Top 5 with that one dude who sounds funny when he reads the personals from porn mags in his killer Scottish accent, John Rattray

Top 5 skaters
1. Cairo Foster
2. Ricky Oyola
3. Ocean Howell
4. Keegan Sauder
5. John Cardiel

Top 5 cities
1. Glasgow
2. Edinburgh
3. Aberdeen
4. New York
5. London

Top 5 ex-Zero skaters
1. Hairball
2. Mumford
3. Ellington
4. Lopez
5. Greco

Top 5 places to wear a kilt
1. In a wind tunnel
2. Up a tree
3. In a cave
4. Underwater
5. Wherever all your best friends can join you in Kilt-dom

Top 5 reasons to move to the United States
1. Incomparable military power
2. A deeply negative exchange rate
3. There are Hummers everywhere
4. The Freedom
5. The Mountains and New York

Top 5 things you miss about Scotland
1. Speaking my native tongue
2. Spiritual quests into the wilderness
3. The summer
4. Walking to get groceries
5. Smoked sausage suppers at 2-am

Top 5 beverages
1. Cool refreshing water
2. More water
3. A nice Spanish Tempranillo with some stuffed olives and cheese on wheat thins
4. A South Australian Shiraz with homemade Bolognese
5. A cold soda of the Fathers variety

Top 5 people
1. Philippa
2. The Mum and Greame
3. The Mum and Dad in laws
4. Katrina and Morgan
5. People without terms and conditions

Top 5 movie performances
1. Jack Nicholson in One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest
2. Harry Dean Stanton in Repo Man
3. Gary Oldman in Sid and Nancy
4. Bruce Campbell and Ozzie Davis in Bubba Ho Tep
5. All Philip Seymour Hoffman performances and a million others

Top 5 bands
1. To many for a top 5
2. AC/DShe
3. Belle and Sebastian
4. Nick Drake
5. Testament

Top 5 things to do while you’re hurt
1. Strength conditioning and proprioception rehabilitation.
2. Answer top 5s quiz for
3. Maintain hydration
4. Positive visualization
5. Read sports injury bulletin

Top 5 video parts
1. Donny Barley in Welcome to Hell
2. Tim Jackson in Risk it.
3. Ricky Oyola in Underachievers.
4. Obviously the Gonz in Video Days.
5. Alex Moul in Spirit of the Blitz