A Top 5s with the star of Mr. Show and one of Crail Tap’s favorite comedians, David Cross. Check out David’s new album "It’s Not Funny," on SubPop.

Top 5 reasons LA sucks
1. Weather
2. Traffic
3. Sadness
4. Inflated sense of self
5. Sprawl

Top 5 comedians
1. Patton Oswalt
2. Nick Swardson
3. Andy Kindler
4. Daniel Kitson
5. The old David Cross (before Bush got elected)

Top 5 worst bands currently on the radio
1. Nickleback
2. The Nickleback Experience
3. The Nickelback Brothers
4. Nickleback Smickleback (a tribute to Nickleback),
5. Nickleback.03

Top 5 things about growing up Jewish in a suburb of Atlanta
1. You get hit in the face by strangers
2. First-rate kosher deli’s
3. Your classmates will throw pennies at you and spit on you
4. People avoid you
5. You just may get a halfway decent career out of it

Top 5 movies
1. Badlands
2. Matewan
3. Careful
4. The Bicycle Thief
5. Salo (these will all change in an hour)

Top 5 reasons Ronnie Dobbs is innocent
1. He’s a fictional character
2. Poor editing
3. Poor writing
4. He’s white
5. He didn’t do nothin’ man!

Top 5 things you’d rather be doing than doing these Top 5s
1. Masturbating
2. Sailing with Jesus
3. Honking a horn
4. Spellchecking
5. Daydreaming

Top 5 women in your life
1. Sarah
2. My mom
3. My sister Wendy
4. Faith
5. MaryLynn

Top 5 things to spend money on
1. Good food
2. Travel
3. The happiness of others
4. Justice
5. Pussy!!!!!

Top 5 rock stars who should have died young
1. Get me the latest issue of Rolling Stone, open it up and pick the first five you see.

Top 5 things you like about the South
1. Manners are important
2. Killer food
3. Topography
4. My family and friends are there
5. It smells good

Top 5 books
1. The Masters of Atlantis
2. Candide
3. The Master and Margarita
4. Dead Souls
5. A Piece of Blue Sky

Top 5 bumper stickers you’d like to see
1. I’d Rather be Farting!
2. I’m gay for the Red Sox!
3. Martin Titgrabber for Congress
4. My adopted child is stupid
5. Bauhaus Forever!

Top 5 memories about Mr. Show
1. I signed an agreement with HBO not to say anything until 2015.