Let’s get a round of applause for Larson’s guest posting. If you’d like to forward him any praise or disdain for what he’s done to this column in my absences he can be found in the Research and Development Department basement level.

On Monday, May 1st, 12:01 AM Lakai will be making a very important audio/visual announcement on their site. I know it’s a school night and all but you really should stay up for it.

The What Should The Gav Have? contest is still raging on nearing it’s final serving on it’s seven course meal. Clayton Campbell laces it with pop reference and Tap trademarks galore. Send in your entries and go for the gold, or at least three pairs of Lakai shoes.

Check out Daniel and the Cheecks and the rest of the DVS heads on tour this summer.

The infamous Wade Crowchild has spawned. He’s now the proud father of a healthy baby boy. Ladies and Germs, Leviathan Philip Robert David Crowchild. Congratulations Wade.

“I had a six pack but I had a crater face too.”—Rudy on the pros and cons of being sixteen

“Girls can do it.”—Eric Anthony on why he thinks Snowboarding sucks

“Anytime you can get Satan in the mix, I’m all for it.”—Ben Colen

“Is that his penis, his real penis?”—Carroll about Bob K.



Along with all the fan mail I've received regarding my short stint as the coveted Randoms guest editor, I've received one negative message:

"I think Larson owes an apology to the Tappers for his terrible code. His empty references on the jpegs were inexcusable."

Remember when I gave a shit about my empty, coded references? I don't.

Look at this funny picture of a dude looking at his phone! Haha, so rad. As you can see it's cloudy in L.A. today. I need to go on a cruise or something.

Since the World Cup is coming up pretty soon I thought I'd stoke out the Johnson brothers (Rudy and Shea) with some sick pub team footy.

Chicks getting pummeled is so much fun.

I have a message for Omeally, Colen and Reda: Send me some skate footy. I'm running out of Laser Cat footage.

“Drinking makes things easier.”—Mettee


Meza's still on vacation, so direct all hate mail to our Consumer Advocacy Department, 5th Floor, Room 93.

On that note, Meza wanted all the Tapper's to know that the "What Should the Gav Have" contest is extended to May 3rd. Continue to send your entries to The Mez. For additional details, scroll down to the April 12th post.

The septi-annual Girl Distribution Softball Game was last Sunday. The match-up pitted Howard's Heroes against Koston's Kings. After a hard fought battle, the Heroe's walked away with the narrow victory and the trophy. Here's a gallery.

There is no denying it: You simply cannot fade the Yacht Rock!

In a disturbing follow up to Friday's 4/21 FSU postings, apparently a small group of marauding chimps took our message too far. Crailtap management does not, in any way, condone this type of mayhem.

I have a new hero: Prince Jefri Bolkiah.

“You want to change keys?...I'm flexible.”—Rudy J.


It is with much sadness that we report the loss of one of skateboarding’s true pioneers with the passing of Fausto Vitello. As one of the founding fathers of both Indy and Thrasher, his contribution to skateboarding is undeniable. And it only makes sense that the man who fueled the fire behind two such influential companies would still be so closely involved in skateboarding over 25 years later. On a personal note, Fausto was always very supportive of the Girl camp, and not only are we appreciative and flattered by his encouragement, we are also honored by it. But more importantly our thoughts and prayers go to his friends and family, especially little Tony. Your dad was a badass dude.

Rest in Peace Fausto.
Your Friends at The Tap


Lardog still here. Yep, it's 4/21 and now it's time to party and throw shit at people. When 4/21 falls on a Friday it means three things: Booze, fighting, laughing and general mayhem. FSU. I don't even give a shit.

This just in!! Mini 4/21 interview with Rick Howard:

Larson: Rick, are you into lighting people on fire lately?

Rick: I'm looking forward to it.You have to really torch the guy to do it right. Gas or fluid in the face. I'm still trying to figure it out.

Larson: Do you realize that it is illegal and I think it rules?

Rick: Is it more than an assault charge?

I got this message from B-Rad Staba today. He knows exactly what's up with 4/21:

"421 is the shit. You get way more stoned. Dude. We got pigeons drunk yesterday. You just buy a loaf of wonder bread and two 16 ounce cans of bud and pour the beer in the bag. The bread soaks it up, they eat it, and then they walk in circles." --- Brad

If you're ever chillin' one day at the laundromat and you forget what 4/21 is all about, then buy this and put it on your skateboard so you never forget again, assmaster.

Better yet, if you're having a hard time understanding what I'm talking about just read this dammit.

Yngwie Malmsteen used to rip on guitar. He was known for super technical, fluid, classically inspired runs. Now he's a fat piece of crap but he still gets drunk and wants to fuck shit up. That might be old news, but I don't care because it's 4/21.

When little dudes scrap, it's the best. This is such 4/21 material. Little dudes fighting, drunks in the audience. Oh man, yes!

If none of your friends will get drunk and fight you today, train your chimp and let him kick your ass. You deserve it.

Meza is going to hate this post, that Emo bastard.

If you're trying to get kicked out of your apartment or trying to make your neighbor move out, get drunk and crank this song all nite. Tonite.

Darcy Hordichuk understands FSU! Watch all of the clips.

“Vodka gets the birds shit hammered and they can hardly fly. I like the Bud vibe.”—Staba

“He also said that when he's done skating he's going to burn down some people's houses. That will be a good career ender.”—Megan


Lardog here. Yep, it's 4/20 and we shall now all toke. Nice one. If you're cooked right now and you're reading this you're gonna be stoked. Seriously stoney items for you to check out, man.

First, you need to know the history, man. "The Man" is upset at our freedom and that is not cool. If someone ever gives you shit, just read this and school them assdots. They don't even know, man.

When I was a kid, I'd get really baked and then customize my school folders. Check 'em out dude: One and Two.

You know how animals are trippy when you're toasty? What's going on with bat testes?

Or flat worms penis fencing?

Check out Steve Olson's interview. He used to get stoned.

Trip out on this: my name backwards is Nosral..Hahaha, no way!

Mini Top 5
Top 5 stoned movies:
1. There's
2. A
3. Deer
4. Behind
5. You!

Ha, just kidding, seriously:

Mini Top 5
Top 5 stoned movies:
1. Fast Times at Ridgemont High
2. Half Baked
3. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
4. The Song Remains the Same
5. And a couple others...I forgot.

Do not get stoned and write poetry.

I just found this searching for "trippy stuff" on the web. Rad.

Oh!...A late entry for today's Stoner Tap from one of our stoniest Tappers, Isaac McKay Randozzi: "Even crackheads love Jesus!"

“420 to the muthafuckin' head.”—Staci G.


As the race for the prize continues to heat up for the What Should The Gav Have? contest, here are some of our most recent top entries. A dude by the name of Ryan knows that The Gav hits the links every Friday so he whipped up this little dish. If Fear Factory was a timed event or if they measured how much you perspired while eating then Gav would surely be the reigning champ, so Bob Bobby took the liberty of entering him into the contest.

Henry Sanchez (yes that Henry) sent us an email titled “Caaaaaaare what Gav is having” and flexed some of his photoshop work as well as promising to do a Gav mock up of his own. Good to hear from you Sanch.

Mini Top 5
Top 5 people who have made zero attempts at contacting us about not getting in their Daily Photos since calling them out on it in last Monday’s Top 5:
1. Atiba Jefferson
2. Rick McCrank
3. Eric Koston
4. Dimitry Elyashkevich
5. Kenny Anderson

Dimitry did send us this photo of himself and Rufus Wainwright though. Welcome to The Tap Rufus.

And in a bit more manly fashion, Tony Ferguson sent us this photo of him Raekwon. I know Ferg looks like he’s playing it cool in the photo but if you could only imagine how excited he really was. Wonder if broke out an old pair of Wallies.

Whatever this is Jereme’s number one!

Ladies and gentlemen, the ultimate in harsh tats.

