"Bobbing for Apple-Tricks"

FRIDAY, OCT 29, 2004

>> It was slated as It's Time to Carve?Pumpkins!, and had a $250 purse (that's more than getting first place at some of the pro contests in the early '80s!). With only five entries from the entire Girl staff the odds where in anyone's favor. But they favored new hire J.R.'s homage to the Halloween harvest, with his herb influenced pumpkin rendering the most. Wonder where the bulk of that $250 is going? Jamie went with her half Japanese side. And Joe's brown nosing didn't secure him enough votes

>> Sam was packing a box for Ludacris yesterday. 

>> We're kind of let down by the readers' Top five reasons why San Diego is the best city in the world. I mean to be honest, I probably couldn't think of one reason; nevertheless you're gonna have to impress Mr. Larson. Here's a message from Tony: "C'mon Tappers, is that all you got about S.D. that 'it's sunny and nice'? What the hell? Whoever wins my box of crap is going to be stoked, so you'd better snap out of it. Now, go get 'em."


"I can't figure dude out!"
—Joey Suriel, regarding Nick Diamond

THURSDAY, OCT 28, 2004

>> I got my first package as a sponsored skater the other day, a Skate Mental box. Man it felt cool. It was even cooler that there was a tiny package within the bigger package for Mike Carroll. Like he's the flow guy and I'm fully on! It'd be the coolest if I got an ad. Can we work on that Raymond?

The Art Dump's own Tony Larson is dumping some shit from his office. And it's pretty good shit. If you give us five reasons why San Diego is the greatest city in the world (it's not, but Tony thinks it is) then we'll give you his box of shit, which might, or might not, include the following: Girl graphic comps, personal letters, a set of Girl wheels, Indy stickers, original artwork by some guy named Nelson, 4 Star packing tape, a CD holder and much, much more? Entries should be in by Friday, November, 5.

>> Can you believe this guy's been running the place for the past four years? And he might be running it for the next four.


"Scott's dog is cleaner than I am."
—Jeremy Carnahan


>> Sure we had some technical difficulties yesterday and hit a little bump in the road, but come on, it was nothing compared to this. Oh, yeah. We have acid reflux, aka Ashlee Simpson disease, too.

>> I saw Carroll in the warehouse, from the back, making loud gestures as he faced a pensive Nick Diamond and Joey Suriel. Something serious had happened. As I inched my way closer the worry on their faces grew more intense. Did someone quit or get kicked off? No, Carroll was just explaining the details of the Yukmouth vs. G-Unit beef.
Some serious shit goes down here at the Girl compound. You know Mike's a VP right?

>> Speaking of beef, who would win in a game of S.K.A.T.E.? This guy, or this guy?

>> Schnurr's real jazzed on poker as you can tell. I mentioned that the shirt was a little snug and he said he bought it from Abercrombie and that it's actually a XXL.

>> Friend of the Tap, Joey Brezinski, has landed a spot on the much-esteemed Cliché team. So does that mean he can stop mooching boards from us?

>> Smyth keeps 'em coming with Real World Philly, Episode 8 and two men making out.

>> Ah, the good old days.


"I'm getting secondhand embarrassment just watching this!"

"Kids are fucking weirdoes these days."

TUESDAY, OCT 26, 2004

>> We've sparked a Matt Schnurr vs. The Gav game of S.K.A.T.E. We're shooting for sometime in November. We'll keep you posted. Shcnurr hasn't skated in five months. Gav hasn't skated in five years. Should be good.

>> If you're not familiar (quicktime 6.6megs) with Schnurr, Google him sometime and see what comes up, especially if you're a future business partner.

>> Smyth hits us with another Real World Philly update. He's just one behind being current.

>> Bon Vivant with Lucas Puig and his Top 5s.


(click on image to reveal)

>> The Randoms may be going live from courtroom number 3A if I have to serve Jury Duty. I gotta call all week, so we'll see.


