Motto: A Slot Machine with No Cherries


Mini Top 5
The Top 5 things Mike Carroll says when he's drunk, by Brad Pitt.

We forgot to mention that it was Koston's birthday yesterday. And it wasn't because he quit Lakai or anything like that, we just forgot. Happy birthday Frost!

I don't know about you and your blog, but when we post a video of an international celebrity commenting on how one of our riders acts when they're drunk, we don't really feel like we have to post much else. Seriously.


The pride of Channel St., Robbie Russo, is the youngest guy to plant it on the Crail Couch. It's a little short though because I started feeling like Larry Clark half way through the interview.

Chocolate's Head On Series is now scooting over to a skate shop near you.

If you haven't seen Mo's Royal ad yet, you're bumming. Be bummed no more. Check out the full site too.

Our fav Aussie is featured on the sports site.

"Dude, I'm not even gonna answer my phone anymore, just hit me up on Twitter."--Biebel


The new Fourstar site is up, featuring a download of A Tribe Called Mapquest, new Team Pages, a new video page, The Spring 09 collection, Ad Archive and more...

The Mo Graphic Contest is no mo. After everyone weighed in, from Hershel, to Rudy, to sales dudes, Wizard Ben and even Mo himself, Juho Laurio's nod to Alfred E. Newman's similarity to Mo was declared the winner. Congrats Juho and thanks to everyone who entered. Juho, your board will be in the next Wallride.

Cheese Wiz' Crail Couch was a success in one regard, it ruined a crush for Tapper Gordo, "I had a crush on Pam from The Office until I watched the Brad Staba Crail Couch."

Q & A Section
From Ollie Bell,
Q: Brad Staba, at the end of your part in Duty Now for the Future, how many tries did the 5-kink rail take to do?
A: First fucking try! No it actually maybe took me like 10-12 tries. I was 16 and didn't give a shit about anything but that rail. And that was a really fun grind. Oh the days of skating rails. The one thing I miss is sacking and pissing blood. Those were the fun times, man. Time flys.--Staba

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"I crushed on the Crail Couch. I feel sorry for anyone else who's gonna sit on that thing."--Staba



Brad Staba's triumphant return to the Crail Couch.

Art Dump's Make the Logo Wooden was quite the success. The place was packed and the red dots were flying. Here's a gallery of the way we saw it.

Friendly reminder that Beauty and the Beast is up in the iTunes store. If you like the song from the trailer as much as we do go here for more info.

We're gonna call this Mo Graphic Contest thing tomorrow. We're taking entries until then.



Mini Top 5
Top 5 reasons Mikey Taylor rolls deep

BA on Snail Couch over at Thrasher.

Design a Graphic for Mike Mo Contest
Watch this for details. Jess Andrews calls on the first Wooden OG doll for his Mo Graphic entry. Send your entries here

You can't polish a turd, but you can roll it in glitter. Greatest Misses #10

Tomorrow night is the Art Dumps' Make the Logo Wooden show. The person who emails us the baddest photo of them with Hershel at the show gets a Greatest Misses printed out on our finest desktop printer and signed by Hershel.



Wanna know how to properly pronounce Jeron's name? Then watch his Crail Couch

Since we're on the topic of articulation, if you didn't pronounce yesterday's Motto, "The Old Earth," the way Inspectah Deck did in the song C.R.E.A.M., then you're not hip-hop.

Design a Graphic for Mike Mo Contest. Watch this for details. We're highlighting two entries today as possible winners. Boyan Demortier's ode to brotherly love:

And Michael Wikan's ode to the Crail Couch:

We're extending the contest to next week. Our celebrity judges, Hershel and Mike Mo aren't available this week to call it. Send your entries here

Girl's Ka Pow series is now available at only the shops that get it.

"You don't want to fuck up the brand name before it even gets off the ground."--Ben Colen



Mini Top 5
Top 5 reason Mike Mo choose to still live with the parentals.

Besides Earth Day, today is also Administrative Professionals Day. Kind of rude for Earth Day to come and steal the shine for the secretaries of world. Could have picked another day to save the planet. So without further ado, we bring you:

Traditional Mini Top 5
Savanna's (our receptionist) Top 5 things about working the front desk
1. Being able to tell when someone has had a rough night...or weekend
2. Shootin' the shit with Marc Johnson when he calls, and staying on the phone for like 10 minutes
3. Kelly Bird acting like he still doesn't know me after being at Girl for over a year
4. Getting emails from people asking the most personal, unacceptable questions EVER
5. The exquisite front view of the tweek yard across the street. So sad that it's fenced up now. R.I.P. Tweek Yard

Design a Graphic for Mike Mo Contest. Marcus Craven cuts to the core of the Mo generation. Are we really calling it this Friday? Who knows? Watch this for details.

Send your entries here

And now, a little Rickk on Rick action courtesy of SBC.


Finally a proper Englishman on the Crail Couch, Paul Shier.

The limited run of NASA boards is now available in the Crail store.

The Art Dump will be having a show this weekend at the Little Bird Gallery. Come by and say hi to all the guys. This may be Jenkins sole-yearly appearance to the greater Los Angeles area north of the 105. So take advantage.

Design a Graphic for Mike Mo Contest
. Dashiel Hermann
does you the favor and creates the Mo assembly kit. Winner announced Friday. Watch this for details.

Send your entries here


Girl Skateboards teamed up with Product (RED) again this year to produce some boards with a portion of the proceeds going to help people in need get the help that they need. Click below to watch Carroll and Jenkins discuss the project.

New Poll. Even though it's probably not even on there, cast a vote for your dream job.

Design a Graphic for Mike Mo Contest. Jordan Kulhawik plays on the popular MJ theme that's been running rampant thru the entire contest. But it's definitely one of the better ones. I think we're calling it this week. Watch this for details.

Send your entries here

Q & A Section
From Brendan Fowler ,
Q: The latest Epicly brought to mind something I have waited a while for, my first question for The Tap! I still can't help but wonder 12 years later. What shoes is Guy wearing in this sequence?

A: Dude! Those were my "pro model" shoes from Vans! Blue and white joints!--Carroll

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Mini Top 5
Daryl Angel's Top 5 taildrops to handrail maneuvers.

Koston Shoe Exclusive
We're proud to break the story here first. Click the photo below to see who Koston inked his shoe deal with. Thanks Lucas Lipowec.

Stoners of the world, Monday is your day. Now get the Skate Mental hat just for the occasion.

Design a Graphic for Mike Mo Contest. John Baunach taps into Mo's inner jock. Watch this for details. We're calling it next week.

Send your entries here

"Sequences make me dizzy."--Staba


Mini Top 5
Jose Rojo on that damn broken neck.

Hershel is in Philly for the weekend, but it doesn't mean he's still not pumping out unusable graphics. Great Miss #9.

Guy on the epic tale that is Mouse.

Q & A Section
From Chip ,
Q: I noticed that Guy always seems to be sweeping the spot whenever he's going to skate it, why him? He should make the ams do it, after all, that's what they're there for, right?
A: Because Guy is cool like that. And he's really into helping people get clips. Team player, I guess.--Aaron

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Patrick O'dell parks it on the Crail Couch.

Mini Top 5
Top 5 ways to get your photo taken by Jerry Hsu

The Design a Graphic for Mike Mo Contest carries on. Here's one of our favorites thus far. Joseph Jurewicz plays off Hershel's office art. Deadline is April 22.
Send your entries here

We forgot to intro Curtis Buchanan as this week's Guest Front Page Poster on Monday. It was Koston, Curtis. He stole your thunder. To see more of Curtis' fantastic photos click here.

"If this shit ends up to be fake I'm never gonna believe a thing you guys say! From the Jenkins and Spike fight then this!"--Ben Colen the Koston press conference


Beauty and the Beast is now available on iTunes.

Mini Top 5
Ben Colen's Top 5 least favorite things about driving up the I-5
1. The stretch of miles of stockyard that smells so shitty you can barely breathe
2. Realizing that if you miss that one In-N-Out there's nothing to eat for like six hours
3. Pointlessly leapfrogging behind the 18 wheelers
4. Trying to strategically time your Starbucks stops
5. After the first ten or so times, it's the most boring drive ever

Here's how our Vancouver stop on Fourstar's North of Everything Tour looked from Rob Lyons' angle. Good job.

Rip in lights!

Q & A Section
From Hayden Rensch ,
Q: In the Koston leaves Lakai video is that Brad Staba that is throwing the shoes and Rickk tackling him?

A: It's like the song says from the T.V. show The Fall Guy "I'm the unknown stuntman that makes Eastwood look so fine.--Chris Casey

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Staba's supposed to be here today, but we haven't seen him.




Mini Top 5
Daniel Castillo tries to break the habit.

Roger Bagley hide this sighting at Starbucks.

From Dill, "Even this photo is better than I have ever looked on Crailtap."

Q & A Section
From Chooch ,
Q: After checking out Lee Smith's photo of Carroll, I was wondering, can anyone on the team not swim? Or maybe, just not like the water?
A: A few years ago we had an epic boat ride in Marselle, France. Devine refused to jump in the dingy because he said it looked "sketchy." I think he might have some issues with water.--Smyth

From Geraldine ,
Q: Hi Lee, when you lived in Barcelona, how did you get around the visa issue? Did you have to leave Spain every three months? Or did you just live there illegally?
A: The Visa issue only becomes a problem when you actually try to make a life for yourself i.e. getting a job, a cell phone with a contract, and things like that. But coming and going is not a problem, I'm coming from the states so they are more than happy to have me coming into their country spending all my money, like I did when I was getting paid to "skate". Sometimes they don't even stamp your passport. If your coming from South America, Eastern Europe, or Africa your visa will be a major issue though, that sucks.--Lee

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"I feel bad because I think I got him started on cigarettes."--Richard Mulder about Daniel Castillo


The Aussie giant, Andrew Brophy on the Crail Couch.

Here are some amendments to the Design a Graphic for Mike Mo Contest. 1) Make your graphic in the shape of a board. 2) Follow Hershel's instructions for production purposes but just send us a 72 dpi jpeg. Our inbox is getting a little full. 3) Entries are due April 22.
Send your entries here

In the spirit of the above contest here's Hershel's Greatest Misses #8.

Antihero energy truck is making its first stop. Get pumped!

Guy tries not to be a Menace while drinking his gin and juice in Lockwood.

MJ tries not to shoot his eye out at TWS.

Q & A Section
From SB,
Q: Who writes the second column? I love it cuz it has nothing to do with skating, and that's how the internet should be?
A: Nothing to do with skateboarding? I'm promoting Mike and Rick.--The Ringer

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"I kind of want some pork rinds, I don't know why."--Rick



Mini Top 5
Top 5 reasons to watch Wednesdays with Reda.

Design a Mike Mo Graphic Contest. This one is pretty simple. We want you to design a graphic for Mo that we'll produce for our Wallride catalog. Here's one of our art dudes, Hershel, with your instructions:

Send your entries here

"I skate, but I'm not 360 flip melon grabbing like I used to."--Rudy

"300 dpi just sounds lame no matter how you say it."--Hershel


A bronzed Justin Eldridge on the Crail Couch.

Carroll's got his own thoughts on why he wasn't on the session the other day.

Slap's got a cool park ride with Andrew Langi and his backside 180ing sister.

A second series of Girl one-offs is now available at the tightest one-off shops.

Q & A Section
From Skate Steezy,
Q: What is Jeron doing with his shoes in the mini Top 5 about Carroll not skating?
A: I'm putting super glue on my shoelaces so I don't have to keep changing them when they break on me. I hate looking down at my shoes when they look all craze. Keep your shoes fresh and clean. That's my motto!--Jeron

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Featured Feature. Now for the first time available on the world wide web, unless someone already ripped it for YouTube, Fourstar's North of Everything tour.

This week's Guest Front Page Poster is our favorite expat turned just pat, Lee Smith.

From Tapper Stephen Lipuma, " Olson sighting last weekend in NYC: My first impressions, 'Look at this douche Gap model skating. What's with the pink shirt?' Then I realized it was Olson and all was forgiven. Later that afternoon I found myself buying monkey grease hair gel and a pink J Crew button down. Yikes!"

Our friend Goods directed a cool video of even cooler youth. They always win. But this video Goods did a few years back will always be his masterpiece if you ask us. And we know you are.

Q & A Section
From Jef Choy,
Q: Rick Mcrank, what's it like to have Frank Grewar's eyes light up when he says your name?
A: It's like everything good in the world all wrapped up in love and dancing.--McCrank

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Mini Top 5
Top 5 reasons why Carroll wasn't on the session.

Enjoy the weekend.

"If you know more than one person doing a bid, then you're doing pretty bad."--Reda


On the Crail Couch with young Klein.

Mini Top 5
Danny Brady's Top 5 things about coming to America.

New Poll! Vote on your favorite April Fools prank call.

The new Chocolate One Offs are now available only at shops that know that "snitches is for bitches!"

Friend of The Tap Porous Walker is having a show in SF. More details here.

Q & A Section
From Harry Moritz,
Q: Koston, what was it like to teach feeble grinds with Tony Hawk? Did you feel weird that he was wearing full pads to skate a flat bar, and you were not?
A: Feeble's are one of the coolest feeling grinds in skateboarding. So I'm all good with spreading the gospel of the Feeb's. As for feeling weird, I wasn't the one in full pads he was.--Eric Koston

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"You need to work on your Jerky Boy a little bit."--Sal Barbier


To be honest, this April Fools Day was a bit of a scramble here at The Tap. It was too hard to top last year. We settled on prank calling some of our friends. Admittedly, we're no Larry Perkins but we thought we'd share anyway.

Essential Listening:

Lakai Team Manager/Filmer Federico Vitetta calls Flip Filmer Ewan Bowman

The Tap calls out Chris Casey

Not Bad:

The Tap calls Chris Roberts

The Tap calls Scott Johnston

The Tap calls Daniel Castillo

Only for the Die Hard Fans:

The Tap calls Reda

The Tap calls Brad Staba

The Tap calls Chico Brenes


Mini Top 5
The Top 5 reasons Jeron always skates with a little white towel.

Another crime against another skater!

For all those concerned, Rip continues to enjoy his life...dude.

Q & A Section
From Matt,
Q: Can you please find out what Garvy's breed is?
A: Garvy is a Persian cat. Wait till you see him shaved like a lion.--Chris Roberts

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"We can't play Garvy out."--Chris Roberts


On the Crail Couch with Frank Gerwer.

To commemorate the release of NASA's new record, The Spirit of Apollo, Girl has produced a limited number of NASA skateboards that will soon be available in the CrailShop. In the meantime, every CrailShop order for the month of April will include a free digital download of The Spirit of Apollo LP courtesy of NASA. So get a shoppin'.

Stressing ain't easy, but Chris Roberts finds it quite fun though.

Outside of Garvey the cat, and Chris himself, the other standout character from his slice of life video was his neighbor Trippy. Here's a face to the name. Come to think of it, I think the internet cable was the next biggest character.

Q & A Section
From Will Good,
Q: What does Daniel think of my work...besides the fact that I can't draw hands? Do I smell a board series and millions of dollars?

A: Sick drawing Will. I think I look older in this drawing than I do in real life. A board series would be cool but good luck on the million, the economy is suckin' right now. but go for yours bro.--Daniel Castillo

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"How come every time there's a photo of me on Crailtap I look like shit?"--Jason Dill


Mini Top 5
Daniel Castillo's
Top 5 step hop tricks.

Girl's Surf N Turf series is now available at your local-landlocked skate shop.

Hershel Greatest Misses #7

Guess Whose Tat

Q & A Section
From Brett Myer,
Q: Could Garvey's suicide attempts be possibly explained by an intense dislike of Mondays?
A: Well he's a cat and he can't talk, so I guess we'll really never know why he tried to end it all. But my guess is that it was the fleas. I mean it got to be so bad that if my balcony was higher up I probably would have joined him for that leap of faith. And his name's Gravey not Garfield.--Chris Roberts

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Every wonder what Roberts' crib be lookin' like? Wonder no mo'.

October 16. It's the new November 16.

and more from the "dead sea scrolls" in episode three.

