Motto: Quality Command of the Home Row



Mini Top 5
Top 5 things Staba flies with when he doesn't bring any luggage or a carryon
1. Xanax
2. iPod
3. Blackberry
4. Wallet
5. A good attitude

Hallelujah Holla Back! We're claiming outside of the actual show the King of Burbs must have gotten more publicity on the Tap than any other legitimate news source. So it'd make sense that John Brown would try to get down with some boarders.

Q & A Section
From Boards from Finland,
Q: If Morpheus came to offer Sam Smyth a red or a blue pill, with the red pill leading Sam to the real world where Girl and Chocolate are rollerblading teams, which pill would he choose?
A: Although this question is flawed, I'm going to give it a crack anyway. I see no blue pill option, so I'll just make one up. If the red pill takes me to a world where the Girl and Chocolate boys ride rollerblades, what would the blue pill do? How about Girl and Chocolate Surfboards? Our tours would be to places like Hawaii, Fiji, and Bali. I'd never go anywhere that ended with an "i", on a rollerblade tour, or a skate tour for that matter. Although the barneys would be extreme, the girls would be bikini-clad. And that goes a long way. As much as I like rollerbladers in helmets and Jnco jeans, I'm droppin' a blue pill. Thanks, dude.--Smyth

From Matt,
Q: What happened to Gabriel Rodriguez? He was one stylish dude on a plank.
A: Gabriel was for surely one of the smoothest most consistent styles I saw in my years of planking. You can see it for yourself if you Youtube him in a session in Santa Barbara, skating a rail and stairs with Frankie Hill, and Frank Hiratta. You could clearly see how advanced Gabriel, was in that session. Gabriel often drives by my house and stops to chat it up. He is the same guy as he always was, and still goes skateboarding from time to time. He is going to school to pursue a career in X-ray technology.--Rudy J.

From F-No,
Q: Ty, someone rolls away from a trick, everyone's freakin' out but you know you filmed it bad or at least are not satisfied. How do you act?
A: Wanna do it again?--Ty

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Dear Slap Mag, don't pick a winner for your photo contest just yet. Rudy Johnson's claiming he's gonna take that thing. So give him time to buy a camera, he's not gonna bother with flashes, and look for the pseudonym "Are Jay." You know? So you want know it's him. Oh, and congratulations on 15 years of quality reportage!

"You can type Brad Staba's whole name with your left hand."--Jeremy Carnahan




Clip of the Day. Hot off of three weeks in Spain the lil' Brea bruiser Austyn Gillette hits the manny pad. Can we change that "y" to an "i"?

I know you thought the top riders live on yachts, wear only the finest chinchilla, skate solid gold boards, and hump only the finest celebs. Well, you're wrong, our at least partially wrong, because the Pros Are Just Like US!

Listen to Phelper flap it on the latest episode of Epicly Patrick'd. The part about Coco is worth the load time alone.

Q & A Section
From Nubro,
Q: I love Carroll's new MD 20/20 graphic, and I saw the picture of Eldridge sporting a bottle on tour. What's everyone's favorite flavor?
A: I like the lemon lime flavor, good shit.--Justin Eldridge

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Carroll's updates are about two weeks out right now. He must be sitting on some gems.

Rickk's been the latest recipient of Gonz' text attacks. Here's the fruit of that labor.

"Let the hippy ride. I don't care."--Phelps

"Lets go on a red cross dude."--Rudy on wanting to go on a skate trip




A new Crail Poll is up, the results of which will determine Mike Mo's ability to look tough in any future advertisements. Cast your vote in the column below.

If you haven't seen Sean Malto's new Girl ad flipping a hard down a flight you may click below to do so.

A Girl HQ first took place today when Alex Olson drove himself to Girl. Alex, Carroll and Reda would like to thank you for your newly found independent mobility.

Q & A Section
From Chris Gwinn,
Q: Who is the funniest guy on Girl and Chocolate?
A: Kenny and Scott make me laugh.--Alex Olson

From Al,
Q: Who has the shortest temper out of all your companies?
A: Some people would say me, but probably Carroll back in the day.--Alex Olson

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The Awful Truth. At least they pleaded for their camera.

Tony Ferguson's
here today!

"You have a license, right?"--Rickk to Alex as Alex was pulling out of the parking lot in Rickk's car




Roger Bagley emailed us to let everyone know that Kenny can do a mean back Smith. More correspondence with Roger concerning Kenny in Barcelona this week.

Q & A Section
From Mike,
Q: Just wondering who on the Girl and Chocolate Teams sport eyewear? I'm not taking about sunglasses. I'm talking they no longer have 20/20 vision eye glasses.
A: No, I wish we did though. I like the look.--Smyth

From Philip Estrada,
Q: Who is the best skater working at Girl/Chocolate/Crailtap that isn't a pro?
A: Rudy and Steve Hernandez but they used to be pro, so we'll go with Ty.--Aaron

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Austyn Gillette is the newest tyke riding Rudy's Royal Trucks. He rips.

Carroll forgot to share his Share the Air post from last week. He's promising an update tomorrow. Hopefully it will be better than the one you're reading now



This week's Guest Front Page Poster is two parts Bolder Dick, three parts potato chip lover, and one part fine art photog, which makes up the sum total of Chris Sessions.

Clip of the Day. Biebel gets three over dudes twice his height, but the casual jog down court is the real highlight.

