Last night I dreamed I had to pull a really fat cat out from under a stove. Don't you hate hearing about other peoples dreams?

After I wrote the bit about the
Clockwork Orange "ditch" yesterday, I realized it most certainly must have been schralped at some time between the early '70s and now. Sure enough, this morning I received this email from a Brit with confirmation...

"It's already been clocked and well and truly worked by some of England's most venerable skateboarders!! I'm not sure of the exact location because I'm a retard, but there's a guide to underground English spots put together by a northern skateboarding maniac called
Harry "Bastard" which you can get hold of from this link and it's a cert that it'll be in there!"

Thank you Hirsty, we'll give Harry Bastard a shot. I was informed by another Crailster of a "sick" ramp in
Mumford, that one movie Jason Lee is in that noone watched.


ALAS, the winner of the
Best Use For Your Skateboard When You Are Not Skating It contest. This one was chosen for its sheer practicality. Unlike 95% of our entries, you can actually, really, use your skateboard in this situation when not skating it — unless you still live with your mother. What mom, in her right mind, would let a skateboard on the dinning room table? Anyhow, Thad, you win a complete from Chocolate Skateboards, with Royal Trucks and Fillmore Wheels (send us your address, kid, and the prize is yours)!

Here are a couple runners up from
Dave England (WARNING: Neither Crailtap nor its parent company condones any of the ideas shown here), you might remember him as the X-Treme Suburban Kayaker in Jackass. Or, as the editor of Blunt (remember Blunt? Another dead magazine).

Have you ever been watching a movie and a scene comes on and all you can do is think to yourself (or maybe out loud), "dude, that ledge is sweet!"? Last night I watched
A Clockwork Orange and in a scene very close to the beginning, when the Droogs are kicking and bashing an old bum with a little of the old ultra violence, there is a perfectly skateable ditch-type-thing. Four foot high sloped trannies with vert walls attached, facing each other with about 10 feet of flat. Totally smooth. Here's a jpeg that shows a bit of it.

Send me your movie skate spots — skate movies don't count, dork.

ENTRY #26.5, 4:30pm

Best Use For Your Skateboard When You Are Not Skating It contest is too close to call right now. We have to delay the final choice until tomorrow morning. Sorry, brothers and sisters, that's just how it is — we're going to sleep on it. Big decision. And Wilkins, stop sending in ideas, man, you're on the staff, remember!

ENTRY #26, 9am

Today is the day. We're picking the winner for the
Best Use For Your Skateboard When You Are Not Skating It contest (see entry #17 for the rules) at the end of the day. That gives you about 8 hours to send you pictures in if you haven't already. See you this afternoon...


I think I may have had an anxiety attack yesterday. Not sure. I'll get back to you on that one.

Thanks for the new emails, I feel better now.

If you haven't read the
Wall Street Journal article (thanks for locating it, Clive) on THE SKATEBOARD MAG's birth yet, you should. Interesting stuff. I like the Oceanside Five even more now. Oh yeah, another tid-bit, Atiba's bro, graphic artist, Ako Jefferson, is art directing it, so it should look really good too.

Anyone seen
FUEL on Direct TV yet? Me neither... but I'm looking.

This in from
Art Dumper, T. Larson:

"Isn't it amazing how art just sprouts from the most awful of all situations...can't stop the's like weeds on the freeway."


So, I guess by now everyone knows who the
Oceanside Five are and what their plan is? No? Well, apparently someone told the Wallstreet Journal yesterday and the news is out. Grant Brittain, Dave Swift, Atiba Jefferson, Mike Mahaley and Kevin Wilkins are now part owners in a NEW publishing effort. THE SKATEBOARD MAG. It's already in the works and with that many years of skate mag experience and talent... it'll be a site to see and read. Word is it'll be monthly and the first edition will hit in the spring of 04. Wow. Big move on the Oceanside Five's part, Crailtap wishes the boys all the luck in the world.

Have you seen the
Lakai/Girl collaborative shoes for Howard and Carroll? Pretty cool. Well, word has it, DVS, is doing a similar thing our man, Jeron Wilson's shoe... which must be the reason the Art Dump's got samples of it sitting on their desk with a note from Jeron that says, "Here's the shoe. Work your magic." Watch for it sometime next year. You heard it here first.

I forgot how to do frontside rock n' rolls. Who can help me?

What the hell happened to all your emails? The
Singing Mail Tap is dry and hasn't been updated in a week. Nobody has anything to say? Apparently not, if you read that last letter...


Well, here's one guy who's making money skateboarding these days... and he's the only skater who can get away with this. Thanks to informer, Andrew Neuhues, for the link.