Mini Top 5
Staba's Top 5 strain names
1. Orange Cream
2. Connie Chung
3. Chemdawg
4. OG Kush
5. Strawberry Cough

Daniel will be doing the DJ thing tonight at bar called Carbon 9300 Venice Culver City. Lil' D you know you're going up against The Twins, right?


Pulling on your heartstrings is one of the finest pursuits of The Crail Couch. That, and questions about hot tubbing. Brandon Biebel, folks.

New Crail Poll. Why you likey the Mikey?

Our boy Robbie McKinley let us know that they've designed an iPhone app for his widely popular Sk8 Dice. Giovanni Reda sold separately.

hits a dry dock fs nosegrind here, among other things.

Q & A Section
From Andre Manlapaz,
Q: What size boards does Welsh ride and how tall is he? In videos, he always looks like he's riding small boards with a shorter wheelbase. Is it just an illusion created by his signature Welsh pants?
A: I'm a fat guy in a little coat, nah, my setup is the same as everyone else out there, I'm just a tall son of a bitch.--Welsh

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"Totally burger'd out. I didn't have one salad all weekend."--Rudy


How Tampa looked to Smyth, first official wild weekend since fatherhood.

Besides making graphic that don't get picked Hershel's pretty good at making videos too.

Mini Top 5
Top 5 reasons none of Staba's guys made to the finals at Tampa Pro
1. I wasn't there to crack the whip
2. I'm sure they were having too much fun at the reef booth. Wait, did you say Tampa Pro or ASR?
3. They're too old
4. Who gives a shit about contests
5. I thought Tampa was last month

Spike sent us this photo to let us know that it was Natas' birthday yesterday. So, happy birthday Mr. Kaupas.

Q & A Section
From Clay Porter,
Q: Smyth, I couldn't help but notice your answer to the food at the end of every tour video question a few days ago. I couldn't agree more with your answer. I'm also born and raised in SF and now live in the LA area. I have yet to find a sub shop that rivals Marina Submarine in the Marina, Submarine Center in West Portal or Roxy Deli in the outer Mission. You been to any of those fine SF sandwich spots? What sandwhich spot does Sam Smyth frequent in the LA area?
A: I've fucked with Marina Sub and it's the shit. My old man put me up on the sub game. His spots were Yellow Submarine on Irving and the spot on 9th and Lincoln Way. Love those. I later discovered King Foot on Divis. Backin' that one. Noe Valley Deli isn't known as a "Sub Shop", but they cook a fresh turkey every morning, and I'll eat that shit with mayo only. Have not found a spot in LA that near rivals any of those. They're pretty into Quiznos down here.--Smyth

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"Jack of all trades, master of about 85%."--Staba about himself


I've been slipping on the wheat grass, but when The Ringer asks for Burnett, the Couch delivers.

This week's Guest Front Page Poster is the highly motivated Brad Staba. How do we know he's highly motivated? We asked him.

Some of the dudes went to Tampa this past weekend. Here's a little gallery to mark the event.

Carroll's compiled his Top 10 Frisco raps for the Thrash Men.

The new Big Choc #2 series now available at only the illest shops.

Q & A Section
From Beth Carr,
Q: I was just wondering who was the guy who put water in Reda's bed in "Chomp on This"
A: Harold did, but he blamed it on this kid Akira and I choked Todd Jordan because of it. I wish Harold were around to throw water on me one more time. Sorry Todd.--Reda

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"I got cuts and scars from that shit."--Raekwon on skateboarding

"Wanna hear how completely different our life's are? This weekend he got a face tattoo and I discovered that I love J Crew clothing."--Hershel about Jereme Rogers


From Agent Larson, "Not Ben. Give new meaning to the name Wizard Ben."

We'd be amiss if we didn't post Hershel's Greatest Miss #6.

Alex is wanting more coverage without skating and it looks like he's getting it.

Q & A Section
From Steinz,
Q: Ben, is it true the boy band Common Ground often played a ska version of Black Sabbath's "The Wizard?"

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"Dude I seriously almost deleted my Myspace account because I was too stoned."--Nick Diamond on being paranoid when he smokes weed

"It's pretty fucked up, but so is everything else that happens to Ben here."--Hershel


Ben on the Couch part two.

and plenty of unseen Video Days footage on episode two.

Q & A Section
From Kyle,
Q: So which of the homeys will be holdin' it down in Tampa this weekend?
A: Rick and Rudy will be at the casino. Beebs will get a free tattoo. Alex will look the best. Carroll will hype the crowd. Frostman will be dining at the finest restaurants Tampa has to offer. Lee Smith will have his best birthday in years. Nick Diamond and Jeron will tie for biggest luggage bag on a three-day trip. Chico will be reaching out to the Latin community. BA will follow the contest closer than the paying spectators. And Malto will win.--Smyth

Send your questions here.

"I'm trying to get some coverage without skating."--Alex Olson

"I don't drink Manishevitz. It's too sweet."--Hershel


On the Crail Couch with Ben Colen, part one.

Looks like someone in New Orleans isn't feeling Mike. Thanks Todd Taylor.

It only takes a little bit of plutonium.

"My face doesn't need to be tight."--Ben Colen


You knew Barack was gonna win so you didn't bother, but Saint Patrick needs your vote in today's Crail Poll.

From Termite to Habitat, Austyn Gillette does some Crail Couch time. And he's a better man for it.

The trailer for Spike's Where the Wild Things Are will be hitting theaters at the end of the month. Could be worth the ticket price alone.

On a final note, if you've ever heard Carrol say something clever, he's probably just reciting a rap lyric.



This week's Guest Front Page Poster went from being Fat Bill to Bill Strobeck to William Strobeck. But we call StroBill and he's got some gems to share with us this week.

The Royal Truck Company has updated their website. Got to the Team Pages and see who Brad Staba's hometown hero was.

new signature shirt is now in stock. Click below for a closer look. Thanks Ray!

Chico's episode of Firsthand is now available on Fuel's website. It's a good one Cheeks!

Q & A Section
From Jake,
Q: To Marc, I was just watching Man Down and forgot how good Aaron Vandenbulke was.  He skated like Rob Pluhowski but with his own sense of super smooth style. How did that dude never make it into the skate world?
A: Aaron was sponsored by, and turned pro for Supernaut. And yes, he skated buttery as hell. He's a family man now and still holding it down up north. Big shout out to a straight O.G. loc!--MJ

Send your questions here.

The Skateboard Film Festival is taking entries if you fancy yourself a filmmaker. I know we all do.



Q & A Section/On the Crail Couch
From Ben Weiler,
Q: Rudy, how do you feel about what Stacy Peralta said about you in the first Guy episode of Epicly Later'd?

Send your questions here.

Wanna know how Alex got his killer pop? Plenty of exercise.

Hershel has been on a creative miss fire for days now. Lucky for us! Greatest Miss #5.

The Latest with Brad Staba, brought to you by Brad Staba:
"The other day I got 6 stitches, 2 parking tickets (in the same spot), and got pulled over for talking on my cell phone (was calling to tell my girlfriend I got stitches). Oh and I was missing my gold fronts for about 9 months and found them in the dryer."


Carroll up On the Crail Couch.

Not as exciting as that eS video that's floating around but this is how Ben get's down.

The prepubescent Guy Mariano on VBS.

Q & A Section
From Teamkevinisdead,
Q: Smyth, every tour video, we get to see you eating food at the end, but you are never happy about it. Why is that?
A: Au contraire, I'm elated. The older you get, the more everything sucks. Yet sandwiches stand the test of time. From mom's PB&J to a pressed Cuban from Brocatos. I don't smile as to not distract my taste buds.--Smyth

Send your questions here.

"I'm just trying beat Gerwer."--The Gav


Vote on who you want to see on The Crail Couch next in our New Poll

You didn't vote on him but you're getting Alex Olson On The Crail Couch.

Hershel's Greatest and Almosts #4.

Ray Ray's leftover Lakai clips.

Q & A Section
From Vanilla Shoelace,
Q: I'll make you a deal. Tell me what Mike's infamous apple trick is, and I'll film myself doing it if it's not something boring or too gross.
A: Then I guess you're not doing it.--Carroll

Send your questions here.

Girl's Advertype series is now available at only the tightest skate shops.

Still haven't figure out how to bring Burnett back, but still trying. Mike you wanna move to LA. Make it a lot easier.

"Is that a Dylan Rieder coffee mug?"--Mike Mo concerning this mug

"Are you working on your corporate gang signs?"--Ben Colen


Looks like he finally figured out the five favorite things about being half white. The Sean Malto Top 5.

Putting the Rog in Randoms. Carroll experiencing a rare moment of self-consciousness amongst all that flamboyance.

Young Olson makes another appearance in one of Fat Bill's web exclusives.

Q & A Section
From DJ Hammerschmidt,
Q: I just found a copy of John Coltrane's "Traneing In" on wax. Truly beautiful stuff. Would you happen to know what inspired Gonz to use it as the music for his part in Blind Video Days?
A: I like the beginning of the song, it sounds like it has more than one beginning, throughout the song.--Mark Gonzales

Send your questions here.

Burnett, you read Ringer's column yesterday? We're bringing you back to the Randoms. Haven't figured out how yet, but we're gonna.

More couch time tomorrow.

"Visine dog."--Ty Evans

"It's 11:00, there's gotta be something new on the internet."--Hershel

"I'll out source it to some other fuckin' search engine!"--Jake Phelps


This week's Guest Front Page Poster is the realest of Frisco locs. Down with both EMB and Safeway and everything in between. A true City skater, Rick Ibaseta

Vincent Alvarez talking about firing a friend On The Crail Couch.

Dude looks like a dude is kind of an old bag but when Mo finds Alex Olson's long lost rocker twin brother it's worth mentioning. Pretty dead on, but Alex wears more eyeliner and his hair is a little more teased.

Frequent Tapper, Elastic Back sent the statistical analysis of Mo's victory at the Battle of the Berrics, which proves one thing. He's really good a flatground.

Q & A Section
From Ryan Quintana,
Q: This is to Justin Eldridge. I recently fucked up my pinky like you did in Yeah Right! I did not go to the doctor and I'm just wondering what the recovery time was.
A: I don't remember the recovery time. It wasn't that long and I got all the movement back in my finger. My knuckle is still a little bigger then my other ones though.--Justin

Send your questions here.


Group therapy On The Crail Couch.


Ah, to be Mike Mo's brother. The trials and tribs of Vince Capaldi get fleshed out On The Crail Couch.

Roger Bagley is going to be supplying us from time to time with extremely-serious short films like this one, titled: Squeak.

As long as Hershel's graphics keep getting denied we'll keep delivering his Greatest Misses and Almost Masterpiece #3. So this should be around for a while.

The great city of San Francisco is planning for another park. You can have some input if you show up here tonight.

Q & A Section
From Joel,
Q: Mike, are the dreadlock dogs still alive? I remember having to fight for my life just to skate your mini ramp back in the days. And yeah, they tore up my pads too.
A: Hahaha! What up Joel! I doubt those Dog Marley's are still alive. They were kinda back then. Rocky and Max.--Carroll

Send your questions here.


The great people at Lakai have made good on their Slo Mo to Regular promise that appeared on the Final Flare packaging. Now it's free on their home page in both podcast and youtube formats.

He never even heard of it, but we got Kenny Anderson On The Crail Couch.

Wednesday with Hyphy.

Tapper Crail Jackson found a look a like trifecta: Bay Area rapper The Grouch, 'and a young Hunter S. Thompson.

Mike Mo has some afterthoughts concerning The Battle.

Skate Witches, bitches!

Q & A Section
From Ray Porreca,
Q: This one's for MikeMo, Carroll, or any of the other Tappers, really. Is any one using or planning on jumpin on the Twitter fad? I got hooked bad.
A: Diamond Nick does that shit and it's so annoying to hang out with him now cuz he's always on it and when he finally has something to say its only about an update about some rapper fucking for 36 hours or some rapper is on a high speed chase cuz he just killed 50 Cent. Twitter isn't appealing so far.--Staba...we meant Carroll

Send your questions here.

"This is full topless in Florida."--Rudy about his new sunglasses



As you might have figured out we've just launched our iTunes page. The Final Flare, Fully Flared, and Yeah Right! are up with more new videos and back catalog gems to come. Check out the commercial here. Beauty and the Beast coming soon.

C-Rob on The Crail Couch.

You probably already know who won, but if you don't we'll keep it a secret. Good shit Steve and Eric. Best contest in a while.

This might give the goat a run for its money for the new Crail mascot.

Q & A Section
From Danny Griffin,
Q: After letting people sample the magic with Staba's mini Crail Couch interview, I wanna know what the fuck is up with the Skate Mintal website? Did it drink Staba's bongwater?
A: It's being redeveloped and the content and team section was old so I just said fuck it. Took that bitch down. The good thing is I'm doing a new one that is pretty fucking fun. No flash bullshit. So in the meantime I'm going to send Skate Mental content to The Tap. I really hope that the old website is drinking my bongwater. I haven't changed it in weeks. The website was cool but I'm shooting for not cool on the new one. Hopefully that translates to cool. I'll be back on that Crail Couch to do another interview. Until then I'll be on my own couch watching reality television with my bong...with fresh water.--Staba

Send your questions here.



It used to be Max and Aaron Chilean's couch that Sean Malto used to spend an enormous amount of time on, now he's on The Crail Couch.

From Jim Atherton, "That singing of Spike's brought back some memories of the crowd pleaser from a few seasons ago, can't even remember his name but he sang ' She Bangs' someone is bound to remember. Enjoy!"

Mini Top 5
Mike Carroll's Top 5 things about losing the losers' bracket
1. Not getting a letter for my nollie one foot
2. Koston putting his hand down and not getting a letter
3. All the chicks in the crowd screaming for me
4. Driving a drunk Kelly Bird home
5. After party at Hyde

"History repeats itself. We're at a freestyle contest...and loving it."--Rudy at The Battle at the Berrics finale


MJ back On The Crail Couch.

Hershel's Greatest Misses #2.

Biebel's Firsthand that aired on Fuel last week is now on their site in HD format, but still no shot of the hot tub.

Lucas' nose looks a lot more French in Fisheye.

The Gav's really hot on me to link this party tonight. Should be a real barnburner.

Q & A Section
From Ryan,
Q: I just got an iPod touch. Maybe Mike Mo could help me out with which apps are the best, since he is an iPhone expert.
A: Tris, Translator, Pandora, Price is Right, say N drive, Shazam, Sim City, Solitaire, Speedometer, Sportacular, Sportshist, Tap Defense, iPooted, Lightsaber, Live Poker, Mokey Ball, Myspace, Pac Man, iBeer, The Dark Night, Facebook, Double Drop, CrazyMouthL, Coin Flip, Celeb Bdays, Cameraman, and that's it!"--Mike Mo

Send your questions here.


Staba dirt, thoughts on Kenny, traveling with Rickk, and ones to grow on. All in Brian Anderson's On the Crail Couch.

Carroll and Jenkins teamed up this year to bring you the Girl Product (Red) Boards.

Mason Machado, took the initiative to take our Old Shit posting and put it to some music. We reward that type of proactive behavior with this link.

"Did that say Eric's name?"--Jeron watching the Skate Mental video


The Crail Couch, the last stop on Spike's current press tour.

New Feature. It's standard practice for our resident artist Hershel Baltrotsky to produce more graphic ideas than anyone else in the building, maybe even more than the entire building combined. Of course we can't produce them all. Or would want to. But it'd be a real shame to have all those brilliant ideas go to waste. So we present to you Hershel's Greatest Misses and Almost Masterpiece.

Reda at the Girl Open House.

"I'll be back on that couch soon. Hopefully sweating less and not stressed out."--Staba

"Sometimes even Lumberjacks listen to pussy shit."--Chris Nieratko


I think Brad Staba was born for The Crail Couch, probably has done a decent amount of couch time as it is, but yesterday was just not the day. But we did come up with a decent Mini Episode. The Couch eagerly awaits Brad's triumphant return.

Chocolate's new Wood Cut series is now available at only the tightest skate shops.

Forget yesterday's rocker, Alex think Carroll looks more like this.

Find Hershel in Alex Klein's video for the band Princeton and win absolutely nothing.

Ty and Bob play in the bubbles.

