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The Mini DV Drawer. More Lakai throughout the Southwest with Marc Johnson, Alex Olson, Brandon Biebel, Eric Koston, Jeff Lenoce, Guy Mariano, and Scott Johnston.

Finally a site to rival The Berrics in traffic.

Jenkins goes digging part two.

Q & A Section
From Robert S.,
Q: Did Andrew Allen ever make a facebook after all?
A: I have still yet to start my social networking. As of now I am blogless without a face. One of these days.Andrew Allen

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"It was kind of a high double sided for the time."—Rudy Johnson



Mini Top 5. The Top 5 Stoners at Stoner.

Our local leprechaun Sam Smyth is back with another gallery from Florida.

It's St. Patty's Day, Warehouse Jordan. Irish. Not Irie.

"Wish I could ignore all this online content."—Staba



Guy spins 270 to fakie in his latest Royal Trucks ad.

Hershel reminded me this morning that The Misses are supposed to bad and thinks they've gotten too good. So, here he his getting back on track.

Sorry so short. Heading out to film. If I could yell at myself I would.

"I gotta gap for him right by my house."—Rudy about Ryan Sheckler



Clip of the Day. A short one of Rick McCrank and Mike Anderson in the park out back. Looks like Crank found a new manual pad.

Chocolate's Fighter Planes series is now available at your local skate shop.

Team Sasquatch, featuring Cory Kennedy, takes this year's All City Showdown.

Shane O'Neill's sampling some of New York City. The kid's good.

If you go out to eat with The Gav and he says he forgot his wallet, two sampler plates and three shakes later, you'll find out he's lying.

"Whatever dude. You shouldn't be awake when I'm asleep."—Beebs, when Mikemo told him he was snoring



With all the in front of the camera tomfoolery, you often forget that Reda does 90% of his work behind the lens. To help remind you, here he returns as this week's Guest Front Poster.

We tried doing a Crail Couch with Daniel Espinoza but he just didn't have the strength to sit up.

Raiders of the Lost Archives
with our guy Andy Jenkins.

Royal rider, Austyn Gillette with another quality Firing Line.

Yeah, there're probably a few down there.

Q & A Section
From Nicholas Pierre,
Q: Cairo, are you ever gonna bring back your nollie hardflips of 411VM fame?
A: Ha. That's an amazing question. I guess I should pull some out. I'm working on a few video parts for either Enjoi, RVCA, and the Real Street contest. Maybe I should have a nollie hard in each part. Whadayathink?Cairo Foster

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"I'm not funny."—Daniel Espinoza



The Mini Dv Drawer, Fully Flared tapes 27 and 28. More of that Southwest mission in the dead of winter, featuring Eric Koston, Alex Olson, Marc Johnson, Brandon Biebel, Ty Evans, Scott Johnston, Guy Mariano, and Rick Howard.



Mini Top 5. Big Ern is back on some Mex shit.

Mini Top 31 with Rudy Johnson. All the "Dudes," "Likes," and "Fuckin's" from yesterday's Top 5 all rolled into one.

He might have his own lair, but Biebel will still cruise over to Koston for some bang bang.

And while your over there Eldy does some texting.

Q & A Section
From Michael Crimp,
Q: Hey Marc Johnson, what ever happened to that Cliff Kaufman that you credited for showing you kickflips in your Modus Operandi part?

A: I don't know what ol' Cliff's vibe is these days. Weirdly enough, he was already over skateboarding in 1990, in favor of football, but he could kickflip way before anyone else I'd seen in person. The kickflip is common now, but back then it was something that only a few people did in videos, so it was trippy to see one live. That was an amazing time to be a skateboarder.Marc Johnson

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Mini Top 5. The Top 5 reasons why we, as skaters, are different than everyone else, according to Rudy Johnson.

Rick McCrank, this is your life.


"You'll like it dude. There's not one explosion."—Rudy about a movie


Outside of checking the guys in at the finest hotels, dialing the wake up calls, making sure no one gets left at the gas station, and sampling the finest local sandwiches, Smyth still takes the time to supply you, the loyal Tapper, with some visual documentation.

