ENTRY #230, 4:13pm

Happiness #53. RIP, Jeff Phillips.

"SANGER! DONT WASTE YOUR WEEKEND! I got scammed into watching Shaun Of The Dead, and its the worst movie I ever saw. I wasted 20 bucks seeing it in the movie theater." —Rsfrizzy

If I may quote movie legend, Jeff Spicoli, "Hey bud, what's your problem!?" That movie ruled! My two favorite movie genres combined, Zombies and dark laughter. Brilliant flick. 5 of 5 stars.

ENTRY #229, 9:26am

Ok, so I beat the kid in the, sorta like Bondi Beach Australia, section of THUG II. It's the only place I can get him. Must have something to do with he chicks on the beach. He gets embarrassed or something. I think he closes he eyes. Anyhow, he laid down a review of the game for me. It goes like this.

Who else here thinks snowboarders are a little off?

Larson had this for us today...
"First Great Headline of '05";


I'll let you know on Monday, I'm going to watch Shaun of the Dead this weekend.

ENTRY #228, 10:29am

I know an 8 year-old who can beat my pants off at THUG II. He's also starting to pull nollie 360 pop shuv-its (in real life). All I can pull is a muscle in my back. Should I worry about this?

Who in Hell do I think I'm writing to, Dr. Phil? Remember, these are all rhetorical questions, people, I use them to calm my nerves... don't write me.

What happened to Larson's Musings? Need more of those. And Happiness? We need more of that.

In Wings of Desire when they enter the bar and Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds are playing "From Her to Eternity." That was good. Or the Circle Jerks as a lounge act in Repo Man... another good one.

ENTRY #227, 11:30am

Any of you out there read the skateboarding business magazines? Seriously.

Man, I'm trying to stay positive but the radio just played Moby. Terrible shit.

Is this for real?

Alright, here's something positive... Cool site for today:
Skateboard Photography Dot Com

A psychotic 11 year-old kid putting the hurt on a smart-ass teenager in "The Butterfly Effect." Ouch.

Note: Someone emailed me to say the cussing in The Big Lebowski was "F'ing perfect." It was OK — but no match for Bad Santa.

ENTRY #226, 3:34pm

Gotta give props to the Ringer. She made her posts every day despite being in Sydney, Australia with the Nike Team. Good job Ring-a-Ling. Disregard my post from yesterday — I jumped the gun.

Did you see Bad Santa? The best cussing in any movie ever, bar none (is bar none two words?). Well, except maybe, Scarface.

ENTRY #225, 2:46pm

Today is the 21st. Friday in Torrance. I remember a couple months back when the Ringer was giving the rest of us loads of shit for not posting regularly when we were ACROSS THE WORLD. Where is she now? Oh yeah... Australia.

Check out the Bryce Kanights photo website.

That movie Van Helsing sucked. The only good part was when Mr. Hyde got his arm buzzed off.

ENTRY #224, 1:28pm

Jenkins interview over at Concussion magazine. Check out the Orca Island vid while you're over there. BTW, they do a paper version too.

John Kerry takes over the office of president of the United States today. What? He lost? Oh.

ENTRY #223, 8am

What's with all the bald guys on Crail?

"Life and Limb" book reading at Cide in London. If you haven't checked out this book yet, do so.

ENTRY #222, 10:11pm

Wow, it's been that long since I posted? I've been remiss... please let me make it up to you.

The brand new Girl Skateboard Co. website will launch on Feb 5th, that's in a couple of weeks. It's true people, I've seen them working on it. It's launch will coincide with the
Art Dump's "You Are Here" new media show at the Orange Lounge, a satellite space to the much larger "Beautiful Losers" at the Orange County Museum of Art That's Saturday, Feb 5th. Word is many of the Girl fam will be in attendance and possibly skating there as well. Pretty ambitious undertaking.

A few links to check out. I'm not reviewing them, I'm just putting them out there...

Create It, Skate It
Alena Skateboarding
Skate Daily
Bill Harvey
Jacob Rosenberg

Gotta go if I'm going to make the 10:30 showing of Andrew Lloyd Webber's "The Phantom of the Opera."

ENTRY #222, 12:02pm

This is kinda funny. A plea for funds to build a park is one thing, but good luck getting the community to support your program after they check out your drunken antics and titty gallery. Jenkins, you're from Wyoming aren't you? What's up with that rebel flag these dudes are sporting?

Wallride went to the printer. Why isn't the Art Dump sleeping in? They must have something up their sleeves. Check the newest TWS (March, '05) for a full-blown account of their Australia trip late last year.

ENTRY #221, 3:18pm

It was crowded here today. Everyone came in to get their New Eras for the new year.

Don't give Meza a hard time for the length and depth of the Randoms today. I just watched the 10 minute piece he put together on the "What Tour?" tour (Girl in Australia, 11/04). The man's been working hard on his OG skills. Looking good, Mez. You all can watch for copies of this DVD to come with certain Girl graphics soon.