"Everything I every learned that's lame, I learned from Schnurr and his brother."
—The Gav

"You're the only person I've ever met that didn't lie to get out of jury duty."

FRIDAY, OCT 22, 2004

Top 5 things your friends say to you when you inherit a Mustang:

1. "You can trade it in for a PT Cruiser"
2. "He won it on a game show."
3. "You would have been the coolest guy in my high school with that car."
4. "Seniors rule!"
5. "Nice Spoiler."

Diamond rider and friend of the Tap, Joey Pepper is having a good year. How good? This good:
Top 5 reasons why Pepper is having a good year:

1. Red Sox in game seven
2. Landed a high ticket sponsor
3. Landed a Woo sister
4. May have a future sister-in-law with a steady supply of wine and cigarettes
5. His roommate finally shot a cover, so he doesn't have to hear him bitching about that anymore

>> Tomorrow a good portion of the team will be attending Active's Bling Fest. The F-ing Van might even make an appearance.


"That made me want to puke."

"Bush sucks and so does the other dude."
—Nick Diamond

THURSDAY, OCT 21, 2004

>> Ty's bummed because, in his own words, "I'm out skating [Editor's note: With his shirt off] while all u fuckfaces r putting Boston hats on your gay ass laker heads" He went on to say that he also hates Starbucks, Lulu's, basketball, baseball, football, A-Rod, ping pong, family gatherings (?), and Rico's in Encinitas. Ty, you forgot Treos.

>> Lucas Puig Top 5 tomorrow. I think he's my favorite skater right now. Well, it's either him or Devine.

>> Ty if you're fishing for something else to hate check this out.

>> The Cheeks is huge in Puerto Rico.


"Jock vs. the Skaters till death!"

"Somebody's gotta be that guy."

"Free thrills."

>> The Royal site has been updated and, more importantly, Royal Jeremy has a new haircut. Staba and Jack Curtin have been added to the team and there's some new Koston sequence on the splash page. Koston, that rhymes with Boston.

The Tap: Have you ever worn anything in XL?
Raymond: Hell no! I'm 5'8"
The Tap: Ever been to Boston?
Raymond: Yeah.

>> Sam has kept it real with an episode six update. Click. I think the best Real World was the Real World in Boston. That one ruled.

>> If you're a trend forecaster you should probably click here for the latest in hat wear. Is there such a thing as a bandwagon forecaster? I think we've found one.


"I've been hugging strangers for three days."
—Ben Colen in Boston

TUESDAY, OCT 19, 2004

>> Corey's music career is huge in Australia, with shows every Wednesday at Supermild. I heard one track today. Not bad. Look at those licorice stains!

>> Smyth is slipping on his Keeping It Real. And to think at one point that he wanted his own column.

(all said, with extreme enthusiasm, by Richard Mulder, within a 30-second time frame):

"Pac-Man is rocking right now!"

"Let's go skate before lunch!"

"Pac-Man sucks!"

"I mixed Gatorade and water together!"

"I like it here!"

MONDAY, OCT 18, 2004

>> Besides his dazzling write up in Golf Magazine, The Gav is also thrilled about his new roommate, Matt Schnurr. (That's Schnurr on the right hugging a Gav impersonator, that's Gav on the left.) House rules already broken; shoes on the carpet, pickled feet on floor, and spaghetti marinara on the couch.

>> I know Bird baby-talking a girl in an Ali G accent is shocking, but have you ever heard Ty baby-talking a praying mantis? Equally as entertaining. 

>> Is there a Fourstar store in SF that we don't know about?

>> Doesn't Joaquin Phoenix look a little small for that helmet and jacket?

>> Anne Huf could get fired as a Tap field reporter. She's kind of doing things half assed right now.

>> This past weekend was a big break for Meg's recording career. Couple-duos are usually kind of lame but I think this one might work, but Meg you gotta start writing your own lyrics.


"Isn't that what they drank to kickoff an orgy?"
—Eric Anthony

"Dude, he's Gonzmuir!"

