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Crail Board Clip of the Day. Even with size 13 feet, BA still gets loose on a Crail Board in OZ. More Crail Board Clips of the Day to come.

It doesn't stop at this week's Front Page photos. Here are Other Great Moments in Skater on Skater Arm Drapery.

Total Retards Live. This Saturday Jackass will be taking over the MTV airwaves, live, for 24 hours starting Saturday at noon. Cairo, Carroll, and Rickk will be mixing it up with Steve-O, Party Boy, The Margeras, and all supposedly in the 7 O' clock hour from the TRL set. Just hope they the motorbiking to Knoxville.

The fine folks at Liberty Boardshop have teamed up with the might Dev for all things Chocolate.

In the new Cardiel episode on VBS Eric J. catches the dragon.

Q & A Section
From Davis Marie,
Q: I've started to grow a beard and have noticed a few of you dudes are rocking pretty lucious facial hair. I was wondering if you could give me a few pros and cons of having a beard.
A: I find that there're more cons than pros. For instance, there's a point in time where it's just uncomfortable and itchy. When you eat you feel like you have food all over your beard, which most of the time you do. And my beard grows in patches so I have to wait till it's long enough to cover those patches to even look like it's a real beard. The pro is that I guarantee you'll never be ID'd again.--Chris Roberts

Send your questions here.

Looks like the weird beard is working out for C-Rob though.

Here's a question we want answered by Monday. Does the Bluetooth head set look cooler if you're totally bald?



New Crail Poll. Larson, this one's for you, and to be honest, probably only you. Watch the video and then take the Poll. The state of the '80s Heavy Metal Community rests on your shoulders.

Malto gearing up for the new TWS video and doing his best to break Ray Ray's lens.

Q & A Section
From Harry Moritz,
Q: Carroll, was your favorite shoe when you rode for Vans the Half-Cab?
A: No, it was the Simon Woodstock and Carabeth Burnside.--Carroll

From Chris Gwinn,
Q: Who is the most and who is the least athletic person at Girl?
A: Biebel the most and after just skating the Girl park I feel the least athletic.--Rickk

Send your questions here.




Ever wanted a personal tour of Girl skateboards? Well go to the Girl site and check out the next best thing.

And while you're there take a look at our latest series, The Big Girl 2 in white, now available in shops

Take a look at Carroll, The Gav, Rickk, and Jay's All Star Weekend.

Mo hits 22 tre flips in 60 secs.

Animal Chan does some on the street reporting with Ty.

You wanna star in a movie with McCrank? Shit, who doesn't? The makers of "Harvey Spannos" are gearing up for their next movie and are looking for someone to play the lead. If you're interested read below:
"We are currently in pre-production on a feature film. The film is a satirical adventure about a skateboard company. We are looking for an actor/non-actor between the ages of 17 to 25 to play the lead role in the film. We will be shooting in Budapest and Vancouver from may till end of July. This is a paid position. This person should be able to skateboard. Hopefully well. Preferably very well. Please reply with headshots to with 'Casting' as the title. Only submissions with headshots will be considered."--Corey Adams

Happy Birthday Scott Johnston! And see what SJ's been up to.

"You can't send the best rapper alive to jail! What am I gonna listen to?"--Biebel talking about Lil' Waynes




This week's Guest Front Page Poster is The Best Of Rickk's Arm Draping Moments or the Half Hug with Rickk.

Guess Whose Tat. This one brought it out of retirement.

Looks like the Girl/Diamond board got some hyper beast like attention. Yeah Nick.

Check out this Devine part on the DC tele.

Mini Top 5
Gavin's Top 5 celebrities that dissed him for autographs or photos during All Star Weekend in New Orleans:
1. Chris Tucker
2. Allen Iverson
3. Deion "Prime Time" Sanders
4. Alyssa Milano
5. Kobe Bryant

More All Star weekend round up tomorrow.

"I'm not going for that tropical look."--Anthony Papalardo when asked if he is going on Jon Mehring's skate trip to the Canary Islands




Reda's new ledge trick gets SOTY approval.

back, no not that Jereme. Jeremy Carnahan, the one The Ringer talks about. His old water bottle that he left was still in the cupboard. Talk about hindsight.

Yanks on Planks Tour Update! The internet is still not widely available to the boys in Oz, much to the displeasure of Crampy's little rosey cheeks. Crampy, you've always prided yourself on efficiency and your business wits and what's really tragic is that Ben can't read The Ringer's column and see how dangerously close he is to getting fired on a daily basis. If you would like to scorn Crampy yourself or talk to any of the guys on the trip (hint: Mike Mo) call this number 0416454547 or international +61416454547. Seriously.

I don't know how they got this footage, but this exactly how we make our boards too. Thanks for exposing that Michael Wikan.

Q & A Section
From Jordan Johnson,
Q: Pops, on that manual kickflip out in your part some change fell out of your pocket, did you pick that up or what?
A: Hell yeah I picked it up.--Pappalardo

From Robert Ricciardi,
Q: Who came up with Chocolate Pow and who's the guy in that commercial?
A: I think it might have been Spike's idea. The song was scored by the band That Dog. Mike York's the guy in it.--Rickk

Send your questions here.





What do Rodney Mullen, Back to the Future 3, and a rat-tail all have in common? They're threads in the fabric that make up Hershel's lil' brother Benny Baltrotskey's colorful life, the subject of today's Family Member Survey.

Clipper Daryl of the Day
. Dary stretches out a long 50 and earns a thumbs up from Nerd.

The OG skate shop Valsurf is having a contest with Lakai.

Mike Mo's
been bombarded with questions on and off The Tap.

It's Valentine's Day, and Bob K, we'd like to say, "We Love You" not so much for laying a blueprint, but more so for not suing your employer when he (Rickk) lit a pack of fire crackers next to your head while you were sleeping under your desk.

Today we had a Valentine's Day lunch with a poetry contest. Hershel's One Cube Over, But Forever Ever Away didn't take the $200 grand prize, but it had a visual element that made it worth reproducing here. EA took first. Guess which dude his poem was about.

And for the rest of you, Happy Valentine's Day from Ruby Republic.

We're taking Conor's birthday off, so see you Monday.




New Crail Poll. Should we or shouldn't we draw first blood with this graphic?

Clipper Daryl of the Day
. Daryl, Malto, and special guest appearance by new hire Hershel.

The Fourstar site has you all sorted out for Spring '08.

The '80s were pretty sick, mostly so because stuff like this made total sense.

Q & A Section
From Kevin Joseph,
Q: Guy, what is the oldest clip in your Fully Flared part? The newest? What trick was the hardest to film?
A: The oldest was the fakie 5-0 half cab flip on the bank to bench. The newest, and hardest was the lipslide on the bump to rail because the ground was really bad and I would stick a lot. I even had to set up soft wheels.--Guy

Send your questions here.

Ben's quote about the quality of babes in Philly has prompted some to write in a "rebuttal," "I read Ben's quote about the ugliest girls in America being in Philly and was going to send an email in with plenty of examples of why we don't have the ugliest girls in America. Then I couldn't think of any, and I realized we do have the ugliest girls in America. Bummer."--D Car from philly

"I'm not really a story teller, I'm more of a comeback guy."--Ben Colen




This week's Guest Front Page Poster is Giovanni Reda with a tribute to his dear friend Harold Hunter. We miss you Harold.