I got a call from one of the
TWS deserters (lets just call them the Oceanside Five) late yesterday. I ain't sayin' nothin'... yet. Meanwhile, no word from the TWS, Thrasher or Skateboarder camps. Slap, Big Bro? Kosick must surely have a gem of a quote in him. What's the former Strength staff up to?

Seems the new thing for the art guys to paint on is Russian doll sets. There's not much left to paint on for the "skartists". What's next? Do you have any ideas? Write me.


Nothing yet...

Oh yeah, I did hear there's a skateboard anthology being worked on by the punkers over at
Soft Skull Press, tentatively entitled "Life and Limb." The list of contributors is impressive. Watch for it to hit early next year.

I just completed the fist spell check on this column. My apologies for all the previous fork ups.

ENTRY #21.5, 2:46pm

So what if I want to hit the
Boom Boom Huck Jam at the Staple Center. Can anyone score me passes? Will trade for, ah, a bunch of crap from my office... you should see how much crap I have. Crap is a misnomer, the stuff is good.

Seven more days left for the
Best Use For Your Skateboard When You Are Not Skating It contest. See entry #17 for the rules.


Last night I dreamed I could do huge frontside air transfers. Man, that was nice. In reality, I only managed to take a chunk out of my shin doing a failed fakie rock. Man, that sucked.

Who is this
Karl Malone fella anyway?

And what the hell is
TWS going to do now? Have they interviewed the Strength guys yet?




Have you ever sung gangsta rap lyrics in a Gregorian chant style? It's fun, you should try it.

ENTRY #18.5, 1:14pm

Who better to scour the streets for treasures than a skateboarder?
Bobby Puleo has his own idea of what those treasures are and he's collected a lot of them over the last 6 years while pushing around. If you're in Philly or near by, check the first solo show of his found collections, "These Eyes Have Eyes" at Space 1026 on October 3rd. Thanks to Angela Boatwright for the info.


This is gonna be a good one. Great entries coming in for the
Best Use For Your Skateboard When You Are Not Skating It contest. Please do keep them coming, you have until October 6th. The Crail address is listed in Entry #17.

I have to miss
Camp Whatevs this year. All my paddle tires are being lent out... one of them to Kelly "not so sure about moto" Bird! Is it true he'll be wrangling an MX race bike in the dunes of Pismo? Clive, please bring back a report with pics for the Randoms.

Have you ever seen that Japanimation movie, Akira? Damn. Is it just me, or does violence seem more palatable when animated? You know the characters are just lines on paper, right? So it makes a tire iron to the head ok, right? That scares me.

ENTRY #17.5, 1:38pm

What are 7 year-olds reading these days? Well it ain't Dick and Jane...


No photos from you guys yet for the
Best Use For Your Skateboard When You Are Not Skating It contest. What up?

Here's the email to send it to:

And here is the street address:
Crailtap HQ, c/o Carl Sanger
22500 S. Vermont Ave., Torrance, CA 90502 USofA.

BOB MARLEY, winner of the Best Contest Contest, contact me ASAP and let me know where to send your prize.)

I got an email from
Eric Koston today.
Did you?

Anyone out there played a beta version of
Tony Hawk's "Underground"? I, for one, can't wait to get my hands on it next month.


My sincerest apologies for missing the last couple days of posts. I was washing my hair. I did manage, however, to pick a winner in the
Crailtap BEST CONTEST CONTEST. It's wasn't too tough, as most of the entries came from the brain dead among us. For example:

"The best contest would be a cyber thumbwar. The person who sends in the gnarliest thumb wins."


"Create a woodcut of a well known 18th century french monarch."

Actually, that second one is pretty good... but I digress. THE WINNER IS:

Best Use For Your Skateboard When You Are Not Skating It.

That was brought to you by Bob Marley. Yes, Bob Marley. Thank you, Bob, send your address and we'll send you the prize.

THE RULES for the
Best Use For Your Skateboard When You Are Not Skating It Contest, are as follows:

1) You must send a PHOTOGRAPH (by email or snailmail, doesn't matter) of your idea of what the best use for a skateboard is when you're not skating it. The best idea (judged by the Crail Staff) wins a complete from
Chocolate Skateboards, with Royal Trucks and Fillmore Wheels.
2) No pornographic photos accepted.
3) You must have your entry postmarked before October 6th, 2003.
4) The winner will be picked by the Crail Staff, and announced on Friday, October 9th, 2003.

Send your entries to me. Good luck.

A website I checked this morning and found amusing... and they had a link to Crail. Thanks fellas.
Super Central.


Well, well, it works. I read through about 15 "
BEST CONTEST CONTEST" entries this morning with about 30 to 40 ideas for contests. I must say, there are some good ones, some bad ones and a few naughty ones.... One more day left to send in your ideas (read entry #14.5). Go on, send them in.

