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We'd like to congratulate Marc Johnson for being chosen for the highly coveted Thrasher Magazine's Skater of the Year. That makes it four statues in the building. Right arm MJ!

Skate Fairy has blessed us with a slideshow documenting some of Fully Flared's last outings.

Clip of the Day.
A Gino one at that! Courtesy of 48 Blocks.

Bonus Clip of the Day. Burndog's got a hot one of Crankers at Ripon. Note that aggressive filming stance in the shadows.

Lately All Kids Are Idiots contest! We'll be assigning the winners starting Monday. Until then, keep 'em coming. And here's a helpful hint if you want to take this thing, try and make sure they at least make some sense. See the post from 11/28/07 for more details.

At one point we though we'd give the Q & A Section it's own column and asked you, The Tappers, to help us come up with a name for it. We've since decided to just leave the aforementioned section right here in the Randoms and we decided to just go with the Q & A Section, so the names were never used. But here's a Mini Top 5 of some of the better ones:

Top 5 Q & A Section titles that never got used:
1. "Talk To The Conch" submitted by Mark Delong
2. "There Is Such a Thing as a Stupid Question" submitted by Arthur Bernier
3. "Aspire to Inquire" submitted by Blake Barton
4. "Informationville, Population: You" submitted by Matt
5. "Thom Yorke's Lazy Eye Medicine" submitted by Matt

Q & A Section
From Jason D. Graham,
Q: The whole "Biggie vs. Pac" thing on the 'Tap is killer. What about The Smiths vs. Belle and Sebastian? I would vote for Belle & Sebastian, even though I can't really fuck with anything they've released since like 2001.
A: B & S.--Aaron

Send your questions here.

Today in Torrance. Sanger, are these your guys?

Still no word from Young Olson. Looks like someone finished their first video part and decided to take a little vacay.

We're a little late on this, but it is with much sadness that we report to you the passing of Kevin Dubrow of Quiet Riot fame. If you're my age, and God help you if you are, his band was the reason you got into Heavy Metal. Rest In Peace Kev. Say hi to Randy for us.




The Lately All Kids Are Idiots contest! is off to a cryptic start. See yesterday's post for details, and other radness. Again we'll be announcing the winners of the Fully Flared DVDs next week. And winners, let's try keep the contents of said DVD off Youtube for at least a couple of weeks. Please. Send your entries here.

While dining in oldtown Torrance yesterday we took an educational field trip.

It's taken a few days to mention it, but EA, my next neighbor here in cubes-ville has moved on to the other end of the hall and even has his own door. First Jeremy split and now this. Insert big throat gulp here.

One of our favs and a Choco OG, has his own website.

Q & A Section
From Alfonso,
Q: Last week I met Mike Carroll at the London premiere and told him I had a question for Crailtap, so he told me to address it to him. Here it goes: In 411 issue number 19 Lavar McBride rode a Girl board although he was on Blind at the time. Was he ever gonna be on the team? If not, any idea why he chose to ride Girl for his ProFile? Big hello to MC, Capaldi, Welsh, Bird and Biebel. I can't get the video out of my mind. Yesterday I dreamt I saw Pappalardo's part again. True story.
A: No, Lavar was never going to get on Girl. I don't remember the footage that you're talking about but I'm sure he didn't think about what board he was riding or what the footage was being used for. Back then we all used to ride whatever board, whenever. Back then before I rode for Girl, I rode plenty of other companies boards also.--Carroll

Send your questions here.

Haven't talked to Alex Olson in a while.

"We're in the middle of a writers strike, you have to take what you can get."--Ben Colen




Lately All Kids Are Idiots contest! Come up with the best acronym for L.A.K.A.I. and win a DVD copy of Fully Flared. That's right you'll get an official copy of the "the big show movie." Send in your acronyms here and we'll be announcing the five winners everyday next week. And include your address this time, guys.

Tokyo, one of five cities to be blessed with a Fully Flared premiere, serves as the backdrop for Rickk's latest gallery.

We're kind of surprised how well Carroll's doing in The Crail Poll. Don't you remember when he did the Randoms for a week a couple of years back?

Looks like Ben Colen's fantasy world took a turn for the darkside. We caught a photo of him at the food court recently. Looks like he's packing it on too.

Q & A Section
From Roi,
Q: Who would win in a fight, Biebel or seven Maltos?
A: I think if we all really tried we could take him, but if he drank a Redline before the fight he would definitely destroy us.--Malto

From MK,
Q: Chico, I'm an Australian citizen and US resident and will eventually be eligible to get citizenship. I was wondering if the citizenship test is multiple choice? I'm almost 30, couldn't be arsed studying anything that doesn't have boobs and figured multiple choice should be easy enough.
A: No unfortunately the citizenship test is not multiple choice, but they do give you the test and the answers on an audio CD so that you could study. It's about 100 questions and they only ask you 10 random ones like, "What are the colors of our flag?" Good luck buddy.--Chico

Send your questions here.

Mike Mo sent us a text today to let us know that he's an am not pro. Thanks Mo.

"You gotta be serious sometimes."--Chico

"I can't not say stupid shit."--Ben Colen




New Poll. One of these six skaters will quit being pro to start their own Crailtap Column, who will it be. Just kidding, but who would have the most entertaining column.

Ladies and germs, the US population has just grown by one as today marks Chico Brenes' official debut as a US Citizen, after acing such hard hitting American Trivia questions like what is the Emancipation Proclamation? Congratulations on your new status Cheeks, now have fun getting jury duty notices in the mail every year.

From Marc Matis, "Of the many delays in production of the Fully Flared video I never thought yoga shorts would be one."

Q & A Section
From Steven,
Q: Does Lakai really stand for Lately All Kids Are Idiots?
A: If only we could be so clever. There was this dude that used to frequent Frisco raves back in the day. He was always sipping Hawaiian Punch/ OE straight out the bottle and stealing the hats and/or sunglasses of all the girls around him, being all cute with them and shit. Somehow-- as puzzling as it was-- it always worked for him. The dude's name was Malakai, and Lakai is a tribute to him.--Bird

Send your questions here.

New Top 5 coming soon with the inventor of the Salad Grind

"I did that shit 11 years ago."--Chico on being a dad

"Get a reptile and skate down the Strand with it on your shoulder on weekends."--Lewman on maintaining your edge




New Featured Feature. While the rest mingled and sipped at the reception for the Fully Flared premiere, EA and Andy Mueller hustled and bustled some photos of the star-studded crowd for this slideshow.

Bob K.
gives McCrank the Terry Gross treatment.

Kevin McDonald was kind enough to send this photo of Jamal. No real point to it other than it'll have to hold us over until the next Jamal clip.

Malto's preferred place for setting up boards, Escapist, is coming in with another banger.

Q & A Section
From Seth,
Q: I've always wondered, does anyone at Girl/Chocolate listen to The Howard Stern Show?
A: Yeah, I got Sirius and all that. I wish they would get rid of that idiot Sal before he drives Artie away! Sal sucks and is making the show jump the shark. So annoying!--Carroll

Send your questions here.

Today in Torrance.

Smyth, thanks for holding down the fort. Round of applause everyone.

"I was just staring at his hands, trying to get some tips."--Sal Barbier about the Van Halen concert


(The Smyth Posts)

Eric Koston has a skatepark, with it's own website. Check the pre-launch teaser. And come back next month for the hard launch, with some hard-hitting footage of local pros (and ams).

48 Blocks
has the Frisconian take on the LA FF premier. See you this weekend, Lee-low.

Rickk brings us a Canadian's look at the Vancouver premier.

This is why Joan Rivers doesn't cover skate events. We don't know how to react to this question. Second hand embarrassment central

Boiling points and cliffhangers. Teaser yet to be confirmed. Get up to speed with the 17th installment of the Real World Sydney Report.

Le Lee hit me with four Mini Top 5s. Too good to edit down. In their entirety:

Top 5 things to do on your next trip to the states:
1. Talk shit with my boys over a 30 pack of Bud
2. Gather streetwear
3. Buy all the seasons of "Entourage"
4. Check out all the new babies
5. Have a Sunday walk down Melrose with Smyth, Nick Diamond, Greg and Mike C

Top 5 Americans in Spain right now:
1. Tony Cox, sometimes he says hi to me
2. Woody Allen, you can catch him on the streets of Barcey, he's always around
3. My boy Scott, he's an emo hipster from LA. He looks like Brad Staba and he's friends with Kutter
4. Kenny Reed, he likes to kiss my neck when he's drunk
5. Big Hughes, where you at son?

Top 5 meals you miss:
1. Roscoe's Chicken N Waffles
2. Cheesesteaks
3. Mission taco trucks
4. Red's Java House burgers
5. LA production dinners with The Mez, Woos, Carrolls, Bird, Scooch, Ben, Smyth, etc. Preferably at Newsroom Cafe

Top 5 TV shows you want to see:
1. "Life Of Ryan", sounds interesting
2. "The First 48", cold-blooded murder never gets old
3. "I Love New York Season 2", straight comedy. What up with Chance?
4. "106 & Park", of course
5. "30 Rock", Tina Fey's a hot nerd




(The Smyth Posts)

Well, the legacy ends here. The Meza's went with Nicolas Henry. Sorry Pac. Congratulations namesake Nick Diamond, the realest gangster Aaron knows

Real World teaser: Someone goes home.

Since my camera was lost amidst all the good times, check Burnout for the most comprehensive pictorial coverage of the Fully Flared premier. Mike scored the coveted Greco pic EA was turned down for. Aaron got a few photos too.

Have you had enough of me? Learn a bit about BA in this interview by our UK brethren at Crossfire.

More me tomorrow.

"You're the funniest guy we know."--Rickk



(The Smyth Posts)

You know Kilo right? Currently Crailtap's Cutest Dog? Well, do you watch Weeds? Remember the tattoo artist from episode before last? One year ago, that guy rescued Kilo minutes before being put to sleep at an LA pound, and then gave him to me. Thanks, dude. You owe me three stereo remotes.

Security Breach! Fully Flared on ebay!

Shock G with a potent anecdote on 2Pac vs Biggie. If this doesn't appease both sides, there will never be peace.