Clip of the Day. BA and Malto with some back tail attackage, and Koston with some lurkage.

On behalf of Fourstar, The Art Dump and The Randoms we'd like to thank Kent and Andy at FTC for a smashing success on the Good To FTC You show and party. Here's a gallery of the weekend's events.

Carroll, remember when "Don"t Sweat the Small Stuff, and It's All Small Stuff" was your favorite book? Well we thought it was time for you to meet the authors.

And did you know there's a whole "Don't Sweat" series?

Carroll warms up the block. And don't forget their Good To FTC You coverage.

Q & A Section
From Jurgen K,
Q: Does The Ringer support experiments on goats? Like the kind where they take them down in a submarine and bring them to the surface quickly to induce decompression sickness?
A: I don't support any testing on goats, unless you're testing to see how awesome they are.--The Ringer

Send your questions here.

"SF has the ugliest girls in America...after Philly."--Ben Colen

"Don't put that on me in my first week."--Ben Colen

"You're my favorite skater...Mark Applegate!"--tattoo faced Haight Street squatter to Rickk

"Rick McCrank! "--some dude to Rickk

"No, Mark Applegate."--Rickk to that dude



Just got out of my first meeting with Ben Colen. Along with all present, I'm totally wiped out. He had two laptops going, he was making jokes, and was even about 10 minutes late. So, we'll make up for this sorry post tomorrow, with some hot SF action and five quotes.



A New Poll awaits your vote.

Tonight if you're fix gearing past FTC Skateshop and you're like, "Is that Carroll, Smyth, and Rickk in there?" Don't think you're in some mid-90s flashback. Nah, dog. You just stumbled upon The FTC and Fourstar art party. Come on in and see the rest of the Fourstar dudes as well.

Once again the Girl team will be thrown into the welcoming arms of Crampy this year for their Yanks on Planks tour.

Malto and Ray Ray come together for the latest T-World vid.

Q & A Section
From Jim,
Q: What was the oldest and most recent pieces of footage in Fully Flared?
A: The oldest was MJ's tricks at 7th St. bank to bench and the newest was Koston's switch over krook on the rail.--Ty

Send your questions here.




Clip of the Day. I wonder if the nerds who came up with HD technology ever imagined that all their hard work would end up on Clip of the Day. So it is. Bagley bags a Koston warm up.

Tomorrow night, FTC is the place to be.

If the Later'd set has you itching for more, the very generous Jake Rosenberg has a vintage Cards mini sesh.

Jesus in game form.

Q & A Section
From Tiboo,
Q: Hey Cairo, I noticed that during one of the lines in Fully Flared part you have a Circa sticker under your board. Was it a board that you borrowed, or do you secretly promote Circa?
A: I had broken my board earlier in the session, and ended up using the filmer's board, with Thunder trucks. Not sure if you can see the trucks in there, but all I gotta say is there's nothing good about riding another person's board. But I'm hyped I got the line. Regarding CIRCA, I'm definitely not trying to promote those dudes. I've been with Lakai since day one, and that's where it's at. Thanks for checking in though.--Cairo

Send your questions here.

Have a few laughs, courtesy of Chris Nieratko.

"That takes balls."--Rudy after hearing that Lewman drank the warm 40 oz. from his graphic




Jordan Mitchell, not to be confused with Hawaiian Jordan from the warehouse, is the fairly new dude, not as new as Hershel, behind the look of Royal Truck Company. His cousin Max is 10 years old and hates Hummers. Wanna know more about what makes Max tick? Read his Family Member Survey. He even did backcover art.

Alex Olson got his own place pretty close to Carroll's, so that begs the questions, will he still be doing his laundry at Carroll's? Either way Alex, we got something for you to decorate the place with. Just got it in the mail today.

Q & A Section
From Robert Baldwin,
Q: I just rented the documentary HELVETICA. I'm wondering if this film on the history and importance of a specific font, got EA, Jenkins or Andy Mueller stoked? Do fonts play a big role in the freshy designs for GIRL or CHOCOLATE?
A: I didn't see the movie. I just don't see movies anymore. I mean, I LIKE movies. Especially anything post-apocalyptic or with zombies. "Helvetica" isn't one of those, I'm pretty sure. To get back to your question, typography, or, fonts, play a pretty essential role in graphic design whether we like it or not. We've used Helvetica. Futura Extra Bold. "Too" for Crailtap. Gil Sans, Rosewood Fill, Academy, Arial. And yeah, we've even used Cooper Black. My favorites are still the hand-made type we've done, though hand drawn doesn't apply to every design solution. I should try to see that movie, huh?--Andy Jenkins

From Brad Martin,
Q: Does anyone know who the skaters are in this commercial? And why didn't skate Laser Tag catch on? It doesn't get much cooler than that.

A: That looks like Ken Park grabbing a grown up Atreyu from The Never Ending Story by the collar. I could see Gator being handsome enough to play his stunt double, and you could probably round out the rest of the cast with the remaining Vision roster. As far as Skate Laser Tag taking off, I think The Storm intros were about as close as it every came.--Aaron

Send your questions here.

With the city of Hawthorne just right down the street four large may not be a bad offer. Thanks Lew.




This week's Guest Front Page Poster is Fully Flared Filmer MVP Federico Vitetta or as we call him, Feds. Actually he calls himself that too. He's from Italy so his English is a little off. He asked me to correct his captions but I think we'll just run them as is for a more authentic Feds experience. Thanks Feds!

Damn it! The Ringer, beat me to picture of Jenkins from his Super Bowl cameo, but at least we got the link to the commercial. It's after the Planters one.

Even though no one answered any of your questions today, we still encourage you to send them here.

After seeing our Open House video and the shot of Rudy signing his Old E 40 oz. graphic Super Lewman wrote us about this wonderful piece of skateboarding trivia: "I drank that actual bottle used for that board graphic. As I recall, Spike spent such a long time lighting it , the thing was lukewarm by the time I cracked the seal and got my swerve on. Nothing beats body temperature OE."

"There's the star of the Super Bowl."--Reda upon seeing Jenkins this morning




New Featured Feature. Girl Open House Number Six. Make sure you watch to the end.

Today in Torrance. He came all the way to Torrance to give someone a patronizing pat on the head. Terminator had his back.

Q & A Section
From cody carlson,
Q: A question to Mike Mo, when you're skating a set of stairs or a gap, I noticed with you and most other very talented skaters, you guys flip everything so slow, and catch it so high. Almost like you just take your time to hover above your board until you can land bolts. Was this a technique you developed, or do you have any tips on doing this? Do you ever picture it as just doing a trick on flat ground and not concentrating on the set or gap so it's easier to commit?
A: Stairs are actually really confusing. The main part of skating stairs is confidence, if you ride up to the stairs with a little doubt in your mind, it most likely won't happen. You have to be sure your gonna do it before you even pop your board. The way I try to think of it is just a flat ground trick, it basically is the same thing, you just have to wait a second longer and be calm in air. I dunno man, it's really confusing, you just gotta go try for hours and hours and you'll get it.--Mike Mo

From Kyle,
Q: Carroll, where can I bite your style and get one of those hella-hyphy tees man?
A: Chico gave it to me. I think he said he got it in Fresno. He's such a nice guy, even though he tried to jump me back in the day.--Carroll

Send your questions here.

Congrats Cooper!