Lardog will be guest posting the Randoms for the next couple of days. So if he has a contest about who the guest poster is, it’s him.

“Rip’s funny.”—Eric Anthony

“I’m gonna come on Girl tour with firework and beat his ass.”—Rip about Rickk



As the What Should The Gav Have? contest nears it’s fourth day of entries the cultural references have ranged from Pac-Man, to The Simpsons, to Phish, to the Last Supper, to Koston. James Barry feels ol’ Chuck would make a fitting dining guest for The Gav while Ryan Hull serves up the Pres and a blader. Remember three pairs of Lakai Shoes for the winner.

He won’t be winning any free shoes but this guy Greg is down for life.

The baddest born Aussie to relocate to England is now officially on Fourstar Europe.

It’s been a while since Crowchild chimed in but it’s good to know that he’s still reading.

“Just totaled my mom’s car.”—Biebel



The Yes We Canada Featured Feature just got a Mike Mo remix or mo’ Mike Mo. Well worth downloading again.

Clip of the Day! Gillet and Puig with Ice Capades like precision.

Even more entries for What Should The Gav Have? Rowan Byers took the inevitable hip-hop approach to this Phish fan and how could we not like Sam Culkins’. Get your entries in by the 26th.

Mini Top 5
Top 5 people who are lagging on getting in their Daily Photos:
1. Atiba Jefferson
2. Rick McCrank
3. Eric Koston
4. Dimitry Elyashkevich (Still have to Google your last name for spelling ’Meech)
5. Kenny Anderson, actually we just asked him this weekend but being that he was asked to send in his Top 5 over two years ago we'll just put him on here now

It’s been a long time since we checked in with Colen, but that doesn’t mean we’re not thinking of you Ben. Look, we found you a new ornament for your rearview. Thanks Peech.

You gotta be at least over 13 to watch this one. Just as shocking was how they hold it just like us. So looks like the only thing that’s separating the species is aim.

Today at lunch the new term for a skating in the park was “cardio-run.” As in, “When we get back to the office let’s go do some cardio-runs." I think Rudy came up with it.

Your Guest Poster for the Daily Photos, Fred Mortagne, is French Fred, by the way

“I actually like the heartagram.”—Mike Carroll


More What Should The Gav Have entries. Gav’s pal Tom Tate used some inside info for this timely entry. Tom, you’re disqualified for already getting free shoes. Kevin Charthand comes close to the heart for this feast he prepared for Gav, except for the herb part. Send your entries here and remember the winner gets three pairs of Lakai shoes.

Clip of the Day! Told ya. This isn’t the hole in the ground in Carlsbad circa ’92, no this JB and Lucas in Spain yesterday.

Our friend Goods sent us this. Urban Combat Skateboard? It’s just painted green! At least there’s some boardslide marks on there. Who’s selling shit to the Army? I’d say this brings new meaning to “Skate or Die” but someone already beat me to the punch.

We got a Birdhouse press release sent to us last night. Nesser’s in Tel Aviv, Sumner, Suski and some of the other guys are driving East on the I-10, Willy’s working on his video part, and Hawk and White are skating a ton. No mention of Cliver though, or his book.

Today Smyth got his car back with his new stereo/TV/iPod hook up in it. When I hopped in his Caddy this morning he had the movie “Belly” playing on the dash. We watched the Jamaica scene and the scene where DMX was speeding and running red lights in front of the cops. Now I don’t know if this affected Smyth’s driving but he uncharacteristically crossed two double yellows on his way to the carpool lane. I think we may watch a Darren Harper promo DVD on the way home and it’s got guns all over the front cover so hopefully Smyth doesn’t have a piece hidden under his seat or I could be in for some trouble.

“How do you survive being around so many white hip hoppers?”—Brian Mettee

“He was the inspiration for getting my vending machine.”—Sam talking about E-40


Clip of the Day! The Euros exchange rate is currently higher than their US counterparts on the constantly fluctuating stock exchange that is the Clip of the Day. JJ and Lucas cash out at the bank. With more to come I’m sure.

Only a day in and The What Should The Have Gav? contest is a racecar in the red. It cold blow at any moment! If you’re not familiar with it check yesterday’s post (much easier than me writing it all out again). This time around we’re gonna post some good ones as they come in and then pick a winner at the end. Here are a few from yesterday that potentially could be contenders for the big prize. Jesus Estrada sent this little gem, note the K-2. Ian Kammer cleverly incorporated the nonevent that was our Mentos and Diet Pepsi experiment. And Bryan Martin titled his “The Night Before.” Keep them coming.

An obviously very talented artist by the name of Bubba submitted some artwork, or maybe he just found on the “www”, for our cover band Bright and Sebastian first album. I see a Derrick Riggs/Iron Maiden kind of relation forming here. We’re thinking long term.

Tapper, Spencer Star, introduced us to the subgenre of all subgenres today. There’s Gansta Rap, Backpack Rap, Old School Rap, Middle School Rap, Underground Rap, and now there’s Foot Fetish Rap. You gotta admire Hip-Hop for how inclusive it is. I don’t think you’ll get your foot fetish kick at a night at the opera.

“It’s a joke only four people will get.”—John Rattray


New Contest! What SHOULD The Gav Have? Take this photo and cook up some marvelous shit for The Gav. Fill his plates with whatever you think The Gav should be having. Do you want him eating lobster? An old boot? Shit? It’s your deal. The winner, picked on Wednesday the 26th of April, will get three pairs of Lakai Shoes. Send your entries here.

During the filming of the Chocolate Tour (not to be confused with The Hot Chocolate Tour) Rob Welsh (not to be confused with a Chocolate rider, he rode for Aesthetics, or maybe Mad Circle at the time) switch backside 180 heeled a table perfectly but my tape glitched right before he hit his tail and stopped glitching right when he landed, so the entire action of the trick was missed. He brings it up still. Take a look:

If you’re looking to cut back on calories and have fresh breath this might not be the combo you’re looking for. Diet Coke and Mentos. I think I was actually on this diet back in like ’98. We tried the experiment (Three times!) to horrible results of course. This was as good as it got. This was as bad as it got.

Talked to Kenny Anderson on the phone today, it was as confusing as talking to Alex O and as silently awkward as talking to Koston. Our dudes are pretty phone impaired, BA’s bad too.

The Ruby has gotten a makeover. Where else could you can buy a Wooden O.G. painted by Andy Jenkins? Take a look.

“I’m working on a hot bod for summer.”—The Gav



Yesterday it was Mike Smith today it’s Mike McGill. Tomorrow it’s Mike Carroll.

I just talked to Alex Olson who’s been New York right for about a week. When asked if he’d been skating he said no because the airline lost his board, but when I asked him what he’s been doing the out there he said skating. He gets confused when you ask him more than one question.

New Contest coming soon. It has to do with The Gav and food. Go figure. Just realized that the “go figure” works on both levels, that we’d have a contest featuring The Gav and that the contest with The Gav would involve food. Also that we’d announce a contest before we post it to give ourselves a few days buffer. Go figure.

Who will be sitting pretty with Shaq this month? Couple more mags are coming so we’ll have to wait and see.

“I feel like Svetlana from The Real World”—Mike Carroll


We Have a Winner! Our first prize from the Crail Tap Customer Survey will be going to Mike Nero from San Ramon, Ca. Here’s how it all went down.

Clip of the Day! As previously mentioned, Steve Hernandez is now employed by Girl. Here’s a clip shot during those exciting last minutes of his lunch break.

Saw Reynolds’ and his baby girl this weekend.

Here they are, some of the biggest brains of the company, explaining the finer points and their inner most feeling about the late ’90s hit Mouse.

Mike Smith, inventor of the Smith, was here today. We got roots but we missed the photo.

“Let me take my sweater off so they can see my tats.”—Jamie


“Yes We Canada” is now in the Featured Feature column. Stokin’.