Jeron Wilson honored in the "How We Roll" show at the California African American Museum.

I've heard the name Rocky Dennis as a way to describe more than a few people in my life over the years. Kind of offensive on a multiple levels.

Q & A Section
From Chuck,
Q: Since both rip street and tranny, and seem to have a mature grasp of things in life, I feel like Rick McCrank and John Rattray should be good friends, but have never seen any evidence. Do these guys ever hang out, or just hold some crazy mutual respect for their all terrain destruction? And if they do hang out, they should hang out more.
A: John and I are indeed friends and teammates on eS. Luckily one of John's closest friends from Scotland lives in Vancouver, he also happens to be one of my closest friends as well so John visits Vancouver pretty often. As a matter of fact I'm flying to LA on Monday and I'm going to visit John in SD for a skate. Wanna meet us at Mozy Cafe?Rick McCrank

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Girl's second round of one-offs, which includes those Golden Girls, are in shops now. Big ups to Dorothy, Rose, Blanche, and Sophia.

Mikemo and Rickk put a little motivational wager, kind of a reverse King of the Road, together for their trip in Miami. You know it means business when it's been drafted on a paper bag.

If you enjoy Sam Smyth's photography as much as he enjoys a sandwich then venture over to sams klub.

Our friends from Ontario's Blue Tile Lounge have posted their private session they recently had at Girl.


Q & A Section
From Ben Ellis,
Q: How come Raven Tershy spells his last name differently than the other Tershays?
A: Our original last name is Tarshishi, which originates from the village of Tarshish, in Lebanon. When our family immigrated to the US across Ellis Island, the officers who changed peoples last names to make them sound more American changed part of our family's names to Tershy, and part of them to Tershay. I don't think there is anyone in our family that still has the last name Tarshishi.Raven Tershy

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The Cheeks is here!

"What's going to make me make more graphics? M&Ms or Cheese Puffs?"—Hershel


Mini Top 5 with Ernie Torres and his favorite Malto moments.

Biebel with a fantastic shot and the internet's new favorite pup, Panda.

Cory Easy Speakys over at The Skateboard Mag.

Mike Carroll came up with today's Motto.



The Mini DV Drawer, Fully Flared tapes 31, 33, and 35. This was Guy's first film trip for the video. He got a lot that first night. Also featured: Alex Olson, Scott Johnston, Marc Johnson, Rob Welsh, Eric Koston, Spike Jonze, and Brandon Biebel.

They hate skaters, and the girl nervously picking at the blades of grass makes a real compelling argument as to why.

Justin was really wearing this right now.



Royal rider and recently inductee to the pro ranks, Austyn Gillette takes on a Top 5.

Mini Top 5 (trad.)
Top 5 reasons The Gav thinks that Charlie Sheen might be a pro skater:
1. He's on drugs
2. He doesn't make sense
3. He says "dude" and "radical" a lot
4. He smokes during interviews
5. Not afraid to hold up filming

We see Paris. We see France. Thanks for sending Christof.

Q & A Section
From Tnyabdl,
Q: Smyth, favorite beer?
A: What beer have I bought more, over any other? Budweiser. It's my go-to. But I do dabble. If I'm at a bar I go for draft, and mostly a lager. Never lite beer. If I'm going Mexican it's Pacifico. Corona is piss. If I'm in Europe, Stella is my pick. But there is one type of beer that trumps all these, and that is free beer. My good friend P-Stone will tell you, "It all works."Smyth

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"I officially declare my tomb to be skateable."—Rudy Johnson



Clip of the Day. Thrasher shirt? NWA? Oaktown hat? Fisheyes? Cube's verse? I guess Alex Olson has just always been cool. But um, Al, you're from Malibu, not Compton.

Hersh's Greatest Miss #38 is Winning.

The Frank Hurts Show. Girl and Chocolate episodes. So now you know!

Vintage Koston on the Chrome. He's on that fine wine trajectory.

If you're going to do an article about McCrank and about photography, why not get a better photograph of McCrank?

