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Lakai has posted their new Holiday product as well a new Guy Mariano commercial.

Alex Klein has filmed a well received video part, directed a film about surfers in Gaza, interviewed skateboarding's best, but his crown achievement of documenting the infamous Smyth vs. Carroll fight of 2001 will be rolled out this week in his Guest Front Page Posts.

The Malto Covers Contest. You thought Sean was hot as a dude, check him out as a blonde from the '40s, courtesy of Brendan McInerney. Send your entries. Read the post from 8/27/09 for details.

New Poll. Today's Rickk's Birthday. I know, Carroll, The Gav, and Rickk's birthday all in a week's time. Trippy, huh?

He never made the big leagues, but he got close. And this is how close Smyth got, back in 1991.

Chocolate's Broadway series is up and at them.



The Malto Covers Contest ( read yesterday's post for details, I ain't writing all that shit over again) has it's first note worthy entry from Adam Putnam. Send your entries here. Deadline is next Thursday.

Tomorrow's The Gav's birthday. But since we're not gonna be here tomorrow we're celebrating it today. You can do the same by voting in our New Poll.

Koston, Doc. Z, and Eli on the Supreme mini.



Mini Top 5. Top 5 pro skaters whose names Jesus Fernandez has trouble saying with.

Malto Cover Contest! Malto's got a trifecta of covers this month. Yeah Sean! But with the over achieverness that we inspire here at The Tap we figured Mr. Malto could use a few more front pagers. So find a photo of Sean and throw him on the cover of your favorite mag (realistic or fantastical) and send them here. Best one wins a Malto deck.

Epicly Laterd is still stranded on Orcas in episode 9.

News Flash! Looks like the Times of India has really broke this story wide open and has brought some new information to light.

Theories of Atlantis has some vintage Kenny Anderson footage. Here's a theory: Kenny's insurmountable sex appeal grows exponentially to his hair.

Mental's Beach has an interview on the TWS site.

"I feel like rich people do whatever they want with nicknames."--Ben Colen after Carroll asked why Ed Kennedy was referred to as Ted Kennedy


Top 5 with Skate Mental's John Motta. Not even a Mini, or a video 5, but we're talkin' traditional Top 5, as column in the bottom right corner Top 5.

Smyth's Beauty and the Beast gallery part two.

Girl's Thuper Duper boards at your thuper duper shop.

"Girls like a lot of horrible shit."--Ben Colen


Hop into the world of Justin Eldridge, via Roger Bagely's video.

Biebel gets lined up.

If you hadn't noticed DLX has some Beauty and the Beast clips and things.

Seems like a slow day on the internet, everywhere.


Today's Motto is to be read in the voice of Marilyn Monroe. Also celebrating a birthday with Mike is Top 5 alum Dave Chappelle, Steve Guttenberg, close personal friend of the Pappalardo's, and Rupert Grint.

Which brings us to our New Poll: What should you get Carroll for his birthday?

Smyth, aka our Atiba, sorry Ben, has part one of his Beauty and the Beast gallery.

Royal site has been updated, not least of which is Cory Kennedy's new ad.

Click on the photo below to see who Biebel is giving the humble to.

Q & A Section
From Shawn Zygmund,
Q: I know a lot you guys play poker, have any of you thought of entering the WSOP Main Event?
A: If someone has my buy in I'm there.--Rickk

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Both the Chocolate film trip and Beauty and the Beast 2 have come to a close. Here's some parting clips.
Biebel capturing some Jesus magic:

McCrank training for next years Gold:

There's a Lakai signing tomorrow at Val Surf.

Are you in your 30s and still get depressed by Back To School commercials? Good, I thought it was just me.



Robbie Russo with some parting words.




Happy 21st, Vincent! From the Beauties and the Beasts, to you, in Lincoln City.




More of what Koston's been tripping on on Beauty and the Beast.



Here's how Koston see's the Beast thus far.



Tom, BA, Alex, Vincent, Tony, and Robbie at the Hailey Park in Idaho.

Q & A Section
From Dustin,
Q: I know you guys are all flitting around the North on tour together, but Carroll MUST make some time to weigh in on this one. What's the deal? I think we could all use the perspective of a fan.
A: I think if it's true. It makes her/him/it that much more awesome!--Mike Carroll

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Chris Pfanner is the truth! Just so you know.


Mini Top 5. Malto's Top 5 things about leaving the Chocolate film trip to go on Beauty and the Beast. Keep in mind that this was filmed before he dislocated his elbow the other day on the Beast.

Active has posted a video to explain why Mike hasn't answered your questions yet. Funny thing is he's been staring at his Blackberry the entire trip.

has another video chronicling the life of Div.

Q & A Section
From Mike,
Q: Alex, Mike Burnett's recent mini-article on your hair in the August issue of Thrasher has inspired me to copy your haircut. This begs the question: comb or brush?
A: Always a comb. There're all different ones to pick from. A brush is for long hair which most likely women use.--Alex Olson

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"Little kids are easily influenced. I wore some stupid shit because of you guys."--Ben Colen to Mike and Rickk



The Fourstar site has been updated with Fall '09 goods. Included is the 'Gang of Fourstar' the 'Four'n Legion Tour' trailer from our recent
summer excursion. Full length video coming soon...




We're working on it!





We're Beasting it today.

When you're on a month long filming trip for some reason the most interesting moments often happen within a ten foot radius of the van.

Gav's twin from by Alex Dunn.

Few people know that Biebel has an immense respect for nature, no seriously.

Q & A Section
From Paul Brooks,
Q: I know I know he never rode for Girl etc, but all those guys seemed pretty tight, so maybe you can answer a long unanswered question. Where is Billy Valdes now and why did he leave Menace?
A: From what I hear Billy Valdes is doing well, he lives in LA and works for Extra-Large (I think he designs clothes for them). He's got a kid and pops up here and there with a Heineken in hand, true to classic Billy form. I remember Billy and Kareem would butt heads a lot. Both those guys have really strong personalities and are the same age so I think it was hard for Billy to have to listen to Kareem as the "boss". Fabian had the same problem. One day he was just over dealing with it and moved on. I haven't seen him since, what up Bills Vax? Walos son.--Lee Smith

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"I can go from 0-10, real quick."--Hershel



When you're getting ready to go against the best, you gotta practice with the best. Rickk vs. The Gav, Battle at the Berrics Warm Up.