We spelt Malto’s name wrong in the opening titles…artistic statement of course.

In other video milestones, Ty has just logged his one thousandth DV tape! That’s 41 and half days of continuous recording (if our math department got their calculations right). Pretty major.

Biters dawg, biters.

“I don’t do art.”—Reda


Burndog’s lovely wife Katherine was not only kind enough to give me her ticket to a Belle and Sebastian ticket recently, she was also generous enough to take on the laborious task of filling out a Family Member Survey:

Larson’s latest creation. Putting the Dump in Art Dump.

Went on a Potato Chip run with Smyth for his snack machine yesterday after work. Holy drug deal! Driving to a sketchy parking lot in Gardenia to meet some guy in a mini van, who had to do the drop right then and there before he went back to Hawaii to pick up more supplies. I stayed in the car with the engine running. If the warehouse only knew how Smyth was laying it on the line just to keep their munchies at bay.

Rudy might be joining Bright and Sebastian, if we can get him out of the Hustler Casino.

New Featured Feature tomorrow…most likely. Maybe even a Top 5. Those last couple of sentences were a little noncommittal I know.

“I don’t want to be on anyone else’s schedule and I don’t want anyone to be on mine.”—Carroll

“Foreign dudes are always up for some embarrassing shit.”—Burnett



It’s back! Guess Whose Tat?

Our East Coast Correspondent, Goods, caught the Gonz having the blues.

Fredrico sent us another clip. It’s got kind of a bizarre audio track. Go on a ride with Butch and Rattray.

What Did The Gav Have? Special visual report. That’s Korean BBQ. I believe he’s gnawing on a rib.

These two sexy young men came by yesterday. Ladies write direct.

Eric “Emo-ier Than Thou” Anthony and myself have decided to start a cover band called Bright and Sebastian. That’s right Bright Eyes and Belle and Sebastian covers only. We’ve yet to play together though, for fear that we’d wash away in a sea of tears. Sea of Tears, now that would be a good name for an emo band.

There’s fundraiser for Portland skater Sarah Burgess who has recently suffered a serious head injury while skating. Please visit this site and do what you can.



Clip of the Day! Vince Capaldi knows a good combo will get you clip of the day. Nosegrind on the first to nose manny on the second.

Yet, another clip! Friend of The Tap, Fredrico sent us a quality clip of Jean-Baptiste Gillet getting a workout in Sicily. I’d say he has the R-n-R wired.

Steve Hernandez, yes that Steve Hernandez, who now works at Girl by the way, gave us a photo of a young Koston blunting his little brains out.

Justin Eldridge was getting dumb recently and locked his keys in the car while he was ghost riding his whip. Luckily for him the window was rolled down. If need be, ask Carroll or Smyth to decipher that sentence.

We’ll soon be doing a drawing from the Crail Shop Customer Surveys that we’ve been receiving. The winner will get a box of goodies. So if you’re sitting on one, get off your dead ass and send them in, like Zach Deward did. Make it a little morelegible than Zach’s though.

I think I hear Rick in Rickk's office.

“With my big mouth I’ll get shot again.”—Matt Schnurr



This past weekend the Crail cam hit the mean streets of LA. (It didn’t rain after all). Here’s a brief, albeit stunning, gallery.

One of Mike Mo’s friends Crail grabbed down the Hollywood 12. He also jumped off the roof next to it with no board, just for fun.

What Did the The Gav Have? A quarter chicken with rice. He was sweating profusely from the moment he placed the order up to his last bite.

Today Carroll sent all of us one of those a girl washing herself in a bubble bath and then when she stands up out of the water, surprise it’s not a girl type of videos. This is how Carroll starts most days much in the way you might start your day with a coffee or a shower.

“I thought he was black.”—The Gav after meeting Mike Mo for the first time

“I got three sequences in the new mag!”—Carroll to Megan when she walked in Rickk's office


As it rains this weekend, at least here it is, spend a little time with the Arthur Gonzarelli.

As mentioned in other columns, The Cheeks has been around a lot lately. He’s also been emailing a lot. And demanding a double sided poster of himself.

Today’s Motto was Super Sales Shea’s idea. It’s a little surfey for me, but he really liked it. He likes soccer a lot too. But he also had a photo in Poweredge, so It all kind of balances out.

“It’s so stinky in there.”—Misato after leaving the boys bathroom


Here I was thinking I was providing an exceptional batch of pics for this week’s Daily Photos then Coleman finds this shot and takes the wind right out of my sails.

Clips of the Day. Alex Olson, after showing off his Spitfire shirt with the Slayer artwork on it, learned fakie nosegrinds down the hubba, then moved on to the much trickier (so I've heard) fakie 5-0.

The Fourstar site, previously under construction, is now up. And here’s the photo and link to prove it.

Reese Forbes is on Skate Mental! But in classic Raymond form he didn’t bother to ask the rest of his team if it was cool. Luckily for Reese, Smyth and I are fans, though we’re a little miffed that someone came in after us and got a board before us. I guess we’re the man-ams.

Today Adam Corolla, our new favorite radio personality, called Mountain Dew the Nectar of the ’Tards. If this was a drink it’d work for us too.


The Fourstar site is up and looking federal. Good job boys. BA’s Super Champ bonus part is up there too.

Sam’s over the Real World. Here’s some of the reasons why; no partying, no hooking up, the rudest gay guy ever, the most spoiled brat ever, and too much arguing inside the house. Without Smyth’s witty quips from his Keepin’ It Real reports driving viewers to their sets, we’re sure that ratings have plummeted. Maybe next season the casting director will take notice and get a more Vegas-like troupe together for the Fall.

Just a friendly reminder that there’s a new Featured Feature.

“I’ve been laid, bro”—Alex O. on having sex

“You know I ain’t got nothing to do today if I’m hanging out with Mike and Alex.”—Reda

"Real Hipsters don’t talk about their hipness, dude.”—Eric Anthony




Hittin’ Britain/Oui Will Rock You is now available in the Featured Feature column. It’s a visual celebration of our time spent in England and France last summer. It starts with the team pushing a tour bus and ends with Smyth eating a sandwich.

Fourstar Clothing was the first major endeavor that the Girl camp took on where I didn’t hear about it until everyone else did. That’s right, I didn’t know what it was until I saw the ad in a magazine. I’ve always harbored some ill feelings toward the brand because of it. Well now I’m all giddy because I’ve been given the honor to send the message to you that the new Fourstar Clothing site will be launching tomorrow, Wednesday the 28th of March. Fourstar and I, on good footing again.

It’s been a while since we posted a Crail Shop Customer Survey. We’ll be drawing our first winner for the prize giveaway soon, so keep sending them in. Here’s Vinnie’s from Hacienda Heights.

That second paragraph was a joke, kind of. I really didn’t hear of Fourstar until the ad came out, but I wasn’t really tripping that hard. It was kind of lame of them though


Things are getting a little corporate around here.

Still haven’t called Pappalardo since we left Australia, where we kicked it so hard that he promised he wouldn’t screen my calls anymore. So since I have called him he hasn’t screened my calls. I’d say we’re still getting along real well.

There was a BBQ at Carroll’s house yesterday to celebrate the purchase of some new lawn furniture. Mike never made it though. He was out filming and subsequently ruining a joke where everyone was throwing their empties onto his lawn. We were hoping he’d show up and give that classic Carroll look on his face where it’s not really a mad expression but just this confused gaze where you can almost see the gears turning in his head as he tries to figure out what’s going on. It’s a good look.

Today’s Mike Mo’s birthday. His Super Sweet 16, but instead of his parents throwing a party for him and his 150 closest friends with like Lil’ Bow Wow performing, he’ll probably just skate flat with his brother and maybe do some MySpacing.

Lance Mountain Top 5 coming soon, or what I’d like to call a total Bones Brigade nerd for me. I’ve known Lance for 12 years and I think I still try to slip in a Brigader question whenever I see him. He doesn’t seem to mind.