"I got The Berrics, dude!"--Hershel about a rash he got


Rudy on The Crail Couch. Part Two. Topics discussed? Girl first Euro trip, Tim's party pranks, and "Creeping Death."

Besides the T-Mobile guy from the Alltel commercials Andrew Chuch found any 80s version of Carroll partying in the basement.

Looks like Brophy won Australia SOTY! Good job Broph. You can burn a lot of brain cells with 5k.

Q & A Section
From Joe,
Q: Koston and Carroll have been two of my favorite skateboarders for a long time. Koston always looks like he's having a blast skating. I always thought it would be awesome to skate with him figuring he would be stoked for a regular guy like me doing pretty basic tricks just because of the sheer enjoyment of skating overall. That is, until I got to playing Skate 2 and got to the challenge of playing s.k.a.t.e. against the two of them. Why are they such dicks in the game during that part? I'm all for a little ball busting here and there but man, those bros are super harsh! Are they really like that?
A: We're what they call "virtual dicks."--Carroll

Send your questions here.

"Ty, your steez was impeccable."--Mikey Taylor after snow boarding


Rudy Johnson takes a load off on The Crail Couch. Topic discussed? His wife's first drop in, of course.

Designing Carroll's Bowling Ball Contest Winner! Nay, winners! Zach Doe's Battle at the Berrics Revenge:

And Bret Romo who did for Hyphy what Jabba The Hut did for Han Solo:

For that Zach you win a set of Royal prize pack and for Bret you win...Hyphy! Just kidding you win the Royal prize pack too.

MJ series finally on the Later'd.

"Take a number and get in line."--Staba


On the Crail Couch. First up is Lee Smith. Charlie Rose watch out.

Design Carroll's Bowl Ball Contest. Here's Jerome Case offering and his thoughts, "He'll be the first to have an Alyssa Milano bowling ball. He might have to customize his finger placement to fit his preference though."

Carroll's Blackberry Buttas #8. Film Eric at his park and maybe he'll let you skate another day.

MJ laters enjoi in episode three.

Biebel's Firsthand on the Fuel will premiere this Sunday. If there's not a shot of the hot tub then they've lost all credibility as investigative journalists.



Ain't nutnin' but a Hersh thing baby. The Skate Mental Leaf hat is coming for your head.

Spike's lil bro Sam and his music outfit N.A.S.A. might not be releasing the only new record this week, but it's the only new one with Karen O. and ODB on one track and Kool Keith and Tom Waits on the other. N.A.S.A. board from Girl Skateboards available soon.

Biebel fielding your texts over at The Berrics.

All the cop had to do was give him a ticket for riding a long board. Case closed. Actually this one of the lamest things we've seen in awhile.

Mini Top 5
Top 5 things Scuba Steve misses about filming Koston*
1. Iced quad easy vanilla soy lattes
2. Never knowing where to skate
3. Being able to expense anything and saying "Koston wanted it"
4. Filming my favorite skater
5. I still film Koston

*I have a feeling that we may have posed a similar, if not exact, Top 5 question to Scuba before. If we did just change that to Top 5 things Scuba Steve still misses about filming Koston?

"I got a creased tee photo shoot tomorrow."--Rickk


Clip of the Day. Some more of that Old Shit. Gino, Carroll, Reda, and Jeron.

Skate Mental's own Matt Beach is going to be in the next Transworld video. Chris Ray sent us an email hoping that we'd let you all know, then two minutes later Brad Staba sent us an email pretty much demanding that we let you all know.

Q & A Section
From Luis Mora,
Q: Guy, how long did it take to film the L.A. Boys part in Ban This?
A: We did it in four weekends. The best part about it was being filmed by Stacy P. I studied, and loved all the videos he made. And now there he was making one with me an my close friends.--Guy

From Tim,
Q: Is it spelled Pappalardo or Poppalardo. It was an 'a' in Fully Flared, but an 'o' in Mosaic.
A: All 'a's except for that last 'o'.--Aaron

Send your questions here.

"Greg Hunt's going to feel like a real loser after seeing my video."--Brad Staba


This week's Guest Front Page Poster is Ben Colen. No big deal.

You can tell a lot by a man's age by who his first celebrity crush was. Lurk Vision at the Girl Open House.

Design Carroll's Bowling Ball Contest. "If I win, I would like my 'special prize' to be a job. "--Tron Send your entries here. We're calling it Friday.

In these tough economic times, we all need to monitor more closely how we do our business. These downturns have an effect at all levels, at every company. Most of the media attention has been spent on the CEOs and investors, but less we forget the one place where we'll all treated like equals, from the stockholder to the janitor, that's right, the warehouse vending machine. Or as we like to call it, the cannery in the mineshaft. Here's some economic insight from the Vicar of Vending, Sam Smyth.

Fully Satisfied.

We forgot to add "On Thrasher" to this week's poll. Oh, and Alex, they know you don't really smoke when you don't light the cigarette.

Q & A Section
From Andrew Lam,
Q: Who is the guy on the ledges smoking a cigarette and meets up with the team at the end when they go into the station in the Chocolate Easy Steady video...this has been bugging me.
A: That guy's name is Bugo the singer of the song, "La Felicita," that we used in the clip. He's a good friend of mine.--Federico

Send your questions here.

There's a cause worthy of your attention over on The Art Dump site.

"I think my vote should count for a 100 votes."--Jim Thiebaud after actually seeing Alex Olson at Swingers last night


Clip of the Day. Some more of that Old Shit. The writing on the tape cases said Lakai 1, Lakai 2, and Lakai 3. So here's what was on them.

New Poll. Where did you last see Alex Olson? Wherever it was, it's probably been more recent than our last sighting.

Malto, how are those Top 5 questions coming? It takes you more than a week to tell us about your Top 5 things about being half white?

Design Carroll's Bowling Ball Contest. Edgar sent in his design for Carroll who is in desperate need of a personalized bowling ball. He was overheard today saying he might just by a ready-made ball. That's like buying a complete. Send your entries here. Special prize for that lucky winner. And shame on anyone who simply sent in a written explanation of what Carroll's ball should look like. That shit don't cut it in our highly visual culture or on the web.

Skate Mental will be showing their new video "Am Chowder" at these two prominent locations.

And John Motta is 21.

"My eyes are full of blood."--Feds


Clip of the Day. Now MJ weighs on his much delayed game at The Berrics.

A more toned down Marc on VBS.

Carroll's Blackberry Buttas #7
The Capaldi brothers getting cozy.


Clip of the Day. This time it's the "Ber" and the "Rics" of the Berrics. Koston and Steve about this weekend's battles.

Ringer, speaking of Carroll and bowling, you forgot to mention that he's been pushed to buying his own ball after hearing that Lil' Wayne owns three. Rappers, it's not just the 18-year-olds who you wield an influence over. If you have any graphic suggestions for Mike's personalized bowling ball, please send them here for a prize.

Remember that Matix book party we told you to got to last Thursday? Well, we meant this Thursday. You can get Rudy to sign the page on Sequoia trees.

"I'm trying to figure out how to translate you threatening to punch my face for trying to burn your tent into a board graphic. Let me know if you have any ideas?."--Staba

"I need to not talk for an hour or two."--Hershel


This week's Guest Front Page Poster is the thrifter and grifter himself, Hershel Baltrotsky, whose greatest achievement, outside of shooting some excellent photographs and designing some wonderful graphics, is going to Best Buy and taking phones out of the "Recycle Your Phone" barrel and selling them on Craig's List. Thanks Hersh!

Clip of the Day. Is some of that old shit from the early Lakai filming days. Maybe 2005 or 2006. Some Carroll, Koston, AVE, a P-A-T sighting, and a Gino outtake that now looks more like a trick that should have been in a video. Oh, and a baby faced Olson of course.

Over at Lakai they gotta a little short on their sites featuring The French Connection and Jesus. Fifty percent Scarface. Fifty percent weed. One hundred present "Rosietta Stoners."

Carroll's Blackberry Buttas #5Guess where Carroll's been skating everyday? And with who?

"I can't even download a new app."--The Gav when being asked to switch to the electric cigarette

"Give the readers some jokes they can actually get without having to go to lunch with you guys."--Staba


We'll do this tomorrow.

"My friends are over me."--Hershel


Clip of the Day. Local boy done good, Cooper Wilt, ducks the raindrops out back, while the 'Ridge makes a guest appearance.

Remember this weekend Mo and Carroll battle it out. Wonder who is going to bring home the bacon.

File this under: Does This Look Familiar #283

If you're gonna send me links about goats to send to The Ringer, make sure it wasn't already featured in The Ringer's column. You guys are getting me in trouble.

Q & A Section
From Patty Lawlor,
Q: Have you broken a sweat today? While you're eating doesn't count.
A: My intense workout starts around 900 at night. So NO I haven't had a sweat yet but I'm looking forward to tonight's workout program. Rap music included.--The Gav

Send your questions here.

"Come on, you're hurting me."--The Ringer


Clip of the Day. A little pre interview before the big fight. Mo and Carroll talk strategy before their Battle at the Berrics this weekend.

Ty on Epicly Laterd, and we finally get to see his part from Suburban Diners that he's been hiding from us all these years.

Q & A Section
From Pat,
Q: It was mentioned a while back that Daft Punk was considered for Fully Flared.  I was just curious which song and where in the video it was gonna go.
A: I wanted to used "Face to Face" Alive Version.--Alex

From David Lee,
Q: So what kind of diet is The Gav on?
A: High protein fat blasting.--The Gav

Send your questions here.

Lawlor, we saw The Gav walking out of a Mexican restaurant with a flour tortilla in his back pocket today at lunch. Shit might be going your way.


If Alex Olson acted. Make sure you clicked the audio. He pretty much gave that same rant to me when I walked by while he was filming an ollie. True story.

Mini Top 5
Kevin Wilkins' Top 5 things about working with Ako and Atiba
1. SST tattoos
2. Double-live tech support
3. Supreme visitor passes
4. The LA office
5. Getting called "doggie" without the burden of having to get bummed

We can't all be in the new Kayne video. For everyone else there's this tomorrow night.

With the arrival of his second child, The Gav doesn't get out too often. If you've missed seeing his full cheeks down out the bar or if he hasn't bought you a lemon drop in awhile then tomorrow night is your chance...unless you're at that Goat thing.

Q & A Section
From Michelle,
Q: What's the story behind Olson's new Girl ad "Meet Innovation"? It's the most original thing I've seen in a mag for a long time.
A: That's just what he's feeling right now.--Aaron

From Tom G,
Q: I've decided I'm going to get the street pirate tatted and my question to whomever has it or has met people with it: how much did it run you? If it helps, I'm thinking the forearm for the spot so maybe 3 x 4 inches.
A: If you're lucky to have friends that do tattoos for a living it is free if not it might run you about 80 to a 100.--Ruben

(Ruben's right hand)

Send your questions here.

"You know what's worse than the mass email? The apology for the mass email."--Smyth


Clip of the Day. The Biebel Two is coming! Ankle weights not included.

Looks like Jake's Week of Hate got hated on.

Chocolate's Sugar Skulls series, soon to be your next tat, is now in stores. Check it out.

Letus Bee does London.

From Tapper Jeff Sauer, "You guys said the (red) board would impact the Earth.  well it sure did on Google Earth!"

Q & A Section
From Chooch,
Q: In relation to your post about Jake's Week of Hate, has anyone ever been banned from the Tap?
A: It was common practice during the Bob K. years and slightly beyond. Some of the names that have ended up on that shameful list? Alex Olson, Alex Klein, Hime, I'm sure Staba's been on there, Bob K., Marc Johnson, probably Bird. But it's usually lifted by days end. We're kind of soft like that. Maybe we should bring it back. McCrank, you're banned from The Tap!--Aaron

Send your questions here.

"I'm like Jovonate, what ever I wear looks good on me"--Lee Smith


This week's Guest Front Page Poster is that guy we get emails about every week asking, "How come he doesn't have a board in the new Wallride?" That's right, Scott Johnston. And it's because he's designing shoes at Lakai now...and still skating.

Carroll's Blackberry Buttas #5. Carroll backdooring Guy at the Berrics with Reda's approval.

Today Thrasher launched into their Week of Hate, with Jake filling in the blanks on his Top 5 dudes banned from the mag that he listed in his hotly debated Top 5s.

A Tapper wrote in to say that Lunch with The Gav was a little reminiscent of this, but less pitchy.

Q & A Section
From Brandon,
Q: How often, if ever, do the team riders come up with an idea for board graphics?
A: It changes every season, but some riders always have ideas. Alex is full of ideas, he really wanted a surf-looking graphic and that ended up turning into the Surf n Turf series. So sometimes a rider can inspire a whole series. Mike Carroll comes up with all types of crazy stuff, sometimes a little too crazy, actually always too crazy.--Hershel

Send your questions here.

"Is that his mom or something?"--Vince Capaldi about this board

"You've never seen Top Gun?! Get out!"--The Gav to EA on the drive over to Jeron's b-day


Clip of the Day. Remember how stoked you were on Speed Wheels' video "Speed Freaks" that you couldn't wait to watch their second video"Risk It" when it came out, but it was kind of a bummer that it wasn't as good as the first one? Here's our Second Annual Lunch with The Gav

Went to the Mind Field premiere last night. Took a few bangin' as stills too. Fantastic job Hunt!

What is it about hip-hop that can get a lot of people to stand slightly behind you and in a semi circle around you? Does any other art form create that phenomenon?

Ben and a friend caught on Google maps street view. Thanks Lew.

Q & A Section
From Tom L,
Q: Who has blessed the Girl Park with its worst slam and what happened?
A: Dude had a seizure back there last week. It was pretty scary. He's all right though.--Mike Mo

Send your questions here.

"It was like the Folsom St. Fair in there."--Smyth about all the leather jackets at the Alien Premiere


Clip of the Day. Young Olson jumping up on them bars. Howard on coffin duty.

Even the punkers are feeling Sacto's number 5.

Need to hang around? Ben's parents' basement. This Saturday afternoon. It's BYOFHC (bring your own Flaming Hot Cheetos). And your imagination of course.

Pops, I'm waiting for one of those chairs.

Just saw the Skate Mental video. Mindfield isn't the only major premiere happening today. Only Am Chowder (that's what the video is called) was played here during lunch. Brad, we hatched a plan to have it played tonight at Royce Hall before the Alien video started but we pussed out.

Q & A Section
From Derek,
Q: I imagine that on an increasingly regular basis the Girl Family has to deal with a substantial amount of corporate heads making offers for purchase of the brand. It's got to be tough to have people shoving cash into your collective faces telling you that the "brand's direction will remain constant", or that all the riders will be taken care of in the event that the company is sold. I hate that people try to purchase integrity. I wonder: does it ever seem tempting for Rick, Mike, Megan, or Spike just to sell?
A: I love that people try to purchase integrity. I wish they paid more for it.--Megan
A: It was tough at first but once we did sell nothing has changed and no one even knows! Is it weird that we are owned by Vivid Entertainment?--Carroll

From Kenny,
Q: I just got a new Girl board and forgot to take the sticker with the board size off before I griped it. My friend says that my board is cursed now. So I want to know if anyone rides there board with the sticker still on?
A: I definitely don't.--Mike Mo

Send your questions here.

Ben Chibber is here! And he's not wearing sunglasses...oh wait, they're on his head.

"Follow my column, Mez. That's part of the job."--The Ringer

"Have you seen Million Dollar Slum Baby?"--Rudy


New Featured Feature! Allow us to allow you to take a peak into Girl Skateboards, via The Girl Skateboard Company's Open House Number 7 that took place last Tuesday. The Obama thing wasn't the only historical event that day. The contest, the burgers, the celebrity sightings. It's all in there. We'll be posting the Second Annual Lunch with The Gav later.


This week's Guest Front Page Poster is Ben Colen, a walking and talking Girl HQ Point of Interest.

Don't really have much today except a question for Carroll concerning some dude's uncle, and this. Wonder if the cats are straight edge too.

