ENTRY #269, 9:03am

This is a great idea. Personally, I would have called it just "I AM an Idiot."

ENTRY #268, 2:16pm

"...At highest risk are: Experienced skateboarders who encounter unexpected surfaces or try risky stunts. Irregular riding surfaces, rocks or other debris can cause you to fall. You can stumble over twigs or fall down slopes. Wet pavements and rough or uneven surfaces can cause a wipeout. Avoid risky behavior. Don't skateboard too fast or in dangerous or crowded locations."

Just in case you were wondering the danger we are in all. Sent in by J Sanford. Oh, and be sure to wear shoes.

Ok, so before P-Rod bolted for the horizon, Nike asked Art Dumper, A. Jenkins to design a one-off shoe for the young man. He did. There were precisely three pairs of these made.

I got nothin' else.

ENTRY #267, 10:14am

I realize it is already two days past Easter, but here's one more (sent in by Tapper, Nick Randeau). On Board With the Lord.

ENTRY #266, 10:54am

There are more saviours in skateboarding than you can shake a bible at. Here are a couple of quotes from an article in the Santa Cruz Sentinel;

"Skateboarding in general, is a dark industry," Braddock says. "The themes are sex, drugs, and rock ’n’ roll, and if you’re not like that, you’re definitely not part of the crowd."


"God hooked me up with the raddest girl ever."

I'm just pointing these articles out, people. No judgement here. Just hoping to make you think and maybe discuss amongst yourselves.
—Carl, of the Dark Industry

ENTRY #265, 10:04am

Finally, some recognition from the masses! All hail the Fandangle!

This thing is pretty fun. Send me your Crailtap drawings. Our favorite gets posted and given a load-a-crap from, ah, let's say, Brian Mettee's office.

Chill Mag No.3 (France) just made it to Crailtap. One very cool thing about this mag (other than it's great aesthetics) is the fact that it comes with a CDRom in each issue. Music and films. I think you can download the featured short animated film, "No Comply" by Kevin Elam (Canada) at Kevin's website. Good stuff. Check Chill.

Couple more places to visit along the information superhighway (remember when people used to call it that?)...
> Skateboard Logos; looks as though they are just getting started, but a good idea.
> Hessenmob (Germany); check the Mobernists movie link.

ENTRY #264, 1:12pm

Yes, Tito is back!

Jeremy Fish was traveling and painting in Italy. He found time to send us his Personal DJ... with broken headphones and dead batteries.

Some links for you;
> Underskatement
> Paying in Pain
> The Subconscious Art of Graffiti Removel
> Danny Way
Planning on jumping the Great Wall of China, he is...

ENTRY #263.75, 4:37pm

Oh shit... guess who I just got an email from? Tomorrow will mark the return of TITO LARUE!

ENTRY #263.5, 2:23pm

Dave Carnie sent me an email to let us know about this. Pretty funny when your ex ebays a portrait you did of her, eh, Jeff?

ENTRY #263, 9:50am

Ringer got the first post this morning. Not bad, Ringer. Whatever you do, DO NOT take the stickers off your New Era house, it will destroy the resale value.

Here's another quote from "Jesus on the Halfpipe" in case you haven't had time to read it yet;

"I'm sure Jesus would be a skater... and I know Paul would be."

Larson found this long lost porcelain homage to Tito while hiking in the Apalachias...

Lardog also put together this nice little slideshow of the Grey Rainbow trip he took to Vancouver with the Desert Twins, Eric and Jeremy. He also wrote this synopsis. Thanks, Tony.

ENTRY #262.5, 1:35pm

"The best thing that's happened to skateboarding in the last two days."
Phelps on King of the Road in King of the Road.

Funny shit. Some gnar, some tech, some stupidity, some blurred mammaries, over-aged mackin', bloody feet, Carbondale mudmen, naked Rogers (also blurred out, thank you, Thrasher) and good special guests; Navarette, Mountain, Big Ben Schroeder and Grosso! To sum it up, it's good. Thanks for sharing, Burnett.

