A top 5s with world traveling skate photographer, one time roommate to Scott Johnston, Jackass filmer, and Wildboyz co-creator, the sweatiest of Russians, Dimitry Elyashkevich.

Top 5 skate tours
1. DC Supertour 1
2. Girl/Chocolate Euro tour with Sheffey
3. Thailand with French Fred and Koston
4. Big Brother East Coast tour
5. Converse Colombia
6. Any Miami trip

Top 5 flatground tricks
1. Switch heel shuv
2. Tre-flip
3. Nollie flip
4. Varial flip
5. These days not pushing mongo is a trick for most kids

Top 5 things about being sweaty and Russian
1. Chicks dig it
2. Real men have hair on their asses
3. High tolerance
4. Long last name looks cool on a billboard
5. "Who’s that hot sweaty guy?"

Top 5 countries you’ve visited
1. Russia
2. Colombia
3. Sweden
4. Thailand
5. India

Top 5 things about living with Scott Johnston
1. The place is clean
2. I got to watch him skeech out in person
3. I always had a ride
4. He bought all the furniture
5. Best blowouts ever

Top 5 Last Call photos
1. Any Halloween on the ol’ campus
2. Gavin getting shots poured down his ass at an L.A. club
3. Koston all Absinthed up in Prague
4. Anything with Bird and a barrel
5. So many that were too devastating to my bros to publish

Top 5 things to eat
1. Sushi
2. Chipwich ice cream sandwich, tough to find these days
3. Mexican pizza at Taco Bell
4. Al Wazir Chicken
5. Vodka

Top 5 skaters
1. Carroll
2. Keenan
3. Koston
4. Cardiel
5. Pang

Top 5 movies
1. Ali G Indahouse
2. The Jerk
3. Blazing Saddles
4. Anything with Peter Sellers
5. City of God

Top 5 Kelly Bird phrases
2. "GOOF!"
3. "BARREL!"
4. "DEVOED" as in devastated
5. "Nah...I just got a textbook make out"

Top 5 videos you’ve helped name
1. Wildboyz the hit nature show on MTV
2. Yeah Right!
3. Crap
4. Boob
5. Number Two

Top 5 Jackass cast members
1. Rick Kosick
2. Loomis Fall
3. Chris Nieratko
4. Mike Kassak
5. Ehren McGeehee

Top 5 things about working on the Wild Boys
1. Forcing jocks that hate and, or hated skaters to watch half naked dudes run around with animals and love it
2. Travel
3. Wacky animals
4. Wacky people
5. Wacky frequent flier miles for days

Top 5 things you don’t miss about skateboarding.
1. Dealing with crybabies
2. Laying in the gutter and not getting a flick
3. Driving
4. Trade shows
5. Dealing with people I don't want to deal with