’Guy Mariano was here today.

“Go to the BenGay website and order Kenny some BenGay.”—Reda

“I’m gonna pay him by punching you in the mouth.”—Reda


Contest Howard! Slam City ’98.

Mini Top 5

Bird’s Top 5 gripes, most often overheard by Girl employees, about Girl
1. The server sucks
2. Place is a ghost town at 5pm
3. Cleaning people clean during work hours
4. Everyday we’re celebrating someone’s birthday
5. Receptionist still doesn’t know his name

Saw the enjoi vid. Wow Jerry!

Scott's coming to town this weekend. That means he's been packed since last weekend.

Kind of a slow weak, I know. Just haven’t seen Gav around much lately.

“I was calling Shimizu The Nuge all day.”—Reda


A Day of Startling Imagery
(Click images below)


The Brothers Koston.

Bochart’s Green Jell-O Wrestling


Here’s a great exchange of dialogue, a little out of context but still good, that took place today between Megan and Rickk: Megan: How do you know?
Rickk: I know because I was a teenager in high school.
Megan: Yeah, for how long? Three months?

Mike Mo went to a Korn concert the other day. He kind of liked it.

Could a certain Monday be making a comeback here at The Tap?

Kind of short I know, but I’ve been in a meeting with Carroll all morning.

“He doesn’t know what post-coital means.”—Alex Klein about Rip

“How is it sitting next to the religious right?”—Ben Colen to Eric Anthony


Slap has The Curtains. Thrasher has Something Else. Skateboarder has Extra. Well now The Tap has Sitting Pretty with Shaq. Like it’s predecessors, it will be a monthly feature. While the mags save their Holy Grail of imagery for the last few pages of their book, we have set up a more holy shrine for ours. Each month the most shocking image from the major skate mags will be deemed worthy to be Sitting Pretty with Shaq. Why Shaq? Well Shaq has been holding down the most precious prime real estate in the building for over a year. The wall facing the shitter in the Men’s Bathroom. And he ain’t going nowhere. So whatever we feel can ride with Shaq for a month gets to hang. Here’s this months winner!

Dan Paulson got a Carroll sighting at his local Starbucks. Marc Jacobs for your dog don’t come cheap. You gotta work for that shit.

An awesome photo stolen from the El Beardo site that Sanger posted.

I guess Smyth’s not feeling this season of The Real World. Have you noticed?

We’d like to wish our fav ex-pat Le Lee a happy birthday.

“I’m a shy guy.”—Eric Anthony



Mini Top 5
Alex Klein’s Top 5 Things About Living at Sam Smyth’s House:

1. Discovered hidden cache of pornos in closet
2. Enormous wall rack of every single Bay Area rap CD ever released provides ample music for seducing females. Nothing puts a woman in the mood like an obscure Seff Tha Gaffla track.
3. Lactose intolerant household ensures no one is creeping on my brie.
4. Acrylic portrait of Lee Smith riding a graffiti laden bus lends an air of sophistication to my room.
5. Plenty of fancy appliances for me to accidentally break

Eight Xs, two goofs.

Our very own Chris Roberts, star of “Hittin Britain” and “Oui Will Rock You” will be featured in the upcoming TWS video. Here’s a preview to prove we’re not lying. Make us proud Roberts.

Found out this weekend that Mike’s dog, among other things, like AC/DC T-shirts, has it’s own Myspace profile. Wait it gets better/worse, all it’s answers to the profile have the word “bark” in it, like Favorite TV Show: “Meet the Barkers,” Favorite Album: “Bark at the Moon.” Now that’s Hyphy.

What Did The Gav Have? Half chicken with a double side of beans, no rice. Still doing it.

Kind of off topic, but great nonetheless.

“He rehabilitates the people not their dogs.”—Staci G. on the “Dog Whisperer”


Look who stopped by yesterday.

In case you were wonder he's still not smoking.

Saint Patty’s and already this morning Smyth smelt a little pickled from the night before.

And the Ringer thought her post was lame.

“You got scrotum hair.”—Rip on Smyth’s new goatee



J. Calloway’s future brother-in-law, that’s right I said it, was hanging out in the office yesterday. He said he “used to skate” and he’s only 13. So we quickly had him fill out a Family Member Survey before he’s over us too.

Today Rickk and I were laughing when we pulled up to Podium and saw that they have yet another Podium wrapped vehicle. This one looked liked an airport Shuttle. But then we were dying when we pulled alongside of it and saw that Rickk was actually featured on it.

What Did The Gav Have? An iceberg salad with a scoop of tuna on it. He even threw off the hardboiled egg. I think Rickk ate it. Doing good Gav.

Look at the determined expression on Smyth’s face below. Caught in the thrill-seeking act of riding his board. With that fierce look in his eye what could he be doing? Back lip down 8? Kicky crooks a ledge? Back noseblunt a quarter? Nope! How about a little scratch in the shallows at Pizzey? Shit, I’ll take it. From the Black Mass session.

If you’ve been wondering what Ben Colen’s been up to, he’s in Japan watching Logan’s Run on repeat on the hotel’s only English speaking TV channel.

We here at The Tap would like to acknowledge the valiant efforts of our good friend Lance, who had a heavy run with his company The Firm. Lance, along with Ray, Weston, and James, went on Girl’s maiden voyage across the U.S. in ’94 creating some great times and some lifelong friendships. Since then he’s helped us with everything from building a vert ramp to starring in our videos to shooting our ads to constructing sets and props for films. Just wanted to let Lance know that he has our full support with this new chapter in an already amazing life in skateboarding and are stoked to hear that he’s in good hands with the dudes at Flip.

I think that’s about as mushy as we get around here.

“What’s up with this jock?”—The Cheeks while looking through a skate mag

“When I’m laying in bed watching TV it gets a little wet under there.”—The Gav about his chin

“Alex is a little shit, right?”—Rickk on Alex Olson’s instant messages


I hope Carroll thinks of this every time he calls his pet. Not even a vintage rock shirt with a dog friendly play on words can save this one. Thanks Hunter.

Pops and I kicked it so hard in Australia that he swears he’s not gonna screen my phone calls anymore. If you only knew how special that is.

Yesterday we had a discussion about whether we should bring Mike Carroll or Mike Mo to a meeting next week.

The Fourstar site revamp is in full swing. All new pages, product, video, and vices coming soon.

What Did The Gav Have? Half turkey sandwich with green salad and a cup of soup. Very sensible.

“We’ll run an emo batch.”—Rickk

“That’s a fucking skate state!”—Rickk on Arizona



Much in the same vein as Carroll (or is that “vane”) we have gathered our Australia mpegs shot from our little digi cam for you to see. Click below please:

“What’s wrong with your neck, son?”— Jake Duncombe’s Dad to Pappalardo



The Fourstar site is about to get a major facelift, more major than Joan Rivers.

Black Mass at Pizzy!

r Mate Morgan Campbell gets a Clip of the Day.

ndom Roberts Fact #2. He did a nollie noseblunt slide at the end of his line in "Welcome to Hell" not a nollie nosegrind as previously reported. Damn fact checkers!

One time Scott John
ston lied and said he was his mother-in-law to get some fungus removed from his toes at a clinic in the Bronx. Yeah, true story. He filled out a form in the waiting room saying that he was a 59-year-old woman. But then walked out when they said it'd be $1500 to treat.


Turns out that Scott ate some of that Kangaroo too and now he’s shitting every five minutes. Roberts is fine though.

Mini Top 5
Brian Gaberman’s Top 5 things about being short:

  1. Can stand comfortable underneath the overhead storage on an airplane
  2. Everyone climbs over the fence I can go under it
  3. Get on the bus for the kids’ fair
  4. Bosom slow dancing, before I was married of course
  5. Being a jockey is an option for a second career

Australia Gallery #3.

