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Clip of the Day. Feds gets anther of Gillet.

Q & A Section
From Henry York,

Q: I was on the Tap yesterday and noticed the motto, “Hallelujah, Holla Back.” Who's the White Rapper Show fan? Any predictions?
A: Carroll, Smyth, Rickk, Colen, Bird, and dare I say The Ringer are all big fans of the White Rapper Show. I’m personally rooting for King of the Burbs, John Brown because the show would suck without him. I want him and the white guy who’s going to end white supremacy in the finals. By the way you share the names of two white rappers that could smoke anyone on the show, Henry Sanchez and Mike York.Aaron

From Brad S,
Q: Any room on the team for a 33 year old am, six feet 4 inches, balding and wirey as hell?  I can kickflip.
A: Looks-wise, I think we have a guy fitting that description already. So I can’t say that’s something to be desired. But the root of the problem would actually be the skateboarding ability. If a kickflip could cut, I’d have my own “Kickflipin’ Fool” model out right now. So no. Sorry.Smyth

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Cheeks in China! We got this electronic correspondence from the Cheeks: Yo this is our crew out here in China, Jerry Hsu, Rodrigo Peterson, Jack Sabback, Gailea Momolu, Kenny Reed, Fabio Cristiano. It’s a tight crew, nothing but laughs and good skating. Jerry keeps asking me to get him on the Crailtap. I told him that I know some people that know some people that work over there and would be able to hook something up. Peace, Cheeks” Well Jerry thank Cheeks for pulling the right strings.

“I wanna be a filmer when I grow up.”—Carroll

“Life is all mountains, there’s no molehills.”—Carroll


This week’s Guest Front Page Poster is Balance am turned Bird’s roommate turned DVS art guy, Jason Searcy. Thanks Jason

ValSurf Nate didn’t cave under the tremendous precious of being called to duty on The Tap and sent in another round of photos and captions from last week’s Open House.

Q & A Section
From Ben,

Q: Isn't it a little strange that a grown man travels around with a doll. I mean, if I saw him walking around with it, I'd be like "yo cheese, nice doll!" Does it help Reda sleep at night or something?
A: Yes it does help me sleep. It makes me feel warm and safe at night. I actually need the doll or a doll at all times. What are you gonna do? The daniel doll started as a joke and now its taking on a life of its own. If you see me walking around with it, it’s because I'm going to shoot some photos of him. I took him to the UK and now we're going to Brazil. If you wanna see more of him just check out his myspace page.Reda

From Eddie Dabrowski,
Q: What is the story with the Matix and DVS stickers on Joeys refrigerator on "Friends"?
A: We had a friend who worked on the set.—The Gav

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Tyrone is featured in the newest issue of Transition Video Magazine. Sieben’s on there too.

It’s our turn to tell you that the Skate Mental site is on some new shit.

Diddy or Jonze? Or Jonz?

“I’m glad I’m not ugly.”—Staba

“You smell like Ed Templeton.”—Alex Olson to Ty


New Featured Feature. The Girl Open House/The Girl Shop Sponsored Invitational


You know how The Ringer will post one sentence or one word like, “Flu” for The Ringer’s column? Well that’s what I’m doing today. And here’s my one word: Guy.



Yesterday was our Open House. To read more about what the Open House is we’d advise you to read Sanger’s column as he pretty much summed it up. Here’s a mini gallery of how we saw it. Here’s how Carroll saw it. And here’s how Wilkins saw it. Tomorrow we’ll have yet another take on it provided by Nate from Val. Right Nate?

Mini Top 5
Top 5 people who said they were coming to the Open House but flaked
1. Koston
2. Richard Mulder
3. Jereme Rogers
4. MJ
5. Vince Capaldi

Q & A
From Tom Wilkinson,

Q: How did you decide who got a column on the tap? Was it workplace hierarchy, or just whoever thought they were funny? P/S is Alex Olson really a nice person. I met him at a club in Sydney a few weeks back and he looked sour.
A: Columns were given to people who thought they were funny. We should have probably given them to people that you thought were funny. And is Alex Olson a nice person? I hear if he likes you, he's really nice.The Ringer

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Mike Mo and his brother Vince, a.k.a. Vince Vo a.k.a. Prince Vince, are going on a family vacation in February to visit their mother land, Italy. They asked me to come along but I politely declined. But if you do live in Rome and happen to see an American family, complete with parents, grandparents, and two disobedient sons carrying skateboards, trying to find a Pizza Hut or a Golf-N-Stuff without speaking a syllable of Italian, then say hello to the Capaldi family a.k.a. the Second Coming of the Griswolds.

“That was like real life MySpace.”—Kevin Wilkins about the open house

“This is what I love about doing what I do to be able to stay in touch with the skateboard community through porn is great. Since pretty much all skateboarders love porn, it's a no-brainer.”—Van Styles

“I was told he was into porn.”—Van Styles



Clip of the Day. Feds gives us a teaser of things to come.

Q & A Section

From Badger,

Q: If there was a game of S.K.A.T.E between Tim Gavin (1993), Kelly Bird (1997), Matt Schnurr (1994), and Mark Wyndham (1994). Heel-Flips were NOT allowed. Would anyone win?
A: I’d say ‘93 Gavin would have the unfair advantage in that one, mostly because he wasn’t that far out of his prime then. By ‘97, I was at peak barrel, so even if heelflips were allowed I still wouldn’t stand a chance. Schnurr would think he would win because of his switch bigspins, but his alcoholic shakes would ultimately level him from contention. That leaves Wyndham, and to be honest, I can’t remember him doing anything that didn’t involve a heelflip. As a matter of fact, I think he’s the only person to this day that has done an inside 360 heelflip shove-it. Maybe he should win for that alone.—Kelly Bird

From Michael Wikan,
Q: Does Koston own the Jenkins art in his house? Or is it on loan?
A: Yes I do own the Jenkins art.—Koston

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A regular contributor to the Tap, Huphtur, sent us this double bizarro. Koston you might want to check your fam history for a long lost brother, ditto for you Malto.

Here’s the real Sean Malto taking a number one qualifying run from Tampa.