CGI, flash-forwards, cliffhangers. Lucas? Tarantino? No, The Real World. Peep the report.

Looks like SF's Mash Crew got new team uniforms. That's a good look, boys!

If you hadn't heard, Fully Flared premiered Friday night. And I know you think I'm a total insider, but there were many surprises that even I didn't expect. If you couldn't make it, I hope you see it really soon

"I'm here for the big shoe movie."--Staba




More road pics from Staba. This is John Pryor. He's someone I used to see at Embarco. He pushed mongo with super tight trucks, and did an abundance of heelflips. I'm sure there's a lot more to him, that's just all I know.

My Mini Top 5
Top 5 things I like about Waiting To Inhale, the most recent Devin The Dude album:

  1. He takes it back to what good rap used to be about.
  2. It's about bitches,
  3. Smoking weed,
  4. And being broke.
  5. Not being rich.

Ever wish you were a Wizard? Note the Wizard Status Bylaws:
"Place thy freshy upon thy empty, secure with tape of duct. When thy staff ascends beyond thy head, one has achieved Wizard Status." (coming soon)

Meza's got this edict about not plugging himself in his own column. Not me.

Not trying to say this question sucks, but if you know the answer, you must have been one of our first reps or distributors, and by now should've earned yourself a ticket. If you're a civilian, and in Vancouver, the best you can do is take a guess. Good luck.


"A dude can sexually harass another dude."--Carroll


"I'm excited!"--McCrank




Do you live in Vancouver? Lucky you. Try your luck at this contest to win two tickets to the Vancouver Fully Flared premier.

Filming for the Skate Mental video is well underway.

Still no name for Baby Mez. Keep on voting. I told Aaron how 2Pac wrote the hardest beef song ever, and I think it swayed him. No one wants an emo kid, not even Emo Sr.

Staba sent me this chilling chronicle of life from the road. Brad cursing? Weird. See Team Mental at Chula Vista Skatepark tonight at 6pm. Brad's had enough slaps. He needs hugs!

Young sluts on the prowl. Must be Smyth with his wacky Real World report. That's me. Do you love it?

Saw "Cheese Cake Poppers" window display at Arby's. Sounds amazing. Could it be their greatest gift since the Polar Swirl?



This is Smyth, of Real World/Wild Weekend fame.

Aaron Meza will be out this week. He'll be at home, tripping out on his band new, unnamed, baby boy. That's right. Congratulations are in order, to him and wife Diana. He's going to be the first baby raised on no carbs.

And yes, you heard me right, baby Meza doesn't have a name yet. So we're going to solve this the same way Aaron makes all his big decisions, with a poll. Check the new poll down there and vote. If he goes with the winner, I'm buying you all a brew.

Our guest front-page poster for this week is Slap editor Mark Whitely. From what I understand, Mark is also the team manager for regular-footed people everywhere. So if you're regular-footed and you need a box, or want to go on tour, talk to Mark. He lead my boys Sean and Crank to victory at the GVR. He can do the same for you!

The Skate Mental team has officially taken over the Nike tour. See Team Mental tonight at Cowtown in Tempe. Slap Brad Staba, Bam style. He loves it.

Spent a lot of time with Carroll this weekend. I think we're going to make a smooth transition when it's time to retire. When he retires I'm kind of counting on him making me quit my job to entertain him full-time.


"Why are you so into getting bad tattoos?"--Reda




Video Vault Clip of the Day. Carroll, you're tripping if this is an outtake.

A funny audio clip for the weekend from the Onion.

Some real skate shoes. Thanks Luke.

Q & A Section
From Steve,
Q: Why do you think the Real World opted on not having a non-ghetto black dude and/or gay dude in the new season?
A: The season's already awesome enough. I guess they didn't want it to be too awesome.--Smyth

Send your questions here.

And to maximize this segue opportunity we bring the latest installment of Smyth's Keepin' It Real, episode 14.

From Tapper Oak Kelsey: "Yesterday you had a post about Haulin' Ass to Hall and Oates. Well, how about Haulin' Goats? Haulin' Goats is Wayne Sayres (guitars and vocals) and me (the arrangement, bass and accordian). This is what happens when you get drunk in a kitchen with guitars and a 4-track."





Clip of the Day. Ithaca's favorite son, Jamal Smith is back.

As a tribute to all, or most all, who entered the Crail Cover Contest here's a slideshow.

Q & A Section
From Kyle,
Q: Who came up with the title Fully Flared and or why?
A: Scott Johnston came up with the name The Full Flare, in reference for it being Lakai's first full-length video. It eventually got morphed into Fully Flared.--Aaron

Send your questions here.

Ian Shulman of Seattle fame has been working on his latest, Haulin Ass to Hall n Oates. Wait for it.


"My mom knows more about skating than me."--Guy




Clip of the Day. Vintage Biebel. Like a fine wine he's matures with age.

We picked the winners for the Fully Flared Premiere tickets. Click the photo below to see if you won. Sorry if you didn't. For the winners check your mailbox for two tickets later in the week.

Q & A Section
From EY Pep,
Q: Smyth, I saw you and the Fourstar Team while travelling in Japan and the crowd was calling out to you "Hufnagel", do you get confused for Keith often?
A: Yes, quite a bit. I guess people think HUF is better looking in person.--Smyth

From Homeboy,
Q: What is Pappalardo's favorite video part of all time?
A: Matt Reason 411 #12. A skateboarder's skateboarder.--Pappalardo

Send your questions here.

Paul Metallo is seeing double, double pirates that is.





Clip of the Day. What do you get when you cross Koston, Olson, Carroll, a flatbar, an iPhone, and the Fully Flared counter? You get a beefy Clip of the Day...directed by Mike Carroll.

Crailtap Cover Contest. It's our last one and it just came in today, Kelly Litzenberger is our final winner. Desert Living. Thanks everyone for entering.

Q & A Section
From Clayton Sharpe,
Q: For Carroll; Favorite Motley Crue member? Favorite Motley Crue album? Favorite Motley Crue song? Favorite Motley Crue video?
A: Mick Mars. Shout at the Devil. Danger. Too Young to Fall in Love.--Carroll

Send your questions here.

A typo on concerning yesterday's Guest Front Page Poster may have led you to believe that Smyth had a "Metal" weekend when in fact he had a "Mental" weekend. The differences between the two are both small and big, but by the time we get to Friday's front page it'll be apparent why it was the later rather than the former.

"I don't hot dog anymore."--Hot Dog





This week's Guest Front Page Poster is Smyth's Metal Weekend, three days spent in SF this last weekend. Thanks Sam.

Who Wore It Best? A Skate Mental T-Shirt and inspirational chest behind it. Olson vs. Carroll

Crailtap Cover Contest
. Nico Caratiola harkens back to the days when Mike was buff...and hairless. Send your entries here. See the post from 10/5/07 for more details.

All the way from Europe, Lee Smith weighs in on the Pac and Biggie's posthumous battle: "Yo, I don't know if this is still a topic but in response to Jurgen K's claim I have to say, hey Jurgen, I find it hard to believe there are no Tupac shirts in NY, in fact tell me where this mural is buddy? L.E.S. son, I never saw a mural of Biggie in Cali. You know who's the best."

"I was thinking to myself, which I rarely do."--Carroll

"This is Scott Johnston, he's been dressing good since the second grade. You're gonna tell him where to put a pinstripe? C'mon!"--Reda




Crailtap Cover Contest. The Prolific Porous Walker's Sex Witch Larson. Only two more winners left. Send your entries here. See the post from 10/5/07 for more details.

Mega Mini Top 5
Scott Johnston's Top 5 EMB locs
1. Kelch
2. Wing Ding (Mike Cao)
3. Rick Ibaseta
4. Karl Watson
5. Jovontae

SJ's Top 5 Pulaski Locs
1. Carlos Kenner (Pooch)
2. Randy Corey
3. Chris Hall
4. Andy Stone
5. Eban Jankie

Q & A Section
From Bill Kaschner,
Q: Did Mike Carroll ever have a perm back in the day?
A: No but my dad has one. But I've had the bleached hair then when it grows out you cut it into a flattop so you have bleached blonde rim around the top and the rest brown. Sick!--Carroll

From Brian E.,
Q: Is Carroll still a big porn freak or has he matured a little?
A: What do you mean? I thought I matured when I started watching porn! Redtube is the main reason for the delay with the Lakai video.--Carroll

Send your questions here.

Focus skateshop in Glasgow, Scotland is having a contest to win tickets to the London premiere of Fully Flared. You have to answer an extremely difficult question to win, but if you live in the UK you should give it shot.

After what seems to be a near month silence, Kyle Hinds gets some skin art worthy of posting. With shades? Looks like the Street Pirate just got cooler.

Shame on you Duane Chapman. You're bumming us out.





Crailtap Cover Contest. The brothers Bernot, Matt and Nate finally landed Biebel the cover of Men's Health. Long over due, long over due. Send your entries here. See the post from 10/5/07 for more details.

The Jer on The Lates.

Q & A Section
From Buddy,
Q: How many phones has Mike Mo texted through? And what type is in his hand now?
A: I've probably texted through like 10 different phones. I use to have some shitty Verizon phone, I ripped that thing in half a couple times, then I had a Pocket PC and broke that thing about 5 times. Now I moved on to an iPhone, which I actually broke a couple days ago. I put it in water and fried it. So I had to buy a new one. So my second iPhone.--Mike Mo

Send your questions here.

Mini Top 5
Top 5 dudes most likely to respond to an email to answer one of your questions
1. Carroll
2. Koston
3. Mo
4. Biebel
5. Smyth

"Don't be sending me questions like that putting me out on Front Street."--Carroll





The views expressed on today's Front Page caption is solely the opinion of the Guest Front Page Poster, they do not reflect the views of this column.

Although the Big and Pac Poll is still a hot topic and we continue to get emails as to who reigns supreme (like Miguel's who's offered this as to why Biggie is better and Steve Krause's grip art celebrating both) we thought we'd change topics before the feud escalated to an all out internet war. So we bring you this timely, and possibly as heated, topic. Which of Smyth's Halloween costumes did you like best?

