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Beauty and the Beast Clip of the Day. Pedro at Lincoln. Accompaniment by Tony.

We're up to episode 5 and still no talk of Gino's mom's cooking?

, an entire country is biting your shit! But the demographic being 19-29? You might want to bump that up a few years Canadian Press. And it's a "Staff" not a "Stick."

Koston, Furby, and Dice. A winning combo. Rated-R!

Tapper Kaarle points out our whiteness and an error in our new poll: "The 'c' between the eyes is in fact 'of' to be used between 'Fear' and 'God.' Otherwise, excellent poll!"

Check out L-R-Cheeks here.

Alex Olson Fun Fact of the Day.

#26 Alex is still in Europe and still not checking his email.

Q & A Section
From Matt Hurford,
Q: How do I get a ticket to the Berrics?
A: You can always go on the site or and join the army. We got a contest on there for a trip to The Berrics. Also you can try to make friends with Steve, myself, or our immediate circle of friends to get in as well. Good luck.--Koston

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"Not on my lunch break guys."--The Gav trying not to talk business

"But Spanky and Braydon are going to be there."--Carroll trying to hype up a party


New Poll! And it's an important one.

Beauty and the Beast Clip of the Day. Crankers was beasting it up too.

Alex Olson Fun Fact of the Day.
#25 Alex is in Europe right now and is not checking his email.

Koston goes Bang, Bang, Bang!

Q & A Section
From George Cayea,
Q: What is the secret to Mike Mo's switch flip?
A: Practice practice practice that's what it is. I've probably done thousands of switch flips. That's the secret.--Mo

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"I'm really backing the phrase 'Word Up' coming back, ya know what I'm sayin'?"--Ben Colen

"I need some hi fives and chest bumps when I'm watching TV."--The Gav on how depressing reality TV is


Beauty and the Beast Clip of the Day. Some of Rickk's moves that won't be on the DVD, a testament to what moves are on the DVD.

Nothing like a cloud to direct you to our podcast hub.

Alex Olson Fun Fact of the Day.

#24 When Alex was young and had long hair he was often mistaken for a girl.

Carroll, we may have seen your dream girl yesterday. Actually we didn't see her but we saw her license plate cover and it said, "If you're riding my ass, you better be pulling my hair." She was going north on La Brea above Melrose. You could probably catch her.

Q & A Section
From Brian Panebianco,
Q: What did Feds use to fix the Milan train station ledges? I live near Philly and the notches in the Love Park ledges are getting huge. I tried hydraulic cement but it chipped up in a week
A: We used Bondo Body Filler, way better than whateves stuff like cement. It will chip too but at least you will have more time to do some millergrinds over. Don't forget, before do the bondo job, to remove all the cement and dust in the notches. Then fill the Bondo, pass a wet cloth on it then dry, and wax that bitch up! Brian eat an OG Philly steak for me out there! So Delicious!--Feds

From Marcus White,
Q: I was just browsing through Terry Richardson's book "Terry's World" the other day and there is some pretty perverted shit in there. Alex Olson said his old babysitter is in there. Which chick is she and what is she doing?
A: Aaron put the wrong book its called Weapons, Wives and something else I can't remember. She's feeding her baby. It's weird--Alex

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Sorry. Too busy working on the 'tard edit.


Beauty and the Beast Clip of the Day. We're gonna try and post a Beauty and the Beast outtake everyday until the DVD comes out in a couple of weeks. Try. BA gets Jonze's approval on this 360 flip.

Alex Olson Fun Fact of the Day.

#23 Once while drunk, Tony Alva professed to Alex that he was his Godfather.

Gino gets Later'd to the third power.

Q & A Section
From Jimmy Miller,
Q: This question is for Mike Carroll; I'm another skater that found/finds inspiration from your Questionable part. You have some stylish vert tricks in your section, always a rad inclusion. Will there be some secret vert ramp footage of you included in the Final Flare DVD?
A: I wish, but the ledges are pretty vertical so...--Carroll

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, when are we gonna figure out the logistics for this Royal contest?

As Vice President of this company, Carroll reserves the right to hang up in your face the moment he thinks you're being rude to him over the phone.


Featured Feature. Fourstar in NY.

Clip of the Day
. Sorry the posts have been kind of skimpy. Just putting the final touches on the Beauty and the Beast DVD. Here's an outtake of Trujillo. We're even.

Alex Olson Fun Fact of the Day.

#22 For Alex's sixteenth birthday Chris Roberts gave him a VHS mixtape of early '90s skate videos.

Imagine how Carroll be rolling.

Q & A Section
From Ben Matteson,
Q: How do you guys over at Crailtap like your pants? Do you like them huge? I, myself like huge pants. The pants I wear are about the size of MC Hammer's pants.
A: Guess it all depends on where the evening takes me. Some nights I'll find myself in liquid latex pants or maybe even some all over print ice cream edible pants.--Carroll

From Mike,
Q: What's the story with Mariano's TWS cover from November '97? I found it while moving and heard rumors it was pieced together, but I don't want to believe that.

A: It was pieced together, but it was also a make. When photographers had to buy film, one of their tricks was to stop shooting the roll up if they already felt they had a good one. For example, in Guy's case he probably already caught a switch pop shove and grinded through the rail. Oritz, the photographer, probably thought I got that so I'll start shooting it late. That way he wouldn't run out of film, which was a legit concern back then. This is way before the days of digital. But make no mistakes, Guy did make it.--Aaron

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Alex Olson Fun Fact of the Day.
#21 Alex's girlfriend was pissed about the Chan Marshall graphic.

Q & A Section
From Ryan Quintana,
Q: When you release the updated version of "Fully Flared", are you going to change the music, and bleep out every cuss word like you did for the video to dvd transfer of "Yeah Right".  That was hella weak, and there was nothing better than Gino skating to GNR.
A: Nah, no cutting. Just adding stuff this time.--Aaron

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Congrats to the John and Maria Buscemi on the birth of their baby boy Benito

"Are Podium and Girl not getting along?"--The Gav after not having lunch with us for the last three days


Rest in Peace Van. Our hearts go out to his friends and family. You will be missed buddy.


BA Cutouts aka Biting Brad's Shit! This one comes from our own warehouse via Derek. Sean Steamer.

Mini Top 5
Hershel's Top 5 Hershels
1. Herschel Bernardi, really just for the fiddler on the roof. My parents would sing it all the time
2. Hersehel and the Hanukkah Gobblins, this was another childhood favorite. There were no super heroes named Hershel
3. Herschel Shmoikel Pinkus Yerucham Krustofski aka Krusty the Clown
4. Herschel Savage, over 1000 films. 'Nuf said
5. Herschel Walker, my sports hero

Alex Olson Fun Fact of the Day.
#20 Alex's dad was in your favorite Green Day video. Great shot of him at 0:36.

"That's right. Knoxville and I were both dumb enough to bring infant daughters to a trade show."--Lewman


Clip of the Day. Tapper Dan Watson wrote, "In the trio of flips daily clip, what happened to the fourth guy on the quarter pipe? Who was it, and did he totally blow it?" That's Nick McLouth and you're right he totally blow it. But he did make this.

Mini Top 5
Chris Roberts' Top 5 things he wants to take from Crail HQ
1. TV
2. SOTY Trophy
3. Starbucks Cupcake
4. Badass and FTC DVDs
5. The Couch

Alex Olson Fun Fact of the Day.
#19 Alex doesn't have a twin sister but if he did this would be her.

Q & A Section
From Sam,
Q: Will Pops' and Olson's sections be on the Final Flare? I hope so, they're the illest.
A: No doubt. And with interviews too.--Aaron

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See Vince, Kenny, and Pops in the Elwood Teaser.

"Tricks. I don't do those things."--Carroll


Clip of the Day. A trio of flips.

Gino on VBS tonight here at 9pm PST.

Mini Top 5
Top 5 things Mike McDermott noticed about the Fourstar team while on the North of Everything Tour
1. It has to be Starbucks and it's always on ice. Carroll likes a little more ice than the rest of the squad. I felt out of the loop with a hot one
2. Always something for the table. From French toast at breakfast to a Pizza with XL sauce. Sometimes it felt like dinner was served before it had even arrived
3. Chips are a hot commodity with this bunch. 'Chup had a good head start, but Dill Pickle took the lead from Edmonton onward
4. Face Time is important when you're on Fourstar. Here's an example;
Eric: Is there a demo in 'Peg?
Rickk:  Not in 'Peg, we just have to "show face" at the AM contest
5. There is no "i" in team, but there is an iPhone. Sometimes it felt like Eric was secretly stoked if we were lost so he could break out the GPS and save the day

Rihanna and Chris Brown make the right board choice. If they only knew how much this will make Justin's week.

BA Cutouts aka Biting Brad's Shit! Mark Brownlee gives Spanky not only Weirger's extremely long board but also an extremely long neck.

Alex Olson Fun Fact of the Day.

#18 When Alex was five he stuck his dick in a vacuum cleaner and his grandma walked in on him.

"I'm an internet celebrity already."--Ben Colen


If you're wearing a Fourstar plaid right now chances are that it was picked out, or at least approved, by this week's Guest Front Page Poster Jason Callaway.

Clip of the Day. New South Bay transplant, Justin Eldrige is a new regular at the Girl Park .

BA Cutouts aka Biting Brad's Shit! Koston reminds us that we forgot one of BA's gems. Eric-beth Burnside.

Alex Olson Fun Fact of the Day.

#17 The person to ever flow Alex a board was Tod Swank. It was a Zero Mislead Youth board.

Q & A Section
From Adam,
Q: After watching the Girl/Chocolate Boxset I noticed a distinct difference between your older videos and the more recent ones. You guys used to be much more into skits. Sure in YEAH RIGHT! you had some like the Skatetrix and Invisible Boards but in Lakai you didn't have anything other than the intro. Always thought that what separated you guys from all other companies were your skits. They were ill. Anyways I was wondering what's up with that?
A: We never really had time to film any skits plus if we did, could you imagine how long that video would have been? Also we kinda figured we'd leave the skits to the Girl and Chocolate videos.--Mike Carroll

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Happy Birthday The Gav! We normally do birthdays at the end of the column, but since it's The Gav we're going top billing.

Clip of the Day.The Simi homie, Nick McLouth, fs flip manny with a bs 180.

BA Cutouts aka Biting Brad's Shit! Ryan Foret goes the distance with his video version of Biting Brad.

Alex Olson Fun Fact of the Day.
#16 When Alex was sixteen his dad threw a surprise birthday at the Skate Lab. He says it was his best birthday ever.

Q & A Section
From Peter Amerkhanian,
Q: Mike Mo, what happened to your brother's website?
A: I have no idea. Vince, what happen? Ask him, maybe he will have more motivation to update it every once in a while. Mo

From Satde,
Q: So, why dosen't Crailtap have a mascot? If not, and when are you going to make one?
A: We do, a goat. Look to your far right.--Aaron

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"C'mon! I think we all know the answer to that!"--Welsh

"Do you know where that exclusive meeting is going on?"--Biebel

"He's a captain of industry."--Ben Colen referring to The Gav


Clip of the Day. Miko Mo cruntches numbers up on the Jr. Executive.

You've seen him in our warehouse, now check him out by the pool.

BA Cutouts aka Biting Brad's Shit! Dave Marie mixes Pop's elusiveness with Kenny's finesse.

Since Welsh moved into Richard Angelides' San Diego home, there's only been one question worth asking:

From Larson, "For Wizard Ben, in case his army of magic helpers need protection during the next invasion of Gondor."

And if that didn't stoke out you animal lovers than this, from Dirty Mike, surely will.

Alex Olson Fun Fact of the Day.
#15 When Alex was nine he wanted to be a snowboarder.

Q & A Section
From Steve Shaw,
Q: So, Sam always seems to be eating something. When you were up here in Canada on the North of Everything tour, what was you favorite thing to eat?
A: We ate at a spot called Earl's like 62 times in two weeks. It was pretty grubbin'. I recommend the salt n pepper wings. Place your thumb, index, and middle finger at the small end of the wing. Stand it up and jam it into the plate, separating chicken strip from clean bone. Not something to do on a date, but the boys will be hyped!--Smyth

From The Peterson Brothers,
Q: Someone might have already enquired about this, but in the Questionable video, when Carroll does the nose manny nollie heel to almost board focus does he actually focus his board or not? Does it cut because he doesn't?
A: My board doesn't break and I fell to the ground accidentally. Pretty funny.--Carrroll

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"I don't know why he's trying to leach off his dad's name?"--Dawes about Alex

"Boosh looks at crailtap everyday. He must have seen my early work and got pumped."--Staba


Clip of the Day. It's tissue time. Some Malto HD clips I either forgot to send to Ray Ray for the And Now or they just didn't use them.

More sensitivity. Brad takes on the Mega at the Girl 15th Anniversary Party.

BA's Cutouts aka Biting Brad's Shit! I guess Boosh has been taking food off Staba's plate for a while.

Alex Olson Fun Fact of the Day.

#14 Alex's middle name is Chandon. He has no idea about the name's origin.

An exciting week for Brophy. First he gets inked, then an exclusive on the Tackyworld.

Gino and friends have reopened Poets skate shop in Long Island. Oh, and that's not Gino on the right. That's Eric.

Q & A Section
From Sean,
Q: Who all went the Radiohead show? I was there Monday night for the show and as I was leaving I almost brushed up again Froston and his women. I was quite shocked when I looked up to see it was him. Did I miss Rickk as well?
A: Yes, That was Mrs. Froston and I. You could have walked by the likes of Rickk, Jason Callaway (the brains behind Fourstar), Spike, Jason Schwartzman, Mike Pena, Justin Timberlake, the list goes on. If you thought rubbing elbows with me was cool, then you'd probably have a good idea of how stoked I was to go to the Radiohead after-party and do Patron shots with Thom Yorke! Ok, so I didn't do shots with him, but he was 5 feet away from me when I did do them. All in all, great fuckin' show!--Koston

From Alec,
Q: Is it just me of does MJ have HUGE calves? I guess that's why he's so good.
A: You should see Rickk's! And Huf's!--Aaron

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Be a friend to a friend of all and help out Johnny Romano.


Hershel didn't really pan out to be The Tap celebrity I thought he would. He does make some in roads here though with his Polaroid Gallery from Girl's 15 Year Anniversary party last weekend. Yep, Polariod. He's part the Art Dump after all.

How tight were BA's mag cutouts? So tight that Staba got bummed that BA was biting his shit. We think you guys should bite Brad's shit too and send in some cutouts of your own. We'll post them here and then for that whole day Staba will curse you for biting his shit too. Believe me, it's an honor. Send them here.

Guess Whose Tat!

Alex Olson Fun Fact of the Day.

#13 Alex was sixteen when he first made out with a girl. They were on a bus.

Tapper James Brandon simple sent this, "Dear Ben" with this link attached.

Q & A Section
From Julian Gilbert-Davis,
Q: Rudy, I was just watching Video Days and saw you had a couple tricks at the Pioneer Chicken in Echo Park. Every day there are at least fifty kids sessioning the chunked up curb and flatground despite there being a huge schoolyard and a skatepark, near by. Do you know the history behind that spot? Was it the poor man's EMB like it is today?
A: It really wasn't a popular spot. "like EMB'' But it happened to be there at the right time to sesh the shit out of it. We had just come down from Christian Hosoi's house right down the block from there. I still drive by and see a mob of skaters there. I think that's rad. Maybe next time I will stop and get a boardslide or two for old times sakes.--Rudy

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"Hollywood sucks. Everyone is so awesome."--Rickk in the parking lot of the Radiohead show


This week's Guest Front Page Poster is Peter Sullivan aka Supra Pete, aka Surfer Pete, aka one of Girl's first employees, aka P-Sul. Here he shares some images from his time spent in International Sales and Team Manager. Thanks Pete!