ENTRY #262, 11:01am

Jocko Weyland sent me this link to a New York Times article entitled, "Jesus on the Halfpipe." You'll have to sign up (it's free) to the Times, but it's well worth the trouble. Here's a quote...

"Steven Baldwin told the crowd how he had been called to promote extreme sports as a ministry after telling God, 'I'll do whatever you want me to do, but it better be cool, it better be gnarly.'"

Gotta go, a secret source is bringing over an advance copy of Thrasher's newest King of the Road DVD...

ENTRY #261, 10:51am

Even quieter today. Construction stopped.

It's going to start raining again soon. Here's a website or two for you all today.
> Philly's getting a new park.
> Some skate clips on a guy named, Zeeg's site.
> And Crossfire's packin' some footy as well.

I really admire cooks that can pack a burrito really tight and still keep it strong. Here's a shout out to the magicians at Monk's and La Gordita, local burrito Zen masters.

Ten random good things:

1. Hot showers.
2. Comfortable shoes.
3. Breaths of fresh air.
4. A good pet.
5. Smith grinds.
6. Fresh snap.
7. Double-sided curbs.
8. Classic vids on DVD.
9. A well packed burrito.
10. Anything well written.

I hope you experience at least one of those this weekend. Hasta Lunes, amigos. Adios...

ENTRY #260, 10:26am

Pretty quiet around here today with the Desert Twins and Lardog gone. Wait, Mueller and Rodeo are out too. Where's the Mez? Hellooo-looo-looo-looo...

So much for St. Pattie's.

As for your Personal DJ today, I asked Gavin and this was his reply, "You don't want mine, its all Phish."

See you tomorrow.

ENTRY #259, 12:56pm

Ross, your box is on the way. Brown man is bringing it. For those of you who haven't heard it yet, here's Ross Martel's Crailtap Theme in G Minor.

Look for Girl two-page spreads coming up in some of the skate mags.

Staci G is lives and works and is from, the Southbay. Once, when I asked if she'd ever thought of moving, she replied, "Womb to the tomb... womb to the tomb." She knows everyone in the Southbay. Seriously. Here's a shot of her i-Tunes. Thanks Staci!


ENTRY #258, 10:25am

It's payday. I think I'm going to celebrate by eating a breakfast burrito.

There are some dudes drilling into the cement wall of our building just outside my office. So if I can't hear you, you know why.

GODAMMIT! My teeth are rattling.

ENTRY #257.5, 11:54am

If you've read much about contemporary music (from rap to space jazz), then you've read, Pete Relic. He's written for every important music mag you can think of. If you ever meet him, ask him about hanging out with Bushwick Bill.

OK, the Crailtap Whoop Loop winner is:

Ross Martel

And here are the Honorable Mentions...

Dan Quinn
One Cylinder
Chad Bowers

Impressive. Ross, send me your address and I'll steal a box load from Jenkins's office and get it to you. The rest of you contact me too, I have something for you all as well.

ENTRY #257, 9:15am

I couldn't think of any beef between the Ringer and I, so I'm gonna leave that one alone. Ty's beef with Carroll may be over, but the Mez still has him locked off the server. How's that for a slap on the hand?

I guess
Slam City Jam has been changed up this year. No longer in May and with new owners, the popular event will take place on August 26-28th at BC Place Stadium. In Vancouver, of course. Though not mentioned on their site yet, check Slam City Jam for further details in the near future. Thanks to Skate Daily for the breaking news.

More importantly, in Vancouver this Friday is the opening of
Grey Rainbow at AntiSocial. I heard a rumor that the famous Thomas Campbell, of Beautiful Losers and Sprout, has painted a couple of Wooden Girls for the show. Remember, the first person to send me a photo of Bob K at the opening gets a butt-load of stickers.

I'll announce the winners ot the Whoop Loop contest later today. If you have a piece done, send it quick.

ENTRY #256, 8:33am

Wow, mayhem erupting over in the left-hand columns. Should I start beef with Ringer? Hey Ringer, how come you never mention me in your column? Are you skeered?

Meza, you better get back here, quick.