Q & A Section
From Kenji,
Q: Carroll, back in your H-street video days do you remember an Asian guy on the team named Darren that supposedly taught you how to do a 50-50 grind down a hand rail.  If so, that was my uncle, and I just need your confirmation on this to see if it is true or not.
A: Darren Kimura? He definitely did teach me how to grind a rail for the first time. The 50/50 was at SF State and is in Shackle Me Not. He told me to think like I was ollieing into a ramp. Tell him I said what up.--Carroll

Send your questions here.

"The cheek bones are back."--The Gav


Clip of the Day. Today's clip is a celebration of over 15 years of working (and playing) with Rickk. The following facial expression can be applied to any question you might have asked Rickk in the last decade in a half.

He's on!

Q & A Section
From Joshua Steimle,
Q: After watching the documentary on what it's like to work with Carroll for 15 years, I have to ask--how exactly does Mike define the difference between "pissed off" and "upset?"
A: I don't. It's not supposed to look good on paper. But if it were to look good. Pissed off is very temporary and upset is a little more long term. Aiiight.--Carroll

Send your questions here.

In a bit of insanity, just a moment ago, I couldn't remember if there were one or two "L"s in Carroll. Very frightening.


Clip of the Day. This is only 45 seconds of a very heated finals at the Third Annual Shop Sponsored Invitational that took place last Tuesday at the Girl Open House. Full video next week

Carroll's Blackberry Buttas #4
. Bam, it looks like Mike Mo is stilling your move.

Matt Willigan sent us this lesson on the nuances of advertisement placement..


"For some reason every time I watch that 15 years with Carroll thing my day gets better."--Jerry Hsu


Clip of the Day. Kenny at Pedro. And just a reminder, clip of the day don't come easy. There're repercussions.

Our Resident Wiz, Ben Colen served up a little gallery from Tuesday's Open House.

Mini Top 5
Ben Colen's Top 5 iChat icons

Pops comes on over in episode four.

New season of Crib launched with an episode of Shecks' pad. And guess what? We made it to the master bedroom. Sick!

Jenkins talks the history of Wallride with Bob K.

Q & A Section
From Robley McDonnell,
Q: Why, in the skate 2 demo, is Koston such a dick about everything? I feel like there's some virtual animosity between him and fake me. It's nothing but calling me a jackass and ordering me out of the way. No words of encouragement, or "welcome back to open society" or anything. No offers of help to in finding me an apartment or ways to smooth talk my virtual parole officer. Is it because of him/me being an ex-con? If so, does he not know the importance of someone repaying their debt to society through the penal system? Five years is no easy stretch.
A: Virtual animosity? That's like a day in the life with me. You just spent five years in prison and you can't handle a little name-calling? Here's some words of encouragement, "At least you're not getting your salad tossed anymore!" You gotta be a little more thick-skinned if your going to handle life on the outside, you jackass!.--Koston

Send your questions here.

"Oh, it's two front shove its."--Hershel about a 360 shove it

"Don't put that in your column, I don't want to get kicked off."--Rickk


Clip of the Day. Today's clip is a celebration of over 15 years of working (and playing) with Carroll. A little peak into how it usually goes down.

Yesterday was our annual Open House. We had the contest, goats, Lunch with The Gav, the whole bit. EA and Mueller shot a slideshow of the event. Video and a Ben Colen's gallery coming soon.

It's not everyday that you get to hit the slopes with the legends, that is, of course, unless you're The Cheeks.

If you've already burnt your adolescence on Heavy Metal music, then whats another five minutes burnt here.

The Skateboard Mag and Damn Am are hosting the Am Awards tomorrow night at ASR. Open to the public.

Q & A Section
From James,
Q: McCrank, how do we can our hands on those fresh shop shirts of yours? They've been sold out on the site for years.
A: Honestly the best way to get a shirt is to come to the shop, we make small runs at random times. We've just moved our shop into a new location one block away from our old shop so with some new stoke I think we may have some new things in store for you. Keep an eye on our site.--Rick McCrank

Send your questions here.

"As drunk as I've gotten, I've never pissed the bed or shit my pants. And I'd like to keep it that way."--Ben Colen


Well it's been almost 10 years but our guy Spike asked the Girl camp to dust off our extras-in-a-hip-hop-video-bones and come help fill up the crowd for a Kanye West short film. We got photos to prove it.


Koston is playing Donovan Strain later today for the semi finals of The Battle at the Berrics. To properly warm him up we set up game fro him this morning at Crail HQ with one of our fiercest flatgrounders, Sam Smyth.

And here's how our winner's bracket is shaping up.


Rickk has a photo gallery from the Zumiez thing up in the mountains. The air is thin up there.

Rickk has had a VHS copy of Army of Darkness on desk for, I don't, about two years now. Just thought we'd point that out.

The sports site has a Malto story and video.

, I always thought Chris Peacemaker (far right) looked like The Gonz.

Brad Tribbeck, begs to differ. He thinks Nick Diamond is much more Joe Pesci.

Australia's Slam Magazine has a Poll for Australia's Skater of the Year. If you want to put $5,000 in Brophy's pocket tick his name.

Q & A Section
From John Ficenec,
Q: What ever happened to this?
A: We hit a little rough patch with our kids program but we're getting it back on track for SM/FA 09. A few Manchester Select and MJ2 Select color ways from that line will be available in kid's 1-5.--Kelly Bird

Send your questions here.

"I don't have a blog to talk shit about you."--Spike to the Ringer


New Poll. We no how we're spending ours, but shit man, how are you spending your New Year?

Clip of the Day. The Beast stopped by on Friday and Peabody (on loan from P-Stone), Gerwer and John Alden cruised out back for minute.

After watching yesterday's Clip of the Day, careful observer, Mike Kijewski, points out the uncanny resemblance between Nick Diamond and Steve Zissou.

Despite tough economic times, even the homeless are achieving Wizard Status, that, or they're cleaning up the refuse of those who have. Either way, something be said about the American spirit we suppose. Photo courtesy of Sean Mackey.

Q & A Section
From Graham,
Q: In honor of the Modus issue of Epicly, can some head PLEASE tell me what the last tune in the video is called? It's electronica, so I'm thinking if (when) I get an answer it will come from Mr Ty Evans, esq.
A: Look right here.--Ty

From Atley Tonnellier,
Q: What's the name of the band in Vincents Alvarez's part on the Chocolate site?
A: That would be Diamond Head's "Am I Evil?"--Aaron

Send your questions here.


This week's Guest Front Page Poster is the Girl Headquarters Points of Interest. Bear with the lengthy captions Ringer.

Clip of the Day. Mo stopped by Girl Friday. As did a street wear icon.

If you're a young lady and are in the Denver area tonight and your scarf goes missing, it's Carroll...or Hyphy.

Carroll's Black Berry Buttas #3.
What De Niro was to Scorsese, Olson continues to be for Carroll. Here they team up for an extravagant exit.

From Tap friend Blake Reimers, "Looks like Mike Mo has some competition."

Q & A Section
From Rick Rendon,
Q: Why not show us some pictures or Carroll's Black Berry Buttas of Carroll's dog. These "Bret Michaels" outfits sound amazing.


From Blake,
Q: I'm sure it's already been covered in the archives, but what were some other names for Chocolate that were on the table before the decision was made?
A: Sister and Love were the only ones I remember.--Rickk

Send your questions here.


We're a pleased (but not as pleased as our email inbox) to announce the winners of The Final Flare Outtakes Outtakes Edit Contest. As mentioned before we have a first place (winning a Final Flare Boxset and a pair of shoes) and two runner ups (winning a pair of sneaks each). The judging criteria was based on editing precision, comedic effect, originality, and overall tightness. So with that said lets get into the winners, which brings us to our first non-winner, Matt Harring. Entered his submission which we think hands down would have taken it, but Matt who works in the skate film world already declined to accept the prize. Nevertheless here is his:

Phantom Winner: Matt Harring

Third Runner Up: David Jojola
from Albuquerque, New Mex shows you what happens when you fuck a stranger in the ass Larry!

Second Runner Up: Tristan Badoual from Vincennes France and his checkered obstacles.

The Real Winner: Cosme of Ourense, Spain and his rotoscope animation.

Thanks to everyone who entered, you guys went all out.

Carroll's Black Berry Buttas #2. Alex Olson
continues to be the muse for Carroll dialup directorials. Here he is with a bare-chested mono ski grinder. That's tuff.

Friend of the company and brother of Spike, Sam Spiegel and his musical act NASA has new single out featuring David Bryne and Chuck D and an album coming out later this month. Sam was a heavy contributor to the Yeah Right soundtrack. So if you liked that or if you like Karen O, Tom Waits, ODB, Kool Keith, and Ghostface then this is the record for you.

Q & A Section
From Dank Van Nugglisson,
Q: Hey Guy, your return to the world of professional skateboarding has seemed a bit fairy tale-like. Of course it is awesome that you were able to make a come back, clean up, put together a very well-received part, and revive your enthusiasm for skateboarding, but while making such a big lifestyle change did you have to end some good relationships and leave behind positive parts of your life in order to pursue a skateboarding lifestyle once again?
A: Yeah, I did end some good relationships and it wasn't because of them, I just needed time to work on myself. In God's time I hope to have everyone back in my life. I didn't talk to Gabriel Rodriguez for 3 years. Fate has brought us back together recently an we are tighter than ever. As far as lifestyle changes, I really enjoyed going out at night to bars, clubs, and parties. It's just not the best place for me now. I'm a little more comfortable in my recovery so once in a while I go out. I went to a bar with Caroll an Biebel the other night while they had some drinks an we all had a good time. A good day for me is the going to the Berrics, go home and watch T.V. with my lady .--Guy

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Clip of the Day. Remember the Raging Waters line in Vincent's video part? Well, here's a behind the scenes clip of it. That's young Olson filming, and by the looks of how fast he's going, he must have thought that Marry Kate was at the bottom of that slide.

The Final Flare Outtakes Outtakes Edit Contest
(read the post from 12/2/08 for details). David Byrd could have won bought he has the same last name as Lakai's Brand Manager and we just don't need that kind of controversy. Kidding David. You're off by one letter. Here's a considered entry

Send your entries here and don't forget your address. Shit, may as well throw in your shoe size while you're at it. Well, if you're feeling confident.

Poppa Large
, VBS episode two.

Mini Top 5
Alex Olson's Top 5 things about owning his own whip
1. Go anywhere you want
2. Getting all right at skating again
3. Talk radio for my schooling
4. Not having to wait on somebody to leave a spot
5. Easier to get a DUI now

And now remember Alex, no texting while driving.

The Denver Shop is hosting some serious instore action next Monday.

Q & A Section
From John,
Q: Carroll, how come you got rid of the iPhone?
A: Because I can't BBM (Blackberry Messenger) photos back and forth with Jerry Hsu and NeckFace with the iPhone.--Carroll

From Debra Dawes,
Q: Hey Sam, how old were you when this picture was taken?
A: I'm going to guess about 19. That's Lil Nick and I at Union Square. Our drank of choice at that time we E&J with a soda back. Embarco was a wrap, I had a job I didn't give a fuck about, pretty sure I was slightly depressed. Might still be there had it not been for good friends. Thanks guys.--Smyth

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The Final Flare Outtakes Outtakes Edit Contest (read the post from 12/2/08 for details). Dan Peindl can't leave the remote down. Friday we call it.

Send your entries here and don't forget your address. Shit, may as well throw in your shoe size while you're at it. Well, if you're feeling confident.

Mini Top 5
Top 5 things Rudy Johnson is already trippin' on in '09
1. How much more I weigh
2. How being inactive is actually relaxing
3. How much more my hand stays numb in the morning
4. How much louder it's going to be at my house this year
5. I might not pull of a tre flip every time I skate, like I did last year

A bazooka, a sex doll, a shot to the chest, and lengthy handstand. What's not to like?

Q & A Section
From Francisco Guzman,
Q: Ty, I was wondering how do you keep track of all the footy you film. I was watching the Lakai episodes on Epicly Later'd, and you literally have drawers full of tapes! And I thought I had a lot of footy when I barely have a shoebox full of tapes. What's your technique man?
A: I did it caveman style. I numbered the tapes and wrote down the info and timecode in a logbook. Logging 1344 tapes is not fun. Switching to HD is way better because your logging info and meta data are in the computer. Terabytes of data are the modern day logging books. Just remember to back your stuff up because I've had hella drives fail. When I first started editing Yeah Right! I had all the footage digitized in the computer (400+ tapes), McCrank's part, the intro, and the invisible boards edited, and my drive went bad and I lost everything and didn't have any of it backed up. Two months of work down the drain. Then the same thing happened on Fully Flared two times, but I had it backed up. Then the same damn thing happened editing FInal Flare. Back dat ass up!.--Ty

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Visit your local skate shop this week to watch this and this. They're being bundled in with this.

The Final Flare Outtakes Outtakes Edit Contest (read the post from 12/2/08 for details). The entries are heating up. Here's a toasty one from Liam Teague from the UK.

Send your entries here and don't forget your address. Shit, may as well throw in your shoe size while you're at it. Well, if you're feeling confident.

Mini Top 5
Brad Staba's Top 5 warning for people interested in getting their first tat
1. Let your friends get all the shitty ones first
2. Don't let your buddy who bought a tattoo kit while blacked out off the internet tattoo a Ninja Turtle on your wrist
3. Lets just get the lower back one out of the way
4. Since the Red Hot Chilli Peppers died out, tribal has been at an all time low. But be afraid because there's plenty of tribal art on the walls of every tattoo parlor for those dwelling dip shits who think it's cool
5. Booze will leave you with an uzi with a backwards trigger

Carroll doesn't have a new Carroll's Black Berry Buttas video for today, but we talked about it and I think he's pretty pumped on it. Right Mike?

Q & A Section
From Sam Cole,
Q: Staba, in "Duty Now For the Future", what is that hip spot that you kickflip on? Looks like snow almost.
A: That was on top of the Birkenstock factory in Marin County which is north of San Francisco. Where they make those shoes that make you want to gag yourself especially when worn with socks. Tobin Yelland filmed it after we shot a picture that ended up in Big Brother. I was on fire that day! Rest is history...just kidding.--Staba

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Our apologies for the gap in amazing content, but we were doing Christmas and New Years.

This week's Guest Front Page Poster Patrick O'Dell puts aside the the tremendous responsibility producing a wildly popular web show to pick out some photos for the Front Page.

The Final Flare Outtakes Outtakes Edit Contest (read the post from 12/2/08 for details). We'll announce the winner on Friday. Chris Loukides is in the running. It gets good around :55.

Send your entries here and don't forget your address.

Find the other Olson in this photo.

Carroll's Black Berry Buttas. This is a new feature we're hoping will really takeoff. Probably about as good as the Pros Are Just Like Us did. Carroll's got a new Black Berry that he's all jazzed about it. He's meant to send us a video when ever the muse strikes. Here's his first. Lets hope it's not his last. Young Olson in training.

Q & A Section
From Jesse Drummer,

A: Only one disc is on Blu Ray, but who gives a fuck, whatever.--Aaron

From Greg Pachell,
Q: Will there be a day when I am able to buy a copy of Chomp On This on DVD?
A: I need to get my ankle fixed. I can't even rocket flip! .--Ty

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Mike Santarossa, yes that Mike Santarossa, sent us a photo of Guy skating the Powell miniramp circa '88.


"I got a board again!"--The Gav to his wife


New Featured Feature. The third an final installment of the City Shoots for the Fourstar catalogs. This time it's SF.

The Final Flare Outtakes Outtakes Edit Contest
(read the post from 12/2/08 for details). Like we said yesterday, we'll be calling it in the new year so keep the entries coming. Here's one we like from Tristen Badoual and his Billy Jean approach:

Send your entries here and don't forget your address.

Clip of the Day
. P-Kid stopped by with Wes Kremer the other day. That boy good! He good.

Last night was our annual Christmas party. Here's some photos. Lot of scarf this year.

The other Mike Capaldi. At least they have the same tastse in pants. Thanks Zak DePiero.