We have a winner for the Chocolate at thirteen gift drive. Stan Nalewski and Aaron Miller's tiny take on the pink board skit from Yeah, Right! That orange bracelet is pretty fucking weird though. Good job guys. Other kind gifts included this from Hopper the Local OG and Team Val Surf showed their support.

We know we missed an important 4/20 post last Friday, a notable day for the burners out there, but we were out of the office to watch Frost make his lady into a Mrs. Froston. And since when have stoners been so proactive? Stop with the emails. More on Eric's wedding later in the week.

A good one from probably the artiest guy I know, certainly the artiest guy you know, Donny Miller.

Also in the exciting world of art, Jai and Ballard are putting together a book on skateboarding titled "Bro, It's Skateboarding" with an opening gala this Saturday night. If you're in the LA area come check it out and the book.

"You got round!"--Rickk



Check your local skateshop this weekend for the Girl/Chocolate DVD Boxset. They're in.

If you are in Vancouver tonight, Supra distribution and Color Magazine will be premiering the Girl/Chocolate DVD box set. Join them at The Bourbon. 50 Cordova Street West. Doors open at 9.

New Top 5 with Jerry Hsu!

Clip of the Day.
Ellington sacrifices a board to the Clip of the Day gods.

A New Poll is up. Thrasher or Slap? Slap or Thrasher?

Q & A Section
From Matt Painter,
Q: The link to the Van Halen pic reminded me of something I've always wondered: Does anyone there have a good "I met Diamond David Lee Roth" story?
A: DLR is a super nice guy. When I was 14 (1980) and very much a huge VH fan. I met him roller skating on the strand in Hermosa Beach. He was really tan and wearing dolphin shorts and it was his hair that caught our attention. He was roller skating too and into my Hawaiian gal pal a lot. He skated with us back and forth a couple of times up and down the strand and was so nice and at the time very easy on the eyes, back then.
Staci G.

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Little Max here won Val Surf's Day with Dubs contest. He rolled up with no parents or nothing, just wanting to skate...

...he charged the park for about three hours.

Epicly Later'd goes deep into the mind of Rohan.

See you Monday, going out of town to watch Frost get hitched.



This week we made the decision to relieve Jereme Rogers of his duties at Girl Skateboards. We had a good run. Like one of those killer contest runs of his. Thanks for the good years. Best of luck. We'll always remember Sherm.--The Management

Clip of the Day. Lil' Thirst's friend Mossimo (no relation) clears a nosegrind pop out.

Ol' Chocolate got a hefty heaping of presents yesterday, turning thirteen and all. Here's a few thoughtful gifts: David Finkel sent us the Chicken Cops, Colin Day this, Javi Zoquiapa shows how the brands influence the beats, Xavier Latortue this epic spot and Gershom Grossman had this to say, "Call me in 5 years when you're legal." Keep the gifts coming. We'll pick the greatest gift winner next week where our gift to you will be some Chocolate goddies. You only turn thirteen once.

According to our web profiler, two people in Iran were viewing The Tap today. If we could get one of them to forward our url to Ahmadinejad I think we could work things out before Bush gets ill. On second thought forward it to him too.

Q & A Section
From Clifford Collins,
Q: Remember that kid you played skate with in Super Champion Funzone? Who was that kid? Also, did you win?
A: He was just some kid at the demo that got rained out. We were hanging out in some building and he wanted to have a little game. I don't think anybody won. We lost track.

From Gerber,
Q: A while back I read an interview with Marc J, I think it was on the Lakai website he had mentioned some book titles, I looked into some of them and liked them a lot. I was wondering if Marc had any recent recommendations?
A: Well, I've got two recommendations. I don't read much anymore because my brain got overloaded. I'm taking a little break from reading for awhile. Two bangers for the season are "Atlantis, Alien Visitation and Genetic Manipulation" by Michael Tsarion, and "The Urantia Book" by The Urantia Foundation. Urantia, by the way, was the original name of Earth. These are primarily ancient history books. But I warn you, this isn't some Bukowski "easy reading" bullshit. This stuff is pretty hard to wrap your mind around if you don't know what you're dealing with. But it's well worth it.--Marc Johnson

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Chocolate enters its teen years, as thirteen years ago today Chocolate Skateboards was born. Please email us a gift in the form of a photo, video, song, painting etc, and the best ones will get a present from us. Happy birthday Chocs!

We went to San Diego for the day, where our gracious host Lee Dawg showed us the spots and local history. So why not an mini gallery?

Clip of the Day. As we'd say in the '90s, today's is a steezy one. Dylan Rieder forward feeble grindage.

"You're listening to WCTP, Tap Radio, and this one goes out to all the Art Directors out there slaving behind the computer monitors with a Brand Manager riding shotgun on that ass. Put the mouse down and enjoy the jam."

Q & A Section
From Jason D. Graham,
Q: Who were the Top 5 Bay Area Thrash bands of the mid-to-late Eighties/early Nineties? Metallica doesn't count.
A: This is probably the best question we ever got. Here goes:
1. Exodus, RIP Paul Baloff
2. Death Angel, whose drummer Andy Galeon, I'm proud to say, was a classmate of mine at Alta Loma Junior High
3. Testament, saw them open for Anthrax at The Stone when they were called Legacy
4. Possessed, saw skin heads through eggs at them
5.  Forbidden, never heard 'em, but Larson says they were down.--

From Jaxterx10,
Q: Not sure if you guys were asked, but what's the sketchiest Girl warehouse story?
A: I think the neighborhood kids in general are pretty sketchy. Aside from constantly lurking and asking for free stuff, they've also tried to break in a gang of times. Once they broke into the skatepark by going in through a skylight and climbed 25 feet down a rope only to set the alarm off and not get any product or get to skate. There was also a time when a kid hopped the fence while we were all eating lunch up front. He ran in and grabbed a full board box that was bigger than he was and tried to hop the fence but we chased him and he dropped the box before he hit the fence.--Tough Guy

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Top 5 this week! Will it be the winner of a recent poll? How's that for a cliffhanger?