You Personal DJ today claims to have over 70 gigs (that's GIGS) of music. Yikes. Here's a minute sample David "Skate Global" Gillanders' eclectic collection.

I thought about skateboarding again last night.

The Art Dump show, Grey Rainbow, starts at AntiSocial next Friday. It's an all Girl Wooden Doll show featuring the Dump regulars and special guests. Watch for photos here after the opening. In fact, the first person to send me a photo of Bob K at the opening, gets a grip of stickers.

ENTRY #255, 11:14am

Phil Hendrie is an underground legend in AM radio. I'm not sure if he's syndicated, so many of you may not have heard of him. I want to give a shout out to David at Skate Global for reminding us. Here's a taste... Phil Hendrie and the Cat Lady.

This guy's put in his time with the headphones over the years... count these music-heavy mags to his working credentials; Grand Royal and Dirt. These days he's working in the Prestigious Girl Sales Department. Hell, you've probably talked to him on the phone. Shea Johnson. Thanks, Shea.

ENTRY #254, 9:21am

Thank you, Mr. LDog. I was actually tied up in important power meetings in which we held the fate of Crailtap in our hands. I'm important around here. More on this importance later...

Today we bring you a random selection of Mark Lewman's current iTunes. I credit him for turning me on to Bad Religion as a teenager. A little insight on Lewman... he's the brain behind the infamous Crailisms. Example, "On The Rebound From The Underground," or "Get Rich Slow Plan," along with a thousand others. Thank you, Lew.

Thanks to all of you for sending in your "songs" using the Whoop Loop... all three of you. I'm giving the rest of you until Monday morning to send your creations in (using this odd loop). Winner gets a box of crap from the OG Girl Pack-rat (Mueller's making a run for his title), A. Jenkins.

ENTRY #253, 4:27pm

What's up Sanger Suckers? Lardog here... I'm hi-jacking Sangers column today because he's out surfing or some crap. I don't really have anything good to say or anything for you to check out. Unless this is good?



ENTRY #252, 10:54am

I thought about skating this weekend. A lot.

You know who I'm talkin' about... Andy Howell! He wanted me to let you know, "my Peggy Honeywell wouldn't show up and that is what I been listening to a lot."

I got a contest for you. Make a song using this loop and if I like it, you'll get a box from the Andy Jenkins dump, ah, I mean, office. And we'll post your song. Can you guess where the loop came from? Good for you.

ENTRY #251, 10:39am

Yesterday the famous Carroll Bros, today the infamous Desert Twins, Eric Anthony and Jeremy Carnahan. Art Dumpers.

ENTRY #250, 10:39am

Today we present the famous Carroll brothers, Mike and Greg.

FYI, the headless man in the photo of
Mike "Street" Carroll in yesterday's Randoms is not a phantom or super-natural phenomenon. It's called Photoshop, people. Stop emailing me about it... unless you know who it is.

I'm going to give props to all the women behind "Getting Nowhere Faster." A pretty damn cool DVD. At some moments it's like a strange art film, in others just a good skate vid. Villa Villa Cola!

ENTRY #249, 12:38pm

The younger Spiegel Bro, Sam Spiegel supplied the screen shot for today. You may recognize his name from the music credits in "Yeah Right!"

ENTRY #248, 10:29am

Larson pops in with another Happiness shot. You may recognize this kid.

And here you may recognize the name. One half of the Pommier Skate Crew, straight outta Canada. This is the one who paints. Andrew Pommier.

ENTRY #247, 11:25am

The most inspiring band documentary I've ever seen... "We Jam Econo." Hell, one of the most inspiring films I've ever seen. It's the story of legendary punk band, The Minutemen. The premiere was last Friday at the old Warner Grand theater in San Pedro — which is only fitting, as the band grew up in this unique harbor town — and it was a packed house of 1,500. In the film, Mike Watt makes a very cool Correlation between punk and skateboarding. The film is going to show in several cities across the country, so be sure to check it. Also, the DVD will be available on the site sometime soon as well.

We love you, Mike and George. Rest In Peace, Boon.