"Are those the Dave Matthew's shoes."--Guy regarding the D3




With all the new hiring going on we thought we'd have the Family Member Survey make a triumphant comeback. Fairly new hire Jen Jacquez has a bro named Jason. Get to know him.

Colen's China Clip of the Day
. Rainy days lead to things like synchronized backside flips, which leads to busted fake Rolexes. You're getting better Ben.

Cards, 1 of 16. This is a good one. Shit Patrick we can go for 32 of these.

Q & A Section
From Joe,
Q: Is Cairo the one speaking at the beginning of the track called "Cairo Foster Instrumental" on the Madlib and Friends album "Studio Kinda Cloudy" from Madlib Invasion 2002, or is that just a clever guess?
A: Hmm, depends if it's about my friend hooking up with his lady. That was some story for Strength Magazine that ended up getting put onto a CD. If that's what he's talking about, then that's for sure me.--Cairo

Send your questions here.

And you thought ground effects were just for '93 Corollas and Integras. Nah dog, you can have 'em too. Thanks Mandoli.

New Featured Feature tomorrow, hopefully.

"I guess John, learned at a young age that air was very important."--Jake Phelps

"What is 'ARE-KANSAS'."--Mike-Mo while reading an Arkansas license plate



Gav looks like you really need to sign that waiver for Carnie. You could be saving a friendship.

Colen's China Clip of the Day. A booming economy isn't the only thing the Chinese are kicking our asses at, how about mandatory group neck exercising?

Also this is Ben's first contribution, as a paid employee of Girl, to the institution that is The Clip of the Day. His quicktime compression is a little off, and let's face it, the clip itself is kinda weak, but we're hoping he'll get a hang of things around here. He is just starting out.

Ballard and Salman's is up and running with Koston and Max.

Working for DC hasn't thwarted Larson's contribution to The Randoms or his ability to catch Carroll red handed in one of his many moonlighting gigs.

Q & A Section
From Burndog,
Q: Reda, in the Morrissey song "The Last of the Famous International Playboys" it sounds like Moz says "Ronnie Creager knows my face" right before the second chorus. What gives?
A: It's Ronnie Kray. Reggie and Ronnie Kray. They were bank robbers in England.--Reda

From Luigi,
Q: A quick question to Mike Mo, what size board do you use and what Royal trucks the OG Lows or Evolution Lows?
A: I ride Mariano 7.75 and the Evos. Perfect set up.--Mike Mo

Send your questions here.

Killer Gav photo Ringer. It is a classic.

We got a new guy working here named Hershel, who we feel has great Tap-stardom potential, or at very least the kind of guy that Rickk can feel comfortable with throwing his wet socks in his face. But more about him later. For now enjoy this quote.

"Kids love Carroll and kids love Christmas."--Hershel



While the rest were stuffing free burgers down their neck and shaking hands EA kept busy in the warehouse at this year's Open House and took pretty pictures for this slideshow.

Chocolate's own Jesus Fernandez has just been added to the esteemed Matix team. But Jesus, does this mean I won't be able to recognize your board in the back of the van by its strategically placed, oversized Quik sticker on it?

Guy, Gabe, and Rude. It was simpler times. Thanks Edwin.

Q & A Section
From chris martin,
Q: Mr. Mike Mo, recently I was listening to NPR and I heard your song used as an outro, how do you feel about those bleeding heart liberals bittin' your shit?
A: I donno what NPR is, but if they bit my song they are wack.--Mike Mo

Send your questions here.

Today in Torrance. This one's pretty major! Is it time for us to think about moving?

Rusty from Momentum in Texas got SJ's Day of Dead on major display. Take that Street Pirate.

"Some guys are getting foot massages every night."--Smyth

"We should open a casino."--Rickk



New Crail Poll. Which supernatural D and D spell did Ben Colen cast to get his job here at Girl? Speaking of Ben, even his magic potions can't make the rain go away for Chocolate's trip to China.

This week's Guest Front Page Poster, is The Box of Memories, aka the box I've been stuffing things (mostly photos) into for the last six years. Thanks Box!.

Fully NC'd.

FTC and Fourstar have teamed up for an art show extravaganza right in the middle of Haight Street. Your presence is required for it to reach full tuna rager status. Click below for details.

Q & A Section
From MC Tiktak,
Q: Koston, what's your take on Clipper Darryl's offer from Mark Cuban to become a Maverick's cheerleader?
A: For the sake of Darryl, he would be the ultimate fuckin' SELL-OUT! That's up to Darryl if he wants to sell his soul to the devil. As for Mark Cuban, what a SORE LOSER, SPOILED BRAT, PIECE OF SHIT! What kind of person has to BUY another teams #1 fan? How shitty is your fan base that you have steal one from the Clippers? Basically what Cuban is saying is that Dallas fans suck! Are you gonna take that Maverick fans? You guys should BOO that kook out of the arena. One thing that money can't buy is respect, which Mark Cuban clearly has none.--Koston

From Jose Cerda,
Q: Who won this contest back in the 80's and what drug was he on?
A: Jeff Phillips won and was on Acid. R.I.P.--Carroll

Send your questions here.

Tony Ferguson's here!



As The Ringer has mentioned, team Chocolate is in China where Smyth has already checked in, "Saw a skinned dog. That was wack. Wacker was the photo of him alive on the wall next to him, with the price. It's raining today." New hire Ben Colen is with them too. Outside of being our resident wizard/in-house photog it's Ben's responsibility to deliver galleries and Clip of the Days on all trips he's on. Got that Ben? If Carroll can pull it you can too.

Little Known Fact About Girl #137. We have a framed original print of The Pharcyde in our warehouse.

Ever wonder how they get there? Click on the photo below to find out.

Q & A Section
From Rob Fields,
Q: I know Smyth is a Real World aficionado, but does he have any love for the epicness that is The Wire?
A: I hear great things about The Wire. I saw a couple episodes, but couldn't stand coming in in the middle. I'm going to have to Netflic it from the beginning. Maybe when the good shit goes into hiatus, or is the writers strike somehow affects reality TV.--Smyth

From Marvin Stanwyk,
Q: So what's up with the graffiti/tags at the opening of Fully Flared? Obviously most of those items were built for the video, so who did the graffiti and tags? Any super special significance to any of them? I saw 'FART' on there a couple times. Flare-tastic!
A: There were many volunteers there to do some of the graffiti, we even had experienced artists to do some of the stuff on the set. Don't know if most of them meant anything. I was just spray painting whatever I was thinking of at the time, like "FART" and "SMELL IT".--Rommel, Girl Skateboards employee

From Nathan Best,
Q: This one is for Koston. Just wondering what your favourite pro model shoe that you designed to skate in was? You came out with some good ones, but I still don't think any of them are better than the Koston 1's from eS.
A: I couldn't agree with you more. That was by far the best one in my mind. A lot of good times and radical shredding went down in those! It's hard to top an original. If you're a big fan of the Koston 1, hang tight for summer this year, I've got a little surprise for you.--Koston

Send your questions here.



Clip of the Day. Max pulls off the chair move. Rickk not so much.

It is our honor to have The Girl Open House to be the backdrop for the most recent SGV/Skateboard Mag burning question of the day.

Q & A Section
From Laurens Dingenen,
Q: I broke my board a couple o' days ago and I suddenly started thinking about something. So my question is: who was the first person to be seen focusing or breaking a board in an official video? And in what year?
A: Jeremy Klein was the first person seen focusing a board in an "official" video, Rubbish Heap, maybe around 1989. I think it was Ron Chatman's board. But I've heard stories that Mike Daher's brother George invented it. He used to ride for Blind so it could be where Jeremy got it from.--Aaron

Send your questions here.