"He's so gross naked."--Colen



This week's Guest Frontpage Poster is the wonderful Scuba Steve, eS' filmer and TM. Also famous for meeting a girl on the Crail phone during The Hot Chocolate Tour. Though recently single, he dated her for several years. Babes beware. Thanks Steve!

Clip of the Day. Speaking of celebrity media types, feel the heaviness of Anthony Acosta's 360 flip nose manny. It's rattled some of the top dogs around here.

Mini Top 5

Charlene's Top 5 Westside connection songs:
1.  Westward HO
2.  Gangstas Don't Dance They Boogie
3.  Do You Like Criminals
4.  Bow Down
5.  Hoo Bangin'

Q & A Section
From Chuch,
Q: If there weren't such a thing as the New Era Hat, what kind of hat would Sam Smyth wear?
A: When I was around nine my mom finally stopped cutting my hair, and she let me go to a real barber. It was 1985 and I'm pretty sure everyone either wanted the Hawk bangs or the Cab flattop. I went for a bleached bang job. That was probably the last hairstyle I ever had. I swiftly moved into a Concrete Jungle painter's cap. I wore that thing for days. I drew on it, flipped up the bill and stuck stickers on it. One day my dad picked me up from school. He looked at me and said, "We're going to get you a real hat." I guess my shit looked pretty fucked. He got me a Giants fitted cap, made by New Era. That was before they put their logo on the side, when the underbill was green instead of grey, and when Giants hats only came in one color, black and orange. I don't want to think of a world without New Eras. Thank you.--Smyth

From Charles,
Q: How does Alex Olson feel about his cameo in 411's Chadillac Muskalade? He had quite the head of hair.
A: I was super bummed on that footage but it's always fun hanging with Muska.--Alex Olson

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T-Ferg is in town!

"I probably couldn't do it."--Guy talking about the recreate Guy's video part contest

"I pledge allegiance to the rag of the united Westside Connection and to the 'W' for which it stands one neighborhood under God invisible with luxuries and riches for all."--Charlene




There's a New Poll today that may decide the fate of the Western World.

Pros--They're Just Like Us!
is the latest in what we like to call a franchise feature, much like Clip of the Days and Mini Top 5s. Here's the first.

Come be a part of the dream or get on the boob tube this weekend for the taping of Random Hero. Or maybe just meet The Gav.

Q & A Section
From Mike Kim,
Q: As a child watching Mouse, I was always curious about the helicopter shot. I believe it was Rick Howard and Carroll skating through Sherman Oaks. I figured it was someone standing on top of an incredibly tall building and editing in chopper sounds but my dear friend Jonny thinks it's a chopper shot. So which one was it?
A: It was a helicopter shot. Spike behind the camera, Gonz, Ben Sanchez, and Keenan skating, Val Kilmer piloting.--Aaron

From Bret,
Q: Can you tell me a good spot in Paris where I can find good ledges, perhaps some good banks, and maybe JJ Rousseau. And does he wear tight pants nowadays?
A: When you get to Paris, hit the BERCY ledge spot and you'll have a pretty good chance of finding JJ in his new spray on jeans.--Al Boglio

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Evan Kinori gives Guy's board an SF makeover.

"That's what happens when you don't go to college."--Jeremy Carnahan




Clip of the Day. Anti Social mini ramp jam. It's a tough one.

Carroll's got an update, albeit not as sexy as the Skate Fairy's, but an update nonetheless. No idea what he's talking about in the fifth photo from the top. No character here.

Speaking of Skate Fairy and sexy, how about a pubic region Fairy tat? Harsh to quite harsh.

Q & A Section
From Brad Martin,
Q: Do you guys know who the skaters are in the Suicidal Tendencies "Possessed to Skate" video?
A: Here's what it looks like; Natas, Jesse Martinez, the late Timothy Leary who's not a skater but was a major 'cid head, Cab, Eric D. and some Venice Locs to be sure.--Aaron

Send your questions here.

If you didn't have lunch with The Gav today you missed him ricocheting a golf ball off a wall and into a sea of cars that is the Podium parking lot. It hit a non-employee car, so no biggie. He was trying to get it over the wall onto the roof. It made sense to him at the time.

Is there anything more depressing than renewing your passport and having to compare your recent passport photo with your old one from ten years ago? I didn't think so.

"You can't book Koston for anything."--Guy Mariano



Clip of the Day. Guy with his little buds Will and Andrew.

Photo of the week.

Q & A Section
From Cameron Hildebrandt,
Q: Can someone tell me what exactly Jason Dill is trying to explain at the end of Chomp?
A: I suppose it would only be fair to admit to the fact that I was "intoxicated" slightly when appearing in Chomp On This. I guess I was saying or actually making the comparison between big wave surfing and big tricks in skateboarding. With me being more of a "grounded" or "artsy" skater. I was apparently paying respect to people who take skating to another level, like Heath, Arto and Andrew Reynolds. I believe they are the Laird Hamiltons and Kelly Slaters of our industry. Hope that some what sums it up for you.--Jason Dill

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Cliche's Thibaud Fradin is the latest to get into the skateshop bis.