Looks like tension was running a little high on the Chocolate film trip so Biebel had to kick some fools in the face.

Brad Staba shot a clip of his new favorite skater, Jake Donnelly.

Q & A Section
From Colin Lysik,
Q: Hey Mike Mo, you have one of the greatest 360 flips of all time. Being a master do you think you could tell me what you think of mine?
A: I don't have one of the best 360 flips of all time. But, just go outside and sit in front of your house and do it everyday for a couple years. And then they will work pretty good.--Mike Mo

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"I'll try and break you off emails more. Since I retired from twitter I'll have more time to make your column a little more spicy and fun."--Brad Staba



This Week's, and next's, Guest Front Page will be dispatches from the second annual Beauty and the Beast.

New Poll. Who from Antihero and Girl's glorious past should be going on Beauty and The Beast 2?

The La Brea Wall has been updated with Carroll and (RED).

Battle Reminder.

It takes a big man to trust a friend with a Red Rider pointed at his face. But O'Meally can handle just about anything. But, getting the beer to properly shotgun is another thing.

Tapper Jon Millstein does some fact checking for ESPN, unless Chris Miller grew about nine inches and started speaking with an Aussie accent. Then it's Jon who's tripping.

Q & A Section
From Mullet Man,
Q: What is the song that Justin so obviously considers "tight?"
A: "I'm Going In" by Lil Wayne--Justin Eldridge

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"Eldridge, later in life, I guarantee you will have both your nipples pierced"--Biebel right out of the blue

"Ben just fell in the is that even possible?!"--Chris Roberts



Mini Top 5. Ernie Torres' Top 5 overheard quotes.

Tyler Bledsoe got a beefy skate clip on the etnies site.

From Tapper Nate Theis, "We built a Lakai flare, it turned out to be to heavy to lift on our 20ft pedestal above the park, so we just skated it. You guys should construct one for your park."

Q & A Section
From Chooch,
Q: For The Gav or Rudy, at the Phish shows, who gets the most loose or lit?
A: Rudy does!--The Gav

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Today's Motto is just a little insider video camera nerd humor for ya. Ah, the world of filming. Rife with humor.


Next Tuesday...

The Chocolate Liquid Series is at your skate shop.

When Hershel misses, he misses great. #17

Speaking of, Gav and company's got something cooking for you over at the Berrics.

We're less than a week away, but here's what we were up to last year.

Q & A Section
From Ethan Franz,
Q: Hey Mike Mo, I always see you rocking mad stubble, have you ever considered growing a beard, goatee, chops, soul patch, handbars, or my favorite the butteryass Mo'stache?
A: I don't want any of that, I've had this beard for years and it never matched my age. I'm getting a little older now so it's more appropriate. Maybe I'll have a surprise video with a Bam Goat.--Mike Mo

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As Arnie turns 62 today, we pose this question: Does this every get old?

"I wasn't rich, just had a little more liquid back then."--The Gav on buying Phish tickets


Mini Top 5. Mike Mo's Top 5 things he hates about growing up. He's nineteen.

Lakai will be doing an instore this Saturday at the CCS in Santa Monica.

Hype-Beast. Just a reminder. Looks like there's a double serving of Pork Chop.

The Art Dump's own Andy Mueller will be featured in an art show at Chicago's Public Works.

back! He was just at the dentist.


The original intent of the Guest Front Page Poster was to have people feature some photos that they shot. Sometimes people hit that mark. But quite often, as perfected by Nick Tershay, they just send in photos that they simply have in their iPhoto library most likely shot by someone else and most likely a picture of them. It's The Gav's week as GFPP.

Here's a few clips from Biebel.

Girl's Mega OG series is in the back of a truck and on its way to your local shop.

There's a new Wild Things featurette up at Apple.

Where's Hershel?

"I don't want to blow my load in the pump zone."--Rickk


Beauty and the Beast is creeping out for another run.

Top 5 reasons why Ty's probably amping right now.

He wasn't lying about that Common commercial.

And you thought brotha's didn't 'hanna.

Tapper Matt Prancer, found this one.

Q & A Section
From Mason Machado,
Q: I was watching the bonus disc of the Girl Film Box Set, and there was a clip of Sean Sheffey getting into a scuffle with a member of the Wu Tang. Whats the deal, why the beef?
A: No beef at all. Sean just wanted to get some time on the mic. Meth was being a mic hog.--Carroll

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"If I do anything with my life, I want to at least dance once with guns in my hand."--Justin Eldridge out of left field


Lucas on The Crail Couch? Oui. Oui.

The Big Girl Five series is out and about and ready to do big thangs.

No pushing? No problem.

Lenoce making night moves.

As if this wasn't enough, the LA Times covered Cairo's recent trip to Afghanistan.

Epicly Later'd Beauty and the Beast part 4.

The Randoms will be closed until Monday.

"Wouldn't Rip actually say, 'Tits slapping me light and reft.'?"--Chris Nieratko about yesterday's quote

"You've been laying off me hard."--The Gav on not having a quote in a while



New Poll. A month long Chocolate US filming trip just set sail. What should be on the gangs' highest priority?

As mentioned the Choco film trip has begun. Expect down to the minute video dispatches as riveting as this:

There's a few dudes on the trip that have their noses pressed to the Twitter stone, so if you click here and hit follow, hten shit, you might as well be in the van with them.

And don't forget to get down with what Staba is getting down with.

Friend of the Tap, Paul "Animal" Chan delves deep into the psyche of today's modern street stylists.

Congrats Chico and Jasmine on the birth of the baby girl yesterday!

"Tits slapping me right and left."--Rip about a recent trip to Vegas



Wallride 18 is up and at em. Do some browsing.

Perhaps one of the first fine products to leap of the page/screen and into your local shop is the Chocolate 15 Anniversary set featuring a series of guest artist who have all contributed graphics to Chocolate in the past decade and a half.

The Chocolate website has also been updated.

Here's some photos from a recent trip to NY.

Royal rider Jose Rojo is next for Skateboarder's Tuesday 25.

The entire Girl family of companies will be participating in this year's Agenda Show which starts tomorrow in Huntington Beach. And word on the streets is that The Gav will be making an appearance. Send us your photo documentations of The Gav at the show and we'll do something special with them. Send your questions here



Mini Top 5. Another one with Karl.