Yesterday we celebrated Girl's Quinceanera, marking 15 years in the business. It was a glorious day to celebrate a glorious occasion and Wizard Ben got it all on camera.

Clip of the Day. Hella fools in the park on Friday.

Bonus Clip of the Day. Rickk
surprised Jordan with his trophy, a Girl OG graphic with his name screened on it, for winning this year's Lunch Break Invitational. The board's a few months late but whose counting.

Q & A Section
From Dickweed,
Q: Seeing BA cracking a Dude beer (excellent selection for the thrifty) got me wondering. Seeing as Canadian beer is way the fuck better than Budwieser, what was the beer of choice for the crew up North?
A: I didn't do a shitload of connoisseuring, but I found Alexander Keith's to do the job nicely. Brian and Brophy were drinking that shit too.--Smyth

From Tuna,
Q: Rickk, in the ongoing struggle with athletes foot what have you found to be the best cure/remedy/deterrent and what tips might you give to a person who is new to athletes foot?
A: Keep those babies dry. I go out with a minimum of three pairs of socks and a bottle of Zeazorb. End the day by pissing on your feet in the shower. That kills the fungus. Good luck.--Rickk

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"I got a skateboard, a gun, and some swim trunks. I'm looking to use one of them."--Smyth on how he was going to spend his Saturday with Brian and Staba


New Poll! Which part of The Final Flare are you most anticipating?

As Slap gears up for going digital let's not forget some of the advantages of staying on paper, as Brian Anderson points out here.

came across one of Bobby Worrest's boys, DC Benny Burbs from the Suburbs, and his hers and his Street Pirate Tats.

Alex Olson Fun Fact of the Day.

#13 While staying with Spanky's years ago, Spanky's mom mistook Alex for Bryan Herman.

Q & A Section
From Ray Echevers,
Q: Would Ben Colen ever shoot pics for an interview of lets say, Alex Rodriguez or Derek Jeter?
A: Probably, but hopefully it'd be for an interview about how they just got kicked out of baseball for sucking and/or cheating.--Ben Colen

From Thomas Lane,
Q: Heard a rumor that Rickk did a nose manual nollie flip up the Roslyn manual, where Gino did the backside 360 ollie to manual. Any truth to this?
A: I'd love to confirm that but I suck at that trick.--Rickk

Send your questions here.

Next week's Guest Front Page Postings will be provided by an ex-Girl employee. Scandalous!


Clip of Day. Arnie and Kyle ditch the chores and hit the streets. Hard to imagine in the days of bittorents and all that that there was a time when you would have gladly paid the $5.50 and sit through an hour and a half of a shabby sequel just to watch two minutes of skateboarding. Thanks Stacy.

Here's Smyth's take, in gallery form, of The North of Everything Tour.

Mic-E makes Carroll a star.

Alex Olson Fun Fact of the Day.
#12 When David Fincher was set to direct the Lords of Dogtown he cast Alex to play Jay Adams.

Q & A Section
From Adam Boffen,
Q: If Mike Mo went to SF and felt like skating a rail what grind/slide is he going to do down the sixteen rail at this weekend's Thrasher contest?
A: I don't think I'd ever go down a rail that big, but my dream trick down a handrail would probably be backside nose blunt. But realistically if I had to try something? I'd probably try a boardslide.--Mike Mo

From Kipling Mann,
Q: I thought that I read somewhere that Ben Colen recently got a Nikon D3. If this is true, what did he buy it for (print/web/both) how does he like it and what if any problems has he had with it?
A: I pretty much use it for everything at this point. Since I got it I haven't really been shooting too much film. I really like it. To be honest with you I can't think of any real problems I've had, other than I wish it had a higher resolution.--Ben

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Clip of Day. Brophy and Malto, Regina demo on The North.

North of Everything photo gallery two

Alex Olson Fun Fact of the Day.
#11 Alex's old babysitter is in the new Terry Richardson book Terry World.*

*You gotta understand, in Alex's circle this is hot shit

VBS has another Gino teaser.

Q & A Section
From Chooch,
Q: How does Ben keep his shadow'd beard so George Michael'd out ?
A: This is just how it grows. When it gets to where its at now it actually takes like two razors to shave it.--Ben

From Adrian Vitou,
Q: I understand Ben and Aesop Rock are tight, so is it true he used to smoke four packs a day?
A: I don't know the actual number but he smoked non-stop for sure.--Ben

Send your questions here.

"I'm not down with self mutilation."--Alex Olson


Clip of Day. North of Everything Megaclip. Fuller video out later. Thanks McDermott and Supra crew.

Alex Olson Fun Fact of the Day.
#10 Alex thoroughly enjoys a good wave machine.

Q & A Section
From Robert Pluhowski,
Q: At what age did Ben Colen realize that him and Barney Rubble have a similar look?
A: What's up Rob? I usually get Homer Simpson, but I can deal with Barney.--Ben

From The Ringer,
Q: Where does Ben work?
A: I guess I'm gunning for that part-time event photographer position.--Ben

Send your questions here.

Big Ups to the Cheeks and Beebs for their second and third placing at Manny Mania. Yeah, dudes!


Travel day. Sorry.


Clip of Day. Some demo clips from Edmonton and 'Stoon starring Eric, Matlo, Brian, Brophy, and Tyler Bledsoe.

Alex Olson Fun Fact of the Day.
#9 Alex has never owned a car.

We don't want you to think that the Q & A Section is deaded. Like I said I'm rooming with Ben so if you got any Ben questions you've been dying to have answered send them here.

It's my goal to get a quote from Ben on every day of the trip, and with that:

"If you ain't laughing you're cryin', you know what I'm saying?"--Ben Colen


Clip of Day. The Teenagers go bar to bank in Vancouver.

Alex Olson Fun Fact of the Day.
#8 Alex was sixteen when he got his first pubic hair.

Tapper Mike K seems to have stumbled upon a poster featuring Danny and Bob's great great grandfathers.

Our sweet sweet friend Colin Kennedy and company really outdid themselves at the inaugural Skate and Create.

We got an off-the-poster instore this Saturday. If you want the Johnny Hancocks come on down.


"It's the Michael Bolton version of dangerous."--Ben Colen describing guitar solos in '80s pop songs


Clip of Day. We didn't even hit the Street Plaza. Koston and Brophy get their crust on.

Alex Olson Fun Fact of the Day.
#7 Alex's favorite movie is Rumble Fish.

Mike Mo's friend got a tattoo of Ben Colen on his calf...oh, and he got a Girl logo right beneath it.

Nasty Neck is having a show in the neighborhood August 16.


"Go celebrate life somewhere else."--Ben Colen

"I'm paid to be on the streets, yo! That's my office."--Ben Colen


Clip of Day. Malto on a Molson.

Our first gallery from North of Everything.

Alex Olson Fun Fact of the Day.
#6 When Alex was 12 his dad drove him three hours to a CASL contest but when he got there he was too scared to enter.

Today's motto was brought to you by Mike McDermott, Canadian ripper and cultural attache.

Bernie Mac, Rest in Peace, bro.


"I'm holding out for my home turf."--Mike McDermott on why he hasn't filmed a trick yet


We had our first full day here in Canada. We asked around for a third Decenzo brother but it seems there're only two of them, and they're taken. No sign of Bob K. either. But by the looks of the way Tony Ferguson was skating the demo yesterday, he must be gunning for a reissue.

Alex Olson Fun Fact of the Day.
#5 The first video premiere Alex went to was Birdhouse's "The End." Because of the title he thought they were going out of business.


"I've never been to one, but it would be interesting from a disgusting, sociological standpoint."--Ben Colen on attending a porn party


The stars have aligned (probably aligned by him) and I'm set to rooming with Ben Colen, which brings us to our first installment of:

The Trials and Tribs of Rooming with Ben
If I can get used to the smell of newt's tail and the steam of a bubbling caldron in the center of the room, I might be able to make it through the trip.

Alex Olson Fun Fact of the Day.
#4 His girlfriend's mother was one of the OG Charlie's Angels, but you'd have to be a sheer genius to guess which one.

Some Poll criticism from Tapper Dan W., "I don't even know why you guys are bothering with the poll. The answer is obviously Malto. He's so nice! All the other votes must be from Americans."


"The last time I was here I think I had corn rows."--Guy on how long it's been since he was in Vancouver


New Poll. For our neighbors to the North, whom other than the Canucks do you most consider your own?

Alex Olson Fun Fact of the Day.
#3 In the summer of 2006 he babysat Mark Gonzales cats.

Ben's international appeal and exposure isn't limited to The Tap.


Clip of the Day. BA, Frost, and Spike go triples over the light for some scratch.

Xtremely Wild Weekend gallery.

Alex Olson Fun Fact of the Day.
#2 When Alex was fifteen Lance Jr. told him he had to turn vegetarian if he ever wanted to get on Toy Machine. So he went veg for two whole years.

Tomorrow we leave. First stop Vancouver. And if we get a photo of Bob K. guess we'll be giving ourselves a virtual high five.

Crampy, we don't really meet for lunch as much as I thought we would.


"Chico won't think twice about stealing your socks."--Reda


This week's Guest Front Page Poster is a couple more Jer photos. Mid week we're gonna transition into photo from Fourstar's North of Everything Tour.

Alex Olson Fun Fact of the Day.
#1 Alex's real last name is Parker.

We're gonna try and run the above everyday. Probably only last a week and a half though.

Think of how popular the Street Pirate is as a Tattoo. Now multiply it by four.


We put out the request to our finest journalist, Rickk and Mike, and this is what we got. Not as good as this guy's coverage.

Mini Top 5
Tony Ferguson's Top 5 things about going to his first X Games
1. Gavin sneaking me into the Riders' Lounge for energy drinks
2. It was Biebel's and Jeron's first Games too
3. Hanging out in the Clippers locker room with Howard
4. Free chicken wings in the Podium skybox
5. Seeing Danny Way alive after that slam

RIP Mr Underhill.


A cautionary tale for both Mikes. Carroll and Mo.

Don't know what would be worse for Ben, getting his camera bag stolen or this? We're gonna say the latter.

Fourstar and Active are hosting a contest for all you aspiring artist. Should be a good one.

We don't do Site of the Week like these guys, but if we did Brainwash Victim would be it.

It's probably been around since before our parents generation."--Carroll about the phrase "beef curtains"


Wednesdays with Reda! Just kidding

The real reason the Fourstar team is going to Canada next week, Rope Boarding. Time to start branching out our team. Couldn't resist. Thanks Sebastian Whyte.

Tapper Kyle found these painful keepsakes on the internet.

Today in Torrance. Thirteen years in "The Well Balanced City" and still no write up in the Daily Breeze. As for this new upstart...And Art Dump, how come we've never redid that Executioner graphic?

I'm generation X guido."--Reda


Clip of the Day. Mike Mo. Front foot to get in. Back foot to get out.

There was a time when getting a Check Out was quite the rite of passage for any aspiring pro boarder. Some made it. Some didn't. Anyways, Cards and Bird shared a spread way back when and soon thereafter successfully entered the pro ranks. As for the two authors...

Q & A Section
From Matty Gendron,
Q: Back in the day, my elementary school teacher told us that if we wrote a letter to a candy bar company that we loved, then they would reply with a letter and a box of candy bars. I was the one of the only ones that did it in my class, and I actually got a box of Butterfingers in the mail. Much older, I must say that skateboarding is the thing I love the most in life. All I'm going to say is that I recommend the Tap to everyone and buy gnar shit from the Crailshop. So please make my summer of low funds a lot better.
A: Should have included your address.--Aaron

Send your questions here.

Over at The Berrics, Guy falls down and goes boom and Justin goes bang.

Life long Chocolate affiliate, Richard Mulder has an interview here.

You're fucked."--Callaway to The Gav after the Gav said he believed in karma

"Hard to say what's crazier, side by side with Cards or written by Fabre"--Bird


Clip of the Day. See, when you balance on the back tires like that it makes the trick even harder. Mike Mo in the park?

Mini Top 5

Mike Mo's Top 5 things about being Vince Capaldi's little brother
1. His red hair makes my hair look not as red
2. He's a half bastard. Vince was an accident, so my parents had to get married and that's why I'm here today
3. Drives me around
4. He's my alarm clock
5. He kind of skates

Another Mini Top 5
Vince Capaldi's Top 5 things about never turning pro
1. No little kids crowding me at the Skate Lab
2. Not getting hurt for a living
3. Not having to outdo yourself
4. I get free product anyway
5. Skate for fun

Oh, and, nothing to do with Mo, but they're still on Fourstar.

I can think of some good shit on my own time. You stun my brain a little bit."--Mike Mo

"My mom's like, 'Why does your dad always get mentioned on Crailtap but not me?'"--Mike Mo


New Poll! What's in your quiver?

Mini Top 5
Top 5 thoughts The Gav has about his lack of coverage on The Tap recently
1. I don't know what's more embarrassing, being on it or not being on it
2. It feels similar to the discussion Rickk had with me when he said I had to take a pay cut because my frontside noseslides were not cutting it anymore
3. I feel like a flow rider, no attention
4. Must eat more fried food I guess
5. Maybe Rickk needs to slap me in the face to make it more swollen

We don't know what's more shocking the nollie 360 flips on the busted plank or Mo flying to Germany for three days just for a tradeshow.

From Tapper Daniel, "I was recently in Nashville, and was looking to pick up a Frisbee or some crap at a Walgreen's when I spotted this plastic skateboard action figure. I looked on the back of the packaging, and it turns out the company just used a watercolor filter on some pictures of actual pro skaters and changed around their names. Pretty funny. The one that stuck out the most to me was the 'Alex Sherman' doing a frontside flip over barrier out of a sidewalk. I knew it looked familiar."

Q & A Section
From anonymous,
Q: Hey I think we should give more love to the French guys on Lakai. We all liked their French Connection shoes, and their part in Lakai video, now we need to give them a column!
A: Maybe when they learn English.--Aaron

And for the Q & A that was posed by Randy yesterday concerning Joey Bast we have this celebrity follow up,
I just ran into Joey Bast in Denver. He's been working as a golf pro. That's right. He said he goes to the skate park every now and then. I'm sure he still gets down.--Kenny Anderson

Send your questions here.

Stress everything. That's my key to success."--Ben Colen


Wednesdays with Reda.

And Malto goes Bang Bang Bang!

Q & A Section
From Randy,
Q: Since you guys probably actually knew or still know some of these dudes, I was curious was happened to the following skaters that I dug when I first started skating: Armando Barajas, Joey Bast, Dave Mayhew, Justin Girard, Gabriel Rodriguez, and Carl Shipman.  Are they still in the industry?  Great Philosophers?  Man Pigeon Hobos?  Mechanics?  I don't expect you guys to know the status of all of them, but maybe one or two.
A: Well, I'll try my best. Saw Armando at the TWS awards. Looked like he still skated. Joey Bast I have no idea. Mayhew lives in house (rumored to be purchased solely on D3 residuals) in Wisconsin and runs a skate shop. Justin Girard is a web program and developer in NY. Gabriel still skates and is studying to be an EMT. And Shippy lives in England with his wife and kids and builds scaffolding for a living (according to the new Skateboarder Magazine). By the way, you got a pretty eclectic taste in skaters.--Aaron

And for the Q & A that was posed by Brian from yesterday,
Here is a solution to the Crailtap/iPhone problem for Mike and all the other iPhone dudes. Get the address for each of the columns (right click on the iFrame and click properties) and then bookmark them in your iPhone separately. You have to check each column one by one, which is a bit gay, but it lets you get your 'Tap fix whilst out at the local skate spot.--Sam Doherty

Send your questions here.