"It's hard to put on a good show for the kids in the Girl park."--Guy Mariano



Super Lew has tipped us off to Street Tips. If you're a "punker and fresh/hip-hop skater" who needs tips on how to dress, this is for you.

Larson's buddy spotted this, which we're sure could win some Madison Ave slogan award.

48 Blocks partook and documented last weeks EMB reunion jam.

Q & A Section
From Tom,
Q: A question for Buscemi; What's with the beard and baseball cap trend for skaters over 30?
A: It's a bald thing. Take that New Era off and it's probably curtains for any type of legitimate hairstyle. The beard is the front. It says, "Even though I'm bald and I'm hiding it with this baseball hat, check out this wicked beard I can grow."--John Buscemi

From Jason Logan,
Q: When you guys decide to pick up a new rider, how do you decide if they're on Girl or Chocolate?
A: So far, they've all just made sense. There's a lot of factors that go into it, but it's usually just what feels natural. Once we almost switched a flow guy over, for lack of ams on the other team, but in the end he stayed where he fit.--Smyth

Send your questions here.

And most importantly, Cassadaga is now available for purchase.

Weak post, I know.



This week's Guest Front Page Poster is Paul "Animal" Chan, a fixture among Hollywood hip, which is no small feat when you're a Val. To learn more about Paul look here. Too $hort's prom photo is my favorite. Thanks Paul.

We have a new Crail Poll up. Please cast your vote, but keep in mind we're a dictatorship and will act accordingly.

Eric's Bachelor party was this weekend. I think it's safe to say they won't be sharing the air on this one. One thing we will share with you is Schnurr's new nickname, "Baby New Year." Sounds like you won Matt.

Q & A Section
From Paul Scanlan,
Q: Hey Koston, Rick And Rickk are dangling from a cliff. If you save one, the other falls. Who would you choose?
A: I would have to choose Rickk. Rick has cat-like enough reflexes to handle the fall. Trust me, I've seen Rick escape from many a cliff jump. Rickk on the other hand, not so much.--Koston

Q: Have you guys ever had a break dancing competition in the office? You should
A: We haven't but if we did rest assured that Kenny "Skittles" Anderson would win.--Aaron

Send your questions here.

Mini ramp champ and power chord punisher. Is there anything that Mr. Falcon cannot do? Thanks Brooks Miller.

"I almost hit Chris Miller with a monitor when he kicked me off."--Schnurr




Carroll's Character Contest. It's the final two. Matt Hoang gives us yet another classic with Mikey Kong. Finland's Juho Luario bridges the cultural divide and knows that all Americans wanna be John J. Rambo. Contest's over. We'll start another one soon with the lesson learned that if you want a lot of entries you better be giving away some exclusive Lakais. We'll see what Bird's got in his office.

Q & A Section
From Kyle Benedict,
Q: Carroll, you've had so many great video parts but which one is your personal favorite?
A: It will always be Questionable because that was my first part and I didn't really think too much about stuff in the process, I was just skating Embarcadero all day, ay day.--Carroll

From Howard Broom,
Q: When your camera got snatched in Japan in Super Champion Funzone did you manage to retrieve it? If so what happened to the footage?
A: We were filming flatground in the intersection of Shibuya, popular for being the most crowded intersection in the world. It was probably a bad idea, solidified by Ty knocking over an elderly man while filming. But we kept at it until two cops came up and yelled at us in Japanese. Somehow Rickk had the camera and pointed it in one of the cop's face. The cop quickly grabbed it and walked off. We followed him while yelling out to our trusty translator Rip. He talked to them and they were not stoked. But we got the camera back and they kept the tape.--Aaron

Send your questions here.

Daewon and Haslam have inspired a new generation of mini ramp champs. Three-year-old Mingus goes Cheese and Crackers on his pop's board. Dad's claiming it's a make.

Jeremy Pettit of North fame is working on the documentary Carts of Darkness. Check out the trailer. Looks good.

Metallica baby? Obviously they've never seen Some Kind of Monster.

"Remember when Megan threw potatoes all over him? That was dope."--John Buscemi about Matt Schnurr



Last night at Supreme we had a little screening for the Girl/Chocolate DVD Boxset. Thanks Curtis, Kutter, Angel and Jav. Here's some who showed.

Gonz and Holmes on the latest from O'Dell.

Q & A Section
From Hanjo87,
Q: You wouldn't happen to know the name of the song on the clip of the day with Jamal Smith on it would you?
A: It's a song by Slum Village called Players produced by J Dilla. He made the best beats ever he did shit for Tribe Called Quest too. RIP.--Jamal Smith

Send your questions here.

Don't know if we've posted this before or not, either way it's timeless. Thanks Shelby M.

And more from this guy. Thanks Dean Pogni.

Brinkster hooked up the ams from the Phoenix jam.

If you wanna chance to get on TV or a possible shot on the esteemed DVS team check out this flyer and make it over to the Skate Lab on April 14.

Humph Dawg, or Jon Humpries to you, is having a photo show in his hometown of Portland tonight. If you're in the area say hello to John.