FRIDAY, OCT 15, 2004

>> The Lakai site forgot to mention that Scott got last place, or 50th, on the Skate Biz (that’s with a “z”) Exposure Meter. He had 3,300 points (two thousand points for advertising and another thousand for editorial). Hey that’s 3,300 points more than Carroll or Rickk. There not even on there. Good job Scooch. Burnett, you’re slipping too.


(click on image to reveal)

>> Ringer, if you post more than two sentences today you could probably win.


“Whore is an acceptable fashion, now... It’s in.”
—Richard, Girl warehouse manager

THURSDAY, OCT 14, 2004

>> About eight years ago I went to Joey Suriel’s house after we were done skating. When we got there he caught his younger brother breaking into his room and stealing some clothes from his City Stars package. He went off on him. It was pretty trippy. And it was pretty trippy how long it took for Joey to dry his long ass hair when he got out of the shower. This family Survey is with Joey’s other little brother, not the one who broke into his room:

(click image to enlarge)

>> Smyth keeps it real. Episode 5.

>> Dimitry from Jackass got a shout out from Ali G at a party and he’s really excited about it. He’s been making the rounds and calling everyone. Like he called me and tried to disguise it like he was calling me to ask about my new place and saying he wanted to come check it out, but after he got the Ali G thing out of the way he reneged on coming over. It’s good having friends like Dimitry… and Gav.

Mueller is going to be in an art show this weekend, too. I just found out about it. These art guys are so humble, they never tell you what’s going on in their personal lives.

I used to work with this guy, Donny Miller, who used to come up with all these great ideas and then never do them. Like he wanted to add lyrics to the instrumental songs from “Animal Chin.” He never did it. Here is something that he did do, and I think it’s really great. Good job Donny, you fat pig. It only took you to years to put it up on your site.

Charlene Calac, self-imposed ban from the Tap.


“Coherent is a good word to use.”
—Rudy on talking to the cops

“The only sweat I get is a fried mozzarella stick.”
—The Gav on exercise

“I went to give him a shout out and he just flipped the script”
—Dimitry from Jackass


>> “New shit!” That’s what the DJs would always scream on the mix tapes that Tony Ferguson used to buy. We’d be driving in his ’97 Accura Integra and every three minutes the DJ would scream “New Shit!” when a new track was starting. “Jay-Z! New Shit!” It was pretty annoying. Of course, Ferg loved it.

>> We’re coming hard today with the content. The Fourstar Catalog Shoot DVD in the Featued Feature section and a Devine Calloway Top 5. “New Shit!”

>> Speaking of content, on our customs forms, on the way to Australia, I put under Job Title that I was a Content Provider. I really hate that title. We’ve never talked about it, but Meg, can we think of something better I can call myself. Let’s get it worked out before I have to fill out my tax papers in April.

Top 5 shows Smyth had waiting for him on TiVo:

1. Real World Philadelphia, episode 4
2. Real World Philadelphia, episode 5
3. Real World Philadelphia, episode 6
4. Real World Philadelphia, episode 7
5. America’s Next Top Model

>> After a three week hiatus, Sam is back to Keeping it Real. “New Shit!” He has some catching up to do. He’s claiming he’s gonna bring us up to speed by next Tuesday on the past episodes, then he’ll be back with his normal weekly posts. So he claims.

>> Fourstar’s finest Rob Abeyta, Jr. is having an art show with his sister Edith at the Walled City Gallery 309 West 7th Street, in San Pedro on October 16 at 7 pm. It’s called Hungry Ghost and will also feature fellow artist Charlene Roth. No, that’s not Charlene our old receptionist.

>> Gino just walked in, but Charlene isn’t here today. So she’s bumming.

>> Jeron’s here too. He brought more pairs of pants with him to Australia than anyone else with seven pairs. Devine only brought one.

>> Mike broke a lot of boards in Australia, so he thinks he’s getting fat. Does chest hair add any real weight?