“I have dream of switch flip for 2007.”—Rip

“We build our ramps out of cardboard cause we can’t afford wood.”—G-Child



This week’s Guest Front Page Poster is the quiet dude who shoots artsy photos, Mr. Giovanni Luigi Reda.

Clip of the Day. One of Pedro’s finest, Robbie, got his in the park.

Q & A Section
From Ryan,

Q: What do I say so a lady lets me slap my bear claw into her goosh pan? Thanks for any help.
A: Yo Ryan, there are many ways one can get his bear claw wet. Basically it’s all about going for it and not giving two shits about the outcome. Chicks sense desperation and this will make them head for the hills of Beverly for a richer douche bag. Be confident and keep going for it. If you swing the bat enough times you’re bound to get a home run sooner or later, yadididig? If this doesn't seem to work there is always plan B, start a skateboard accessories company, do a collabo shoe with a big corporate shoe company, find your brainless target market over the internet then watch the ‘goosh pan’ fall from the sky. Good luck bud!Lee Smith

Staba’s here for tomorrow’s Open House. He’ll be schmoozing it up with the top retailers and distributors in the biz. If you fancy yourself in that category and would like to shake Staba’s hand yourself, stop by.

Alex Olson really liked this and he’s our litmus test.

Fellow tapper Fuse sent in a question for the Q & As and this track. We’re still working on the question Fuse.

“I’ve never even street skated in LA.”—Staba


Clip of the Day. D Angel gets frisky on a harsh kink.

Q & A Section
From Sam Beaulieu,

Q: Of all the Girl/Chocolate heroes, who can grow the most radical moustache?
A: I’d say anyone of these guys.Aaron

From Marvin,
Q: This weekend I am serving prime rib with a horseradish sauce, baked potatoes and a vinaigrette garden salad. Can you recommend a wine to go with this meal? We are having cheesecake for dessert.
A: Well I drink a lot of wine but by no means am I an expert. So with that said, I would have to go for a good Cabernet Sauvignon to go with a Prime Rib, or just about any cut of meat. I've spent a lot of time in Spain so I tend to lean toward wines from Spain. And don’t buy from the corner liquor store those bottles are probably old, dusty, and stored upright instead of on its side.Chris Roberts

Gnar Gnar is the video. Gonz is the part. VHS is the tape.

Carroll’s got the cover of the Mag this month, but still not slipping on his duties as a blogger. The limit’s the sky, Mike.

Malto and Alex are in Tampa this weekend chasing the dream. Good luck kids.

Lot’s of Lil’ Daniel next week.



Clip of the Day. Staba goes fatty to flatty.

Looks like Creepy Kyle got the make, or makes.

Q & A
From Andreas Risby in Denmark,

Q: Could you please reveal who does what in the slow-mo section of the intro of "Yeah Right?" I think I've got them all down, but I can't be sure. Whoever said that ignorance is bliss was dead wrong. Certainty is the way to go.
A: Here’s how it goes, Jeron does the nollie heel, Robbie the switch heel, BA the 360 flip, McCrank the Wallride, myself the double flip, Tony Ferg the backside flip, and Koston kickflips the doll. It was Spike’s idea and the camera was used in old war films or something. It’d film over a hundred frames per second. Sam Spiegel did the score and a guy who did the sound design also did the sound design for Fight Club.Rickk

Send your questions here.

Here’s Jrodd’s attempt of the aforementioned intro. Pretty sick.

Tapper Eric Swisher points out why wikipedia should be taken with a grain of salt, “He [Brian Lotti] also pioneered the style of skating in pants.”

They still have love for Carroll in the Bay.

“You gotta rewire your own brain.”—Phelps


Clip of the Day. Trent’s final request. “I understand that the fact that I know no satiety can seem presumptuous, but I'm unable to resist enjoying and pursuing pure, honest talent. Can we make it an encapsulated trilogy? I'd love to see Rick Howard because he skates like a shoeless child on a swing.
I'll see you on God's golden
Well Trent, how about Howard and your OG fav, young Olson, all in one special clip? And with that your third wish has been granted, rub your lamp no more.

As far as guessing who is sitting on the table in Guy’s clip from yesterday, popular guesses Keenan, Shamil, and Jovontae were all wrong. It’s Kareem.

If you’re at the tradeshow later this month and you’re feeling a little empty after doing your sixth body-shot off one of the Reef Girls or you want advice on how to look debonair despite inner feelings of despair, cruise on over to the Agenda show and see your friends at the Fourstar booth. They’ll sort you out.

Creepy Kyle was creeping with the Lakai dudes this past weekend where he got some clips and photos. Thanks Kyle.

Q & A
From Mike Cyril Todd,

Q: In the first Plan B video when Danny Way board slides that double kink someone says mid slide, "What do you say we go eat after this?" Was that Danny talking during the slide or someone watching? I asked Hensley, he said it was probably D Way, but was unsure.
A: Yup, it was Danny that said it while he was sliding the rail. It was directed towards Jason Lee for saying in Video Days, that stuff about taking you out to Benihana after 600 tries. Jason’s comment was pretty much directed toward Mike Ternasky the owner of Plan B.Carroll

From Ademar,
Q: Who is the guy in Chico’s part in New World Order landing a 360 flip nose slide at the World Park?
A: That’s Eric Koston. I needed to spice up my part so I put Frosty in. You can never go wrong with him.

Send your questions here.

Antisocial and Color magazine are hosting a party to celebrate a new miniramp and a new issue. If you live in ’Couver you’re encouraged to go. As with all Antisocial events, there’s a standing offer to send any photos of Bob K at the party for us to post.

“X-Gold was dropping a lot of gold this weekend.”—Rickk



Before we get to today’s Clip of the Day let’s hear some more from the insatiable Trent from yesterday: “Thanks a lot for playing Olson, I appreciate it. I know I may be asking a bit much but will you play a Guy Mariano clip today? He skates like a determined, male gazelle that has not yet found a mate but is ardently searching. I was very wrong when I said Olson is the only interesting skater on your teams. I hope you guys aim to please on multiple occasions.” —Trent
Well Trent, it’s an old one, but here it is, extended and in slo mo. First person to identify the guy sitting on the table gets a high five from Daniel Castillo.