Bob K. who used to hang around these parts, or more precisely in the same chair I'm sitting in now, has start his latest endeavor, Mumble Magazine. Check out the feature on Larson.

"I though you said I was in it."--The Gav



There's a new Poll today that The Gav might win.

Q & A Section
From George Hickey,
Q: If it hasn't already been done, who on Girl or Chocolate would most likely be able to do the loop? I'm saying McCrank just because he's the one I see going the fastest on transitions.
A: I think you guest it right with Crankers, but don't count out BA, Eric, and the other Rickk. Maybe even Kenny.--Aaron

From Shawn Mandoli,
Q: How is it having a Christian on the team? Jereme must obviously get respect for his "rip-dog status," but does his faith cause any issues amongst other folks on the Girl squad?
A: Oh, you mean this Jereme? Naw, he fits right in. How's it going Shawn? The other day while talking about frontside shoves to late backside 180s we were referring to them as the Mandoli.--Aaron

Send your questions here.

Giant Robot is hosting a party to celebrate the celebrated Lettus Bee figure by Andy Jenkins.

Carroll's Character Contest
. Heavy Tap contributor Spencer Starr shows his Photoshop prowess and his age with this Asteroids mach up. Here's the best two. Read the post from the 2/22/07 for details. Send your entries here.

If you're a stoner, Larson found your "Wonkaland." That's a major operation. And we all thought that herb made people lazy

Fellow skate brother Ray Underhill could use a helping hand.

Chance, we had you down for Mr. New York.




Carroll's Character Contest. The prolific Tom Richardson sent us not one, but three entries. Here's the best two. Read the post from the 2/22/07 for details. Send your entries here.

Q & A Section
From Klepham Yarima,
Q: Does the team ever bring The Ringer on tours?
A: The Ringer's not into demos.--Aaron

From Joshua J. Steimle,
Q: How did Evan Hecox get mixed up with you guys? That guy does some nice drawerings.
A: Evan used to do drawings for a snowboard company called Twist. This was about 1961. He illustrated all their ads. Super cool line work. I found out he lived in San Francisco, and stalked him. He's chained up here in the Chocolate closet. We feed him raw meat and spinach. He's good, ain't he--Andy Jenkins

From Ray,
Q: Who would you say had the best 360 flip at girl? And who would the winner say has the best tres?
A: Jovontae Turner. He'd probably agree. J/K bro. If he knew who he was he'd say Mike Mo.--Aaron

Send your questions here.

Carroll's blog is heavy with heavies this week; OG EMB, Diamond dealers, Terry Kennedy, A.O., and Oster.

"There needs to be more strippers in skating."--Larson




This week's Guest Front Page Poster was once handpicked by Daewon to be on the team but has spent the last few years behind the lens. Which is easier on the knees. Please welcome Anthony Acosta. Thanks Lil Thrust.

Clip of the Day. The snow must be melted in Ithaca 'cause Jamal Smith is back on the board.

Carroll's Character Contest. Jake Heid fills in the wasteland that is Carroll's life. Read the post from the 2/22/07 for details. Send your entries here.

Q & A Section
From Jake da Snake,
Q: I have a question for your talent manager Sam Smyth. What does a regular day consist of and how does one become a talent manager?
A: The answer is, there is no average day for the talent manager. My duties range from menial to challenging, from mundane to exotic. Want to know how to become a talent manager? Go to your local skate spot. Find the best kid there, and befriend him. After 9, 10 years, of nurturing that relationship, your bond will be as tight as the kid's frontside flips. With any luck, that kid will start his own skateboard company, and hire you as talent manager.--Sam

Send your questions here.

Tapper Neal had this to say, "Found a heavily armed Rogers while lurking party pics." That's a lot of Goose, Jer.

"That's a harsh demographic bro"--Eric Anthony




Clip of the Day. Marty Murawski is pumped on his switch three but not as pumped as the weirdo in the background.

Carroll's Character Contest. Bctuttle has this to say about his entry, "If video games looked like this would Carroll play them?" We'd say yes. Read the post from the 2/22/07 for details. Send your entries here.

Q & A Section
From Michael Wikan,
Q: I recently had the pleasure to watch David Fincher's "the Game" again and discover with great amazement a young Spike Jonze appearing in it. Are there other major movies where he expresses again his talent for acting?
A: According to IMDb he's also acted in Three Kings, Pig! and Mi Vida Loca. But they seem to have forgotten his more flashy roles as Paco in Chocolate's Los Nueve Vidas de Paco and Chuck in the Chocolate Tour.--Aaron

From Michael Wikan,
Q: If Chomp On This had a sequel, what are the chances of Spike getting apart?
A: His part has already been filmed for three years now. Still waiting on Atiba. --Ty

Send your questions here.

Vancouver's hot shop Anti Social will be premiering Vancouver's hot wheel company video tonight. Get down with the hotness.

Looks like Carroll's trying to compete with his Clips of the Day!



The Crail Poll is back. It inhabits Skate Fart's former territory. Turf wars dawg. We'll be shopping around a new name other than the Crail Poll soon. Ironically the Skate Fart will most likely come up with that name.

BA went OG for free at Tampa.

Carroll's Character Contest. Sam Buttrick gives Carroll the VP treatment. Read the post from the 2/22/07 for details. Send your entries here.