Q & A Section
From Alex Furtado,
Q: I'm tired of seeing no Brad Staba! What the hell has he been doing? I know he started up Skate Mental, and if he's been filming, is it gunna be a 30 minute part cause of how much he saved? What video does he plan on putting his footy in?! I wanna grab two of them shits.
A: I do tons of stuff everyday and skateboarding is involved in my routine. You'll be seeing me more in the new year. I just took the role of running a business, which is something new to me and exciting. Like when I did my first pressure flip or when I got a massage then a 45-year-old Asian lady comes in and gives me a handjob. I think I just got burned out on video cameras. Just the look of them and that red button that could be so many other colors but always ends up red. I have a shitload of footage from the years of not having video parts. And you know what? I'm not going to release it. Fuck it. I don't give two shits. But here's the catch. I like video cameras now and plan to film a new video part starting January, for those who give a shit. I will use the footage for a Skate Mental video I'm making in June titled "GLEN". And I'm going to tell you right now it's going to be a damn good part. You'll see plenty of big four sets, flip out of shit, I'll do some of those new moves where you do a nose wheelie then switch it to some other wheelie then nollie flip out. I'm going to do that. Handrails fucking galore!!! Shit blowing up all over the place. All filmed on a ladder by my mom in slow-mo. Youtube me in June. Thanks for caring about me. Perfect timing with the holiday season and all.--Staba

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See you in the new year.


This week's Guest Front Page Poster is still young Olson. With the Holliday break approaching we thought it'd be unfair to the next poster, in this case Mr Odell. He'll kickoff the new year.

The Final Flare Outtakes Outtakes Edit Contest (read the post from 12/2/08 for details). We're gonna push back the deadline until the new year, partly because you guys might need more time for your edits and mostly because we didn't bother to look at a calendar when we said this Wednesday which is Christmas Eve and we won't even be here. So get them in by January fifth. Here're two contenders the serious Ricky Glaser:

And the un serious Thomas Niederhiser, he may not have the after effects chops but he more than makes up for it with his humor.

Send your entries here and don't forget your address.

Clip of the Day
. Alex demonstrates what life could soon one day be like in this highly litigious society of ours.

Happy belated birthday Tyler. From all of us at Crailtap...and Cracker Barrel.

Q & A Section
From Joseph Jurewicz,
Q: How come whenever some one lands something in slo-mo in a video, you hear a cow moo afterward?
A: We have Mr. Stacy Peralta to thank for that.--Aaron

From JesseBoz,
Q: Rick McCrank used to skate for Cherry Bombs, has he ever popped his "I'm drunk" cherry, or is he straight edge for life? And how can we, the people who don't have cable, get a copy of Harvey Spannos?
A: No I've never popped my "I'm drunk" cherry, I've never even sipped the stuff. I think I'm at the age where it's best to not start that sort of habit. I did eat some fresh cherries off the tree this summer though. Sorry, if you don't have cable you can't see Harvey Spannos, it only airs on Fuel TV. We made another film this past year, it's being edited right now. No more acting for me, I'm just gonna act like a skater again.--McCrank

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The Final Flare Outtakes Outtakes Edit Contest (read the post from 12/2/08 for details). Two things. All future entries need to upload their entries on Youtube. I destroyed our server today trying to download all your emails. SO YOUTUBE POSTS ONLY, PLEASE! And secondly, you guys are kind of playing it safe. We're not really looking for a straightforward edit. Please feel free to go off. Add graphics, add in funny clips, cut up the lines, throw in ODB, etc. Send your entries here and don't forget your address.
Entry one comes from Jordan Johnson. Bass for ya face! Winner announced next Wednesday.

Looks like Deebo Deebo'd a Diamond shirt.

Carroll's new list of sponsors, according to this always creditable source.

Ben's not really good enough to have his own video part but if he did it'd probably look like this, but with a little more skating in it. Thanks Royce.

Q & A Section
From Will Good,
Q: Alex, what camera did you use for the photos on the front page?
A: Contax T3.--Alex Olson

From Lord Quas,
Q: In "Harsh Euro Barge", what drinks were served on the tugboat on the way to the demo where Carroll starts annihilating the rail in the rain?
A: Kind of tasted like Jagar, but was clear. And it had something in it on a toothpick. Looked like beef jerky, might have been a fig.--Smyth

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Alex Olson drove here in his very own car. He's all growns up. Insert tears splashing on the keyboard here.


"Sometimes I hate Staba because he comes up with all these good ideas before I do."--Hershel

"I'm like Carroll's dad know, you know that?"--Alex Olson


Clip of the Day. When your company throws a killer Open House in lew of going to ASR and needs an image for a flier for said Open House, do you just call up Ken Anderson and tell him you need a bs sugarcane in the next 30 minutes? Because we do.


This Rickk clip is the final outtake of The Final Flare Outtakes Outtakes Edit Contest (read the post from 12/2/08 for details). So here's where you come in. Take all the clips posted since 12/208 and do your own edit. Add or subtract as much as you like. Make it funny or make it serious. The winner gets the Final Flare Three Disc Boxset and a pair of the Lakais of their choice from the current season. Two runner-ups get a pair of shoes of their choice from the current season. Send your videos here by Tuesday the 23rd with this compression setting.

(right click to save)

Tacky World too has a Final Flare giveaway.

Tapper Billy sends in some good news for Carroll.

This isn't the first CrailTat we've gotten but it is the first with needle and China ink. From prison? Nah, Paris. Thanks Olivier Bemer.

Q & A Section
From Matt Kime,
Q: On the topic of MJ's trick dedications. As soon as I saw the footage shot in the rain I instantly thought of Pat Duffy in Questionable. Am I the only one who picked up on this. I was kind of expecting it to have come up already?
A: Marc can control a lot of things, but I don't think the rains one of least not yet.--Aaron

From Hayden Rensch,
Q: Atiba, I noticed in the Koston Epicly Laterd part 2 you are wearing a Cro-Mags shirt. I was wondering Age of Quarrel or Alpha Omega?
A: I know John Joseph coming back to the band for Alpha Omega is a key part, and is the reason why I should like it, but the metal sound of the Cro-Mags never did it for me. The Age of Quarrel is one the best hardcore record's of all time and that's the way I know them, as a hardcore band. So I'm gonna have to go with The Age of Quarrel. I saw the Cro Mags Jam Band which has John Joseph and Mackie and it was amazing. They pretty much only played The Age of Quarrel so I think we are all on the same page.--Atiba

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Lakai's Final Flare is out now! And we say now we mean...tomorrow.

The Final Flare Outtakes Outtakes Edit Contest
(read the post from 12/2/08 for details). Back Alley Brady.

(right click to save)

stressing to the point of laser beams shooting out of his mouth looks even funnier in ink and paper animation.

Q & A Section
From Andreas Risby,
Q: The mystery surrounding what tricks in MJ's Lakai part are references to other skaters is just too good to let go. For my own peace of mind; am I right to assume that the fs five-o to fs noseslide up the ledge is for Henry Sanchez and the 360 flip bs five-o grind on the bank is for Danny Way?
A: There's a fakie 5-0 pop out to noseslide in there for Henry. He did that trick way back in the day and I always thought it was awesome. The front board pop around to noseblunt slide is a trick Danny did in 1991 or something. It's in Questionable. Those are two things I was always psyched on and wanted to try.--MJ

From Jordan Sihavong,
Q: This Question is for Sean Malto, I've always wondered what your nationality is! I have no clue on what you are. I always thought you were like part Russian and like part Asian or something.
A: I'm half Filipino from my dad's side and the other half is split up between Irish, German, and a little bit of Indian from my mom's side. Sorry dude, no Russian.--Malto

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"You think I don't have thousands of scarves at my house?"--Carroll to Lee when he doubted his scarf wearing ability

"Like I'm kicking anything into bed."--Ben Colen


The Final Flare Outtakes Outtakes Edit Contest (read the post from 12/2/08 for details). When Carroll wasn't raving he was at 7th Street doing them Fully Flared tricks on the bank to bench. Deadline announced soon. Final Flare in stores next week...I think.

(right click to save)

Lakai vs Big Mac. This is wrong on so many levels. Here're just a few reasons why. Waste of a good burger. Waste of a good pair of Worthy's from the early oughts. Shot on the side of the freeway. The "Illmatic" print on the pant cuff (actually, that's pretty rad). The hankering suspicion that this is some kind of a sexual fetish. But this one's even kinkier...I mean better! Thanks Chase.

at the big sports site.

Q & A Section
From George,
Q: Carroll, what are the chances of you bleaching your hair again?
A: If I get desperate for Halloween costume and use the same idea as the last time I bleached my hair.--Carroll

From Seb Carayol,
Q: Carroll*, having followed the whole thing from afar I remember I was always kind of entertained (possibly aroused) by the few Hurricane Helen stories that filtered their way to France in their time. Anyway after the third VBS Carroll episode I did my research, and this is what I came up with. Is it the same person? Just curious. Really.
A: I'll just say it is her, so you can put a face to the name. That isn't her though.--Carroll

*I know this is kind of a hot shit week for Carroll but you're allowed to ask the other guys questions too.

Send your questions here.

"I need to grow up."--Hershel after not being able to tie a tie


The Final Flare Outtakes Outtakes Edit Contest (read the post from 12/2/08 for details). It wasn't just lines that weren't making the final cut. Single tricks were getting dropped to the editing room floor too. Find a good home for Guy's switch frontside big in your Outtakes Edit. We'll have a deadline for you soon.

(right click to save)

, I'd say don't let your mom watch this episode but after that last episode I guess that's not really an issue.

Jake sorts thru the rich history of the Crail.

showing his support for #5. Probably jinxed the game, though.

Q & A Section
From Matt Brennan,
Q: Brad, when is the wizard status site going to be all the way done?
A: It's going to be done shortly after this next Wallride catalog is finished. Our web guy is booked solid. We're hoping to get it up before Urban Outfitters gets theirs done.--Staba

From Peter Amerkhanian,
Q: Why does Mike Mo get to keep wearing Mariano 1's while the rest of us have move on?
A: I'm lucky! I think they are trying to get me to skate something else, cause they keep having to make samples for me. It's obviously the best shoe on Lakai. You kids should email Lakai and tell them to put a reissue out. They won't listen to me!--Mike Mo

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"I grew up on pop tarts, micro-magic, cheese whiz, bologna roll ups, and anything that can be deep fried."--Brad Staba

"What happened to the Girl ads that weren't skate ads?"--Alex Olson


The Final Flare Outtakes Outtakes Edit Contest (read the post from 12/2/08 for details). With over twenty minutes of unused footage on the Box Set it's a little head scratching that this line of Guy would be an outtake of both Fully Flared and The Final Flare Unused Edit. But it is. Now it's at your discretion.

(right click to save)

Clip of the Day
. Reese on a big ollie and beefed up slappy.

Burnett concocted a round two of the Not Nick Diamond posting from yesterday. Anything with a photo and hella arrows and Burnett's on it!

, close personal friend of The Gutts. And we got the NY Times to back it up.

Do you think if they would have went with "Crack is Crap!" instead of "Crack is Whack!" there would have been less crackheads in the '80s? Something to think about.

Q & A Section
From Leland,
Q: My first question is what the fuck is Carroll wearing in Beauty and the Beast? I'm talking about that hoodie that's only the hood and sleeves. Can I buy that anywhere or will I have to make it.
A: It's a hoodie scarf. I got it from a store called "Ports 1961." I think either Fourstar or Girl is making one though. It'll be called the T-Moe scarf.--Carroll

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Happy Birthday Jenkins!

Congratulations Gavs!

"A good company makes for great company!"--Hershel

"It's time to just embrace it...I'm a great guy."--Brad Staba


Yesterday we forgot to congratulate Smyth on his wedding to his lovely bride Diana. The two made it official in Carroll's own backyard with Rev. Brad Staba (for real) presiding over the nuptials. A beautiful day for all.

The Final Flare Outtakes Outtakes Edit Contest (read the post from 12/2/08 for details). Koston up on them sculptures. Remember to save these clips so you can create your own edit. You'd do well to impress us. Winners gets Final Flare Box Set and pair of Lakais. Two runner-ups get a pair of shoes.

(right click to save)

Here's a bonus clip of Eric for the contest. A quivering lip.

(right click to save)

Larson may not work here anymore but that doesn't stop him from such heavy contributions as Not Nick Diamond.

Hershel, I just heard that The Roots are going to be the house band for Jimmy Fallon when he replaces Conan. They're from Philly just like you, right? You should be stoked.

Q & A Section
From Isaac Contreras,
Q: Jesus, whatever happened to your brother Alfonso? I remember watching your shared part with him in the L.A. County video, his style was clean. Is he still in the game?
A: Yeah he still skate sometimes, but he's not riding for any company. He is living in Madrid with my younger brother, and now he does art and stuff like this. It would be cool if he started to do graphics for a shoe or board company. He's also really in to fixed gear bikes, and just bought a new one. I understand why he likes it, cause before we started skating, when we were 11 and ten years old, we used to bike with our father. But I still think he should spend more time skating, cause he still skates really good.--Jesus

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"Staba had De La Hoya for $50 in DVS sandals and I had Pacquiao for a guest board on Skate Mental and he backed on me!"--The Gav


He may have only gotten #28 in Elle Girl's "Hottest Dudes in LA" but Alex Olson is #1 for this week's Guest Front Page Poster. I think if the editor's of said magazine had seen Alex's sensitive photos he would have beat Jared Leto for sure. Yeah AO!

The Final Flare Outtakes Outtakes Edit Contest (read the post from 12/2/08 for details). We're looking forward to seeing your guys' edits. Here's a rolling French Fred of Scott for ya. Final Flare out really soon.

(right click to save)

Flatground at it's finest. Mike Mo vs. Furby at The Berrics.

48 Blocks has a good one with MJ.

The Onion finally cracks the code on the origin of Matt Schnurr's favorite Clan! it's an important read.

Q & A Section
From Gabe Robert,
Q: Marc Johnson said in his Thrasher interview that he dedicated certain tricks in his part to people who have influenced him in skateboarding (or something like that). The dark slide down the handrail is an obvious nod to Gonz, but I can't really figure out what other tricks he's referring to. Is his late shove it over the handrail a tribute to Sheffey? The 540 bigspin shove-it for Rodney? Just wondering.
A: Yes, the darkslide is something I was always stoked on in Mark's part. Imagine seeing that for the first time in 1991. It was beyond comprehension. The other two tricks you refer to weren't for anyone else. There's a Danny Way trick in there, a Henry Sanchez trick in there, a Guy Mariano trick in there, and one for Julien Stranger. My ender ender ender is a trick Daewon did about seven years ago. Those guys are the real deal, and I've always been inspired by what they do.--MJ

From Matt Kime,
Q: In Wallride, why aren't artists credited for the graphics they produce?
A: I guess the bottom line is, the board belongs to the pro rider, not the designer/artist. The pro skaters gets the board for the serious blood, sweat and bruises he puts into getting one in the first place. The artist just gets a little ink on his hands, or, at worst, a paper cut. But down the line artists are usually credited. If the board graphic is worthy of being remembered.--Andy Jenkins

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The Final Flare Outtakes Outtakes Edit Contest (read the post from 12/2/08 for details). Young Olson line at the Hernandez spot.

(right click to save)

Skate Metnal is hooking up Nugget from Mag Minute fame. Welcome to the team Nugs!

Robbie Russo stopped by the office yesterday to show off some burn scars he got from a Chimineria that fell on top of him. Robbie's medical plan? Go to class the next day and ask the school nurse to wrap it up.

Q & A Section
From Tron Diesel,
Q: After seeing the front page pic of Robbie McKinley, I re-wondered whatever happened to him. I heard people say that he went back to college to study design or something. Others said he quit skateboarding to become a full-time golfer. Where is he now?
A: Wow, full time golfer, I wish. Let's see here, yes I did go back to school for design, just graduated a few months ago and am currently working full-time as a designer for FOX Interactive Media. Other than that I started a small business with my buddy Kevin called SK8 DICE, I go for the occasional golf mission, skating and a bit of surfing. Harsh Euro Barge was one of best experiences of my life for sure. Being on Girl was one of the best experiences of my life and I hope everyone at Girl knows how much I appreciate what they've done for me.--Robbie

From John Van De Maele,
Q: Do you know those headphones everybody was rocking during the Harsh Barge era? What kind were they?
A: Sony Eggo's. Carroll use to skate with them on and tune his friends out.--Rickk

Send your questions here.