I'm not even gonna ollie."--Rudy when going to skate The Berrics yesterday


Clip of the Day. From Tapper Guillaume, "I've recently had the chance to see Rick Howard doing some crazy gospel stuffs in Barcelona."

One part of the job that Ben's been successful at is shooting gems like this with his iPhone

Season Two is coming. There will be blood.

Rickk captured some of The Gav's finer ESPY moments in this collage.

Spike's new favorite skater over at Dose Nation. Trippy.

Q & A Section
From Brian,
Q: I was on my iphone last night and i wanted to check out crailtap, my iphone froze as the page was loading. Its pretty tough to check out the site from my phone, it takes a while to load and the columns are everywhere. Howbout a crailtap iphone app? It would be pretty tight.
A: We are sucking at the phone hook up, much to the chagrin of Mike Carroll. Maybe one day.--Aaron

Send your questions here.

Today in Torrance. The sweeter side of our humble city.

I had another paragraph for the column but Ben Colen shot it down.

Happy Birthday Michael Coleman!


This week's, and next week's, Guest Front Page Poster is Jerry Hsu. We know he's done it before but when someone's that good he's gotta get it twice. Kind of like D Way and the SOTY. Jerry's also got a book coming out, which the only details we have on it is, "It's gonna have nudity and cats and everything! Yay!" Thanks Jer.

We've decided to pick some runner ups for  since it was one of the more time consuming contests we've had. So here they be: Chris Vanderwall's Chariots of Flare, Ethan Wells' Nissan Remix, Ian Shulman's I'm Over It Dude, Ryan Schorman's Hotter Chocolate, and Kevin Carpo who didn't let his inablitly to key out a background stand in his way, his nephew's or the Hulk's way with his vidoe The End. Guy's you'll be getting this shirt. Thanks everyone again

Skate scribe, Mike Muzenrider, "Found a backup plan for Mike Mo if that pro stuff doesn't pan out. But he'll have to wait until next year."

Shit, if Kanye likes it than you know it must not be half bad.

Alex Olson, this is the kind of thing you're attracting:
Catcher in the Concrete
Why have you shackled up Alex Olson to the scurge of normalcy? His soul is curdling because he is not a true conformist but is cuffed to the confines of the street. His true form, a heron feeding in the shallows, is only manifest upon the transitions of the Great Midwest. Your latest issue displayed none of this splendor. Where have you gone, Joe Dimaggio? The world screams for the Catcher on the Concrete to once again fly in the bowls and pipes - won't you adhere to this sweet siren call? Lay off me, I'm hungover.--Trent

Their Favorite Member of the Mighty Wu-Tang!
Steve Berra: Wu Smith


It would be like flying really low."--Hershel about taking the train


New Featured Feature! BA, Max, Guy, Rickk, and Eric at the Pink Motel for a little Fourstar fun. The site's got an overhaul as well.

Contest winner Our final winning submission for the The Spike and Ty Green Screen Challenge! is Tom Cantrell's. Little warning. It's got some tit in it. Tasteful tit, but tit nonetheless. Thanks to all you entered. Check back Monday to see the Top 5 runner ups, who will be getting a consolation prize. We're running our contests like kids' soccer game these days. Everyone gets a trophy

Have you ever seen more support for the local boy done good than the shop wall at the Simi Valley Skate Lab? Todd's claiming that they won't sell another board until these are gone. If that's the case what are they gonna do for The Worm?

Guess Whose Tat?

If you fancy your self a shoe designer you may want to enter The Lakai My Way Colorway Contest and freak some shit.

Q & A Section
From Joshua Steimle,
Q: Now that's it's been a few years since I figured this out I feel I can ask this question without being too embarrassed, but am I the only 'tap reader who took a while to realize Sam Smyth and Lee Smith were two different people? I know it's easy if you see them in person, since one's slightly taller than the other, but at first I thought "Smyth" was just a creative way you guys referred to "Smith," you know, like how you guys do with Rickk?
A: Lee is slightly taller than I, as well as being a cafe latte complexion, while I am more skim milk. Similar names, but pronounced different. Smith is how you would think, and Smyth is pronounced with a long "i" sound. Don't feel bad if you recently called me Smith, I stopped correcting people a long time ago.--SmYth

Send your questions here.

Be a patron of the arts and by going to the art dump and picking up a limited edition Hecox print before Coca Cola rips it off and makes a billboard out of it.

The Winnipeg Plaza is throwing a contest the weekend of August 14 which will coincide with our stop there on the Fourstar North of Everything Tour.

Their Favorite Member of the Mighty Wu-Tang!
Fat Bill: GZA

"Do they frisk you at these things?"--Rickk on his way to the ESPYs


The Spike and Ty Green Screen Challenge! Johann Gustavsson's attack of the OGs. Only one left. Send you videos here. (Read the post from 6/30/08 for contest details)

It's a Chocolate wall now. Check it out on the way to Pink Berry.

Their Favorite Member of the Mighty Wu-Tang!
Jamie Thomas: Method Man

"Do they frisk you at these things?"--Rickk on his way to the ESPYs


The Spike and Ty Green Screen Challenge! Jurgen K went the distance, shooting his own background footage, and pays homage to a classic. So he wins Wednesday. Thursday and Friday to go. Send you videos here. (Read the post from 6/30/08 for contest details)

Clip of the Day
. Peabody takes his all black attire to the Jr. Executive.

Rickk's photos from the Maloof Coin Cup and Sam's LA Suds rager.

You think Biebel's got a future in sales?

Q & A Section
From Evan,
Q: How come Mike Carroll's brother Greg is Hispanic, but Mike isn't?
A: I didn't feel like converting when he did.--Mike Carroll

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Their Favorite Member of the Mighty Wu-Tang!

Jim Thiebaud: Mic-e Reyes

"I bet if I skated for a couple of weeks I could frontside air the mega ramp."--Nick Diamond after talking to Danny Way about the mega ramp


This week's Guest Front Page Poster is the Casey of the Captain and Casey Show. A long time friend of the Tap, Chris Casey hand delivered his photos with handwritten, in pencil, captions. He can also do pretty good early grab airs on quarterpipes, most notably, a go to Indy air that he's somewhat famous for, but for us he went backside. Thanks Captain...I mean Casey!

The Spike and Ty Green Screen Challenge! number two. Joseph O'Neal's Steve Mcqueen like portrayal of our heroes fleeing Nazi Germany. Three more winners to go. Send you videos here. (Read the post from 6/30/08 for contest details)

I've never pushed so hard while filming for a Clip of the Day. Dennis Buzenits clip is so good it gets in introduction from Brandon.

Looks like Epicly Laterd's triumphant return is gonna start things off right with Gino.

If you're not Seventeen and female you might have missed Eric's (Red) boards here. Grab a charm bracelet while you're at it.

The Locals are gonna battle it out at SGV vs 8=D.

Their Favorite Member of the Mighty Wu-Tang!

Chris Casey: ODB

"What am I going to say Golden Arms?"--Chris Casey on why he picked ODB


Our first winner of The Spike and Ty Green Screen Challenge! is Niko Robinson. Senior Citizen Marathons, The Great Lawn, G.I. Joe, the Water Cup from Jurassic Park, The Critic, Rosanne Barr, it's all in there. Four more winners to go. Send you videos here. (Read the post from 6/30/08 for contest details)

Clip of the Day
. Some people ollie off it, maybe even ollie up it, but Reese makes it a ledge.

The Maloof Money Cup, Deep Fried Edition. If you want to know who won the $100k or or who banked on Duffel go to the other sites. With the contest held at the Orange County Fair, Smyth and company dipped into much sweeter pastures and delivered to you The Maloof Money Cup Fried Food Review. If they only dipped that oversized novelty check in batter one of our guys might have won.

Q & A Section
From Ben,
Q: I was just wondering if you are actually going to make a board that says Alex Olson Wants To Fuck You?
A: If it was up to me, that would have been his first pro board, but we're trying to run a family friendly company over here.--Ben Colen

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If you missed out on the Chocolate Adios here's your chance to nap them.

Their Favorite Member of the Mighty Wu-Tang!
Jeron Wilson: Ghostface

"Man, Reese makes the skatepark look tiny."--Andy Jenkins

"I gotta dream job...if I can keep it."--Colen


Clip of the Day. Reese Forbes can jump and balance backwards.

The Spike and Ty Green Screen Challenge! We'll be posting a winner everyday next week. So we're gonna extend the deadline until Wednesday if you haven't sent one in or want to send another. Send you videos here. (Read the post from 6/30/08 for contest details)

As requested, Biebel, here's your Buffy the Body shirt.

Biebel took the Girl Pro Enlistment Test from Wallride, the same one Mo, Malto, and Alex miserably failed. Well Brandon only got two wrong.

Yesterday Biebel equated the coverage he got on Crailtap by just hanging around Girl for one day to that of getting a 12-page interview in a magazine. We couldn't agree more.

Q & A Section
From Hopper local OG,
Q: On a daily basis how many flannel shirts are repped at Crailtap HQ?
A: Well it's currently summer in Southern California, so you're definitely seeing more camo shorts than flannels. And since most people only wear what they get for free, you're banking on the three flannels Fourstar put out last season. So if I'm tapping the long term memory correctly, I'll go ahead and say I've seen six of them in one work day, four gray, two wine, Girl Open House, late September 07.--Smyth

Send your questions here.

Turner and Scooch! Gabe Robert has found what could be the greatest Scott Johnston look alike ever.

If you liked the video, you'll love the tat.

Suds LA tonight! The gangs gonna be all there.

Their Favorite Member of the Mighty Wu-Tang!
Atiba: Robert Diggs aka Rza aka Bobby Digital

Lee Smith
just walked in to my office. If that don't make you smile, than nothing will.

"If you're gonna go wrong go all the way wrong."--Carroll


Clip of the Day. Water cooler talk. What about water cooler tricks? Richard Mulder's big gets Theotis' approval.

The Koston invitational.

Biebel can't figure out why Cat Power gets a Girl shirt but Buff The Body doesn't. So next Wallride instead of Chan on a premium tee it might be Buffy on a XXL.

Q & A Section
From Robin,
Q: How did the Cat Power board and T shirts come about? Is Alex really into her or did one board have to have her face on it and he didn't mind it being his? They look great!
A: Alex came up with the idea to use my photo of her and wanted me to ask Chan if it was ok. She said yes and to repay the tribute she asked me for a photo of him to tape onto her guitar.--Patrick O'Dell

Send your questions here.

Team Girl is getting Sudzy this Friday.

Their Favorite Member of the Mighty Wu-Tang!
Michael Burnett: Method Man for his role as "Cheese" on The Wire

"I like it because it's got bitches on it."--Biebel when asked why he always wears this shirt

"He can frontside flip like a G but he can't throw a spiral."--Biebel about Carroll


You have until Monday to get in your entries for The Spike and Ty Green Screen Challenge! Here's another submission to get your own ideas percolating. Ron Jon's Run From Steven is up for our consideration. Send you videos here. (Read the post from 6/30/08 for contest details)

Q & A Section
From Hopper local OG,
Q: How often does Biebel shave his head?
A: First of all I don't shave my head. I used to bic it and when I did it was like every two days. Now I have like a bald fade thing going. I go the barbershop about once a week.--Biebel

Send your questions here.

Their Favorite Member of the Mighty Wu-Tang!
Austyn Gillette: Ghostface

"Lock Up Abroad is gnarly. I could have been that show."--Rudy

"I bet if you golfed you'd use Callaway balls."--Biebel to Jason Callaway


Wallride 16 now exists in the digital realm. Print it out. Circle what you want. And hand it to your mom.

The Spike and Ty Green Screen Challenge!
is really getting some quality entries. A tip for future competitors, if you can't get the red "X"s off the green screen don't sweat it. You will not be penalized. Here's Joseph O'Neal's entry to get you guys sparked. Joseph you're definitely in the running for a prize. Send you videos here. (Read the post from 6/30/08 for contest details)

back with a Wild Weekend. This time in his hometown of Sucka Free.

We've seen the future of boarding, and it's bright.

Their Favorite Member of the Mighty Wu-Tang!
Tim O'Connor: ODB

"He treats me like Reda treats everyone."--Hershel


This week's Guest Front Page Poster is Michael Burnett. I know, I know he's done it before. But since Burndog's got a book coming out, "The Outskirts of Awesome," we thought we'd give his project the ol' Crailtap bump for maximum units sold.

Clip of the Day. An update with Gino Nix, the co-star of Mouse's Mini Keenan skit.

The Spike and Ty Green Screen Challenge! rages on. Send your entries here. (Read Monday's post for contest details).

If you live in Canada and Fourstar is part of your dress code, then August is your month.

Q & A Section
From Ashton,
Q: Has Rickk had his Vespa stolen since you can use any key for it?
A: Nah, he's still got it.--Aaron

Send your questions here.

More Tim Dowling on 48 Blocks.

Their Favorite Member of the Mighty Wu-Tang!

Cairo: Method Man, but Rob Welsh comes in second

"This is going to get me in trouble with like 15 different people."--Ben Colen after confusing Skate Mental with Skate Mafia


We already received our token Two Girls and a Cup entry for The Spike and Ty Green Screen Challenge! So if that was your plan you better get back to the drawing board. Send your less offensive entries here. (Read Monday's post for contest details).

Tacky World has Koston in the bowl during the CPH Pro bowl event.

Their Favorite Member of the Mighty Wu-Tang!
Brandon Biebel: Method Man

Not a whole lot going on here today.

"I gotta go, this isn't cheap."--Staba ending a phone call from Europe


The Spike and Ty Green Screen Challenge! (read Monday's post for details) prize package has been sweetened. Bird was kind enough to kick in these Lakai shirts that were never released and never will be released to the general public. So each winner of the contest in addition to getting a pair of these shoes will get a shirt as well. Send your entries here. Contest ends July 15.

This is the welcoming mat at MJ's front door, literally.

Girl and Chocolate will be dipping into an Active triple shot this Sunday, if you're not at church go check it out.

Their Favorite Member of the Mighty Wu-Tang!
Danny Brady: ODB

And in further Wu news. The white guy in the video used to skate and was even better than Mike Carroll, hell both Carrolls, at one point.

Mouse filmer extraordinaire Tim Dowling has a trivia question on his friend's site that if you know the answer to you could win a Chocolate board.

"I like Diamond because they represent Lex Diamond."--Raekwon The Chef


The Final Flare is coming.

Read yesterday's post to get involved in the The Spike and Ty Green Screen Challenge! Send entries here.

From Tapper Fred, "I didn't know you guys were making the Street Pirate trucks back in the H-Street era. Check the board on the ground."

Their Favorite Member of the Mighty Wu-Tang!
Patrick O'Dell: U-God


He may have only gotten sixth at the Copenhagen Cup, but Koston is still our number one choice when it comes to this week's Guest Front Page Poster. All photos from Eric's week in Denmark.

New Contest. The Spike and Ty Green Screen Challenge! Spike and Ty are running for their lives. Key out the background and decide just what it is that they are running from. You'd do well to impress us with your imagination and video expertise. Remember you can slow it down, mess with the audio, loop it, add an intro or outro. Basically go off. The clip below is a reference. Download the large file to work off of here. The best five will win a pair of these limited edition Lakais and plenty of other goodies. Entries are due by July 15 and should be submitted in H.264 Decoder, 640 x 360, 44 kHz, Data Rate: 1500. And yes, we ripped it off from The Colbert Report.

