What you have here is the hairiest, loudest son of a bitch to ever give up a career in chiropractics to sit at the bottom of some of piss-infested steps and shoot a bunch of bails all afternoon. A Top 5, as long winded as the man himself, Giovanni Luigi Reda.

Top 5 reasons to call someone a douche bag
1. When your friend acts like a douche bag and tries to make up for it by giving you a Top 5
2. When someone says they're gonna do something and they don't
3. When you rat on your boy to get yourself outta' trouble, then you're a big douche bag and a fuckin' scumbag, which is even worse.
4. When your boy tells you he's gonna pick you up then bitches and moans about the miles on his car.
5.  When someone talks about how he's gonna kick some person's ass when he sees them, then he does see 'em and he don't do shit.

Top 5 reasons to smash a camera
1. When the Zoo team goes to a bar in Heathrow airport and doesn't tell you, so you're walking all over the place with 50 pounds worth of baggage and you just wanna sit down. Then when you find them they're just laughing at you 'cause you're roaming around the airport like an asshole.
* Note: This can also be a reason to call someone a douche bag.
2. When your thousands of dollars of camera crap don't work when it's supposed to, especially in Europe.
3. When your fisheye gets hit with a board you might as well finish the job.
4. When you shoot about 20 rolls of film and everything comes out perfect except the one roll your praying comes out perfect and it got fucked cause of reason 2.
5. When you miss a sequence of Gino 'cause you're too busy telling jokes (this never actually happened to me but if it did you can bet your ass that camera would be ghost).

Top 5 Smiths' song
1. You've got everything now
2. William it was really nothing
3. This charming man
4. Still ill
5. I want the one I cant have

Top 5 foods
1. Canoli or any Italian pastry from La Bella Ferrara on Mulberry St.
2. Gnocchi Bolognese that my old man makes.
3. A nice prosciutto and fresh mozzarella sandwich from la Torre Salumeria in Brooklyn
4. Sausage and peppers at the San Genaro feast.
5. Cafe con leche, that's Spanish coffee- "coffee with milk" is the translation. Go to Miami and go to Dave's cafe and get yourself one.

Top 5 things about NY
1. If you're from NY the second you open your mouth everyone knows you're from NY.
2. You can cross the street wherever you want. If you get hit by a car you're the asshole.
3. When you call someone a douche bag they know exactly what you mean.
4. You can only get the coffee cups that say, "We are happy to serve you" in NY.
5. We have a 24-hour Starbucks. You know I'm feeling that son!

Top 5 reasons while you'll never like LA more than NY
1. My family is in Brooklyn, and the fact that buildings can be falling down next door to them and they ain't going no where says a lot.
2. The Chrystler, Flat Iron, and Empire State buildings.
3. I can give a fuck that Booger from Revenge of the Nerds is eating dinner next to me.
4. Fake-ass wanna be actors, well we got them here too but they're spawned from LA.
5. Zoo York

Top 5 skate tricks you can still do
1. Ollie, hey that's still a trick.
2. Nollie heel flips
3. Wall ride crail grabs, I can still get my fat ass up on that wall.
4. Kick flips. I did my first one on a Sims Rocco, I got a Cliché board right now and I'm still tryin'
5. Switch ollies. I look like Gino kid.

Top 5 skaters
1. Gino
2. Felix
3. Kenny Anderson
4. Todd Jordan
5. Cardiel

Top 5 tours
1. Equador with Felix, Toya, Mind Bender, Kenny Anderson, Chico and Rich Mulder. Third world heaven and hell.
2. Australia with DVS, Daewon is too much fun
3. Any Miami Trip (refer to top 5 foods)
4. Europe with Zoo, nothing beats Harold Hunter
5. Europe with Emerica, I don't know if it was good people or making fun of Ed's art. I think it's a combo of both.

Top 5 things about being Italian
1. You talk real loud and curse a lot and its perfectly fine, now go fuck yourself fuck face.
2. Your hair can be grown into this really cool pushed back pompadour. i.e. Tony from Saturday Night Fever, Fonzie from Happy Days. Let's face it, you can't have a cut like that and have a name like Scott Johston- it just don't work.
3. We have awesome names like Giovanni Luigi Reda, Gino Iannucci, and Anthony Pappalardo. How cool does that sound and how gay does Kenny Anderson sound?
4. We got the best food ever created, lets face it Italian is always an option for dinner.
5. We have very colorful and interesting characters like me. When some one starts a story with I know this old Italian guy it never ends bad.

Top 5 races to date beside Italian
1. Half breeds, any thing mixed together is great- like rocky road ice cream
2. Spanish, those people can cook boy! And if you're loud like me you fit right in.
3. Black, gone there, gone back (well half way)
4. Asian, they are definitely down for you.
5. Really anything but white. If I offended you with this statement well fuck you, I dated enough white girls in my day to know that ain't the road I'm travelin' down.

Top 5 pieces of advice you've gotten from your father
1. You gotta do what you gotta do. Pretty self explanatory.
2. You gotta be happy with yourself first before you could even consider making anyone else happy. So go back to number one.
3. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. I'll give you once chance to fuck me and then that's it.
4. Gioca di mano, gioca di villano. It's italian and it means joke of the hand is joke of the villain. Makes sense, fuck me or fight me other wise your hands shouldn't be on me.
5. Sputa in ciello e retorna nella tua faccia. Also Italian, means spit in the sky and it comes back in your face. You can sit and think about it but basically it means do not be a dick to someone cause it'll come back around.

Top 5 reasons to give someone a beatin'
1. Read question one, those are all good reasons.
2. When everyone in Starbucks in Hollywood stares at you to see who you are- keep looking asshole and your gonna find out soon enough.
3. When your skating and someone decides to be a good Samaritan and tells you you're gonna hurt yourself and you shouldn't be there. He shouldn't a been there.
4. When some asshole you're having an argument with tells you you're rude, knock him out on the spot cause they ain't gonna do shit.
5. There's nothing wrong with a beatin', everyone takes a beatin' in one way or another

Top 5 people
1. Luigi Reda, the man, the myth, the legend.
2. Akira Hyatt, puts up with my nonsense.
3. Felix and V, the best friends a guy could have ever. If the whole world treated each other the way they treat me this would be a great place to be. I think they have common-law adopted me.
4. Gino, because he's always down for late night espresso.
5. Jeff Pang, more heart than almost anyone I ever met. Stay Gold kid.

Top 5 ways to say "Goodbye"
1. Later
2. Ciao
3. Peace
4. Go fuck yourself
5. Meza is a dick.