Friend of the Tap, John Rattray made a video about his friend.

Q & A Section
From Toby,
Q: Biebel, what's the secret to the arm wrestling?
A: Get them fast before they know what hit them? Specific workout? Just straight overpower them?  I really don't have a an specific strategy I just try an put 'em down an as quickly as possible.--Biebel

Send your questions here

It was 40 years ago today that they discovered that the moon wasn't made out of cheese. Thanks Neil and Buzz.

"Ah, back to reality."--Hershel upon realizing the internet was working again

"I like skating when it's hot, makes me feel like I'm trying harder."--Eric Anthony


Lenoce's back with the Top 5 people not to room with on a Baker tour.

Mo Knows Video. He's calling this mini camper Mini Malto.

There's a trailer featuring Koston, Alex and Mike Mo for the Maloof Money Cup, which airs at 2pm EST on NBC on Sunday. Look away during the commercials.


"Tell her we have a company policy that jocks don't get royalties."--Spike

"Can't get out of character."--Staba


Back in the Embarco days, Karl Watson just about annoyed/impressed everyone with his spitball prowess. Here he recounts his Top 5 targets.

Our very own Megan Baltimore talks about Girl's partnership with RED.

A proper Frenchman on the Crail Board.


"In a couple of days. I don't know if we're there yet."--Pappalardo after being asked to film a Mini Top 5


Mini Top 5 with Kabul Foster.

From Tapper Guillaume, "McCrank gay! Yes! And I got the evidence!"

Mo Knows Video. Mo's view of the Maloof Money Cup.

VBS has a Beauty and the Beast episode 2.5, with Frangooch up on the bars.

Heading to NY to stay with Pappalardo's. Full coverage (maybe a photo) coming a soon.


"Nothing you don't already know from Twitter."--Staba when asked what he's been up to


Lakai has posted a commercial for Rickk's new shoe.

Didn't think Ty would have the phone with the latest technology all so he could film Washington State's Cory Kennedy tasting his first In-N-Out Burger? Well, you're wrong, man.

Do yourself the favor and follow Brad Staba on Twitter. Seriously.

is the lastest to get a Tuesday 25 over at Skateboarder.

"First trick should be shitting his pants."--Staba


Mini Top 5. Top 5 ways that people miss pronounce Jeff Lenoce's last name.

Hershel's Greastest Miss #16
. Another book that will never be read.

got the new phone with the TV camera in it too. Here he is putting Omar Salazar to work.

Q & A Section
From Chris Gwinn,
Q: Who is the worst driver on tours?
A: Richard Mulder had me writing out my will on the Hot Chocolate Tour. But it was raining and Rickk was shooting a roman-candle at him from the other van. I can't really blame him for almost chucking us off the side of the onramp under those conditions. Few really step to the wheel of The Fucking Van. Those that do take all our lives into their hands and do so responsibly. Gotta keep your hands at 10 and 2, she's got loose trucks.--Smyth

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John Motta Top 5
(traditional Top 5, that is) coming right up. Or, as soon as he gets a photo.


Mini Top 5 with Justin Eldridge and just his luck.

New Poll
. What's been working out for ya?

Mo Knows Video #3. Buddy Loy backseat dancing.

DVS has something of a Chico video retrospective.


Top 5 reasons why Joey Brezinski would rather wheelie across something than grind down it.

Trujillo "puts it up on the arm" in Patrick's episode 2 of Beauty and the Beast.

After watching this, Tapper Joshua Steimle mashes up Biebel with another person famous for hating snakes, Doctor Jones.

Our friends Rick and Buddy have the Film of the Day on the Portable Film Festival.

There's some lengthy interviews with Guy and Lotti over at

Q & A Section
From Will,
Q: Why is there always a clip of Smyth eating in the films? You may have covered this already, but I am very curious.
A: Don't know if you've ever talent managed before, but it builds an appetite.--Aaron

Send your questions here

Sadly, a true Canadian skateboarding icon, Don 'Carver' Hartley, passed away earlier this week. Our deepest condolences to his friends and family. More details about Don's accident can be found here.


In preparation for his Battle at the Berrics game against Corey Duffel, Rickk thought it important to practice with some steep competition first.

And here's our revised brackets.


First trick should be shitting his pants."--The Gav about Rickk's game of SKATE


Mini Top 5 with the Tony Robbins of skateboarding, Ben Colen.

Mo Knows Video #2. Scenes from Mike Mo's from iPhone.

Hershel Misses #15
. Weird beards.

Q & A Section
From Matt,
Q: Alex, was just watching Girl's "Yanks on Planks" Australia Tour video - nice shirt, are you a Manchester United fan? Or did someone just give it to you?
A: I'm just a fan of soccer jerseys. I know that sounds gay.--Alex Olson

Send your questions here

I gotta learn more about Satan."--Hershel


Enjoy your life with this Crail Couch featuring Rip.

This week's Guest Front Page Poster is Ben Colen, the man with most colorful office this side of Vermont blvd.

Royce from Minneapolis was the first (within the minute of posting) to correctly answer that Koston was impersonating John Lucero's classic Schmitt Stix graphic. For his valiant effort, he gets this box of junk from our offices. There's signed piece of artwork in there from Hershel and a Tail Devil! Thanks to all who entered.

Tapper Jackie Dean
from Oz sent this mid 90s relic of Gino.

Q & A Section
From Rossbobby,
Q: So I keep seeing photos/movies of Ty in a wheelchair, but I've completely missed what happened to him. What's the Deal?
A: I folded my ankle about 20 times over the past 20 years. I never got surgery and it never healed correctly. The pain got to the point I couldn't skate anymore. Then it escalated to the point where it hurt just trying to walk. Over it! I went and got ankle surgery to fix it on April 30, 2009. The doctor removed bone spurs, fixed my ankle fracture, rebuilt two ligaments, and scoped the joint. I wanted to keep filming so I have been going out in a wheel chair since the doctor told me to stay off the leg for two months. It hasn't been that bad. It just sucks trying to get the wheel chair over a fence. It was starting to feel better until I climbed up a ladder and fell eight feet onto my bad ankle and face the other day. Folded my walking cast and busted my eye open. Don't try to climb a ladder with a cast. Or maybe Chomp 2 has something to do with it?--Ty

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Eight years is a really long time to miss a friend, but you are missed my friend.

