You’ll rarely ever have the joy of reading a Top 5 with a man who enjoys so little. The Anthony Pappalardo Top 5:

Top 5 things about living in New York
1. You get pretty good at talking shit
2. Committing sin goes over real well
3. Riding a skateboard
4. Bodega coffee and 24 hour beer
5. Pretty much anything goes, if you want it

Top 5 things you hate today, just today
1. Adults that write graffiti, kids too I guess
2. Blog web-sites. Get over yourself. That’s an all year round
3. Construction outside my apt
4. Too wet and cold too skate, which led me to buy an overpriced plane ticket to SF
5. Eastern Europeans

Top 5 skaters
1. Lennie Kirk
2. Sean Sheffey
3. Mike Carroll
4. AVE
5. Julien Stranger, Matt Reason, Guy Mariano

Top 5 people
1. William Prentice
2. Rob Pluhowski
3. Chad Scoville
4. Scott Johnston
5. Blvd

Top 5 ways to sneak out of an uncomfortable situation
1. Walk away
2. Skate away
3. Fake a phone call
4. Use a bathroom and leave from there
5. Alienate yourself, problem solved

Top 5 things about Fat Bill
1. That he's not fat anymore
2. His school id photo
3. His choice of words
4. He somehow tolerates filming me
5. That he's not fat anymore

Top 5 trends in the Lower East Side that are currently bothering you
1. Travel talk. The classic, coming from/going to some European city; or the more daring type, maybe South America
2. Well lit bars and people talking about fashion, photography, drinking problems, fake being broke; while flashes are going off
3. Cocaine, eating disorders, starving artists that eat well, and kids in bands that probably won’t make it
4. "Dude, I heard Spike Jonze bought an apt over here”
5. These are all my predictions, could be completely wrong, haven’t been down there in a while

Top 5 movies
1. American Psycho
2. Rushmore
3. Blue Velvet
4. Buffalo '66
5. Christiane F.

Top 5 places
1. New York
2. Not New York
3. San Francisco
4. Paris
5. My apt

Top 5 perks of having Scott Johnston living in New York
1. Free therapy sessions
2. Tells me old stories about SF
3. Can ask him questions about Girl/Choc
4. Finally having someone too beat in SKATE
5. Wake up-calls

Top 5 foods
1. Steak
2. Burritos
3. Pizza
4. Eggs
5. Red wine

Top 5 pies at Pappalardo's Pizza
1. Pepperoni
2. Pepperoni
3. Pepperoni
4. Cheese
. Cheese

Top 5 people with bad posture
1. Me
2. Me
3. Reda
4. Meza
5. Mr.Burns