Jereme turned twenty something over the weekend and had a rager. And where there is a rager Smyth is there with his camera and captions.

Is there a third Sherm? Our correspondent in Massachusetts seems to be on to something, “Attached is a photo of this guy named Tony Mac, who lives near Boston, who just might very well be the lost Rogers brother. The resemblance and the gingerness are strong.”—Brett Myer

Q & A Section
From Cody,

Q: On a scale of 1-10 how hairy is Carroll?
A: On a scale between 1 and 10, Rickk being a 1 and Reda being a 10, we’re gonna give Carroll a 9.5. As of now, his back is his saving grace.Aaron

Send your questions here.

“Like a back tail is way harder.”—Daniel on DJing

“They like conversating with me about the illuminati and shit.”—Rudy on why he likes hanging out with his family



This week’s Guest Front Page Poster is our favorite ex-pat, Lee Smith, commonly referred to as Le Lee.

Before we start our Clip of the Day, first this email: “Why don't you only play your daily clips of Alex Olson? He's the only interesting skater on your teams left. Skateboarding is hardly interesting anymore. Olson makes it cool again. He's born and bred to skateboard pretty much! He makes wallrides look like slides on carpet and frontside rocks look like dips into shallow water. I know it's cheezy, but I hope you hold on to him no matter how washed up he gets. I learnt smith to 5-0 because of him. It's easy but cool as fuck. Like Bob Dylan. Anyone can pull his shit off but no one can create it. Or even recreate it like he does. I'm baked so lay off me.”—Trent
Alex sounds like you got a fan, maybe even a swim fan. Well Trent, you’re lucky we’re aimed to please:

Q & A Section
From Chase Doerflinger,

Q: I want to know how long it took to set up the plywood and whatnot to do Rick's skit in the woods. That tree 50 was ill.
A: The forest part was a one-day shoot filmed in Oakhurst, California. The crew was small, Spike, Rick, Scott Hendricksen, two camera assistants and then Billy Franzell, Bucky Fukumoto and me were the grunts. There were no storyboards or any preset ideas. Spike and Rick would walk through the forest and pic a run and then we would lay out the plys and cover them with leaves. Rick would make the tricks in one or two tries. The wallie off the tree run was especially crazy. After landing he would take off down the hill going mach 1 then the plys would run out and he'd start running. If you look at his pants towards the end you'll see that the crotch is ripped. That happened after landing a trick and trying to stop. My favorite memory after the trip is the amount of poison oak that covered my body. I still have a few scars from scratching.—Johannes Gamble

From Ezekiel Lim,
Q: Who had the guest line in Ben Sanchez’s part in Mouse at Pier 7?
A: Marcus McBride.Aaron

Send your questions here.

And Nick, who emailed us last Friday, no there was no photoshop in that photo. Those ginger genes are strong.

Flip filmer and all around nice guy, Kurt Hayashi now has a site.

We almost got a Kalis sighting today but he flaked. I was hoping for a Clip of the Day.

“I watched ‘Heat’ last night because I needed some explosions.”—The Gav


Clip of the Day. The real Daniel not the Doll focuses in on a silent fs 180 fakie manual to fs my dick in the middle.

Jereme came by yesterday with his younger brother Caine, at least I think he said Caine. I think they look slightly alike. What do you think?

Yesterday we tried to do a Mini Top 5 with Lee Smith about the Top 5 hand-me-down gifts Lee has received through his friendship with Mike Carroll. But all he could come up with is a $1,200 Louis Vuitton suit and the first iPod that’s shaped like a brick. Still, not a bad score Lee.

Q & A Section
From Jamal Smith,

Q: I gots a question, where the fuck did Shamil go? That nigguh was ill. Thank you for puttin’ my videos on the site. Y’all niggas is duh dopest.
A: Shamil drifted off from skating there in the late ’90s. He probably still skated but was never the kind of dude who seemed overly concerned with being pro or anything. He was just natural at it and liked doing it. He got into some trouble (you can read about it here) but is apparently back on the board. And as far as the videos go Jamal, thank you.Aaron

From JoJo,
A: I was wondering what Frosty's monthly box of product consisted of? I picked him because he rolls with Girl/Choc, Lakai & Fourstar. If this is too personal a question for Froston, ask Guy. Matter of fact, ask Guy instead.
Q: Guy and Frost are two of the least product-gettin’ dudes over here. I rarely ever see them pillage the warehouse. If you’re looking for pirate tales of bountiful booty, you should have asked about Chico. I’m pretty sure we’re keeping most of Nicaragua well fitted in Chocolate cords.Smyth

Send your questions here.

Another one from Tom and Haslam. Finally an artistic look at finger boarding.

“The day you’re my Ebonics translator I’m moving back to SF.”—Smyth



Clip of the Day. Supreme again. Jav again. Body varial.

Q & A Section
From Thomas Lane,
Q: In Mike Carroll's part in Questionable, who ollies up the big ledge at Embarcadero?
A: That’s the Mayor of Embarco, James Kelch jumping up the high stage. Another largely unknown Kelch cameo was his backside ollie to axle stall on the stage in H-Street’s Hocus Pocus. He was wearing red Lottos.—Aaron

From Ricky Gollino,
Q: This one’s regarding shoes. Considering the fact that there are Rick, MJ, and Koston Selects are there gonna be any Carroll or Mariano Selects coming out any time soon?
A: The Carroll Select is done and will be in stores this spring, check the website at the end of the month for this and the rest of the spring footwear line. So far there’s nothing on the drawing board for Guy, although I have a feeling that will change after Fully Flared comes out. And I’d assume that would likely be your next question, to which I’d answer “soon-thousand-seven”. Sit tight.Kelly Bird

Send you questions here.

Cover Blowout! Malto is on the cover of The #1 Skateboarding Magazine in the World, Guy is on the cover of the Boarder, and Muska is on the cover of The Mag. Muska don’t ride for us or anything, we just think he’s sick. Good job dudes.

Despite is his busy schedule of sitting on hold with customer service Mr. Carroll still has the drive and ambition to update his photo blog.



New Featured Feature. A trailer for the Bad*ss Meets Dumb*ss DVD.