I love the gnar."--Hershel


Jeremy Wray recounts the Top 5 things that were going through his head when he ollied the waters towers years ago. That was some ill shit.

First person to correctly identify which classic '80s graphic Koston is impersonating below, wins some junk from around the office, not least of which something signed by Hershel. Send your answers here and make sure to include your address.

Q & A Section
From Matt Martin,
Q: Brad Staba, what were you talking about in Modus Operandi about "not skating for yourself." I've always wondered what the hell that meant.
A: I was making fun of people who just skate for the cameras. There was a time where I was noticing a lot of people taking things too serious. I'm sure it's still going on but I just removed myself from those crowds. Now that it's on my mind again I'm going to shove myself back into those situations. I have a problem picking up on everything and retaining too much info.--Staba

Send your questions here

Next thing you know I'm at the Berrics and kids know who I am again."--Staba

"Skateboarders' palates are retarded. literally. Their tongues are suspended at whatever age they started skating at."--Dave Carnie


Biebel's second visit to the Crail Couch.

VBS, Beauty and the Beast, meet and greet.

Guess who got the new iPhone? Mike Mo. So we're gonna see if Mo knows daily video clips. He's claiming he does. Here's his first in hopefully a series. MJ takes flight.

Mark Gonzales
will be having an show next week in NY.

will be participating in this July's Agenda Show, in Huntington Beach, July 22 and 23. Come see what Carroll's will soon be accessorized in.

You're filling space with my life."--Ben Colen


Eric Koston Day Afternoon in the Life.

The new The Skateboard Mag is sizzlin', with Rickk on the front, a Cheeks interview and a six-page article on the 15-year history of Chocolate Skateboards.

Another one. Dear and near to the heart. From Skate2586.

Q & A Section
From Andrew,
Q: I remember watching an old 411 Industry section featuring the FIT team. Did that video ever come out and where can I find a copy now? If it's even possible. I was so pumped on that team at the time.
A: "Credo" came out in '97. Google it. Tight SF shit for it's time. Some of Frisco's finest in there.--Smyth

Send your questions here

I'm a patriot. Country before skateboarding."--Ben Colen


New Poll. How do you plan to spend the Fourth.

A little Biebel Couch time preview.

Coconut Records "Any Fun" video directed by The Gonz, with some Olson and BA cameos.

rider, Daryl Angel's got 25 for Tuesday over on the Boarder's site.

Q & A Section
From Matt,
Q: I just want to know if McCrank and Koston had any first choice song selections for their menikmati parts that didn't get used. If not, maybe they have a song now they would use if they had to replace their current songs. I mean no disrespect to them, French Fred, or whoever chose one of the most unusual soundtracks in skate video history.
A: Yeah I can't say that was a classic skate video song. I found that song randomly on Napster (remember Napster?! ) I was really into sitars at the time I just searched "sitar" on Napster and found it, Fred and I were feeling the electro vibe at the time so it fit. Fred chose the other song I think it was a Russian choir. I have no idea what song I would choose today? Probably something French.--McCrank

Send your questions here

If you're in the Chicago area and want to support the creation of a new park and need to buy some groceries, then this is your link.

Just watching a little Krull right now."--Ben Colen


Mini Top 5 with the very busy Mark Gonzales.

This week's Guest Front Page Poster is Michael Burnett, aka the dude The Ringer accuses me of not talking about enough. Thanks Burndog.

A very late entry to the Draw a Graphic for Mike Mo Contest.
"I made this graphic for Hersel's 'Mike Mo contest' but never sent it in. (I was still recovering from the sting of Carroll not picking my bowling ball concept). I thought considering that BATB2 just started you guys might like to see it."--Tron

Riding shotgun with Jesus.

Koston and T-Puds had some hot moves in Copenhagen this past weekend, earning them 2nd and 1st, respectively.

D-Gar spills his guts to the Thrashmen.


Q & A Section
From Benson,
Q: With the new season of Real World Cancun, can we expect some updates from the Talent ManagerSmyth, what do you think of the new cast of four guys and four girls?
A: You want to know what I think? I think they're fuckin' up. In Hollywood they went to 13 one hour shows instead of 26 thirty minuters. Now they pull this 8th roomy shit? Remember "7 strangers picked to live in a house"?! You know who the 8th roomy should be? Oliver, the little blonde boy with glasses they brought on the Brady Bunch when it started tanking. Will I report on it? No. Not because I won't be faithfully watching. But because getting a solid, undistracted hour of television with a 6 month old in your house is unheard of.--Smyth

Send your questions here

Keep cruising you two.


The Crail Couch. You've heard 20/20's, NBC's, and TMZ's take on it, now here Rudy Johnson's thouhgts on the passing of Michael Jackson. This shit is not really hitting a filter. It's just coming. R.I.P. MJ.

Lakai's My Way, color way contest part two is up and running.

Q & A Section
From Jason Whitney,
Q: Ben, after seeing the clip of your office, I am truly torn. Who is more obnoxious, Laker fans or Yankee fans? Thanks, and keep your head up.
A: Normally I'd consider this kind of a tough question, but after months of invites to victory parades, emailed photos of Brad Miller's, Pau Gasol's or Sasha's face all with the subject line of "Fuck Your Face" and "Boston Sucks!" from Mike Mo and Jeron, I'm gonna go with Laker fans. If I had come back to my office after the Yanks had beat the padres or some other bullshit team in the series and found it decorated with hundreds of little A-Rods, I might have answered differently.--Ben Colen

Send your questions here


Here's Ben Colen's return to his newly decorated office.

Max has been posting some Gang of Fourstar related stuff on 4Q. Check out his take on it.

Beast warm up two on VBS

More Brandon at the Berrics.

Our sweet, sweet friend, Alex Klein's film Festival in the Forest is screening tonight on Fairfax in LA. Come see it if you're in the area. Hershel's gonna be there.

Q & A Section
From Casey,
Q: In the bonus footage of Biebel's Battle Commander when he manny'd up the pad, was that "Man on The Moon" by Kid Cudi I heard? If so, awesome.
A: Ya got me on that one. I've never even hear of Kid Cudi.--Steve Berra

From Brian,
Q: What's the song in the video of Justin skating that bench?
A: "Love the Night Away" by DJ Kaos.--Roger Bagley

Send your questions here

"Hideous."--Ben Colen


Justin puts a hurting on a mosaic-tiled bench.