"Hey would it be weird if I asked Peter O'Dell for an Epicly Later'd right now? Just a three parter."--The Gav

"I'll be there in two seconds. Let me wipe my ass."--Feds


The Final Flare Outtakes Outtakes Edit Contest (read the post from 12/2/08 for details). Mike Mo up on that ledge in China, for your personality needs.

(right click to save)

Clip of the Day. Koston in 60 frames on the Fourstar North of Everything tour

Even a broken home didn't prevent Mike from growing into his nose nicely.

In other Epic and Late news the Season One DVD set is now for sale here at Girl.

Donny Miller's Big Three Bake Sale.

Javier Nunez is dope!


Q & A Section
From 1985,
Q: Who did the line with the nollie, 3 flip, back nosegrind, and nollie back heel at Pier 7 during Ben's part in Mouse?
A: Marcus McBride.--Aaron

Send your questions here.

"Get me a beret."--The Ringer responding to an email about picking up art supplies


New Poll! Which one of Mike Carroll's overlooked brilliant ideas was most brilliant?

The Final Flare Outtakes Outtakes Edit Contest (read yesterday's post for details) has got your second clip for you. Royal Fam member Nick Jensen goes switch on the streets.

(right click to save)

Clip of the Day. Malto in 60 frames on the Fourstar North of Everything tour.

Sneeze Mag's Noah Johnson sent us this link to Max's spread in their rag with the Thrash men got him over here. And, as always, plenty of all things Maxwell here.

Q & A Section
From Harry,
Q: Carroll, I heard that back in the day you used to collect your boogers by sticking them on the back of your door in your room. Is there truth to this?
A: This is very true. But I did not discriminate on their placement. I put them everywhere from behind a door to dining and living room walls. I thought it was normal cuz nobody ever said anything for years.--Carroll

Send your questions here.

"Everyone of Mike's ideas are good."--Ben Colen

"Taxes aren't so certain."--Lee Smith about the saying, "The only things certain in life are death and taxes"


New Contest. The Final Flare Outtakes Outtakes Edit Contest. We still have leftovers from the leftovers and we don't want them to go to waste. And we're not talking turkey and stuffin' here, we're talking clips from Fully Flared. So each day, (until Dec. 19) we're gonna post an outtake that didn't get used from the Final Flare Unused Footage edit (there was that much stuff!). We then want you guys to do an edit with the clips. Do whatever you want with them. Add shit. Subtract shit. Do something lame to the sound. Get weird! Or don't get weird. Up to you. We're gonna have a Grand Prize (Final Flare Box Set and pair of shoes) and two runners up (pair of shoes). You can right click the clips to save them. More details to come. Here's your first: MJ in OZ.

(right click to save)

From Tapper Casey Morrissey, "Grab a slurpie and a new board at 7-11. Welcome to Silverlake."

Carroll is reporting that the Biebel wall is growing.

Q & A Section
From Joshua Stemimle,
Q: I'm in the market for a new deck, and at this time of year I like to think of others and what I can do to make them happy. So I was wondering if there's any pro on the Girl/Chocolate teams who is feeling a little down and needs a little encouragement. I figure I'll go buy their deck and maybe that one extra sale will be enough to tip them over into positive territory. I know it's a small contribution, but I want to do what I can. Kind of like that story about the kid throwing beached seastars back in the ocean, you know?
A: What team? This is all about me. I need your pick-me-up.Take your Christmas bonus and put it all on the goat, the Carroll Old Goat that is. Some of my better early work, and Mike can always use a little extra holiday cheer.--Hershel

Send your questions here.

We've discovered that the mystery photographer for this Week's Front Page Postings is Michael Paul from Vienna. Thanks to Markus for letting us know.

"Dude, I'm eating salads, now."--Smyth on the phone


This week's Guest Front Page Photo are taken from the Harsh Euro Barge tour by a photographer from Vienna whose name I lost. Thanks photographer from Vienna whose name I lost!

Brandon has reported that Carroll is showing his full support for the Biebel Jersey.

The Awful Truth. From Kenin McHugh.

Q & A Section
From Shannon,
Q: Can you please tell me who performed the track on the Mapquest outtakes video.
A: "Cutting Room Floor" by Sunday Runners.--Roger Bagley

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Still probably one of the funniest things ever. Hung out with him yesterday.

Plus Skate Shop has a large quantity of Malto goods to give away. Scroll down on the right.


"I drink at night."--Alex to a waiter offering him a Bloody Mary


New Poll! What's the best thing about Turkey day?

Clip of the Day. As Roger Bagley gets closer to finishing up the fuller A Tribe Called Mapquest Tour video he was kind enough to share these demo outtakes. Wonder what the intakes look like?

Mini Top 5
Greg Hunt's Top 5 things about living at Mike and Greg Carroll's house, back in '91
1. Arriving one night to an empty house and sleeping outside
2. Dinner with Mike and Greg's mom. It was just me and her. She told me how much Mike loves Kraft Mac and Cheese
3. Watching the Hurricane Helen home video with a group of 15 dudes
4. Rickk saying, "Hey, I heard you're a tweaker."
5. Rickk asking, "Are you staying here again just tonight or for another two weeks?"

If Rob Rickaby isn't/wasn't the coolest guy at his high school, than shit man, who is/was?!

Q & A Section
From Nick Weber,
Q: Tyler, what was the "Next Invasion" tour like. My friend has the video and we watch it often, laughing at how epic it is. I was amazed at how bratty all the kids seemed, you didn't seem to get too far into the tomfoolery yourself though.
A: Dude it was kinda weird. I think it was my first tour so I was super quiet. I didn't know anyone on that trip, so it was kinda awkward for me. And I'm not really into actin' a fool, I'm a pretty mellow dude.--Tyler Bledsoe

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"In my head I'd love to be a star Onion writer, but I know I just don't have it."--Ben Colen


Here's some outtakes from the Pink Motel session we did a while back. Remember? This one.

Mike Mo
got over a million profile views on MySpace. Quite an achievement for a boy his age.

Mini Top 5
Brad Staba's Top 5 things about judging Active Am with The Gav
1. His neck was sore so he couldn't really turn his head to talk. So I didn't have to see his face much
2. He got the Redbull girls to give me a massage
3. We talked about golf
4. A lot of talk about investments and margins, the economy, you know, grown up stuff
5. He told me that if I shave my pubes I can get three extra inches

BA has an interview here.

Q & A Section
From Adam Abbas,
Q: If Gino only has two tricks in Mouse, who does the front nose down the rail in his and Keenan's section?
A: That's actually Keenan. A lot of people have been confused about that for some reason.--Aaron

Send your questions here.

"Too bad I can't do more than two days in So-Cal without crying myself to sleep."--Staba


Sorry. You know how Monday's can be.


A double shot of Olson on the Epicly Later'd.

Chevy vs. Ford? Naw, dawg. Chevy vs. Lakai!

You can see from this scene why Mazes and Monsters is such an import piece of cinema for Ben. Talk about life imitating art.

Congratulations Silas!

"I'm going to judge an am contest, I'm pumped. Got my Xanax dose upped just for the occasion."--Staba


Clip of the Day. This was in the Krooked video. The Gold series or something.

There's two of 'em up there!

Max's place over here.

Ben Colen's not in today. He's at home drafting his yearly (since 1983) letter to Tom Hanks trying to convince him to reprise his roll in Mazes and Monsters. He really wants to know what happens after Tom's character enters the woods at the end. Shit, who doesn't?

Our boy Matt Milligan (not to be eternally confused with our other boy, Matt Willigan) is throwing this stellar event coming to the Bay Area.

"I'm funnier in person."--Colen


This is all I got.


THE SONG: Born Today, Theory in Motion
THE PLACE: The column next door
THE WORD: Happy Birthday Ringer!

This week's Guest Front Page Poster is Roger Bagley and his Mapquest Polaroids.

Clip of the Day. Street Pirate. Saints Jersey. Plywood bowl.

Today in Torrance!

Bringing shame to our great city? Shame on you!

Q & A Section
From Chris Gwinn,
Q: Mo, can you solve a Rubik's Cube (and how fast if you can) cause I saw a couple in the background of your Later'd, episode?
A: Haha, yeah I can solve the Rubik's Cube. My record was like 1:41. I was stoked on that. It's actually really easy once you learn it.--Mike Mo

From Jowens249,
Q: To MJ, what is Tilt Mode and how did it start?
A: Tiltmode is basically how you end up after drinking lots of booze. It's just the entire reckless and rowdy vibe of the night. This is exactly how it started: I went to Austria in 1999, and ended up at a bar somewhere with Billy Valdez. Yes, the Billy Valdez. Some random guy in the street walked past, and he looked exactly like the guy from the old V8 tomato juice commercials. He was tore up, shit hammered and walking all bent over sideways, and Billy says, "Damn, that dude looks like he been in a V8 commercial! He's up on Tilt!" And I'm pretty sure Billy actually yelled something along the lines of, "SET THAT SHIT ON TILT MODE, HOMIE!" So when I got back home, I referred to getting really drunk as 'setting it on tilt mode'. Simple as that. My roommates and I would just call it out: "Let's set it on Tilt tonight." So it pretty much came from our house at 10362 Tantau Ave. in Cupertino in 1999, with a phrase coined by Billy in Austria. Those were some damn good times.--MJ

Send your questions here.

"It's just another joke that we're not getting."--Colen

"Genius!"--The Gav about being able to order Domino's on Tivo


Clip of the Day. I had a talk with Malto about safe sex that I will never live down thanks to Tony Ferguson being within earshot of our conversation. Kickflip nosegrind on the Mapquest

Mini Top 5
Ben Colen's Top 5 things about being able to grow a full beard in about six hours
1. Never get carded
2. Leaves for lots of Halloween options (tech beard or mustache?)
3. Shave it off and I look like I'm 21 again
4. The wife hates it so I can simply shave to get on her good side
5. Shaving in Junior High gave me some bragging rights

Q & A Section
From Peter Amerkhanian,
Q: Mike Mo, which was weirder, getting Later'd, or being on Fuel TV?
A: Being on Fuel. When I was younger it was harder for me to do the camera interview thing, it still is. But I'm slowly getting better at it. I'm trying to improve son! And plus, if someone is behind the camera that I actually know, it's not as bad. The Fuel thing was people I've never met before. Made it awkward.--Mike Mo

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Friend of the Tap, Alex Klein, has been working studiously on his documentary, "God Went Surfing with the Devil." Get teased by the teasers.

"All my good material is getting wasted on these Minis."--Colen after asking when he's going to get an official Top 5

"Is that going to be the pet rock of this year?"--Colen

"For the New Era's!"--Justin Eldridge on why he showed up to Girl today

"You read it out loud. I'm not good at reading."--Mike Mo


Tapper Ian Farmer has a this important message for Rickk

Get Later'd with Mo. Man, to be a kid again!

Our very own Hershel wants to start a new board company called, "Son of a Pro Skater!" He's planning an in-house steal with Alex from Girl and is hoping to get Riley Hawk. It'll probably go over about as well as his Wear a Tie to Work on Fridays campaign, population: Hersh.

Jock shit.

Chico goes Bang! Bang! Bang! Over at Berska's.

Our friends at AH just posted a video of Mo, P-Kid, Le Body, and the Little Guy.

That 10 pixel by 12 pixel box above that looks like this is our somewhat new RSS feed button. Something to be excited about, if that's your thing.

"I'm putting tattoos on hold right now for some reason."--Rickk about tattoos for some reason


Clip of the Day. A blunt yank and a lippy. Brophy and BA from Mapquest.

Epicly Later'd Lakai episode 3. Sure you didn't Spike.

In depth Q & A with Ty to more than make up for our lack of Q & A Section today.

"Because he's on the $100 bill. Because he's all about the Benjamins"--Feds on why he learned about Benjamin Franklin in school in Italy


Clip of the Day. Who says a focused board means you gotta stop riding? Mike Mo.

Mini Top 5
Mark Lewman's Top 5 Girl product pitches rejected by Rickk
1. Guy Mariano angel hair pasta, and signature sauce
2. Crail Capes
3. Fourstar dog harnesses
4. Ruby Republic home pregnancy test
5. Handrail Hoodie ultra-padded sweatshirt

Q & A Section
From Sammy B,
Q: What was Eric Koston's placement in the Beauty and the Beast speed challenge, and if there's documentation, can you give me some video?
A: Well, seeing that I wasn't there I would say I got last place. Unfortunately I came on to the trip six days late because I had to go to my brother-in-law's graduation at the University of Hawaii. You know how it goes, family first. Wait till the 2nd annual Beauty and the Beast. I'm claiming top three.--Koston

Send your questions here.

"What's a VX 2000? Is that a real doll?"--Lewman


Clip of the Day. Too young to know Lotti, but Tyler Bledsoe knows big spins, to front blunt even.

Justin Goetz
answers the call to Ty's response in yesterday's Q & A Section. "Is this the photo Ty was talking about? It fits his description exactly, but I'm not seeing a cameraman." Here's right here Justin.

Mini Top 5
Smyth's Top 5 ways to blow it at Wizard's Council
1. Call it a Wizard Party
2. Come with a 12er
3. Tape an empty can to your staff
4. Call it a Wizard Stick
5. Pass out

Q & A Section
From Ryan,
Q: I was wondering how Rickk's IBS is nowadays?  He's made me keep a plastic bag in my car at all times. Also what was the wipe situation? Napkins? Kleenex?
A: It's still full force. That particular time was a no wipe ditch the boxers type deal.--Rick

From Karamazov,
Q: MJ, I was wondering if you still keep in touch with Chauncey Peppertooth. Is he still living up in San Jose?
A: Haven't heard from Chauncey in awhile. He and Tito LaRue sold off the beverage distribution business they had in Palo Alto, bought a fishing boat, and hit the high seas. I got a postcard from them a few years back. Something about spray-painting a donkey and charging 4 dollars for 'Zebra Rides'. Always the savvy businessmen.--MJ

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This week's Front Page Poster is Bryce Kanights and his Sick Boys era photos. DVD release this month. It's gonna be tight. Plenty of skinny Mic-E!

Clip of the Day. Koston warms up the scum line and then some in this outtake from the forthcoming Mapquest video.

Fourstar SF zine is up on their site where you'll find this quip from the Gonz, "San Francisco is like a retirement village for yung kids."

Mini Top 5
The Gav's Top 5 things about flying to LA each weekend when we was 16
1. Getting out of Phoenix
2. Having the opportunity to skate with the bro's, Guy, Rickk, Rudy, etc. can't beat that
3. Skating the beach curbs and pushing street skating to an extreme level!
4. Skipping school on Fridays
5. Raiding the World Industries warehouse and getting 5th generation copies of Heiroglyphics from Jovontae

File this in your What the F'?/F' Yeah! file.

If you were a pseudo hipster like Hershel and you designed this product and it ended up here, you'd probably send out a mass email too. And if you were on that recipient list and you wrote the Randoms you'd probably make some light fun of Hersh and post it here too.

Q & A Section
From Chris Gwinn,
Q: Ty, who was the skater that you filmed earlier in your career that got you to where you are today?
A: I remember going to the closing day at the Pipeline Skatepark in Upland. My friend brought his huge VHS camera with us, and I grabbed it the last hour or so and filmed the session in the combi pool. I was super pumped because I knew it was the last big final session, and I was documenting it. I remember some of the pros that were there that day were Chris Miller, Salba, Malba, Spidey, Grosso, and Lester. If you find the final TWS Upland article, you can see me filming in the background of a photo of Lester doing a frontside air in the square. When we got back home and watched the footage, I realized I was holding the camera wrong and shot everything turned 90 degrees/sideways. I guess I was already blowing it back then too. Grant, did u take that photo? Anyone got a scan of that photo of Lester from that article? I'm the kook in the background with the sideways camera!--Ty Evans

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"It's the only good bartending movie that ever was."--Hershel about "Cocktail"


Lakai part two on the VBS in on "radar."

will be on the Fuel's Daily Habit tonight at 9pm EST or 6pm PST. Not to be confused with EPT, the clear answer with results that you can trust.

Jamal Smith back up in this bitch. Thanks Kevin!