Clip of the Day
. This clip gives no justice to how good Javier Nunez skates this thing.

Tapper Adam sent us this email, “Either you are hyped on the New Year and are being incredibly positivistic about thinking towards tomorrow or you are just a date ahead of yourself on the Daily Randoms.” Well Adam, the answer is neither. It’s Sanger’s fault. I caught secondhand time difference from one of his Australia posts being that they’re a day ahead. I’ve just been running with it because people think that the column hasn’t been updated if the date hasn’t changed. We’ll be back to the present by Monday

Q & A Section
From Casey Morrissey,
Q: If you had to cast Girl/Chocolate riders for a remake of “Thrashin,’” who would be Hook?
A: Gino.—Alex Olson

From Froggy,
Q: Who is the most musically talented within the Tap?
A: That would go to Rudy Johnson by far. When he was just 15 he played “Creeping Death” in its entirety for his horrified mother and father. He still plays guitar, bass, and drums for a ska band. Crank and Kenny play guitar quite bit as well, while Rickk dabbles with the six string and drums. Lastly, Mike Mo can play all the songs on expert, except for the Pantera song, on Guitar Hero. RIP Dimebag.—Aaron


“I can't hear you, the Zumiez party is bonkers.”—Rickk

“Lyrics are for teenage girls, brah.”—Eric Anthony



Clip of the Day. Back to the Supreme bowl as winter will have us. Carroll goes Grosso…or Steadham

Q & A Section
From Brad Martin,
Q: How does Big Daniel feel about Lil' Daniel?
A: I think little Daniel is dope. Giovanni Reda is the one who created Lil’ D. It all started from this plane trip to Brazil. I started to draw Reda then Reda started to draw little creatures with my face on them. That was like two years ago and since then I think he's been drawing me literally everyday. I think he is a little obsessed, but whatever, your boy is your boy so what are you goin’ do, ya know?Daniel

We’re still looking for a name for the Q & A Section should it ever find a permanent home. Here are three front runners; Informationville, Population: You; Talk to the Conch; and There IS Such a Thing as a Stupid Question. Send your thoughts and questions here.

Today Bird was wearing a Diamond shirt for the first time ever . Welcome to the big time Nick.

The Fairy has an update. Plenty of Pops.

Skate Daily had done such a good job explaining the Art Dump show in Sydney this Thursday that we’re going to advise you to go there. Behind the art.

In a strange twist of fate, I think Alex Olson might be getting some beaver these days.

“I’m trying to get my street wear cred up.”—Bird

“I got so many people pulling me in so many different directions and I’m about to pull you in a different direction.”—Carroll

“It's best if I don't call you until tomorrow, I'm already buzzed and we aren't even out of the airport.”—Rickk



This week’s Guest Front Page Poster is pro skater turned EMT and one time teammate of The Lix, Jerry Fowler. Thanks Jerry.

Q & A Section
From Robert
Q: Back in '93 or so, I got a Christmas card from Girl. It was an old style illustration of somebody serving a Turkey to a family. Where are the subsequent one's?  Did I fall off your list?
A: I'm guessing that was 1994. We didn't send out holiday cards in 1993 because, well, we didn't have enough money. But we sent a lot less out in 1995 then we did in 1994 because our software crashed and I think that was back when it was "uncool" to back up your files. It had nothing to do with our feelings for you. But send in your address, Robert because like I always tell Rick and Mike, an old friend isn't a big thing, it's a million little things. Then they look at me confused. We'll get you back in Christmas card rotation and feeling loved.Megan

Send your question here.

Clip of the Day. Koston grinds one and floats the sidewalk.

Andy Mueller’s Quite Life Video Contest for the Poo Poo Poodles, only the most important electronic band since Kraftwerk, has extended their deadline to Jan. 15.

Filmer Chris Ray sent us this message about getting his car stolen: “My car got stolen and the cop was like, ‘Is there anything on the car that may help us see it stand out?’ I told him, there is a Crailtap Turn Haters Into Likers frame on the license plate. He paused for a little bit and said, ‘That probably won’t help.’” Sorry about your car Ray Ray. If you’re in the Sacto area be on the lookout.

Today Carroll made an important executive decision and picked a slogan for a Crailtap T-Shirt for our open house. I think I know who’s getting the parking spot up front next month.


Clip of the Day. It’s been a big week for Atiba. Here he is with a two trick line and an attempted follow up by Mo. Congratulations Mo, you just invented a flatground trick.

The Q & A Section
From Benji,
Q: What's the deal with Coco Love from "Brothas From Different Mothers" skit in Mouse?  Damn, she was hot!
A: By all accounts Coco Love was a girl who just happened to see Rick and the Brothas filming the skit. She stopped her car, got in the shot and the rest is history. No make up or wardrobe or car was added for authenticity. That was all hers.—Aaron

Send a question you want answered here.

Since Shelby got a short week we’re gonna run a bonus photo here.

Haslam sent this to Tom Curran and Tom sent it to us and now you’re watching it. That’s not Haslam by the way.

Sal Barbier’s store SLB is throwing a block party/grand opening this Saturday if you’re so inclined.

Don’t expect that Mo ad of him on the rail, the cops kicked us out. Besides not getting the photo Mo’s theory that if we had a football with us, which we did, we wouldn’t get kicked out was shattered as well.

Jimmy and Chris, can we get some Get Fam videos please?

The Cheeks is here! And as usual he has on a new LRG sweater.

“I wish Big Black was here.”—Kid at school as we were getting kicked out


We’re gonna give the Q & A Section a test run in today’s Randoms, commonly referred to as the most precious real estate on The Tap, so you can tell we’re really behind this one. So here goes:

From Bob,
Q: Whatever happened to Ben Sanchez?
A: You ever sit at home, watching daytime television, till about 1pm? If you have, you're either a serious loaf, or you're a sponsored skateboarder. Thing is, your bombarded by all those commercials about getting your shit together, "Earn good pay and benefits being a mechanic or dental hygienist." Well after a lifetime of Jerry Springer, Pier 7, and Jenny Jones, Ben decided he needed a change. Preferring grease over teeth, Ben went to Ditech to become an auto mechanic. He's had his chubby little fingers under the hoods of cars for over 10 years now. I really don't think he could be happier. He's as awesome as ever. And quite the family man; his son turned 14 last weekend. He can still 360 flip first try.Smyth

Send a question you want answered here.