Round two on Smyth's Fourn' Fourstar photos.

A brain teaser that fails to tease. Hershel's Fourteenth Greatest Miss.

Somebody needs a screening of the new Deathwish tour video.

Q & A Section
From Mick,
Q: So when I saw the photo of Carroll from Tuesday's gallery, I lost a little bit of respect. 3.5% beer? Pussy. You do know you could have picked up some Carlsberg special brew at 9%, it puts hair on your balls! FACT!
A: Yep you caught me at a vain moment. I am too hairy as it is and thought the strong more manly beer would put hair on my last piece of bare skin, the bottoms of my feet. It had nothing to do with them only selling  the over 3.5's in specific stores that close early or something like that.--Carroll

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"As always, minds will be blown."--Staba


Sam Smyth, our most treasured photo journalist, takes time out from Talent Managing, to deliver his first of two galleries from The Gang of Fourstar trip.

New Poll. What story from The Gav's Crail Couch makes you want to be his BFF?

We forgot to congratulate Mike Mo on his second place winning at this year's Manny Mania. Here's VP Carroll congratulating via iChat.

Donny Miller and MJ.

got a new website coming soon. "Coming soon" as in new video coming soon.

Q & A Section
From KG,
Q: I've seen a couple heads, Smyth and Carroll, rocking a Tee that has naked women forming a skull, I think it's Salvador Dali. Anyway, I was wondering where I could pick one up?
A: It is Dali. But we're not the first skateboard brand to use it. Here's Mic E Reyes wearing Concrete Jungle's version. We sold out of ours last season. So I might as well tell you to pick one up at Concrete Jungle, SF, defunct in '89.--Sam Smyth

Send your questions here

"At least Daryl's teeth look really clean."--Jaime Owens


We're back home, and back to normal.

This week's Guest Front Page Poster is soon to be featured in Debacle, got kicked off by Staba, and rides for Royal. That's right, Daryl Angel.

Have we told you that Wes Kremer rides for Royal now, too? He's tight.

How They Fly, Fourstar edition.

Where the Wild Things Are
is hitting your local skate shop before your local theater.


Q & A Section
From Jake DiLucia,
Q: Hey Jerry, I heard a rumor on the skateparks that you play the antagonist in that Dyrdek skateboarding movie. I heard your character's name is Chou VonBinkle and you're an evil street skater who doesn't want P-Rod's character to get famous before you. I was also told that you would be nude, full-frontal, in it. Is any of this true?
A: All true.--Jerry Hsu

Send your questions here

Lets all give Carroll a round of applause for the Twittering while in Europe. Birdman, he's coming for your spot.


Travel day.


We're in Cliches hood, where we found out that they pronounce Suge Knight, Shug Knight. Here's some photos.

If you're in the NY area next Wednesday the 24th, try and make it by to this Product (RED) event to which Girl will be a partner.

"I saw the movie where she had the Scotch on the nipples."--JB Gillet


We've finished up our time in Berlin and have landed safely in Lyon. Here's a quick pictorial of time spent in Deutschland.

It's that day of the week.

If you're VP sends you an email at 5am with the subject line titled "Safe" he's probably just doing what vice presidents do, right?

Q & A Section
From Mike Deming,
Q: Hey Mike Mo, how is Vince doing with his treatment?
A: He's doing good, his arm is cancer free now, and he had his surgery. He now has a metal bone! He's Bionic Vince now! He's in the hospital right now going thru chemo therapy, but he's good.--Mike Mo

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"You see that natty quart?"--Max Schaaf about a natural quarterpipe


Clip of the Day. Some Malto warm ups from Berlin.

A weekend with Jensen.

Q & A Section
From Josh Mocarski,
Q: Saw this on the NBA website. Looks like it could be a Jefferson brother cheesin at Kobe. Yes? No?

A: Yes, there is Milli Vanilli and Ako and Atiba.--Ako

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Clip of the Day. Some Swedish outtakes from the Stockholm demo, from the Gang of Fourstar video coming to an internet near you.

A minishot of photos.

McCrank has sent us this killer link to Benji Wagner's site. Benji shot photos on a recent trip Kenny, Cairo, and McCrank took to New Zealand, where they road bikes from spot to spot. There'll be a feature article in an upcoming issue of Color magazine and a special on Fuel TV.

We're in Berlin now, where Brian fell down and went boom. He's a tough cookie though and should be 100% in no time.

Add "obtuse" to Carroll's ever growing vocab. He's using it a lot.


Clip of the Day. A few tre flips and a switch flip. Some Meanwhile outtakes from the yet to be released Gang of Fourstar vid. Coming to a quicktime near you.

We're heading for Berlin tomorrow. We're gonna tear down the wall! Wait, too late for that.

Happy Birthday BA!


Today we drove from Stockholm to Gothenburg. Both of those are in Sweden. I asked our Swedish drivers if we were on the same road that Metallica was on when Cliff Burton died. It was raining. They had no idea. Here's a gallery covering the last 24 hours or so.

"They can rub, but they can't tug."--Carroll


"Extra special Wednesdays with Reda"

We've made it to Sweden. Take a look.



A first in Four'n Legion photo galleries.

Joey Suriel with on of the most expressive hands, to date, on the Crail Couch. Thanks Joe!

Brad, looks like Jerry's calling you out, "Actually, I believe I am the originator of Uzi Does It. So Brad can suck it."

Q & A Section
From Richard,
Q: A few days ago I was at a party and my friends and I hatched the great idea of turning off the sound of Guy's Fully Flared part and playing Journey's "Don't Stop Believing" instead of the Band of Horses stuff. It actually blew all of our minds and even without the skating noises magically synced up pretty well, like some Dark Side/Wizard of Oz kind of thing.
A: Funny enough Rickk suggested that song for Guy before his part got put together.--Rickk

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The Time and Space Conundrum. Remember to scroll down as to not miss yesterday's post, which went up early today, from where we are, or late yesterday, from where you're, most likely, at. Or something like that.

"I'm gonna go to Starbucks and see if I can jar something loose."--Ben Colen trying to get his morning going


I don't know if you know this or not, but it rains in London, even in June. We leave for Sweden tomorrow. More details about the tour soon. Carroll has cracked the Fourstar trip curse already. Nice one Mike.

Tapper Lucas Lipowec found this offense, the double mall grab.