"That's just P.O.P., right?"--The Gav about the Claim Jumper's oversized cakes



Happy birthday McCrank! Don't get too hammered tonight!

Yesterday was our sixth annual Open House here at The Girl. Thanks to everyone who made it down, partly because it was fun seeing y'all and partly because now we don't have to go to ASR. Take a look.

A SOTY party from the perspective of a SOTY, Mike Carroll.

Mo, Matt Price is coming for your spot.

Q & A Section
From Harry Moritz,
Q: Koston, do you ever go for a few days without skating, and just play golf (I know that's one thing you love to do, besides skating). Cause right now I'm pretty burnt on skating and I wanna take a break for like a week, but all my friends do is give me shit like, "Dude you don't skate anymore". It really pisses me off, cause I skate, but I just don't wanna skate this one week. Is it okay to take a short break in order to hype me up on skating again?
A: ABSO-FUCKIN-LUTELY!!! As much as I love skating, I do get burnt on it. I definitely take breaks and when I come back, I'm as hyped as a 12 year old that just started skating! Especially if I shot in the 70's on my time off.--Koston

Send your questions here.

"If that's what your dick looks like you should see a doctor."--Ben Colen

"Nick has ugly ping pong style."--Megan



Today is our second annual Open House. Here are this year's themes; a skate contest, free In-N-Out, goats, lunch with The Gav, prizes, Weezer's guitar, Mikey's iPod, and goats. More spectacular coverage later this week.

Mini Top 5
Top 5 people Kevin Wilkins likes to interview
1. Mike Vallely right after he got on World and right before he got rid of his car because it had vegan-unfriendly upholstery
2. Matt Hensley when he lived in a trailer home and he'd just bought his first scooter
3. Jason Lee when he and Mark Gonzales had his and hers pick-up trucks
4. Henry Kissinger right after he won the Nobel Prize
5. Cairo Foster right after his lady got sick and then got better again

When I was about 10, I thought everyday of my adult life would be like this. I didn't know it would be more like this. I miss that kind of optimism you have when you're 10.

Q & A Section
From Tommy Pittenger,
Q: Hey Mike, I'm really phyched on the watching and reading about the EMB days and I was wondering if you jumped someone or have been jumped at EMB? Or if you were into vibing outsiders that came? ?
A: Nope, I was never jumped at Embarcadero. I never jumped anyone either. I did jump in a couple of beat downs though but I think I did more bad than good by usually accidentally hitting or kicking one of my 5-10 friends that were already wooping the guys ass. I guess I did a little bit of vibing there also but nothing compared to the kind of vibing that was going on there, I probably made some people feel unwelcome though.--Carroll

Send your questions here.

"The Goats are stuck in traffic"--Michell our new receptionist



Guest Frontpage Poster is Mark Lewman aka Super Lew, aka The Skate Fart. If you ever liked one of our slogans or the title of one of our tours then you'd probably like Lew. And his price for such genius? A hat.

After SOTY, MJ's going deep cover as the head detective.

Check out this part of Van Wastell. It's radibonzicle, my friend Chad came up with that word when we were thirteen, I've been thinking about how to spell that ever since.

Q & A Section
From Spencer,
Q: Hey, if I wanted to grow some nice body hair like Carroll, what kind of foods should I be eating to get the hair to grow strong?
A: If it was the food that did it to me, it must of been that damn Mac & Cheese! That's all I ate back then.--Mike

Send your questions here.

When did the Q & A Section become Ask Mikey?

"Did I come in here to talk about that"--Staba

"I need a salad"--The Gav



Chris Ortiz, now that I think of it I don't really remember seeing you there and I really hope you got in, but seeing as this showed up in our mailbox yesterday it looks like it might not have happened. Sorry Chris. Just know I tried.

Q & A Section
From Matt,
Q: On 12/19/07 a link to a youtube video featuring Anthony Pappalardo and others was posted in the Randoms column. The entry said the music in the video is by Manson. Is that the artist's full name? If not, what is it? Is there anything else you can tell me about the artist?
A: I can tell you more about the artist. He was pretty influential to a tight group of his friends. Some of them named Tex, Sadie, and Squeaky. He was a failed singer/songwriter. He pretty much ruined Roman Polanski's life. He's eligible for parole in 2012. He had his own Geraldo TV special. Fat Bill's way into him. Oh, and he's got a swastika on his forehead. That should point you in the right direction Matt.--Aaron

From Tony Lopez,
Q: To Chico or Carroll, in the Chico issue of 411 (which is amazing) Mike mentions that Chico tried to jump him on his way home from school even though they had already known each other. What was your reaction to the situation?
A: "I didn't hold no grudges or write no bitter raps, just took it like a man and kept it movin' on the map." --Puma. I did as my mother taught me and turned the other cheek, went home then went skating. He was trying to prove how tough he was cuz I was making fun of him for quitting skating to be a perp. He is very tough though--Carroll

Send your questions here.

It's been a busy week.

"I knew Spike when he spelt his name in all lower case letters and a backwards 'e.'"--Lewman



The Holliday Season, New Year's in particularly, always puts a hurting on Smyth, so it was totally understandable why the Real World updates came to a screeching halt. But not to worry, Sam's got TiVo and weekends off so here he comes with triples shot, episodes 21, 22, and 23.

Q & A Section
From Ert,
Q: So I've been lurking on message boards, and someone sent me a link to the emerica message board, and lo and behold, they claim you guys are scrapping the new Manchesters. Is this true? Say it isn't so! First Jamie Llyn Spears got pregnant, now this? I practically have nothing to live for!
A: The problem here lies in your opening statement. Even though shop employees, reps, sales people, ex-pros, company owners and team managers probably account for 99% of what's posted on message boards, that doesn't mean any of it is ever too accurate. You ever watch Fox News? Same thing. The new Manchester will be shipping any day now.--Kelly Bird

Send your questions here.

"I think I was in an art show with Weird Al Yankovic."--Andy Mueller

"If you wanted to know who was better, you could have just asked me. It's good to see that the kids know too."--Larson about the latest poll



Clip of the Day. And You thought the intro to Guy's part elicited some emotion. Wait until you see Reda in HD slo mo. Thanks Bags.

Alex Olson's
has been hanging with some serious Hollywood insiders. You know how we know this? He's claiming he knows what attacking New York in Cloverfield and is also claiming he knows who Carly Simon is singing about in "You're So Vein." Inside.

Only Malto gripped a board but everyone had fun.

Q & A Section
From Jerrod LaBrie,
Q: Does Rickk still hop on his scooter for a ride around town?
A: All the time. It's in the shop right now getting some electrical work. Thanks for reminding me I need to pick it up.--Rickk

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Help save South Bank, it's one of the last meet up spots of the '80s. Sign this waiver if you're Brit.



Today was supposed to be Alex Olson's triumphant return to the Tap. He even showed up at my house at 8am and rolled into work with me. But nothing else really panned out. Sorry Al.



This week's Guest Frontpage Poster is Nate Kaufman. Things we know about Nate: He dressed like a gnome once, not an elf, a gnome. He works at Val Surf. Has a beard. Goes to a lot of Jewish weddings, evident by the three different pictures of Guy in Rickk wearing yarmulkes that he sent us. And is not related to the late great Andy Kaufman, well if he is he's never said anything. Thanks Nate!