“I think Ben Stiller is taller than you, dude.”—Alex Olson to Gaberman



Another day another gallery.
A skater (let's hope he's a skater) from Finland put his best foot forward at his wedding. "
Eva and I got married last September and the only choice of shoes for the special occasion was the Carroll 4's. Classy guy.

Chris Roberts ate Kangaroo today, on a skewer, so I think it's cool. None of the Australians ate it. It's like eating possum to them. Another Random Roberts Fact, he had a line in the Toy Machine classic "Welcome to Hell" A heelflip on flat and then a nollie nosegrind on a ledge off some stairs. Yeah, that was him. He was skating with Barley quite a lot at the time.

“Ninety percent of the music in my iPod is pussy music, which isn't really good when you’re driving around a bunch of skaters”—Brian Gaberman

“I had a dream last night that I shit my pants. I think you’re having an effect on me.”—Brian Gaberman


It's amazing how much fun you can have on a 14-hour flight with a Rolling Stone cover and a flying tomato. This was our first altering of said cover, which was kind of weak. Then this one was pretty sick. But this last one was the coolest. We call that one the Flabby Tomato.

It was a very exciting first day here in Australia (I'm gonna try really hard from using "OZ" in my posts while I'm out here), hot mini ramp action, poultry for prize, Hecox, blue Rectors with white socks pulled up, and indecision. Here's a gallery.

After the Hecox show we walked right into this guy working on his routine. The only thing missing was a boom box blaring a Depeche Mode song to guide his every move.

He was even kind of socially awkward and was all by himself.

Lets try this again. From last Tuesday: We've been planning a mass exodus to our homeland for some time now. We've sent our correspondent Chris to blaze the trail for us. Pack your bags and get ready. We'll let you know when to book your flight. Forgot to post the links last time.

“Why do people still bother with female rappers?”—Smyth


Just to buy a little more time here. Carroll on the Junior Executive.

“You tried to make fun of a cult and they ain' t having it.”—Rudy


While we adjust to our jet lag enjoy this clip of Joey Brezinski. Even though he now rides for Cliché we still can’t shake him around here. I think they may have even given him a board too.

“Obviously Goth ain’t happening. That contest sucked.”—Rudy


Tonight we leave for Australia. So posts will be coming from an Internet café while everyone else is shaking off a hangover. We’ll try our best. There will be a Hecox show and some Chocolate demos. There has been a roster change for the Chocolate side on things. Just take out a black Sharpie or Magic Marker and cross out Devine’s name from your screen and write in Chris Roberts name, as Devine won’t be able to make it.

Our friend Danny Garcia is getting an interview in a future issue of Transworld. He’s asking the kids on the street to provide the questions. If you’d like to get a word in with D-Gar send them here and they’ll be considered for print.

We’ve been planning a mass exodus to our homeland for some time now. We’ve sent our correspondent Chris to blaze the trail for us. Pack your bags and get ready. We’ll let you know when to book your flight.

“The world’s biggest wallride, ever!”—Jenkins, overheard in an art meeting


Well apparently you guys and gals don’t have too many Goth friends who can kickflip, but that’s all right, we still have a winner. It was Terry’s entry of “Goth Scot” that took first. It was a victory based off of sheer protocol. The others were either a real Goth who couldn’t skate or a real skater pretending to be Goth for the contest. Terry and Goth Scot seemed to be the only real deal. So they’ll be getting the box of junk. Good work boys and nice bondage chains Scot.
But as always there were some quality runner-ups. Dan Watson sent this one of his friend Nick Racine pulling off the dangerous stunt of doing a flip trick with a dress on (can’t see your board). Chris sent in one of this random Goth trying to skate. And finally Pat Heid found this famous man in black flipping on the back porch. I’ve always felt that we’ve had some of the best runner-ups in the business.

It is clearly a big day in Goth.

The Lakai trailer for Fully Flared is up in the Featured Features.

Happy Birthday Mueller!

Oh, and Matt, you’re on!



Yesterday’s mystery leg exerciser piqued a lot of interest. Rob Welsh and Kevin Federline were popular guesses, naturally. Well it was neither Welsh, dedicated practitioner of the leg stretch, or Federline, the practitioner of Portuguese rap. It was actually Ty looking like Welsh who is often accused of looking like K-Fed. Just laugh it off Wu.

Monday morning is indeed the last day to win that beefy box of items parked outside my office. To win in simply send in a video clip (preferred) or a photo (passable) of your most Goth friend doing a kickflip.

Chris Roberts will be joining us in Australia for the Chocolate tour. Unfortunately Devine can’t make it. Alex Olson may meet up with us. He’s pretty sketchy so he could totally bean out on the whole thing.

I don’t know how all this goat stuff got started, but I think I know how it’s gonna end.

“We have given him the goat, and as far as we know they are still together."—Mr. Alifi



Monday is the last day for Goth Kickflip. We haven’t gotten much so you still can get something in. Maybe showing this photo of the prize will help? That box goes deep.

Who is that doing his leg exercises? Looks familiar.

Go to the Escapist website for some Malto clips. He’s the one who looks like Lance Jr. circa ’96.

Sorry the post is short, and late, but I’ve been busy editing footage of Tim Gavin skating. No, for real.

“Everybody needs a bad guy. I’m quite comfortable with that role.”—Brian Mettee, you know Wonder Boy



Jesus and Federico are back at it again. At this rate Jesus will have a full-blown part just here at The Tap. Where’s Danny?

Chocolate artist Evan Hecox’s work will be on display at the Monster Children Gallery in Sydney, Australia.

In addition the Chocolate team’s skating will be on display. If that's where you reside come check it out.

If you don’t have a Goth friend to do a kickflip you can probably get a clip of Hime doing one. I think he can kickflip. I know he wears all black.

We forgot this photo yesterday.

“If I’m not selling it you shouldn't be wearing it."—Hime



Young Pops is the latest to have a World Famous Fives.

My Most Goth Friend Doing a Kickflip! contest is up and running. The prize? A box of goodies found around the office. The contest? Send us a photo or a quicktime of your most goth friend doing a kickflip. Send something in or else Matt Bollis’ hand might be taking it. Send that spooky shit here. Deadline is the 27th.

A day skating with Koston and Pepper. Kind of like “Skating with Rob and Natas,” but not really.

Biebel is on the cover of new Skateboard Mag with a full-blown interview within. It’s tight. 

What Did The Gav Have? Salmon salad. He’s trying to loose some weight.

“I don’t know how to do it.”—Carroll on eating a muffin


We’d like to send out a heartfelt goodbye to one of our fallen brothers, Harold Hunter. Thanks for making us laugh all these years. You will be missed. Your friends at the Tap.

If you’d like to make a donation to Harold’s funeral and final arrangements please visit this site.



New Contest! We have a new box of crap to giveaway. It’s a culmination of a few people moving office over the last month. There’s some shoes in there, some videos, a wallet, lots of clothes, a couple of fedoras even. Here’s what you gotta provide to win it: My Most Goth Friend Doing a Kickflip! That’s right send us a short, very short video clip or photo of your most Goth friend doing a kickflip. The judging will be based on best use of morbid dress, spookiest hair, palest skin etc. And if you’re the Gothiest friend that’s cool too. Send your entries here. The do date is Monday morning on the 27th.

Yesterday we had lunch with Gav but we forgot to report on What Did The Gav Have? He had a catfish sandwich (it was the first time he ever had catfish) with a baked potato, dollop of sour cream on the side, a cornbread muffin with apple butter, and a mason jar of ice tea with his patented two packs of sugars and one pack of Equal artificial sweetener dumped in. Wow, that was in depth.

Quickly, very quickly after we posted the thing about Koston’s 7-foot Reef Shark most likely being a 3-foot Tuna he sent us an email titled “3-Foot Tuna This Bitch!” simply with this photo attachment and nothing else. We stand corrected.