“Like you haven’t seen that before.”
—Mikey, when told that he was skating good in Australia

TUESDAY, OCT 12, 2004

>> Besides getting a new Sidekick, Ty also has a new pet, a praying mantis named Chompy. He found him by Biebel’s house. His hobbies include kicking it on Ty’s shoulder while he works on his computer, eating crickets, chasing flies, and scaring off intruders. Take a look. Pretty incredible huh? I’m not talking about the praying mantis; I’m talking about Ty wearing a T-Shirt. That’s insane. Marriage will change a man.

I just found out that Rickk sprayed Ty’s bride, Steph, with a beer at their wedding. Oh, wait! It was Ty who sprayed her with a beer. Rickk just gave her a head butt.

The Featured Feature column will be home to a new video this week. It’ll have the Gonz in it.


“You're full of shit.”

“You're full of shit.”


>> We left Australia by now. We might even be home already. Twenty-four hours of traveling will kind of throw you off like that. Crampy got a little crampy on our last day, but he pulled together in the end.

>> This last gallery is a little skimpy…and skampy.

>> Your last Koston Oz clip of the day!

>> Left my iPod on the last flight, so I’ll be flying David-Putty-style all the way home. The only thing I’ll have to entertain me is Carroll’s Jenna Jameson autobiography that I bought him for his birthday. But it was one of those gifts that you buy for somebody knowing that you’ll probably get some use out of it too.


“I kinda wanna bring this marker home. This shit is flowing butterly.”

SUNDAY, OCT 10, 2004

>> I swear we had nothing to do with this...

... or this.

But we’re responsible for all of this...


(click on image to reveal)

>> Koston Oz clip of the day!


“Who’s on Lakai?”


>> We met this kid at the Canberra instore. He had a broken arm, two cracked ribs, a ruptured spleen, and a sprained ankle. He fell out of a tree at school. He tried to jump out of it but the branch that he was on broke. He told us that he gets into fights a lot because he’s half Aboriginal and half Italian. He says kids tell him racist jokes like, “What do you call an Aboriginal trapped in ice? A frozen piece of shit.” So then he’s got to beat roof on them. He was pretty sick, so we gave him a ride to the demo. His nickname is Bro, “as in Brother.”

This has been Carroll’s view of Australia.

Koston Oz clip of the day! With guest appearance from MJ.


“Koston, give me five nigga!”
—White kid to Koston


>> In between car accidents, demos, instores, and checking into flights we get into a few other things here in Australia. These are those other things.

>> Every trip I’ve been on with Brian he breaks a part of his foot. Okay not every trip but at least three of them. This is his X-Ray from four days ago. There’s a bone chip floating around in there somewhere. He’s already skating.

>> Koston Oz clip of the day!


“Are you happy right now?”
—Kid at in-store to a smiling Devine Calloway

TUESDAY, OCT 5, 2004

>> Today, here in Adelaide, we were involved in a little three car pile up. We made a sudden stop to flip a U-Turn, a couple of bams later and we didn't have a bumper no more. And it was all so we could turn back and look at a ten stair rail... that nobody ended up even skating.

Top 5 Articles of Clothing that Mez Has Ruined for Carroll

1. All Nike
2. Chocolate sweater
3. Supreme sweater
4. The Office*
5. Ali G*

These ones aren't articles of clothing, but he's played them out too.


"You can get scabies just from the curtains."

"In two years pink hats will be the big thing down here."
—Oz emcee at Canberra demo reffering to Mike's hat

MONDAY, OCT 4, 2004

>> From a Free Half Hour at the Internet Cafe:
The What Logo? show in Sydney came and went. Chicks, dudes, a Lee Smith imposter, a beer-swigging infant, and Chris Cole all showed up. Many dolls had a red logo next to them by the end of the night. They were giving away free shirts and me and Smyth went to get one but they were those new kind of thin American Apparel shirts that we came to the conclusion that you have to be skinny to were one. Otherwise they just cling to your curves. So we passed on them. They looked cool though.
All photos courtesy of Rickk’s Treo.