Oh yeah, we decided on a prize... the winner gets a copy of
the WORK OF DIRECTOR SPIKE JONZE dvd which should hit Girl in about a week or so. And probably whatever other random crap Crailtap can scrape up.

Speaking of
Girl, if you check the website, all the new board graphics are up.

Here's a picture
Elvis shot of early Foundation team skater turned substitute middleschool teacher, Andy Harris, at Pedroside. Who in the hell said teachers couldn't ollie. The prof's got style for miles.

ENTRY #14.5, 1:59pm

Why does Clive get to do all the Crail contests? I want to do a contest too. Here it is :

The person with the best contest idea wins. Then, we'll put on the contest they thought of and there will be a winner(s) for that one too! Two contests in one! Send me your ideas for
the Crailtap "BEST CONTEST CONTEST" by Friday, September 19 (what, you need more than 2 days to come up with a contest idea?) and we'll pick on on Monday the 22nd and post the winning contest for the following week (winner of the first contest can NOT participate in his winning contest idea).

Prize, you ask? Let me think about that one... it'll be something good, I promise.

Judge? Why, Carl Sanger, of course.


I work in the same building from which
Chocolate flows (the team, silly), and I haven't been privy to much Hot Tour information — probably because I am chained to my desk. The tour has been over now for about a week. Tito has let you in on some cryptic info in his column. Come on guys. Give it up... what really went down? Ty (what happened to your Crail column, my man?)? Rick? Spike? Tito?

ENTRY #13.5

How old are you people out there? Man, Mr. Ed leading the favorite Hollywood horse poll? We are old, aren't we?


Weird. Just met a couple of the dudes from
Kingpin mag. Here. In my office. They had nothing but great things to say about Harri Pupponen. This guys sounds like a skaters skater. Interview with him coming up in the next Kingpin mag, we'll keep you updated.


Got a positive ID on the tweaker in this shot from
Kingpin mag in Europe:

"The guy on that cover's name is
Harri Pupponen from, Jyvaskyla, Finland. I've been friends with a bunch of those guys for years. Harri and some others came to visit me when I used to live out west around '98 and we went to a CASL contest. Harri had two flawless runs hitting everything (the dude rips tranny too) and the people who ran the contest said that he had the highest score in CASL history. A couple days later we were at one of those 510 demos in Berkeley and DLX wanted to hook him up. He didn't really seem interested. Later when I asked him why he doesn't move here and turn pro. His response? "I don't like the America. Your girls and their one too many Big Macs and Whoppers" or something to that extent. A couple years later my friends brought another ripper named Jani. He must have liked the good ol' overweight USA better because he stuck around California for awhile and now he's pro for the Firm. Point of the e-mail I guess is that the Finns rip. But who doesn't these days right? Thanks for bringing that image to my computer screen, and also for actually updating your column." —Josh

I know what you mean, Josh. Rippers everywhere... it can be intimidating or inspiring depending on how you look at it. Thanks for the info.


Payday. Sushi, anyone?

Pedro skater and part-time school teacher,
Andy Harris, sent us this most recent photo of Pedroside park.

No shoes, no shirt, no service. Ever heard that one, Ty?


You know that feeling you get when you push and glide then hit your first couple of tricks without any sketchiness? And after that you just know you're going to have a good day? Well, I had that today. Felt good. Hope you have one soon.

ENTRY #10.5
9/12/03, 2pm

The Hot Chocolates (both the "old man" and the "stoney" vans) spilled into the driveway a few minutes ago. All is well. I'm sure a more in-depth report will be coming at you from the first column on the left. Clive, whatdaygot?

Help the
Villa Villa Cola movie get made... and get a cool t-shirt.


It's early here. My coffee hasn't kicked in... I'll be back later today. In the meantime, read the new mail.


This is TWEAKED. The 1st anniversary cover of
Kingpin mag out of Europe. Not sure who the skater is — anyone know?

ENTRY #8.75

Tell me, why do mimes get such a bad rap? Who do they hurt? A who's idea was it to invent miming anyway?

ENTRY #8.5

This just in from
Bret B. and Kickstand Media : check it. Ultimate Gary, WHERE ARE YOU?


Helping Some Dudes Under a Bridge. How's that for an art show name?

Or, maybe
Pedro Sideways? Crail semi-permanent staffer, Mark Lewman is to blame.

I was corrected on my comment over in Entry #7. Apparently, there ARE ways to say "cute" in Spanish other than "lindo." Thank you,
Mr. Yacula.