Looks like the Lakai dudes made it to Sacto.

The Lakai site has undergone a major facelift. Included is the first trailer for their work in progress Fully Flared.

Anthony Pappalardo will be blessing us with a World Famous Top 5 next week.

“Have you visited any other vending machines lately? They got bullshit in there.”—Smyth



Carroll has a fondness for his Canon digital camera very much the in the same way that he does for gag factor. Well one day he’s gonna be in the wrong place at the right time and catch some Rodney King type shit. Until then enjoy his clips from his most recent trip to Australia.

Yesterday was also Sean Cliver’s birthday. Sean’s famous for two things; writing a fantastic book about skateboard graphics and getting is face palmed by Sheffey for a crime he didn’t commit. Oh, he used to do the 90210 updates in Big Brother too. So that makes three things. Happy birthday Sean.

Some of the Lakai dudes are going up to Sacto this weekend to skate with Biebel, enjoy his large screen televisions and soak in his hot tub. Well at least Rickk will be soaking in his hot tub.

Kelly Bird has promised to be next week’s featured photographer for our Daily Photos homepage. Bird hates to let someone down so now that it’s written it will happen.

There are rumors of Koston catching 7-foot reef shark while vacationing near the Great Barrier Reef. Well if the ocean is analogs to the golf course then the 7-foot reef shark may be more like a 3-foot tuna.

“I might have to suck another cupcake down.”—Bird


Here is visual proof that Alex Olson being in Australia for so long (over 40 days with another 15 to go) has taken its toll on his sanity.  

Today is my cube neighbor Eric Anthony birthday. Born the same day as indie wiz Conor Oberst. Coincidence? I think not. Look at EA’s bag. I’d say he’s got a little indie wiz of his own.

I saw my Mother this last weekend. Here she is with her latest CD purchase. It really is hers.No one need not complain about The Tap being too harsh on them again. Thanks Mom.

“I don’t pay attention a lot.”—Carroll



Smyth went to Australia last week for some reason. Can’t remember why. Oh, to shoot this gallery. And to get these clips. Biebel on a very long nose grind and Omar on a very hippie jump.

Judging from the rims I’m thinking that this is a ’96 Geo Prism Coupe or a two-door ’97 Toyota Tercel, neither of which is known for it’s comfy backseat. Throw what’s going on up front into the mix and I’d say that this poor little bastard is looking forward to a very uncomfortable ride home.

Jereme has landed himself on the cover of the new Slap with an interview inside, as did Belle and Sebastian. Equally important to some of us around here.

Today being Valentine’s Day and all there was a poem contest at lunch with a cash prize for first. There’s never been a stronger muse for Smyth than some cold hard cash so he wrote one out dedicated to his favorite appliance. As well as being Valentine’s it is also Chico’s birthday. Happy birthday Cheeks!

“I can’t win.”—Andy Jenkins



A couple of goofs in their new sled. The Starbucks in the cup holder is the best. Please retire the Mustang from all punch lines from this moment forward.

Carroll called me this morning all amped out and cussing up a storm. He wanted me to post a shout out to some 10 or 12-year-old kid they saw at a spot who broke his wrist while trying to kickflip down ten stairs on Rickk’s board. He said he didn’t know how to spell his name. A little confused I asked Mike, “Does he read Crailtap?” or “Did you tell him to check it?” He said he didn’t know, so I told him to just send me an email to tell me what to say. And after all that he never sent it. So if you’re a kid between the ages of 10 and 12 and broke your wrist on a kickflip down some stairs on Rickk’s board and Mike Carroll was there, well Mr. Carroll is thinking about.

Remember this little guy?

New contest coming soon. A box of random goodies from the offices of some random dudes!

“I love Hawaiian T-Shirts.”—Brian “Wonder Boy” Mettee


While skating yesterday we came across a whole battalion of Biebels. It was major.

A new, one time only, game! Only because no one seems all that stoked on it. Kenny Anderson refused to play and Mettee and Eric Anthony thought it was “gross.” But I’m not going to let a couple of puds decide what is right for you guys out there. So here goes: Guess Whose Choppers!

Hey Ringer, your Golden Boy Mettee, or whatever the hell you call him, just happened to leave a candle burning in the bathroom last night when I came in. Whole place could have been in ashes this morning because of old wonder boy.

“Do you know when I was five I tested at a genius level in vocabulary.”—Eric Anthony after asking what “subversive” meant


We have a new Featured Feature folks! Always a cause for celebration. “Clips of the Year 2005” is a compilation of the park clips thus far. Shot on a digi film camera by the way. At 26megs it takes a while to load.

Matt Smith pitches Everybody Hates Frost.

Tomas Diaz is the latest to be entered into Crail Shop giveaway by submitting his Crail Shop Customer Survey. He’s also working on the Strobe Light Condom so his future looks bright.

“Did Burnett quit Thrasher?”—Rickk after what must have been a skim of yesterday’s post

“That’s why China has the Internet, so they can vote for Yao Ming on the All Star ballot.”—Bird



One way to drink responsibly is to get it a free delivery at your doorstep.

Tapper Ivan knows the Royal Drum Off is over but couldn’t resist sending this in. He may have won

Max said over the Japanese airwaves that he was never a coward, but Master Card thinks otherwise.

Somebody in Nebraska is claiming they’re “Most Blunted.”

What Did The Gav Have? Another fine meal for Timmy. Bean and chee burrito with lots of hot sauce, tons of hot sauce. He had some of Rickk’s sour cream covered quesadilla.

Eric Anthony, my new cube neighbor, and I are listening to the new Belle and Sebastian. It’s no big deal, we’re comfortable with it.

“The ollie was in ’98.”—The Gav referring to when he ollied onto a girl’s stomach


Not only has Carroll provided a slideshow but here he comes with a gallery from Australia. If he contributes one more thing this week we’re getting him his one cubicle.

The mighty Italian Federico has again joined forces with the mighty Spaniards Danny and Jesus for some more hot doubles action. Ignore any ideas of latent homosexuality in that last sentence.

Yesterday was the following people’s birthdays Kenny Anderson’s daughter Dianne, Bob Marley, and Reda. So any idea that personalities are based on their sign is pretty much out the window. With baby Dianne it’s a little early to tell. As far as Marley and Reda are concerned, never met Marley but I’m going to assume that him and Reda’s dispositions are a tad bit off. Just an assumption.

Our bros over at the bible are looking for a new hire: “Thrasher Magazine is looking for an in-house Associate Editor/Photographer to work with us making the world's best skateboard magazine. Applicant must be able to do it all: shoot photos, write stories, organize editorial and do so on a deadline. The right person for the job is details oriented, design conscious, hard working, opinionated and extremely skate knowledgeable.” Resumes with cover letter should be emailed care of Michael Burnett.

Happy 60th birthday Pop!

“What I am supposed to do with 75 hot wings?”—Eric on Rickk's voice mail when he figured out Rick wasn't coming to the party

“When I say ‘Danny’ with no last name, just assume I mean Danny Way.”—overheard at The Tap



After much deliberation Rudy Johnson has chosen a winner for The Royal Drum Off. Next time no You Post It sites or being redirected to a download that took way too long. When the sticks came to a thumping halt it was Australia’s Paulie Keenan who Rudy deemed worthy of the Royal prize. Steve Dread of Alva fame entered as well and although Rudy was impressed with his “ghost notes” we felt since Steve is a sponsored skater and a friend of The Tap we wanted to go with a total stranger. Congratulations Paulie.

Mr. Carroll made us proud and shot his first slideshow for Randoms. It’s from his time spent in Oz last month. We’re gonna be big in Australia after today. Maybe even as big as we are in Canada.

They say the best part of the Superbowl is the commercials. I think after this ESPN mobile spot Koston would have to agree.