New Crail Poll. We had a poll a few weeks back that really seemed to capture the imagination of the young Tappers. That was Biggie vs. Pac. Well we thought we'd ask a similarly, hotly debated question from the other end of the spectrum. This time it's riffs in favor of rhymes. Who's better Priest or Maiden?

Q & A Section
From Dan Watson,
Q: Hey, I have a blog where I have been doing articles on classic skate shoes, I was wondering if you could clear up a rumor for me that I heard once. Is it true that Koston at one point in time had a pair of Es SLB97s black with gum sole on display in a glass case in his house?
A: That is a very obscure rumor. Where the hell did you hear that? No, I never had a pair of SLB's in a glass case. If I did, I would need a spare room to store Sal's ego in as well.--Koston

From Pedro Kim,
Q: How many different languages does the Girl/Chocolate team speak?
A: English, Spanish, Filipino, Mumble, Frisconian, Baby Talk, Real Talk, and Ebonics.--Aaron

Send your questions here.

Finally saw Alex Olson the other day. He looked embarrassed.



Clips of the Year Remix, last year's editor Richard Amezquita took our and Cliches' Clip of the Day and did a thorough remix. It's a large file, 14 min. long and 64megs, but worth the download. Thanks again Richard.

Lakai for Dummeez.

Skate Fairy
got a shoe on the waffle?

Q & A Section
From Kyle J Benedict,
Q: With that new deck graphic of yours I was wondering if you have either upper-decked someone, or been a recipient of an upper-decking? Either way that graphic is so funny!
A: I have done an upper decker in more than one country. I've shit in zip lock bags that use to have weed in them. So it's a turd and a little shake. Another thing to do is go to the grocery store and buy a chicken. Then take it to a restaurant that gave you food poisoning but claim to be health food. You need silicone too. Take the chicken to the bathroom of the restaurant and lift up the back of the toilet. Then unwrap the chicken (or turkey) and stuff it in. Apply silicone around the bottom of the top piece and wait for that thing to rot the whole place up. When they finally find out what the smell is it's going to take them the same amount of time to find out its glued. Anyway I like the graphic too. I never did that chicken thing. What was the question again? Gotta go sit on the couch and figure out new ways to sue people. Take care man. Buy that board too. You'll ollie higher on it.--Staba

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Come look at the newest in new in Wallride 15.

Round 4. Daewon vs. Daniel.

The other MJ was cool when he used to skate...

Thanks Jeffery Skruck.

Q & A Section
From espltd2000,
Q: I was watching the old Girl and Chocolate DVDs and during the credits the name Eric Bonerz always shows up, is that a real name?
A: It's a real name and a real guy. He did the titles for our first and maybe second video. But more importantly, he played drums standing up in a band called Eskimo and his dad was the dentist on the Bob Newhart show.--Megan

From Cody,
Q: Marc where did you get the idea of seven universes? Was it a book or something you came up with?
A: I read quite a bit. And I have trouble sleeping. From what I've gathered, everything in the universe operates on numbers. God speaks in numbers and shapes. That's the language of the universe. We only speak 'English' because that's what we've been taught. The concept of 7 universes comes from something delivered to a man who was used by contract as a channel for this information. He was sleeping the entire time and talking in his sleep. His wife called a doctor in Chicago and the doctor listened to him and decided that what was coming from him was something not to 'be cured' but to be transcribed and published. They got 2,097 pages of information from this man. It's unbelievably fascinating. And I have a link that will freak you out.--Marc

Send your questions here.

You ever have the misfortune of flipping through a magazine and seeing an ad for one of the companies you ride for and your name is no longer on the team list? Well Jose Rojo did when he saw the latest Royal ad. Our mistake Jose. You're still totally on! And just to prove it here's a 195 pixels by 231 pixels picture of your face.



Clip of the Day. Daryl, bunny hop to manual.

Biebel Fully EA'd.

Mini Top 5
Top 5 people to dip their grubby hands into Tough Guy's industrial size bag of Cheez-Its
1. Ghetto Santa Clause AKA Poopy AKA Lu
2. Party Char AKA Charlene
3. Double J AKA Jennifer
4. The Critter AKA Brian
5. Myself AKA Tough Guy, who according to Charlene is the dirtiest of the bunch

That was funny to five people, but that's only two less people than normal.

Q & A Section
From Christoph,
Q : Ty did you ever had back pain while you filmed for Fully Flared?
A: Sitting in front of a computer for four months straight, then tying to skate/film doesn't work. Don't try it.--Ty


From Kelly McManus,
Q: Cranks, what is the worst country to eat Vegetarian in?
A: I think that the worst country I've been to for eating veggie might be Poland, everything I got was cooked in or covered with some kind of pork.--McCrank

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Unlike Poland's culinary practices, McCrank was pretty psyched on this

Dumper Mueller's Quiet Life has got you covered for the winter.

"I did the oxygen tank with Haslam and got resparked."--Rickk on getting his second wind at a party last night



coming in scorching at the Berrics.

Guy coming in CG at Ryan M's couch.

Clip of the Day. Angel of Daryl with another clip. Still at night, but this time in Hollywood.

Q & A Section
From Thomas Lob,
Q : Carroll, I wanted to know, did you do that nollie heelflip bump on the picnic table on purpose or did you just want to nollie heelflip over it?
A: I was trying to do nollie heel to shortest manual! Nah, I was trying to just do a nollie heel and that's what I ended up with.--Carroll

From Cameron,
Q: Mike Mo, I noticed that during your back tail fakie manual half cab you are wearing vulcanized shoes and it seemed like in all your other footie you have cup sole. Are you jumping on the vulc bandwagon?
A: That was one of the only times I actually wore those. That was when they first came out. I'll stick to cup sole, they're grippier.--Mo

From Paul Spencer,
Q: Just wondering what trick did Guy mess up his wrist on?
A: Bluntslide on a steep rail.--Guy

Send your questions here.

Carroll, Gav, Rickk, Eric, Sam, Justin, and Scuba have just boarded a very small plane. Wish them luck.

And for the guy who suggested that we do a poll about Carroll's carb intake, you're too late, that same night he swore off carbs he ate some spicy tuna with crispy rice. He even had some cookies yesterday



New Crail Poll. Submitted by Tapper Michael Wikan, to determine which Biebel you prefer, Cornrow Biebel or Bald Biebel.

Clip of the Day
. Daryl the Angel with a nocturnal street barge.

Find out where Daniel lost his virginity on today's episode of Epicly Later'd.

Q & A Section
From Tiboo,
Q : Does the camera of the photographer who falls in the water in Rick Howard's part still work?
A: Nope. As soon as I fell in a little puff of smoke came out and that was that. When I took it to Nikon they pretty much laughed at me.--Ben Colen

From William Read,
Q: Mike, since you've shown your support of that porn dude, has he offered to have you star in any of his films yet?
A: No, not yet! I might be too hairy. Plus if I ever have a kid, it might ruin their chances of becoming President one day. So I don't know if I would. But, never say never! That might be my red sports car.--Carroll

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"I felt like I was in some The Hills or Kardashian world."--Carroll about the New Years party he attended



Carroll's going no carbs for the new year. FYI.

