Mike Mo Top 5

A Top 5 with the Deep Valley Kid and text message master, Mike Mo. Interesting side note, he misspelled “etc.” while filling this out.

Top 5 friends on MySpace
1. William Wood
2.Van Styles
3. Ray Chill
4. Adam Tomcheck
5. Adam Swanson

Top 5 friends in the physical world
1. Vince
2. Adam
3. Travis
4. Rachel
5. Brian Skor

Top 5 texts you got as a result of your ad
1. "You ain't shit, ride a bike."
2. "Is this really you?"
3. "Did you know your number was on the ad?"
4. "How many other people have called you?"
5. "Is Jason there?"

Top 5 demos ever skated
1. I have pretty much only skated 5.

Top 5 rock hits your pops can play on the guitar
1. White Snake, "Here I Go Again"
2. UFO, "Lights Out"
3. UFO, "Rock Bottom"
4. Any Richie Blackmore songs
5. Check his music out at http://www.myspace.com/breakout2006>www.myspace.com/

Top 5 skaters
1. Marc Johnson
2. Daewon
3. Rick Howard
4. Brandon Biebel
5. Guy Mariano

Top 5 bands
1. Smashing Pumpkins
2. Zwan
3. Billy Corgan
4. Arcade Fire
5. I barely even like those bands. I don't really listen to music.

Top 5 flatground tricks
1. Tre flip
2. Switch flip
3. Switch heel
4. Hard flip
5. Switch tre

Top 5 things about your brother Vince
1. He breaks boards with his ass
2. He makes websites. www.eightequalsd.com
3. He's really good at skateboarding, but doesn't try, EVER.
4. He grinded a 25 stair.
5. He drives a BMW that my dad bought him.

Top 5 bits of advice Vince has given you
1. To get a skateboard.
2. When Tony Hawk Pro Skater came out, I always played that and I stopped skating. So my brother told me to get the fuck off the couch and to start skating again.
3. To collect Pokeman cards and play the game on Gameboy Color.
4. To not take cookies from the cookie jar when Mom is looking.
5. To get a bowl cut in 2nd grade.

Top 5 reasons why Rickk is your favorite person on the team
1. Most immature 34 year old I have ever met.
2. Me and him act the same age.
3. He lost all of his teeth when he was young from eating too much candy.
4. He is the same age as my brother's girl friend's mom.
5. Every time I talk to him, he uses a really soft voice like he was talking to a little baby.
6. He is never serious.
7. He's Canadian
8. He is the worst driver ever

Top 5 Simi Valley spots
1. Skatelab
2. My backyard (Ty took my Marble)
3. Royal (Knobbed)
4. Hillside (Rocks are cemented on them)
5. Secret spot (secret)

Top 5 Simi Valley skaters
1. Vince
2. Adam
3. Ross from Skatelab
4. Torey Pudwell
5. Josh Segal (pre girl friend)

Top 5 foods

1. Pizza
2. Pan Cakes
3. Ice Cream
4. Burritos
5. Tacos

Top 5 Reasons to be 16
1. You can throw lemons, dirt clods, oranges, limes, etc. at trucks and get away with it.
2. You can throw TV's and computer monitors off the bleachers at Royal High School at two in the morning and get away with it.
3. You can get your License. (I can't pass the test)
4. My Mom will still pour cereal for me
5. My Mom will still scoop me ice cream.

Top 5 Top 5s
1. Reda
2. Koston
3. Devine
4. Biebel
5. Daniel