>There’s a big debate among the Treo users about if Ty’s gonna hate on their new phones and stick by his Sidekick. I guess it’s not much of a debate. They all know Ty’s gonna hate.

>> Speaking of debates, isn’t it hard to not think that George Bush sounds and looks like a Saturday Night Live character.

>> Meg kept it real for Smyth, but it doesn’t sound like she’ll be keeping it real for much longer.

>> Koston Oz Clip of the Day

>> Now that he shaved his head J-Dubs looks like he’s 16 again.
I wonder if he still sucks his thumb.


“Careers will be launched and destroyed after this video”


>> Sam thought he lost his camera last week. He was pretty bummed. It turns out he just got drunk and left it in the back of his car. He found it just before we left for Australia. Check out what you would have missed if Sam really lost his camera.


(click on image to reveal)

>> Koston Oz clip of the day!


"If she was cool I’d give it back."

—Rickk on receiving too much change after buying a drink from a stewardess


>> Smyth, Frost, Tito, and Dubs almost got into a little scrap with a couple of Aussie frat boys today/last night (we're a day ahead). It was like watching the beginning of Eric's part in "Yeah Right!" But only this time there was a balcony and an apartment story separating the two parties. And nobody stole Eric's wallet either.

Top 5 Things That Rickk Experienced Today

1. Not being able to land trick at the demo
2. Having a Bacon Whopper Deluxe for breakfast
3. Carroll ollieing over a female reporters head
4. Being called Seppos by some frat boys
5. The Ringer putting me on blast


"Who's not snipped in their?"


>>Harsh instore yesterday. A kid offered Carroll $50 for his pink SF hat. He declined. I don't blame Mike, that pink SF hat is the hotness.

>>Still no highspeed connection, so no photos or video, just little anecdotes about Carroll's pink hat. Did I mention it's pink?


"She's ruining me!"


"That's why we almost missed our flight, because you're playing Marbles on the toilet?"
Koston getting jealous that Carroll has the new high score


>> Australia has been good to us. Schnitz and tits has gone down and Devine is down one hat. Sometimes strippers think it's cute when they take an article of your clothing and put it in dirty parts of their bodies. Well it's not.
As easy as it was to come across some local females to spread eagle while you were trying to eat your chicken schnitzel, it's been damn near impossible to come across an internet cafe that will let you plug in your laptop. But when we do plenty of photos and video and all that jazz. Until then it will be postings from one of the four Palmone Trios that have infested our trip. That is if I can take it away from Mikey, Rickk, BA, or Eric as they only use it to play this annoying marble game...for hours.


"It's hard to stop huh?"

—Rickk on eating chocolate

"Are you kidding me right now?"
Mikey on people eating chocolate on his bed


>> We’re in Australia. We lost a day. I wish we could pick which day we lost. If we could I’d probably pick the day I shit my pants at the Beverly Center.

>> Sam’s in Australia too. That means he’s gonna miss the Real World for three weeks. That’s not keeping it real. Meg’s gonna keep it real for him in the meantime. And nobody keeps it more real than Megan.

>> Ty’s wedding may have gotten a tad out of hand. What do you think?

>> Lakai’s Holiday Product has been updated on their site. It’s ironic that you can shop for holiday presents on their site, when I don’t think Bird has purchased a holiday gift for anyone in his life.


“Get those things away from me!”
—Rickk referring to a bag of Smarties candy


>> Britney wasn’t the only person to get married over the weekend, as you know Ty got lassoed in Santa Barbara on Friday. Even The Not would have thought that the individual cupcakes in instead of a traditional cake were a great idea. But great ideas happen before the free beer and wine are served to the guests. It really was a lovely ceremony.

>> A missed a connection in Phoenix means a misconnection for a full photo gallery from Ty’s wedding. We’ll do it tomorrow.

>> KOTR mastermind Mike Burnett also wed this weekend. Congrats guys. And Mike, for a guy who was willing to get a Mohawk, for 50 measly points, just weeks prior to his wedding, your hair looked great.