Halloween Clip of the Day. Happy Halloween from All Over Print Rickk and the rest of the Girl fam.

The sexy nurses won the cash.

Crailtap Cover Contest. Swimmer's Ear's Adam Sever is seeing double. Send your entries here. See the post from 10/5/07 for more details.

Q & A Section
From Tom,
Q: Does Mike Mo go to school or is he home schooled?
A: I dropped out when I was 14, but I already gave up years before that.--Mike Mo

Send your questions here.

"He's good at that shit."--Smyth about Rickk's slam

"This is a really bad sign when I'm coming to Girl to get my costume."--Rickk

"The only thing we don't sell here is the pants."--Rickk




Today is my brother's birthday. He never really skated but he dropped his board into the Combi Pool at Upland when someone was skating it. He tried riding off a curb right next toit and lost control of his board. His helmet was on backwards too. He also broke his tooth learning to drop in on my friend's miniramp. Happy birthday Jason.

Crailtap Cover Contest. Regular contestant Joshua Steimle outs Frost. Send your entries here. See the post from 10/5/07 for more details.

I interviewed Carroll last night for Skateboarder, which is difficult enough, but I think him wearing sunglasses the entire time, even though it was indoors and at night, made it more difficult.

Papa Olson and Papa Reda with glasses empty.

Tomorrow we're having a Halloween costume contest. Money's involved and Smyth's usually pulling out all the stops to get it. But this year he doesn't seem too confident. We'll keep you updated tomorrow on how things turn out.

Smyth weighs in on this weeks Poll: "Biggie or 2Pac is the most arbitrary comparison ever made. People only make it because of the beef. There really is no comparison. 2Pac's body of work far out shines Biggie's. Tupac starred in seven critically acclaimed movies, and spawned countless documentaries and DVDs. Tupac released five albums before his death, and 7+ after. He wrote one book, and ten have been written about him. Biggie put out one album before he was killed, one after. The remix albums Bad Boy scraped together was all shit from before his first album. If 2Pac would have lived past 25, he would have destroyed Biggie, then moved on to beefin' with the next biggest fish. Biggie would have been forgotten and no one would have made the comparison."

"Can I call you back in 5 minutes, I'm trying to ollie a pyramid right now?" --Scuba Steve




This week's Guest Front Page Poster is Fourstar behind the scenes guy, Desert Twin that doesn't work for Stussy, and my cubicle next-door neighbor, Eric Anthony. Thanks Eric.

Crailtap Cover Contest. Brandon Johnston unravels the 20 mystery behind National Geographic's greatest cover. Send your entries here. See the post from 10/5/07 for more details.

Wishing someone STDs? Must be time for a Real World episode review. Number 13.

Q & A Section
From Grant Crone,
Q: Is this shit for real? 75% to 25% in favor of Biggie??? Can one person in your office who voted for Biggie explain to me how he is better than Pac? And then can you fire that person?
A: Here's what this guy (not an employe, but a fellow Tapper) had to say.

From Carlos NJ,
Q: What is up Lil' Daniel up to these days?
A: He's chillin'.--Reda

Send your questions here.

Once again check out our boy Bradley's Fully Flared giveaway.

There's a video premiere this Halloween in Canada with a lot of our Canadian friends, like McDermott, Triggity Trav, Mitch C., and more.

Chris Roberts is here!

"You're swollen in that!" --Rickk to Gav after seeing his racecar photo




New Poll. Let's settle the only question that seems to matter.

Fully Flared Premiere Tickets Giveaway reminder. Just a friendly reminder about the Fully Flared tickets we're giving away. Read yesterdays post for details. I refuse to write all that again..

Our friend Bradley is also giving away some tickets to the premiere on his site. He's even willing to pay for your airfare.

Clip of the Day. Alex does a run at the ledge spot. I think the kids are calling lines "runs" these days.

The Crail Cover Contest
. Canada's Mike Burrill (we're assuming he's Canadian, not just based on the content of his entry, but more so because he's winning a contest here on Crailtap) just might be able to sell Canadian American to one of the major media conglomerate. This premiere issue promises major newsstand sales. Send your entries here. See the post from 10/5/07 for more details.

Q & A Section
From Caleb,
Q: I was wondering if Alex and Pops are having full parts in the Lakai video? I look forward to them everyday.
A: Yes they will.--Aaron

From Matt Ballard,
Q: Koston, I saw you push regular/switch stance after the 180 no-comply in the clip of the day. Are you finally gonna sell out and make the switch or keep it OG?
A: I'm not gonna sell out nor keep it OG. I know its a little early, but for 2008 I plan on going "ambiguous stance." I'm the type of guy that just runs off of pure instinct, so whatever foot is ready to go, I use that shit. I no longer want to be labeled "goofy" or "regular". I want to live/skate as free as a bird. When you see a bird flying and it turns to the right, do you say that bird went frontside or backside? There's no wrong or right because that bird has no stance. I am that bird.--Koston

Send your questions here.

The Fourstar Search is one week away from its deadline. Sweeps week! Send in your tape and let Koston do the math.




Fully Flared Premiere Tickets Giveaway. All right here's the deal. We'll be randomly selecting 25 winners for tickets to Lakai's Fully Flared video, premiering Nov. 16 in Los Angles. You'll be responsible for your own transportation, so please only enter if it's possible for you to make it out. Each winner will be awarded two tickets. To enter please send any Lakai ad in an envelope with your name and home address clearly written on a piece of paper. All valid entries need to get here by Friday Nov. 2. Mail them to:
Fully Flared Tickets
22500 S. Vermont
Torrance, Ca 90502

We will randomly picking 25 names out of a hat. Only enter once. More ticket giveaways may follow. Thanks.

Vault Clip of the Day. Here's a Lakai clip you won't be seeing at the premiere. Koston goes marathon.

What Did The Gav Have?
Indian buffet, so little bit of everything.

Guess who's back, back again.

My older brother lip-synched to this same song back in the '80s, to much less success than this. I don't know if this is sacrilege to the Maiden fan or if they'll be stoked on it.




Tomorrow we have a very big giveaway opportunity. Huge! FULLY huge.

Clip of the Day. While California burns Koston gets his priorities straight and still performs for a Clip of the Day.

Who Wore It Best. The Roll Call tee by Fourstar. Rickk vs. Cooper.

The Crail Cover Contest
. Daniel Frankel's Crailfeld starring Eric, Carroll, Reda, and Rickk.

Q & A Section
From Duncan M,
Q: I remember reading a while back on the tap that Carroll went to the Daft Punk concert in L.A. and I was wondering if he knew how lucky he was and what he thought of it. Also, are we going to hear some DP in Fully Flared? That shit would be tight!
A: I don't know if I was that lucky cuz the show was sold out and I had to buy the tickets from some website for a lot of skrilla. But the show was super sick! I don't know of any Daft Punk songs that are in the video yet but anything could happen. Alex Olson actually wanted to use a live Daft Punk song but changed his mind for the 15th time.--Carroll

Send your questions here.

Seems like the ladies of Australia are stealing the show again, at least that's the way Smyth is seeing it. Keepin' It Ud Real, episodes 11 and 12.

Today in Torrance. We assure you this wasn't Chick.

Born to Max.


"Ghostface just tells stories, and he's really good at it." --Ben Colen




There's a New Poll up today to determine who's got the best set of manmaries.

Clip of the Day. Daniel, Cheeks, and Buck apparently are the new Culver City locals. Thanks again Bags.

The Crail Cover Contest. Mike Long injects a little bit of Canada into the Americana that is Norman Rockwell. Eight more Mags and DVDs to give .

Q & A Section
From Station Gus,
Q: I was watching the bonus bits in the Rocco documentary. Gavin had plenty. He looked like such a nice little kid. Is he still the same on the inside? Regardless it should be unearthed and posted.
A: This is difficult to admit because Tim is such an awesome person now and on top of it, you pointed out that he looked like such a nice little kid. But he'll tell you himself, he was not a nice little kid. Some people might go as far as to say he was a jerk.--Megan

From Krak,
Q: Girl Gonz Wild, was that shit exact or a little smaller?
A: It was a little bit smaller. It wasn't meant to be, but that's how it turned out. I tried to obtain blueprints from the city, but no dice. Carroll and I eyeballed that thing. The EMB locals I hired to talk shit and drink 40oz' have grown a bit in size. So they might have made it look even smaller.--Smyth

Send your questions here.

It's origin is mystery, but this flyout to flat bar had to be shared.

If you wanna win the hot shit blogger camera that all the hot shit bloggers are using enter this contest. All you gotta do is impress Atiba.


"I'll win by a landslide." --Reda



A big month for Ray Loco. Habitat vid to be released and now this? This Week's Guest Front Page Poster. Thanks Molinar!

Clip of the Day. Here's a section for the Badass Meets Dumbass vid that got left on the chopping block. It's about a minute so give it a minute.

Pos Mens! Jeron's new shoe The Diamond Dubs had its own party at the Diamond store on Saturday night. Full tuna rager.

The Crail Cover Contest. Michael Wikan pays homage to one of the last of the double XLs giving him his own XXL cov.

Q & A Section
From James,
Q: Was there ever a published photo of Mike Carroll's backside feeble on Hubba back in '95 or whatever? Regardless it should be unearthed and posted.
A: I never took a photo of that trick because I'm not good at taking photos. Ask Ben Colen, he's staying with me right now trying to get one photo to finish up an interview.--Carroll

Send your questions here.

This is for the Stoners that like Pizza, and I think that's all of you.

Rickk's got a page on Morgan's Monkey Say.

Ben Colen's planning on not shaving until he goes home in a week, which is pretty gnarly.



It's Friday, and I'm not even here today so, how about a gallery without a theme?

That was a stellar two weeks, Digs.

We'll get back to the contest next week too.



Clip of the Day. Alex kickflipping with kids.

The Crail Cover Contest
. Josie Sells, I think you meant Elle Girl but this will work. Send your entries here. See the post from 10/5/07 for more details.

Chico and Joey go manny mania at Culver. Thanks Rog.