The biggest news of all this weekend was Lakai’s Andy Mueller and his wife Jennifer giving birth to a wonderful baby boy, who has yet to be named. May I suggest Kelly or Bird.



The Royal Drum Off deadline is this coming Monday 9am Torrance Time. Send those last minute vids here.

To the English guy who called about the triple credit card bill from the Crail Shop you forgot to leave your number.  

Australia post on Monday. Sorry.

And remember Super Bowl Sunday, other than being the day when the most avocados are purchased and the highest report of spousal abuse, is also the best day to skate while the security guards are glued to their Sony Watchmans.

Also, if your font looks weird we're working on it.

“I make shit look vintage bro.”—Rudy



Tomorrow, according to Mr. Carroll, we’ll have a full report on the recent Lakai film trip in Australia. Photos, video, it’s gonna be insane. It was supposed to happen today but Carroll had to go to the dentist.

Ross from Jacksonville, Florida, Clyde Singleton’s hometown, was kind enough to send back his Crail Shop Reader Survey, subsequently entering himself into our Crail Shop prize giveaway.  

What Did The Gav Have? Another visual presentation. Batter fish tacos and fries.

The Fairy’s got an update today!

“I just got to think for sec dude, I haven’t used Mottos for a while.”—Eric Anthony when asked to provide today’s Motto. He didn’t.


Fresh off a Lakai film trip, Italian heavy Federico filmed a nice little synchro’d line of Jesus Fernandez and Daniel Lebron, special just for us. Thanks guys.

Bob K. pointed out to us that we spelt Salba’s name wrong yesterday. Thanks Bob. I don’t think she’s really his niece either, maybe his cousin? Oh, and Bob, that’s not Rudy either.

Oz, after the fact, Clip of the Day! Rickk takes on a big four.

Winner of 80s Hime contest Sean McConkey sent this to let us know he got his prize of all black Fourstar clothes.

And finally the prize for the The Royal Drum Off is still up for grabs.

“I’ll pour a Coke down the server if that quote goes up.”—Brian Mettee


If you go by Spike's, make sure to wear eye protection.

The guys are back from Australia except for Guy, Alex, and Ty. They haven't had enough.

Rudy was spotted at this year Golden Globes chaperoning Sabla's niece, what's her name?

“I think Alex and Mike broke up.” —Rickk


We're finally getting some finalists for the Royal Drum Off. This one won't win, for two reasons, he's our friend and there are no drums in it, but it's probably the best. It takes awhile (9.4MB) but it's well worth it. Here's what Pat won't be winning. Still up for grabs.

What Did The Gav Have? A turkey sandwich with a side salad. Must have been a rough weekend.

Nathon Fong, we got the Gav to sign your Jersey. He gave it a personal touch which, I guess, isn't so personal anymore.

And finally, a Survey by Justin Goetz, just for the Ringer. Oh, and Bob K.

“That sucks. It looks like it was hungry and about to eat something.” —Rudy on the Bobcat in the office

“That's why I love watching 'When Animals Attack.'” —Rudy


So far we got a picture of someone's drum set and this. The Royal Drum Off still needs your entries. What, do they not have drum kits in Canada or something? What's going on here?

Congratulations to Rick McCrank and Corey Adams who have won the X-Dance Action Sports Film Festival with their film Harvey Spannos. Rick you've come a long way since that episode of "SK8." If you don't know what X-Dance is, ask Ty. He's way into it.

The penguin's moment in the sun has set. Now if you don't have a Bobcat in your office you're kind of bumming. The Desert Twins knew it was a bobcat just by looking at its tail. They don't just Motocross and huff gas out in the Yuca Valley you know.

Nicole from Belleville, NJ is the latest to send in her Crail Customer Survey. She likes Koston, Gino, and Lutzka.

As you know, Nick Diamond is always on the guest list.

We don't know What The Gav's Having because he's been gone most of the week, but I've eaten pot pies two days in a row. Serious carb run right now.

And finally here's our final new neighbor, Michael Coleman or the New MC. He does art.

“There's gotta be some P.O.P. involved with this. One of those hanging cubes or something.” —Staba after shooting a photo of BA


Clip of the Day! Mike Mo does a mo' better switch flip tail to shove.

The Royal Drum Off. So far this email from Eric Yacula is winning, "I'm guessing I'd have to film myself shred the tubs first, put out the fire that I just caused from 'burning' 'em so bad, then throw it on a site? wait? wait. I have a co-worker that has a camera that takes video. The issue is finding a site to host the 'magic.'"
C'mon, you turds. Start sending in clips of you jamming on the drums. Must be under a minute. Send your entries here. Winner gets a box of Royal goodies.

I've also been informed that the Royal site has been updated.  

And even more Royal news. This is another one of our new neighbors. He's actually the toughest one, brawny big brothers and all that, so he doesn't need to pose with a fake gun and a baseball bat. 

I think Ben Colen might be hangin' out with a girl this weekend. I mean a real life girl. No rolling dice or increasing his Charisma points involved.

Maciek Trojanowski from Poland sent this. Now that's globalization at its finest. Someone out there now's enough about the Western world that they know what Girl and Crailtap is. Unfortunately all we have for you out here is some shitty Polish jokes. Not exactly a fair cultural exchange now is it?

“We're just rubbing pain cream on some sore spots.” —Rickk


The Royal Drum Off isn't really going off to be honest with. Not one entry yet. Boys and girls get out those sticks and start slaying the skins. Send entries here.

This is one of my new neighbors, he sits closet too me. He's been playing Belle and Sebastian all morning so ignore the gun and the baseball bat.

Smyth just got back from visiting his long lost roommate Le Lee. Here's a thorough photo documentation of how Lee is coping with life abroad. He's going to Tampa tomorrow so maybe we'll get more of the same. Except with less Lee of course.

Rest in Peace Nice Guy Eddie. That sucks.

“You know how hip hop dudes have towels?” —Brian Mettee


New Contest Dogs! The Royal Drum Off. Who ever sends in the best video footage of themselves ripping a gnar drum solo, Neil Peart style, wins a package packed personally from Rudy Johnson. He'll be doing the judging too. Send your clip here by Monday the 6th of Feb.

The Mystery Machine getting mass air.

We're getting new cubicle neighbors today. It's very distracting. Remember the art guys we got to know better a couple of weeks ago, the Desert Twins and the New MC? Yeah, those guys are creeping on our turf. I can already hear the emo music coming over the wall. I smell a rumble.

“A minute dude, you need a minute.” —Rudy when asked how long it takes to go off on a drum solo


Friend of the Tap Alex Klein, who used to be Little Alex, by the way, until Alex Olson started tagging along, has a rad younger brother named Ned. He surfs Fort Point in SF, so he's not really sweating it either. Here's his Family Member Survey;

Here's a slideshow showcasing the best works from the Win Gav's Retired Jersey Contest. Good work boys and girls.

Koston's in Australia right now.

The Crailshop has been updated for the kill deals.

A lot of people are moving their offices around here. That means we'll have more junk to giveaway. One Tap employ's trash is a Tapper's treasure.

Joe Brook's photo website, featuring photos from the SF Fourstar catalog shoot, is up.

“We feel extreme sports and extreme sex go together  extremely well.” —Rich Marshall


Crail Shop Customer Survey! Now you can get your survey up. With every Crail Shop purchase comes a Survey and a chance to win some shit. Derek Oblinger from Redondo Beach is the first.

Someone is getting Gav's Retired Matix Jersey. And that someone is Nathan Fong who hit the nail on the head on multiple levels. The Gav is very Homer like and he does love Phish. Congratulations Nate you're Jersey is on the way. We''ll show the other entries next week.

I missed this contest in 1994. I had the chicken pox. I bet you missed it too. So here goes.

We'll also have more kids with DS on the home page next week too.

No one is here.


Bird back from the south of Spain with Pops, Scooch, the French Connect and the Royal Fam is also back with a slide show.