Q & A Section
From Eric Yacula,
Q: Who was the biggest Street Fighter fiend back when it was a huge arcade phenomenon?
A: I was the biggest street fighter fiend back then. I would ditch class to play this game. One time I was playing this dude and we started arguing while playing. So I beat him and I called him a fatass nerd or somethin', then he punched me in the face and busted my lip. Right after he punched me, Daewon came out of nowhere, and started to beat the dude up, then he made the dude apologize to me. I didn't accept the apology, and I told him to fuck off. I was a little shit back then.--Daniel Castillo

From Robbie Hilker,
Q: What was up with that ad you guys put out a million years ago for the skate flick "DINKY" with Daniel Castillo looking into his cereal bowl and seeing a mini Koston doing a smith grind?
A: That was a spoof movie poster we made for a tradeshow booth a long time ago. 1996, maybe? The film, "Little Keenan" from Mouse, came a couple years later, I think. Anyway, which one of you out there hasn't daydreamed about skating a cereal bowl? By the way, that's York in the background, sitting on a saltshaker. --Andy Jenkins

Send your questions here.

It seems one day your dreams of having a Squishee could come true.

Mike Mo's dad Jim is a rocker and he's requested that you look at his band's page. You can even get to Lita Ford's and Stryper's page from there!

For the Gino fan in all of us, but you gotta wait until the end.

Nick Diamond will be opening his Fairfax store this Saturday. Line starts around the block.

"The less I'm on Crail the happier I am!"--Brian Mettee

"Definitely not bringing the heat."--Brad Staba



Clip of the Day. Perhaps Clip of the Month. The Fairy has posted an HD vid of Daryl Angel. All filmed during a handful of weekends over the last couple of months. Good shit, both of you guys.

Carroll's Character Contest. Funny that Jason Reinert put Carroll on the Guitar Hero background because when Mike was a kid he made his mom buy him an elctric guitar just so he could lip sync and fake jam over Motley Crue records in front of the mirror. Read the post from the 2/22/07 for details Send your entries here.

Q & A Section
From Dave,
Q: I once heard a rumor in the late '90s that Guy Mariano had switch tre flipped the Huntington triple set, [think he means Santa Monica Triple set] but the landing was kind of sketchy or something, so it was never used. Is that true?
A: I switch tre flipped the Imperial double set. I went back to film it with Soc, he missed it, and I never went back. I tried the triple at Santa Monica after Mouse, but never landed it.--Guy

From BR,
Q: Mike, is there anybody, that you know of, who is of the Jewish persuasion, on either the Girl team, or Chocolate team?
A: I don't know who if anybody on G'N'C is Jewish. I do know that someday when I get married I'm gonna convert so we can rage Jewish style at the reception. --Carroll

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Mini Top 5
Scuba Steve's
Top 5 things he misses about filming with Koston
1. Hearing him mumble on the phone for 20 minutes every morning
2. Iced quad easy vanilla lattes
3. Rollin' in the Range
4. Watching him talk to himself when he's stressin
5. Golfing

In the park yesterday. Daewon, Devine, Rickk, Rick (one "k," that's McCrank) Scuba , Daniel, Justin Schultes, Syd, John, the Skateboarder dudes, Molinar, Worrest, and Colin Kennedy. Heavy, heavy session.

"I never thought I would see the day when I signed a contract for Tim Gavin!"--Jacob Rosenberg





This week's Guest Front Page Poster is Rickk with all his photos pulled from a recent trip to AZ. He doesn't have his own fancy blog like these guys so we had to hook him up. Oh, and concerning Rickk's quote from yesterday, he didn't really steel a was actually a boat. Thanks Rickk.

Carroll's Character Contest. Jerry Jordan, outside of having two first names, has hit it on the head with this one. Seven more prizes to give out. Read the post from the 2/22/07 for details Send your entries here.

Q & A Section
From Sara Chris,
Q: Why do you guys call Jereme Rogers "Sherm?"
A: The Gav dubbed Jereme Sherm because of his resemblance to the Sherminator from America Pie.--Aaron

From Theo,
Q: Just how big are Rickk's hands?
A: This big.

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Today In Torrance. Looks like the city is going to be going through a major dry spell.

Rudy was recently interviewed in the latest issue of Document. Trip out on it.

A Top Five coming soon for one of these lucky people; Sean Malto, Jerry Hsu, Jake Phelps, Spanky, or whoever emails me first.




Clip of the Day. BA in Az.

Well it seems that after this past weekend's Phoenix Am our Ams will be staying Am since they didn't win the damn thing. Just kidding Sean and Alex. Good shit on making the Top 10 and surviving half a weekend of Coach Carroll. Only half a weekend because he flew home on Sunday morning because he either had diarrhea, which Rickk lives with every day, or his stomach was too full. He hasn't been completely clear on which one it is.

Carroll's Character Contest. Brosio brings some van damage to it with an animated gif. You're prize is on the way. We still think there's plenty of room to go off even harder. Read the post from the 2/22/07 for details Send your entries here.

Today In Torrance. Neither Rickk nor illegal fireworks purchased out of state had anything to do with this

Q & A Section
From Sammy B.,
Q: I had a question for street champion Mr. Eric Koston. I noticed there were free tattoos for willing participants at the Tampa pro. Does Koston have any ink? I know Jereme's got a kit, but I was wondering if the Champ had a tramp stamp or any weird shit goin' on that the general public isn't educated of.
A: Nope. No stamp on this tramp. This beautiful canvas will more than likely go untouched. There are plenty more Camp Whatevs trips to come and Raymond's got a tattoo kit. If I black out and that thing comes out, who knows what I'll wake up with?--Koston

From Aaron Mou,
Q: Is it true that Eric Koston can't hardflip? My friend told me like seven years ago that he can't and I've read some of Eric's interviews and there are some hints that he can't do 'em.
A: Well, I can hardflip, but they're just not that pretty. It's something that does not come to me with the greatest of ease. It kinda feels like I'm shoveling snow and skateboarding should never me comparable to hard labor.--Koston

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Reda was here today and we didn't even quote him.