Drew on the Vice TV.

Q & A Section
From actassone,
Q: Which Jefferson is better at golf?
A: Not sure, I can't tell the difference between the two. But I hear Ako's better.--The Gav

From Steve,
Q: What do the art dump guys think about the Splasher situation in NYC?
A: I don't know. Street art was infiltrated years ago by corporate America as a way to capitalize on the guerilla marketing tactics of smaller brands which benefited from the form. Maybe "splashing" is the way an overly-caffeinated art student(s) decided to "take it back"? Or perhaps it is a downward spiral of jealousy and coveting by a wannabe design icon. An just an angry old man, former painter turned anarchist with manic depression? Personally, I think it looks pretty ugly, but then, you can also say others attempting "street art" are also creating some ugly stuff. Here's a good essay to read - not directly related to the subject, but a possible insight into what's become of our modern art culture; How Creativity is Killing the Culture.--Jenkins

Send your questions here.

Carroll getting some creepy BGPs. Thanks Lawrence.

The Cheeks is here!

"All girlfriends are bad drunks." --Ben Colen




Clip of the Day. Alex gives Supreme the ol' run around.

The Crail Cover Contest
. Dominick Susca gets under the sheets with Alex and Rickk. Send your entries here. See the post from 10/5/07 for more details.

Let's hear it for the boys.

Q & A Section
From James Francis Flynn,
Q: For those fortunate enough to receive one, what kinds of gifts does Gonz give at Christmas?
A: He is very good at giving gifts whether it's Christmas or not. Sweaters from Japanese designers, silk socks from Beverly Hills, fave chocolates from Paris, paintings. He loves buying nice stuff and he loves giving it away even more. If he meets someone on the street or that works at a coffee shop that he likes he will give them whatever he has on him that he thinks they might like. Some people are not really used to this kind of generosity.--Spike

From Andrew R. Reiter,
Q: Is trying to make me cry with The Cars "Drive"?
A: It's either that song or the lack of updates. You choose.--Staba

Send your questions here.

Animal Chan gets down with Scooch and your fav skater.

Happy belated birthday Feds!

"I know it sounds like comedy, but that's what I really want." --Ben Colen




See what happens when Girl Gonz Wild.

The Crail Cover Contest. Sean McConkey knows after a having a few Thrasher, TWS, and Slap covers under his belt that a Dog Fancy front page can't be far off for Carroll. For that Sean, just for today, you're Best In Show. Send your entries here. See the post from 10/5/07 for more details.

Who Wore It Best?
The Fourstar Jager showdown at the Showdown. Eric vs. Mike.

Q & A Section
From Tristan Schmidt,
Q: What brand of white T-shirt does Biebel wear?
A: I got so many white tees, all different brands. I just like 'em bright white with a tight neck and thick XXL. I love 'em.--Biebel

From Kyle,
Q: Is the Lakai team possibly the only team that could beat the Patriots this year?
A: Yeah pretty much. It doesn't get any better than Lakai. The Patriots are NO JOKE! But fully flared would smoke em!--Biebel

Send your questions here.

One month to go!



We're doing another week of Dawes. He earned it.

New Poll. Should Crank move to California and sink our Canadian street cred? You decide.

Girl came in at a respectable third at this year's Vans Downtown Showdown, with McCrank getting best pro and Alex getting best am. Malto and Mo had some placings as well. Good job boys, and good luck with head Omar.

The Crail Cover Contest. If Eric did smoke herb he surely would have made the cover by now. Nevertheless, Marlon Balliao makes it happen. Fourteen more mags and DVDs to giveaway. Send your entries here. See the post from 10/5/07 for more details.

Mini Top 5
Top 5 things EA already misses about his desert twin, Jeremy
1. Went for a coffee break BY MYSELF for the first time in years, today
2. Making jokes about indigestion and what we ate the night before
3. Using the word "barrel" as an adjective just isn't the same
4. No one to share onion rings with at Wahoo's fish tacos
5. No one here to help deflect Meza's whacky Crailtap art requests

After seeing the most recent Lakai Video Vault clip, Dunski sent us this Alex look alike.

Peppermint Olson.

Q & A Section
From Matt Karasik,
Q: Why did Alex Olson wear his hood the whole Vans Downtown Showdown contest?
A: Cuz I didn't have any Murray's Pomade in my hair.--Alex

Send your questions here.

Oh, Yeah!

Today's Motto was brought to you by Rick McCrank.

Congratulations to Jason and Rebeka Callaway who gave birth to a beautiful baby boy this weekend.



Vault Clip of the Day. Olson with a fantastic head of hair and a heartfelt apology.

Who Wore It Best? If you've been on vacation with your girlfriend our latest reoccurring feature should look familiar. Tony vs. Jason.

The Crail Cover Contest. Daniel Clark's sheds light on Mo's presence at the first lunar landing, furthering the conspiracy that it may have never happened. Good on ya Dave. Send your entries here. See the post from 10/5/07 for more details.

Mini Top 5
McCrank's Top 5 things people might not know about him
1. Not a vegan
2. Almost lost my left foot
3. Been in two fights and "won"
4. I hate fruit roll-ups
5. Broccoli gives me swamp farts

Crankers Day Three. Here's a Crank gallery that he shot himself, even wrote the captions himself.

Q & A Section
From Andrew,
Q: Is there anyone on the team(s) that doesn't drink?
A: Crank, Guy, Kenny, only has the occasional glass of wine, and the underagers, of course.--Aaron

Send your questions here.

Tomorrow is the Vans Downtown Showdown, and we're going OG EMB.

"How do I know what people know?" --McCrank



The Crail Cover Contest. John Marshall takes down another "W" while Ty takes down another lurker. Prize to come John. Send your entries here. See the post from 10/5/07 for more details.

Crank Day Two, but I gotta be honest, we're losing contact with him fast and haven't even seen him today and saw very little of him yesterday, leaving us with only this micro gallery.

Q & A Section
From Adam,
Q: Is Smyth as intimidating in real life as he looks in pictures?
A: Intimidating is something I would never describe Sam as. Never to his face at least.--Carroll

Send your questions here.

Smyth once again unceremoniously tears into the women of Real World, just like their fathers should have before him. Episode 10.



Cover Contest. If such a magazine did exist the first issue of Dashiel Hermann's Strange Magic's cover layout would secure it primo newsstand positioning, a guaranteed 100 percent sell though, and an uncharted pass along rate. Copy of Monster Children guest edit by Girl art department and DVD on its way. Send your entries here. See the post from 10/5/07 for more details.

McCrank's here for the week. Usually he gets in and out of LA as fast as he can. But since he had a contest to attend last weekend, you know the MVP one, and the upcoming Downtown Showdown, Crankers has decided to bless us with his company and stay here for an entire week. So we'll try to make the rest of the week Crank heavy. Here's a piss poor gallery of his first day.

Carroll's back on it.

It's a sad day here at HQ. One half (the tough half at that) of the dynamic duo known as The Desert Twins is leaving the building. Imagine peanut butter without jelly, Ryan without Casey, yin without yang and that will give you a pretty good idea of what EA's gonna be feeling without Jeremy here. Shit, same goes for the rest of us. We're bummed to see you go Jer, but wish you the best.



There's a lot of skin art on here today.

Cover Contest
winner for today is Tapper Jim Atherton, a mainstay on the Crail contest circuit, who brings us GavsWorld. Mag and DVD on the way Jim. Eighteen more to give out.. Send your entries here. See the post from 10/5/07 for more details.

Guess Whose Tat.

Terrence O'Kane gets the board with his dorm room number on there, meanwhile Koston spotted this Active employ who made the Street Pirate a little more pirate. So, Kat until you do a Street Pirate or a Crail board we can't really take you seriously as an artist.

Mini Top 5
Tony Larson's Top 5 album titles
1. "Uplift Mofo Party Plan"
2. "Hairway To Steven"
3. "Maggot Brain"
4. "South of Heaven"
5. "Lick My Decals Off, Baby"

Q & A Section
From T. Yurkovic,
Q: I've always wondered, was Royal Truck Co. named after the band Royal Trux, or is it coincidental?
A: No it wasn't because of the band. It was from Royal Elastic Shoes. J/K. It's all coincidental.--Rudy

Send your questions here.

Carroll's got way too much going on right now, so Smyth will be Sharing



Having stayed rebel and sharp for nearly two decades it's well overdue that we invite Lance Dawes to be this week's Guest Front Page Poster. Thanks L. Diggs!

Cover Contest
. Today's winner is Juho Laurio, with his Rickk and Marc as this year's Person of the Year mock up. Issue of Monster Children guest edited by The Art Dump and DVD on it's way Juho. Send your entries here. See the post from 10/5/07 for more details.

Congrats to McCrank for taking MVP at Goofy Vs Regs over the weekend. Malto got third and Alex got 21rd or something. Good job boys.

Haven't talked to Carroll all day. Kind of weird, kind of weird.

"Well, if I'm buying we're going to Taco Bell." --Ballard



Clip of the Day. He's had savory, now here's sweet. More of Alex getting it to the face.

New Contest! Australia's esteemed rag, Monster Children recently allowed Girl's Art Dump to guest edit an issue. It's got interviews with Mo, Olson, Jenkins, Mueller, and Larson. Twenty Things You Didn't Know about Girl, Carroll's iPod, of course, and much more. It also comes with a DVD featuring the What Tour, Daryl Angel's Skate Fairy part, Spike stuff, more Art Dump stuff, artist profiles and more. It's over an hour long. Well, we want to give away 20 of them. To win one all you have to do is design your own magazine cover featuring your favorite Crailtap personalities or team rider. We've always been partial to the funny and creative shit, so use that as some guidance. They should be 457 pixels wide by 583 pixels high. Kind of like this. Send your entries here and we'll pick a winner each day for the next 20 days.

Malto's new page on the Fourstar site is up. It's got his latest ad, an interview, and a video clip comprised of his footage and some outtakes from the We're Ok, EurOk tour.

This dude Ryan recreated Guy's Mouse part on EA's Skate game. There's some attention to detail there don't to the correct shoe colors, but Guy in a pair of Sheep shoes. Even the digital world couldn't recreate that.