Also in the event that the Q & A Section should get it’s own page what should we name it or should we just stick with Q & A Section, I mean God forbid we’re just straightforward about something. Send your names here.

Mike is back from Florida where his lady friend survived a dolphin attack, true story, and he’s already back to blogging. This dude’s serious.

Today Eric, Atiba, Dario, Guy, and myself are meeting Mike Mo who wants to shoot an ad on a handrail. So, if you don’t see an ad of Mo skating a rail in about two or three months than we either got the boot or he pussed out. That’s life on the streets.



This week’s Guest Front Page Poster has been banned from more house parties, got more front teeth knocked out, and held down the Tenderloin longer than any other Guest Front Page Poster. That’s right Shelby Woods.

Clip of the Day. Ty upping Atiba.

New Feature (well, at least we’re gonna try). It’s the Q & A Section (we might have a fancier name for it later). (No more parenthesis today, I promise). The Ringer tried it with Ask Mikey or Spike and that kind of never worked so we’re gonna make it open game. Ask us any question about anything Girl and Chocolate fam related and we’ll have someone answer it. Wanna know where Jereme Rogers bought his first piece of jewelry? Wanna know what kind of razors MJ shaves his head with? Wanna know who picked the music for your favorite video part? Etc. Etc. Send your ponderings here. Are we shooting for the stars on this one Ringer?

Today The Gav invented a new Sushi Roll at lunch. The Skater Roll: a Bologna and Ranch cut roll maybe even Tempura’d.

“Only when he’s modeling.”—The Gav responding to the question if Alex Olson ever smiles anymore



Clip of the Day. I told Atiba he could be first clip of the 2007. I think it kind of made his Saturday. Ty was hating though.

See how Hubba was liberated in just seven minutes. Good work boys.

Many people have been hitting us up about how much this looks like Carroll.

Antisocial Michelle donned her Christmas tree with this angelic OG.

“You can’t even pose a pose.”—Ty

“Let’s see how puffy Gav is. Little holiday puff.”—Rickk


Another New Featured Feature. The Third Annual Year in Photos, 2006.

Smyth made a bold announcement yesterday that he wasn’t into traveling somewhere just to get fucked up. And he wants to go snowboarding really bad. I guess people really do change.

48 Blocks got an interview with Sweet Tooth and a couple of goofs.

Good news for Goths.

Bird, Charlene really likes the new Lakai catalog.

Happy New Year dudes.



New Featured Feature. Six days ago, with no idea whether he’d be up for it or not, we put the call out to Tapper Richard Amezquita who made this to make us a Year in Clips. Well, he came through with flying colors. Thanks Richard.

Soul Brother Number One, we’ll see you on the other side. RIP.



Clip of the Day. Guy to fakie.

A power surge prevented us from posting a Featured Feature. Next week.

Merry Christmas



Clip of the Day. Final Sal gets his.

Another kind Tapper, Richard Amezquita, made a short mov from our Clips of the Day, which are usually copyrighted material and under a tight watch from our crack team of lawyers, but in this instance we’ll let it slide. Richard, if you wanna do us a huge and edit the entire year’s clips into one long segment before the new year? We’ll even make it a Featured Feature. Let us know.

Speaking of Year Ends, go to the Royal site and see their ad archive from ’06.

Here’s in another in a long list of Street Pirate Tat’s.

We were going to do a Mini Top 5 of friends The Randoms have stolen from The Ringer. We definitely swiped the Desert Twins, EA and Jereme, but I think Bird and The Gav are up for grabs. They both have enough appeal and provide enough content for two columns so we’ll call it even. Ringer, you wanna borrow the Twins next week?

“Would you rather smell shit for a minute or be sick for two weeks.”—Rudy on why it’s more considerate to fart than sneeze


Clip of the Day. Tony Ferg totally owns this spot. Piv turnaround.

Girl Christmas Party Gallery Round Two: The Howard Files.

Mini Top 5
Top 5 camouflage items in Chico’s life
1. LRG zip up
2. LRG Sidekick
3. A pair of DVS Shoes for this Mexican band Molotov only made for Mexico
4. SF New Era
5. LRG tent, exclusive for The Cheeks

My cube neighbor, Eric Anthony, brought his pit bull to work today. And if you ever happen to run into EA and his pit yourself just know that he didn’t clip its ears. It’s a rescue bro. EA is way too much of an animal rescue freak. He’s even given up a few Saturdays for the cause.

“How was your hanger yesterday?’—Bird to Rickk



This week’s Guest Front Page Posters is one time Prime rider, one time Time owner, Cliché head honch, and obsessive board collector, Al Boglio. Thanks ledge!

Clip of the Day. Koston goes 5-0 to s. crooks to mute blast, check out the hot Asian chick at the end.

Girl Christmas Party Gallery. Gav didn't show.

Mike Blog Update. Looks like this week he’s playing by the rules. Good job Carroll. I think you’re winning.

Mini Top 5
Top 5 things Dorothy, our receptionist before Charlene, used to have to do for Carroll
1. Take care of his personal appointments
2. Call DMV whenever he lost his wallet
3. Do his greeting on his cell phone. Girls didn’t like that
4. Cut his hair
5. Listen to his many exciting adventures

This one’s for the older set. When albums attack.

“It’s just one of those things. Some people miss the pressure flip phase, I missed the poker phase.”—Gino



Clip of the Day. Sierra Fellers stops by with a whopper of a kf backside lip up a makeshift euro.

Mini Top 5
Top 5 things Charlene had to do for Carroll while she was our receptionist*
1.  Call his dentist office and pretend I was his wife
2.  Cancel his Proactive membership a million times
3   Make sure his vitamins arrived on time each month
4.  Send all his tax forms to his accountant
5.  Answer a million questions about life
*“I did all this even after he called me a bitch at my first trade show.”—Charlene

Alex sent us this photo of his uncle Hackett. May all our frontside grinders look this good.