ENTRY #220, 3:02pm

What's all this hype over New Era hats? We got a batch of them in here and they came with a stiff warning from production captain, Mr. Mettee; "ABSOLUTELY no promos. No one, ever!  Warehouse, please send team riders that want them up to Sam's office. No hats are to leave the warehouse!"

Happy New Year Era!

ENTRY #219, 11:31pm

We got a sneak peek at the new Fourstar Catalog shoot DVD yesterday. Oh yeah.

Can I call bullshit on this one? The Lakai vid is at #5? Come on, people... have you seen that roster of stuntwood playahs?

Did I just say "stuntwood playahs"? So sorry.

ENTRY #218, 9:07pm

This magazine makes me wish I read French. Chill. Great design, photography and illustration. Hey Chill, put us on the snail mail list for the tactile mag!

c/o Carl Sanger (of course)
22500 S. Vermont Ave.
Torrance, CA 90502 USA

We'll send you over some official Crail Crap.

ENTRY #217, 3:06pm

Happiness #52. Straight outta Bulgaria.

After the traditional holiday gift exchange, we all found out it was actually, "Bad To The Bone" Thursday here at the Crail/Girl HQ. Photo resn.

Have a great Holiday Friends of Crail. See you all next Monday. Peace.

ENTRY #216, 3:24pm

Wait a minute... The Mez is sponsored by The Quiet Life? I thought he was on Skate Mental? Isn't that kind of like making a Girl wheel for Koston when he actually rides for Fillmore?

Here's Koston...

...still upset about not being able to have two wheel sponsors, with Angel and Daniel from Hacienda Heights (Shane says "Merry Christmas, dudes!").

Staci G. went to get us coffee. She rules.


ENTRY #215, 9:19am

Awe, man...

Do you think my neighbor down the street can tell when I am smooching off his Airport connection?

ENTRY #214, 9:19am

Larson muses again today, "Why is "abbreviated" such a long word?"

What is the consensus on fingerboards these days? Remember when Lance and Neil made their won using Hotwheels? You don't? I wonder is this guy does... I somehow doubt you'd find Lance and Neil out in the street doing this (warning, long download time, probably not be worth the wait).

And I guess this is what snow does to people... wish for sun.

ENTRY #213, 9:15am

Larson muses, "If con is the opposite of pro, is Congress the opposite of progress? Just wondering."
Meza should be able to answer that for you, Tony. Mez?

As for my middle name... maybe we should have a contest to guess what it is? 'Cause I aint tellin'.

ENTRY #212, 9:40am

Last night I wrote a long entry for today. Then I read it this morning.

It sucked.

Then I started thinking, "maybe they all suck after sitting a day?" so I checked.

May I suggest we never look back?

Some questions and observations for today:

What's going on with Daewon's hair?

Quadruple means "4" right?

Andy Mueller's white, isn't he?

Last day for Crail Store X-Mas shipping is today, you cratchets.

Does Stecyk still write Trash?

How hard has the Shermenator become?

Snoopdog plays in a dog in a talking animal movie?

Move on people, nothing to see here...

ENTRY #211, 1:30pm

Five ways to tell it's deadline around here:
1) The dozen empty Starbucks cups in the back of Jeremy's truck instead of his wetsuit and surf board.
2) Larson is not laughing.
3) Andy's office looks like a nest.
4) Hearing Jamie say, "Can I put you to his voicemail?" all day long.
5) Votive candles.
Bonus #6) You forget what Andy Mueller looks like.

ENTRY #210, 10:59am


ENTRY #209, 10:12am

Hey Crowchild, The Mez is running around Crail HQ with your sword...

Please people... don't let non-skaters review your DVDs. I must admit, though, it's pretty funny to read the stuff a layman writes. Thanks to Eric Silkensen for the link.

"The grinds, the flips, the death-defying jumps are all here, and we’re shown the results of a sudden loss of balance, concentration, or gust of wind in an excruciating crunch."

ENTRY #208, 12:47pm

Please people... don't let non-skaters design your parks. Here's a good story. Read it all.

Neck deep in Wallride 09. Sorry for the short and scarse updates.

ENTRY #207, 12:27pm
12/3/04 I guess so. Yup.

Shuvit? Yes.
Ollie? Uh-huh.

ENTRY #206, 10:30am

I can relate to this. Up yours, you, you, car drivers!

Cullen Poythress is the new Senior Editor at TW Business mag. It's true. If you've never seen the mag, ask your skateshop dude if you can check out the ground-breaking ads in there every month. I keep telling the bosses we're wasting our time in skateboarding — we need to start a marketing firm! Yeah! And we'll help people sell... aaah... HUMMERS! Yeah!

Freedom Fries," Cliché's new vid is premiering in the US on 12/10 in Somerville, Mass. Check the flyer.

Taking a tip from the Randomer, here's a "quote" from a Tapper's email yesterday;

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9

write me