The Ringer let us know why Smyth likes The Real World's Issac so much, it's because he's the cast member most like Sam, happy partier who bum's out on the bummers. Episode 9.

Here's how the Supra Dist. (that's the Canada Supra, not the Greco Supra) puts their Crail Boards to use.

It's still not too late to win one of those hot shit HD Panasonic cameras that all the hot shit filmers are using.

Email of the day: "I just wanted to give a big 'congrats' to the new Mr. & Mrs. Colen. I'm on the same flight as them to Kaua'i and I'm not sure I want to disturb their married bliss, but I may give 'em a high five."--Chris

Must be the season. Justin Kelly's wife to be made him this cake. She's a keeper Justin.

"People would rather have Welsh blow smoke in their face than go on a Phish tour?!" --The Gav



Gotta go film Rickk. Sorry.

Oh, one more thing. Carroll's not answering the phones today. Try us in two weeks.

"Have you ever tried Butterfinger Magic Shell?" --The Gav



Clip of the Day. Saw this on the way to work. Whatever was in those headphones dude was feeling it.

Went to the Swoosh premiere last night. Good job BA, Gino, Reese, and the rest the boys. Red carpet action.

The Fourstar site has been updated. More heavy content to come in the form of Sean Malto.

Rosenberg found some Skate Fairy velcros in France. Ouch.

Remember this? Thanks for the reminder Kyle.

Q & A Section
From Sam,
Q: I just checked out the top secret trick that you tipped us off about, it's rad. How come it didn't make it into the vid?
A: Guy's a picky dude. Did you see his other outtakes? Pivot to fakie on the bank to wall, always seemed video part worthy to me.--Aaron

Send your questions here.

Land of Plenty
is having an open house this weekend at the Brewery Art Walk. Go say high to Greg.

Lucas is coming to town!

"Sometimes you gotta show these young kids how to do it." --Seu



In two days, that's this Thursday, Carroll will be answer our mainline from 12:30 to 2:30. Not since the day they read the verdict of the OJ trial has Carroll been under so much stress.

Ringer, next time you give away the ending to a hit reality show you may want to type "Spoilier Alert" in Gavin Bold. You ruined it for Smyth and Rickk about Brett picking Jes.

Donny Miller has a new book and what's new book without a signing? It's just an unsigned book at that point. So Meltdown Gallery at 7522 Sunset Blvd in LA is having one for Donny. It's 18 and up, as this one's a little more risque than the last. It involves women in compromising positions, the US Constitution, and coloring.

Q & A Section
From Billy Solomos,
Q: Are either of the Woos spoken for?
A: Neither.--Aaron

From Taylor Martin,
Q: On the current front page, Pops is show riding a bike. Is that a fixed gear? How many other Crail Tappers are fixie fans, and what kind of bikes do the have?
A: It's a 10-speed. Crankers has one, that's about all I know. But word on the streets is that Jovontae is one of the best.--Aaron

Send your questions here.

Wanna hear a secret? If you're real bored today, and we may have contributed to that, watch the outtakes section of The Chocolate Tour from the Girl/Chocolate Boxset and press "enter" when Guy does the switch nosegrind to 180 out on the bank to bench at Lockwood for a hidden trick.



This week's Guest Front Page Poster items will be pulled Rickk's shots from this past weekend outing to New York.

There's a New Poll testing the limits of the lengths you'd go to get into the Lakai premiere, all of which we could arrange, but none of which would actually get you tickets. They'll be more humane avenues to garner tickets we're sure.

After years of riding his bike in front of her house and casting some spells Ben finally bagged his babe.

Q & A Section
From Steve A ,
Q: In Questionable Vid, during Colin McKay's section, Colin's busting some moves on vert and then Rickk taps a wrench on the coping and says either, "Little shit. Little shit," "Little kid. Little Kid," or "Way up in the air." Which one is it?
A: Little dude. Little dude.--Rickk

Send your questions here.

Frontside, grabbing Crail in '78?!

"The best part about it is that it's in Brooklyn." --Reda about Ben Colen's wedding

"Alex is my new favorite dancer."



Traveling With Rickk, day two.

I told ya he dressed different when he's out here.

Q & A Section
From Gabe ,
Q: Ty, was Rusty from Maine still bummed that you didn't use captions of the skaters' names in Modus Operandi?
A: I think he left me another voicemail or sent a letter or something after Modus was out saying he was psyched his voicemail made it into the video. I'm waiting for him to send me a voicemail for Fully Flared.--Ty

From Thomas Lane ,
Q: What does Carroll say at the end of his part in Virtual Reality?
A: I wish I knew. Shit that comes out of my mouth never makes sense. That's why I try to keep it shut.--Carroll

Send your questions here.



"Traveling With Rickk" a photo essay.

Crampy, Smyth shouts you out in episode 8.

James Guthrie, all the way from Bristol, sent us this clip of the amazing Tommy Carroll (no relation). Well done Tommy.

No word from Young Olson. Most likely won't even recognize him if we run into him on the streets, he probably dresses totally different when he's out here.

If you have an unwavering knowledge of the Lakai team you could win tickets to the Fully Flared premiere at CCS.

"Might as well dress like what I've become." --Rickk while putting on a suit



Tonight Rickk and I heading for New York, followed tomorrow by Sam and Carroll. Alex O is already out there. We'll be attending Ben Colen's wedding. It's really like if Ducky got the Molly Ringwald at the end of Pretty Pink. Tomorrow's post may consist of nothing more than a photo essay based on traveling with Rickk. We're hoping to later bring you something we're dubbing, "Alex Olson in the Big Apple" or maybe call it "Alex Olson's Big Apple." He's kind of a big deal out there. So look forward to that, that is if even returns our phone calls. Like I said, he's kind of a big deal out there.

Speaking of young trendsetters, Eric Anthony just informed me that he put Rickk, Koston, and Jason Callaway onto cutoff shorts. Bold claim EA.

Steroids, Shotguns, and Torrance. Now that's a volatile mix. I think they refer to that as a time bomb..

Q & A Section
From KP,
Q: This one is for MJ. What ever happened to Cliff Caufman? Seeing that he is not a gnarly jock asshole, I hope he is doing all right.
A: I can tell you, KP, that Cliff is definitely NOT wasting his time sending pointless questions to Crailtap.--MJ

From Brent,
Q: Describe a typical slice at Pappalardo's Pizza?
A: Number 5 on the list.--Pappalardo

Send your questions here.

and The Cheeks are here!

How sick does Coco look on the front page today?

"I don't know if you've noticed, but I've been running that since I was two." --Eric Anthony

"I like Nick's photos, he's in everyone." --Jeremy Carnahan



Like Tony Ferguson before him and Ben Colen after him, Jeron Wilson wrapped up the nuptials this past weekend in a beautiful ceremony held in downtown Los Angeles. Here're some photos.

He was getting stingy with it for a minute, but it seems Mike is back to Sharing.

Big Richie from Rhode Island gets a slightly angrier Street Pirate right above the heart.

More about Cliver's book which is now available in the Crail Shop

Gav, what's the use of Gavin Bold if you're never on here. Start saying funny and doing some shit.

Q & A Section
From Kai,
Q: So I just got skate for the X360, and is that Reda's voice they're using for the camera man who follows you around?
A: Yes, it is my voice.--Reda

Send your questions here.

Loyal Tapper Spencer Star has gone through the trouble for you, so you can see how much your body is worth.

Congratulations to Mark Gonzales and Heathermary on the birth of their baby boy William Dexter Jackson Gonzales. Welcome to the Tap William.



A little about NickTershay, aka Nick Diamond; was supposed to be better than Mike and Greg at skating when they first met him, won the Sacto Am finals in 1992ish, tried to call shotgun for the whole trip on a six week Think tour, started a bolt company in 1998, and now, his greatest achievement, Guest Front Page Poster. Thanks Nick!

The Girl Site has been updated and will continue to do so, so check back frequently. BA, Biebel, Crank, Jeron and Eric stop lagging and send us back those interview questions that we sent to you six months.

Chicks acting lame and dudes dressing even lamer, must be another Real World update with Smyth. Episode 7.

Q & A Section
From Mike Cyril Todd,
Q: Have you guys seen this? Is that Bill Danforth? Would Girl/Choc ever sponsor a shit footer?
A: That is Billy Danny. And "shit push"? Well hell, the Nomad could pull off so why not.--Aaron

From Paul Pappacena,
Q: I thought I remember reading on the Tap that there were going to be Crailtap boards for sale, the fish like ones where they had like two clips of people using them. What happened?
A: --The Management

Send your questions here.

, Jefferson, and Peter have created their first board under the UXA moniker.

All you dudes who like playing around on motorbikes, trip out on this shit.



Clip of the Day. Crank's Canada continues, on the road and off.

Q & A Section
From Adrian Vitou,
Q:What is Chris Roberts' favorite conspiracy theory?
A: One that everyone seems to enjoy talking about is the good 'ol moon conspiracy. Did we really land on the moon? Well there're a lot of conspirators that say we didn't. They claim stuff like. The deadly Van Allen radiation belt encircling Earth would kill a man, photos of astronauts in complete shadow can be seen clearly indicating another light source, The footpads of the lunar lander are spotless where a huge rocket engine should have covered them in dust, etc, etc. Oh, and why haven't we gone back to the Moon since.--Chris Roberts

From Gabe,
Q: Just wondering if anybody on Girl or Chocolate is into politics, if so what party?
A: Not really, but Democrat.--Aaron

Send your questions here.

Ben Colen called today. For a guy who's getting married next week he sure sounds calm. This is a real marriage, right Ben? We're not going to show up to the ceremony next weekend and see you and your little buddies in your basement rolling dice and eating Fire Hot Cheetos are we? We expecting a real girl with families and cake and shit.

Check out Humph Dogs new site.

Thanks to the tap, I think it's fair to say that Rickk owes me about $9.83. I never forgot about those stinky feet, but I definitely forgot about the sock purchase, until now. Gosh, that woman who helped us was very sweet." --Jacob Rosenberg



(Vault) Clip of the Day. Biebel provides the the throttle, Mo blows a snot rocket, and an aging BMXer gets his.