There's a new Coconut Records video which many friends of the Tap were involved in making.

Q & A Section
From Andreas,
Q: I read in an old German Limited Magazine that Rickk's parents are from Germany. Where did they live and does Rickk speak any German?
A: Sorry, no German in me. My mother's from Slovakia.--Rickk

From Mark,
Q: Mo, I cant get my mom to do anything for me, it seems like Ronda does just about everything for you, how do you do it?
A: My mama is the best, I don't get her to do anything. She does it cause she loves me.--Mo

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"I Googled him, he's got a nollie inward heel."--Rickk about Corey Duffell


Mo Knows.

Tonight about 20 or so of us are shipping off for Fourstar's first tour of Europe. We'll be keeping you updated. What's Carroll wearing, does Matlo still have a scum 'stache, does Tyler's glasses ever fall off on big spins? All of that.

New Poll. How should the Fourstar team best pass their time whilst in England?

Mini Top 5. Brophy and the Bumpy Bus ride.

Q & A Section
From Brian DiNonno,
Q: Brad Staba, some douche bag jacked your shit. Check it.
A: What a pitiful attempt at being good. The harder you try the harder it is. You either got it or you don't. I gotta go do something more useful than reply to these emails. I'm coming back for the Couch next week I think we gotta take it to the next level. I'll get my fog machine back from Casey.--Staba

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Clip of the Day. Roger Bagely's 2 Demos and a Big 4 follows the Girl and Chocolate team on their way to skate a couple of demos and some Wallenberg action.

Re-elect Kelch for Mayor!

He used to ride for us.

Any site named after the hardest flip in skateboarding deserves a link.

Q & A Section
From David Murphy,
Q: Carroll, was watching fully flared again the other day. After your board hits Ollie in the head what did you end up doing for him?
A: I stitched him up right away, gave him a hug asked if there was anything I could do for him and hand fed him the rest of the trip with happy endings for days.--Carroll

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R.I.P. Kung Fu.

"Cool as the Fonz. Young Burt Reynolds face."--Smyth


Clip of the Day. Funny the things you find when opening folders on your desktop. This was a quick edit made from the HD footage I filmed on the last Lakai film trip. I think it was used for a sales meeting.

Wednesday's with MJ and a dollop of Mo.

Here's Ty's talk from The Walker Art Talk he did last week. Funnily enough he could have used a walker.

Q & A Section
From Tim,
Q: Lu Blando, are you single? I live in Philly, but I promise we can make the long distance thing work. My chest fro is tame, more so on the sexy side. Get at me!
A: Lu aka Lulabelle doesn't do Long Distance ANYTHING! But thanks for checking out the video! And yes I am single. Got at you.--Lu Blando

From Cody,
Q: My name is Cody and can I have a look at this cock tattooed on Lu's leg? I can only imagine the rooster is very kick ass.
A: Sorry, I'm wearing jeans today, better luck next time. The cock is very kick ass. Richard Stell is a very good tattooer. I'll take a photo of my cock and have them post it on crail for everyone to see.--Lu Blando

From Mike,
Q: Lu, are your panties tattooed too? Will you send me a pair of your used skivvies? One of my best friends is friends with Hershel so I'm like totally not a creep or anything.
A: Carroll, if this is you, come to my office and ask me in person.--Lu Blando

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*Today's Motto was stolen from a James Kelch twitter post. It's out of contexts, of course.

"We have something in common. We both got jumped in Oakland."--Brad Staba about Lu

"Next thing I know there's 12 jalapeno poppers in my face."--Brad Staba about getting drunk yesterday


We welcome the first female to take a seat on the Crail Couch, Lu Blando. If you ever called Girl from two 2006 to 2008 she was the lovely voice on the other end of the line. She left us for a bit, but like so many before her, has recently come back into the fold. Thanks to The Ringer for doing the questions.

For some reasons Sanger always takes umbrage whenever the Poll hasn't been updated. So to appease him there's a New Poll below.

If you've preferences to block pop up windows you should click here if you want to see the Fourstar team on tour this month. But, you gotta live in Europe too.

We've been asked why Tyler, Brophy, and Lucas aren't featured in the Fourstar Day in the Life preview. Which is an excellent question. The reason is that they were filmed last year and Tyler and Brophy weren't fully on the team yet. That's also why Malto looks like a baby. And Lucas just lives hella far away, so we didn't get to spend a day with him either. Next time.

Q & A Section
From Leroy,
Q: Malto, where do you get all your super long undershirts? I need some cause all my shirts shrink and are way too short!
A: It's just your standard Hanes black and grey tanks. It's been hard to find them recently though so good luck. Oh and the premium shit sucks so don't go that route.--Sean Malto

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"Stop making me sound so stupid."--Alex Olson


Mark Gonzales Day in the Life by Fourstar. Happy birthday Mr Gonzales. Here's how he spent just one of those days in the forty years that he's been on this Earth.

This week's Guest Front Page Poster is no stranger to guest front page posting is the Asian Elvis, Jerry Hsu. This time he's working with the Black Berry.

Gino's Poets shop has a blog if you're interested in all things concerning the shop, Gino, and Long Island of course.

SBC inquires and McCrank obliges.

Q & A Section
From Chooch,
Q: For Hershel, who's the one that breaks the news and tells you that your Masterpieces have "missed"? And how heartbreaking is it?
A: It's pretty much just like any cop show you've ever seen, when the cops break the news to the widow or the only child. Lot's of fighting and crying.--Hershel

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"Let's make a fake mockumentary."--Alex Olson

"So you mean a documentary."--Carroll

"As they should be."--Alex Olson after being told that people are hyped on his and Mike's Crail Couch


Today on the Crail Couch, Alex and Mike. Two dudes. One brain.

Biebel makes amazing happen.

You better skeet skirt your ass over to the Pedlow park if you're in the area for the big demo today.

Rudy next to his wall.

Bookmark it.

Q & A Section
From Bill Pierce,
Q: To MJ, I am currently having a hole in the hand situation. I noticed in FF you were rocking a glove. Due to swinging hammers, nailing at work and constant rubbing out of oneself, my hand wound simply will not heal. What glove would you suggest so I can return to a normal gash free life?
A: I found that glove at a gas station. It was a 'driving glove', whatever that means. If you need gloves to drive, you've got some serious issues. But, it worked for me because it didn't cover my fingers or thumb. I could still perform fine motor movements while protecting that god-awful stigmata. Put Oreganol on the wound and it will heal super fast. And wrap gauze around your hand before you rock the glove. A bit of advice on the self-abuse tip: Have a little god damned self control and quit J-ing it until your hand heals.--Marc Johnson

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Day in the lives from Fourstar's Spring '09 Collection will be rolling out each month. Here's a preview.