Last Day for The Win Gav's Jersey Contest! We'll be picking the winner tomorrow so all entries have to be in at 9am Torrance time.

Yet another Gav feature. What Did The Gav Have? This time a visual documentation.

After the huge success of The Bear's new single "Hairy's Beard" released yesterday in this very column The Bear and producer Staba gave it a heavy remix. Prepare to dance, probably a pogo.

In a much sadder bit of news it was learned today that long time San Francisco resident, filmmaker, street shredder, and friend to many, Trevor Prescott, has tragically passed away. You will be missed.

“I heard it's bad for you.” —Tony Ferguson to The Gav when Gav said he was reading a book about smoking


Today was our Open House pre Tradeshow warm up. It's not really a warm up because none of us go. Here's some photos.

Brian and Brad's buddy the Bear is now a recording artist as well.

Love a kid with the right attitude.

This is amazing too.

I think seven handfuls of M&Ms is my limit.


Today Bird got back from being in Spain for a week and after I brought him up to speed on what went down since he was gone he was most blown away that Ako bought the new Mustang. Rightfully so.

Rickk just so you know, Meg isn't pushing the Range into work, like when you're normally out of town. So just keep having fun out there getting clips and snorkeling.

Our good friend Ben Powell from Sidewalk Magazine sent us a link of some footage of a contest at the Leeds park edited to the same song we used for the Yes We Canada DVD that we are currently sending to magazines (Sidewalk being one of them) and skateshops, so we're not posting it. Sorry Ben, skate politics dog. Looked like a fun contest though.

Today Larson and I were comparing grade school photos. We had the same hair.

“You know I don't like people.” —Larson

“You don't know when Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday is, but you know when the Lakers are playing?” —Jason Calloway to Brian Mettee


Family Member Survey.   Fourstar's Michael Coleman a.k.a. "The New Guy" a.k.a. "The Other MC," has a lady friend named Elizabeth who also moved out from Chicago. Here's her Survey:

Clip of the Day! Bumped out of the The World Famous Top Fives Column, Burndog gets some covy with a clip out back. It's a coping dance.

The Win The Gav's Retired Matix Jersey Contest ends this week; so get those entries in by Friday, 9am Torrance time.

Mini Top 5
Lee Smith's Top 5 Perks of Living once with Smyth

1.Stealing his quesadillas: Remember the days of Top Ramen and sugar sandwiches? Well mine ended not to long ago. There were many days where the only thing in the fridge was Sam's stack of tortillas and tub of grated Irish Cheddar, too hard to resist. I always figured he would never notice, and if he did he never said anything. Thanks buddy. There was also the hope that when he ordered something from take out they would mess up and put too many vegetables in his dish, thus passing it down to me, but this didn't happen to often.

2.Climbing our neighbors fence and trying to crash their party and things of that nature: Me and Sam have been raising hell together for a long time, in fact I would have to say that it's one of my favorite past times. Get a couple beers in a us and watch us go. I'm sure everyone feels this way about their best buds, that no one has as much fun as they do together.

3.He's a great entertainer: Be it numerous pre-recorded Tivo shows, a great DVD selection, a nice stack of skate vids, a great memory and knack for story telling, and a wicked sense of humor, Sam is Hollywoods hottest roommate especially now that he upped his status to "Talent Management." I'm sure there will be a lot more perks to living with him, like free Marc Jacobs clothing and stuff like that.

4.Two great minds are better than one: Take the two hottest, smartest, funniest, wittiest, (and we definitely have Hime and Gavin beat on the last two) good looking and best dressed skaters in the biz, put them together in a house and watch what happens. From hosting great dinner, Christmas, New Years, and the typical weekend after party, to whipping the shit out of all our friends in numerous board games, we are a force to be reckoned with.

5.Great taste: A lot of people have money, but very poor taste. Take Master P for example, the guy's got gold ceilings, and "Earl"(oil) paintings of himself everywhere, Very tacky. Be it cheap or expensive, Sam knows what's nice. So when you bring those girls home, play it off like all those nice things are yours and they might want to stick around for round two after you pump-n-dump in two seconds.

“It was killer.” —My brother's review of "King Kong"


Clip of the Day! Rickk takes it to the Gonz ditch in Houston and wallies his brains out.

We don't have much cooking today so will give you this Gino clip to watch over and over all weekend.

Rudy cut his hair. It's a motivational thing.

“That thing used to just fly around freely.” —Rudy about the stuffed penguin in our office

“I can't do switch 360 flips. I don't know where you got that from.” —Bob K


Clip of the Day! Looks like after yesterday's clips Alex and Biebel thug hugged it out and are friends again. Alex ollieing over biebs.

The Win The Gav's Retired Matix Jersey contest is going well. Lot's of top-notch entries but we're still far from picking a winner next Friday so keep them coming.And for those who keep attaching Gav's head to someone skating, if you think Gav would find skateboarding a leisure activity you're gravely mistaken.

Speaking of retiring, I grew up with three friends who were brothers and shared a bedroom. They were all really good at sports and in their room there was a big shelf that held at least 30 of their trophies. The oldest of the brothers was also really good at crank calling people (this was way before caller ID). He felt that he logged so many amazing crank calls on this particular phone that he retired it and placed it front and center on the trophy shelf. And there the rotary phone sat for at least two years before he finally moved out.

"I can go for a good old fashion horror movie with lots of blood and boobs."—Jason Calloway


Clip of the Day! Biebs attacking those rails! But not before he yells at little Alex for distracting him. And then the make.

Win The Gav's Retired Matix Jersey! What you're playing for is a one of a kind signed, albeit to 118 Skateshop, we'll get him to personalize it later, Tim Gavin Matix shirt (we've been calling it a jersey but it's really a shirt). Here's what you have to do to win it. As you all know The Gav is world-renowned man of leisure. We are providing you with this flattering portrait of The Gav. All you need to do it place The Gav's head over an existing photo of someone or something enjoying a leisure time activity that you think The Gav himself might enjoy. Send your entries here. Deadline is next Friday. Now if we can just get him to retire that Gusto character.

I found this really odd, but Sam let on that the first time he did it with a girl she was wearing a diaphragm. Doesn't that make it sound like he got laid in 1978 by an older woman named Pearl?

“I can't wait to get my swerve on when I'm 30. I'm saying I'm getting a DUI every 10 years. Fuck it.” —Biebel

“Bro she lived out in the woods.” —Smyth


Clip of the Day! From the domestic Lakai filming trip. MJ goes Footloose with this ditch stall.

The Penguins are back! Jim Atherton has spotted some getting rad. First frontside grinding the PVC on his backyard mini, then hitting it backside at the Kapaa skatepark in Kauai.

We had our annual lunch with Larson today. Pretty early in the year. Speaking o flunch we won't be having any What Did The Gav Have? updates for awhile. He's on some "business trips" right now.

A young Ty at Tampa. Add a fade to his long list of hairstyles.

Chris Roberts Top 5 is up.

Tap alum Bob K. has a site celebrating his celebrated works. It's called Did you know he could switch 360 flip? I always hated him for that.

“She was not digging it.” —Rudy about having to feed his daughter with a breast replica baby bottle


Clip of the Day! We have some left over clips from our recent Lakai filming trip. We'll be dispensing them throughout the week. Lil' Alex followed by Big Rickk on an enormous hip.

Also this week we'll be giving away this autographed retired legend's jersey.

The Stoner's complaints about Sanger's disregard for his 420th post weren't all that condemning. Well they're stoners I guess. What did we expect? Some guy sent us a picture of his bong. That's about as good as it got.

Tapper Robert sent us this photo after he saw our penguin installation. I guess between us and that little documentary that came out last year they're experiencing a bit of a moment. You're welcome penguins.

Sakebomb Greg unearthed an old photo of Rip enjoying his life.

Andy Mueller's Quiet  Life is having a Draw a Camera contest here.

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