You know how Reda talks a mile a minute? Well, I guess he writes that way too. Here are Reda's alternate titles, all 95 of them, for Steve and Alex Olson interview.

Panasonic is giving away another HD camera package. Get your videos in by Oct. 15. Go here for more details.

Q & A Section
From Thomas Lane,
Q: Rick at the end of Questionable, who loaned you $3 for the socks?
A: It might have been Jake Rosenberg.--Rickk

From Dan Carballo,
Q: What's the deal with Man-O-War appearing after the credits in Harsh Euro Barge?
A: We were in Europe, and they were in Europe. What's more to say? True fucking heavy metal.--Ty

Send your questions here.

Check out LR-Cheeks to the sounds of backpack rap.

The Butcher is here!



If you were dying to know what MJ was smothered in the Fully Flared trailer or if Alex Olson reads Bukowski then you're so stoked on today. Otherwise you're bumming.

Q & A Section
From Ryan Schorman,
Q: What was Marc Johnson covered with in the Fully Flared trailer?
A: I was covered with powdered clay called Aztec Secret. You add water to it and then put it on your face. When it dries, it pulls dirt out of your of your pores, leaving you feeling oh so fresh. But, true to form, I kind of overdid it and covered my entire body. Ty was laughing like, "Oh my God, dude!" after I opened the bathroom door. Good times.--Marc

From Zack Grinolds,
Q: Has Alex Olson ever read anything by Bukowski? Is he stoked that his dad looks like Bukowski in the Front Page Post picture from 09/18? Since his dad does resemble Bukowski in that picture is that reason enough for Alex to never read anything by Bukowski? If he would refuse to read Bukowski, would he be up for reading "Ask the Dust" by John Fante instead?
A: No I don't read anything from a Polish author. I'm kinding, no I haven't read anything from him. I know a lot of people that live in Silver Lake like him.--Alex

Send your questions here.



There's a New Poll to help you make your plans for Fall. In regards to the last poll concerning who would get most hammered at Tony's wedding, Sam won, not in votes, but in performance.

Steve and Alex share a lot of things, living quarters, impeccable style, and now the cover of Skateboarder Magazine.

Here's a gallery from Tony and Tanya's wedding. Not to be confused with Tony and Tina's wedding.

Q & A Section
From Daniel Clark,
Q: If Crailtap held a mini hotdog eating contest among the staff and riders, who would be the early favorite to win?
A: Daniel, you're obviously just begging for us to mention Gav. He would win hands down. Practice makes perfect.--Megan

From Kyle Hinds,
Q: How much booze does it take Koston to go dumb?
A: If you wanna see that Frost Man come out, about 8 Jager shots plus a sixer of man-sodas should do the trick.--Koston

Send your questions here.

Stolen from Antihero, Andrew Allen sings the blues.

Jeron's episode of Firsthand will be on Fuel tonight 7pm EST.

"Worst traveling experience ever, except when I got cavity searched, but that was my fault." --Rudy



This week's Guest Front Page Poster is Curtis Buchanan the most sensitive and tender guy to ever hold a position at one of the Supreme stores, Japan stores included. Thanks Curtis!

Clip of the Day. Crankers on his home turf hits a line and borrows a move from Keegan.

There's a book by Sean Cliver, the only author to get his faced palmed by Sheffey, available in the Crail Store.

from Humidity shop in New Orleans is the latest to get inked with the pirate.

Q & A Section
From Daniel,
Q: Is there a possibility of hearing one of Kanye's new songs in Fully Flared? That Graduation album is amazing.
A: Hell no! But I have to admit, I have the CD in my car.--Carroll

Send your questions here.

Be awesome at skateboarding.

"I bought a couch this weekend so I sat on it." --Jeremy Carnahan



Well, we've officially entered wedding season. This weekend Girl OG Tony Ferguson is getting lassoed up in British Columbia. A bunch of us will be showing some major Vanattitude this weekend as we witness T. Ferg and Tanya exchange their nuptials. Then next weekend we got Jeron tying it up here in LA and then weekend after that Ben Colen is marrying an honest to God real life woman in NY. Full wedding coverage to follow and maybe even a picture of Bob K.

Mueller's Quiet Life and Mueller's Lakai Shoes have joined forces with himself on these shoes below.

Jake Rosenberg of Questionable and Virtual Reality fame gets questioned and virtual on the VBS.

Either they're airing new episodes twice a week or Smyth is just catching up. Real World, episode 5.

Oh, and sorry about not changing the front page photo. It's just that the ads are over there and I'm over here.

See ya Monday.

"I gotta get back to blurring out marijuana leaves." --Colin Kennedy (the DVS one)



Clip of the Day. Here's a slideshow of most of the entrees we received for The Team Jersey Contest.

New Poll is up to determine who's gonna bum out Tony Ferguson's new in laws the most.

Major Tapper David Hopper the Local OG can teach you how to switch nose manny.

Mini Top 5
Brad Staba's Top 5 inspirational people
1. Biebel
2. Rickk
3. Sam
4. Tommy Chong
5. George Bush

Q & A Section
From Bill,
Q: I'm here at U-Mass, chillin' and I realize you're out there in Torrance, which is a three hour time difference, so I was wondering is there any designated time daily we can look out for The Tap to be updated on? I see it sometimes will be up on new shit around 12 or 1 here. I understand that's a pretty random question, but honestly I just ripped a vaporizer and had some time on my hands. Dorm life can have some serious down time.
A: The updates kind of go up whenever it's most convenient. I usually like after lunch. Gives me time to get a Gav quote for the day. So that would be a little after 4pm your time or dare I say 4:20 your time. Trip out!.--Aaron

Send your questions here.

Congratulations to Fourstar's Michael Coleman who married his lovely girlfriend over the weekend.

"I was going to do a hide-a-dook in your office yesterday." --Staba

"I'm just gonna walk around and think of something solid." --Staba



Clip of the Day. You've seen him skate, now watch him sleep.

Carroll comparte el aire.

Q & A Section
From Juan Aldo,
Q: It's always been a question of mine. How come Carroll or Rick never got Henry Sanchez on Chocolate or Girl?
A: Here it is straight from the man himself.--Aaron

From James Hargrave,
Q: Whatever happened with Smyth's water/lemon/maple syrup/cayenne pepper flush diet?
A: I got flushed. Dropped some LBs. Felt dope till I started drinking again. I might be searching for another reset button next spring.--Smyth

Send your questions here.

Power cleanse or not, Smyth still Keeps It Real, episode 4.



The final winner for The Team Jersey Contest is Jonah Miller's ode to Jeron's protective under garments. Thanks to all the entrants.

Today in Torrance. Looks like Mother of the Year might be a Torrance resident.

Q & A Section
From Casey Bruce,
Q: I'm getting braces in a couple weeks, and I'm hella bummed about it. Who used to be a brace-face at The Tap?
A: I had braces for about four years. The day after you get them on, your teeth are gonna hurt hella bad. Make sure you keep up on your orthodontist appointments. My braces were supposed to be on for two years, but I kept on missing my appointments so I had them for four years. Make sure you won't fall on your face because you might cut your mouth up inside and you have to drink soda out of a straw. Once there off you'll be stoked.  Good luck with those things.--Daniel Castillo

From Anthony Hinojos,
Q: There is a part in the Yeah Right bonus footage where Chico is about to get into a fight with some guys. What happened with that, and how did it start?
A: I've been in that situation so many times I can't remember.--Chico

Send your questions here.

Here's Brad's Giants game posse. Biebel, where's your colors?

Sanger, your coming up on post 666, make it spooky.

Ringer, it's in your hands today to make us look good.

"I wore these shoes for so long they're vulcanized." --Guy



We're into the seventh inning stretch on The Team Jersey Contest, so get up out of the chair and bend those limbs. Our next winner requested to keep his anonymity, winning such a contest may bring on just too much unwanted fame. Mr. Anonymous' The Chicos is today's winner. One winner left. Send you entries here.

Today's Brad Staba's birthday. He's going to a Giants game with Biebel. If you're going to that game and have the means to do so, can you wish Brad a happy birthday on the jumbotron for us?

Q & A Section
From Chris Gwinn,
Q: I was reading Shuriken Shannon's Transworld interview today and it said that Steve Olson would get ounces of weed instead of checks sometimes. Was that Alex's dad or Shorty's Steve Olson?
A: Sounds like something both Steve Olsons would do.--Alex

From Sebastion,
Q: After seeing Robbie Mckinley on the front picture of Crailtap, in that Girl ad, I was really wondering what he has been up to lately? Does he have any sponsors? He's one of my all time favorite skaters. He has real good style and he always did the best tricks at the coolest spots in the coolest ways and to me that's what skateboarding's about.
A: I lived with Bob for the past five years or so and he is doing quite well. He's going to school for graphic design, working for a few companies, and loving it. Bob also is known to get his line wet and do some fishing with an ice cold one in his hand. Nothing but leisure activities for Bob. Oh and yes, he still skates of course, nollie bs flips on lock son.--Chris Roberts

Send your questions here.

Mini Top 5
Daniel Castillo's Top 5 old World teammates
1. Daewon
2. Kareem
3. Shiloh
4. Mulder
5. Steven Cales

Only Carroll can judge me.



There's a new dude over at Fourstar!

There's also a New Poll to help establish brand supremacy.

The Team Jersey Contest. John Marshall of Albany, NY gives the Sox's a Koston makeover much to the delight of Ben Colen, Rob Welsh, and Joey Pepper. Only two more winning spots left. Send you entries here.

Q & A Section
From B. Lint,
Q: Where did the title for the video "Yeah Right!" come from? Why do I hear the Girl team saying it all over the "Harsh Euro Barge" video?
A: The phrase "yeah right" basically came from Kelly Bird cuz he said it a lot with such emphasis. So one day we were in a van driving to or from an instore in Vegas and we were all brainstorming about what the video should be called. Once Dimitry yelled out "Yeah Right" we all shut up and smiled. Thanks Dameech!--Carroll

Send your questions here.