He should have tried them on the Mega Ramp.

Tapper Tim Olson (no relation) sent us this warning, "Invite him to your skatepark and he will shit on your flatbar."

Q & A Section
From Hopper Local OG,
Q: How many beers is Koston sinking a day now he is on the Bud program?
A: About 6 to 8. I'm keeping it pretty mellow, no Frosty sightings, yet.--Koston

Send your questions here.

Their Favorite Member of the Mighty Wu-Tang!
Lee Smith: Raekwon

Excellent song choice today, Ringer.


Probably the best link ever: Dare to Dream.

Behind the scenes, Fourstar catalog shoot, 2008.

Home made sticker of a Bright Eyes song title on a Civic parked at a strip mall in Torrance? That makes the post.

Q & A Section
From Ryan Foret,
Q: Does Mike Mo ever get ragged on for that episode of New Pollution he did a while back?
A: Nah, I never really get ragged on for it. I really should though, it's fucking embarrassing. That's my first time talking in front of a camera, and the dudes that did the interview made it very uncomfortable. We also did some much funny stuff for it, and they cut all of it out. I have no idea why? But anyways, I wish I could just redo that thing, and edit my self. It'd look way better! You can tell they obviously weren't really skaters, right?--Mo

Send your questions here.

Celebrate Mo going pro with a Night of Mo.

Their Favorite Member of the Mighty Wu-Tang!
Omar Salazar: Red Man [before you write in, we know that Red Man is not a member of the Wu, but that's his answer.]

"There's no off switch."--Staba

"Rickk's gonna be a little bummed they're not called 'Cool Canadian.'"--Spike


When Koston travels abroad (in this case Denmark) he appreciates the finer moments of cultural exchange.

For the few people that have sent us photos of this shirt that's been floating around at department stores, Kelly Bird has a message for you.

Mini Top 5
Rip's Top 5 ways to enjoy his life
1. Appreciate reality
2. Respect people
3.Create honestly
4. Enjoy skate
5. Take picture

Q & A Section
From Ed,
Q: Hey Spike, is that you singing in Rodney Mullen's part in the Rubbish Heap video [song starts at 2:21]. That was one sweet song.
A: That is one of my earlier Casio keyboard compositions when I lived with Megan. After she would go to bed I would fill hours of tapes with Casio keyboard songs. All of them had the same magnificent level of song writing and there wasn't one of them I didn't like.--Spike

Send your questions here.

Suds party is soaping up SF tomorrow night. Our friend Squeak E. Clean will be throwing the rager with Carroll, Brian, Max, Cards, Stranger, Tommy Guerrero, and Jim Thiebaud will be up, around, and on the ramp.

Their Favorite Member of the Mighty Wu-Tang!
Omar Hassan: ODB

"That's such a great photo. I hope I took that."--Spike


New Poll! Sure Guy won three major awards last week, but how come didn't he take home any of these? As for as the last Poll, Rickk ended up rooming with Chris Troy and Geoff Rowely, both of who weren't even on the list. Sorry Lizard fans.

Listen in on a Guy and Salman chat over at Skatebook and check out a photo of Guy in Axions.

In regards to today's Front Page Photo, Rickk has assured us that he's cool with it.

Their Favorite Member of the Mighty Wu-Tang!
Dan Drehobl: Old Dirty

"So I'm a failure. You should be used to that by now."--Carroll


The Cloud's back up for grabs!

Justin Eldridge just walked in drinking a Cactus Cooler. I thought if you're over 18 they kind of revoke your Cactus Cooler license. Same goes for Hawaiian Punch, Sour Patch Kids, and Fiery Hot Cheetos...all of which Justin also thoroughly enjoys.

Mini Top 5
Top 5 reasons Daniel Castillo is wearing shorts today
1. Because it's hot
2. Trying to tan my legs
3.Tim Gavin used to wear them, a lot
4. I have a lot of shorts from 10 years ago that I'm just now starting to wear
5. Makes me look taller

Q & A Section
From Giancarlo,
Q: Are those cheese doodles floating in the picture of Spike's pool?

A: They certainly are. It was Rickk's surprise birthday party, so you bet there were Cheese Doodles there.--Aaron

From J.,
Q: I was wondering if you had any news why all of the Share the Air blogs have been whiteout for a while now?
A: They're done. It was a mutually beneficial partnership. But even good things must come to an end. Good news for you is, I'm back on Crail staff! Uncensored! Wild Weekends here we come!--Smyth

Send your questions here.

Their Favorite Member of the Mighty Wu-Tang!
Justin Eldridge: Ghostface


This week's Guest Front Page Photos are gonna be Rickk's dispatches from the Indy tour he's currently on.

How Carroll, Smyth and Andy Henri spent their Go Skateboarding Day.

Q & A Section
From Devin,
Q: Cappadonna isn't in Wu Tang, he is just one of the killa bees, like Buddha Priest and those cats. Please get your shit straight. If your gonna spread mathematics, spread it right. The real top five rappers in Wu Tang (actually rap skill wise) is: 1. The Gza 2. O'l Dirty 3. Inspectah Deck 4. Method Man 5. Raekwon
A: But call me back at the God Hour. I'm studying one-twenty right now.--Aaron

Send your questions here.

Their Favorite Member of the Mighty Wu-Tang!
Rip: Method Man

Today it was discovered that our Hershel, in his own words, is "A 100% perfect, sample size, from top to bottom." Let us explain. A true medium in T-Shirts, size 32 pants, and a size nine in shoes. So he's open to receiving any and all samples that your company might be throwing away. And a guy who has taken phones out of the recycling barrel at Best Buy so he can sell them on Craigslist really will take anything. Here's what a Perfect Sample Size Man looks like:


Malto has landed himself on the front page of the July issue of Slap. Yeah Malto!

Our extremely busy Art Dump will be happy to know that our esteemed associate, Porous Walker, has our Wallride 18 cover taken care of.

Q & A Section
From Bonzo,
Q: I was watching Goldfish and noticed Tim Gavin playing drums during the intro to his part. Does Tim still play drums? Any chance of Tim breaking off some beats for us to remix?
A: I don't actually play the drums and I'm quite surprised to hear some people thinking I did based off the Goldfish intro. I just watched it again and the beat is not even in tuned with my playing. But to answer your question, yes, I would love to break off some serious shit for you to remix.--The Gav

Send your questions here.

Did we say O'Meally solo show was this weekend? We meant next weekend.

Their Favorite Member of the Mighty Wu-Tang!
Jeff Grosso: ODB

I guess it's gonna be either ODB or RZA. Can't we get a Master Killa or a Cappadonna in here?


Rickk checked in from the Indy tour and gave us the van breakdown:
Grosso driving
Dawes in shotty
Two Omars in the front row
Me and Chris Troy second row
Filmer and Drehobl in back panel
Good vibes!

Eldridge came across this fabulous hairdo.

Our friend Paul at SGV sent us his latest piece of hard-hitting journalism.

Supra Pete is hosting an event for Go Skate Day in Vancouver. He's calling for Best Trick on a Crail Board. If he's there someone make him do a fingerflip lien to tail revert. It's gotta be on vert though!

Q & A Section
From Ezekiel Lim,
Q: Atiba, I spotted you celebrating and taking photos with KG and the Celtics on TV after game six. Did any of that champagne damage your camera?
A: No, but taking pictures of that shitty game almost broke it. KG is the man, happy for him, but Pau played so soft WNBA.--Atiba

From John Voves,
Q: Biebel, were you always able to dunk, or did you have to work for it? I've been trying to increase my vertical jumping by doing weights at the gym and calf raises at every cigarette break. So far, I haven't really improved though. What kind of program should I get on?  I GOTTA DUNK IN FOOLS' FACES!.
A: Well when I was growing up I was always shorter than everybody else so I never thought I could but then I grew to be 6 ft which still is short to dunk but I just practiced jumping and touching the rim. Eventually I could hang on it with one hand then two. I just kept getting a lil higher as time went on. I finally piped one and just over the years I learned how to do it. Now I can straight smash! And on good days 360 2 hand! So see if you can dunk a tennis ball and work on it till you can flush a basketball. Goodluck buddy!--Biebel

Send your questions here.

Wow, that was that was a lot of basketball talk, even for us.

O'Meally is having a solo show this weekend in NY. Go check it out.

Their Favorite Member of the Mighty Wu-Tang!
The Gav: ODB


Vincent's on Lakai, and they got the steady shot to prove it.


New Poll! Who's Rickk gonna share pillow talk with on the Indy trip?

Mini Top 5

Top 5 things Alex Olson is feeling right now
1. Sudoku
2. The Indian food at Whole Foods
3. Lee Smith living in LA
4. Boston winning the series
5. Skating

Our friend, Mikey Piscitelli, like many of our friends, has a blog. But his has some old photos of Keenan and Gino on it.

Q & A Section
From Don Luong,
Q: Yo Sam, I saw you at a Nike party the other night and you were reppin the come over pretty hard. Do you rep the come over often or was it just a special occasion?
A: Yeah, it's a new do. I've always considered my hair to be pretty jacked, but I'm getting butt-loads of compliments on this one. So it might be around for a while.--Sam Smyth

From Kyle,
Q: Where did Koston get that captain shirt (the one that says Captain in big yellow letters on the back). It's a cool shirt, I thought it was a 4star shirt, maybe I'm not looking hard enough.
A: I too thought that it was a cool shirt. Unfortunately it is Fourstar shirt which we no longer make. Try eBay or Buffalo Exchange if you wanna dig it up. If you have no luck there, you can always accessorize with the Fourstar "Anchor" hat. Same shit, just on a hat.--Eric Koston

Send your questions here.

The same guy who made Pops shatter turned Koston into a Lime who skates and throws coasters.

Their Favorite Member of the Mighty Wu-Tang!
Daniel Castillo: The RZA

"You're a doctor. I'm a skater."--Jake Phelps for Johnny Romano


New Featured Feature! We proud to present Vincent Alvarez' Video Part, brought to you by Chocolate Skateboards. Filmed in just a few months.

Clip of the Day. Stevie
gives Guy a nice intro on Guy's first win of the T-World awards.

Here's a gallery from the big ceremony.

Trip this, Lee Smith lived on 48th Ave.

The only thing cool about Mike Umberger's broken ankle is his cast

Q & A Section
From Harry Moritz,
Q: Who is the biggest Morrissey fan at Crailtap?
A: I'm going to say Kelly Bird that's where all the Lakai shirt comes from.--Alex Olson

Send your questions here.

Their Favorite Member of the Mighty Wu-Tang!
Sean Cliver: The dead one

"I won three awards and flew a plane to Santa Barbara."--Guy on how his weekend went


Today's post is dedicated to the ordinary and the mundane. No foreign locals or extravagant events. Not even any Spike, since he's been repo'd by The Ringer. Which is fine Ringer. He can correct you.

Exhibit A: Hecox making graphic magic. It's a solitary life.

Exhibit B: The sharpest hairline in skateboarding visited our office today. Can you guess who it is? Click for the answer

Exhibit C
: And this is about as exciting as it gets. That Damn Mask keeps making the rounds. Even the young ones can't resist.

Q & A Section
From Giles Anderson,
Q: Who's wearing the light orangey pants, blue shirt, and head wrap at Burnside and does the big ollie off the bump, then frontside grind, then bails an air into the bowl in that clip?  I feel like a complete idiot, but I can't figure it out.  At first I thought it was Julien dressed up in a kit circa Sick Boys, but I've abandoned that theory.
A: Choppy Omega--Alex Olson

Send your questions here.

Their Favorite Member of the Mighty Wu-Tang!
Chris Roberts: Ghostface

"This guy is happening."--Rickk about Sean Malto


Today's BA's birthday, the youngest of 14. Happy birthday Bri Bri!

A New York Quickie.

Nate Broussard is on Skate Mental!

Brian Lotti's new film, Free Pegasus, will be premiere tonight in downtown LA.

Q & A Section
From Kyle,
Q: BA, did you cop that new Carter III album, and what do you think of it?
A: Didn't get it yet, gotta bootleg while back. Think I will bump it quietly as Wayne is so popular now. Me and Brad liked him before he had a driver license! Cash Money!--Brian Anderson

Send your questions here.

Their Favorite Member of the Mighty Wu-Tang!
Mark Gonzales: ODB

"Wow, spoiling someone's wedding?"--Mark Gonzales regarding this clip of Spike


It's Spike day! Because some times the fourth owner's got to get some shine too.

Clip of the Day. Spike Mega Clip.

The still photography side of Spike day.

And for those still wondering, yes, he still like's fireworks.

"I'm profound all the time."--Spike


Clip of the Day. New Vampire movie. Hits theaters this summer.

Still hanging out with Ben and EA everyday while they shoot a Fourstar catalog and I'm excited to report that they gave up talking about camera's every five minutes. Yeah, today they were talking about camera stores. Just to let you know that they've got some range.

he Skatebook's coverage of Koston has been posted on their site.

First a Mag Minute and now this for Marty.

Q & A Section
From Mitch,
Q: Carroll, is that orchid shirt you're wearing in Beauty and the Beast an American Apparel? If so, then does that mean the gold jacket was as well?
A: I have no recollection of that Island. Hence the gold jacket. The park was hella fun though, I think.--Carroll

Send your questions here.

Their Favorite Member of the Mighty Wu-Tang!

Guy: The GZA


We're gonna do this whole thing tomorrow with an unprecedented Saturday post. Carroll's rounding third on his pilates exercises that means we gotta get ready to go. See you in Simi.


And the Official Release, boards and all!

Joshua Steimle gives a visual representation of Koston's thoughts on the NBA short shorts.

Val Surf is throwing a Lakai demo this Friday at the Skatelab in Simi.

Kyle's back on it with hella creepy updates.

Q & A Section
From Gerald,
Q: How about a Gerwer Top Fives?
A: It's from the Bob K era, but here it is.--Aaron

Send your questions here.

El decimo vida de Paco.

Their Favorite Member of the Mighty Wu-Tang!

Rickk: Matt Schnurr


New Featured Feature. Feds put the finishing touches on the Yanks on Planks tour of Australia, featuring stunning performances by Eric Koston, Alex Olson, Brian Anderson, Mike Mo, Sean Malto, Brad Staba, Brandon Beibel, and Rick McCrank.

We've depleted our farm league. The kids got the invite to the big dance. Congrats, Alex, Mo and Malto!

Spent a day in Oakland with Max and day in SF with Brian accompanied by Ben and EA, aka Sugar n Spice. We'll be rounding out the rest of the Fourstar team this week and into next. Here's a gallery.

There are some honors in this life that just speak volumes about one's achievements; The Pulitzer, The Nobel Peace Prize, SOTY, and, of course, making it into Carroll's Top Eight.

Q & A Section
From Marc Huebert,
Q: This question is for Mikey. Seeing Julien in that Fogtown shirt brings up the question, isn't Koston just the rich man's Phil Chen?
A: First of all, I'd like to say what's up to you. If this is the one and only Marc Huebert. Phil was super sick but I don't think Eric's the Rich mans Phil Chen only cuz I remember Phil not liking to skate in front of people and I'll go out on a limb and say Eric LOVES it. But Phil was super sick.--Carroll

Send your questions here.

Their Favorite Member of the Mighty Wu-Tang!
Ako: The RZA

"'I miss my friend Mike."--Alex sitting in the Indy van depressed


Carroll's Bestiality Gallery, 3 of 3.

Their Favorite Member of the Mighty Wu-Tang!
Ben Colen: Ghost

Still in, as the Canadian's would say, San Fran, with Ben and EA. Yesterday was Max. Today BA. More details tomorrow.