Mr. Spike Jonze sliding a handrail at a Hot Chocolate Tour demo? Apparently so (if any of you snapped a pic or got video, send it in for a reward). According to sources in the field, his next foray will be motocross ... he was actually spotted on the supercross track at Lake Elsinore MX Park last month. In Lakai sneakers and a wife beater, no less.

Speaking of Jonze, his compilation DVD will be out very soon — bug your shop because
Girl will be distributing it. Yes, it includes some classic skating.

Go rent "
The Big Lebowski." The Coen Brothers should be made honorary Tappers. Clive?

By the way, Tappers, quit sending me your
Gansta shit, I don't even understand that contest.

Site check:


Well, hell. Here we are, still thumping. No deadly meteor, no earthquakes. I was thinking about
crail grabs and the way it's really come back in the last few years. Is the fact that this site is named after the grab/trick the reason? Or was it going to come back anyway and our choosing the word was/is pure coincidence? Either way, I like the fact that people still do crails. Have you tried one? My personal favorite variation is the crail slide.

Maybe we should we start a website called and bring that one back? I like that one too. would be a bad idea, though. Let's leave that one alone.

Fact: In Spain there isn't really a word for "cute". "Lindo" is close but too proper and way outdated.

That's all. Hasta mañana,


Burnside inspired skatepark in San Pedro (infamous home of the Minutemen, just off the L.A. harbor), is growing. After a benefit concert, the crew had a few extra grand to expand the cement transition park sometimes know as Pedroside. But they're running out again, so the Girl Art Dump guys have decided to help out and have an art show in Pedro next month with part of the money made going to the growth of the only decent "skatepark" in the South Bay. More info on concept and date coming soon.

Man, that sounded like a press release. Sorry, Clive.

What's this I hear about one of the Crailtap regular columnists having ridden rollerskates on a regular basis before taking to the stuntwood?

Soap Shoes? What happened to those guys? Another great idea bites the dust...


I watched a 7 year-old pull fluid 360 kickturns on a sloped ramp. He was stoked. I was stoked. And when I told him that was probably one of the oldest tricks in skateboarding he got really stoked. Cool.

I don't know about you, but I'm sorta curious about
Nate Sherwood and his condition. Let's all write Clive and ask him.

I heard the
Hot Chocolate Tour partied with Björk under a swanky tent in Manhattan until 6am. Anyone get pictures of that?

I have URL for those of you who aren't good enough to go pro but want to stay around skateboarding.


You know what's weird? Skateboarders with agents... I mean, I guess it makes sense if you're on the level of international sports superstar with multi-dollar endorsement proposals flowing in through the power-flo shower head that is the "extreme" sports marketing network...

I guess.

I watched "
Yeah Right" in slowmo this weekend. Parts of it frame-by-frame. SO much better than "Sto... sorry, I won't go there. Just wanted to let you know it made me feel good and I went skating after — and I never had the urge to freak out on anyone.

ENTRY #3.5

A little bird sent me this URL...


Too bad
Strength magazine had to bite the bullet. Just when they were hitting their stride too. It joins the ranks of Poweredge and the OG Skateboarder, and possibly more that I can't think of right now (anybody know any others?)... who's next?

Oops, didn't mean to be so bleak. Just remember what skateboarding really means to you as it goes through all these bizarre transformations.

Check out the


Thank you for the welcome back people. I received a few good emails last night and so I decided to start posting them. Don't count on this to be a regular thing, but on occasion you, the
Crail Legionnaires will have this forum in which to speak. I got your back.

Crail Songs? Well, Oak Kelsey does. All the sounds in this "Yeah Rog" MP3 were taken from the Rodger Bridges parts in Foundation's "Glam Boys on Wheels" from 1989, I believe. There are also samples from Milk's "The Knife Song" and you might even hear Tod Swank's voice in there. Thanks, Oak.

Today I like these sites:
Cheryl Dunn. She's down. Check her Mark Gonzales film.
Flogging Molly. "This is the worst day since yesterday."


I watched a bootleg copy of "
Stoked." Holy Jesus Christ, I was depressed for 3 days straight. My take was that skateboarding as a "world" in itself, was portrayed like every other popular subculture that throws money at emotionally wounded young people and expects them to swim. Well, Gator sank. Let's just say there are very few positive glimmers of hope in there and that the film should probably be aired continually on E! Entertainment, Fox and TLC so that all kooks will stay away from skateboarding to keep from becoming bipolar manic depressive murderers, or suicidal, or coke dealers.
In the meantime, put down the bong and and/or beer, push right on past your local skatepark and go find a painted curb, tear it apart, then go home and read a book.

Here are my two favorite sites today: These fellas know what I'm talking about. Nothing is serious. Except ARTE'!

Do you choose good, or evil?


write me