Don't goon it! Get your video in for the Fourstar Search.

Along with his astonishing quote below, Rudy went on to talk about how much he likes it when an airplane experiences turbulence and the rest of the passengers start freaking out. Just another fasinating side of Rudy for you.


"It's a pretty high level of engineering that you're taking part in." --Rudy on why he likes flying



The Team Jersey Contest rounds second with Ryan Williams of New Paltz, NY as the latest winner with Mo's Messengers. A Howard Jersey on the way Ryan. Send you entries here.

Here's the Lakai recent trip to Spain from Rickk's POV.

Q & A Section
From Dylan Dislers,
Q: Eric, have you seen Jamal Smith talkin' shit on youtube?
A: Yeah and I love it! Jamal put Ithaca on the map, son! Jamal, if you're reading this, break The Tap off with some new footie, or else, we got gunz too SON!--Koston

FromJoshua Steimle,
When he's got a hankering for something sweet what's the Gav's favorite lunchtime dessert?
A: Nutter Butter shake from Winchell's.--

Send your questions here.

According to Steve, Alex is a graduate.


"I remember the first time I heard Carroll's voice, i thought he sounded like a pussy." --Mike Mo



New Featured Feature. The video for this summer's We're Ok EurOk tour is now up in the Featured Feature section. See Malto, Jeron, Devine, Justin, BA, Biebel, Jesus, and Crank gallivant through the old country. It's a little long so give the download a minute. Apple Tv and iPod versions coming soon, maybe.

The Team Jersey Contest
is already into the early innings (check the post from 8/31/07 for details). Pennsylvania's Jake Heid is our first winner with Malto's softballs. Four more winners to chose. Send you entries here.

"It's hard doing stuff when you don't want to do it." --Carroll



New Contest. Since Carroll and few others never made it to the softball tourney the other week we thought we'd give away their jerseys. But of course you gotta earn 'em. So we'd like you to design a team jersey using any of the other guys' names that ride for us. It could be Mariano's Meatballs or Chico's Children or Biebel's Bashers or whatever. We got five XL shirts to give away, so best five wins. All you have to submit is the logo, make 'em 640 x 480. We'll announce the winners each day next week. Send entries here. Here's what ours looked like for reference.

Today's Rickk's birthday. So why not a one time only special birthday edition of What Did Rickk Have? A biscuit with apple butter, as an appetizer, fried chicken smothered in gravy, and some of Bird and mine salads. Happy birthday Howie!

It's my mom's birthday today too. Not sure what she's having today, but she's on a cruise right now to Alaska, so she's going off too. Happy birthday Mom!

Clip of the Day. Alex and Kenny go off to a very unenthused Hyphy.

Filmer dudes, we're in need of non-working VX 2000 and a Century Fisheye for it. So if you have a busted VX 2000 and/or a busted Century Fisheye for a VX 2000 we'd like to have it. And we'll make it worth your while. Contact us.

Smyth Keeps It Real in episode 3 where a certain someone makes a little cameo.

Mini Top 5
O'Dell's Top 5 Epicly Later'd shows
1. The Madness Episode
2. Steve Olson
3. Fred Gall
4. Deadbaby's Sister
5. Stu Graham

Q & A Section
From Cartier Saucier,
Q: Which one of you guys at Crailtap is the Guitar Hero dork?
A: Me and Malto are probably the biggest dorks. He can skate better, but I'll kill him at Guitar Hero any day.--Mo

Send your questions here.

Carroll comes up for air.

We'll be posting the We're Ok EurOk Featured Feature next week. Sorry about the delay.



We're fixing things right now. Check back later for We're Ok EurOk video download.

Mini Top 5

Rickk's Top 5 favorite targets for inflicting pain
1. Gavin's face
2. Raymond's neck
3. Schnurr's forehead
4. Spiegel's ribs
5. Anywhere on Hot Dog

The Duffman waxes nostalgic on the Epic Late.

Smyth recently celebrated the track snack stops, the open road, the countless demos, the hotel check ins, and the waiting for Carroll, and all that comprises life on a skateboard tour with this tattoo of a white Ford Econoline.

"I gotta do some curls man."--Smyth after seeing the photo of his tattooed bicep

"I almost killed a lady while Karaoking a Scorpions song."--Rudy



If they only new the real story behind Carroll's thumbs and the unorthodox way in which he used to play video games.

Bansky and Cock collab.

Today is The Gav's birthday, so we bring you this special birthday edition of What Did The Gav Have? He had one fifth of a Super Sampler, fried chicken with French fries (that's a double fried plate, for those who are counting), about a third of a mudslide ice cream cake, and an iced tea. Hey it was his birthday.

Q & A Section
From Bryce,
Q: When you guys are making movies, does the skater choose the music for their part, the director, or both?
A: I guess it all depends. It's usually the skater but sometimes their choice is a good song but won't look good so sometimes it's a joint effort.--Carroll

Send your questions here.

From Tapper Anthony, "I made Marc Johnson on my Wii. He looks pretty funny and he's got a hell of a bowling average, 220. His golf game needs a little work though."

Tomorrow we're going to have a gallery from the recent Lakai trip to Spain, right Rickk? There will also be a new extra beefy Featured Feature (running time: 11:29) from The We're OK EuroK tour we went on earlier this summer.

"I'm getting honked at by my ex-wife, which is one of the most annoying things in the world."--Colin Kennedy (the DVS one, not the Blueprint one)



A few of us were in New York last week for the fairly highbrow affair that is a Fourstar catalog shoot piggybacked on an Art Dump art show. Here's what the papparazzi came up with.

There's been some request for Smyth to switch gears, scrap the Real World this season, and immediately begin reporting on The Life of Ryan. One look at the size of Papa Sheckler and Smyth was over it. So here's Keepin' It Real, episode two.

Q & A Section
From Robert,
Q: How come dudes have clothing sponsors but wear shoestrings for belts? Send me all the free belts that aren't getting used.
A: Some wear the shoelace when they have to do some jumping. It's a little less painful on the lower back to land on than a belt. Otherwise it's usually belt time.--Aaron

Send your questions here.

Late or not, this is probably our favorite thing right now.

"Tuesday is like the taint of the work week."--River Joe



We'll be caring over The Ad Archive from last week as the Guest Front Page Poster since it didn't really get a fair shake last week. Next week's Guest Front Page Posts will be coming from a true "street wear icon."

A New Poll is up for the old fogies who frequent this site.

Jenkins art for sale.

Q & A Section
From Fielbarrow,
Q: I am going to Honduras in Dec. of 2007 do you have any suggestions for a first time visitor?
A: I've never been to Honduras, but I'm from Central America. My advice is no street food, learn some Spanish, be cool to the locals, and don't draw too much attention to yourself.--Chico

Send your questions here.

Guess Whose Tat?

Later this week, a contest, some galleries and some birthdays. Exciting stuff.

"Daewon almost broke my arm ." --Andy Mueller

"Is Carroll your Charles Manson?" --Fat Bill to



As the Ringer has mentioned we're off to New York for a Fourstar catalog shoot, resulting in scant reporting here for the Randoms.

Spike and MIA on the VBS. Spike has probably given or received more black eyes in his adult life than anyone else we know, and that even includes Staba.

Q & A Section
From Evan Nance,
Q: Is that Spike singing in the Rodney Mullen's part in Rubbish Heap?
A: It's never been confirmed, but sounds awful lot like him. Good ears Evan.--Aaron

Send your questions here.

Mikemo's text count for Lakai's filming trip in Italy and Spain: 8641



This week's Guest Front Page Poster is The Ad Archive, also known as the top drawer of that black metal filing cabinet that's right behind me. Thanks Ad Archive.

Not since the US presidential election of 1948 when Harry S. Truman grabbed Thomas Dewey's spot as Commander and Chief has there been a bigger upset than The Carrolls beating The Howards in a 10 to 8 victory at the 3rd annual Girl Softball game held yesterday, despite The Howards gigantic lead in last weeks Poll, which we'll be leaving up for another day or so to illustrate how the wisdom of crowds isn't always the way to go (and because we can't think of another Poll to replace it right now). To be noted though, Mike Carroll himself was a no show do to food poisoning, which I'm sure his team is very grateful for. Nevertheless here's the photos.

The Art Dump
and some esteemed New Yorkers will be partaking in this show this Thursday. The Fourstar team will be there as well.

Koston always inspires a heated debate. At least she's on Eric's side. Thanks Ryan.

Help out Tubbs if you can. Stay up brother.



The Chocolate site has gotten fresh with an update. New product is up and a Jesus Fernandez sequence is on the team page.

The yesterday, when the ding of my email inbox chimed, waiting for me (and you) was a pleasant surprise. It wasn't an ad for Cialis, a new watch, or cheap meds per usual, instead the subject line read "The Real World Sydney, episode 1" and the sender was Smyth. There was no pleading with him to do it. No bribing him with fan mail asking for another season. Ol' Sam and just went and did it on his own. He really loves the show.

Remember this weekend it the big game. Broken bats and broken hearts, for sure.



Spain Clip of the Day. Lucas in Milan with Biebel in hot pursuit.

After this audio clip Jesus I think Jesus may just about have covered the entire Scarface script.

Mini Top 5
Raymond Molinar's Top 5 Kinks songs
1. "Village Green"
2. "Death of a Clown"
3. "A Well Respected Man"
4. "The End of the Day"
5. "Nothing in the World Can Stop Me From Worrying About that Girl"

Q & A Section
From Rowbie,
Q: What's everyone at Girl's favorite Andre Nickatina song?
A: "Green Eyes"--Chris Roberts
"Crack Razor"--Alex Olson
"I'm A Pisces"--Smyth
"Dice of Life"--Daniel Castillo
I don't listen to that fool.--Biebel

Send your questions here.

Sanger already said it, but we'll say it too. Ratrray smarten ups the Later'd.

The Fourstar Search is heading for a showcase showdown. Get your videos in.