Yesterday in a discussion about the Seven Wonders of the World, Carroll wanted to know, in addition to the Man Made Wonders and the Natural Wonders, if there was a built by aliens category as well.

"I'm not good at gang signs."—Jeremy Carnahan



Clip of the Day. Rainy Day Session #2. When the Los Angeles area gets some rain, the Girl Park gets some visitors, such as, Sebo Walker, Daniel Espinoza, Enrique Lorenzo, Yaje Popson and even Hershel.

Here's a reminder that once we hit 5,000 LIkes on Facebook page we'll be giving away this board.

Both Rickk and Smyth are out of the office this week, so if Carroll doesn't stop by in the next five days I guess we really not friends.

Q & A Section
From Pat,
Q: Reda, I'm making a video and I'm wondering what song do you use for Hero Shots on Wednesdays with Reda?
A: Birth and Death by Explosions in the Sky.Reda

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"I remember one time I saw the Metal Mulisha before they got all famous."—Vincent Alvarez



Mini DV Drawer. Fully Flared era, #59-61. Eric Koston, Guy Mariano, Erik Ellington, Alex Olson, Sam Smyth, Sean Malto, Ernie Torres, Jeff Lenoce, and Rickk Howard.

With this last Mini DV Drawer, we've uploaded 365 videos on YouTube. Watch one a day for the next year and get back to us.

Lets hit that 5,000 so we can give Garvy a home. If you need a Garvy refresher here's your spot.

Carroll and Rudy are in my office talking about how the intricacies of dog custody work post break up. Rudy's pretty confused.

"Roberts is throwing a McGill today."—Rudy to Chris Roberts for wearing his own shirt



We were in a meeting today for the next Wallride and Ben referred to a graphic idea as "The Parent Infuriator." Should be a fun one for #22

Mini Top 5 (trad.)
Mikemo's Top 5 things about having early onset puberty:
1. Started shaving my face at 13
2. Only one with armpit hair in 6th grade. Pretty uncomfortable
3. First to have my voice crack while reading out loud
4. Lots of zits
5. Older trim

We're setting another Facebook "people like this" milestone. When we hit 5,000 likes on our page, we'll randomly pick someone to win this Chocolate Chris Roberts Garvey in Space Model.

Q & A Section
From Thomas Lane,
Q: What's The Gav's take on KFC's chicken bowl? I know I'm a fan.
A: Bullshit bowl, get the chicken and run.The Gav

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Sorry so short. Heading out to watch a freestyle contest.

"I need to be 21."—Mikemo


Mark Nickels put together some leftovers and second angles from Girl and Chocolate's Bratwurst Tour and Lakai Voltage. And you're right Sean, they are.

Mini Top 5 (trad.)
Vince Capaldi's Top 5 things he misses about the '90s:
1. The original lineup of the Smashing Pumpkins
2. Being in elementary school
3. Watching Singled Out on MTV
4. Searching thru my cousin's house for his dad's Penthouse mags
5. Downloading WWE Divas on the internet and then printing them on that same cousin's color printer

A triumphant return to What Did The Gav Have? The Gav hit a KFC on the way in and did it right at his desk. Said the office was smelling great for hours:

Bucket of OG Recipe, Family Mash and Gravy, Family Biscuts, Wings, Chocolate Chip Cake, and a large Pepsi with max ice.

Q & A Section
From Alex Netzel,
Q: How do I handle the beer shits?
A: Don't drink beer.Mike Carroll

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"I've been shocking shops since my fifth graphic."—Carroll


This week's Guest Front Page Poster is the great Tommy Guerrero. Which makes it two weeks in a row with a DLX theme. You fucking owe Jim, big time! Go here for all things Tommy Chicken.

Next time you go to your local shop, instead of pestering the employees to show 411 issue 37 again ask them to show you these Chocolate One Offs instead.

Mini Top 5 (trad.)
Top 5 things Brad Staba is looking forward to doing on his upcoming trip with Koston:
1. Taking his X-Games Bronze in a black asphalt parking lot behind a Denny's
2. Watching him get drunk and possibly urinating inside a hotel room AC unit
3. Pointing to a plane in the sky then slapping him in the balls
4. The possibility of having a Subway Cold Cut Combo chucked at my face
5. Finally being around another person who understands the true meaning of Geeeeuuuuhhhhh!!!!!!!!!

