ENTRY #907

It's a good thing that when THE CRAIL CUTE DOG CONTEST came down to a tie that we didn't make the final ruling based on the graciousness of the dog owner. Atiba Jefferson sent an email with the subject, "WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS" and said he would be in Friday to pick up his prize, while Jim Thiebaud's victory email began with "so stoked" and said he would like to donate his part of the prize to the SPCA. Is that what they mean by keeping it real, Atiba?
Let's take one last look at the winners. Carmelo and Lulu.

We won't be having THE CRAIL CUTE CAT CONTEST because The Gav has cats. Obviously we would pick The Gav as the winner in any contest he entered on The Tap (as The Mez says, "you know how we do") so it just wouldn't be fair. The Gav is our favorite person in the entire industry and world. Sorry cat owners, maybe buy a dog.

Yesterday I let Mikey wash his hands in the bathroom in my office and there was about a gallon of water on the sink when he was done. It was sort of lame because I was happy to see him and we were both in a good mood and chatted about his new pool and then he left and never even knew I was thinking he was a total chump.

The other day I included Reda (when I was speaking to him) in the group of "random photographers that Meza brought into our lives." I was referring to Ben Colen, Mike O'Meally, British Oliver and of course, Reda. When Reda repeated the story to say that I was lame he said that I called that group of people "that bunch of random losers that Meza brought around." Reda, I would never ever put Ben in any group that contained the word "losers." I would like to take Reda out of that group of people that I am very fond of and move him to his own special group now just called "that loud opinionated asshole from Long Island that Meza brought into our lives."


ENTRY #906

Today's the day! THE CRAIL CUTE DOG CONTEST HAS A WINNER! Well, it actually has two winners. And to be honest, it almost had three winners.
Bob K sent in new pictures of Frankie...

...and the dog is definitely one of the cutest dogs. But when I checked with the judges, Bob K was not eligible to win. It turns out that you can get fired from Girl and still be eligible but you can't resign from Girl and still be eligible. Sorry Bob, next time just sleep under your desk more and let me fire you.

And the winners are.....Carmelo and Lulu! Congratulations to Atiba Jefferson and Jim Thiebaud who will be splitting a $100 gift certificate for PetSmart.

Check out Featured Feature for a slideshow of all the cute dogs.

ENTRY #905

We won't be posting the winner of THE CRAIL CUTE DOG CONTEST until Monday. Sorry about that but it will worth the wait.
The final results are still not tallied and although Carmelo could take top honors, he hasn't yet!

Other then "Go Heat," that's all I got for ya.

ENTRY #904

I watched INKED last night. I think The Gav could probably get discounts on tattoos since Carey Hart is the owner of that tattoo parlor that they film the show at and he rides for DVS. Carey wears a DVS New Era at all times. Last night he got mad at one of his employees for ordering the wrong hats for his clothing company. Who would have thought I had so much in common with Carey Hart?
There was also a girl on last nights episode that got a tattoo that said, "Hit it like a champ" on her bikini line. Nice.

Tomorrow we announce the winner of THE CRAIL CUTE DOG CONTEST. It has come down to three cute dogs and tomorrow we crown the cutest one. And then of course we kick off THE CRAIL CUTE BOYFRIEND CONTEST which Desa obviously will win.

River Joe got called for jury duty. I'm sure once they poll the prospective jurors and find out that River was once arrested for "something" at Havasu, they'll keep him on for a trial.

We have a new 40 gallon electric water heater here in the Girl building. One more reason you might want to make an offer on this entire package. I'll throw in the skatepark at no charge. And Koston.

ENTRY #903

Let's hear it for this week's Daily Photo poster, 15 word captions are a step in the right direction. But since Carnlag's said about 45 words total since he's been here the last 5 years, that's about right.

Rickk called The Mez "Switzerland" the other day. You have to love World War 2 references from a guy in Fila sweats and a size small Anti Social t-shirt.

THE CRAIL CUTE DOG CONTEST is now closed. The winner will be announced on Friday after we tally all the feedback and will receive a $100 gift certificate for PetSmart. Thanks to everyone that sent in their cute dogs and a special thanks to Mikey and Desa for sending in their "sick ass dog". Again, all entries need not worry, we pulled Chick out of the running due to an obvious unfair advantage...

ENTRY #902

Let's hear it for three-day weekends. Canada has a three-day weekend every month of the year, one more reason they can't be the super power that is the USA. The main reason is their accents.