"I've seen some of your old footage."--Alex to Guy, after Guy made fun of his new France soccer jersey

"I was hip in my day."--Guy to Alex after his comment



This week's Poll is currently a landslide in Rickk's team's favor. I guess since we spilled the beans that Carroll's pretty much handicapped off a board and that Rickk's a competitive psycho, it's no surprise that The Howards are, as of this writing, a hundred votes plus ahead. Well, a good voter is an educated voter so here's some of each teams' lineup. Rickk's got
, Mikemo and his brother Vince, Larson and his brother, Chris Roberts, and Tough Guy. Carroll's got River, Smyth, Jenkins, Emmet Jenkins, Callaway, Scott Johnston, and Reese Forbes, who we're gonna test for juice before the game, since he's quite athletic looking. So go to a friend's computer and recast your votes. Don't forget there're a couple of chicks on each team too, so vote accordingly.

Spain Clip of the Day. We can only imagine that this move from Biebel would only see the light of day in a Clip of the Day situation. Don't expect any willy grinds, switch or otherwise, in Beebs' part.

When you're the last one to decide you want to go on a trip, expect the worst in sleeping accommodations.

Mini Top 5
Raymond Molinar's Top 5 things about Scuba Steve
1. Loves Neil Young
2. Is down for Goldschlager
3. Secret demos
4. He's down for video ichat
5. Scuba is the shit and is down for anything (besides him missing an x chromosome)

Q & A Section
From Jack Jourard,
Q: In some of the outtake footy in the Girl/Chocolate Box Set the Frost is flouncing around in ripped jeans. How in the heck did he rip those jeans?
A: Well as baggy as those jeans were, they weren't baggy enough. The crotch blew out while I was getting gnarly and what started out as a small hole eventually ripped into a big one, with the help of Rickk of course.--Koston

Send your questions here.

Beibel, Cheeks, Kenny, Roberts and Daniel wheeling their little hearts out!

"I don't like fishing, dude. It's boring?"--Rudy

"It's kind of dangerous for elbows in the face and shit."--Rudy about playing soccer



It's been announced for our 14th anniversary here at Girl Skateboards that our valiant leaders Rickk and Mike will be heading up two softball teams, creatively and respectively titled, The Howards and The Carrolls. The two teams will be doing battle this weekend. In our New Crail Poll you can make your predictions. Keep in mind that Carroll's only good on a skateboard and that Rickk will dive head first into a chain link fence if it meant preventing a 10-year-old from scoring a run, but it really all comes down to the draft.

Spain Clip of the Day. Mo goes for a lengthy grinder with one of them grabs out.

Mini Top 5
Ben Colen's Top 5 best/worst things about being featured on The Tap
1. Being at a bar in LA and having a complete stranger come up to me and say, "Hey you're Ben Colen, right? I read Crailtap all the time. So you just moved to New York and you're getting married. How's that?"
2. "So you're super into that fantasy stuff, huh?"
3. Knowing I can't give Meza too much shit about anything or I'll end with some new hobby on The Tap.
4. People I haven't spoken to in years emailing old sketchy ass stories about me to Girl.
5. Having to explain what a crailtap is to my sister.

If you're the guy who lives on The Gav's street and fled to your house after a 20-car police chase, could you lead the cops somewhere else the next time you brandish a firearm at a nightclub? You're stressing The Gav out and ruining our whole lunch vibe.

And you thought we couldn't hype up Fully Flared anymore.

Carroll's back on track and back on the internet.

Alex, I got your photo of Omar from Joe Brook the other day. Save some ceiling room for it.



This week's Guest Front Page Poster was the other weeks subject of the Clip of the Day, Daryl Angel.

Spain Clip of the Day. Biebel's balls.

Biebel got second place in the manny contest in New York over the weekend. Kenny got seventh.

The Mental's Motta is on the cover of new Slap

Another one of Jesus doing Tony Montana.

It ain't just Street Pirates and Crail Boards getting inked on to arms across this great land, even one offs are going down. Keil Honton got one of Larson's first graphics for life.

Q & A Section
From Todd Taylor,
Q: Not that this relates to ya'll at all, but who does the lipslide to noseblunt slide in Danny Way's part in Questionable?
A: Chris Hoy, I think.--Aaron

From Daniel,
Q: Who at the Tap was best at Mortal Kombat back in the day?
A: Well back in the Super Nintendo days, there were many heated battles between GavJeron, Guy, Daniel, Canters O'Rielly, "Shakey Fingaz" Schnurr and I. Those days we would stay up until 4 in the morning playing and the last winner before we would finally go to sleep would be the self-proclaimed "best." But if I had to pick, it would be a tie between Schnurr and I who kicked the most ass.--Koston

Send your questions here.

Since Carroll isn't really doing it, here's a Koston update.

Check out Jeron, Lamare, Dae, and the dudes on this Oregon trip.

"I'm teaching an all black skate history class."--Sal Barbier



Clip of the Day. See how disappointed and bummed out Mikemo is in this clip? That's about how you should feel about today's entry.

Maybe this will cheer things up. Jesus Fernandez doing his best Pedro and Scarface, two characters near and dear to his heart. And two characters that he doesn't have to change his voice too much to sound like. That's Carroll in the background having too much fun.

Next week will be way more John Blaze.



Clip of the Day. Young Olson peaking at 140 BPMs.

Dill finally gets his teeth fixed.

Q & A Section
From G,
Q: What nightclub in LA can you find the Crailtappers hanging out at? I remember seeing J-Dubbs at the Privelage one time.
A: I don't go out too often, but when I do it's usually for a reason. That night was for Jereme Rogers birthday. So I made the best of it. You can catch me at Diamond Mondays as well, Daniel will be there too.--Jeron

Send your questions here.

Another Sam clip of the Gonz, Bobby W., and Spike. Mark really loves that island.

Justin Pharand of Ontario, Canada gets the BA seal of approval. Brian, do you even have one of those yet?



It only took EA three days to put himself on the front page. Congratulations Eric.

Clip of the Day. Carroll hops one while young Olson takes care of the branding.

Kess and the Kook.

Chico, you left without answering the questions!

Sorry for the short one but, Koston wants to film, or else I'd stay.

"He ain't from Frisco. He's a South City perp? That explains why he did a song with K-Fed."--Carroll after hearing Ya Boy went to El Camino High



With much fanfare and without further ado, we bring you the Jake Phelps Top 5.

It seems we've confused you with which Mr. Anderson was welcoming a new lady in the family. I forgot that we had two guys on the team with the surname of Anderson. Furthermore I wasn't referring to either one of them. I was talking about our English guy Matt Anderson who just had a baby girl. Sorry for all the concerned emails and phone calls Kenny and Brian. Oops.

Clip of the Day. Le Lee in his new world, filming with his new friends.

Like the Fourstar site before it, the Royal site has been severely updated.

Q & A Section
From Jack Jourard,
Q: Dog!  Did anyone on Crailtap grow up in the hood?
A: Is your hood harder than my hood? Who's to say? Hoods can be relative. But unless you've been personally affected by local shootings, or witnessed a shooting while attending a funeral, then you're hood might not be as hard at Bakersfield, California, home of Devine Calloway. And if it is, I wish you best of luck on getting out. Increase the peace.--Smyth

Send your questions here.

"I need some controversy dude."--EA



This weeks Guest Front Page Poster was bestowed the honor of having his photos on our front page this week because he's an accomplished photographer, an esteemed graphic artist for Fourstar, a kinder, gentler Desert Twin, a proud member of the humane society, and, most importantly, my office neighbor, so it was real easy to just ask him to cover us this week. Thanks Eric Anthony.

Clip of the Day. Our pal Enrique escapes the omnipresent soda machines of our U.S. high schools with a flat line to the rail.

Daryl Angel is the proud owner of a new scooter.

Today in Torrance.
And you thought they just made skateboards out here.

Q & A Section
From Jason,
Q: Being that the whole squad is so dreamy, I was wondering who is the road ho champeen Cooch King?
A: I'm pretty sure you're familiar with the phrase what happens on the road, stays on the road. But since he's not currently involved, I'm going to say Eldridge can be the biggest cooze-hound. Not to say he's a deal sealer, but he's great with introductions. Thanks to Timberlake, the name Justin alone has been know to peek interest internationally.--Smyth

Send your questions here.

Now it's Koston's turn to judge. Win a camera.

Congratulations Mr. Anderson on the new lady in the family.




There's a New Poll and some of the Chocolate dudes are in it.

I think I erased Wednesday post by accident. Sorry Wednesday.

The Daryl Angel Clip of the Day. Daryl rounds out a terrific week with a hafcab crooks. Thanks for the clips Carroll!

The Fourstar site has been updated. New clothes and all that.

Today I overheard the Desert Twins talking about how to best split a muffin they were sharing. They've been friends for a long time.

Q & A Section
From WW,
Q: Who is the Ruby girl? Can she kickflip? I think I'm in love.
A: Her name is Lisl. What's a kick flip?--Megan

From Eric Yacula,
Q: Who is Mike Carroll's favorite Beastie Boy, or does he even have a favorite?
A: DJ Hurricane.--Carroll

Send your questions here.

I always thought Carroll was his own favorite Beastie.

Mark Waters, thanks for three weeks of front page dominance.

"Dude, Smyth can do that."--Chico while watching a skate video



The Daryl Angel Clip of the Day. SS BS TS.

Today was Extreme Games qualifiers, which were just up the road from headquarters here in Torrance. Eric qualified second. Yeah Eric. Here's a behind the scenes look at it all.

Malto at Dyrdek's.

Q & A Section
From Jan W.,
Q: The French cuisine is considered one of the most refined in the world, and obviously every Girl skater earns a six-figure salary, so how come I saw the Girl team eating burgers for lunch at McDonalds on the day of the Yeah Right premiere in Paris a couple of years ago?
A: Well first off, it is fast so your not waiting around for two hours so everybody can finish. Sometimes I like to just get my food and be done. Not saying I don't sit down to a five star meal but, on tour sometimes it is appropriate to just grab something fast.--Jeron

Send your questions here.

Ruby Fans look here for the new catalog.

"What's up Felix?"--Sheckler to Chico

"I have no patience for dumb."--Reda


See past Randoms