Top 5 Phish shows
1. Easily the last Miami show on new years
2. The new years before that when they returned from their two year hiatus in NYC at Madison Square Garden
3. Shoreline
4. Albany, NY
5. Philly, but I hit my head so hard in the parking lot after my sixth nitrous balloon

Top 5 reasons for the triple book
1. I can’t say no to people that good
2. I have to see where the cooler people are going to be
3. Intentions are there I just can’t meet them all
4. Too drunk to drive
5. Cable TV just went out

Top 5 fancy words to misuse
1. Relevant
2. Agreeance
3. Severance
4. Acclimated
5. Context

Top 5 foods to make you sweat while eating
1. Deviled eggs
2. Stove Top Stuffing on Thanksgiving
3. Ninth Slim Jim
4. Hot Pockets
5. Anything out of the microwave really because I eat at a pace you’ve never seen before

Top 5 skate videos of all time
1. Video Days
2. Anti-Hero video, I haven’t seen it but everyone I know loved it.
3. Yeah Right!
4. Mouse
5. Any 411 is pretty easy to sit through.

Top 5 people
1. My mom
2. my dad
3. my girlfriend
4. All my friends
5. Trey Anastasio

Top 5 things to do on a Saturday
1. Wake up at noon and watch sports in bed with a bag of chips and a Dr. Pepper on the rocks in a 16oz glass. With the A/C on high
2. Golf of course
3. BBQ
4. Go to the fleshbelt and stare
5. Have some drinkie poos with some friends

Top 5 Hollywood clubs
1. Nine iron
2. Driver
3. Three wood
4. Sand Wedge
5. Putter

Top 5 reasons to read the Tap
1. Great way to meet new people
2. See what I have been up to lately
3. To see if I’m still on the team, really
4. To see who Megan doesn’t like anymore
5. I just like to read a lot to better my vocab

Top 5 nicknames you've earned over the years
1. I’ve truly embraced, Fat Face
2. Facial
3. Nater
4. Total Goof
5. The Gav, which I LOVE

Top 5 rumors about you that aren't true
1. I’m cool and cute and single
2. Eric and Hime are better than me at golf
3. I triple book
4. I still skate
5. I’m fat

Top 5 magazines to read while on the pot
1. Golf Digest
2. Teen People
3. Maxim
4. Better Homes and Gardens
5. Any cook book will do.

Top 5 reasons to attend a weekend surf conference
1. All inclusive food and drinks by the pool with dudes, all dudes
2. Killer tan
3. Killer waves
4. Killer small talk
5. Just an all around kill time

Top 5 Matt Schnurr party tricks
1. Eggs in the microwave for quick easy stink bombs!
2. Sucking some fresh 104 degree Phoenix wind up his ass to create a nice heated fart
3. Hide a dook, which is best explained by Schnurr who is completely hammered off a bottle of Jaeger and 19 bud lights in (more than likely) a female’s house and pooping in a hidden location. Then you call back a few days later and ask a silly question like, "Did I leave some shit over at your house the other night?"
4. A blend of #2 and #3 which Schnurr now will suck heavy wind up his ass and proceed by shooting cute little mini dingle berries at female friends
5. Getting SHOT!

Top 5 things about being a retired pro skater
1. No more bad demos or contests
2. No more Rick Howard breathing down my neck about this damn video part
3. No more tough decisions about choosing your video song, rap or rock, rap or rock, rap or rock, it gets tough
4. Working on the latest fad in tricks. My time it was the pressure flip and whoever made that up, I will kill you. Actually thank you because that is when I started to really suck
5. I get to golf