THE CRAIL CUTE DOG CONTEST is about to come to an end. But not before we get in one more dog from a guy on Girl that decided to get a real man's dog. Meet Jeron's, Biggie.

Friday night, Mikey and his more vocal half, Desa, challenged the fact that Carmelo has had so many photos in THE CRAIL CUTE DOG CONTEST. Let me re-cap for Team Sour why that happened. The first photo sent in was deemed to be a fraudulent entry by Frosty when he said, "everyone's cute when they're a puppy." To make sure Atiba wasn't cheating, like some people do in golf and poker, we let Atiba enter a new photo.
Carmelo held the lead for weeks until Lulu (Jim Thiebaud's dog) and Tucker (Jereme Rogers dog) started to get an incredible amount of attention so we let Atiba send in a "reminder" photo of Carmelo's pure cuteness.
Also, Team Sour, I thought we determined that Hyphy might not be the cutest but he's "the sickest?" Focus on your strengths.

Staba hit Rickk square in the eye with a cupcake on Friday night. Good plan, Brad. Go after the guy that doesn't know his own strength, can dish it out but not take it and must always have the last slap. Hope you're on a PPO.

Anyone know the best cure for year round allergies?

ENTRY #901

Carmelo steps back into the ring of THE CRAIL CUTE DOG CONTEST with some moody shots. Lulu and Tucker, you just got served!

(click on image for enlargement)

ENTRY #900

Mez, I don't like the Shaq bathroom thing. We've had too many plumbing problems in the history of Girl and it just stirs up some bad memories. There's got to be other things you can write about. Come down to my office, I have so much material I can't sleep at night.

The guy that runs Crankers wheel company was not happy that I didn't know Crankers had a wheel company. Need I remind you that I am the one that sent four bearings to Rickk or Mike one time when they were traveling and needed some bearings? I thought, "4 wheels, 4 bearings." What I'm saying is that I'm not exactly the person in the building with their finger on the pulse of skating.
You know who you should be mad at? Crankers! He should brag more about owning a wheel company or get some sort of ornate jewelry with the wheel company logo.

THE CRAIL CUTE DOG CONTEST is about to wrap up but not before Jereme Rogers dog leaves people asking, "Carmelo who?" Try and focus on the dog and not that necklace that The Gav is wearing in the photo.
Meet Tucker, he's a Matly-poo or a Moodle and he's cute.

The contest has been invite only because jokers like Matt Smith will send photos of stuffed animals in and try and say it's a real dog. He calls this toy toy Norman. Nice try, Matt.

ENTRY #899

Since Bird is out of town and can't do that "what happened to your team" crap when your favorite NBA team gets eliminated in the playoffs, Rickk is standing in for him. Just ask BK. Phone rings both ways, Rickk. Miami's his team if you're looking to retaliate.

This is our last Canadian entry into THE CRAIL CUTE DOG CONTEST. Just as Canada has a mandatory minimum content in all their media outlets, we have a maximum Canadian content on our site. And seeing that Supra Pete stole our site, well, it's all about balance.
Today's entry comes from some guy named Jim who claims to run some wheel company that Crankers owns. I didn't know Crankers owned a wheel company but I wouldn't put it past him. This is the guy that runs Rick's wheel company's brothers dog, Mad-E.

We're closed on Monday for Scary Spice's birthday. Some people celebrate Memorial Day on that same day.

ENTRY #898

If you ever get the chance to talk marketing with The Gav at 2am when he's 6-8 shots in, don't take a pass. Some of the best advice I ever got. Don't be surprised if you see us tapping into other markets other then "core."
Oh, and Hoover, when you bought that round of shots last night and you caught Tim talking shit and he said, "no, I was just saying how cool it was that you were buying shots" he really said "Hoover's never even had a shot."

THE CRAIL CUTE DOG CONTEST goes to northern California again and just because their NBA team doesn't make it out of the first round, that doesn't mean Beibel's dog can't. He doesn't have the bronzed skin or six pack like his master but he's pretty cute and that's what matters. Meet Louie, cute and fluffy.


ENTRY #897

I think it's important for BA to know that after I told Spike I got the photo of BA with the blood all over his shirt from Ty's wedding when Spike punched him, Spike said, "I think I sent a message to skateboarding with that move." Not that I want to see Spike punched but Brian, you might need to send a message to Hollywood.

THE CRAIL CUTE DOG CONTEST is about to knock the pins from underneath Atiba. Jim Thiebaud politely asked to be included in the competition. Rickk, who's been Carmelo's biggest fan saw the photo and said, "that dog is fucking cute." So with no studio lighting and just the grey sky for natural light, meet Lulu.