"Big deal, I've done that."--Rickk when hearing a kid stole a car

"I think Smyth signed more shirts than I did."--Alex Olson




Clip of the Day. Feds is back with the Lakai troops across the pond. "In this creepy building you can still hear the applause for the famous stars that have sung here. 'The Voice' showed up many times, for this reason the concert hall has the nickname of The Sinatra. As a tribute Jesus and Danny Brady are performing a duet of Frank and Elvis."--Feds

Olson, Malto, Daryl, Smyth, and Carroll are heading to Phoenix for the big am contest this weekend. Olson, Malto, and Daryl are there to get first, second, and third, Smyth to manage the talent, and Carroll to read their text messages over their shoulders. Good luck boys, in the contest and with Carroll.

Carroll's Character Contest. Has gotten its first official entry...from Alex Olson! Alex you win nothing, so we're giving it to Mike De Leon for his handy work with photoshop. Read yesterday's post for more details. Send your entries here.

It has been brought to our attention from Podium Josh that Chico's image and/or likeness has been on the front page of the iTunes Video store. Looks like he's backside flipping a NASCAR. Cheeks, can't believe you didn't call us on this.

Q & A Section
From Jeff,
Q: Ty, out of all the skate videos you've worked on, which was your favorite? What was your least favorite?
A: Favorite is Feedback. It was different for the time. Least favorite is Transmission 7. That video represents everything a skate video should not be. That video sucked so bad that it made us rethink things and come up with Feedback.--Ty

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Next week we'll be reintroducing a weekly Poll to the Tap. It will also be a fond farewell to the Fart, excellent swan song by the way SF.

"There's a fine line between bears and your average dude.'--EA




Does this look familiar? For your next video you should have a pink board flying in and out of frame with different skaters doing tricks on it.

Clip of the Day. As much as you know Marty Murawski for hitting them ledges and manny pads don't deny the tranny skills. Switch Mc!

New Contest. We're morphing the Carroll rendering project from yesterday into an actual contest. We've already gotten these two submissions, although they're very good, they're not quite what we're looking for. We want you to add his dog Hyphy and a lunch item into the scene, but more importantly, we want it done in the same style as the provided piece of artwork. So it all looks like a video game. It can look janky but it needs to look like a video game. And outside of Hyphy and the food you are encouraged to go off. The prize is a DVD copy of the Badass Meets Dumbass video and the issue of Skateboarder Magazine that it came with. There will be ten winners, so if you get posted that means you won for that day. Send them here.

I forgot to do it yesterday and the day before, but we've been bolding the proper nouns lately, enabling The Gav to skim the column faster so he can more efficiently find his name. It will, for here on out, be referred to as Gavin Bold. So in the future you may have this conversation, "Did you read about Alex Olson's new favorite book?" "No, I missed that. It must not have been in Gavin Bold."

If you're looking for Ty tonight he'll be here, at Ako and Atiba's DJ night.

Q & A Section
From RJ Rice,
Q: Does Carroll still listen to rap? He doesn't look as hard as he used to.
A: Just because I look dumb and a little stupid lately doesn't mean I don't listen to rap anymore, it just means I'm on some maney hyphy type shit.--Carroll

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Neck on VBS.

In further art news our own Mel Bend has archived his Skateboard Mag illustrations here.

Outside of the new contest there'll be far less Carroll on here tomorrow.




Clip of the Day. Bagley sent us this St. Patties clip of Brezinski riding Roberts' new model. And Freddy, for the record, Bagley's the one who shot the photo. Sorry Rog.

Q & A Section
From Chuch,
Q: If you guys were now the new Bones Brigade, who would be Mike McGill? And would they wear their own T-Shirt backwards with the sleeves cut off?
A: Back in the day I said, "Fuck that, if I ever turn pro I'd rock my own shirt and put my own stickers all over the place including my own board." I don't think I ever did but I guess I'd be the only one that wouldn't be too cool and be gay enough to do that, not that Mcgill was but, I did have some fake IDs and the name was Mike McGill on all three of them.

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Yesterday I had a talk with Carroll about how he's coming to Girl too often. He shows up around 1pm with his lunch, In-N-Out Burger or a tastie Quizno's Sub. He eats it. Chews very loud and then sits on Sam's couch, Rickk's chair, or over my shoulder, where he reads whatever email I have open. Seriously uncouth. This is how it looks in video game form.

If you'd like to draw in his burger or sub in the graphic and send it back to us we'd be stoked to post it. Don't forget his dog Hyphy, a mini pincher. And don't forget her little dog sweater, either.

Skate Mental went and got its first official am, John Motta from Phoenix, AZ. Now Brad, we skated with John a couple of weekends ago and he's a cool dude, but us flows guys (Smyth, Carroll, Humphries, and myself) get a little jealous when a young buck like John just shoots past us in the ranks and solidifies our man-flow status and crushing our dreams of ever becoming a man am. We might need a team meeting soon Brad.