If you're in the area, tomorrow's the big Girl and Chocolate Val Surf demo. And this Sunday they'll be at the Epic park in Sacto.

When Biebel's in LA he stops by to say hi to all his Hollywood friends. Thanks Meech!

Q & A Section
From Nicolas Underwood,
Q: Mike Carroll, this is an extract, translated back into English from the French interview that was posted yesterday: Tell us about the girls in your life. "Well, there's Mary, she's cool. Then there's Rosey Palmer, her first sister, her second sister, her third sister, her fourth sister and her fifth sister, but this one's kinda fat."
What was that about?
A: Damn I forgot to mention my favorite girl of them all! Fifi. I have no idea who Mary was. Was that lost in translation? The fat sister of Rosey was my thumb. Need I explain anymore?--Carroll

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Mini Top 5
It's good to know that Europe's finest skate company has America's finest ambassador.

Mo on what could sadly be the only Couch on The Tap this week.

Still working on that New Poll.

Hersh Greatest Misses #13

The Mega is apparently big in Japan.

Q & A Section
From lozinmist,
Q: What's the name of the song in this vid?
A: Riff Raff "Candy on My Paint."--Roger Bagley

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Eric Anthony came up with today's Motto. That's just one of the perks of being his carpool buddy. The other perk is that he won't put the car in drive until I have my seatbelt on. What a sweetheart.


Roger captured a little ledge session over the weekend. Cory Kennedy is a beast!

If you're wondering how Ty approached instructing at his video workshop at the Walker Art Center here's a clip.

I think this Tone on Tone Girl series was Alex Olson's idea, and those (Alex having an idea) don't come around very often so you better jump on these.

Ok, so the majority of you don't eat your coleslaw. You've proven that by now but we can't seem to think of a New Poll idea. You got one?

Seb sent us an old Carroll interview that Jake Rosenberg did for a French Mag that's been posted on Mike Squad's blog.

Q & A Section
From Chino,
Q: Koston, I also spotted Mr T slangin' those George Foreman grill shits, but in a Spanish infomercial. It was priceless. Would you bust a power move like Mr T and make the Koston Grill or the Koston Deodorant when you turn 60 or something and you can't skate anymore?
A: Glad you got a chance to catch that infomercial. Any time you catch Mr. T on TV anymore is a good time, which seem to be few and far between. To answer your question, FUCK YEAH! And when I'm 60? Hell no! If the opportunity comes my way tomorrow, I'm gonna get my hustle on. Especially in these times. But I won't do deodorant...strictly kitchen appliances.--Eric Koston

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"I wanted to punch my own face."--Staba

"Come over, I'll give you six months of quotes."--Staba


Put down another W for Biebel as he goes over the top in NYC. Thanks Tyrone.

Daniel goes vertical as the feline hits the keys.

Jesus is back in the US! And still hard to understand.

Outside of Elissa pulling the O, we'd like to see this come Back to the Berg.

Q & A Section
From Omar Ather,
Q: Does the Gonz have a twitter? It'd blow minds. Twitter is missing the Gonzalez perspective.
A: You know, I am not sure if Gonz uses Twitter but it sure would be amazing. Amazing like women's Jui Jitsu or inter departmental vending machine drama. I'll text Mark today and see if I can get him to start an account.--Jim Thiebaud

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From Tapper Ryan Shorman, "I just found out my friend Maverick is a big fan of Lakai."

"If you ride for Girl or Chocolate, come after you skate, film, shoot photos."--Smyth, even when sending out an invite to his own birthday BBQ he puts Talent Managing first


Mini Top 5
Koston and his 5 favorite photos shot from his TV screens.

Look who's wearing the shirt.

Kelch coming to the VBS.

Video parts to follow.

Q & A Section
From Chooch,
Q: We heard Koston's reason for the chubby grill. So why Bird?
A: Same thing as Eric. Alcohol, Wendy's twice a day and an 8-to-1 Mario Karts to skateboarding ratio. Unfortunately, I don't have a reasonable explanation for the retarded gear. The quick lesson here is, if you like interacting with women, this is not the look for you.--Bird

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Carroll will be answering all your important questions over at Active.


His image has been in the background of every Crail Couch thus far, but today Daniel Castillo is ready for his close up.

The Thrash Men got Daniel's Top Ten Fresh Jams.

The one thing I don't like about Feds working for Lakai is that now he sends videos like the Biebel Dance to their site instead of ours. Other than that it's great.

triumphantly returns to the world of skateboarding for this Wednesday.

will be the featured guest for an artist talk series at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis tomorrow night. Admission is free. And don't forget to ask, "When is Chomp Two coming out?"

Q & A Section
From Sean Morales,
Q: Marc Johnson, were you the brains behind the enjoi ads about the kids going on the bus trip with Mr. Downs from the early 00's? I was really into those, like monthly anticipation, but then they just ended abruptly. What gives (gave)?
A: Yes sir. I was the man behind all the ads. We quit that little story because Louie had a photo that just couldn't be denied. Man-wine vendor. Paroled, single, and fiending for work. Thanks for the love Sean!--Marc Johnson

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"Straight bangers...all motherfucking day long. Just gotta apply that to a skateboard"--Brad Staba


Mini Top 5
Eric Koston remembers his fuller face from the early '90s and how Liu Kang helped it get there.

Hershel's Greatest Misses #12

Spike and Mike shirt. But which Spike and which Mike? Thanks Sam Doherty.

in the new Skate Mental hat!

"They had Skittles for 20 years. Now they have tropical! Which one are you going to buy?"--Hershel


First there was Chris and Garvey, now there's Daniel and Frankie. A little slice of life with Mr Castillo.

The Gang of Fourstar tour hits Europe in June. Check below for details.

This week's Guest Front Page Poster is Mr Jaime Owens. Famous for two things, being the editor of Skateboarder Magazine and spelling his first name kind of fucked up. He recently made an edit of some old miniramp footage of Carroll and Scott from way back in 2004. Thanks Jaime!

