How old are you?
Twenty six

What’s your favorite obstacle at the Girl park?
I’d have to say the Euro-gap, and the manual pad.

Who was the most intimidating person to meet on Girl/Chocolate?
That award would probably have to go to Mike Carroll. Not anymore.

What goes through your mind as your manualing across the Courthouse stage?
Not much.

Where and who do you live with?
Right now I live in Brentwood, CA with Robbie Mckinely and Dirty Dan Rhoades. Next month Dirty’s leaving us, so we’ll see who’s next to call the Girl mansion their home.

What was it like growing up in Malibu?
Normal shit. Limited skate spots, so we’d take the bus into Santa Monica or somewhere else to skate. I had my crew that I skated and chilled with. We’d caused havoc, go to parties, or ditched school from time to time. Had girls that we messed around with. The usual growing up experience.

What skate legends did you grow up with?
Steve Olson is the only legend I know.

What are some funny stories from hanging out with those guys?
Actually it’s kind of funny because Dave and Paul Hackett lived down the street from us back in the day, and my older sister would kick it with those dudes. So now when I hang with Olson and Hackett they would tell me stories about my sister and how they would rage up the neighborhood, and also how they would see me when I was still in diapers.
Steve knows everyone. New school, old school, motha fuck school. Just experience, you know, they’ve been around the block a couple times. I’ll ask Steve for advice and he’ll just school me on what he did, or what he would do.

Where do you skate?
Usually to get out of the house, I’ll go skate the Sand Gaps, Venice, or the Courthouse. Or I’ll just skate some curb cuts around the ’ol hood.

What was your best memory from the Hot Chocolate Tour?
Filming the syncro and fireboard skits were definitely highlights of the tour, but honestly, just kickin’ it with the homies was the best part.

What do you think of Ty’s new slimmed down body?
Three words: Super Size It!

How long have you known Daniel for?
I’ve known Dan for years. I met him back in the day at our friend Sam’s house, where everyone would kick it and party. The other day he told me that before he met me there was a Polaroid picture of me there and he used to look at it and say, "Who the HELL is this dude?" He also used to hook me up with Chocolate boards before I got on flow for them. Thanks Dan!

How’s Daniel as a DJ?
He can definitely spin ‘em.

Favorite movie?
Tupac: Thug Angel

Favorite song?
"Dice of Life" by Andre Nickatina

Favorite video?

Favorite way to say goodbye?

(photos: Andy Mueller)