New contest coming soon, just got to figure out what it is. Any ideas?


"I punched a Swiss guy in the Alps." --Lee Smith




Clip of the Day. Carroll's EA promo is up. And with it the chance to see the bubble in Hi-Def.

They can barely rap, they can't skate, but at least they ride chocolate boards.

More Jereme from Tampa.

Q & A Section
From David Lee,
Q: Whose gonna win I Love New York, Tango or Chance?
A: Tango's a big softy. Not enough drama for New York. Chance was destined from the get. Her mom hates him, he's loud, and obnoxious. He's the roughneck New York needs in her life. Plus they share their Newports.--Smyth

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Yesterday, Reda let Mueller know how dumb it was that he owned a pet bird. He went on about it for a good fifteen, much to the delight of east wing of the upstairs office. After explaining that only dogs and cats were real pets, Reda ended the conversation with telling Mueller he should do a board series of pets that suck.


"You get like a $2.99 anole."--Reda

"Sometimes you gotta take it on the chin not to skate a Girl board."--Reda

"That's like the Hello Kitty of sweaters."--Reda




Out of all the things Lance Mountain has accomplished in his colorful life; OG Brigade member, contest winner, company man, artist, Stacey's go to stoke out guy, etc, etc, we can't imagine that being this week's Guest Front Page Poster isn't at the top of that list. Thanks Lance.

Girl Fares Well in Tampa. Eric got first, J-Rog got second, Crankers got fifth and I think Smyth may have won some kind of drunk asshole award. Congratulations guys.

Clip of the Day. Blow buddies, Ernie and Malto, hit in AZ upper in front of a thick peanut gallery.

Q & A Section
From Chuch,
Q: Was any of the alcohol real in the drinking and driving part of Video Days?
A: Yes it was. The beer was real and the Bacardi, was real we all hit it once then emptied it out, except for Guy, he was drinking water.--Rudy Johnson

From Nick Moe,
Q: What does Biebel think of the King's season this year?
A: They fucking suck! I still go to the games and watch the shit on TV. I'll always be a Kings fan but they definitely need to make some adjustments with trades or a new fucking coach and send Brad Millers retarded ass somewhere else. And I hope they don't leave Sac. There's a lot a talk about moving the Kings to a different city like Vegas or some shit. I really like basketball and even though my Kings aren't doing good, I still enjoy watching a lot of other teams.Biebel

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We don't know if we want to start Dude Looks Like Dude all up again, but this one sent by Dagwood Dog is a good one. Ty Evans and Jeff Daniels.

"They pay me enough money to say something corny. I don't give a rat's ass."—Reda




Clip of the Day. Our TM turns into the talent for this Big O up the wedge, while Ty sweeps up.

Q & A Section
From Thomas Lane,
Q: Is The Ringer a Canuck? Because The Ringer's always talking bout them.
A: No, when I pronounce the word "out" it doesn't rhyme with boot so I am not a Canuck. But some of my dearest friends are.The Ringer

From Dave Waite,
Q: I was watching an old 411 this morning (#27) and in the chaos section Scott Johnston had two tricks riding an element board and wearing an Element shirt? Was this ever made official? I am assuming this was in between Mad Circle and Chocolate via the Giant Dist. connection.
A: That was at the time Mad Circle was still in business. I would sometimes ride an Element board from time to time to check out some technology they would release on their boards first. When Mad Circle went out of business, I went straight to Chocolate for boards in hopes to get on the best!Scott

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Thrasher's got a poll to vote for the most anticipated disc in the DVD Boxset, but no Bonus Disc Schmitty?

Get a tour of Braydon's stabin' cabin here. When I was real young a neighbor had a van with only port windows in the back that were shaped like the female and male signs intertwined.

Speaking of sweet rides, Biebel sent us an email to let us know he's, "Sitting on 20s woooo!"

Aaron Ritchie (no relation to either myself or Nicole) has sent us a link to let us know that we are not banned in communist China, but Wikipedia is.

Cooper Wilt's here!

"I gotta be overly macho and talk about chicks."—Larson about proving he's not gay to his grandparents because he's not married yet

"I wake up some mornings shivering with excitement because I'm not locked into something."—Larson about being single




New Featured Feature. The Girl/Chocolate DVD Boxset including Goldfish, Las Nueve Vidas De Paco, Mouse, and The Chocolate Tour, as well as a fifth Bonus Disc with over an hour of previous unreleased and rare footage, will be coming out this April. Whoa, that was serious.

Clip of the Day. Alex gets a banana slap from Banana Hands.

Alex wants to trade anybody a set of Indy Stage 8s. If you got a set email us and Alex will fork out some goodies. I'd ask for some of his charming good looks and cool hair.

Toby Hopper pointed out that not only did we find a Gav twin but the guy on the right looks a lot like Dollin. Toby, good eye.

Supreme has a clip of some of the dudes skating their bowl. It’s under the “Random” section next to Slick Rick.

Q & A Section
From Dan Carballo,
Q: Forget about the Manchesters, where’s the retro of the original Staples?  The Fila colorway was hard on the streets. A re-release of the Staple 1's could probably save skateboarding.
A: We're working on that one too.Bird

From Chris Gwinn,
Q: Did the Bird ever have any sponsors when he was younger?
A: Gullwing, Poorhouse, Alva, New School, Real, Venture, DC, and Droors.Aaron

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