Belated Beast Clip of the DayA Beauty y el Beast mega clip.

Even though Carroll's still got more photos to burn through, let's let Koston's Beauty and the Beast flicks shine on their own shit. Smyth's got one in the hopper too.

I'll be traveling with Ben Colen and EA today. Talk about sugar and spice.

Q & A Section
FromDan Watson,
Q: Okay so I know Spike Jonze directed 100% by Sonic Youth, and that Jason Lee and Mariano are in it, but is that also Spike as the main character who totally shreds the 3-stair with a frontside 180?
A: That is Spike as the main character, 90s Alt Rock Spike.--Aaron

Send your questions here.

Behind the Jesus.

Their Favorite Member of the Mighty Wu-Tang!
Chico: Raekwon

"'My mom thinks you're hot."--10-year-old kid at the Zumiez demo to Biebel


Belated Beast Clip of the DayHeading up the 5 North, Rickk and Robbie find a little onion while the rest decide if they want theirs grilled or raw.

Another Carroll Beauty and The Beast gallery hits the airwaves.

O'Dell's up on it too.

Q & A Section
From Joseph Hughes,
Q: This question is for Bird. I was hiking up at Runyon Canyon in Hollywood with my chic and who do I see coming down the mountain, Mr Bird. Coulda sworn he was eye-balling my sneaks. Been a loyal fan of Lakai since 99' but on that day I was rocking some TNT's. Totally fanned out and once he looked at my shoes, all my hard work and dedication towards the brand kinda went out the door. Wondering if he will ever forgive me? Bought the Koston Independent Selects in my defense.
A: It's cool. As a general rule, you never really wear your good shoes to hike in anyway (I'm sure I wasn't wearing Lakai's either), so don't sweat it. Thanks for the support and don't be afraid to say what's up next time you see me in the streets (or canyons).--Bird

Send your questions here.

I like Nieratko's interview with Redman just fine, but I like that Redman called Dimitry to wish him a happy holiday more.

Our dear friend Greg and his Land of Plenty are throwing this event for a good cause this weekend.

Nic Couillard sent us this separated at birth.

Their Favorite Member of the Mighty Wu-Tang!
Spike Jonze: I gotta agree with Schnurr, The RZA


Belated Beast Clip of the Day. Frank hypes up Flesh Light for a hip hit.

Here's our first of many Beauty and the Beast galleries. We've referred to Smyth as our Atiba. Well, if that's the case than Carroll is our Seu. See the similarities? Well anyways, Carroll shot these.

Looks like Carroll, Rickk, Eric, and Alex, oh wait, no Alex quit, will be headed back to Seattle and Portland with the rest of the Lakai team this weekend for some Zumiez stops. And don't worry Carroll's leaving the gold jacket behind

Their Favorite Member of the Mighty Wu-Tang!
Matt Schnurr: The RZA

Q & A Section
From Dmac,
Q: I seen the "Snow Chomp" that the Skate Fairy posted the other day so my question is this: Who at The Tap shreds snow the hardest?
A: Well, Rudy was sponsored by a snowboard company once. I think it was called Ride? Might be wrong though. But I bet these days it's McCrank. Though my entire basis for this is that he's from Canada.--Aaron

Send your questions here.

"'He used to dress dope."--Alex about Carroll


We're back from the Beauty and the Beast tour. And it was both a beauty and a beast. And the retard was there. I know we were kind of sucking on the updates but we were in the woods. Damn cell phone wouldn't even work. Couln't even call baby mama. Starting tomorrow we'll have you, and the tour, covered.

The much-anticipated Rob Welsh Top 5 is up.

And while we're on the subject...
Their Favorite Member of the Mighty Wu-Tang!
Robbie Russo: ODB

Q & A Section
From Kyle,
Q: For the Management, what happened to the question of the day part?
A: Nothing.--The Management

Send your questions here.

Lakai article is up at Thrasher.

The 'Boarder Barneys barged our spot.

Quite often we get emails inquiring about Tony Ferguson's been up to. Wonder no more.

"A slap for a poke!?"--Robbie Russolearning the hard way about Rickk's revenge tactics

"'Put me on this show, dude!"--Alex while watching American Gladiator

"Post from the road"


Could get weird.

"Post from the road"


Two Guys and a Cup.

Much like the Cheeks, Malto can saw logs anywhere.

Koston's here!

"I can't wait to get this do rae me so I can hook up my apartment."--Alex



"Post from the road"


The Tap staff field reporter Spike Jonze checks in from
Beauty and the Beast.





"Positive first on the live car."

Their Favorite Member of the Mighty Wu-Tang!
Peter Hewitt:
Ghost Face Killah

Simon Rex, you may owe Carroll a percentage of sales for the 80s song or at least a shout out on the next record.


"You know when TnT did that tail smack? The Lakers just did three of those"--Rickk on Kobe's slam dunks





Their Favorite Member of the Mighty Wu-Tang! Sean Malto:
The one in the Right Guard commercials

"Drum circle"


"I'd wanna grab a retard and hug a nun after that."--Frank Gerwer about Jason Ellis being Shamoo'd by Peter Hewitt





This is what we're doing.






Their Favorite Member of the Mighty Wu-Tang! Brian Anderson: The Gza

Carroll brought a boombox from Urban Outfitters.

On our way to pick up Jonzo.







Their Favorite Member of the Mighty Wu-Tang! Sam Smyth: Raekwon

I'd hate to tell him but Smyth might be giving Alex a run for his money for best hair. They're both parting to the right.

Mini Top 5
Robbie Russo's Top 5 things about riding in the Girl van
1. Chilling with everyone
2. Calling Mike Carroll, Marc Johnson then calling him Mark Carroll
3. Calling Carroll to see if he was done streching
4. Buying Rick a water
5. Excited to go to Oregon

"I got the perfect guy for her, my dad."--Alex Olson





We interrupt this week's Guest Front Page Poster, Richard Mulder, he was scheduled for two weeks, to bring you daily images from Girl and Antihero's Beauty and the Beast Tour. We're driving up to SF tomorrow to meet the rest. Daily reports from the road are a must, mostly like coming from Carroll's trusty iPhone. Backwoods internet connection? It could get sketchy, but thus is life on the road.

Clip of the Day. Olson begrudgingly obliges the HD camera for a clip.

After all my years dealing with skateboarders, filming skateboarders, reading about skateboarders, befriending skateboarders, working for skateboarders, and working at Skateboarder, it is my estimation that there really, truly, is only one question worth asking skateboarders. And here it is: Who's your favorite member of Wu-Tang?
And with that we bring you:

Their Favorite Member of the Mighty Wu-Tang!
Mike "ACP" Carroll: Ol' Dirty

Because, after all, who doesn't want to know that shit?

If this photo is worth a thousand words "flattered" is not one of them. From our pal Robert Reed.



Clip of the Day. Sometimes we just gotta steal 'em. Guy footage from 2005.

And you thought this was some throw back shit. How about these? Thanks Ryan Cho.

The Berrics has stolen what we stole from US Weekly! Koston Vs. CSI.

Q & A Section
From Woolf Barnato,
Q: Why aren't you Keepin' It Real? You got home turf advantage on these fools.
A: You make a good point there, Woolf. Except for the fact I've yet to see them go anywhere I've been. They're hitting the most obscure Hollywood spots I've never seen. Probably should have taken this opportunity to unleash on the Hollywood douches that have antagonized me over the years. But you know what? I'm enjoying it even more knowing it's not a homework assignment.--Smyth (Still Real)

Send your questions here.

Girl goes futuristic (if it was 2006) too.

"I'm like a blog with no content. I haven't been updated in a while."--Hershel



Clip of the Day. Carroll up and over back lipper.

Casey Daisey
found Waldo...I mean Alex's board.

Q & A Section
From Adam,
Q: I was wondering if the SHT Sound song comes from Emperor Ming's entrance song in the Flash Gordon movie?
A: Yes it does.--Johannes

From Joshua Steimle,
Q: Ok, so there are 10 profiles on Facebook with the name Eric Koston. Does even one of those belong to the real man? I mean, there can't be that many Eric Kostons in the world. On a related note, how would Koston feel if the NBA brought back the short shorts and long socks players used to wear in the 70s?
A: What's Facebook? As for the short shorts, I think it would be a terrible idea. The Lakers thought it would be real cute to bring them back this season in a game against the Celtics and they got their asses handed to them. The long socks are cool though.--Koston

Send your questions here.

Today in Torrance. Everyone is always tripping off the Lakers around here. But there is obviously more pressing matters in local sports?

"Having a kid is like having three ams stay at your house."--The Gav



Clip of the Day. Kenny on a Long Beach mini via 'Toya.

Where's Waldo? Alex was so ecstatic about the way he was riding yesterday he chucked his board into this tree. See if you can find it.

And remember you're not "focusing" your board, you're doing an "Alex Olson style deck cracking." He's working on it.

Wednesday's with Gerwer.

Q & A Section
From Ryun,
Q: This may have been answered a long time ago but in MJ's Yeah Right part, who was that with their arms in their shirt right before MJ's back 50-50 on the two lunch tables stacked with the invisible ramp?
A: Bro, it's Jerry, bro!--Aaron

Send your questions here.

The Tap has gone Jetsons too!

"Tha Tap was fire today, son!"--Carroll about yesterday's post

"'I'm not just trying to make money, I'm trying to offer convenience."--Staba



Crail Reporter at Large and Head of the Bureau of Canadian Affairs, Rickk is not afraid to cover the Midwest. Here's his fine behind the scenes gallery of Subsect demo. Here's some Youtube love. One and two.

Also from the Subsect demo, and more famously yesterday's quote about Ben Colen we were sent this.

Clip of the Dae. Just like old times. Chris and Song double up.

After bringing to light that Rickk did a lazer flip in Questionable, Carroll, in a rare occasion of making a joke, said that Rickk used to refer to them as forward Howard flips. Good one Carroll. Let's see if it catches on.

Here's an unfriendly reminder to check out Chocolate site, dick.

Q & A Section
From Tony Lopez,
Q: This one's for Roberts. If you and Joey B. were in a heated battle of manual pad S.K.A.T.E and it were 'T' to 'T', what trick would you defeat him with? And if the tables were turned, what trick would he get you with?
A: Well it depends on the size of manny, but on a normal size pad I think I would get Joey on a fakie tre-flip switch manny. Joey would get me on a inward heel manny for sure.--Chris Roberts

Send your questions here.

Celebrating Cinco de Mayo with two people, as pointed out, who aren't even Mexican, Chico and Enrique coming in caliente at The Berrics.

"You can't get hurt skating curbs."--The Gav when asked if he ever got injured

"'I'm a 45 year old man, go ahead take a shot of whisky and go to the bar and get fucked, just show up to rehearsal."--Mike Mo's Dad talking about his new drummer



You may know this week's Guest Front Page Poster as your real estate guy, or your financial advisor, or the dude on Team Hosoi, but he'll always be Little Richie to us. Thanks Darth Mulder!

New Crail Poll. A well placed Welsh Top 5 teaser.

Clip of the Dae. With Daewon it truly is point and shoot. Cheese and Crackers revisited manana.

Kenny gets more Earth Day coverage than Gore!

"I got funny shit. You got funny shit. We need to be sharing this stuff."--Rob Welsh

"Is Ben Colen here? I want to see the wizard'."--Kid at Subsect Demo

"I love a celebrity sex video."--Ben Colen



Cover of Thrasher and Clip of the Day? Looks like Haslam is having a killer week.

comes close to getting to the (power) bottom of one of his greatest inquiries.

Q & A Section
From Joshua Hawkins,
Q: Ever since I read his interview in Transworld; I've been bewildered on the fact that you (Guy Mariano) aren't able to land three flips, regularly. Is there a particular reason? Thanks man, you're my favorite skateboarder!
A: I didn't do them as well as others, so I guess I stop putting effort into it. It was a big mistake cause it is my favorite trick to watch.--Guy

Send your questions here.

Bill Senga came through with the requested photo of AustYn Gillette on the premises of the Liberty celebration. He even got a Evan Schiefelbine (had to goggle the spelling) bonus. So Mr. Senga you'll be getting this special prize.

This Sunday will be T-Ferg's birthday. Happy Birthday Tone!

"I haven't seen you in a longtime...that was really funny though when you fell in the water in the beginning of Rickk's part."--Richard Mulder to Ben Colen

"I don't want harsh cargs crotch sweat for the flight."--Rickk

"We'll be revisiting the subject for years to come."--Carnie



As promised (and actually fulfilling a promise this time) the Chocolate Site has been revamped, revised, revitalized, restored, and refurbished. And just in time to let you know that Vincent Alvarez is now down with us!

Clip of the Day. When you get on you get all the accoutrements, like Clip of the Day. Yeah Vince! He's reg footed.

Not since Fuct have we seen such a battle over a name.

Kenny has been all over the interweb this week. First here then here. Funny he can do all that but still can't email us the Top 5 he did four years ago. Come on Ken! Just for that we're designating you as next week's Guest Front Page Poster. Don't let us or the fans down.

Q & A Section
From Riley O'Neill,
Q: This question is to anyone that wants to take a stab. I'm graduating college in 2 days, what do I do now?
A: Well if Embarcadero was still around, I'd say pack your bag and sleep on the wave for the summer, but it's not and it's not 1993. So I'd say get one of those cameras that takes sequences without film and start coming for Colen's spot!--Aaron

Send your questions here.

Liberty Board Shop is celebrating 15 years in the busyness with a party tonight. Devine's lady will also be showing her artwork. Anyone who sends us a photo of Austyn Gillette on the premise wins a special prize.

"I miss you too, baby. I haven't talked to you in a day."--Colen



Clip of the Day. This was yesterday, after a lengthy sesh a Pedro, yet Carroll still had the legs for this. Big spin on flat though, not so much.

A lime in Lakais.

Directed by Spike. Starring Sunny.

The Street Pirate Tat has never looked so red and irritated. Now that's down for life. Sent from Concrete Wave skate shop.

For people wondering what Robbie McKinley has been up to, well, he's been walking on fire.

Yesterday's link to this led Spencer Starr to send us this. We can see a connection.

Don't forget this weekend Iowa is going to be going off.



Clip of the Day. Trying to get their Beauty and The Beast legs going

Speaking of hitting the road, Rickk, you wanna map out some stops for you and I? I wonder if dudes on Antihero have IBS? Frank? Thanks Thomas Lane.

Yesterday I was thinking of telling a quick personal story or fun fact that I had for all the people featured in Greg Hunt's Front Page Photos, also known as running low on content. Well today's Front Page Photo is of Sean Young and for Scott Johnston's 411 Profile, in which people gave quotes about Scott, Sean and his friend Hurley offered one where they said, "Scott Johnston, I'll drink to that." Then they both took swigs of hard liquor in the middle of the day at Embarcadero. It was pretty sick but never got used. Too dangerous for the kiddies I guess.

Today is Eric Koston's birthday and we think that's pretty tight!

"I had two coffees and a Coke and I'm still dragging anchor."--Rickk



This week's Guest Front Page Poster is Greg Hunt who took time from his busy Mindfield production to bless us with this week's photos, all shot while on a Real and Stereo tour from 1995.Thanks Greg.

Last week Jeron came up one photo short for his GFPP, but he more than makes it up for it with this picture.

Clip of the Day
. "Just wanted to show you some footage I filmed from Malto in Europe a while ago."--Zev van Sluysdam

Q & A Section
From Michelle Sinclair,
Q: Carroll, what was the trick you were trying in your FF part when the board flew out and hit the cameraman?
A: Just an ollie! But my wheels were hella small and run up was super bricky. Excuses, excuses! But it was annoying.--Carroll

Send your questions here.