“Where would Rickk get scabies?”

“We’re playing phone tag, you're it.”
—The Gav

“You need some boundaries, Megan.”
—Sue, Meg’s older sister

“Dude, you can’t just put my whole fucking shit on Crail.”


>> I just found out that we’re not all meeting up at Girl today to hop in the team van and drive to Ty’s wedding. And we’re not even getting per diem! Does that mean I shouldn’t give Ty and Steph their wedding gifts, a Jeron complete and a Ruby skirt?

>> Young Smyth has blessed us with his synopsis of the second episode of the Real World Philly.


"I do."

‘I do."


>> There’s been fan mail and even sex toys dedicated in his honor, but now some kid from Eindhoven—it’s in Europe—did one better and got P-Rod’s autograph on his leg, inked in for life.

While we’re on the subject:


(click on image to reveal)

>> Want to be Gino and BA’s puppet master? Make them a slave to your cursor’s every whim. Check numbers three and four.

>> We’ll be venturing off to Australia next week, as will the Art Dump for the "What Logo? A Girl Skateboard Co. Art Dump Collective Undertaking." It will feature Andy Mueller, the brains behind Lakai; Tony Larson, the brawn behind Girl; Rob Abeyta Jr., the talent behind 4Star; and Andy Jenkins, the leader of the pack. It will also guest star: Jeremy Carnahan, just installed photoshop into my computer yesterday; Evan Hecox, the master of the Chocolate chunk; Lori Damiano, commonly referred to as Lori D; Eric Anthony, common referred to as My Little Dumpling; Misato Suzuki, dates the guy who sits two doors down from me; Megan Baltimore, offers us candy, then makes fun of our weight; Rick McCrank, likes to ride motor bikes; Marc Johnson, hurtles fire with his pants off, and Brian Anderson, a pirate of the street. The show is in Victoria, Australia, Sunday September 26, at The Artery, 97-89 Moor St. Fitzroy (off Brunswick St.) at 7p.m. And then it will be traveling to New South Wales, Friday OCTOBER 1, at The Monster Children Gallery, Sydney @ 7p.m.

The above paragraph was one of those things that when you start out you’re all stoked and you think you have some thing that might be good, then it gets to be a bit of a stretch, and then you’re kind of hating the whole thing. Then, at the end, you’re about to highlight the entire paragraph and hit delete, but you just roll with it because the Ringer had a long column yesterday and you think it might be cool to have a long column yourself. Yeah, it was a mini emotional rollercoaster.

>> I guess Brooklyn Project's Dom finally returned Bird’s call because there’s a Lakai billboard on Melrose Avenue above Brooklyn Projects.

>> Gav did pick up the tab yesterday even though Rudy never showed up. You blew it Smyth.


"Mikey used to get love letters."

"You’ll be smarter than me for a day."


>> We have a new Featured Feature. It’s the Lakai’s Canada, Eh… vid (quicktime, a modem killer at 19.2megs). It covers the long arduous process of touring Eastern Canada. It’s quite nice. Meet your new favorite guy, Dan Bohart.

>> So The Gregulator is gone one day and Rickk doesn’t show up to the office until noon. I see how it works around. What, does he think he owns the place?

>> York Top 5 for real. Over there on the bottom right.

>> Yesterday, after all that talk about his age, was Rudy’s birthday and we didn’t even mention it. But we won’t mention his real age today either. We couldn’t do that to him. We’re going out to lunch today in his honor and Smyth and I are trying to figure out if The Gav is going to pay the bill or not. Smyth says it’s about an 80 percent chance that he will, so he’s going to leave the lunch he brought in the fridge and take his chance with Gav. Happy birthday, Rude.

>> Happy 500th Ringer!


"You’re a woman at 18."


>> As you may or may not know, the annual Camp Whatevs III happened last week. People at Girl go camping instead of going to the Tradeshow, so they can get away from the parties, industry goofs, drunk people, fireworks, motocross freaks, fights…oh wait.