Q & A Section
From Dennis Andersson,
Q: Brian Anderson, I'm from Sweden and I'm a big fan of ice hockey. I remember an old Transworld article from 2001 I believe, you skated in an Edmonton Oilers jersey. So tell me, are you down for ice hockey?
A: I am not a hockey fan, more just into the size fit and color of jerseys and their logo's. As a skater I always liked the big logo format of jerseys. Hockey is awesome! I just don't follow it. Sorry to be a poser, ha. Man Phillies logo is rad. I have a Detroit jersey cause I like that old-fashioned city logo. I'm Connecticut and our Hartford Whalers no longer exist but that was a great logo! Anyway, enjoy your to favorites! Skating and hockey. And hold on to your teeth bro.Brian Anderson

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"Next thing I know, I'm drinking pink champagne."—Staba

"If I didn't get baked there would be no Skate Mental."—Staba


The Mini DV Drawer, tapes 21, 22, 24, and 41. A heavy cast of favorites in this one. In order of disappearance: Kenny Anderson, Guy Mariano, Eric Koston, Mike Carroll, Marc Johnson, Rickk Howard, Pat Duffy, Scott Johnston, Chico Brenes, Jeron Wilson, Gino Iannucci, and Alex Olson.

Mini Top 5 (trad.)
Top 5 things Charlene (longtime Girl employee) has done for Mike Carroll
1. Call his dentist to cancel his appointments. He couldn't lie to them
2. Call American Express to tell him he lost his card
3. Had to talk to an ex girlfriend's mom
4. Saved him from being arrested by hotel security
5. Ordered his Insane Clown Posse costume for him online

Alex, are you one of the skaters in question?

Q & A Section
From Matt,
Q: Smyth, having invented the noseslide/nosegrind, do you feel like a proud father when you see someone doing it?
A: Sometimes. If someone cool is doing it, then I think, "good job, son". If it's a turd I'm like, "what a disappointment you are".Smyth

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"I already changed the world today."—Hershel


Clip of the Day. It is called The Daily Randoms after all. And why did the Internet have to run off and get all serious.

Color Magazine Senior Editor and recent novelist, Mike Christie gives the Crail Complete a test run.

As promised, after we reached our 3,000th Facebook "liker" we'd pick someone at random to win a pair of Royal Trucks. Well it doesn't get more random than Troy Kaiser, Starbucks employee, film student, Chicago resident, and skater. Actually, that's not random at all. It's pretty ordinary. So ordinary it's random! More contests via Facebook to come.

We've taken it upon ourselves to resurrect Thrasher's The Awful Truth for times like this:

Q & A Section
From Ryan F.,
Q: Does Malto have especially short arms? In every photo, his sleeves always go past his hands. Superhuman G-Code abilities?
A: I know I don't have Kevin Durant arms but I think they're pretty normal. I usually get hoodies a little bigger anyways.Sean Malto

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"Me and Ty made it to Jake Browns room last night, got Laced The Fuck Up!"—Malto in Vegas


On a long weekend in Sac Koston and Rick made good use of their iPhone camera apps.

Mini Top 5 (trad.)
Yaje Popson's Top 5 things about having mad pop, son*
1. I don't have mad pop, son
2. Makes up for my wack-ass first name
3. I have the same last name as NBA legend Dave Popson
4. It used be Popcho, but when my ancestors came through Ellis Island they changed to sound American/New Yorkish
5. Hopefully I live up to my name one day
*this is one of the instances that we just liked the topic and the answers don't have much substance

The Chicolate experience over at DVS.

Q & A Section
From Thomas White,
Q: What is the trick to shot gunning a beer with your index finger? Long nails? Incredibly strong finger from shooting bangers all day? Superhuman G-Code abilities?
A: There ain't nothin to it but to do it. And yes all the trigger time on the right finger has finally paid off. Thanks Koston!Atiba

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"I'm glad I'm only ten votes behind Cory on the Valentines Day Poll."—Ben Colen


Semi-Pro, deserted islands, papers, Mo-Ska, Frostie, skate time, Malto in the hat, Tufnel's custom amp, BA's posse, and Olson Saint Laurent are all covered in Girl's One-Offs round one.