This week's, and next week's, Guest Frontpage Poster is a series of Fourstar Post Cards from like 2001 or 2002 or something. Ancient history really. But we thought we'd start off the new year by visting our past.

Clip of the Day
. You never know how lucrative signing on to iChat late night will be. Until you see Daryl Angel on there and you ask him to send you a clip for Clip of the Week, and we're not talking about 2 Girls and 1 Cup either, and he's like Sure here's three right now.

You all know Brandon, now check out Matt.

Q & A Section
From Matt,
Q : So what did Santa bring the folks at Girl/Choco/Etc this year?
A: I got a bike! Santa hasn't brought me one of those since I was in the 3rd grade.--Koston
A hunting vest and tactical knife, from Sexy Mark.--Smyth
A gang of chocolate, a remote control BMW car, some Scottish tea, and a photograph of me and my daughter.--McCrank
A nice warm sweater, and tickets to a clipper game.--Chris Roberts
X-Box 360.--Daniel Castillo
Calvin Klein pajamas.--Jesus Fernandez

From Marko,
Q: Who did the track for the 6 squares sequence in Fully Flared? I have looked around to try and find, but to no avail, I have come to the best possible source.
A: The 6 Square song was scored special for the vid by our friends at Squeak E. Clean Productions. They've done quite a lot of songs for us over the years.--Aaron

From Adam Brett,
Q: What's the official girl reaction to the "2 girls 1 cup" video? Any themed decks to be released?
A: If I have seen it, I think I closed the window in the first couple seconds. Either that or I haven't seen it and don't think I want to. I may like a lot a things and think some things are funny to watch but bodily waste isn't one them.--Carroll

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If you thought BA's Fourstar Jeans didn't appeal to all ages you're gravely mistaken.



Daewon Round Two.

spills the beans on FF.

Q & A Section
From Randy Monroe,
Q : Santa brought me a Skate Mental "chest hair" tee. Will knowing who's chest hair it is make me feel less creepy about it?
A: That would be this guy. Mike's rug has been a thing of awe and beauty around here for some time, so take it from us, you're better to embrace it.--Aaron

From Arturo Zavala,
Q: To Marc Johnson, have you seen the movie Donnie Darko?
A: Oh yes. Many times.--Marc

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Next week we'll be doing a Clip of the Day '07 blowout sale.

See ya in oh eight.



Clip of the Day. Last week a visiting Malto got stranded at the plant for a couple of days. Here he makes the most of it on a burrowed ax.

Rajeev pledges his allegiance to the Pirate.

Q & A Section
From Seldon Yuan,
Q: I was wondering how Rick Howard and Mike Carroll are still able to skate so much and so well while owning and running a few companies? I barely get enough sleep.
A: I don't think it would be fair of me to answer that one because Rickk does all of the hard work everyday. But I will say I don't know how he does it either cuz when I do come in for the daily grind, the corpo shit sure does take the wind out of my sails.--Carroll

From FUSE,
Q: What does Jesus say in the beginning of his part? That part made me want to join a religion.
A: "I didn't come to Lion to brake your fucking fisheye man!" That's what I say in the beginning of my part. Why you didn't understand it? I'm really happy that you liked my video part. Thanks.--Jesus

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Tapper Ian Shulman is putting the finishing touches on his Upper Northwest opus Hallin' Ass to Hall n Oates, which will premiering this New Years's eve here.



New Featured Feature. The Year in Photos Remix. This time it's The Year in Guest Frontpage Photos.

Mo Clip of the Day
. You thought the over flip was on some other shit, check out the 720 double flip. First try. Wowzers!

Looks like Carroll is calling it quits. Not to worry, Mo is taking the reins.

Mo's second to last trick exposed.

Mini Top 5
Top 5 people jealous of Carroll's iPhone. Not jealous of his actual phone, but jealous of the attention it gets from Mike
1. Desa
2. Smyth
3. Rickk
4. Myself
5. Hyphy

Q & A Section
From Ricardo,
Q: Rip, is McDonalds still your spot?
A: McDonalds is not my spot now. In 'N' Out is my spot! But I always scare to go there. Because it is actually in 'n' stuck. I do not want to gain more champion belt.--Rip

From boneheadtom,
Q: This is directed at Alex Olson, is there any thing your father can do but you cannot, skating wise? P.S. Great skating in Fully Flared!
A: Skating a pool with control and looking like a semi truck while doing it. Oh yeah thanks a lot.--Alex

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Ray Ray's got some Malto Meal over at T-World.

once again upping his favorite auteur has caused quite a stir in an adult way. NC-17 link.

Looks like accidents galore over in Sydney. Keepin' It Real, episode 20.

Good week Capaldi family.


"And the fact that he mentioned it out of the blue reminds me that I need to send him some more movies!"--Van Styles

"Sick. Maybe my options will be open for the next carrier move."--Carroll

"I don't think believe anything is good unless it gets hated on."--Mike Ballard

"Is that Christmas coin?"--Rickk about Christmas bonuses



With Rolando "Chico" Brenes being sworn in today as an official US citizen Reda felt he should have a more American sounding name. Help him decide what he should change it to our new Crail Poll. And not to influence your vote or anything, but "Felix A. Smith" was the name The Cheeks gave for his fake I.D. He never worked out what the "A" stood for, though.

Mo Clip of the Day. Some more early grabbing from Mo, with some bonus clips. Tomorrow, for Mo's final clip he pulled out the most bonkers flip trick we have ever bare witnessed to. No, seriously.

As requested, Mo and Vince's dad, Jim, came through with the shredding. Vince hooked it up, "Tried to make it 30 seconds, he was feeling it too much, he went for 45. He told me that you need a little foreplay before you bust your nut, you can't just bust your nut right away." Thanks Jim!

We had our Christmas party last Monday and between Smyth and myself we got five photos. New Year resolution, we all shoot more photos next year.

Q & A Section
From Braden,
Q: Mike Mo, what do you say when you do that hardflip over that four block and that nollie fs flip over the gap right after it?
A: Dude I'm stoked someone noticed! I yell "Ty" in mid air in both clips. Cause sometimes when I get a mental block and can't make myself do it. Yelling something in air takes my mind off it and helps me. I do a switch backside flip down some four and I yell "Feds!" That's the hidden one.--Mike Mo

From Gabriel,
Q: MJ, I was going through some old Transworlds from '91 and I saw this ad. Marc, is that you top left.

A: Nah, that's not me. I remember seeing that too and tripping out on it. Bone the nose out!--MJ

Send your questions here.

A Tap fav, Daewon is on the Epicly Later'd show. Lot of Daniel in there too.

The Skate Book is throwing a signing tomorrow night for Max at Max's alma mater 510 skateshop.


"I love the idea of subscription drugs."--Lewman



Mo Clip of the Day. Reaching back into skateboarding's roots with an early grab three-six.

Fat Bill
puts his Pops, Scooch, Olson, and Brady to some Manson, and we're not talking Marilyn here either.

Smyth elevates Isaac to deity status on this episode of Keepin' It Real, number 19.

Q & A Section
From Ricky Reyes,
Q: Rick, were you serious about the Easter egg? I need to see some new Stewe McGlovener.
A: Stewe didn't make the final edit. But there is a little surprise if you press pause when the flash goes off during Guy's intro title.--Rickk

From Rob Helmstetter,
Q: You guys seem like a bunch of smart guys. Tell me you are going to keep making the Howard Selects. I personally believe they should be made for eternity.
A: They aren't going anywhere for a while. Top Seller.--Kelly Bird

From Dan,
Q: Who's the biggest ska head at The Tap?
A: With out a doubt that would be me. If you don't believe me check out the band I play drums in called The Allentons.--Rudy Johnson

Send your questions here.