(click on image for enlargement. photo by Eric Stringer, 1984)

ENTRY #246, 9:56am

The Real "Roll Forever" DVD is a real no bullshit skateboarding vid. Great, diverse team. One word; Torres.

I gotta link this clip again. Check the lift Rickk gets and keep in mind the landing ramp is set about 6 feet back. Damn. Wish I could skate like that... then maybe I wouldn't be sitting here.

This came in from Tapper, Ryan Prouty in SF. Holy shit, it must be raining a lot up there.

Going back to the Art Dump for the Personal DJ today. Meet the current ear food of Rob Abeyta Jr.

Le Tigre

Observation of the day; shake ups going down?

ENTRY #245, 9:07am

Front page photo WINNER(s).
That's better. About 10 of you guessed it correctly. Some of the more obscure guesses included Florian Bohm, Stacy Lowery and Jim Theibaud. But it's actually... Diamond Nick Tershay, people. The shot was taken in the late 80s by Jacob Rosenberg (thanks, Jacob), when the then 17 year-old rode for Indy and Spitfire. Nick's bro, Joey, is the all powerful TM at Indy. Somewhere between then and now Nick shook Samhain and picked up Tupac.

We'll send a sticker pack to the first 3 that came in: Steve Breder, Jaryn Maui and Jhon Jhonson. Here's the response from Nick Sherwood:


email #2; "Forget what I wrote [in the first email] that cat is too old to be Nick. Shit man, I will come back later after I consinSKATE hardcore on this one..."

Well, you can stop consinskating now, Nate. Thanks for participating, everyone.

ENTRY #244.75, 4:51pm

Front page photo update #2.
Almost 60 emails and still no correct answer (yours do not count Swift and Mihaly — mag folks are denied entry). Here's a clue; he rode for Indy and Spitfire back then, and his bro is a TM for one of those two companies. I'm leaving for the night, I expect a correct answer by the time I get back in tomorrow. Email me. Thank you.

ENTRY #244.5, 1:31pm

Front page photo update.
Wow. Out of about 30 emails so far, about 95% of you have said Rick Howard. Nope. Here's a hint... You wouldn't find a Samhain sticker on his ride these days...

Try again then email me.

ENTRY #244, 9:13am

The Royal Truck Co. site is back up and redesigned. Give Jeremy Carnahan a pat on the back, or even better, buy him a beer, when you see him. Red and white Royal Mids are on sale in the Crail Store.

Tony Larson, of the Art Dump, started this idea, so he's your personal DJ today. Thank you, Lardog.

Have you I.D.ed the skater on the front page yet? The photo was taken in Saratoga in the late '80s.

I'm not too sure how long, but Dan's World has been on the information superhighway for a long time.

In case you didn't know already, skateboarding is fairly popular at this point in time.

ENTRY #243, 3:53pm

When Reggie Destin, Girl Co. International Sales Liason, sent in his i-Tunes "picture" list, I thought it important to include the entirety of his desktop. Thank you, Reggie. Really... thank you.

This auction is over, but you should check out the board art anyway. Adrift.

The new park kicked my ass last night. But it sure wasn't slowing Rickoo down. He is a gazelle-like mixture of old and new school steez. The man rips.

I gotta go, it's my turn to dry up the floor (roof leek) around the "No-Pros" ramp.

ENTRY #242, 4:20pm

Today we've got the iPod of Monster Children's Campbell Milligan, Sydney, Australia. Thanks for sharing, Cam.

Winner of the Most Press Releases In a Week (last week) Contest: Skaterade.

There's a new park here. I gotta go.

ENTRY #241, 11:05am

John Trippe, creator and manager of Fecal Face is your tune driver this morning.

I don't have anything else for you this morning... leave me be. Go enjoy your weekend.

ENTRY #240, 10:28am

Miki Vuckovich is the man you'll talk to for funding over at the Tony Hawk Association for the Advancement of Skatepark Culture or THAASC. He likes Wire and thinks you should too. I agree.

Here's a punk inspired flashback for you; Shaved Neck.