We forgot to show you Alex's Halloween Costume. Pretty remarkable, huh? Now if he can only put that same effort into shooting his next Girl ad.


Q & A Section
From Adam,
Q: Being in California, do you guys ever see the chicks from the Hills? If so tell 'em Adam said he wants his underpants back.
A: I've seen them only a couple of times out. I think I would say LC is the best looking out of that group in person.--Alex Olson

Send your questions here.


Clip of the Day. What's a Frenchman in Texas to do, but back Smith 180 and a little flatground. Bonjour Lucas.

It was epically late so it gets Epicly Later'd. Lakai episode one.

Q & A Section
From Jeremy Blackwell ,
Q: Nick Tershay, were you really better at skating than Mike Carroll at one point?
A: He might think so, but he has always been better than everyone.--Nick Tershay

Send your questions here.

Congratulations to Kenny Anderson and his wife Kristin on the birth of their twins. Yea Ken!

Ringer, your column looked strangely familiar yesterday.


Clip of the Day. BA with a little demo action from Mapquest.

Q & A Section
From Clif ,
Q: I saw a Toyota ad where people are gettin "wild!" and living the good life because of their Toyota SUV aka racing kiddie trikes down a paved hill. In the print ad threre's definitely a pair of MJ 3 Highs and I'm pretty sure the 4 star Howard co-labs and what looks like a helmeted Andy Jenkins wearing a 4 star hoodie. Am I going insane? Or did the man throw you some sweet cheddar to get all dew tour on trikes?
A: I did get some sweet cheddar, and so did my kid (for college purposes, of course). I tried hard to pass on this commercial, but when they dangled the carrots, what was I supposed to do? And besides, it was shot just a few blocks from my house and I got to race Big Wheels all day. Fuck it. My only regret is that it didn't run longer to keep the cheese flowing.--Andy

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Gotta go. The countdown meter is calling...again.


One more day of Rickk on the front.

Clip of the Day. Koston on some more funny shit. This time with a 2520!

Popular Polling. Dan Watson sent us this. Pick your favorite ex-Girl or Chocolate team rider. I voted for ya Ferg! But I think we all know who's going to win this one.

Ben Colen
, Elastic Back has someone he wants you to talk to. Well, at least one of those bullet points applies to you, Ben.

Q & A Section
From Philip Watts,
Q: What's the deal with the board shape Rickk is riding in his new Fourstar ad? Not to take anything away from the trick at all, but goddamn is that a beauty!
A: That shape was based off my first board on Block Head. Girl re-released the graphic and shape a while back. BA hurricaned a pool on that hog.--Rickk

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"It's soul sucking, how bad it is"--Ben Colen


We're leaving the picture of Rickk on the front page one more day. Just to put the Obamas over the top.

Clip of the Day. Smyth and Callaway handle the business up front while Koston the party in the back. The things you miss staring at those things!

New Poll/Who Wore it Best?
I know tomorrow is gonna be a ballot box barn burner, but to cast a vote for either Carroll or Callaway is just as patriotic. Vote below and to the right.

Mini Top 5
Kevin Wilkins' Top 5 reasons you should vote tomorrow
1. Free Starbucks
2. Good excuse to skip school, church, dentist appointments, and work all in the same day
3. Ruins your street credibility
4. A full pipe in every driveway
5. Someone out there really doesn't want you to vote, so fuck them!

Royal Get Your Grind On Contest Winner! Please stop grinding. We have a winner. And it's Zak DePiero on a lengthy backside 50. Rudy thanks all who entered.

Q & A Section
From Laurens,
Q: Since tomorrow's election day (and Howard is shown with an Obama shirt) I wondered, who's voting for who at Crailtap?
A: My guess is that the ones who don't sleep through it or forget to vote are going to vote for Obama. Carroll might accidentally vote for Sarah Palin because he thinks he's voting for Tina Fey. But I haven't met any admitted McCain buffs over here at least.--Ben Colen

From Thomas Lane,
Q: Has The Ringer ever made it to Wizard Status?
A: Never. Didn't even understand the rules until Smyth explained them to me on Friday. And with a firm goal in place to never go on tour, probably won't ever happen.--The Ringer

Send your questions here.

Lee Smith
just walked in our office, and we'll say it again, if that don't make you smile, then shit nothing will!


Clip of the Day. Who knew Carroll's Orcas Island performance would be the Halloween costume of the year? Well, Callaway did. More Dirt Carroll on Monday.

Here's how the rest of Halloween was shaping up here at Girl HQ.

Check out most all our shit on our very own Crailtap YouTube channel. We're slowly making steps at being about as tech savvy as your average eight grader. Up next? We're all getting pagers.

Get Your Grind On Contest . Meat Post. The UK's Jay Stone goes the distance. Extra points for accent Deadline Monday. Read the post from 10/9/08 for details. Enter here.

Q & A Section
From Rikku Markka,
Q: Seeing Howard on the front page got me thinking; since he's a born Canadian, but has been living in the U.S. for some years, has he been naturalized and able to even vote in this country? Also, in the Beauty & the Beast DVD, who had the great idea to use Gary Numan's "M.E."? It was awesome as a Numan fan to hear something other than "Cars" being used.
A: Rickk is still unable to vote, unfortunately. And it was Rickk's idea also to use the Numan track. BA put him onto it on the Indy tour they went on together.--Aaron

From Bizz,
Q: Carroll, Do you ever plan to bring back your Kriss Kross look?
A: Shit. Maybe today would be a good day to bring me back again, huh?--Carroll

Send your questions here.

Adam Poehlmann, get well soon buddy. You got some good friends in your corner.


Clip of the Day. Gone green.

got a Mapquest gallery.

Royal Get Your Grind On Contest . Meat Post. We're calling it on Monday so go get a grinding. For real. Read the post from 10/9/08 for details. Enter here.

Ty and Feds and that oversized Jackass shopping cart.

This would have won Best Trick on a Crailboard for sure.

This was a cool magazine.


Spent some time in Jake's office Monday. Here's a little tour of some of his favorites.

Royal Get Your Grind On Contest . Meat Post. We're calling it on Monday so go get a grinding. Read the post from 10/9/08 for details. Enter here.

I can't believe we're a week late on this. Weak! Sorry, Jenks. Carl beat us to the punch.

Shrunken Head is throwing a Beauty and the Beast premiere tonight at Burnside. Sweat Sweat Whoa!

Q & A Section
From Shelece,
Q: This question is for Mike Mo, was Josh Segal at the Maloof Money Cup? I was watching the coverage on fuel tv and I thought I saw him wearing his hat backwards and his hands were in the air in one clip?
A: Yeah he was there for sure. Definitely him, goofy mothefucker!--Mike Mo

Send your questions here.


"I'll live in a barn and skate for 9 Sector"--Carroll on his next chapter


Quick briefing. Today's post was either generated by, pertains to, inquires about, or was answered by Kelly Bird or Brad Staba. Except for the Quotes. Those are about Ben Colen, of course.

Brad cell phone update: "If Hersh wasn't busy selling old cell phones we'd have our website done I haven't had a cell phone in over two months. No landline, no stamps. I can finally wake and bake in peace."

From Kelly, "Came across this while looking through the documentary section on Netflix. Check that write up."

Q & A Section
From TN,
Q: I was checking out a recent episode of Sons of Anarchy and sure enough I spotted a pair of Lakais. Was this part of Kelly's 2008 marketing plan?
A: Yeah, this was the start of our big 'crossover' push for Alex. Unfortunately he quit right after it was shot.--Kelly Bird

From Peter Amerkhanian,
Q: Who did Brad Staba ride for before Skate Mental?
A: In order; Fun, Foundation, Toy Machine, enjoi, then Ruby. I think.--Aaron

Send your questions here.


"That was the best trick in the video. That was a hammer!"--Kid at the demo to Ben about falling in the water in Fully Flared

"Can you do me a favor and put the seat down?"--Woman to Ben after he used the women's bathroom at Starbucks


Clip of the Day. Malto warms up the Southside bowl.

Another gallery from The Mapquest tour.

Mike Mo points out Vince's 50/50 in his day in the life on his new Active page.

Royal Get Your Grind On Contest . Meat Post, if you would have shown the trucks you probably would have took it. Read the post from 10/9/08 for details. Enter here.

Brad, they really are biting your shit. And ruining it!

Q & A Section
From Elchi,
Q: Just got done watching Beauty and the Beast tour. Daniel Castillo, was it your idea to put in the Filipino song in the movie? It kinda got me on tilt and it was insane. ADOBO power!
A: It wasn't my idea, it was actually Meza's idea. He let me listen to the song for my approval before he put it in the video. Meza is down for the Pinoys, he grew up around a lot of them in the Bay. Chicken Adobo is hella good though.--Daniel

Send your questions here.

The event known as Hot Dog and Hesh has had some date changes. Check the flier for the facts.

As you can see below, I've been spending a disproportionate amount of time with our favorite Italian filmer, Feds...


"Me with out the shades is like lasagna without the cheese."--Feds

"Now everyone Googles everything. Pasta? Google it!"--Feds


Thank God for the iPhone! Here's some dispatches from the Fourstarers on their Mapquest Tour.

Please send your Royal Get Your Grind On Contest as Quicktimes. Especially you English guy. Read the post from 10/9/08 for details. Enter here.

Q & A Section
From Chris Gwinn,
Q: Out of all of the foreign dudes, who has the best and who has the worst English?
A: Worst English? Jesus Fernandez, unless he's quoting Scarface or Pedro. Best English? Rick McCrank, if you can get past the Canadian accent.--Aaron

From George,
Q: Mike Carroll, we all saw you seducing that girl in Beauty and the Beast with your floor shattering moves, but come on, did you get the make? 
A: That was in Orcas Island, and if you ever go there you will hear the same thing we were told, 'All of the girls on this island are spoken for.' So nope, no make.--Carroll

Send your questions here.

Okay Ben and Mo, where's yours?

"Is that lil' Chinese boy with you?"--Woman Cashier at a Shell station referring to Malto

"Little Kids are cute and shit but as soon as I'm trying to work I'm over it."--Ben Colen referring to a toddler heckling him at that skatepark


Clip of the Day. If you want to learn how to make a movie by using your inspiration board, just skip film school and click the link below.

The Royal Get Your Grind On Contest. Ryan Timblin sends a debatable entery. If the assisted grind doesn't warrant a DQ then the fake Royal logo surely does. In Ryan's defense he wrote, "Hope you get a laugh from it." Thanks Ryan, we did. Read the post from 10/9/08 for details. Enter here.

Sick Boys
, aka the Fully Flared of '88 without the four-year wait, is coming to DVD!

This column would be a lot longer if Carroll, Ben, and Mike Mo answered your questions that I sent them. Important topics that would have been covered; floor shattering dance moves, a wizard-phone, and the Maloof Money Cup.


Clip of the Day. Guy gets behind the lens on a BA line at what appears to be the best ditch ever.

The Royal Get Your Grind On Contest desperately awaits your entry. Read the post from 10/9/08 for details. Enter here.

A Street Pirate finds its way to the arm of the Stereo shipping department.

Carroll, I'm in your house right now...alone.

"I'm disappointed, I would have liked the message to read 'Get fucked ya cunt!' Pissweak! Harden the fuck up boys!"--Al Boglio referring to this picture


Clip of the Day. Rickk's view of the Rumble in Ramona. Starring Rudy and The Gav.

The Royal Get Your Grind On Contest. Clarence Kwok takes to the all terrain all play for his entry. Read the post from 10/9/08 for details. Enter here.

Q & A Section
From Nick,
Q: Whose idea was it to use Bad Brains as Pappalardo's song in fully flared, Ty's or Pops? Oh I also know Jonathan who asked for the Cat Power board to bang that girl a couple of weeks ago, well he's dating her now I guess he didn't need the board after all.
A: It was Pops or Fat Bill. What up Bill!.--Ty

Send your questions here.

"Oh, look Lucas, they have French shit here!"--Brophy after seeing the Fruit Crepe Fever sign outside the IHOP

"It's like the slim-fast of shots"--EA talking about Irish car bomb shots


Mapquest Clip of the Day. Our first clip from the Mapquest tour and it's a banger! Sign him up boys.

Regular Clip of the Day
. Wonder Woman. She can reflect bullets with bracelet, swing a golden lasso, fly an invisible plane, and, apparently, bomb a hill. But she can't push for shit.

The Royal Get Your Grind On Contest is still waiting for a winner. Or else Ryan's gonna take it. Read the post from 10/9/08 for details. Enter here.

Q & A Section
From Chooch,
Q: Just wondering if anyone on the team with an iPHONE cracked their screen yet? And if so, have they gotten it replaced for free? Or did they have to go out and get a brand new phone.
A: Let's see. Mike Mo spider webbed his screen. Ben did dropped his phone so now parts of the screen are glitched and blank. Callaway's screen just disappeared. I got a dead area on a crucial spot on my old phone. None of us that I know of have tried to return them though. They got us!!!.--Mike Carroll

From Andrew Lam,
Q: Considering that Gino doesn't skate rails, who is it that backside nose grinds the rail in his part in Yeah Right? 
A: Steven Cales.--Aaron

Send your questions here.

"It's more than two LAs to SFs!"--Smyth on driving from AZ to Houston


Clip of the Day. Outtakes from last summer's Eurok Featured Feature.

New Poll. Really, "Slightly racist" is beating out "Town hero"?!

Looks like Bob over at Manual Labor could be the inspiration for the cut down Street Pirate hat a la the OG Cabs.

Not Koston, he's not this hip . From Jimmy Johenning.

Happy Birthday Feds and Chris!


New Poll. Where we get a chance to know you!

To demonstrate how Lucas' new shoe on Lakai performs exceptionally well in the field of skateboarding or soccer or both watch this video.

Clip of the Day
. A Mo, a Crank, and a Cock.

Royal's Get Your Grind On Contest continues. We mentioned yesterday that Ryan Foret was an early entry, but we forgot to post his video. If you can beat it you'll win the Royal Prize Package. Read the post from 10/9/08 for details. Enter here.

Vote for Brophy for Oz's SOTY.

Mini Top 5
Top 5 topics discussed on the ride out to AZ for the Mapquest Tour, as reported by Eric Anthony
1. Alternative energy sources
2. Downtown Showdown
3. Roger's suction mount
4. Cap guns
5. Sam driving off with the gas pump still in the van

The Cheeks is here!


The A Tribe Called Mapquest tour has entered their starting location and ending location made a right on Melrose and are happily on their way. We're hoping for daily updates from the dudes.

Clip of the Day. A Mo, a Crank, and a Tomato.

The Royal's On the Grind Contest has gotten its first entry from Ryan Foret. Longest grind on any terrain wins the Royal Prize Package. And you gotta show those Royals. Enter here.

Not Marc Johnson. From Easybake.

Not Brian Anderson. From Shelece.


Clip of the Day. It's a beefy one. From our boy Roger Bagley. His take on Friday's Hotdog and Hessians.

Tapper Casey, inspired by the graffiti, made up his own shirt. Is it defacing or an improvement?

Girl Rep Zach Sheats is throwing a Beauty in the Beast premiere this Thursday in Philly. And he's got an awesome flier to prove it.

Q & A Section
From The Pillar,
Q: At the beginning of Yeah Right Gino bails out of that backside 180 kickflip up the Belmont three. One can only assume he would have headed for the nine if he had landed the 180 kickflip. As Gino does not skate rails someone's proposed it would've been a cab down the nine. Where was he headed?
A: Definitely going down the 9, but I don't remember the trick. Maybe it was a Cab, or ss pop shuv? I'll have to dig up the tape and look.--Ty

Send your questions here.

"They're free if you're standing next to The Gav while he's ordering."--Smyth when asked if the drinks were free at the Downtown Showdown


Top 5 with that Nasty Neck

Clip of the Day.
Carroll and Crank double up on the China.

Not Lee Smith. Thanks Blake!

Let's let Brad usher in the weekend.

"How come I'm not on your shitty ass website anymore?"--Brad Staba

"I'm going to make a new one after I finish all the other shit that people will soon copy."--Brad Staba about his shitty website

"Clocking in at a solid 155lbs! I'm pretty much Rambo right now."--Brad Staba


Clip of the Day. It always the guy who's not a local that finds the new lines. McCrank blindside popper to stall.

