Top 5 Vincent Alvarez

Top 5 things about living in LA
1. The weather is awesome
2. Different people everywhere
3. The ocean isn't very far
4. There's plenty sidewalks to skate on
5. A lot of my family is here

Top things that bother you about living in LA
1. Skate stoppers
2. Freeways
3. Nightclubs
4. Cost of land
5. A big group of skaters going to the new "hot spot" and not even skating it

Top 5 about living in Georgia
1. Plenty of canyons to jump off of
2. Way less concrete and civilization
3. Seems cheap to live there
4. I have some family there
5. The seasons

Top 5 things about your boy, Cornbread
1. He learned how to cuss from his gramma
2. Still gets grounded at the age of 24
3. He can do nollie heelflip indy nosegrind at 30 miles an hour
4. I bought a Kirby vacuum cleaner off of him for ten bucks
5. Makes sounds that you would never believe a human can make

Top 5 things about skating worn out boards
1. The package lasts longer
2. Don't always have to set up a new one while others are already skating
3. It feels comfortable when I'm skating a shitty spot
4. There's no advantage when playing s.k.a.t.e. with those who can't get boards as often 
5. It goes in the trash for a reason

Top 5 Beauties
1. Rick McCrank
2. Mike Carroll
3. Rick Howard
4. Alex Olson
5. Eric Koston

Top 5 Beasts
1. Tony Trujillo
2. Robbie Russo
3. Julien Stranger
4. Tony Miorana
5. John Cardiel

Top 5 Vincents
1. My grandfather R.I.P.
2. Vincent van Gogh
3. Vincent Vega
4. St. Vincent Medical Center
5. Vincent Bressol

Top 5 foods
1. Italian
2. Mexican 
3. Chinese 
4. Thai 
5. Greek

Top 5 jobs you've had
1. S&S Foods handling meat blocks 
2. Nexen Technology laptop battery warehouse manager
3. A.J. Wright  
4. Hauling services cleaning out garages 
5. Vegan restaurant dishwasher (not as clean as it sounds) 

Top 5 bands
1. Guns n Roses
2. The Beatles
3. Marvin Gaye
4. Black Sabbath 
5. Wu-Tang Clan

Top 5 skaters
1. Mark Gonzalez
2. Danny Way
3. Guy Mariano
4. John Cardiel
5. Marc Johnson

Top 5 movies
1. One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest
2. Rumble Fish
3. Cheech n Chongs' Up in Smoke
4. The Warriors
5. Any of the Fridays

Top 5 things about being unsponsored
1. Doing tricks no one else will ever see
2. Having true friends
3. Being more thankful for whatever you get
4. Gaining work experience
5. No one cares how crappy your board is

Top 5 video parts
1. John Cardiel, Fucktards
2. Daewon Song, Love Child
3. Gino Iannucci, Trilogy
4. Anthony Van Engelen, The DC Video
5. Mark Gonzalez, Video Days

Top 5 cities
1. Los Angeles
2. Copenhagen
3. San Francisco
4. Berlin
5. Missoula 

Top 5 people
1. Skateboarders
2. Musicians
3. Maintenance workers of any kind
4. Friends
5. My Mom

Top 5 things about coming to the Girl Warehouse
1. Skating the park with my friends
2. Saying hello to everyone working there, if I can
3. Being able to get boards there and shoes from down the street
4. New product    
5. Seeing all the history that's there  

Top 5 things about skating for Lakai
1. It's ran by skaters
2. The shoes are awesome
3. It's down the street from Girl
4. Hanging out with the team
5. Being able to travel 

Top 5 things about traveling
1. Experiencing different cultures 
2. Understanding how good California weather really is
3. Food
4. SkyMiles
5. Appreciating where you and others really come from