A new set of Chocolate one offs awaits your lawn mowing money.

There're some rarely seen Mark Gonzales photos over at WeLoveYouSo.


Q & A Section
From Allen,
Q: Daniel, Parliaments? Really? At least it's not reds I suppose.
A: Yup...I like the filter.--Daniel Castillo

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"I'm just about to pitch you probably the best idea I ever had."--Brandon Biebel


Nick Tershay on the Crail Couch part two, Diamond days

The Cheeks has realized a lot of life long dreams; illegally crossing the boarder into the U.S., turning a pro, becoming an American citizen, and now opening a skate shop in his home country of Nicaragua. It's called Central. Here're some photos concerning the affair.

Alex got asked to pose naked for a somewhat famous, openly gay photographer. Should he do it?

Q & A Section
From Chase Witter,
Q: Did I see Rickk at the Grateful Dead show at the Forum on Saturday?
A: This is true. Along with The Gav, Pat Duffy and friends.


From Jake the Snake,
Q: Since Atiba is from Colorado, who is he rootin' for if the Nuggets end up playing the Lakers?
A: Jake the Snake that was a great wrestler, hopefully that is who I'm talking too. Well I was born in Colorado that's always gonna be my home team so I gotta rep my hood but the Lakers are my second team, I worked for them for three years. And for the people who live in L.A. and don't like the Lakers cause they're from Boston or Houston well don't be mad I got two teams. Let's just hope the Lakers get there right Bird?--Atiba

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"I'm pretty sexual these days."--Alex Olson


Mini Top 5
Royal's Joso Rojo enjoys the good life.

A Million-Hits-Mo got a fan page on the YouTube.

Guy makes it to the double digits on Epicly Later'd.

Q & A Section
From Jeff McDonald,
Q: Daniel, did you pick that empty smoke pack up and throw it in the garbage after you littered in your 5 things that stress you out clip?
A: I actually did, keep your city clean, you know what I mean.--Daniel

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On the Crail Couch with Nick Tershay aka Nick Diamond, part one, the skate years

Rickk makes amazing happen.


Mini Top 5
Five things that stress Daniel the F out.

Justin makes amazing happen.

"What do you mean I didn't get my ultimate drink on? I threw up!"--Charlene


As promised, Gino on the Crail Couch.

Royal Rider and Brea Bad Boy, Austyn Gillette got some well-deserved pages in the new Skateboarder.

Q & A Section
From Harry Moritz,
Q: This one is for Carroll; why didn't you have any tricks in the Mapquest video?
A: I'm retired from video skating. But might make a come back in a couple weeks.--Carroll

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If you didn't recognize today's Motto from a Fleetwood Mac song, then you're not over 30.

"Why you put the numbers over my face, blood? Shit ain't cool."--Lee Smith


Mini Top 5
We're on Twitter. Biebel sold us on it. If you'd like to follow us click here. If you're not sold click below.

We know you've seen the Koston/Lakai press conference but, here, for the first time, we bring you the reaction of the press on that heavy day.

Believe us, for every one of these there're ten more. There's even an editing process for this. Hershel's Greatest Misses #11

Roberts and Daniel are plotting on Manny Mania.

Q & A Section
From Chooch,
Q: For Brophy, what's the trick or technique in keeping that bill flipped up?
A: Just bend the fruck out of it in the corners and away you go mate.--Brophy

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Guess who's on the Couch next Monday.

"That shows where you're at on the totem pole."--Staba


Tony Vitello on the Crail Couch.

Pick off the new Girl One-Offs one by one. Now available at skate shops far and wide.

A couple of the guys are thrashin' over at Berska's.

Guy gets clean and Hersh gets BGPs on Epicl'y Later'd.

"It's the internet, who cares."--Hershel


Today's Crail Poll is brought to by The D.S.G. (the Department of Sides and Garnishes). Do you eat your coleslaw?

Mini Top 5
The Jer is back with his five ironic purchases.

Skate Mental Hot Shit Press Release
ATTN: Daryl Angel
After one year and three months of deliberation, mega brand Skate Mental and iconic skateboarder Daryl Angel have made the decision to part ways. "Its been a long arduous road," says long time professional skateboarder Reese Forbes. "He will be missed," notes the re-emerging Matt Beach. We hope the grass is greener for Daryl and wish him and his next sponsor the best of luck.--Skate Mental

Nothing like a Stefan Janoski shoe release party to bring some Chocolate OGs together. Yeah that's Paulo.

Our guy Roger has a web interview over here.

"The photo makes me look like Finding Nemo, which is perfect for the tween demographic I've been shooting for."--Chris Casey

"Btw, my mini top 5 was definitely better than Brad Pitt's."--Jerry Hsu


Chris Casey of Fuel fame on the Crail Couch.

Congratulations to Eric and Ashlee Koston on the birth of their baby girl!

This week's Guest Front Page Poster is the best of Smyth's Mapquest photos.

Check that backdrop. Told you we were hip-hop!

From Tapper Dave J, "Inspirtation between periods. This is hangin' in my locker. Whenever I'm feelin' down at school I ask myself 'What would Carroll do?' Then I say 'fuck it' and don't do anything. Thanks for the help."

Q & A Section
From Chris,
Q: What was up with that dude with what looked like a dislocated hand? Was he homeless? High? Did he say how it happened? Bum fight perhaps?
A: Not really certain what happen to that guys wrist. He rolled up on us talking all types of crazy and begging for change. When I asked him what happened he just gave me a dirty look and walked away. Very Awkward situation.--Bagley

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If you see Chico today, don't wish him a happy Cinco de Mayo. He ain't Mexican. Well maybe today he is.


Mini Top 5
Top 5 people Chico got in a fight with. Carroll was number six!




Mini Top 5
Sure yesterday's Top 5 is gonna be a hard act to follow, but if anybody can pull it off it's Jer Hsu and his Top 5 favorite things in his house.

Lakai has updated their site with their latest shit.

Q & A Section
From Nic Nootens,
Q: Mike Mo, how do you keep your hood on while switch flipping large gaps? My hoods always fall down, I feel like such a failure.
A: I never even noticed that till now. But it's probably cause I'm skating switch and looking down. If it was regular it probably would have came off.--Mike Mo

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"Not sure where we're at these days, street terminology wise."--Ben Colen


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