OCTOBER 31, 2002

At the inception of the company, our marketing plan was simple--- Take this shit back to grass roots extremes with a name that speaks for itself. However, wading through the consistent onslaught of inquiries regarding "our deal" made us realize that some of you still don't get it, which is cool, because sometimes it can be hard to grasp something that's so in your face. So Here it is, one time only, because if we have to tell you again, it's obvious you'll never get it.

When asked about the premise of the company, president Andy Jenkin's summed it up masterfully. "We all know that Orange County is where anything good originates, thus OC. The X completely encompasses our market and the "plosion" part just adds the exclamation point, because that's how we're coming at you. Boom, Blast, Blam-- in your face! If you can't handle it, then that's 'your deal.'"

So far, there are very few people that can handle it, which is why our team is quickly becoming recognized as the new elite in extreme. With athletes ranging from the top women's extreme pillow fighter to the owner of the lowest mini truck ever all the way to the THPS 4 world champion, OCX is poised to be the new cream of the crop. Jenkin's says with a core like this it's only a matter of time before we get everybody because "why stay with the hater's when you can be with the creators". Cocky, but hey, that's OCX.

So what do your clothes say about you-- I'm in the pits or I'm watching from the parking lot? I'm on the list or I'm paying full cover? I'm riding shotgun or I'm sitting "bitch"? We can do this or let's just be friends? Whether you need what it takes or you think you already got it, step up to OCX and let people know, "hey, this is my deal". This leaves but one question, Can you deal?