ENTRY #896

The Daily Photo has become it's own column now. Cool.

Congratulations, Bob K and Katie K who became man and wife this weekend. Lots of love from your old co-workers!

ENTRY #895

Rickk always tells me, "you'd really like Mike Burnett," but the two times I met him he was either putting on a shy act or being a dick. I think he's still sore from the time I watched his demo in Australia that was not meant for my critical eyes. Rickk said the same thing about Ben Colen and Ben and I are practically best friends so I hold out hope for Mike. My olive branch is letting him be part of THE CRAIL CUTE DOG CONTEST. His dog has survived both cancer and a house fire and his name is Larry. He's pretty cute.

ENTRY #894

Happy Birthday, Nanny!

Happy 20th Anniversary to FTC Skate Shop. I was Kent's sales rep when I worked at World Industries and when Girl first started. Mikey and Jovantae were sub reps when I worked at World and handled a lot of video sales to FTC even though they weren't hired for sales, which was weird. Kent was always the nicest person to deal with although I heard he's gotten grumpier. Who hasn't?
Happy Anniversary, Kent! I'd say "here's to 20 more" but I wouldn't want that wished on me so I'm assuming you don't either.

THE CRAIL CUTE DOG CONTEST will soon move to the judging stages. Looks like unless Frosty can hire a professional photographer, Carmelo will take top honors. (that is only possible with Chick out of the running, because, as Larson says, "he's just too fucking cute"). This is our average feedback:

"Good lord. If Carmelo could stick out his tounge like Bones, and do Frankie's little spin move, you guys could probably rule the world. reminds me of Clone High, where they vote a dog as Class President, just because he's adorable." —Dave

Before we move to the judging phases, we'll show you some more Canadian talent. This is from Andrew Pommier who felt like the contest had been over run with small dogs. When I first saw the photo, I thought the dog was scary, not cute but Andrew added that the dog was a rescue and he ended his email with "holla" two things I deeply admire.
Meet Raina

ENTRY #893

Yesterday Bird showed several of us a t-shirt folding method he learned on the internet. If anyone ever needed a girlfriend, it's this guy. Where is the girl with perfect skin, no body fat, an intriguing career, an excellent sense of humor and a tolerance for a guy with no tolerance? We're not asking for much.

Rickk still claims he's having a 4th of July party. I wonder if his neighbors that referred to him as "easy going" will still feel that way when their SUV's have bottle rocket burns all over them. He'd be better off building a meth lab in the garage in terms of fire danger on a day when fireworks are the focus.

Anne Freeman (you might know her by another name) wanted her dog entered in to THE CRAIL CUTE DOG CONTEST. Her dog is cute but Anne, let's level with each other, Bones is sort of a fucker. He growls at other dogs and sometimes even people. But I'll still give it a shot.
Meet Bones — keep in mind that most of the time he's teeth are showing.

ENTRY #892

I had no idea so many of you would really want to know what the Ryan Seacrest quote was that I related to. I can't remember word for word but it was something like, "I can't sing or dance and don't have a talent like that, but I can work hard." That makes two of us, Ryan.

Today is the birthday of Janet Jackson, Tori Spelling and Tracey Gold. And although he never showed his nipples at a Superbowl, doesn't have a millionaire father and isn't bulimic, it's Ben Colen's birthday, too.
Happy Birthday, Ben. If you were here, we'd go to Smart and Final and get ice cream sandwiches for you.

THE CRAIL CUTE DOG CONTEST is starting to bug Spike. When you're self absorbed and your favorite website is having a dog contest and you don't have a dog, it starts to bug you.
Michael The New Guy tried to win points with logo placement (note the tags). He did use natural lighting which people are accusing Atiba of not using. Non dog owners and Rickk still agree, Carmelo is winning.
Here's Michael's dogs, Kelibasa and Simone. They're cute and they're sponsored.

ENTRY #891

You know when you're sitting in the waiting area at the spa reading Details magazine and you read a quote by Ryan Seacrest that you relate to? That's a weird feeling right? I knew if there was something we could all be on the same page about, that was it.

We've implemented a new system for termination here at Girl. Larson pages the person to Though Guy's office. Tough Guy terminates them and gives them a swift punch to the face. Then he says, "Good luck with your bad luck..." as he's sitting back down. Larson says "it really takes the focus off the fact that you lost your job."