>> The Chocolate site has been fully updated. New video clips, new photos, and new product await. And there’s a new team rider up there, kind of new, anyway. Check it out.

>> Koston lost, again, at the Koston Game of S.K.A.T.E. This time he lost to P.J. (photo courtesy of Tapper, Francis Delfino) Both times he lost on nollie frontside flip.

>> Rudy just came in to tell that us that he was like 15 in that photo of him grinding the pool, not 18 as reported.

>> Mike York is the latest to be granted a highly esteemed Top 5. Not everyone gets one.

>> Got to go digitize a tape of Jereme making out with a bass player. Bye.


>> Get your Fillmore wheels at the Crail Store! And get Nick Diamond off my back!

>> If you’re drunk and asking for a black eye, but don’t really mean it because you’re drunk and it’s just drunk talk, make sure Raymond isn’t around. He likes to fill those kinds of orders. So does Spike.

>> People used to mix me and Royal Rudy up all the time. We did have the same color Rectors though. Blue with white caps. This was when he was about 18. He said that he used to feel tough doing frontside grinds in a pool that Salba used to skate. Who wouldn’t?

>> Click the photo on the recent GUESS WHOSE TAT? postings. I found out over the weekend that people didn’t know to click on the photo for the reveal. Yeah, over the weekend. This job don’t stop on Friday.

>> Smyth decided to Keep It Real and is taking on the new season of The Real World. Let’s see if he can keep it up for all 28 episodes.

>> SJ, just dipped in feeble!


"Did I make Poser of the Month? I want that."

"Bird needs help, really."

"I might be playing the sidelines at Ty’s wedding."


>> Today was Open House around here. Free food, free drinks, free Buddha. Check it out.

>> This is Ben Colen’s favorite web site. Ask him about the Dark Crystal some day.


(click on image to reveal)

>> Happy birthday Gino. When are you going to move into your Los Angeles apartment that you’ve been paying rent on since July?


"Anyone want a snowboard?"
—Nick Diamond

"I’ve found a Carroll imposter before."
—Robbie McKinley


>> Original Menace head and one time rapper, Joey Suriel now works for Girl, skates the park, and hangs out with old friends. Good to have you Joey. Word ya heard.

>> Someone just dropped off Concrete Cowboys, starring Tom Selleck, AKA Magnum P.I., and Morgan Fairchild, on my desk. Here’s the plot, according to the back cover: "A couple of saddle tramps from Montana head for Nashville to open up a detective agency. They soon learn that they have to become far more adept at handling city slickers, when they become involved in an intricate blackmail scheme. A lighthearted mystery adventure!" Well, there’s nothing "lighthearted" about making a middle-aged career move and relocating to the cosmopolitan hub that is Nashville, Tennessee. And if Selleck didn’t bone Morgan Fairchild in between takes in his trailer, then he’s definitely gay. She was a babe back then.

>> I’ve notice a lot of ink since returning to the Girl compound. So, today we introduce: GUESS WHOSE TAT? It’s easy. We show you the Tat and you try to guess whose Tat it is. It could be one of the skaters, maybe one of the employees, maybe the UPS driver. So here goes our inaugural GUESS WHOSE TAT? Let’s hope it last longer than The EST Awards. So without further ado;


(click on image to reveal)

>> It was Raymond’s birthday yesterday. Call him; he’ll remind you missed it before you finish saying, Hello.

>> The new Real World Philly premiered last night. And guess who forgot to set his Tivo? Smyth it’s not everyday that someone gives you the opportunity to write a weekly update about seven strangers, picked to live in a house, and have their lives taped. See what happens when things start being polite and start getting real. Sam pull yourself together.

>> Carroll raging at Club Excess this past weekend...

That’s him on the left. I didn’t know you got a tattoo on your ribs Mikey.


"They want to vampire off what we do, so we clown them out."

See past Randoms