ENTRY #239.5, 2:07pm

Whoa, whoa, DJ Nagai, what are you up to? The old school board, the pink and black? Tsk, tsk.

ENTRY #239, 10:27am

Your Personal DJ for today will be, Tito LaRue...

Skateboarders are like the missionaries of old... spreading the word and infecting folks with the skate fever...
The Virus in Bulgaria
More in India

Makes you feel good, don't it?

Former Skateboarder A.D., Chris Yormick. Good stuff. He's got a show coming in L.A. with Crail favorite, Tobin Yelland at The Lab 101 Gallery. It opens Saturday, February 26, 6-9pm.

ENTRY #238, 11:06am

This email came from David at Skate Global:

Remember that 411 Around the World where Kenny Reed/Hughes and those dudes basically said skating didn’t exist in India? Check it out, just five years later."

I've probably plugged this site already, but it's a nice one if you're interested in taking or looking at nice skate images. Skateboard Photography dotcom.

(thanks to Lardog for this one)

While on the topic of music, I've decided to start a little project. Over the last week or so I've been collecting screen shots of Tapper's i-Tunes. I know this is not a new idea, so shut up. It's cool to see what people listen to, isn't it? I'm kicking it off today with former Tap columnist, Rick Raymond. Enjoy...

ENTRY #237, 4:14pm

Skate Global, looks like a damn good idea.

Skate site of the day: Uprise.

One of Tha Tap's favorite artists: Mark Penxa.

The kid writing "fart" on the wall in "Raising Arizona." (from Marvin Stanwyk)

ENTRY #236, 10:33am

Sticker of The Day, from Todd Bratrud at Consolidated.

ENTRY #235, 1:47pm

You think you know? Most likely, you don't. Check out the Skinned Alive documentary for some authentic insight into the parallels arts of skating and tattooing. Jason Jessee, Eric Dressen, Jessie Martinez, Fred Smith, Bill Danforth, the Godoy bros... It's pretty entertaining as well.

ENTRY #234, 12:23pm

You people do care. That's nice.

Graham Coxon
"Bittersweet Bundle of Misery"

In "The Omen" when that one paranoid guy gets his head sheared off by a sheet of glass. Turned out he was right...

ENTRY #233, 3:12pm

Running late today.

Alright all you young punks, King of the Groms is coming up at 3rd Lair.

Just a quick reminder... if you're trying to get a skatepark made in your area, check the Tony Hawk Foundation.

Iggy Pop
"I'm Bored"

Tom Waits and Iggy Pop sipping coffee and sharing a smoke in the aptly named, "Coffee and Cigarettes."

Time for a new Featured Email, huh?

Does anyone care?

ENTRY #232, 1:36pm

Beautiful Losers opened up at the Orange County Museum of Art last Saurday night. I'm kind of a cynical bastard (surprised?) and I can honestly still say I was blown away. I could do without Larry Clark or that other member of the "creepy older photographers who shoot young people naked," club, Terry Richarson (disclaimer; I'm not here to argue validity, these are just my off the cuff opinions) ... but the rest. Wow. Impressive and powerful stuff. Big props to the two curatorial visionaries who made it happen, Aaron Rose and Christian Strike. The list of folks present at the opening was as impressive as the work itself, Hosoi to Rowley and McFet to GSD — literally a couple thousand people came in and out that night. My personal favorite bits of art were Wes Humpston's original Dogtown boards, Thomas Campbell, Phil Frost, the zine collection and our own Evan Hecox's wall. Barry McGee's taggers freaked a few people out. The shelves of toys and figurines is great. I recommend you go check it in person if you're anywhere near Newport Beach (it's up until May, then heads to Philadelphia)... the contrast and irony of the show and the location of OC is spectacular.

One more thing... Ray Barbee is one of the best people you'll ever meet, if you're lucky enough to. Thanks for the good tunes and vibe, Ray.

ENTRY #231, 10:02am

Get your tickets to Tampa, the Tampa Pro is coming up in March. It's gonna be a good one.

The doctor's office scene in "Elf." Will Farrel is the man.

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