THE CRAIL CUTE DOG CONTEST gives you a glimpse at why Canada will never take over North America. Someone at Supra needs to be fired. Here's one of their employees about to get a letter from Peta.

ENTRY #890

This information is for The Gav, Ferguson and Schnurr: Sharkeez burnt down over the weekend. No joke.

All the crap I bought on Ebay the night Bird made me stay up to see the Koston press conference go live, arrived this week. I think it's safe to say I have the best matchbook collection out of all of us. And the guy that sent it included some pubic hair in one of the ziploc bags. Would that go under positive or negative feedback on Ebay?

THE CRAIL CUTE DOG CONTEST rages on. Rickk is claiming that Frankie, Bob K's naked dog is giving Carmelo, Atiba's really cute dog, a run for his money. Rickk feels the trick Frankie does is really cute. Rickk has not seen the photos of Bob K naked under the motorcycle tire. You know what to do, Atiba. Send footage.
I didn't know wizards had mom's but Ben Colen sent us an entry for THE CRAIL CUTE DOG CONTEST which proves otherwise. Meet Opus, Ben's mom's dog...

ENTRY #889

THE CRAIL CUTE DOG CONTEST wouldn't be complete if Frosty wasn't sour about not being in the lead. He called foul on Atiba saying the photo of Carmelo was an older photo. Atiba sent a new one, just to prove his point, and he continues to get cuter. Another photo of Carmelo, not doctored and current just for Eric.

ENTRY #888

So I have a soft spot for Bob K, sue me. Wait, no I don't. From Bob K:

Totally unfair disqualifying Frankie for my disturbing naked motorcycle photo... the dude wasn't even born when those were taken. So here's a clip of him doing his new trick. You can call it "Spin to Win." My dog is naked too. —Bob

ENTRY #887

We finally heard from Mikey, well we heard from his girlfriend, Desa, regarding THE CRAIL CUTE DOG CONTEST. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Hyphy...

ENTRY #886

Our next entry into THE CRAIL CUTE DOG CONTEST once sent sweet little Chick to the hospital. Scott J's dog Blue is a bit more of a bully then Scott but just as cute.
This is Blue.

ENTRY #885
5/5/06, part two

Still no entry from Mikey for THE CRAIL CUTE DOG CONTEST, although he did send one in to hold a spot when we have THE CRAIL SICKEST DOG CONTEST. But, we did hear form Frosty who, after being stunned by the cuteness of Chick, borrowed the same setting in hopes of confusing people that his dogs might be as cute as Chick. Meet Rocket and Tiger, sure to be top runners in the contest of cute.

ENTRY #884

I don't even need to do the commentary on this one. When it's Rudy sending the email to THE CRAIL CUTE DOG CONTEST, we use his words:

"This is Patches. He usually goes on the roof, but I couldn't shoot it because of the direct light... So this is cool."

ENTRY #883
5/4/06, part two

Still no submissions from Frosty or Mikey for THE CRAIL CUTE DOG CONTEST. I realize those photos of Chick were pretty amazing but I took him out of the contest, really. Carmelo is still in it and you're going to have to shoot Hyphy, Rocket and Tiger from their very best angles to beat that dog.
But back to the cute dogs.
Meet Bella and Simon, they belong to Lu, our secretary who thinks a pink jacket will win this contest.

ENTRY #882

On All My Children yesterday, this girl Kendall that is 7 months pregnant with this guy Ryan's baby, had sex with this other guy, Zach. Isn't that sort of creepy? (Not by your standards, Mikey, that was for everyone else).

My membership is up at Golds in a month and The Gav has talked me into joining his gym. Can't wait to see how I look after 45 minutes of cardio and then a basket of japlepeno poppers.

THE CRAIL CUTE DOG CONTEST gets street. This next entry is My Little Dumpling's dog. He adopted it from a shelter in South Central. He's cute in a Suge Knight kind of way. Meet Preston...

ENTRY #881

Yesterday on All My Children, these two brothers, Jamie and JR, were sort of making up and they were talking about the first time Jamie ollied. I only know what two skate tricks are, a Christ Air and an ollie. And I only know what an ollie is if you don't mix a bunch of other tricks in with it. It was really cool.

THE CRAIL CUTE DOG CONTEST continues. I am taking Chick out of the running to even the playing field. He's just too cute. So that would mean that Carmelo is in the lead if you base it on feedback. I think you should know Atiba that while Chick was still in the running, even other dog owners in THE CRAIL CUTE DOG CONTEST were suggesting he was the winner.
Today we bring you Lenny. He's cute and his owners, The Artiga's are so in love, they make him even cuter. Meet Lenny...

