In his first video part he skated down the street eating a banana, he hosted some of the hottest ramp jams, ever, he let Guy, Gabriel, and Rudy spend the night at his house, he did a lien air over a four-foot channel to grind on an extension another four-feet away, and he's rode for only the best; Powell Peralta, The Firm, and Flip, oh, and Variflex too. That's right a Top 5 with the man who's done it all, saved it all, and made it all look fun, Lance Mountain.

Top 5 memories of Mountain Manor
1. I lived on that hill for 37 years, and that's were we started skating, catamaraning and trying 360s.
2. My dads military uniforms and helmets placed all over the house, until he built a four-car two-story garage to house and open his museum, but without a permit to have a museum in a residential area, it never opened.
3. Mystery and Lock at Lance's, two backyard barbeque gatherings put on by Thrasher, when there were no skate parks left or sponsors for pro contests. We did this to have content in the magazine and encourage others to build.
4. When my parents moved I used the four-car two-story garage to run The Firm out of for nine years.
5. As a little kid Mark Gonzales would take the bus to skate my ramp by himself, doing kickturns and early grab airs half way up he would look up to the house to see if anyone was watching.

Top 5 tricks you got to see Lance Jr. do for the first time
1. Knee boarding to face plant, at Pioneer banks getting asphalt ground into his teeth.
2. First big grass gab at 8 years old, the board stuck nose first into the grass and he landed stomach first on the tail and I heard the wind come out of him like blowing up a paper bag.
3. Kickflips
4. At a Christmas play dressed as Santa Claus crying as they sang " I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus"
5. Kickflip front boards on a rail

Top 5 skaters
1.Tony Alva, Jay Adams
2. Eddie Elguera, Duane Peters
3. Steve Caballero, Tony Hawk
4. Mark Gonzales, Guy Mariano
5. Eric Koston, Bob Burnquist

Top 5 skaters that people didn't know rode for Powell
1. Steve Rocco
2. Ty Evans
3. JB Gillet
4. Jovontae Turner
5. Alphonso Rawls

Top 5 things about running The Firm
1. It gave me a place and a purpose in the 90s
2. The freedom to make and present what you want.
3. Packing wheels with a tear on my cheek
4. Friends
5. Working with my wife and being close to see my son during the day.

Top 5 perks of being an original Bones Brigader
1. Not having my future be a signature model lawn chair on Variflex, available at Toy's R Us.
2. Being grouped with the best skaters of that day.
3. Being featured in the first skate videos.
4. Learning from Stacy Peralta and Craig Stecyk
5. It gave me the opportunity to be around and do this Top 5 today

Top 5 people who almost became Bones Brigaders
1. John Lucero
2. Neil Blender
3. Chris Miller
4. Lester Kasai
5. Steve Olson

Top 5 things about being pro in the '80s
1. Placing first in a pro contest and receiving a skateboard deck as the prize.
2. Getting last place in one of the biggest contest that year, but being able to tell my friends that I got 11th without lying.
3. Early 80s: punk rock and no money. Late 80s: pink shorts and too much money.
4. Lester Kasai's mom being charged to see her son skate in a Del Mar contest.
5. Being able to witness some of the best skating ever.

Top 5 things about being pro today
1. Still having the opportunity to be involved with pro skaters of today.
2. Someone else wanting to sponsor me rather than me trying to pretend I was sponsored by myself.
3. Plenty of places to skate and people to see, and the time and a way to do it.
4. Not having to win a pro contest to get another pro skaters deck if I want it, I can just ask them.
5. The pressure and possibility to still get kicked off something.

Top 5 skate spots
1. Skating to school in 1975
2. My ramp from 1978 to 1991
3. Skatecity
4. I really only like wide-open pools with good trannies now.
5. Anywhere new, finding new stuff for others to ride. Everything is good once.

Top 5 bands
1. Stiff Little Fingers
2. The Clash/ Mescaleros
3. The Damned
4. The Jam
5. Kanye West

Top 5 things about having a unibrow
1. Who said I have a unibrow?
2. Can pass as Bert at all Hollywood red carpet events.
3. Haven't had to turn down a lot of TV commercial opportunities.
4. Don't have to wear a lot of extra flair to be recognized.
5. Takes the focus of my fang.

Top 5 rumors you've heard about yourself over the years
1. I have a unibrow
2. I have a halfrow.
3. My left thumb is really a toe.
4. I invented the Millerflip, Elguerial, Caballerio, McTwist and the ollie.
5. It was printed in the magazines about 6 times over 15 years that The Firm is out of business.

Top 5 pieces of skate memorabilia you own
1. Caballero's hair extensions.
2. Mike Vallely's Venture check accidentally sent to me.
3. Pieces of skateparks and spots from 1977 till modern day; Montebello, Big O, Upland, The Dog Bowl, to EMB. Maybe I will get part of the gate at one of these skateparks, that's skate history.
4. Part of the steering wheel from the Cadillac in Animal Chin.
5. Pair of orange and black Jimmy-Z bicycle shorts.

Top 5 Whittier locals
1. John Lucero
2. Richard Armijo
3. Hogo Nagarian
4. Neil Blender
5. Ray "Bones" Rodriguez, Darrell Miller, George Orton

Top 5 movies
1. Roman Holiday
2. Finding Neverland
3. The Passion
4. It's a Wonderful Life
5. Pirates of the Caribbean 3

Top 5 things about riding for Flip thus far
1. Keeping parts of what we created and putting it together with one of the best companies to help make skateboarding even better, I hope.
2. Seeing a graphic I wanted years ago get done right. Can't wait to see it out, I love it.
3. Being all-together as a team watching Bob fly into the Grand Canyon.
4. The bourdon I put on myself, trying to do the right stuff for my team, lifted off my shoulders.
5. Being asked not to ollie in public.