Smyth, another screaming fan just waiting with lighter in hand for an encore. “I sit here 8.5 hours a day at an insurance company talking to insurance agents. It’s not fun. Sam’s Real World Updates got me through the day. Now I'm just hungover, don’t eat, and snap on these dumb ass agents. If I get fired I might have to move to Cali to get a job at Girl. Maybe that’d be a good thing. But Sam, you need to come back with some updates. Whether it’s some MTV crap or any other B.S. reality show. Thanks and goodnight
!”—Chuch from MI

Tonight is Girl’s annual Christmas party. Photos to follow.

“Hang out with me, you’ll get all kinds of shit.”—Lee Smith on how to get content of him for the Tap

“This is some adult shit.”—Lee Smith on Koston’s gift exchange

“This looks a lot different than the Cribs segment.”—Scott’s wife to Koston


Brace yourself Gav. This is gonna hit you harder than most. But, for some reason I don’t think Rickk or Smyth will be losing much sleep over it. Now if that were Luke Walton or E-40 getting a dewy it might be a different story.

Don’t trip. Staba’s got a new book just in time for the holidays.

Last night when I went to Ako’s to borrow some Scotch tape he was chatting three-way on his iSight with Supreme Curtis and Kutter who was in Japan. And I gotta tell you, I haven’t felt that close to being that cool since Heather Smith asked me to fill out her slam book in the fifth grade, this was way before MySpace surveys.

Iannucci? Giovanni? Any relation?

Smyth, we got your first fan pleading for some updates: “I was definitely wondering what the heck happened to Smyth. I thought maybe he no longer kept it real, and this bummed me out. You see I am a fan of everything MTV reality and everything Crail, so Smyth’s musings on such programs really was a little slice of heaven. If he could do something like keepin it real that would just be excellent. If not, at least he'll have time to keep that girl squad in line, and oh so buttery.”—With love, Nick P. Keep them coming. We might be able to turn him around.



Clip of the Day. The final installment from the Supreme sesh. Mariano halfpiping around.

I don’t think Smyth’s biting on the “24/7” write-ups. Maybe you could offer some compelling argument for him to do otherwise. You’d be surprised how well he responds to the praises and demands of his fans. Send your encouraging words here.

Here are some interesting facts, according to the city’s official website, about Torrance, California, home of Crailtap HQ. Torrance is 21 square miles and is situated halfway between LA and Orange County, which is kind of a bummer because we always felt like much more of an LA company than an Orange County company, although we’re sure River Joe is equally stoked as we are bummed about our proximity to the OC. Torrance’s population is 147,405 with a peak daytime population (2 p.m.) of 203,111 (at least 50% of that is gotta be Podium staff). Not mentioned on the site is Spike’s short documentary he made about Torrance, where he rode around on his bicycle and interviewed strangers with his video camera, almost getting his ass kicked in the process. I’ve never seen it and think I’ve only heard of it from reading the Ringer’s column, so you’d know just as much about it as I would.

The Cheeks is here!

“It’s gonna be big with gang members.”—Larson about a new Girl hat


Clip of the Day. It is with much privilege to present today’s clip, Scott Oster in the bowl. Welcome to the Tap Scott.

The Gav was kind of bummed that we didn’t have an update about the Phish show they attended last weekend, even going as far as saying that other people were bummed that nothing went up. Nice try Gav. The only update we got was from Smyth who really enjoyed the light show and got a pissing ticket from the cops. Luckily for all of Gav’s bummed out friends Rickk gave us some of his photos. I’ll tell you who could have used an update though is Rudy, who was the only one to show up for the Wiltern show the next night, expecting to get a free ticket from Gav. Nice try Rudy.

In further Gav news, today at lunch it was decided that out of the two recent reformers Jason Callaway is more Jewish than The Gav. Callaway’s history of Judaism classes and community service has given him the edge over Tim who admitted that all he knows is Jewish jokes.


“That was ’93. I was still switch flipping, for sure.”—Rudy

“I got him in the trunk right now.”—Reda about Little Daniel



Clip of the Day. This and the next two are gonna be from the Supreme bowl, where apparently Carroll gets a pass on the no camera rule. Koston today followed by two more legends of street.

Carroll Blog Update! I know I didn’t really do this for the other guys, but I decided that I want to be more encouraging in my relation with Carroll. So good job Mike, but next post try not to run any photos that we already ran on The Tap three months ago.

Smyth is in New York until Friday, so expect plenty of photos of Jeff Pang and Peter Bici on his shit.

Lee Smith is back in town. He’ll be splitting his time, and his new views on the world, between SF and LA.



This week’s Guest Front Page Poster is Adam Wright, an outsider who likes guns, skateboards, cameras, fun, motorcycles, and blonde girls. As you can probably tell I don’t know Adam from Adam, but it looks like he knows Max and takes good photos. So it’s a go. Thanks Adam.

Clip of the Day. Reese from the flat and Little D from the side.

Have you been wondering what Biebel’s been up to lately? Wonder no more.

That’s what she gets for thinking she can learn how to ollie in five minutes.

I think Smyth should start writing about the new hit show 24/7. He’s had a few seasons off with the Real World, so it’s the only way he can redeem himself in the eyes of the Smyth fans out there. And believe me there’s a lot.

If you didn’t know the latest 411 is the Chico Brenes issue. On the cover is doing a fakie flip with what looks like a mouse or a rat standing beneath him. Further more Bob K. did the titles and graphics. Bob K. used to do the job I’m doing now. I just read some more of the press release and it said that it’s actually a hamster on the cover.

Thanks Barnett. Good shit.

Oh, and Mo, you might want to consult with your Talent Manager Smyth before you pull some horse shit like that again.

“Don’t ask.”—The Gav when spotted at a skate spot this weekend

“I don’t want to get hurt before a Trey [Anastasio] show.”—The Gav when asked to do a heelflip


Clip of the Day. Clip of the Day. Reese Forbes thru Carroll’s POV.

What, tornado spin with a jump rope? It’s Jamal time.