Funny how shit like this works. Yesterday Ben Colen ran into Snooki at the supermarket and same day, Smyth wrote and recited a poem for our Annual Valentine's Poetry Slam (seriously!) about his love for the Jersey Girl. Take a look and a read.

Q & A Section
From Peterson,
Q: I may be going to southern California for spring break. What would be the best places to skate and party?
A. I go to Stoner Park all the time. It's in West LA and then for parties West Hollywood.Alex Olson

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"I was in a cab on the way home listening to the Goo Goo Dolls while it started to rain."—Alex Olson about his Valentines


Mini Top 5 7 (trad.)
Once a week Ako and Atiba "DJ" as The Blackouts at a place called the Cha Cha here in La. And every week Jerry Hsu makes a digital flier. We asked him for his best.

On this special day, let that special someone know you care and vote in today's Crail Poll.

And we all thought Alex didn't skate when he was in New York.

Firing Line with Lakai's Raven Tershy. Learn to drop in kids.

Vincent over at TWS' lair.

Chocolate Sweethearts Contest has a winner and that winner is Tim Anderson with his sweethearts in from of his well-hung collection. Thanks for playing y'all. Your Pops' Sweetheart board is on its way.

Q & A Section
From Conor,
Q: We finally got a straight up Cali-style burrito bar here in Dublin (Ireland - what you know about that haters?!) I figured there's only one person I can really trust to advise me on my next burrito selection...So I'm wondering what Smyth's ultimate burrito fillings are!
A: You got me curious enough to google Burritos in Dublin. Surprised to see there's more than one. I gonna take a guess and say you're talking about Pablo Picante. Looks legit. If I ever get the pleasure of visiting this establishment I'm going straight for the Cali Carnitas. Sounds like the bomb.Smyth

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Happy Birthday to The Cheeks! It's no wonder you've always fared well with the fairer sex.

"Not far behind Kenny, which is shocking."—Ben Colen about today's Poll


The Mini DV Drawer. The Hollywood High 16, an elusive switch flip, Mikemo, and a birthday cake. All covered on tapes 41-42.

Yesterday's Daily Motto is today's Greatest Miss. Shit, probably be tomorrow's graphic, for real.

Q & A Section
From Andrew,
Q: Reda, I impressed by the pound sheddage. I would like to know what you've done to lose the lbs. Diet, exercise, running, etc?
A: I got a road bike and ride 5-6 days a week about 50- 80 miles a day, time permitting, and I cut down on sugar and bread. Not eating as much bread as I used to is so incredibly hard you have no idea. Bread and any type of juicy to dip into is my weakness.Reda

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"Need any help with your column today? I'm not in a Skate Mental mind state right now. I'm feeling Crailtappy."—Staba


Mini Top 5 (trad.)
Top 5 most random things hanging on the walls of Girl:
1. OG Menace click. Location: Right behind me
2. Kitty Carroll. Location: Upper deck of Girl's Bathroom
3. Spike's photo of the Pharcyde. Location: Behind Mrs. Pacman
4. Mariah. Location: Skatepark
5. Modified Mrs. February. Location: Boy's Bathroom

Tony Trujillo recounts a tale of pain in agony over at the Meat Hall.

Leave it up to The Gav to invent an additional step to your basic meal with the post meal appetizer. He's not afraid to order, after the app sampler and the entree, and before desert, an serving of parm' fries. Ground breaking Gav!

The Cheeks isn't here, but he wanted you all to know that he has a new flier (created by Rob G., no less) for is Central America tour.