Life can be a real bummer. But how could you make it even bummier? Let us know in the New Crail Poll. Keep in mind I've done four out of the six already.

Mini Top 5
BEAGLEoneISM's Top 5 afros
1. The Ladies Man
2. Bob Ross the painter
3. Snoop Dogg in Starsky and Hutch
4. Quest Love, drummer for the Roots
5. 90's Drake Jones

The Chocolate site is about to get a major overhaul. New layout, new content, maybe even a new dude!

Q & A Section
From Hector Alvarez,
Q: Sam, just had Giordano's in North Beach a few weeks back and it was greatest sangwitch I've ever had. I'm just wondering where a sangwitch connoisseur such as yourself, would rank their Hot Cappiocola?
A: I have only had the pleasure of eating at Giordano's once in my whole sangwich grubbin' life. I had the pastrami, the most sensual of all the salted cured meats. I'll have to tell you that having the fries jammed all up into my sangwich was an experience I thoroughly enjoyed. I hope to make it back to Giordano's soon, and I will note your recommendation of the cappiocola--Smyth

Send your questions here.

"I'm building a quartepipe tomorrow. There's a really good chance it's going to be good looking as well as functional."--Staba

"Dislocated the shoulder yesterday again for the fifth time trying to schralp a mini in the suit...stoops."--Richard Mulder

"I don't even like anyone's afro in skateboarding."--Beagle



Clip of the Day.. Guess who didn't eat Chile Verde before he skated. Daewon at Pedro. Not that it would really matter.

Here's how our Pedro Lunch panned out.

From Thomas Dupere, "I bought this Gonz painting in S.F. at a art show in the Mission around 1995. I was watching the extras in the 4star vid the other day and there is Gonz saying, 'Every vato's fantasy to wear the zoot suit!' It made my day.

Q & A Section
From Lloyd-Davis, Ralph,
Q: I've always been hyped on the fact that 99.9% of Keenan's footage was switch  (or nollie) tricks and it was executed perfectly and way ahead of his time. Did he make sure all his regular tricks were filtered out of the videos? Or did he just have it like that? Please don't tell me he had one leg shorter than the other like that Euro pro with the nollie stigmata.
A: Keenan definitely had it like that. He never filtered his tricks to only being switch. I guess he just did what felt comfortable. And that was to look amazing on his skateboard--Jeron

Send your questions here.



Clip of the Day. Alex again. Wouldn't it be just like him to hotdog on Jeron's week? Roskopp rollout.

If we don't link him then we gotta deal with his hate emails and threatening phone calls. It's Wednesday. It's Reda.

Looks like Hecox has been ripping off diet Coke. Ha!

Cam'Ron, you need to put Theotis Beasely in your next video! He'd make that shit way sicker.

Lost Devine tapes. From the Axion days. Pepper, Jav, and 'Reem too.

"This is your job, hanging out with your bros."--Alex Olson



As Jeron Week continues each day will grow in its ferociousness, kind of like Shark Week. Jeron gets interviewed on the TSM Podcast show #120. That doesn't stand for The Skateboard Mag either. We don't know what it stands for.

Also getting all Jetsons like and entering the world of Podcasting today is Chocolate.

Clip of the Day.
One thing about Alex is that even though he's young he doesn't mind old man terrain. Noseblunt of the backside variety. Filmed by Vince Vo.

If you've ever wondered what your friend would look like if he was on the phone with his car dealership for ten minutes, trying to get them to remotely unlock his car because he locked his keys and wallet in the trunk and he happened to be sitting right in front of your car and you happened to lay on the horn just to add to his stress level a little bit, well, he would probably look like this.

Rickk wants to go to Whole Foods today at lunch for Earth Day. Who said skaters aren't environmentally conscious? Well Kenny is. He Pops and Vincent will be here for Earth Day. Mt. Egypt too!



This week's Guest Front Page Poster is Girl OG and Valley poster boy, Jeron Wilson. The way Jeron got photos back in the day was to not bring his own camera but just ask for someone else's doubles. That's why he's in 'em. In celebration we're also dedicating the entire week to Jeron. It's Dubs Week here at The Tap.

We have five winners for the I Skated in the Early '90s and I Know My Shit! or Twelve Angry Skaters contest. Here are the five, randomly selected winners: Jeff Chase, Rob Fields, George Nagai (yes, that George Nagai), Chad Hiyakumoto, and David Newbrough. Your shoes are on the way. Michael Wikan sent this humors entry. Thanks for playing and thanks to Jacob and Lakai. In case you were wondering here are the answers.

Clip of the Day.
Young Olson brings some Malibu flavor to Chinatown.

Mini Top 5

Jeron's Top 5 reasons why The Valley is tight
1. Well first off the Valley is the Porn capital of the world
2. The Valley produces good skate talent like: (Guy Mariano, P Rod, Shilo Greathouse, Ethan Fowler, Weston Correa) there is more, but you get the point.
3. Great weather all year round, accept it gets a little hot in the summer. I mean hot!
4. It's close to Hollywood without being there.
5. And the last reason is, I'm glad they didn't change the name of the San Fernado Valley to the city of Camelot.

Hip-Hop has is truly a genre for all people, even Ben Colen. Thanks Elastic Back.

The Girl and Chocolate upper crust will be demoing it up Des Moines, IA for Heath and Dan Rogers' shop on May 3rd.

Biebel on the Block.

"It was like Ban This."--Rudy on skating with Paulo the other day



We're calling that contest with the long ass name on Monday. For the person who gets all 18 skaters they'll get the Carroll Embarko board too. Send your answers here.

From Nieratko, "Was walking around Jersey yesterday scouting a location for our 3rd NJ skateshop and came across this sticker. I don't get out much, so maybe they're more common than I know. Either way, sorry Spike's dirty little secret keeps resurfacing to try and destroy your company. You guys might want to distance yourself from him a bit."

Mini Top 5
Rudy's Top 5 guitar chords to trip out on*
1. Emajor addG#
2.Cmajor addF#
3. I really like Bm
4. B7major
5. Any diminished chord moved in fourths. For beginners it sounds really freaky, but it's easy. Gav freaks out when I try to explain that to him
*I asked him over the phone and he actually played each one for me

Don't play this until Sunday.

"Geoff Rowley's 32? Sick!"--Carroll when reading that he and Geoff are the same age



Ben and I spent a day with Malto in Kansas on Tuesday. A most gracious host, Sean picked us up in his mom's PT Cruiser, took us out for some fine dining at the local Waffle House, let us crash at the aforementioned "Mansion" which we thought would be a slightly larger skate house complete with empty forties bottles, spent bags of Spicy hot Cheetos, and rumble packs strewn across the floor, but this, Max Chilen's bedroom was the only room in the house that fit the bill. Then we went straight to this Certified Piece of Suck, but the kids loved it. Thanks for the hospitality Sean, Max, Tim, Rod, and the rest of Malto's buddies.

The I Skated in the Early '90s and I Know My Shit! or Twelve Angry Skaters contest posted on Monday is still up for grabs as we're gonna randomly pick five winners. No one's gotten a perfect score yet so the grand prize is still wide open as well. About as wide as a pair of purple Fuct jeans.

A day late with Reda.

Responsible Rockin'
Name: Nick Diamond
Band(s):The Tubes
Tour: Outside Inside
Parent: Mom and Dad

Q & A Section
From Matt Thuet,
Q: Is Ty stoked on the new Fischerspooner single?
A: They're back together?--Ty

Send your questions here.



Clip of the Day. With a trip to Guitar Center and $49.95, Brad raises our production value for Clip of the Day tenfold.

If all we had to do to get the Fairy to post was to miss a day ourselves then we'll miss more days.

Just got off a plane. Cut us some slack.



This week's Guest Front Page Poster is...we don't know yet. So let's just enjoy the photo of Le Lee and his mean mug for another day...or two.

New Contest. It's called I Skated in the Early '90s and I Know My Shit! or Twelve Angry Skaters. Jacob Rosenberg sent us this clip from a Venice contest in '92 or so. If you can name 12 of the 18 skaters spotted in this video you'll be eligible to win a pair of Carroll Select/Embarko shoes from Lakai. It comes with an 18 minute DVD of compiled Carroll footage filmed by Jacob. Most of it never before seen

So send in your answers here and make sure you include your address. We'll randomly pick five winners from the correct entries. Anybody who gets all 18 wins a special prize. Contest is over next Monday.

We're going to Malto's hood today and staying in what he always refers to as "The Mansion." I think it's a fairly large skate house on the outskirts of Kansas City. So the fate of tomorrow's post lies in the speed of The Mansion's wireless connection. Ben Colen's coming with, and though Malto's clearly the star of the bunch, I think the majority of the post will revolve around the trials and tribs of our resident wizard.

For some reason when we announce that we're going to be giving something away it feels like we don't really have to post much else.

"Bird got a six pack for seven dudes! Great TM work."--Smyth



Clip of the Day. Round three. You call it.

Another Crail exclusive. Master Cluster reenactment photo, fourteen years on.

Brad's here!

Q & A Section
From Thomas Lane,
Q: What's The Tap's position on the "switch mongo" debate?
A: I'm old school! When I push fakie, I push fakie!--Carroll

Send your questions here.

Lakai demo tomorrow.

The Pros are Just Like Us. Biebel caught at Burger King in Stockholm Sweden.

"My eyes look like buttholes."--Lewman

"What's the guy's name? River Bob?"--BA



Clip of the Day. That's not a fandangle across the flat. That's Koston vs. Daewon, Round Two.

Mini Top 5
Carroll's Top 5 lost wallets
1. Blue Velcro wallet, I bought it at the Kmart that Jovontae did the nosegrind in the Planet Earth video. Left at a gas station on the 405. It was my very first wallet and the only one I didn't lose while drunk.
2. Just lost a brown Barney's wallet after a tailgate party at the Phoenix Am. Girl and Lakai credit cards were in there.
3. Fourstar leather wallet on New Year's Eve 2002. Fell out in a cab. The driver dropped it off at the front desk of my apartment without the cash.
4. Gucci wallet. It was gift.
5. The wallet I'm about to get.

We were gonna link Wednesdays with Reda at our normally schedule time of Thursday afternoon, but since he emailed us yesterday saying that we were biting his shit with Rickk's Phoenix video now we're not. And, Reda, this was posted on 3/13/06. And then after that watch FDR part of this. We'll see you next week Reda...maybe.

Responsible Rockin'
Name: Jacob Rosenberg
Band(s): Beastie Boys/Run DMC
Tour: Together Forever
Parent: My sister supervised

Has it ever donned on you that you've been eating a lot of nachos lately? Sucks, right?

Pappalardo, of all people, sent us this link last night. Vintage dudes.

Our friends at Active are having a store showdown. If you're in the SoCal area go check it out and root for your favorite employee.



Girl Skateboards is now a proud partner of (Product) Red. To watch the video featuring Jenkins and Koston and learn more about the partnership click here.

And thanks to our friend Barr for hooking up the music and only asking for a nine inch board and some pockets tees, both of which we dont have. We owe, Brendan.



Clip of the Day. If you thought Haslam had the exclusive on doubles with Daewon you're dead wrong dude. Koston and Dae doubled up on this, 1 of 3 to come.

More doubles action for Eric, this time with a launch over The Gonz on the cover of the new 'Boarder shot by our boy Ben.

Responsible Rockin'
Name: Schmitty
Band(s): Billy Idol
Tour: Rebel Yell
Parent: Mom

If you ever want a heartfelt phone call from Rudy letting you know how much he appreciates you, just post a video with him playing guitar in it. He'll probably call around 5pm.

Tomorrow Andy and Eric are seeing red.


"I don't know what I like."--Joey Brezinski

"I would love to have a board again."--Rudy



If you live in the Upper Northwest, or if don't but don't mind driving there, come see us and our good friends at Antihero on the Beauty and the Beast Tour in late May. There's gonna be hella dudes from both squads. Click on the flier and ad below for more details.

This week's Guest Front Page Poster is Ben Colen. Now, we know Ben's been the GFPP before but this is his first time as an official Girl employee. Totally different vibe. And we're hoping to see that difference in the work. Right Ben?

Carroll takes picking a video part song very seriously. Let him know how he's done throughout the years in our New Crail Poll.

Clip of the Day. Phoenix Am, thru the lens of Rickk.

Vincent Alvarez got third this weekend. He's bad! He's the one holding the trophy. And that's not his dad or anything...that's Rudy.

The Brilliance of Marijuana Marketing #11. What, you didn't know C. Brown gave thanks?

LR-Cheeks is here!


"I wouldn't leave until I did a series of noseblunt."--Sal Barbier

"That's hip-hop though."--LR-Cheeks



Clip of the Day. Rickk thought it was high time that Spike got his. Kind of.

Smyth they finally invented it for you. Thanks McGuire.

Q & A Section
From Benjamin Little,
Q: Carroll, I used to watch Beware of the Flare just about every single day and I know you had some pretty bad heel bruises in that. I just destroyed both my heels to the point I can hardly walk on them let alone skate. What the hell am I supposed to do to make these go away faster or am I just supposed to wait till they're gone? If that's the case just kill me now.
A: Wait til they're gone! Try not to baby it when you walk or else you're gonna train your foot/calve muscles to do some incorrect shit in the future. Also you should ice it. Also get a tennis ball and stand on it so you can massage the bottom of your foot with it. That's really good for everything! Especially your arch cuz that's gonna get fucked up from messing up your heel.--Carroll

From MM,
Q: I recently got to see Rubbish Heap, and being my first video purchase, the video will always be near the top of my list. A couple of my favorites were Duc and Jon. Whatever happened to them?
A: Last I heard of Duc he was involved in gangs and what not. John on the other hand became a pediatrician, we ran into him years ago at UCLA.--Rudy

Send your questions here.

Responsible Rockin'

Name: Tim O'Connor
Band(s): Tiffany and Gwar
Tour: Vat of Boiling Urine Tour
Parent: Grandfather


"Thanks for saving rollerblading."--Eric Woods



Clip of the Day. He may have gotten dead last at Tampa, but Joey Brezinski is first on the minds of Daniel and Chico.

Carnie returns to form with this Lakai review!

"You guys used a picture of me filming on my blades on your website that you took from my weblog thingy. Bummer is that I look gay as hell, and if you actually read the caption that the pic was taken from, it is of me making fun of myself. I do however happen to think Ty Evans is the shit and me and my blader friends are fans of what you guys do (we see Marc Johnson at Starbucks all day and we live down the road from The Berrics). Anyhow, good to know that someone is paying attention to us, even if it is in a sarcastic/spiteful undertone."--Lonnie Gallegos

"Dude, link my Wednesday."--Reda

Q & A Section
From Kareem,
Q: Where's the forum?! All big companies with websites have them. They're a lot of fun. I think it's time we bring one to Crailtap. It could allow skaters to post with some of the riders. I would love to post a thread if I knew Biebel was gonna respond to it.
A: There's only one person who's gonna be talking shit around here, and that's us.--The Management

From Michael Wikan,
Q: Who's taking the girl employee contest, Andy (in his Prime) or Emmet?
A: The kid's got ollies on lock, which I can honestly say, I never had. Never felt comfortable with them, but for him, it's like breathing. He skates goofy. I'm regular. He skates fast and has no fear, but he couldn't do a slappy to save his life (apparently, I can't anymore either...the last time I tried to show him, I rolled my ankle). I got sweepers, disasters, taps and f/s boardslides, but he's got 360 shuv-its, daffies, hippy jumps, blunts and is still progressing. I mostly push mongo, which, in all fairness, you should hold against me. So, you could say he's pretty much got my number, but until he gets a couple moves on a video (see Foundation's Glam Boys on Wheels), I got him beat.--Andy Jenkins

Send your questions here.