McDermott's been on us pretty hard to give this project The Crailtap bump. Congratulations "Supper's Ready," you just went gold.

LR-Cheeks, as seen in the magazines



Mo Clip of the Day. Mo in a rare moment of flatbar dancing

To Mo and Vince's father, Jim Capaldi, I don't think Capaldi week is going to be complete without a contribution from Dad. So Jim we'd like an original 30 second guitar solo shred fest on video. Deadline by Friday.

Last night was our Holiday Party. See it through the eyes of Nick Diamond. More photos to come.

LA is known for many things, but did you know we have this on lock too? And Ben Colen hasn't even moved back here yet. Thanks Sam M.

Remember, if you ever fantasized about Carroll gripping your board or Max ringing up your Krew jeans you should be here tonight.

Q & A Section
From Yawn Party,
Q: Why was there no evident text messaging in Mike Mo's part?
A: We actually had a shot of us bombing a hill. Welsh was reading a Thrasher, Cairo was eating chips, and I was texting. I guess it wasn't good enough for FF.--Mike Mo

Send your questions here.

If you're wondering what happened to our resident trend forecaster, John Buscemi, well he's gone Gourmet.



This week's Guest Front Page Poster is Vince Capaldi, aka Vince Vo, aka Prince Vince, aka Mike Mo's brother. Thanks Vince!

So this entire week is gonna be Mike Mo week. Mo is gonna give us a Clip of the Day for each day of the week. Right Mo?

Mike Mo Clip of the Day. A ledge manny combo. Thanks Dar!

Malto is here today. He held Carroll's Skate of the Year trophy from '94. Sean was five at the time.

Mini Top 5
Top 5 things Malto likes to do when he comes to California
1. Pretend that Devine has the time to hangout with me
2. Say what's up to Newberry Park
3. Skate the Berrics
4. Come to Girl and try to make it on Crailtap
5. Get stranded at hotel without a car

Q & A Section
From Zak DePiero,
Q: In Guy Mariano's part on the bank to bench, I noticed that he re-filmed the hidden trick in one of the girl box set videos, (switch fs nosegrind half cab flip out). Was there any reason to re-filming this?
A: I thought that clip never was used. That was one of the first things I flimed for FF. I guess I was starting where I left off.--Guy

From Taylor,
Q: Mike Mo Capaldi, what kind of Lakais are you wearing in the line where you inward heel, nollie back heel, and switch flip the stair set in Fully Flared?
A: There the Howard 4's those use to be the only shoes I skated. They stopped making them.--Mike Mo

Send your questions here.

And remember this is going on tomorrow night.

"The Caesar cut is back in"--River Joe

"Nice teammates, I had to buy a copy of Fully Flared."--Malto



Clip of the Day. Colin Kennedy of DVS fame, not Blueprint fame, didn't feel this was a suitable clip for his first Clip of the Day.

After all, it is Clip of the Day, so he got us this. Well done Colin.

Mini Top 5
Colin Kennedy's
Top 5 things about sharing a name with a prominent Scottish professional skater
1. Instant street cred when I'm in the UK
2. People telling me they liked my new Blueprint ad
3. I once got one of his paychecks from Thunder sent to me by accident
4. Cashing the aforementioned check
5. Taking comfort in the fact that the person sharing my name is not the UK's answer to Andy Mac

From Rog Bagley, "I was at Red Bull tonight, looking through a photo album they had in the lounge, and found this."

Check out Rickk's SBC interview online. And you thought we lost our Canadian edge.

Mini Top 5
Shawn Mandoli's
Top 5 bespectacled skaters
1. Lindsey Robertson: This kid's no joke, and he wears glasses. A true inspiration
2. Jake Phelps: 50% Gnar + 50% nerd  = Gnar Nerd
3. Scooch Johnson: True street skater with much steez
4. Justin Brock: Dude rips, carrying the Real Nerd Legacy torch, keep it lit Justin
5. All the wusses that wear contacts

Q & A Section
From Bill Lang,
Q: Did the fact that Three 6 yells out "Ma-La-Kai" have anything to do with picking that for your hip hop track? Isn't Malakai some craze dude that you guys named Lakai after? And secondly, why the fuck didn't you skate to Andre Nickatina?  Andre Nicky can't ever be faded or played out. Hella disappointed on that! Oh well, bangin' part either way homie?
A: Not until I saw the skating and music together did I realize it said "Malakai." It's funny because the Gangstarr song at the end of my part in Goldfish the dude says "Malakai the Nutcracker." Anyway the name Lakai does come from Malakai and if you do some research you'll figure it out. We almost used Nickatina in a Fully Flared part but cuz in this day and age of skate videos we need rights to songs. And he's hella hard to get in touch with. So we scratched it. As for me using it for my part that'd be so '98.--Carroll

From James,
Q: MJ, I loved the book reviews in the Skateboard mag awhile back. What you have been reading as of late?
A: Lately it's just been news articles from independent sources. Anything that Rupert Murdoch doesn't own.--Marc Johnson

Send your questions here.

Carroll's still dicking around, but Smyth has been web logging.

"Well Jesus I know you just have a sick video part and now you're chilling, but this is too much!"--Lee Smith after seeing Jesus in a pair of sweatpants that resembled pajamas at the bar



Biebel has the best part of the latest Later'd.

Our own VP has a federal interview in the newest issue of Skateboader Magazine. The opening spread will make a wonderful dartboard.

Q & A Section
From bctuttle,
Q: Why doesn't Lakai have more vegan-friendly shoe options?
A: Carroll in the In 'n' Out drive through ordering it up "animal style" with his "vegan friendly" Manchester Select on the brake? Biebel at the backyard BBQ pit chopping it up in some "vegan" Biebel dips? Lucas sucking down duck pate in a pair of "vegan" MJ-3's? You can see how it would be pretty hypocritical for us to sell "vegan" shoes with a team full of carnivores to market them. No knock on vegans, we just don't have one yet. Sorry.--Bird

From Kyle,
Q: MJ, I just read your interview in Thrasher and it seems like your view of most things about life and skateboarding definitely seem to be on a different level than most skateboarders. You even went as far in your interview as to quote people such as Tesla and his quote. I guess my question is are there any books that have made you evolve to this sort of thinking?
A: Yes. Absolutely. There are lots of books that have had an effect one way or another on my perspective of things. 'The Urantia Book' is one that I've been working on for awhile. And you can't go wrong with the Tao Te Ching.--Marc Johnson

Send your questions here.

It'll be like an alternate universe come Dec. 18 at Active in Santa Monica when the Fourstar team takes over the sales floor for the Four on the Floor. Outside of Max, BA, and Rickk, this will be the first time these guys have ever worked a day in their life. Show up to at least make Malto grip your board for you.

Do you have a team rider who demands every photo he gives you be nothing short of a spread, a window display and a poster? Oh, that's right! Chico rides for us.

"You are all off your lips!"--Morgan Campbell



Top 5 with Eric Dressen!

Mini Top 5
Top 5 places MJ plans to put his SOTY trophy
1. In Rickk's office
2. Hood ornament
3. On a marble pedestal in the center of the living room
4. Permanent shotgun in the car
5. Put that piece on a chain and rock it

More from the Skater of the Year.