Q & A Section
From Jesse Ly,
Q: Why is it that every Asian skater I know including myself either looks like Sean Malto or Jerry Hsu? And no it's not because all Asians look alike because that's hella untrue.
A: I would encourage you to get to know new and strange looking Asians. Maybe there is a Daewon at your school you haven't met yet. Or a Nuge. And while we're on the subject, people always think I'm Mexican, and that's just weird.Jerry Hsu

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"We're moving IPATH out of Torrance to a spot where the crew can be more creative and the team guys will actually want to come hang when they're in town."—Nate Smith, President of iPath

"You don't know how pumped I am that Malto bought the Flower of Life book."—Rudy Johnson


Outside of posting a gnarly edit, Lakai also has posted their new Spring 2011 Line of shoes.

And if you happen to be catching a bus in Taiwan to your favorite dumpling spot, you might be catching the MJ express.

Not that many of you seem to be aware of it, but we're still running the Crailboard Contest and if you think you can out do this guy, then you just might take whole thing. Send your entries here.

We're getting close to giving away these Royals as well.

Chocolate Sweethearts Contest. Tim Anderson, of Bob Shirt fame, sent a sweetheart or two in front of a very sweet Chocolate series. Email us a photo of a Chocolate board with your sweetheart and the sweetest one will win this Anthony Pappalardo Sweetheart board.

Q & A Section
From Ryan Ford,
Q: Hey Sam, why wasn't Carroll and for that matter Alex at the BAT3 demo in Roskilde?
A: Here's Mike, and Alex was taking the photo:


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"You look like you're on Birdhouse right now."—Rickk to a freshly shaven McCrank


They may have only been in there five days, but Vincent Alvarez, Raven Tershy, and Daniel Espinoza really put in some effort for Lakai's We Are Your Friends part 2.

We Are Your Friends


Just last week Rick McCrank decided to pay us a little visit. Seemed like the perfect time to hit him up about being the Guest Front Page Poster. For more of Rick's photos go to his blog.

Are these Chico tours to Central America the new Reda in Italy tours of the early oughts?

Speaking of our favorite Italian photographer, have you noticed the way trimmed down Reda? Is that all bike Giovanni? Or bike and diet? Either way, you look skinnier than Koston.

Q & A Section
From Chris Clifton,
Q: Hey Smyth, if you were in control of the next Real World who would you cast and why? Also, what would be your "curveball" to mix it up and shit?
A: I'd go classic combo: The Meathead, The Asshole, The Slut, The Crabby Bitch, The Ugly Girl, Black Dude, and The Gay.Smyth

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"Back to being distracted."—Hershel


Mini DV Drawer. Right where we left off last time. Lakai Tapes 19-20. Biebel, MJ, Guy, and a very longhaired Kenny Anderson.

Enjoy your weekend.


The Chocolate Sweetheart Contest! Email us a photo of a Chocolate board with your sweetheart and the sweetest one will win this Anthony Pappalardo Sweetheart board. Send your entries here.

A skinny whiteboy in a sea of OGs.

That Facebook offer still stands.

The Cheeks is here!

Q & A Section
From Miguel,
Q: BA, Seeing as you have the best boneless in the business, what's the key to doing a proper boneless one without looking like a kook?
A: I think Mark Gonzales takes the crown, but thank you. That's flattering. Try different ways. If you bend and grab all at once it can look weird. Depending on your everyday style. Try to grab first before you take foot off on street boneless. On a ramp try and sort of no comply it into your hand. Only on ramp though. Like in a ditch, early grab for sure before taking foot off. Then just jump like a frog that just took a bong rip, and watch Video Days!Brian Anderson

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"Just put that I was here."—The Cheeks


Mini Top 5 with Raven Tershy. Nick and Joey's cousin.

When we hit our 3,000th "Like US" on Facebook we'll be giving away this pair of Mariano 5.25 Royals to one of you 3,000 who are liking us as a way to show that we "Love You." So go like some shit.

does the Tuesday thing over at The Berrics.

Happy Birthday Jeron! Can't think of a better way to kickoff Black History Month.

Q & A Section
From Ingo Dreckmann,
Q: I just read this article. Is it true, that Rickk was on eS?

A: For a brief moment in time. I don't think it was ever official. There might even be a shocking shoe sample somewhere.Rickk Howard

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"Feels good to be your go-to-guy."—Staba


See past Randoms