Royal Rudy
is calling for a Royal Contest. Longest grind on a pair of Royals wins this Royal prize package. All terrain welcome and make sure that we can see your trucks at some point in the video. Send your Quicktimes here. Deadline in a few.

Super Lew sent us this awesome clip about Bush, skateboarding, pizza, and dog.

Mini Top 5
McCrank's Top 5 things about doing a lifestyle day with Rickk
1. Riding motorcycles along the coast
2. Checking for Gerwer's texts at stop lights
3. Visiting Justin Eldridge's frat house
4. Waffles and French toast on the strand
5. Off shore winds, clean barrels

Q & A Section
From Alex,
Q: Scott, any chance at all of seeing the original Manchester coming back. We all know it was an amazing shoe and everyone wants it back. Why not just whip em back out? As well as me, I know Koston and the whole Slap board community is a huge fan of the shoe.
A: It's always talked about but I think we need to get more serious about fitting it back into the line. The Manchester is one of my all time favorite Lakais and would love to re-release it. The original had a short toe so I'd like add a little length there and then its perfect. Thanks for the support, skateboarding needs more people like you, that know what's up!--Scott Johnston

Send your questions here.

"I'm part of the family, right?"--McCrank


Beauty and the Beast videos are here and at your local shop very soon.

, for your info, River and Tough Guy, well just River mostly, must not have faith in your column as a means to sell vintage vehicles because River contacted me via email and also tracked me down in the halls several times urging me to push the cloud and the sale of their bug.

Embarco's Thorin sent us this. Mini crack pipe not included.

Tapper Mike from the UK dug up an old Gino photo from 1990. One foot frontside grab hasn't been a part of the repertoire since.

Hella of Girl and Chocolate dudes will be at the Culver City Park for this stop of Hotdogs and Hessians.

Q & A Section
From Russell,
Q: I heard on the streets that Lakai was gonna release something similar to the MJ 1's that Emerica use-ta have in the past. I gave the idea some credence with the re-release of the Koston 1. If they are not, tell them to get on the ball because they would make a KILLING. Any correspondence would be greatly appreciated.
A: TIt was discussed and even drawn up but never got sampled. Good thing too since Emerica re-released it themselves. The Koston was a one time thing, we don't want to get stuck in redesigns and not come out with anything new and fresh.--Scott Johnston

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"That's my job."--Hershel after being accused of one-up-manship


First it got a staff and now this.

, not quite Fully Flared, but fully nonetheless.

Celebrate 15 years of Girl with the Quince series.

Rudy's got some insight for you at A Vidual Sound.

Mini Top 5
Colin Kennedy's Top 5 things about working for The Gav
1. He's got all the rare Phish bootlegs
2. Lunch hour usually last about two hours
3. It's always casual Friday for Tim. Plaid shorts, flip flops and shades
4. When he takes you out to eat there's a 90% chance of something deep fried
5. He invented the kickflip backside noseblunt. Or maybe he just filmed it first. Either way I'm giving him credit

Check out MJ and his contemporaries. Looks like Direct TV needs a fact checker.

Mulder interview at Malakye, no relation.

Q & A Section
From Matt Wheeler,
Q: Rickk busted up his shoulder? Damn. Does that mean we're not going to see a topper from last Halloween? Unless he stair-surfs switch?
A: The shoulder check was my topper and thank God it wasn't on film. I'll save up for 2009 .--Rickk

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"We just paid $30 for ground beef?"--The Gav commenting on the price of his Mexican food

"There's like bearings in that thing."--Rickk about the water cooler in the skatepark


This week's Guest Front Page Poster is some old shit that Jenkins found on the Crailtap sever. Thanks old shit!

Clip of the Day. Found this on an old hard drive. It's Kenny and it was probably in an Adio video. 2004-ish?

Steve Thomas sent in this The Alex Olson Caption Contest entry just a little too late. It could have been a contender.

Mini Top 5
Ben Colen's Top 5 things about once working at The Sweet Factory
1. Curing my sweet tooth. I seriously used to go through pounds of sour belts when I was working there. I barely eat candy at all anymore
2. Having a guy shoplift a gumball dispenser directly in front of me and then try to return it for cash minutes later
3. The people I worked with. One manager was a music major who played Dream Theater constantly. The other had recently migrated to Boston from Russia and was a Guardian Angel. Sometimes he'd wear his red beret to work
4. The sense of pride you can only gain from wearing a bright blue apron and red bow tie
5. Nothing. Worst job of my life

Rumor has it that Ben's father shot a flattering photo of him at work and in uniform, but Ben wouldn't cough it up.

Q & A Section
From Patrick,
Q: I can't find the shoe archive on the Lakai site anymore. Is this because some of the riders are embarrassed about their early models?
A: We're as embarrassed about our early models as you should be about the fact that you're so retarded you can't see the tab in plain English right there above the video player .--Kelly Bird

FromCJ Nogoy,
Q: Hi, just seen Koston on NBA TV "Best Games of 2007/08" asking him about the new Orleans VS Phoenix Sun double overtime game and how ridiculous it was. How did that come about? Also, as the NBS season is nearly upon us, how does he feel about our Lakers' chances getting back to the finals? 
A: That came about because I play in the NBA Entertainment League. It's a b-ball league with all sorts of celebrities and after a game they interviewed a few of us for NBA TV. As for the Lakers, you saw how far they went without those guys so I can only imagine they're going to be that much better with a full healthy squad. I still think they have the best chance to make it back to the finals, but this time they're taking home the trophy.--Koston

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"That's just asking to go to hell, Jordan."--Biebel about using Bible paper to roll a joint

"I've never done that!"--Jordan


The Alex Olson Caption Contest. Chi-Town's Dorian Byrd takes home the win. Great job. Prize on its way. Thanks everyone for playing and thanks to Atiba for shooting the photo.

To further show our appreciation towards the entrants here's a slideshow of some of our favorites.

(23 mepgs)


Clip of the Day. The kid we fell in love with.

Tapper, Phillip Barkel, makes a comparison between MJ and the world's most notorious Yeti from yesterday's Clip of the Day.

The Alex Olson Caption Contest
. Phil Bentferd hints to the Dagger lineage. Tomorrow we pick the winner. Read the post from 9/19 for more details. Winner announced next Friday. Send your entries here.

Gino and the push that launched a thousand "Ahs," discussed in episode 9.

There're some events happening this year with Active and Girl. First there's an autograph signing with Koston and Mo, then there's the ol' Hotdog and Hessians tour, which Girl is a sponsor of. Check them out if you're so inclined.

"Those are for the pros."--The Gav to someone who took a slam on a kinked quarter at the new Podium Park


Let's make it official, Tyler Bledsoe is on Fourstar. He good boy. He good.

Clip of the Day
. Our dawg, Daryl Angel with a pop shove nosegrind. It's some older shit.

Looks like the Beauty and the Beast will be coming out later next week. Duplication dawg. It's a bitch.

The Alex Olson Caption Contest. Joel Forsyth obviously owned a Gameboy. Read the post from 9/19 for more details. Winner announced next Friday. Send your entries here.

Wednesday with Reda. Giovanni asks Daniel all the important questions.

Catch some secondhand coolness from Nick Diamond.

TWS is offering a documentary of sorts from their Australia and China film trips for And Now. Not sure what that means either, but Ray Ray promised it's gotta plenty of Malto in it so...

Q & A Section
From The Wizard,
Q: So me and my bro's are wanting to re-create da Junior Executive and any type of ramps plans or specifications would be greatly appreciated alright?
A: Believe it or not, there was a time in my life where I was completely confident in my skating ability. That time was 1989, and the place was right in my driveway. It started with a knee-high box, a parking block, and a tight little tranny. After relayering the transition several times, it got better, mellower. I wired just about all I could come up with, every blunt, piv, forward, fakie. The gap in skill level between Henry Sanchez and I was almost undetectable on that thing. It's been downhill from there. The Jr Executive is modeled after my heyday quarter. It's knee-high, as wide as a parking block, and as tight as you can take it.--Smyth

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Beauty and the Beast Clip of the Day. An Orcas Island Sketchfest. This may be the last Beast Clip as the full video should be in shops by the weekend.

, I hope you're at the age were you realize that this means that they really care.

The Alex Olson Caption Contest. Jurgen K is the first to make that shit move. Well done. But where's that chorus? Read the post from 9/19 for more details. Winner announced next Friday. Send your entries here.


"Dude, come kick it and play pool, fool."--Justin Eldridge


Fourstar's fall haul of the South is happening. Here's more details.

Beauty and the Beast Clip of the Day. Koston hopped in a week late, coming from vacation in Hawaii, truly a Beauty and the Beast change of pace. Here's his outtakes.

The Alex Olson Caption Contest
. Jonathan West brings to light that for Condi size does matter. Sorry Alex. Read the post from 9/19 for more details. Winner announced next Friday. Send your entries here.

Q & A Section
From Andreas Risby,
Q: With all these Alex Olson facts leaking out, there is one thing I want to have cleared up. Does he have any Danish roots? Because first of all his surname derives from a very common Scandinavian name (Olsen or Olsson), second he skates to King Diamond, and that Satanic, old fart is from Denmark, and third there's an urban myth saying that a few years ago he stayed in Copenhagen for a while and apparently won a fairly large contest without knowing that he had entered it. (This was before anyone in Denmark knew who he was.) Oh, I'm on to you, Mr. Olsen.
A: I'm half Swedish and I remember skating in that contest. I think the Danish kids weren't very happy about it.--Alex

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Clip of the Day. We interrupt our normally scheduled Beauty and the Beast Teaser with this Kenny Anderson display of triumph over tragedy.

part eight.

The Alex Olson Caption Contest. Zach Doe does the first full switch. Read the post from 9/19 for more details. Winner announced next Friday. Send your entries here.

Jeron goes Bang! Bang! Bang!


Beauty and the Beast Clip of the Day. Beast clip BA's Beast B-roll buttas, with a bit of Beach in that bitch.

part seven. Ankle jewelry!

The Alex Olson Caption Contest
. Today's honored entry is known simple as Hot Karate. Read the post from 9/19 for more details. Winner announced next Friday. Send your entries here.

Monday's finalist, Jonathan Mantaos, with some grade grubbing, "I saw my entry posted on Monday! Just want to beg to be the winner. This girl I've been trying to bang loves Cat Power. If I had the board, or even the shirt, I think I'll be a shoe in for the no pants dance. Please. Please. Please. I'd love to shred that board and I'd love to shred that broad."--Jonathan.

"Carroll's inspired him for so many years and now he's inspiring Carroll. That's tight."--Burnett about Van Styles

"I had a lump in my throat, like when E.T. died."--Johannes Gamble


Beauty and the Beast Clip of the Day.The little guy, Robbie Russo shares some crumbs.

The Alex Olson Caption Contest
. Australia's Shannon Dixon knows how girls get. Read the post from 9/19 for more details. Winner announced next Friday. Send your entries here.

Hurricane Ike takes out Ryan Schorman's Koston kicks.

Q & A Section
From Joe Minella,
Q: Carroll, do you do four Juice Plus pills a day like your supposed too?  I can only remember to take the two in the morning. Do you take them in the after noon?
A: I forget all the time these days. But if I'm on point I take three of the red fruit ones in the morning after my cereal and 3 of the green veggie ones at night. I remember the morning ones most often though.--Carroll

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Our best to the Ramano family and friends.


The Final Flare Trailer is finally up!

New Poll!
Which section of the Beauty and The Beast DVD are you most excited to see?

Beauty and the Beast Clip of the Day. Alex Olson shares what didn't make the cut.

Friend of Girl, and skateboarding at large, Dimitry Elyaskevich held a little screening for The Beauty and the Beast at his place. The Beauty and the Beast were reunited once again under the stars and under the staffs. Here's a gallery.

The Alex Olson Caption ContestFrequent entrant, Adam Sheppard, calls on the lesson learned from Alex Fun Fact #18, brings it into graphic form and places himself easily in the running for the grand prize. Well done. Read the post from 9/19 for more details. Winner announced next Friday. Send your entries here.

Q & A Section
From Jure Zovko,
Q: What does The Gav think about the rumors that Phish might be re-uniting?
A: I saw a web clip of them playing at Brad's wedding and they sounded pretty good. What do I think, I think it would be awesome! If they do get back together soon, lets trade some hemp wear!--The Gav

From Wiz,
Q: Gav, I was flipping through channels and came across an episode of "Friends" and notices on Joey's fridge a Matix sticker and a DVS sticker. Did they need your permission and are you getting royalty checks or what?
A: We had a buddy work on the set and he simply stuck our stickers on the icebox, no royalty checks have showed up yet.--The Gav

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"I'll watch any game seven."--The Gav


This week's Guest Front Page Poster is Spike Jonze who in a recent acceptance speech claimed that the fourteen days that he has shown up at Girl have been the most important fourteen days in Girl's history. We couldn't agree more.

Beauty and the Beast Clip of the Day. Matlo's demo outtakes.

The Alex Olson Caption Contest
. Jonathan Montaos gets in early on the Oedipal tip. Read the post from 9/19 for more details. Winner announced next Friday. Send your entries here.

From David Flaugher, "Not much of Crailtap junkie but I had to send this your way, and this was the first email address I found on the site, so here ya go. I work at a skatepark in Michigan, and this kid rolled through on blades with this beauty." Thanks for pointing that out David, and thanks for pointing out that you're not much of a Crailtap junkie too.

Q & A Section
From Chris Gwinn,
Q: Who's the comedian that Koston remixes to Furby's Berric's part?
A: It's Andrew Dice Clay and the name of the album is "The Day Laughter Died" So that's ass eatin', that's if you care!--Koston

Send your questions here.

you left your box of Juice Plus here. And I bet you could have used it this weekend.

Ben's gonna "rock it out tonight!"

"Peabody is sitting next to Dakota, should I punch him in the face?"--Mic-E Reyes

"I don't have an art show or anything like that coming up. No book."--Ben Colen why he's not getting any magazine coverage


Beauty and the Beast Clip of the Day. P-Kid with a dash of Crankers.

episode seven. Insert heavy throat swallow here.

Alex Olson Fun Fact of the Day.

#27 Alex is the subject of a New Contest here at The Tap. The Alex Olson Caption Contest. Simply insert a caption on this photo, like in a talk bubble. We'll post the contenders each day, but the grand finale winner will win the Olson/Chan Marshall prize package; that's the board and the shirt. Due in two weeks. Send them here.

Donny Miller
, brilliant again.

Q & A Section
From Mike Sullivan,
Q: Who is Carroll's favorite pornstar?
A: Heather Brooke!!! Is she considered a porn star though? Alisha Klass was pretty awesome. Not too sure about nowadays. Haven't seen any of her current work lately, so...Van Styles has some pretty good girls but I don't know any by name, yet.--Carroll

From Phillip Barkel,
Q: How tall is Brian Anderson?  Dude looks huge on film.
A: 6'3" maybe 6'4".--BA

Send your questions here.

Next week's Guest Front Page Poster is one of the four owners. The one with the impeccable attendance record.


Beauty and the Beast Clip of the Day. Pedro at Lincoln. Accompaniment by Tony.

We're up to episode 5 and still no talk of Gino's mom's cooking?

, an entire country is biting your shit! But the demographic being 19-29? You might want to bump that up a few years Canadian Press. And it's a "Staff" not a "Stick."

Koston, Furby, and Dice. A winning combo. Rated-R!

Tapper Kaarle points out our whiteness and an error in our new poll: "The 'c' between the eyes is in fact 'of' to be used between 'Fear' and 'God.' Otherwise, excellent poll!"

Check out L-R-Cheeks here.

Alex Olson Fun Fact of the Day.

#26 Alex is still in Europe and still not checking his email.

Q & A Section
From Matt Hurford,
Q: How do I get a ticket to the Berrics?
A: You can always go on the site or and join the army. We got a contest on there for a trip to The Berrics. Also you can try to make friends with Steve, myself, or our immediate circle of friends to get in as well. Good luck.--Koston

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"Not on my lunch break guys."--The Gav trying not to talk business

"But Spanky and Braydon are going to be there."--Carroll trying to hype up a party


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