Q & A Section
From David Zwissler,
Q: What is that trick that Mike Mo does in his Fully Flared part in the line after the switch back tail big flip? It also looks like an inward heel but a late flip.
A: It sorta looks like a inward heel cause of my front foot. But its actually just a back foot varial flip. I thought it'd be funny if I did one in a line.--Mike Mo

Send your questions here.

"Usually when the Hollywood fat cats apply pressure, it involves a car bomb, a prostitute, some cocaine, and a guy with an eye patch who escapes on a motorcycle."--Lewman



There's a New Poll to help our top marketing brass know why you haven't seen the big shoe video yet!

Clip of the Day
. In a continued effort to farm these out, we got a fine Matix clip featuring Mike Mo, McCrank, Jeron and others.

Q & A Section
From Randy,
Q: Carroll, the Judas Priest threw me. What's up with that?
A: The song is exactly what's up!--Carroll

From Jonathan,
Q: Were the flames in the explosion from Mike Mo's swich flip real, or were they just edited in?
A: You couldn't tell from the look on my face? That was the scariest thing in my life. The second I landed I felt a huge blast of heat, and my left ear was ringing cause it was so loud. I couldn't hear out of my left ear for two days after that. Thanks Ty.--Mike Mo

Send your questions here.

Forget Fully Flared, that ain't shit compared to the anticipation and wait that Matt Schnurr has endured for the release of this. Schnurr, we want a full review.

Austin Lycons likes his Street Pirate set to a rising sun.

"I don't have that much faith in The Wu to actually invest in them."--Ben Colen on why he downloaded the new Wu-Tang record



This week's Guest Front Page Poster is the always-reliable Ben Colen he's been the guest about three times now. Thanks for the bail out Ben!

Clip of the Day
. Another borrowed one from the Berrics. A lil' something from The Cheeks.

Other than figuring out his home's dew point, The Gav has been spending time waxing nostalgic with 48 Blocks.

Q & A Section
From JD,
Q: Biebel, during the intro to Fully Flared, how bad did that chunk of concrete hit you in the face?
A: It didn't hurt. It wasn't concrete it was fake stuff but it sprayed us in the face where we couldn't see anything. It was fun though!--Biebel

From Alyn Naslund,
Q: Has Pops ever been a Tony or just Anthony?
A: Just Anthony.--Pops

Send your questions here.

If you're in Palm Springs tonight and you're thinking to yourself, "Wow, it seem that The White Party is happening late this year." don't be confused. That's not The White Party, it's the Fourstar sales meeting. And the one with the borrowed scarf, hat, and lady's sunglasses on is Carroll.

Happy Birthday Jenkins!

"Something about going to prison turns you into a genius."--Smyth



Lately All Kids Are Idiots contest final winner is James Roche's cleverly put, " Lu's Arms Keep Attracting Ink." A little inside we know, but as you know a little inside goes a long way around here. Thanks for everyone who played, you guys did good. Contest is over.

Steve and Eric's website Berrics is up with Koston coming through with the first banger.

Learn some shit. Thanks Spencer.

Q & A Section
From Mike Brown,
Q: Who on the teams likes cats? It seems like you guys are always talking about dogs but who owns a kitty?
A: I actually have two cats that I hate.--McCrank

Send your questions here.

Since Carroll seems to be well over it, we're gonna show you what Koston's been up to.

Today's motto, "Earth, Moon, Stars" is dedicated to two of hip-hop's brightest and whitest fans, Scott Johnston and Ben Colen.

"This is the first movie I've seen in my life where there's absolutely no females in it."--Fourstar Factory Liaison while watching Fully Flared




Lately All Kids Are Idiots winner number four is going to Robert Baldwin for his observation on the Champ's style of dress, "Lets Acknowledge Koston's Argyle Interest." One day left for the win. Send your entries here.

Clip of the Day
. Here's one Youtube clip we're not trying to take down, Mariano's Vault clip in regular motion.

Yet another Street Pirate Tat, soon to rival the black panther and the rose for most popular tattoos. This kid from Utility Boardshop wins for most unique placement.

Q & A Section
From Brad,
Q: I'm downloading a bunch of early 90s hip hop stuff and was stuck on the second song from Mike's "Questionable" part. One website has it listed as "Hiero remix." Can't find that anywhere. Is there a proper name for the song?
A: It's on the b-side to a Del single and the song is called "Burnt".--Carroll

From Jim,
Q: When's Reda coming back to the UK? And why doesn't he have a website?
A: I don't know when I'm getting back to the UK. I really like it there. So I hope soon. Website? What's a website?.--Reda

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If you need to know what the weather is going to be like for the next week, week and a half, hit up The Gav. I guess when your house has water-retaining issues becoming an amateur meteorologist just comes with the territory.

"Damn. That compression looks good!"--Ty on the bootleg Fully Flared clip floating around on the internet




The succession of awards doesn't seem to let up. Last week MJ wins the top honor in professional riding, now Malto gets the esteemed of Year's Best Am over at The Mag. Good shit Sean.

Lately All Kids Are Idiots contest winner number three is Wash State's Ben Reese with his public service announcement to not only Eric and Rickk but to the whole city. Here it is, "Los Angeles, Kobe's An Idiot" Fully Flared Fully on it's way Ben. Respect. Still time to win, send your entries here.

Q & A Section
From Ryan,
Q: So I was watching Big Brother's Boob the other day and was wondering if Mike and Rickk still have their DC Super Euro Tour jerseys? Does Mike also remember wearing that sweet red Ali G dew rag too?
A: Yeah I still have both jerseys from both tours including that fucked up looking blue and orange Tron one from the second tour. I think me and Rick swapped jerseys on the first tour so I have his. That do rag was a joke cuz it matched my shoes. But the joke went on all night do to liquid courage and nitrous!--Carroll

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Lately All Kids Are Idiots contest is proud to announce its first winner. Now before panties get bunched, be aware that a few different people came up with the same acronyms. So without further ado, Danny Lewitzke from the great state of Oregon and his acronym Look At Koston, Always Ill. Danny, you're Fully Flared DVD will be going out this week. Still time to win, send your entries here.

Clip of the Day. Someone cleverly took our the team clips from the Girl site and gave them a remix to great effect.

Last week it was a SOTY this week it's a bracelet.

Alex Olson is in Hawaii right now for a Quiksliver trip. So if you've seen an Adonis on the beach focusing a skim board or something and you were scratching your head wondering, "Is that Alex?" you're right, it is.

The fat gals are at it again in Smyth's Keepin' It Real, episode 18
Medicine" submitted by Matt

Q & A Section
From Biff Tannen,
Q: What does Ty plan on doing to Bob Gnarly when Fully Flared ends up on Youtube?
A: Light one up and watch it with Bob.--Ty

From JS,
Q: I know Mike Carroll has always been into music and hip-hop. Where does he stand on the 2Pac vs. B.I.G. debate?
A: I spent a lot of time in Marin Ca., as did dat nigga-Pac! So I can relate with his thug life! So 2-Pac it is!--Carroll

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Dylan Moore from the Skatepark of Tuscloosa's mother spent seven hours to bake her boy a birthday cake to his specifications.

Two more Street Pirates recently got inked, one traditional and one psychedelic makeover.

"These donuts aren't going to eat themselves."--Mettee



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