"Nah, I sold him some shit."--Chico, when asked if Joey Brezinski, who was wearing an LRG shirt, was now on LRG

"I've shit in that alleyway some many times."--Rickk about The Berrics not having a toilet

"I'm a fuckin' adult now, dude!"--Mike Mo on turning 18



Clip of the Day. Word on the street is that Kelly Hart has some of the best flatground on the...streets. Well he's get dem manuals too. First try. Welcome to The Tap Kelly.

MJ SOTY cover has arrived. It's a scorcher!

Rappin' and cappin' all about Tim Gavin.

If Carroll was a cat and if that was an iPhone and there was a staged fight going on just off camera, this is what it would look like.

Q & A Section
From Kareem,
Q: Mike Mo, how much do you tighten your trucks? And for how long do you use a pair of trucks?
A: I ride pretty loose trucks, tight trucks suck, you can't even move anywhere, your stuck on one route that way and tick tackin everywhere. Fuck that. You gotta carve around and take some sharp turns, but you need royals to turn like that. I ride my trucks how they come, I never really change them cause they are always really loose. And I ride the same ones for like 3 months.--Mo

From Adam,
Q: How often does McCrank get to skate, and when he does, is it solo or does he have a skate posse?  Also is his van now running on bio diesel?
A: On trips I skate everyday, when I'm home I skate weekdays and spend the whole weekend with my daughter, at home I skate alone a lot unless Keegan is in town. Yeah my van is running on bio diesel, I have a kit to convert it so it runs on 100% vegetable oil but I haven't installed it yet because I tend to procrastinate.--McCrank

Send your questions here.

Responsible Rockin'

Name: Brad Staba
Band(s): Guns and Roses and Skid Row
Tour: Appetite for Destruction
Parent: Mom

If Billy only would have done this commercial in the early '90s he would have saved a lot of his fellow pro skaters from getting their homes repo'd.

"You should see Tim's tan. Some of his best work."--Scott Johnston

"We should do some real shit on April Fools!"--Carroll



Clip of the Day. Sorry for lying for the last two weeks.

"Oh, it's April Fools today, I gotta call my parents!"--Hershel



Clip of the Day. A triple shot of FS Piv with Kenny Anderson.

Lewman sent us this gallery exclusive shot in the heyday of the T4, during the heyday of Big Brother video premieres. El Rey Theater late 90s jam. Yeah, you were there.

Hershel sends me links all day, but none of them are as good as the two that Nathan Phipps sent me today. One and two.

Q & A Section
From Alex,
Q: As one of just three skateboarders who attend Davidson College, I was wondering what the folks at CrailTap HQ think about all the "madness."  I can't believe we did so well since we're such a small school (Steph Curry lives on my hall, no superstar vibes at all). Did we have anybody rooting for the underdogs?
A: Oh yeah, good ol' Davidson, they blew my whole bracket out of the water with that Georgetown upset. And since I'm the only one in our pool that had Georgetown beating Kansas to get into the Final Four, they double blew it for me yesterday. As for underdogs, Carroll had Stanford winning the whole thing. I'd say it doesn't get much more 'underdog' than that.--Bird

Send your questions here.

Responsible Rockin'

Name: Michael Sieben
Band(s): Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, Ray Price
Tour: Last of the Breed
Parent: Dad

"It was cool. Bunch of fucked up little kids."--Smyth



A Top 5 with top dude Tim O'Connor

Clip of the Day
. Young Olson with a fence bash for the ages.

Ray Ray's got another Malto clip cooking.

If God didn't want us to eat animals he wouldn't have made them out of meat. Well, Crankers thinks differently and we're down with that.

Q & A Section
Q: Did Sam Smyth audition for the new Real World Hollywood? If no why not?
A: Don't let the boyish good looks fool you. I'm well past the cut off age of 25. Shit would be dope though, right?--Smyth

From Paul Civitelli,
Q: This question is for Guy.  Why do you only ride 7.75 and 8 inch wide boards now?  Will you ever go back to 7.5 or 7.6?
A: Honestly I go off what other people ride. I don't see myself going back. Ellington rides over 8 and gets tech, I might go bigger.--Guy

Send your questions here.

The Brilliance of Marijuana Marketing #10. Why get all fancy and confusing when you can just get straight to the point?

Don't get one of these this weekend.



Clip of the Day. One try as security pulled up in a blue VW bug with a barking dog in shotgun. Vincent Alvarez is bad!

Wednesday (on a Thursday) with Reda. This time from Brooknam, USA. It's a good one.

If all of our female readers were like this it wouldn't be so bad that we only have about twenty. "Well these aren't questions per-se but I think you should have the option on the Crail Poll of being able to bone Biebel because I would and maybe the three other readers that are chicks would too. And also in reference to this: 'You ever wish that your T-Shirt was like 3% bigger in every direction?' I like to call that an extra medium. All you gotta do is get your larger sister, roommate, colleague, etc. to wear it for a few days and then it's stretched permanently just enough to wear comfortably. Little tip though, don't get someone twice as large as you, just moderately larger."--Aloma

If, like Aloma, you have a Tip of the Day for any of the Crail fam send them here.

Responsible Rockin'
Name: Matt Price
Band(s): Green Day and Andrew W.K.
Tour: Not sure
Parent: My Dad is a big Andrew W.K. Fan

Q & A Section
From Billy Kenefick,
Q: What are Smyth's thoughts on this?
A: I'm shocked! All this time I thought I loved San Francisco because it's wonderful (better than SoCal and NY). Little did I know I was predisposed to liking SF. I was not ready to hear that shit.--Smyth

From Rylan,
Q: Is the Danny Garcia footage that would have been in Fully Flared ever going to be released?  Like as a Royal promo or something?
A: I think the majority of it ended up in the Habitat video.--Aaron

From Brian,
Q: Who is the artist that did that graphic that's on the Guy Mariano My First Board hoodie?
A: Sean Cliver.--Aaron

Send your questions here.

These three fine shops, Val Surf, Liberty, and Utility, are all offering up killer deals on the Fully Flared Decks.



We have a winner for the Best Trick on a Crail Board Contest. The video was titled Cameltoe. The dude's name is Wee Michaels. And he said he's from Escondido, "home of The Gator." Congratulations Wee. Your prize will be arriving shortly.

Here are some honorable mentions that came in last minute. Some of the Vans homies got in on it, Brian Higbee sent in one, and Eby Ghafarian tests the Crail plank in Bed Stuy, Brooknam. And as always, thanks to all who played.

Guy Mariano is officially back home with Royal Trucks.

The skinny behind some of the music used in Mouse. You may have to scroll down a bit.

Mo rolling while a firecracker goes off behind him gets him the cover of The Mag's 50th issue.

The Brilliance of Marijuana Marketing #9. They both start with an "M" and end with an "A" so it totally makes sense.
Responsible Rockin'
Name: Bob Kronbauer
Band(s): The St James Catholic Church Choir
Tour: Sunday Evening Mass
Parent: Mom

Q & A Section
From sam scott,
Q: Just saw the video of Spike slapping Jenkins and I was wondering if Carroll was always that helpful around the office when it came to diffusing tense situations?
A: If Mike has his iPhone in his hand that's pretty much his reaction to everything.--Aaron

From Tony Lopez,
Q: Was Ty ever desperate enough to employ this filming technique?
A: No but I have been using these though.--Ty

Send your questions here.

You ever wish that your T-Shirt was like 3% bigger in every direction? Not like a full jump in size, like from a L to XL, but just like a few percent bigger all the way around.

Congratulations to Peter and the rest of the Artiga on the birth of their baby girl.

"You remember who filmed Trilogy, right?"--Dimitry

"It's him, Diddy, and Jessica Simpson."--Ben Colen



We'll announce the winner of the contest tomorrow, along with getting back to all the other rad shit we do everyday.

Until then read what Guy has to say.

"Spike's a bastard!"--Lee Smith

"I'm gonna catch some air today, you know that dude!"--Alex Olson



This week's Guest Front Page Poster is from the Bird Files: 95-97. That's a lot of super tour. Thanks Bird.

New Crail Poll. What would you rather do with Biebel?

Clip of the Day. Shit got weird on Thursday. Tremaine wanted Spike to bring a little Jackass World to Crail HQ but it looks like Jenkins wasn't having it. Don't worry, they're still friends...somehow.

The Best Trick on a Crailboard contest. All the pertinent info is in the opening credits. We're calling this beater tomorrow.

Benjamin  Strong
has written a thoughtful piece on the history of skateploitation in film called Yeah Right.

The Brilliance of Marijuana Marketing #8.


"He's so gay about lunch it's insane."--Mike Mo about his brother Vince

"C'mon dude, I'm seriously desperate for Crailtap quotes right now!"--Mike Mo



Clip of the Day. It's not 54 in a minute, but it is on a banana board. Austyn Gillete. Let this also serve as some inspirado for The Best Trick On a Crail Board Contest, which ends Tuesday.

California Colen freezes the action of Tuesday's Lunch Break Invitational. See how pretty those photos were? Just one of the many advantages of having our own in house photographer. Some of the other advantages include an occasional skate photo of the team, the sound of shuffling feet around the office, and the ability to bring up your charisma, strength, and agility with just a roll of a 20-sided die.

Cardiel VBS Seasonal Finale. It's a banger. Thanks John and Pat.

Responsible Rockin'
Name: Jerry Hsu
Band(s): Prong, Sepultura, and Pantera
Tour: Far Beyond Driven
Parent: Friend's dad

Mo, you got took the fuck out.

Q & A Section
From Sam Taylor,
Q: I just watched the "Lunch Break Invitational" and why does Sam Smyth seem to concentrate so hard on eating that burger?
A: Strategery.--Smyth

Send your questions here.

You like bikes? You like skateboards? Well, tough shit because you missed the '80s.

Happy birthday to our favorite ex-pat, Lee Smith. Even though you have a whole new set of friends and barely call or write, we still love ya.



The Lunch Break Invitational. The Girl employee skate contest.

Skate Mental L.L.C
San Francisco, Ca
Matt Beach Press Release:
Can I have your board? You get them for free! Why can't I have it?  While those words might piss off some of the hottest pros out there on the circuit, our new pro Matt Beach would have something positive to say to the little kid wanting Appleyards sweaty t-shirt, or Kostons chipped up board. We basically added him to balance out all the pricks on the team (Daryl). He's not bad at skating either. Matt will be featured in the first Skate Mental video due out fall 08.  Matt's board is out in April.

The Brilliance of Marijuana Marketing #7. Tapping into the continued legacy of Rodney King.

Q & A Section
From Basti Bruckmann,
Q: Which skater of the tap changes his board the most in one month? And who's the guy that keeps his boards the longest?
A: Chris Roberts for the new setups and Kenny for old setups.--Daniel

Send your questions here.

Koston's all over the web. Here and here.


"You're the best dressed person at Girl."--Alex Olson to Jason Callaway

"You're the best dressed person on Girl."--Jason Callaway to Alex Olson





Today is Girl's first inaugural Lunch Break Invitational, the only skateboard contest held exclusively for Girl employees. At stake? Burger Bangers, the day off, the junior executive quarterpipe, and more. We'll have a full report tomorrow.

Clip of the Day. John Fitisemanu, heelflip to blunt on the junior exec.

The Best Trick on a Crailboard contest. Jared and Frank go on an indoor rampage. Contest ends next Tuesday.

If you need art hung in your office I highly recommend international heartthrob, Alex Olson.

The Brilliance of Marijuana Marketing #7. Get it? Clock stuck on 4:20.

Q & A Section
From Ricardo,
Q: What happened to Arvedis Tock?
A: Kind of a sad story, actually. Arvedis was planning to use his time working as an intern for the Tap as a springboard for his career, in fact he was interviewing for a job at Alien Workshop at one point, but he got called back for mandatory duty in the Foreign Legion in March of 2003. He mailed me a letter from the port of Santa Coloma where he was temporarily stationed a couple of years back, but that was the last I've heard from him. If you get a hold of him tell him I'd love to hear from him.--Bob K

From Andrew,
Q: Now this has nothin' to do with the Tap nor Tap-affiliates (or maybe it does), but growin' up, I remember a video on MTV that basically entirely took place in and around an empty pool with people skating it. I think the bands name had "soul" in it, possibly "devil", and possibly "white." He he. Ok, and I don't think it was "white devil." You guys have any recollection of which video/band that is? Any help appreciated by the Tapopedia or Taptionary folk.
A: You mean this video. That's Hartsel in there.--Aaron

Send your questions here.

"Chill with all the pot shit. That's my zone."--Staba



This week's Guest Front Page Poster is Cole Mathews, one of DVS' finest lensmen, who had a BBQ yesterday that turned into a party. Thanks Cole!

Clip of the Day. Vince Capaldi gets his.

Have you seen Fully Flared's secret part.

Responsible Rockin'
Name: Rickk
Band(s): Lionel Richie and Tina Turner
Tour: Private Dancer
Parent: Step Dad

The Brilliance of Marijuana Marketing #6

Q & A Section
From Casey Bruce,
Q: How does Biebel balance his love for skateboarding and love for basketball?
A: Well I've always loved basketball ever since I was a lil kid. I enjoy playing and watching. I always have a ball in my trunk just in case I bump into a court, but I also play in a league with some of my friends so it's a lot of fun. But skateboarding always comes first so when I have extra time I'm always down to hoop. I watch a lot of games and if I'm not around to watch em I always keep up with it with late night Sports Center or Skateboarding and basketball are two of my favorite things for sure.--Biebel

Send your questions here.

Matt Price, apparently there are a hundred of you.

"You better be playing me, dude."--Carroll to Ben Colen who was playing EA Skate



The Best Trick on a Crailboard contest. Ray Echevers busts out the HD buttas for a line of John Wisdom breaking Eggs in Beantown. We're gonna call it in a week or two so make sure to get your entries in so you may win this prize.

Brad, biting our shit. Only two days left to get in on the hot action.

Reda, you're a fuckin' roach!

Alex and Sean at the Slaughter at the Opera. Bruce on vocals.

The Brilliance of Marijuana Marketing #5
. Truly, a true classic.

Q & A Section
From Dan,
Q: Back in the day what were your favorite non-skate shoes to skate in?
A: The Pumas Suede and the Adidas Shell Toes.--Chico
The Converse Dr. J's were probably my favorite. Probably because we used to get boxes of them sent to Girl back when we were all skating in them. Some of the best things in life are free, right?--Koston
I was more of an Adidas Campus and Converse buff.--Rickk

Send your questions here.

Responsible Rockin'
Name: Kyle Camarillo
Band(s): Sex Pistols
Tour: Some bullshit re-union tour
Parent: Just me, mom, and 300 forty- year-old punk dudes

A Schnurr find. Good find Matt.

"If only I could figure out how to pat myself on the back while holding up my index finger in the the number one position while busting something phat."--Staba



Clip of the Day. Eric Longden gets F-Trooper Sierra Fellers on the Crail Board.

The Best Trick on a Crailboard contest. Jay V works in some flatland, a bank to wall, and his way into the finals. We're gonna call it in a week or two so make sure to get your entries in so you may win this prize.

Another Wednesday with Reda, but on a Thursday (scroll down past Lucero).

Spike gets remembered over at Delicious Vinyl.

The Brilliance of Marijuana Marketing #4. Because sometimes you gotta use an extra "e" and three exclamation marks to get your point across...and a little joint guy...holding his own joint.