ENTRY #880

What the hell, let's go all THE CRAIL CUTE DOG CONTEST all the time.
The dog that Larson called "the OG small dog of dogs" and by and far the cutest thing you've ever seen, Chick...

ENTRY #879

THE CRAIL CUTE DOG CONTEST continues. Now, I know I shouldn't include commentary but I do, so bummer.
This is Masher and Thug, Jamie's dogs, and although they are very very cute, keep in mind the breathing/choking sound they make ALL THE TIME...

ENTRY #878

Mihaly called Atiba's dog "gay." Any dog is gay when you have a "SD tough guy tribal tattoo raised truck" dog. And what SD tough guy doesn't name their dog after some sort of weapon?

Meet Bullet, not an entry in THE CRAIL CUTE DOG CONTEST.

ENTRY #877

The CRAIL CUTE DOG CONTEST has already become very controversial. This just in from someone who didn't find the "invite only" rule trendy:

"That's BULLSHIT... and Atiba's a pro photo guy, that picture is enhanced by ako, you can tell..."

Chill out Buscemi, there's a "No San Marcos residents" rule in place as well.

ENTRY #876

So I guess Koston got on Lakai.

Kobe has redeemed himself in my eyes. Wait a minute, wait a minute. Not because of the last shot in regulation and the buzzer beater in overtime. Because he wore a vest to the post game press conference. Koston's wears vests and he's a nice guy, so I can cheer for Kobe again. And he also said, "we can't reach our personal goals if we don't work as a team." What a guy.

The CRAIL CUTE DOG CONTEST is invite only. Sorry. We received an entry today from Atiba of his dog but keep in mind as stunningly cute as this dog is, Atiba is a photographer which means he could have brought in a hair and make up person. Meet Carmelo...

ENTRY #875

We're having a CRAIL CUTE DOG CONTEST but it's invite only. Bob K, I was going to invite you and then I saw your weiner. Ya know the photo of you about the be run over by a motorcycle with another naked guy driving the motorcycle? That one. I thought your dog would have a pretty good shot at winning when I was sending out invites but I got scared that your photo would have a weiner in it so I had to rule you out. Chick is in the contest so the chance of any of the other dogs winning is pretty slim.
Keep you posted as photos come in and we begin the judging.

You know what's cool? Getting a job resume for a management position from someone that once threatened to sue you. That's a confident guy.

Smyth, I just had to put some items in your office. Holy shit storm. Clean that place up! There were boxes everywhere and crap all over your desk. I thought Diamond Nick was back for a minute but then I realized you're just being a Diamond Nick poser. Clean that place up or I'll put a Christmas tree in there.

When you think of Brad Staba do you think "power meeting?" Well, you better start.

ENTRY #874; morning edition

Forget about a nice handbag for boss' day, someone went the extra mile. This from our secretary and yes, it's real;

"Ha, since it was 'my' day yesterday, I was feeling special... and you motivated me into getting something!! So in your honor, Ringer... I dedicate my butt cheek to you!! Aren't you 'totally stoked' about it??
Haha... Good Times." —Lu

ENTRY #873

It's Secretary's Day today and after we gave our "Totally Nutz" secretary her balloon bouquet, she emailed us all to let us know that we are "the shit." No, Lu, you are The Shit.

Did you know that National Boss' Day falls on a Monday this year? Yep, October 16th which means you have all of that previous weekend to shop for the boss.

I know from correspondence from Crampy that in Australia gas has hit $1.40 per litre and New Era's are still very popular. Both very bad pieces of news.

Smyth just found out this morning that Bob K doesn't work here anymore. He was shocked. That's what happens when you have your hands full of talent (not in a gay way).

ENTRY #872

Sorry about that last post, I just needed to post.

Cheeks came by with his kids today and Adam sauntered in to the bathroom in my office and used it before I could come up with a reason of why he couldn't or shouldn't. Lucky for him, he's only 7.

New Era's are out.

Rickk went to the dentist yesterday and had a panic attack when they put the nitrous mask on him. He needs to talk to Mikey about how to chill out and just enjoy a good nitrous hit.

New Era's are bad.

There was going to be a contest but no contests until The Gav contest is done.

ENTRY #871; morning edition

When Frogs mate, the male frog tends to clasp the female underneath in an embrace called amplexus. He literally climbs on her back, reaches his arms around her "waist," either just in front of the hind legs, just behind the front legs, or even around the head. Amplexus can last several days!