Every now and then a man steps up, takes on something much bigger than himself, and makes the impossible possible. Such as, the dude who engineered the Panama Canal, the bloke who took the first stroll on the moon, the alien that created the pyramids, or the guy who laid out the Great Wall of China. We’re proud to present to you a man who walks in those same footsteps. A man who’ll stare down the face of adversity and rise above and beyond any thing he’s ever attempted in his life thus far. Ladies we present to you the Mike Carroll photo blog. This just may be the most trying six months of his life.

Tapper Tomas Diaz not only has written a thesis involving Chico and Rudy (true story) he came across the Real Ghostbusters vehicle. One upping Brezinski’s post from yesterday.

This is old but new to us. Dimitry and Jeff’s rainbow cruise reveal.

No post tomorrow so…
Bonus Clip of the Day. Koston at Berra’s or Koston at Koston’s?

“Is the saying ‘ex-pro’ like the phrase ‘X-Men?’ If so, I want to be Wolverine, all hairy and manly with claws. Raaarrrr!”—Jayme Fortune



Clip of the Day. After rooming with Malto on Badass Mo realized a good hardflip could go a long way.

Smyth got roped into the Phish/Trey show that The Gav, Rickk, Pat Lawlor, and Hime are going too. To add to what the Ringer wrote yesterday, Smyth’s not into the band and he isn’t as big of a fan of The Gav as Rickk and Hime are. No, he’s more interested in the 45 minutes before the show when everyone parties in the parking lot. Sounds like an amazing Saturday Smyth. Sorry for the links on Pat and Hime, I just thought their stars on Crail weren’t as bright as the others guys’, so a little refresher for the fans was in order.

The Art Dump has some dumpings available here. An excellent stocking stuffer.

Alex Olson is still in Australia. Can’t tell if he’s gonna stay for a full two months like he did last year. But seeing as he bailed out on the skate trip he was on only after a few days it looks like it will be a much shorter stay.

A video demonstration of Carroll Crailing a ditch.

“Should we bring puca shells?”—Rickk

“No, hemp necklaces.”—Smyth

“Ex pros on the message boards are funny.”—Raymond Molinar


Clip of the Day. Lamar locks in a lengthy back Smith to fakie.

Have you ever gotten an email from The Gav and marveled at its grammatical excellence? Well, here’s his secret that he passed on to us the other day. “Write all your emails in a Word Document first, so you can do spell check it.” They don’t give out window offices to just anybody.

Ever wanted to be a musician and right hit songs? All you need to learn is four chords.

Barnett, can you send us some Machine videos. Haven’t seen it yet.



This week’s Guest Front Page Poster is Joey Brezinski, much less known for his time behind the lens than his time spent on the manny pads. This week may change all that…actually probably not. Thanks Buck!

Clip of the Day. Jeron, may this park clip appease your craving for Crail coverage for this month.

Mini Top 5
Top 5 topics overheard from Jereme Rogers’ cell phone conversations while roaming the halls of Girl for the last hour:
1. Foreclosures
2. Marketing personalities
3. What cause someone to have bad credit
4. In skateboarding the money is in clothing
5. Torey Pudwill and Justin Schulte

Real life Space Invaders.

Ty’s here for his seasonal visit. He not topless but he does have a ponytail.

The Crail Store has got a Christmas update. Get grandma that Googlies deck she’s been asking about.

“Yeah…but I spend it too.”—Jereme when asked if he’s good with his money



Clip of the Day. Joey Pepper hitting that popular Daly City mini. Nice camera work Willigan. Jeez.

As the Skate Fairy has mentioned, the second round of the Share The Air is on. Morf you can enter this time.

Scott Johnston always brings up the “El Toro Back Lipped” cover blurb. So I thought he’d really enjoy this, that is if he ever read The Tap.

Ben Colen is back in town. So if your animals start acting funny or the heavens suddenly open and the weather changes drastically, you’ll know what little wizard has opened his spell book.

“I didn't hang it up, Rickk kicked me off!”—The Gav

“How many lungs do we have? So that’s double.”—Rudy trying to figure out how many lungs were in the car



Clip of the Day. Barker Barrett is back with a frontside block.

Ringer, if you’re looking for some heads of hair to get your Harsh Hair Update jump-started again, you can start with Mike Mo and his brother Vince. They have some serious manes. Vince just thinned his out with a razor comb. His mother’s suggestion.

That’s a lot of “Da Da Da Da Da Da, Da Duna Da Da.”

Staba’s favorite company the Quite Life is having a video contest. This could be your chance to break into the lucrative business of video directing. Just line up behind the guy selling movies on beta. I think I just undersold the contest. Should be great. May enter myself. Click on the Poo Poodles

“I saw that photo of Staba’s uncle and what’s crazy is that I always thought that Staba looked like a big midget.”—Rudy



Clip of the Day. That’s him Tony Rone.

I often wonder how things are going down at Russell’s Casting.

Is it Hype or Diss? Before you cast your vote please read Smyth’s disclaimer: “I'm honored someone chose my photo to represent the Hyphy Movement on this little website. One thing the poster neglected to mention is that the photo is from New Years Eve of 05. One year later the Movement swept the nation.”

Today at lunch Rudy gave The Gav some diet advice. It went something like this, you can still eat jalapeño poppers from Jack In The Box you just have to take a bite off the tip and squeeze most of the cheese filling out. According to Rudy it still taste the same but when you’re done you get to look at the big ball of cheese leftover and think about how healthy you just were.

Royal Mutt.

Can’t imagine why this facet of skateboarding ever died out.

“Hyphy was dead on the East Coast before it got a fair chance because of white dude's like this.”—mrplent



We’ve just discovered that our shit looks way tighter if Safari than it does in Firefox.

Clip of the Day. As mentioned yesterday Barker Barrett stopped by. Straight to the tight tranny sir.

If you don’t know Girl Skateboards artist Tony Larson yet here’s a little insight into who he is. He felt this was the greatest piece of video he’s ever seen. We agree.

How’s this for product placement?

Today The Gav had on a pretty nice dress shirt, like the kind you wear to a big meeting or something. It’s been said before that Thursdays are The Gav’s Friday’s, so are Tuesdays The Gav’s Mondays?

Pamela and Kid Rock broke up. I thought when you get married in a bikini you're playing for keeps.