Q & A Section
From Thomas Lane,
Q: What's a hot pocket? The bruise, not the microwavable beef turnover that gives diarrhea.
A: A hot pocket is when you hyper extend your ankle. First you get a burning feeling through your ligaments and your ankle. Then depending how bad it is, sometimes you can skate through it or you're out for a couple days maybe longer.--Jeron

From Matt Brennan,
Q: What's the best way to pass time when you have a sprained ankle?
A: I'd say that the best way to pass time with a sprained ankle is to learn something new but you'll probably just watch skate videos and get drunk.--McCrank

Send your questions here.

More Bird on a board.

"Actually I got a few decent hugs from Frost on that trip. Who would have thought?"--Staba



He may be ineligible for the contest, but that doesn't stop Mo from getting his on the Crail Board.

The Best Trick on a Crailboard contest. Jared with an epic line. You know it's epic when the filmer gives up half way into it. We're gonna call it in a week or two so make sure to get your entries in so you may win this prize.

got a THFSTA gallery from Oz. Oh, that means Too Hot For Share The Air. Frosty, you got one too?

Jacob Rosenberg unearths yet another gem.


Responsible Rockin'
Name: Hershel Baltrotsky
Band(s): MC Hammer and En Vogue
Tour: Please Hammer Don't Hurt Em
Parent: Mom and Dad

The Brilliance of Marijuana Marketing #3.

Q & A Section
From Brian McMahon,
Q: I noticed in the opening video for the Skate game, Virtual-Carroll does a front feeble on Virtual-Hubba Hideout. Since the game came out before Fully Flared, was this supposed to be a hint?
A: It wasn't any more of a hint than the Skateboard Mag cover that came out months before the game.--Carroll

Send your questions here.



Biebel has a very important message for you.

So take a look.

The one offs are here!

Some go to the Western Wall, others to Mecca. Smyth to Darling Harbour.

The Best Trick on a Crailboard contest marches on. Frank's in the finals with his ledge trickery. Read the post from 3/04 to learn more. Send your entries here.

Q & A Section
From Jeff McDonald,
Q: What's the deal with the rooster in Guy's part in Fully Flared?
A: Some parts of L.A. are like Mexico, there are roosters running wild.--Guy

Send your questions here.

Responsible Rockin'
Name: Jamie Thomas
Band(s): Rick Springfield
Tour: Cathode Ray
Parent: friend's Dad

The Brilliance of Marijuana Marketing #2.

You'll see tomorrow just how disruptive Reda can be.

"There's nothing gangster about veggie bacon."--Ben Colen



Not since Jack and his blessed bean stock have the clouds offered an opportunity this golden.

This week's Guest Front Page Poster is, "I just moved houses and found an old box. Inside: films, most of them destroyed. I scanned one pic in today and think it might work out. It's Sheffey from a Girl demo in Frankfurt, Germany in 1994. From the negatives, I could tell there are pics of Carroll, Jeron, Jovontae and even Gabriel. How about a guest frontpage posting?"--Paul Kampfmann.
You got it Paul.

The Best Trick on a Crailboard contest is taking the day off. And for all those entrants who are dying to see if they made the cut (Frank and Jared), don't fret, we'll be back at it tomorrow. Send your entries here.

Daewon, I guess it's apology accepted.

I ate lunch at a place called "Artisan's" in Phoenixville, PA. Apparently someone there is a Crailtap fan, because there was a wooden wizard with a Ben Colen name tag on it.--Mike Kijewski

Q & A Section
From Ryan,
Q: Which one of the Crail dudes would have anyone's back in a bar matter what?
A: Probably quite a few, but Biebel for sure...oh, and Chico.--Aaron

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Our friend Rocky just posted up a new video clip (with accompanying bass lick) on his Every Man Skateboards site.

Responsible Rockin'
Name: Alex Olson
Band(s): Beck
Tour: Odelay
Parent: Dad

Sacto's biggest fan just got more Sacto-er.



Prime real estate has never looked so cloudy?

The Best Trick on a Crailboard contest is picking up some momentum. Even Deerhead entered. And wouldn't you know it, our first animal entry is from the Great White North. Wonder what he's listening too. Scroll down a bit for rules and regs. Send your entries here.

Clip of the Day
. Or we can just give the whole thing to Daewon? And yet another very special background props.

If you work at Ig Boardshop, like Vince Capaldi used to, and your ordered box from Girl has a hole in it and an autographed apology from Daewon, this is why.

Here's another new franchise line item for the Randoms: The Brilliance of Marijuana Marketing

Amazing! Nothing like a pot-play on words to really convey your love of the weed. Can't we all in the marketing dept learn from this? More to come.

Mike Mo, dudes are coming for you spot.

Q & A Section
From Erik Storjohann,
Q: So who's the better band Belle and Sebastian or Bright Eyes?
A: What is the meaning of life? Is there a God? Where did we come from? Despite the moments where joy, despair, hope or luck can lead mankind to draw a conclusion on such complex debates, some questions will forever remain unanswerable.--Eric Anthony

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He doesn't ride for Chocolate or Fourstar or Royal or Lakai. But make no mistakes, Ellington is a Tap favorite.

And Bird's tight too.



Clip of the Day. Chico laying it down for the brown.

Help break the Canada-wins-trend here at the Tap for the Best Trick on a Crailboard contest. Dylan Doubt is still in the lead. Hell we'll even throw in a Diamond x Girl T-shirt. Send your entries here.

Speaking of hypebeast shit, when did this go down? Good eye J. Garcia.

Responsible Rockin'
Name: Tony Ferguson
Band(s): Krokus
Tour: Don't know, barley knew the songs
Parent: Dad

Make no mistakes. There's a direct line from sending this letter to Freestylin' Magazine and adapting Where the Wild Things Are into a major motion picture.

Q & A Section
From Alex,
Q: After some of the recent tour videos why is there a clip of Sam Smyth eating in the end credits?
A: Sam lives by the wise words of the late great Warren Zevon, who when asked, near the end of his days, about the secrets of life, replied, "Enjoy every sandwich." The next hoagies for you Warren.--Aaron

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The Berrics has a new joint, Wednesdays With Reda.

We, like everyone, get about 30 emails a day, offering cheap Viagra. Total pain in the ass, but at least this illustration attached to a recent one made us smile.



Clip of the Day. Jeron up on dem ledges with a very special BGP.

In the previous sentence I almost spelt BGP like this, "BDP."

After much inquiring, the Crailboard is now totally available in our Crail Store.

As far as the Best Trick on a Crailboard contest is concerned, Dylan Doubt, a guy who can get this shit for free, is in the lead is in the lead with his bio ollie. C'mon Tappers. You gotta play to win. Read yesterday's post for the crucial details and then send you entries here.

And you thought he got amped after drinking a Redline.

Responsible Rockin'

Name: Greg Hunt
Band(s): Hall and Oats
Tour: Big Bam Boom
Parent: Mom

Our condolences Ben.

Guess Whose Tat

Q & A Section
From Tommy,
Q: Even though this is involves a non-Crail company, I was wondering Jerry, if that's really your dick in the enjoi ad when your on the crapper and it says, "Pinching off the last of the video?" It was just a little disturbing.
A: My dick was in an ad? Man, we need to start doing skate ads.--Jerry

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The Girl site is experience a surge in radical new content, this interview with Rick McCrank not being the least of it

"The difference is you guys look like you can skate."--Smyth to Rickk and Mike




New Contest! This one's a scorcher, involving all your favorite pursuits: skateboarding, filming, and one-up-manship, and all in the name of garnishing free product. So here it is. The Best Trick Filmed on a Crailboard. Send us your best clip or clips riding the Crailboard and you'll win one of every Crail related item we currently have in stock. Send your clips in Quicktime form here. Deadline is in two weeks or so. Use these as reference points and make it clear that it's a Crailboard.

Clip of the Day. In the spirit of today's contest Malto and Stefan Janoski tune in, turn on, and drop in.

Responsible Rockin'
Name: Patrick O'Dell
Band(s): Beach Boys with John Stamos on drums
Tour: Kokomo Tour
Parent: Both

Look and feel McCrank and Rickk, instantly.

There's been something of a Daniel board media blitz the last few days and we don't want to miss out on it. First Burndog over at the Burnout got the Barbara Waters-esque Q&A, Biebel sent us this from Sac, and we caught up with Lil' Castillo ourselves out on the mean streets of South Central. Good shit Danny!

"I guess boners are subjective."--Spike




This week's Guest Front Page Poster is Michael Ballard, again. We're gonna let him ride for another week.

New Crail Poll. Whom from our celebrity staff would you most like to shadow?

Oz Clip of the Day. Alex getting festive at the Tool Shed.

And on the Oz Photo front, we have another gallery from Ben.

Jake Rosenberg recently put up the old DTS (that's Dogtwon Skates) video on the YouTube. This is one of our favorite parts.

If a bird shits on you is it considered good luck? Or did you just get shit on?

Bird on the Block.

Q & A Section
From Alex Hernandez,
Q: Biebel, how and when did you get on Girl?
A: Well I met Mike an Rickk when they were filming for Modus Operandi and we skated together a lil bit. At the premier Carroll asked me to ride for Lakai and I was tripping out like Whaaaaat! Fuck yeah! Then about six months from then Carroll ask me if I wanted to ride for Girl and same shit I was blown away like, Fuuuuuuuck Yeeeeeeeaaaaahhhhh! So that's pretty much how it went down.--Biebel

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Lookout Mo, you got some competition. Thanks Simon Lingard

Congrats to Skateboarder Mag Commander, Jaime Owens on the birth of his new baby girl Grace Lily Owens!

"He don't put brown people on Crail."--Chico

"You fed my baby bourbon and Coke?"--a Mom with her son to Neckface



Clip of the Day. Alex goes quick at a back tail to forward for the demo dogs.

and Gonzo at the carwash.

Responsible Rockin'
(double shot)
Name: Mike Carroll and Brian Mettee
Band(s): Huey Lewis and the News
Tour: Sports
Parent: Mom (Carroll), Dad (Mettee)

Takeover Weekend Bonus Clip. Rickk
gets Pops covering some ground on this stationary noseslide.




Clip of the Day. Crank with a Cheese n Crack to fake. This is the clip that had Brad's nut in it. It got cut out.

We've come up with a new line item for the Randoms called Responsible Rockin', where someone tells us of a concert they've been to chaperoned by a parent. A very telling revelation, kind of like, What was your first board? So we'll start it off with surefire Sam.

Responsible Rockin'
Name: Sam Smyth
Band(s): Sheila E and Prince
Tour: Purple Rain
Parent: Pops

Remember when MTV played videos by Sheila E and Prince? Those days are over. They shit canned 'em for these guys. Here's Carroll's view of the 24 Hour Takeover.

Takeover Weekend Bonus Clip. Rickk with a Snow Comply. Bail!

Q & A Section
From EY_Pep,
Q: Daniel Castillo, as a Culver City loc, have you skated the new pool/bowl at the park?  Also, when was the last time you sessioned a backyard pool?
A: I do skate the bowl at the Culver park. I just carve around it, I'm not grinding the deep end but I do get my carve on. The last backyard pool I skated was my brother's friend pool, that was in the summer time. It's good to get your carve on .--Daniel

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Is there a purer skate scene than this one in Uganda? Or with video effects this sick? May no Westerners visit this park.

"Fuck parents."--Dave Carnie




You see today's Front Page photo? So colorful back then.

Clip of the Day. Koston goes buttslide in Melbourne. There was another clip from this day but Brad skated by the lens with his nuts hanging out. And when we told Carroll about it he asked if we could get in trouble for that and he sees a lot of weird shit.

DVS' Colin Kennedy tried to bait us into posting Matix' Lord of the Lines video by saying there's Girl riders in it. He forgot to mention that they're not skating in it though. Just clapping from the sidelines. Thanks Colin. Good little video though.

Supra is putting your knowledge of all things Fourstar to the test.

After topping the chart for most prolific shutterbug, Reda would like to now be referred to as the "POTY," Photographer of the Year. We didn't have the heart to tell that the Exposure Meter only covers a month or two. It's okay to dream, though.

If you go to lunch with The Gav but end up sitting at a different table you kind of feel cheated.

Q & A Section
From Mike,
Q: Are Smyth's teeth real? Those things look fake as hell, especially in that picture that The Ringer put up.
A: Ask Jake Phelps. He dubbed me "Best Teeth In Boardin." You don't get a title like that with fakie-backs.--Smyth

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Chris Roberts is here...without Paris though.

Tomorrow, we'll discuss why a locally farmed am is better for the environment.




Ben's kind of catching on to the idea that part of his new job is to get photo galleries and Clips of the Day on any trips we're not on. Like he sent us photos from Australia for a gallery but he didn't caption them. We're cool with baby steps though, Ben.

According to the new TWSbizzz Reda and Marc are not only number one in the streets, but number one on their Exposure Meter in terms of most coverage for the month in MJ's case and most flicks snapped in Reda's case. And while we're handing out awards, congratulations Plastic Framed Sunglasses, you're stomping on Metal Framed Sunglasses like a narc at a biker rally according to the pages of the same issue of TWSbizzz.

Matt Kime wrote in to let us know that we erroneously omitted this half hug classic from Rickk to Tone.

We were going to take down this week's Poll, since it's admittedly one of the worst polls we've ever had, except for the three or four of us who really romanticize '80s metal. But since Vince Capaldi sent us this old photo of he and Mo's Dad with Quiet Riot/Whitesnake/Dio bassist Rudy Sarzo (how's that for a CV?) we're gonna let it ride or another day or two.

And if you're not into metal or Rudy Sarzo or Mike Mo's dad, still click on the photo to see what Mo would look like with a vertically striped, tucked-in button up and a mustache.

I guess if someone asks you, "Did you go snowboarding?" then you officially have a sun burnt face.

"He was in a video? Like for skating?"--Rudy on Andy Jenkins being in an early Foundation video

"No. I could ride a horse right now."--BA when Staba asked him if he was hungover



Michael Ballard, whose pivotal involvement in the following, Big Brother Magazine, Skateboarder Magazine, Rolling Thunder, DC Shoes, and The Skatebook pale in comparison to his latest grand achievement as this week's Guest Front Page Poster. Dare we say even grander than those couple of months spent over at Stance?

Clip of the Day. Not since Britney and Justin were dating have the halls of TRL seen such hot action than when Rickk and Carroll stopped by during the 24-hour takeover.

Larson finally weighs in on the Poll dedicated to him, "George Lynch, hands down. For every fluid run that Yngwie performs, George does twice as clean and with way more grace and style. Soul and technique together in one, tan and tidy package. Yngwie has about as much soul as a chalkboard."--Tony

If this photo is worth a thousand words, than "stoked" isn't one of them. Thanks Tapper, Max Hartveld.

Q & A Section
From Tad,
Q: Whatever happened to the Chocolate satellite featured in the Chocolate Tour, 1998? Is it still in space?
A: Here's the awful truth.--Aaron

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Paul Bond's friend Carl (henceforth to be referred to as Hot Carl) shows off his freshly inked Crail board tat, so fresh in fact that the pink of his skin almost matches the pink of our logo.

For those of you who only check the Tap during the work or school week and aren't in our time zone causing you to miss Friday's post until Monday morning, keep in mind this is Monday's post and there's a charming little post from Friday right below this awesome one.

"Her shit must be Arby's drive-thru by now."--Staba talking about Paris Hilton

"Wait, so, hey doesn't Beenie Siegel have a new album coming out? Seriously."--Koston out of nowhere in the van


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