fluorescent lights of the supermarket. Man, I can't do anything good for myself without doing something bad to counteract it... is this what they call balance?

Did you know that, at one time, Crailtap had an interface designed by
Rob Abeyta which included a two-headed goat (maybe Larson consulted)? True. But some goat hater pulled it and we got puffy clouds instead.

ENTRY #281, 2:04pm

The Jim Phillips art book is well worth its cover price. After all, he is one of the Godfathers of skate art. Most of those older dudes you see cruising the parks? They know.

Not sure how long this has been up on the superhighway, but I saw the link on the Arkitip I.R. today and thought it appropriate for this column. The Powell Peralta Museum. Thanks for the reminder, SAS.

Check the Blade & Die game over at Deluxe.

The UK's Document skate mag has a couple pretty good interviews (the Shins and Turbonegro) and other stuff on their website. Check it — click on "interviews."

Apparently, that Rent Pontus Alv site was listed on twentyfourseven mag's website first. Oops, sorry guys, we saw it at Blog Mental. We're so unoriginal it hurts...

Which reminds me, I'm still a little bit tender about that S.O.T. poll.

ENTRY #280, 9:52am

Look, I realize I'm no Meza or Ringer, but the Featured Email beat me out? That hurts. Thanks for making my day, Brian.

An annonymous (hmmm) Tapper sent this mp3 and link... I suppose in retaliation to the NWA link The Mez put up a couple days back.

Interesting concept. Lifted from Blog Mental.

Christopher Jue asked that I give him photo credit for the Trippin' Koston shot of yesterday. OK.

Ah, shit, I just realized I don't like my column either.

ENTRY #279.5, 2:27pm

That's it. We've been targeted... nice knowing you.

ENTRY #279, 11:09am

The new issue of Juice magazine (Pools, Pipes and Punk Rock) has been in the Crail bathroom for the last week. It's a pretty good one. Fat.
Hosoi interviews Hawk. OG Olson interview's Salba. BK and DP are also in there. Good job, Juicers.

New Post 22.

Pontus Alv? Aparently, you can rent him (link deleted — nobody wants to see this man's junk). Sketchy? Ah, yeah.

Sorry about that opening photo. Not really. Send your bitchy emails to Lardog. BTW, if you haven't check his blogs over at Skate Mental's Blog Mental, do so. Great
WIlkins interview.

Man, is that new
Ben Lee song whimpy or what? I kinda want to like it, but... jeez.

ENTRY #278, 8:39am

It's so hard not to be a cynical bastard. Pimped.

ENTRY #277, 3:02pm

Not much here.

A Tapper simply known as, "Vince," sent this link in. My guess is that time isn't too valuable in Marshfield.

Interesting site of the week;
The Art of Skateboarding; the Home For Skateboard Collectors.

ENTRY #276, 9:51am

Couple of emails from Tappers;

"Upon my return trip to from Tahoe flying America West airlines, I came across this ad in the skymall mag and reminded me again that there our people out there intentionally rubbing a skateboard nose in dogshit."
—Insindio Malta, Indonesia

"Sure Carl, do what you want with the photos. In these photos, I shoot Rodrigo Petersen. "Gerdal" is his nickname, here in Brasil almost everybody have some nickname. Like Fabrizio dos Santos, we call him as Cara de Sapo, it means "Frog Face," ahaaha. This Brian photo we did on the last NIKE mini tour here in São Paulo, Brasil."
—Flavio Samelo

ENTRY #275, 3:56pm

Ty, why didn't you tell us about this? For a photog to have a signature bag is like, well, a ahhh... yeah. It's cool.

The wooden Girl dolls over at AntiSocial are about gone. One more day, people, then you can say goodbye to the Art Dump Girls until Slam City in August.

DVD Check.
> Volcom's Chicagof "
The Hook." Thumbs way up.
Stacy Peralta's surf documentary, Riding Giants is great. Thumbs up. Check them both out.

Time waster for the day: Mini Track Mania.

ENTRY #274, 10:32am

Something you might want to do quickly, if you happen to be a collector, or general appreciator of art... is go to the AntiSocial site and look at the Girl wooden OGs that remain from the
Grey Rainbow show. They are for sale for a limited time. This won't happen too often people, take advantage.

Somewhere in OC there is a skater being fitted with prosthetics... bummer.

ENTRY #273, 9:41am

Thank you, Charlie Walter, for sending the link to the original site for photographer, Yann Arthus-Bertrand.

The height of corporate hypocrisy? No doubt. Check the photo of Shawn Stussy... now that is one cool cat. Good luck Klotz.

ENTRY #272, 10:09am

Larson has come through with some authentic old school stuff.
Happiness #55 and #56.

This is where we live. Beautiful, isn't it?

ENTRY #271, 1:57pm

Yeah, it's Justin Timberlake on national TV. And yeah, that's a
Krooked hoodie.

Speaking og the Gonz, check this postcard gallery over at Awesome audio.

Websites for you;
> Retro Crush; Vinyl junkyard
> Blog Mental; From the kooks at Skate Mental
> Super 7 Magazine; Japanese toys in the US
> Fishbone; The one and only

Mitchie Brusco's people called the Art Dump and told them the jig was up.

ENTRY #270, 10:47am

TGIF. Yes, even at Tha Tap we look forward to the weekends. Cheers.

The infamous Art Dump has signed on to do an outside project with Mattel. The now 7 year-old skateboarding phenom, Mitchie Brusco, has a signature deck with the prominent toy company and the Dump has been targeted as the creative agency to do the graphics. A merchandising deal has been signed with Mattel's Hot Wheels to do an Art Dump/Brusco El Camino model.

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