“My Mexi intake has been at an all time high.”—Bird

“I don’t understand hanging out at retail.”—The Gav

“I’m glad I missed out on the DUI phase.”—Rickk


This week’s Guest Front Page Poster is Brad Staba. At Ty’s bachelor party almost three years ago Brad tried burning my tent and I threatened to punch him in face. It went something like this, “Brad if you burn my tent I’m gonna punch you in the face.” He brigns it up every time I’ve see him. Thanks Brad.

We’re working with a very unenthused VP today.

Clip of the Day. Koston skatin’ ’dem walls.

Today in Torrance
A Black Friday promotion at the Del Amo Fashion Center in Torrance turned into a stampede, injuring an elderly woman and nine other people. Two thousand shoppers scurried after 500 balloons containing gift certificates. Ty’s wife Steph used to work in the same mall.

French Fred, got the CD. You’re a sweetheart.

The Cheeks is here! So is Barker Barrett!

“See I graduated…oh, no I didn’t.”—Joey Brezinski

“I’m huge in Poland.”—Joey Brezinski



Clip of the Day. Koston skating them benches and tables.

Bonus Clip of the Day. It is a long weekend after all. Lucas Smithing his ass off in Holland.

Emilio does as every young boy should, learn to jam some Maiden. Good job boys.

Guess Whose Tat!

I wonder if Dawes still refuses to celebrate Thanksgiving on account of him being 1/28 Native American. I always liked that about you Lance.

See ya Monday.


“C’mon I live in Hollywood.”—Calaway about cupcakes



CrailyLater’d. Don’t forget to click on the little Birdy.




Clip of the Day. Actually, this might be Clip of the Year.

Put a Movie on a Manchester Contest has come to an end. With nearly 20 submissions for The Big Lebowski we thought we’d honor this crowd favorite with the last two winners. Tom Cantrell’s comes with a free White Russian with every purchase.

And this dude from France by the name of Da turns the Manchester into a bowling shoe that even The Jesus can endorse.

So that’s it. They’re all gone. Thanks for all the entries. You guys really went all out.

Top 5 movies most popular movies for The Put a Movie on a Manchester Contest:
1. The Big Lebowski
2. Kill Bill
3. Godfather
4. Kazaam
5. Surf Ninjas

A familiar reminder to Get Familiar. Chris Hall’s video will be premiering tomorrow night in DC and LA in conjunction with the release of Color Magazine’s latest issue. Should be good.

My favorite part is the trannies.

Happy Birthday Ringer!

The Cheeks is here!

Shit might get weird on Monday.

“I’m all over the streets right now.”—The Cheeks



A shoe, a clip, a Gonz, a Tae, a soccer team, and a cupcake. Here goes:

Put a Movie on a Manchester Contest. Matt Hardy comes thru with an undeniable classic. Tomorrow’s the last day.

Clip of the Day. PJ pops high on a suspiciously familiar shape.

Mark working in England.

An interview with one of the most stylish skaters of all time, Jovontae.

It sure as hell beats The Purple People Eaters.

“Can’t get mad at a cupcake.”—Smyth



Put a Movie on a Manchester Contest. We’re down to three sets of shoes. We’re going to announce two winners on Friday so we can put this baby to rest. Abe Garcia from LA throws Ming on a side panel.

Clip of the Day. The last of Staba and the DC mini. Thank God. Kidding Brad, kidding.

Today I tried to sell the Daily Motto for a dollar to anyone interested. For one buck they could have wrote whatever they liked, with the exclusion of any proper nouns (such as Meza for instance). Nobody was biting.

The Crail Store has been updated. Major bargain shopping three columns on the right.

Last week it was revealed to some of us that Scott Johnston and his wife were approached about being on the Amazing Race. Not because Scott’s a pro skater or anything like that, but because they caught the casting director’s eye when he saw them arguing over movie times at The Grove. It would have been an incredible season.

In the next few months Carroll will be joining Smyth, Atiba, and Eric with his very own photo blog. Mark my words this will be the biggest undertaking of his life, the effects of which will undoubtedly be felt by all those around him. It’s gonna be a heavy six months.

“I can still frontside noseslide something.”—The Gav on coming out of retirement

“My mom wants me to play some mariachi, but I always break out the Floyd.”—Rudy on bringing his guitar to family gatherings



Clip of the Day. When you get bored on the mini hit up the launcher.

Put a Movie on a Manchester Contest. We got only four sets of these shoes to give away. Ben Baudhuin of Brooklyn will be getting his soon, they’re on a mission from God.

Here’s the best dude since this guy.

Over a corpo lunch The Gav let us know that our very own Mike Mo is officially on Matix, as is fellow Simi Valley shredder T-Puds.

The Fourstar site has been updated with the recent holiday line and a contest to win some freebees.

Guy’s buddy Amrit will be premiering his video tomorrow night. It’s free.

“I still like skating.”—Jeremy Carnahan



This week's Front Page Guest Poster is Bryce Kanights. Aside from being a ledge both behind the camera and on the board, Bryce was the subject of the first piece of industry gossip that I ever heard. While just a kid skating at Fort Miley I overheard Pierre telling Jeff Whitehead that Bryce was making the major power move from Madrid to Schmitt Stix. Another time, on our way to getting heckled by the staff at Fogtown, we saw Bryce and his pals checking out my friend Alberto’s older sister. We encouraged her to get his number, hoping they’d eventually go out and we’d get free stickers, but she didn’t go for it. So we decided to look up his name in the phonebook and just crank call him instead. Sorry Bryce. But thanks for the photos and thanks for playing such a seminal part of my youth.

Clip of the Day. More from the DC mini. BA dances on the edge.

Put a Movie on a Manchester Contest. Joseph O’Neal’s, of Fort Myers, FL, The Never Ending Manchester might not be the next Diamond Dunk, but it’d find at least one satisfied customer in Ben Colen.

Someone found it in the kindness of his heart to archive and edit our clips from the past couple of months.

This is about as rare as a Big Foot sighting. Mo does dishes.

“I’m basically Bonaduce in that situation. It’s the same self destructive behavior.”—Koston after jumping down steps all day


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