Okay... last issue we thought we had a winner, but we waited.

THEN, we posted the in-between homepage with the talking Koston drawing... that drawing definitely upset the previous one. But again, we waited.

...and nothing better came along. So,
Naseem Ullah of Montreal, Canada, you win. Your portrait of The Man goes on a 100% cotton tee and a limited-edition series Girl Skateboard Eric Koston Pro Deck. Naseem, we'll send you a box of tees and decks for your trouble. Many thanks. As for the rest of those who entered > > > thanks to you too. You can go check out what your work WOULD have looked like if you'd won, here. Better luck next year.

If you can't live without buying the Girl/Crail/Koston/Naseem deck, or the Girl/Crail/Koston/Naseem tee, go to the Crail Store and get them. Remember these two things; 1) It's Crail's first board collaboration graphic, and 2) It's limited.

Next, draw what you think Carl Sanger looks like...
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